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Reviewed: 07/12/02 | Updated: 07/12/02

Great for jetskiers, not for gamers

Wave Race for Nintendo 64 was a smash hit, selling for full price for many years to come. It started with the jetski craze of 1995, and although many (including myself wanted sequels, Nintendo did nothing about it until 2001. Wave Race: Blue Storm was a launch title for the great Nintendo Gamecube, but it’s lovers were are few as it’s haters, and it’s publicity was washed not very good, mainly because everyone was looking forward to Pikmin and Super Smash Bros.

Graphics 8 out of 10
I read all of the magazines, and they said although the graphics were good, they weren’t great. I personally don’t see how they could say that. As a semi-professional jetski rider, I can vouch for this games’ graphics and realistic water physics. You must see the water to believe it. The rider’s facial expressions are very noticeable during replay, and the smallest things, like fish swimming in the waters of Aspen Lake, are very noticeable (I swear that I saw a blue and red fish). You won’t find a better-looking jetski game anywhere.

Sound- 6 out of 10
This game has awesome sound effects, and some very decent songs. Unfortunately, decent is the best you could give to songs. Luckily, until you get really good at it, you won’t notice the songs, as you are tightly gripping the controller to get ready for that next 5-foot wave that you hope won’t throw you off course.

Control- 8 out of 10
I think the Gamecube controller was made specifically for this game. I don’t think they could have mapped the controls better. The A button accelerates horribly, because sometimes you want to keep going, but slower than you are. You can’t do that, unless you buy a PS2 controller and adapter. But the L and R buttons work perfectly, and the controls for the spins are easy. Unfortunately, tricks are hard to pull off with the control stick, and to get the edge in the race, you need to be able to pull off many tricks, but you will end up doing a backflip 50% of the time.

Gameplay- 7 out of 10
In some aspects, Nintendo should have spent less time on the graphics, and more time on the riders. With only 8 tracks and 8 riders, the only enjoyment you get out of the courses is the feeling of achievement. Be warned, some of the tracks are incredibly hard when it is stormy, and some are easier when it is raining. Something also lacks from finishing career mode, all that you get is a 1 minute clip saying the rider’s names, places, and congratulations riders! If you are looking for a good rental game, rent Wave Race Blue Storm. If you are thinking about buying it, think twice unless you are a jetski fan.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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