Review by Jethro Bowdine

"Totally Awesome Dude!"

Well I did it. I bought a GameCube. Nothing on the XboX interested me and I was getting bored with the PS2 and MGS2:SOL. So the first game I bought was Wave Race Blue Storm. I was worried because I read that PS2 Splashdown water effects were Awesome compared to Wave Race. Boy was they dead wrong. Wave Race Blue Storm is Totally Awesome dude.

Gameplay: Excellent. This sucker is fast, furious, and fun. No slowdown at all. Challenging yet fun. Plays exactly the same as the first Wave Race. The waves play a major role in the race and are never the same. The overall setup and menus is done far better than Splashdown. Load times are at a minium. Everything about this game sreams EXCELLENT. This game is Excellent, excellent I tell you.
Score: 10

Graphics: Awesome. I rented PS2 Splashdown to compare and there was nothing to compare. WR:BS wins. Most all the water effects in Splashdown look the same - too shiny and bland with no life in them. WR:BS water effects change with the weather and are crystal clear and are alive with sea life. This is a true arcade style racer. Only eight tracks though, but each track has about four weather versions and each track is layed out different with each difficulty mode. So you really get more than eight tracks, I guess. And they ALL look totally Awesome. Awesome, I tell you.
Score: 10

Control: Stunts are alittle difficult, other than that, they right on the mark of excellence. Splashedown is less difficult because, well, THERE ARE NO WAVES in Splashdown! Splashdown (although it has 18 courses) tracks ALL race the same - it gets boring after a half an hour. WR:BS on the other hand has excellent replay value. I can't get enough of it, I tell you.
Score: 9

Sound: Totally Awesome dude! The music is far better than those annoying sound tracks in Splashdown. I hate pre-recorded artist tracks in video games and WR has NONE. Totally awesome, I tell you.

Overall: Since this game is a remake, I'll only give it a 9 but it does show what can be done on the GCN. I like this racer better than SSX, GT3, or any other phoney baloney cotten picking racer. I have beaten it on Normal and Hard mode and still come back for more. Expert is too expert. I like this game I tell you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/29/01, Updated 11/29/01

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