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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheeMikester

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    Star Wars, Rogue Leader
    FAQ done by Mike W.
    Version 1.00
       _____ __                _       __
      / ___// /_____ ______   | |     / /___ ___________
      \__ \/ __/ __ `/ ___/   | | /| / / __ `/ ___/ ___/
     ___/ / /_/ /_/ / /       | |/ |/ / /_/ / /  (__  ) 
    /____/\__/\__,_/_/        |__/|__/\__,_/_/  /____/  
        ____                            __                   __         
       / __ \____  ____ ___  _____     / /   ___  ____ _____/ /__  _____
      / /_/ / __ \/ __ `/ / / / _ \   / /   / _ \/ __ `/ __  / _ \/ ___/
     / _, _/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /  __/  / /___/  __/ /_/ / /_/ /  __/ /    
    /_/ |_|\____/\__, /\__,_/\___/  /_____/\___/\__,_/\__,_/\___/_/     
       / __ \____  ____ ___  _____ 
      / /_/ / __ \/ __ `/ / / / _ \
     / _, _/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /  __/
    /_/ |_|\____/\__, /\__,_/\___/ 
       _____                       __                    ________
      / ___/____ ___  ______ _____/ /________  ____     /  _/  _/
      \__ \/ __ `/ / / / __ `/ __  / ___/ __ \/ __ \    / / / /  
     ___/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /  / /_/ / / / /  _/ /_/ /   
    /____/\__, /\__,_/\__,_/\__,_/_/   \____/_/ /_/  /___/___/   
        _________   ____      ____                      __         
       / ____/   | / __ \    / __ \____  ____  ___     / /_  __  __
      / /_  / /| |/ / / /   / / / / __ \/ __ \/ _ \   / __ \/ / / /
     / __/ / ___ / /_/ /   / /_/ / /_/ / / / /  __/  / /_/ / /_/ / 
    /_/   /_/  |_\___\_\  /_____/\____/_/ /_/\___/  /_.___/\__, /  
      ________              __  ____ __             __           
     /_  __/ /_  ___  ___  /  |/  (_) /_____  _____/ /____  _____
      / / / __ \/ _ \/ _ \/ /|_/ / / //_/ _ \/ ___/ __/ _ \/ ___/
     / / / / / /  __/  __/ /  / / / ,< /  __(__  ) /_/  __/ /    
    /_/ /_/ /_/\___/\___/_/  /_/_/_/|_|\___/____/\__/\___/_/
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    ================================Table of Contents==============================
    1.) Intro (AAAA)
    2.) Controls (BBBB)
    3.) Basics (CCCC)
    4.) Ships (CCCC)
    5.) Enemy Ships (EEEE)
    6.) Medals (FFFF)
    7.) Walkthrough (GGGG)
    ==================================Intro  (AAAA)================================
    Well, here we are. We have a starship, a driver, a R2, a controller, a PS2, and
    a TV. TIme to beat a videogame. This guide is designed to help you do just
    that. This is my either 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th guide so far (depending on
    which gets accepted first). Hope you enjoy it! Now, a little about the game.
    First off, you have some nice weapondry in that spaceship. Use it for good, not
    to shoot down a fellow pilot. It's you against... Uhh... 1, 9, 3, 6 million
    ties. Have fun!
    I might make references to the first Rogue Squadron in this FAQ.
    =================================Controls (BBBB)===============================
    Remember, this is a GAMECUBE game, so here are the GAMECUBE controls.
    A- Fire regular weapon
    B- Fire secondary weapon, hold for Ion cannon.
    X- Change cameras.
    Y- Initiate targeting computer.
    L- Slow down ship.
    R- Speed up ship
    C stick- Rotate camera, Target specific enemies in Targeting Computer.
    Z- Roll the ship.
    D-pad- Issue commands to fellow wingmen.
    ==================================Basics (CCCC)================================
    Learn the basics of the game right here...
    There are many aspects to this game. They are...
    Radar- Tells you where enemies, friendlies, and objectives are. Red is enemies,
    green is friendlies, the orange pie is the objective line. Make the orange pie
    point to the top of the radar, and you are heading in the right direction.
    Damage indicator- Tells you how much damage is has been done to you and how
    much hull integrity you have left in your ship.
