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    Event Match/Melee Mode FAQ by DMHawkmoon

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/07/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Smash Brothers Melee
    Event Match and Melee Mode FAQ version 1.02
    By: Bryan Backas (bryanbackas@yahoo.com)
    Last Update: 2/7/2002
    NOTE TO ALL WHO SEND ME EMAIL: I am not accepting any more strategies.
    There are just too many ways to win each event. If you have a good way
    beat an event, chances are you are really good at this game and don't
    need to find easier ways of doing things. My email is too much for me to
    keep with anymore because I get the same questions and strategies from
    many different people. Only email me if you think it's something very
    important or you think your question is not answered in my guide. If you
    get no response, chances are the question you asked was already answered 
    in this guide. I appreciate all who sent me good additions for the guide
    previously, though!
    -Some new insight for Event 31
    -Added another strategy for event 51
    -Added another strategy for 15 minute melee
    -Added another strategy for event 48
    -Added another strategy for event 44
    -Clarification on B button smash moves
    -Added a trick for event 49 (Works on other events too if you're interested in
    checking it out.)
    I: Introduction
    II: How to Smash
    III: Multi-Man Melee Mode
    IV: Hitting the Bag 1500 feet
    V: Unlocking All Events - Getting all the Characters
    VI: Clearing the Events
    VII: Legal Stuff
    I. INTRODUCTION:  This is a FAQ mainly to help players complete the event levels.  In
     order for me to clear all of them up through 51, I had to spend a lot of time developing
     strategies.  Hopefully what worked for me can work for you.  The first section is a small 
    guide to help you complete the Melee Mode. (100-man melee and such.)  And I included a small 
    guide to help you hit the bag as far as possible. The rest is all event battles.
    Since I spend so much time telling you to smash your opponent, it's a good idea 
    for me to tell you exactly how it's done. To smash, you don't hit the control 
    stick and A at the same time!
    Here is how it's actually done: Slam the control stick in a direction, and hit A 
    right after that! SLAM and then A! It's important to get the rhythm down. 
    Practice it a lot before you tackle the tougher stages. You cannot actually 
    smash with the B button, it just does the same move you'd do if you hit forward 
    and B without smashing with a few exceptions. Samus' homing missiles, for
    example, only occur if you smash forward and B. Most B moves don't change, however.
    This is a quick guide to help you obtain all the trophies possible for the 
    various Melee Modes.
    10-MAN MELEE:  This is by far the easiest mode, and most characters will have no 
    problem clearing this. Just do smash moves or the B button moves if they're 
    powerful enough on whoever you picked.
    100-MAN MELEE: This is much harder than 10-Man, obviously, and if you're good it 
    can be done with almost anyone, but there is one character who can do it without 
    much effort at all: Donky Kong.  Donkey Kong's pound the ground move (DOWN and 
    B) will send the wire frames flying off the stage instantly.  Furthermore, as 
    long as you keep holding down and pushing B, DK will not stop.  You may be hit a 
    few times, but you should be able to clear this in no time and no effort with 
    this technique.  Winning this mode allows you to battle Falco from Star Fox and 
    use him as a character.
    3-MINUTE MELEE: Once again, use DK's pound the ground move to take these guys 
    out without a big problem.
    15-MINUTE MELEE: This mode is pretty insane, but it can be completed.  DK's pound 
    the ground trick works again, but since you have to survive for so long, you'll probably 
    take a beating if you do manage to win. There are some places where I think it is more 
    safe to sit. The safest I have found is underneath one of the floating platforms on the right 
    or left.
    Or, see what works best for you.  I was able to KO almost 700 of the guys before the time 
    ran out.  Be sure that you're ready for a marathon, cause fighting for 15 minutes can 
    really hurt your hands.
    Here is another strategy sent in by Wizardryo:
    Use MEWTWO for this.
    "As soon as the battle starts, go either all the way to the left underneath the 
    left platform, or all the way to the right underneath the right platform. Then, 
    move over a little bit so that half of Mewtwo's body is NOT underneath the 
    platform. From there, just press B. This will initiate his charging ball move, 
    and as long as you don't do anything else, the charging ball will hit everyone 
    in sight, either juggling them in the air, or knocking them out of the way. In 
    the event that one of the Female Wireframes' kick hurts you, just get her out of 
    the way, and restart. I only got 7 or so KOs from this method, but it works."
