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"What happened!"

Wave Race 64 still is one of my favorite games of all time. So I decided to get Blue Storm after reading all of the mixed reviews for it. The presentation was great as always. But the gameplay...

Graphics: Wow. Incredibly beautiful environments. Very realistic. It's just so incredibly realistic and awesome that it puts you right in the situation. These people did a great job on the graphics.

Sound: There's a good variation of types of music, and the sounds of the environment around you are certainly there.

Gameplay: I loved Wave Race 64 for its complicated gameplay. The waves, the buoys, the ramps, the obstacles, everything was a factor. But Blue Storm is so complicated it's ridiculous. You have to be absolutely perfect in the expert tournament. Come on. It's way too challenging and I really don't think I'll ever beat this game. You have to practice a lot and try and try again, and this doesn't add replay value for me, it makes the game very boring and frustrating. There's just too much in the game to take care of while you're playing. The buoys. The boost. (yes, you usually do have to use it to get in first place) The waves. The other people, including this really annoying big guy in green called David Mariner or whatever he's called who always bumps into you and really screws you up. The ridiculous turns. ???? Why. It just gets so complicated that the challenge is really ridiculous. Even the turns are a wonder. Why does pressing directly down and right turn you around? Why not put it on L and R, which are used with the control stick to lean? Come on. I have to concentrate on enough things already. There is a decent stunt mode, thankfully. The only thing I don't like about it is that learning the more complicated tricks is just pointless because they give you less points. Haha, pointless, and points. Bad pun etc. Multiplayer races are very enjoyable, more than the N64 version, because you can have 4 players. Good.

Replay Value: They certainly decided to rip off earlier courses. And there isn't much to do after you've beaten the game (if you beat it). The multiplayer gives it replay value. I don't call practicing a lot and trying to beat expert again and again replay value.

Well, if you like a really hard challenge, go ahead and rent this game. I highly suggest a rental. I didn't really enjoy this game that much. If I had to pick either Blue Storm or the 64 version I'd pick Wave Race 64. 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/14/02, Updated 08/14/02

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