    Lives- YOu start with three lives. Lose them all, you lose the mission.
    Targeting computer- Helps you see where enemies are. Use it if you're not sure
    where to shoot your lasers.
    ==================================Ships  (DDDD)================================
    Ahh... Ships... learn about them here. No stats, just a description of them.
    Well, this is probably one of the fastest ships. Nothing more impressive. It
    has crappy lasers, crappy secondary weapons, and it goes down faster than a tie
    does. Try not to choose this ship unless you really need speed and you don't
    need anything else.
    Huh? Okay, I would expect this thing in GT4 or Midnight CLub 3, not Star Wars!
    Meh. I guess Lucasarts threw something weird in. Well, not very impressive in
    anything, although those cluster missles can really pack a punch. If you like
    the Spy Hunter series or the James Bond series, you might want this little
    thing. It has to be unlocked by a cheat, though.
    Meh. Not much to talk about. I think it looks like crap, honestly. It has some
    decent speed, defense, attack, etc. It is kind of like the Buick, but just a
    little faster. Use it if you want to, but it's not my top pick.
    Cloud Car
    Meh. It only has lasers. The only place you can fly it is in the Raid on Bespin
    level. You have to switch craft in order to do this. I really don't like it.
    Imperial Shuttle
    Huh? WTF is this? They give us this turtle in space? Whatever. It has crappy
    lasers, EEEXXXTTTRRREEEMMMEEELLLYYY slow speed, and a crappy secondary weapon.
    It has awesome defense, but I think the bombers would still kill us in 5
    seconds no matter how powerful the shields were. DO NOT USE THIS SHIP.
    Millenium Falcon
    It was way better in the first Rogue Squadron... Well, anyway, it has crappy
    secondary missles, slow speed, and... Well... That's it. It's not great in any
    other catagory really except laser strength. Try not to use this.
    Naboo Starfighter
    The greatest ship of all! It has great lasers, unbelievable speed, great power,
    amazing turning ability... The works. The only thing that could have been
    better was the secondary weapon. Should have been bombs or maybe some cluster
    missles... WTF am I gonna do with six crappy missles?
    Slave 1
    *Falls over and dies* Man, this ship sucks! It has horrible defense, extremely
    slow speed, no laser power whatsoever... Get in something else. The only thing
    that's halfway decent about this ship is the secondary weapon... But you will
    be falling through the sky before you can even reach the B button...
    Meh. Not bad. It has awesome speed, decent lasers... Although, the secondary
    weapon sucks. A tow cable? What am I supposed to do, tow misparked Ties to the
    ship pound? PUHLEEZE! The one great thing going for it is that it has a special
    hovering ability, meaning you can't crash into canyon walls... Well, so much
    for committing suicide...
    Slow. Stupid. Grouchy. Clumsy. Weak. The five sentance fragments you just heard
    are a couple ways to describe the T-16. You can only use it in one mission,
    Tatooine Training, and thank God for that. I tried to see if I could crash the
    hell out of this thing, but I just lost the mission.
    Tie Advanced
    Wha? I don't know much about this ship. I think I have seen it in the first
    Death Star mission, but that's it. It has incredible defence and decent speed.
    Not a bad choice for a beginner.
    Tie Fighter
    Ummm... I'm gonna go ask my mom if I can shoot this thing out of the sky with a
    bebe gun... That's how bad it is. No secondary weapon, crappy shields, weak
    lasers... The only thing this thing has going for it is it's speed.
    Tie Interceptor
    A step up from the Tie fighter, but this thing still sucks. If you want to know
    what it can do, take the basic stats from the tie fighter and add just a little
    more. There are faster ships with better defense out there.
    Not bad. Multiple cannons give it a strong primary weapon, decent speed, quick
    turning, the works. The proton torpedos weigh the thing down a little, though.
    But, who cares? Who says you need to use 'em when you have your lasers? A good
    choice overall.
    My second favorite next to the Naboo, this thing rocks. It has amazing shields,
    incredible laser power, and it has BOMBS! Ground units don't stant a chance
    when you are in the Y-wing.
    ===============================Enemy Ships (EEEE)==============================
    There are many enemy ships, discussed here.
    See description in SHIPS section.
    See description in SHIPS section.
