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Reviewed: 10/02/01 | Updated: 10/02/01

Didn't I play this years ago?

Wasn’t this game released a few years ago? Wave Race: Blue Storm plays very much like Wave Race 64. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. Blue Storm has some of the same tracks (it's missing some, and there are a few originals) and all the same modes from the original, so why would anyone shell out another $50 for this? Well, there’s a certain feeling you get when struggling to stay with the pack as rain streams into your eyes, obscuring your vision; the racer next to you suddenly vanishes, enveloped by a colossal wave, as lightning rips across the skyline, reflecting off the water. That is Wave Race: Blue Storm.

Blue Storm is a mixed bag, graphically. The riders and backgrounds are fairly simplistic. They don’t look bad exactly; it’s just nothing that couldn’t be done on the Dreamcast. The water is exceedingly realistic. Everything, including your racer, reflects in the water. In shallow water, marine life is visible beneath the surface. When racing in rain, drops will actually splash onto the camera, making navigation a bit more challenging. It’s a great effect that isn’t overused. With all of these special effects, the frame rate manages to stay steady. I’ve not once seen it skip. The end result is astonishing.

There are three circuits. Each one increases in opponent difficulty and mixes in rougher weather conditions. Also, depending on your circuit selection, the route through the track changes. The expert circuit can get to be quite challenging. Unfortunately, there’s not much beyond the three circuits to keep gamers busy. There’s a stunt mode, in which you race through giant rings in order to score points, as well as doing tricks. In Free Run, you’re allowed to race through the areas without the restrictions of timers. My complaint about Free Run is that it’s only available in sunny weather. Multiplayer wasn’t excluded, but it feels tacked on. 4 players are supported, and the framerate keeps steady, but it’s not all that exciting.

Wave Race: Blue Storm is a pretty good launch effort. I wish Nintendo would’ve bothered to include new tracks, as well as some more multiplayer modes. It’s definatly a great game, but it’s a little disappointing, considering all the potential it had.

Final Score: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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