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"Good but typical jetski racer; nice graphics."

WaveRace: Blue Storm is a jetski racing game with good gameplay and beautiful ''eye candy'' graphics.

Most of the critics panned WaveRace Blue Storm as so-so, but I thought it was fairly good. WRBS has decent gaming action with very good graphics - it is short on race courses.

I think as far as actual gameplay goes, WaveRace is a good but fairly typical racing game. If you've played any sort of jetski or snowmobile type of racing game then you know what to expect.

WaveRace: Blue Storm's music is okay, nothing special. I actually like the voices - they're unique for every play character and his/her coach. The graphics in WRBS are outstanding, especially the water effects such as ripples, reflections, and foam. They're perhaps not quite as spectacular as ''Rogue Leader'', but they're close.

Controls: I've read reviews where folks have complained that they find the controls are too sensitive - I honestly can't see what they're talking about; I think the controls are spot-on and work well for me. One things WaveRace does exceptionally well (certainly better than most games) is rumble feedback. The controllers rumble is subtle for small waves, bumps, etc. and increases proportionately as the waves do.

WaveRace has one major flaw - a lack of tracks. You get a training course, 4 regular courses, and you can unlock 3 more. With only 8 modest-size courses it can have a limited amount of replay value.

For the same money I would recommend buying SSX Tricky instead (which I also own). The style of play is similar, but SSX has more tracks - and the tracks are much, MUCH larger in size. There's simply more to see and do.

Out of 10, I would rate WaveRace 7.5 and SSX Tricky an 8.5 because I like racing games, and the graphics really make this game. But just remember, graphics are the icing on the cake. You can have a cake with really pretty-looking, good-tasting icing, but if the cake underneath tastes like lousy, the whole experience is ruined. Luckily, WaveRace has enough gameplay to it that the overall game is worth playing.

If you aren't a hard core racing nut like me, this may be a game to rent first before buying. If you like racing games WaveRace is pretty good. If you can pick it up for half-price I's say go for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/07/02, Updated 03/07/02

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