    Okay, these guys are annoying as hell. WHile you are dealing with the
    fighters, these guys are bombing away at your frigots. If you see the double
    cylinder inside the curved wings, it's a bomber. I classify this as a Kill on
    Sight ship. They are easy to take down, since they are big. Even with improved
    shields the defense of this thing sucks. No harm to you, harm to your
    See description in SHIPS section.
    See description in SHIPS section.
    Very wimpy. They hover around, most likely getting information for the Enemy.
    Recognizable from the first Rogue Squadron. They have very weak lasers that
    couldn't do anything to you even if there were 100 ganging up on you, and a
    single laser shot from any ship should take them down.
    Little ground units that shoot at you. These are mainly found on the Death Star
    and the Star Destroyer. They aren't really powerful in single groups, but they
    will kill you if you are not really moving over a Star Destroyer. Warch out for
    Little dudes running around shooting down enemy craft. A decent force as a
    group, but no real threat singular. One shot of any laser will kill these
    dudes. Don't worry at all about these little guys.
    These are the most pitiful things I have ever seen. They walk at about 3 miles
    per hour, shooting lasers that do barely any damage. They can go down in a few
    laser shots, too. Bombing will kill about 1,000,000,000,000 of these guys at
    These guys are a decent step up from the AT-PTs, but not too great of a ground
    unit. These are also called chicken walkers. You can take them out with about
    10-30 lasers, depending on the craft. They have decent lasers, and are a force
    when grouped together.
    Now we're talking. THis thing is indestructable to bombs, missles, lasers, 
    even suicidal blows from the pilot. They look slow, but they are actually going
    about .1 miles per second, translating into about 6 miles per minute. The
    only hope of taking one of these bad boys down is by tow cabling them with the
    speeder. Otherwise, the AT-AT will go mad with it's long range, powerful lasers
    and destroy any chance of you winning a mission.
    Okay, this is the cream of the crop. What you have to do is destroy the two
    golf ball generators on the top, then go underneath and destroy the bubble
    towards the rear of the ship. Then, under the generators, in the center of that
    rectangle thingy sticking out the back, there should be a command deck. Destroy
    that. Then, the ship's dead. The main weapons of the ship are the millions of
    lasers surrounding the thing, but it also has 8 turrets, four on each side.
    These will kill you in Razor Rendezvous and in Battle of Endor.
    Okay, I lied. THIS is the cream of the crop. It has millions of little lasers,
    millions of ties defending it, etc etc. you have ot go take it out during
    construction. You do this in 2-3 missions. Be ready for hell.
    ==================================Medals (FFFF)================================
    Here, we will talk about medals.
    To unlock bonus missions, you need points. You get those from medals.
    Bronze= 4 PTS
    Silver= 6 PTS
    Gold= 10 PTS
    The specific requirements for each medal are...
    Time- The amount of time it takes to complete a mission.
    Kills- (Stormtroopers don't count) The amount of enemies you kill.
    Accuracy- The overall percentage of how many shots hit enemies.
    Friendlies Lost- The amount of ships on the Alliances side that crashed.
    Lives Lost- How many lives you lost.
    Targeting Computer Efficiency- This is really dumb, but the less you use your
    targeting computer, the easier the gold is.
    It takes at least a bronze in the mission to be able to unlock a bonus mission.
    After that, it's just a matter if you have enough points or not.
    ===============================Walkthrough (GGGG)==============================
    Here is the Walkthrough for the 10 basic missions.
    |Tatooine Training|
    Use the T-16
    Win the Beggars Canyon and Tosche Station races
    This one's easy. Just fly around, find a race, use your boosters as much as
    possible, and win! Watch out for Beggars Canyon, though. You have to fly
    really low. I advise taking track two for Beggars canyon, and going left all
    of the time, except for the last fork.
    Bomb 20 Womp Rats in 30 seconds
    Uhhh... No need to explain. FInd the mission, blow up the little rats, and go.
    FInd all hidden objects
    This one might be a little harder. To start, keep flying straight and you will
    find Jabba's Palace. Then, go to Beggars Canyon. Around that area should be
    a Dewback. Then, find a bantha herd close to that. After you find that,
    there should be a Skeleton and a Sandsweeper. Those are the only ones that I
    can remember.
    |Death Star Attack|
    Use the X wing
    Take out the guard towers
    Easy. Just fly around, take out those big metal thingys sticking out from the
    planet's surface. Watch out for turrets and ties.
