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"I thought this type of game is not good. Well...not anymore."

Water racing has not reached the peak even when the previous game, Waverace 64 or the N64, has been dubbed as the best water racing game. Now, a few years after, Waverace Blue Storm brings about a new definition of water racing for the Gamecube. You'll be stunned as to what the improvements are from the previous game.

Gameplay/Controls (10): This game is not just some racing games where all you have to do is to race straight and try to outrun everybody. Here, tricks, obstacles, and most especially, the water itself will add in-depth gameplay. About the later one, this has to be the game where you'll see life-like water effects. It is the first time that I've seen a game where water seemed like real and react just like real ones do. But of course, nothing beats the thrill and thirst for winning. Now, let's go deeper into the game. In Waverace, you'll be racing with several opponents. You'll have to go through checkpoints and do some obstacles that go your way.

For the controls, there are quite a lot of movements that are involved within the game. It's kinda hard to accomplish them especially if you're not accustomed to the controller yet. But a good thing is that there is a tutorial for the controls so don't worry.

Storyline (n/a): Well, the game has no story whatsoever so I won't include this part for the score.

Graphics/Sounds (10): When you talk about the graphics, the first thing that will most likely go into your mind is the water. The power of the Gamecube is excellently presented. Apart from the great water effect, the background and the characters are well-detailed. The game incorporates weather and you'll see eye-catching graphics you've never seen on such type of game. But there are 1 or 2 slow downs (not recognizable easily though) graphics-wise. As for the sounds, it is on the average. The voices are great but you'll hear the motor and the water mostly.

Re-play Value (9): Nothing can beat the re-play value of a racing game. You can do new tricks and you can also try a lot of stuff such as multiplayer and/or tougher AI opponents. Once you've mastered the game, it is always best to find competition from friends and family. The enjoyment never stops.

This game is one of those games that is really fun and enjoyable. It is a good buy and once you've played it, you'll definitely ask for more. So why wait? Try your hands on Waverace Bluestorm.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/11/02, Updated 01/11/02

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