"A pretty good game that requires some getting used to"

Graphics 9/10

I have never seen water physics done so well. Watching the gentle water ripple as you pass over it in your jet ski, catching huge air after running off a big wave, this is what jet skiing is all about. The jet-skiers look OK; the backgrounds are all right, but pale in comparison to the water that’s shown. The courses themselves are unique from each other in every way. One is a calm lake in the middle of a forest while another is a tropical paradise.

Sound 7/10

Eh, it’s OK. Listening to your racer & announcer gets a little repetitive after a while. The music fits the game well; some of the songs really fit the levels they play on, which enhances the experience. The sound effects are very well done, the splashes and the motors are what shine in this department

Control 6/10

This is where the game gets bad, the controls are too loose. Even after I crank up the control to make it tighter, it still is a pain to get around those tight turns. To make matters worse, the game is unforgiving if you screw up. Hit a wall for only a second, and your stuck halfway back in the rankings. Worse, if you hit a wall head on, you’ll fling off your jet ski and be turned around, putting you in last place. The racer is really slow to get back on the Jet Ski too; this gets really annoying after a while, even worse on higher difficulties.

Gameplay/Replay 7/10

There are five different races to do: Championship, Time Attack, Stunt Mode, Multiplayer & Free Roam.

Championship is made up of four races, you have to beat one to get to the other, you’ll find yourself repeating the same tracks over and over again just to get enough points to advance (thankfully, the route changes in each race), this hurts the replay. Time Attack is racing on a track to get a better time. Stunt Mode is where you do stunts to get a high score. Free Roam is where your free to explore an entire track with no restrictions. Multiplayer is where you race with several friends.

The biggest problem with the gameplay is the lack of courses, there are only 7 (three have to be unlocked), it’s gets a little boring playing the same old courses over again. Playing this game is quite fun, once you get used to the controls. Keep in mind that you may get bored/frustrated of this one quickly.

Story N/A/10

There isn’t a story in this game, so it won’t count towards the final score.

Final: 7.2/10
Rounded Off: 7/10

Bottom Line

Rent this one first, see if you like it. This is one of those games that may disappoint you if you were looking for something bigger.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/20/02, Updated 05/20/02

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