    Destroy all TIE fighters
    Again, easy. Use your targeting computer to see them if your having trouble.
    Run the Trench
    This is a little hard. RUn the trench in your X wing, foils closed. If you want
    to take a couple turrets with you, that's fine. You will soon start seeing
    metal bars blocking the path. Watch out for those. After a while of flying,
    Darth Maul in his Advanced Fighter will show up and start shooting you. Brake
    so he blows past you, then let him go. For some reason, you can't destroy his
    ship. After his encounter, some ties should show up. Use the same method on
    them as you used for Darth. Keep repeating this until you reach the exhaust
    port. The exhaust port is the little square right before the wall. All you have
    to do is fire a proton torpedo anywhere at the Port Exhaust system and you beat
    the mission.
    Completion Time: Bronze 9:30 Silver 7:11 Gold 6:05
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 21 Silver 52 Gold 91
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 11% Silver 19%  Gold 39%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 1 Silver 0 Gold 0
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 1 Gold 1
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 10% Silver 40% Gold 100%
    Upgrade: Advanced Shields
    |Ison Corridor Ambush|
    Use the X Wing
    Defend the transports against any Imperial forces
    Easy. Shoot down ties. You can switch to the A-wing if you want. Make sure you
    send your fellow wingmen to kick some more ties, it helps with completion time.
    Oh, and try not to use your targeting computer. You'll need it majorly in the
    next objective.
    The Frigate Redemption must survive
    Guess what? You are in a nebula and you can't see ****. This is where you need
    your targeting computer. Use the targeting computer to get close to the
    enemies, and then shoot them down when they're in vision range. Be careful not
    to shoot friendlies, I did it once and lost :-).
    Completion Time: Bronze 9:30 Silver 5:17 Gold 4:12
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 21 Silver 32 Gold 40
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 7% Silver 11% Gold 19%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 1 Silver 2 Gold 3
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 1 Gold 0
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 10% Silver 27% Gold 72%
    Upgrade: Advanced Proton Torpedos
    |Battle of Hoth|
    Start with the Speeder, Switch to the X wing
    Defend the Rebel forces at Outpost Beta
    There are a total of 10 AT-STs, split into squadrons of three and four. Those
    10 AT-STs are all you need to destroy, STAY AWAY FROM THE AT-ATS! They will
    slow you down and make you lose the mission. Destroy all 10 of the AT-STs (they
    take a serious beating, this will take a while), and move on.
    Slow the advancing Imperial Walkers
    Now, you can destroy the damn big thingys, or AT-ATs. To do so, fly down to the
    AT-AT's legs, press B, and go around the AT-AT three times. Don't worry about
    a fallen AT-AT, they do nothing. YOu only have to destroy three, hallelujah.
    Defend the fleeing Rebel Transports
    *Before you do anything, switch to the X-wing*
    Aww, they're running away? That sucks. Anyway, just destroy the ties there. Go
    for the bombers when you see them. In fact, make sure that your wingmen go
    after the ties so you can concentrate on the bombers. The bombers can and will
    destroy the transports, don't let them. If you suceed in killing the ties, you
    win the mission.
    Completion Time: Bronze 9:55 Silver 7:10 Gold 5:00
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 18 Silver 30 Gold 43
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 17% Silver 28% Gold 53%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 32 Silver 27 Gold 22
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 1 Gold 0
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 10% Silver 55% Gold 100%
    Upgrade: Advanced Blasters (GET THIS!!!!)
    |Prisons of the Maw|
    Use the Y-Wing
    Disable three shield projectors
    You start out in an asteroid field. Don't crash into or shoot at the rocks.
    You will reach some ships eventually. Don't worry about them. Then some ties
    should come in. Worry about them. Send your wingmen to take them down, and go
    straight forward. After some long flying, you should see a big double hexagon
    shield. Use your ion cannons (Hold B) to disable three shield generators at
    the angles of the shield. Don't fly into the shield, that's a life lost. After
    the shields are disabled, move on to the next objective.
