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"A fun game while it lasts"

Wave Race:Blue Storm is a game that was orginally for the Nintedo 64 a couple of years ago. It was pretty fun when I was little racing around doing tricks.I would play all the time to beat my highest score. So I decided to buy it when I first bought my gamecube looking forward to all the fun I had when I was little. Boy I was wrong thinking it would be near as much fun.

Gameplay: 6/10 It runs smoothly and there are tons of tricks you can learn. Theres the tournament, multiplayer, time, and trick races to choose from. It will take about one week to beat all the tournament races easy, medium, and hard. The funest part of the game probally was the tricks. There is a tutorial mode where you will learn the stunts, jumps, and handstand type moves. Mastering all of them will be a challenge for some people but a breaze for others.The only problem about gameplay is it takes about 3 weeks at most to do everything and perfect all my tricks.Another neat feature is the weather. It will change from one day being bright and sunny to the next day being a monsoon. Some days will be drizzling or pouring aslo.But it wont take long to get bored of this to. Leaving you nothing to do.

Graphics 8/10 The graphics are much better than the old 64 version I used to play the water is incredibly realistic and clear in the dolphin cove. And it is fun to see the waves splash your jet ski. The people are pretty cool looking and the ability to change the color of there jet ski and clothes is neat. The best graphics are probally when it is pouring and the waves are splashing everywhere and your guy will ride one of them and go 50 feet in the air. When your doing the trick mode you will have to go through rings to get points and the brown and yellow rings will make you go faster giving you the ability to pull off an easy barrel roll, superman, can-can, double backflip, or if your extremly good an triple backflip which takes about an hour and a half of practice to master.

Sounds 9/10 The best part of the game is the sound. It is nice to hear music playing while your racing through the water and when you run into a wooden pole in Aspen Lake you hear the snap of the wood. Every wave the runs up into a building can be heard, and at dolphin cove the dolphins can be heard when they go by you.

Replayability 6/10 A very bad thing about this game is that it gets old very faster than any game you've probally played before. At most it will take you a month to finish it. And that's including learning all tricks, being able to do the courses in record speed leaving all the cpu opponents behind you. The tournament will be a mere couple of minutes to you. I guess if you don't play for about 7 years and started playing again it will be challenging a little.

I would not recommend buying this game at all its just not worth it. It is a good game to rent though. If your having four or five friends over to spend the night at your house you may want to be eating popcorn racing each other. Have some tournament or something to mix things up. If you get this game for a present a would give it back to Wal-Mart, Target, K-B Toys, Toys-R-Us or any other store. Switch it out for another game cube game there are just way more titles that are better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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