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"Dissapointing actually..."

Wave Race series started on the Nintendo 64 with the wonderful Wave Race 64. The series offer a great racing experiance with jet skis on water (duh!). To add more excitement, they added the buoys feature (where you have to go left of the yellow buoys and right of the red ones) and great effects and interactive enviroments. Wave Race 64 was my favorite racer back then and i was enjoying it a lot, alone and with friends. Now i buy Wave Race Bluestorm. And what do i get? An annoying racer that ruins what Wave Race 64 started. Why? Read on...

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics shine here! First of all, the amazing water effects! You can actually see underwater and when the jet ski splashes into the water, and goes on everything looks smoothly. You can even have water on the camera! And the waves are pretty cool designed. Some of the textures are bulky and the animation not so impressive. The design of the racers is pretty okay.

Sound: 7/10
Nice backround music but the repetative sound effects could stick into your head, like the engine roam sound. The sea sounds normally and your assistant (which speaks to you while racing, giving you warnings and tips) sounds good. Nothing special here.

Gameplay: 5.5/10
Ahhhh! Firstly lets explain how the game works and the modes. There are 5 modes. Championship, Time Attack, Stunt Mode, Tutorial and Free roam. In the championship mode there are 4 options. Exhibition which lets you play a single stage againts 7 other competitors, Normal 5 days tournament which you play 5 arenas and collect points etc, the Hard 6 days Tournament and the Expert 7 days tournament. Time Attack is the same as time trial as in the other racing games. The biggest complain here is that you cannot save more than 1 ghost data (i'd rather sacrifice more blocks for ghost data, *sigh*). The stunt mode lets you pass through rings and do several tricks on the jet ski (not too much), the Tutorial teaches you all the moves in the game and in Free Roam you roam around a stage for as long as you want without the time pushing you. Anyway at a normal race against 7 other racers, the rules are simple. You just race to come first, passing left at the yellow buoys, right at the red buoys and getting turbo after 5 succesful buoys passes. You cannot miss more than 5 buoys... Okay what made Wave Race blue storm dissapointing?

A) The controls! In Wave Race 64 the controls and the way the jet skier moves is so smooth, while in Wave Race:BS is rough! That makes the game very frustrating and annoying. Especially when you have to move from buoy to buoy and the buoys are in a straight line or zig zagged.
B) The turbo! I wish the had an option to remove this. It ruined the game completely. In Wave Race 64, you just pass correctly the buoys and you make your engine more powerful but here you MUST use turbo to keep up with the others. You don't know where to use it and its annoying controlling the jet ski and using the turbo the same time.
C) The ugly controls made the buoys feature to suck! It should have had more options to help the game like turning the buoys OFF and racing to the finish without any rules. That would be cool. ANd i also wanted the ability to save more than one ghost data at the Time Attack mode. Technology is rising, take advantage of it! Sheesh!

These 3 factors made Wave Race:BS very dissapointing...

Lifespan: 6/10
You will beat the expert mode eventually, and the multiplayer will keep you playing... BUT! The nasty controls affect this section as well so chances are that you will leave it after giving it a fair shot.

Overall (Not an average): 6.5/10 (=7/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/02/02, Updated 11/02/02

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