    Destroy all turrets
    You will arrive at a prison. Send your wingmen after the ties. The prisoners
    will point out spots where they need to access something, but they can't
    because of those stupid turrets. You have to bomb the turrets; you can't
    destroy them with your lasers/ion cannons. One bomb should do for each turret.
    Destroy communications outpost
    Easy. There are 7 little satellites. Bomb them. There are turrets surrounding
    the premesis. Bomb them for enemies destroyed points. Send out your wingmen
    to destroy the ties.  Each communications satellite falls after 2-3 bombs.
    Bomb turrets at hangar
    Each turret dies with one bomb. Make sure they die. Send out your wingmen on
    the ties.
    Escort Prisoners
    Yay, the prisoners are leaving! Ties will follow them. GO as slow as you can
    and destroy the ties following the big ship. After this, you win!
    Completion Time: Bronze 12:15 Silver 10:45 Gold 9:20
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 30 Silver 46 Gold 63
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 11% Silver 38% Gold 75%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 5 Silver 3 Gold 2
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 2 Gold 1
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 10% Silver 38% Gold 75%
    Upgrade: Advanced Cluster Missles
    |Razor Rendezvous|
    Use the Naboo Starfighter if it's available, otherwise use the Y-Wing
    I Won't post objectives, as there are no split cutscenes.
    If you choose to use the Y wing, go behind the ship and look for an imperial
    shuttle. Destroy it, and get the bombs upgrade. Then, just try to win the
    mission (don't go for medals). If you win, you have better bombs. Now, replay
    the mission for the medals.
    To start off, send out your wingmen to defend the Frigate Redemption. Then,
    take out the four turbolasers shooting the Frigate. Once that's done, go
    behind the Destroyer and shoot the golf ball thingys with your secondary
    weapon until they blow. Then, do the same with the dome underneath the ship.
    Then, you shoot down the command deck, or you can crash into it if you like.
    Mission successful.
    Completion Time: Bronze 4:30 Silver 2:59 Gold 1:19
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 10 Silver 10 Gold 10
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 8% Silver 20% Gold 60%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 4 Silver 2 Gold 0
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 2 Gold 1
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 10% Silver 38% Gold 85%
    Upgrade: Advanced Proton Bombs
    P.S. There is another level with two destroyers!
    |Vengeance on Kothlis|
    Use the Naboo Starfighter, then switch to the Speeder, then switch to the
    Protect the transports from the Ties
    Easy. Send your wingmen after the ties. You should have them down in no time.
    Destroy all AT-ATs
    Some AT-ATs will come out of the water once you have arrived at the beach. Make
    sure that they stay away from the transport. To do so, take them down with the
    tow cable (press B at the legs of the walker and go around). Watch out for the
    turrets at the Star Destroyer.
    Defend the Commandos
    Easy. There will be AT-PTs swarming everywhere. Go around and bomb them in your
    Y-Wing. There will be many waves. Just bomb in the middle of their squads to
    take many out. Use your targeting computer to find the AT-PTs in the water, and
    bomb them before they can reach the beach.
    Defend the commandos as they recapture data
    Easy. Just protect the little people from Ties or AT-PTs (if there are any
    Bomb a hole in the command deck for the commandos
    Use your targeting computer to find the bombing area. Then, BOMBS AWAY!!! Watch
    out for any turrets or ties that will try to shoot you down. Mission won.
    Completion Time: Bronze 13:00 Silver 11:30 Gold 9:55
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 45 Silver 75 Gold 100
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 7% Silver 14% Gold 27%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 4 Silver 3 Gold 2
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 1 Gold 0
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 12% Silver 42% Gold 85%
    Upgrade: Advanced Homing Torpedos
    |Imperial Acadamy Heist|
    Start with either the Speeder or the Y-Wing, and switch to the Imperial Shuttle
    There are two different things you can do depending on the day.
    1. If it's daytime, you use the Y-Wing to disable the satellites with your ion
    2. If it's nighttime, you use the Speeder to avoid the satellites by staying
    After you emerge from the canyon, the mission becomes the same.
    Steal the Imperial Shuttle
    Okay, on your way to the Imperial Shuttle, destroy anything you see! Trust me.
    Fly into the blue icon to get into the shuttle.
