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"Better than I thought it would be.. a MUST BUY!"

My first racing game I have ever
I was getting tons of money for christmas and had just gotten a game cube when I saw Wave Race:Blue Storm on the bow of the gamecube, and I thought that it looked like a good game. I must say I was a bit cocky when I bought it without reading reviews or anything but I thought it would be cool.

Just like riding a real jetski! the obsticles are so will love it, I must say though, it is hard a lot of the time to navigate through tight turns, but once you get the hang of it, not only will it be fun, but easy too.

I played the game before i went to try it at home in
toys-r-us, and I immedietely fell in love with the game.
Stunt mode is the best, and time trials is always fun.
The ONLY reason i gave it a 9.9 is that, i still havent beaten expert mode, it is very hard, but thats why i play it so much.I thought it was so cool of how many stunts there are, from frontflips, to handstands, this game has all the goods.

The graphics in this game are ASTOUNDIDNG! The water looks so real...I cant describe it. Buy it and see what I mean.
The character graphics are ok if you look closely, but who cares, the water graphics make up for it.

Difficulty (from easy to hard):9
This game is very hard, although it mixes hard with fun though.You might get frustrated losing all the time in expert mode, it wont be as bad as getting killed when you are so close to beating an event in Super Smash Melee!=)
Stunt mode is also very hard in expert mode. No matter HOW good you might be at this mode will always be a challenge, i still am starving myself over the fact that i cant get the last secret level.

You will also see appearances from 1080 snowboarding's Ricky Winterborn (my favorite character) and Rob Haywood.
The other characters in the game are also very cool. I love the characters and the game almost couldent get any better than it is. I absolutely love this game. From the first Waverace, Ryota comes back, but this time no one is wearing any helmets so you can see their faces.
You will be playing this game for endless hours, with your friends , and trying to beat expert mode.Sadly..There couldve been more levels...But the levels are very fun!

The other games I have also deserve 10s too, Pikmin,
Luigi's Mantion, Super Smash brothers Melee, Star Wars rouge Leader 2, and madden 2002(I never played madden,cause it's my brothers, but i heard it was good.)

Rent or buy? ah the question of questions...
definately buy, unless you absolutely hated the first game, buy this one.
Wave Race: Blue storm....the greatist of realistic racing games...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/22/02, Updated 01/22/02

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