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"Warning! A great racing title is coming at you!"

Wave Race: Blue Storm is the sequel to the best-selling N64 title: Wave Race 64. However, this can be considered more of an update to the original rather than a sequel, as it contains most of the levels from Wave Race 64. It's a great launch title, and is a great game for those who have never owned or even experienced the original. For those that already own the N64 game, you might look into getting this for a multiplayer experience, as you have four-player support now, and some new levels. Now, onto the review.

Graphics: 8
The graphics aren't bad by any means, but the GameCube is certainly capible of more. The framerate is consistant, and never slows down, and the player models are excellently rendered, and the levels are full of detail, and the waves and reflections are excellent.

Sound: 8
The music is great, and so are the sound effects, but the commentater might get on your nerves after a while. He does have a few more voice samples than did the N64 version, but they tend to repeat themselves several times throughout the level. The music is upbeat, and the sound effects are rich, very good in this area.

Control: 8
It is easy enough for beginners, but something that only experienced players can master. Turning and learning to use the boost take some practice, but otherwise, it's really simple to use. A is the accelerator, B is the brake, L and R let you move left and right quickly, and Z is the boost when you have you Turbo meter maxed out. Very simple.

Gameplay: 9
This racing game proves to be a lot of fun, and quite challenging at times. If you like four-player racing, this is the game to pick up. There won't be another good racer besides Extreme-G 3 for a while, now. The waves are sometimes unpredictable, and the weather changes over time. Usually, the race will never play the same way twice, which gives it some added replay value. But, when I say it can prove to be challenging, I mean that by the controls. If you aren't used to them, they can be a pain in the butt.

Overall: 8
This is an excellent launch title, and is an excellent addition to your GameCube game library. It has the N64 levels, recreated with new shortcuts, plus some new tracks, and eight characters to choose from. Also, four-player racing, you can't beat it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/15/02, Updated 01/15/02

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