    Meet at the Rendezvous point
    This is hard. Everyone will be shooting at you. You will move slow, so expect
    to take some ****. Use your behind shot ability to take out some ties. Once
    you are at the rendezvous point, you win. Simple mission, really. Kind of
    reminds me of a mission back in the first Rogue Squadron...
    Completion Time: Bronze 7:20 Silver 6:05 Gold 4:12
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 15 Silver 29 Gold 51
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 7% Silver 25% Gold 49%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 0 Silver 0 Gold 0
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 1 Gold 0
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 15% Silver 45% Gold 100%
    Upgrade: Advanced Concussion Missles/ Spread Proton Bombs
    |Raid on Bespin|
    Use the Naboo Starfighter or the X wing
    Secure the Tibanna Gas platforms
    Easy. Shoot down the ties, or send your wingmen after them. Then, destroy the
    balloons by firing at the thingy spewing out fire. Keep doing this until all
    of the balloons are gone. Next objective.
    Destroy the city's power generators
    Easy. Use your radar to find the generators in the trenches of the city. Use
    your secondary weapon to destroy them. Nothing hard about this. YOu can switch
    over to the cloud car, but it's not a good idea.
    Defend the Tibanna Gas platforms from the Tie Bombers
    Again, easy. Just fly around, shooting down bombers. Ignore the other
    Interceptors and Fighters. Better yet, send your wingmen after the ties. There
    are 5 bombers, but they can do a lot of damage. Take them out quickly. Mission
    Completion Time: Bronze 11:00 Silver 8:55 Gold 7:40
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 45 Silver 75 Gold 110
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 12% Silver 30% Gold 65%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 41 Silver 32 Gold 29
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 1 Gold 0
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 10% Silver 32% Gold 72%
    Upgrade: Advanced Homing Missles
    |Battle of Endor|
    Use the Naboo Starfighter
    *NOTE: This is the hardest mission in the game*
    Destroy all Tie Bombers
    You start out going towards the Death Star. Then you turn back. Keep flying
    towards the huge ships, and you will see about 53,977,459,367,583,649,375
    little specks coming at you. Prepare for the biggest fight ever. Send your
    men after the ties. Eventually, bombers will show up twoards the left, in
    the direction of the big enemy ships in the distance. Destroy them IMMEDIATELY.
    They will do immense damage to anything you have. Once the bombers are down,
    your next objective comes up.
    Destroy both Star Destroyers
    Remember Razor Rendezvous? Do the same thing to these. Send your wingmen after
    the Ties, and start working. Remember, try not to use up all of your missles
    at once (you have lasers you know), and if you are really low on health, slam
    into a generator or a command deck. Once you take out the two star destroyers,
    the mission is won. It sounds easy, but the one above lasts about 7 minutes...
    Completion Time: Bronze 13:00 Silver 11:20 Gold 10:00
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 31 Silver 46 Gold 60
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 8% Silver 20% Gold 31%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 10 Silver 9 Gold 6
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 2 Gold 1
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 10% Silver 40% Gold 80%
    Upgrade: Advanced Homing Cluster Missles
    |Strike at the Core|
    Use the X-Wing
    Protect the Millenium Falcon
    Easy. Just follow the Falcon and shoot any ties that get near it. Don't get too
    far behind the Falcon. Wow, that was hard. Next Objective.
    Reach the Power Core entry
    Again, easy. Brake if there is a tie or ties behind you. Let them pass, then
    shoot them down. Watch out for the blocks that are hanging around. Once you
    reach the power core, the next objective begins.
    Destroy the Power Core
    Use your targeting computer to find the core. Once you do, fire some proton
    missles at it. Then, RUN! Blow past the Falcon, use turbos on the straights,
    brake for the turns. Just like a racing game. After you get out, YOU WIN!!!!
    Now, go for the gold medals!
    Completion Time: Bronze 7:00 Silver 6:15 Gold 5:05
    Enemies Destroyed: Bronze 29 Silver 36 Gold 41
    Shot Accuracy: Bronze 10% Silver 21% Gold 32%
    Friendlies Lost: Bronze 0 Silver 0 Gold 0
    Lives Lost: Bronze 2 Silver 2 Gold 1
    Targeting Computer Efficiency: Bronze 20% Silver 45% Gold 95%
    Upgrade: Advanced Targeting Computer
    The Walkthrough is over!
    Copyright TheeMikester

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