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"A great addition to the Gamecube, but still open for improvements"

Wave Race: Blue Storm is the sequel to the N64-title Wave Race 64. This great game was very innovative, mostly due to the water effetcs that Nintendo-programmers must have spent hours on to develop. This sequel is more of the same with a few additions.

Graphics: The graphics have much improved since the first game, which is pretty logical since this is a new console, the water effects are still nothing short of amazing. It reacts realistically to the movement of the jetskis, which makes it pretty hard to stay in balance sometimes, when one of your adversaries passes you by and creates a wave coming in your direction, or when an object falls in to the water and causes it to ripple or wave.
The tracks and backgrounds are diverse (though few in numbers, as was the case in Wave Race 64, and apparently hasnt been the subject to change) and full of surprises such as shortcuts (some visible, some have to be created) and falling objects. In stead of being able to change the height of the waves, now you can change the weather conditions, which in addition to the wave-height also changes visibility.
Overall, the graphics have improved but dont fully utitlize the gamecube's potential. 8/10

Sound: The music has been changed drastically, no more the soft synth music that was featured in the first game, this sequel has more and different tunes, some ambient music, some rock, all and all an improvement.
The sound has stayed pretty much the same, except for the commentators. As much as we hated the comments in the first game (too repetitive and an annoying voice), Blue storm promises more of the same. Nintendo has tried to make an improvement by giving each rider his own commentator, but the repetitive element remains the same. Luckily there’s an option to silence those nasty voices. 8/10

Presentation: No criticism here, everything is beautifully done, the menus are graphically excellent and there are enough game modes to keep you busy for a while, a limited number of riders though, but that shouldnt be too much of a problem, since the first game only featured 4 riders. 9/10

Playability: The difficulty of the game is of a much higher level than the first game. Once you knew the tracks by heart in the first game, finishing first was a breeze. This time, its not that easy, youll need lots and lots of practice to win that last championship. A new game mode, free roam, allows you to explore all the stages freely, without a time-limit so you can search for shortcuts, that are desperately needed in order to finish the last championship. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/02, Updated 09/22/02

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