    LORD DALTON sent me the following guide:
    "I found out an amazing trick. Male wire frames are violent. They seek you out 
    actively. Females are territorial, meaning they stay in an area, or jump around, 
    but never/rarely actively seek you out.If you kill all the males, and manage to 
    get all females, go to the far right, or far left bottom of the stage. This 
    works particularly well with Ganondorf, since his basic A attack is instant 
    death. Crouch down near the ledge, and sit still. You only encounter problems IF 
    a female pushes a female to your level, and it rolls behind you. You must kill 
    CRUEL MELEE: Now this is insanity.  It took me days to figure out how to KO these 
    guys.  And the technique is simpler than you might think.  While I somehow was able to 
    KO 1 of them using the DK trick, Roy is the man here.  Roy's UP and B move can knock 
    these guys clear off the top easily.  When you first start, if you move Roy far to the left 
    and do the Up and B move as soon as the guys spawn, you can knock two or three of 
    them out immediately.  After that, they'll probably knock you off the course, but jump 
    back on, maybe grab the ledge and try to get under them to do it again. If you manage to 
    get a few good hits, you'll be able to KO a lot of them. The goal here to get a trophy is to 
    KO 5 of them I think. I was able to KO 7 after only two or three tries once I discovered 
    this technique.
    If you need to unlock Roy, look in section V for a quick run down.
    Hitting the bag 1500 feet, or close to that, will get you some trophies and a new stage for 
    VS. Mode.  Most characters can't hit the bag much more than 900 no matter how hard 
    you try, but Yoshi can go much further.
    The idea here is to damage the bag as much as possible without knocking it off the 
    pedestal, and then use the bat over to the left to smash it really far.  The best characters 
    for this are guys with moves that damage the bag a lot without moving it.  Not only does 
    Yoshi has the best move for this, but you unlock the original Yoshi's Island stage if you 
    hit it far with him, so that's why he's the character of choice.
    Here's what you do: Get the bat, hit the bag once with the bat to get it closer to the edge, 
    (should do about 12% damage) and then jump at the bag and do Yoshi's DOWN and A 
    move. Make sure you HOLD A.  Try not to smash down without pushing A right away or 
    Yoshi will not do the move and instead he'll fall to the ground and do nothing. The bag 
    gets hurt more by this move the more inside of it you are, so try to move into it before 
    you hit it. You can hit the bag really really far no matter what with this technique, but to 
    get the 1500 feet mark, you'll need to be almost perfect. (Really fast)  The bag needs to 
    take over 100% damage before you bat it, and you'll be going right to the wire to get it 
    that high. Don't hesitate to continually pause and push Z to reset the match.
    NOTE: 1500 feet is an estimate, you can hit it a little less and still get the trophy. I only 
    hit it 1484.
    You unlock more events by getting more characters or completing more event levels.  
    Here is a quick run-down of how to get all the characters. There may be other methods. 
    The ones in parentheses are just rumors, I have not confirmed them personally.
    1. Jigglypuff: Clear Adventure or Classic mode.
    2. Dr. Mario: Play through classic mode as Mario. (Or play 100 VS matches)
    3. Luigi: You'll first see him in the second stage of Adventure Mode.  He comes when 
    the seconds digit is a 2 when you complete the first stage.  After you win the entire mode 
    by defeating Bowser, he challenges you.
    4. Falco: Clear the 100-Man Melee. (Or play 300 VS matches)
    5. Gannondorf: Win Event Level 29.
    6. Pichu: Clear Event Level 37. (Or play 200 VS matches)
    7. Marth: Clear Classic mode with all 14 original characters. (Or play 70 VS matches)
    8. Roy: Clear Classic mode with Marth. (Without continuing)
    9. Young Link: Beat Classic mode with 10 characters including Zelda and Link. (Or play 
    500 VS matches)
    10. MewTwo: Play VS mode for a combined 20 hours. Each human player you have 
    counts towards the total number of hours, so the more people you play with the quicker 
    he'll show up. If you're like me and didn't have anyone to play with, you can leave the 
    game on overnight in a VS match with only humans. This shouldn't cause any harm at all 
    to your Gamecube system, but do it at your own risk. (Or play 700 VS matches)
    11. Mr. Game and Watch: You must have all the other characters and then complete 
    "Break the Targets" with them. (Or clear Classic mode or Adventure with everyone else)
    NOTE: If you are having trouble on any of the "Choose a Character" Events and my 
    guide still isn't helping, you can always try using Jigglypuff. His DOWN and B
    move will knock enemies REALLY FAR if you manage to be inside of them when you 
    use it. Play around with it and see how you do!
    YOU: Mario (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Bowser (2 lives, easy difficulty)
    The first level is as you would expect - very easy.  Bowser is set to get hit far, and he's 
    not too smart.  Just smash him over and over again, maybe even do a charged smash 
    while he's jumping back on and release it when he gets back.
    YOU: Giant Donkey Kong (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Tiny Donkey Kong (2 lives)
    The biggest problem here is actually hitting your opponent.  When your opponent is 
    below you, use the pound the ground (DOWN and B) or a low smash move to hit him.  
    Once you've knocked him in the air, get ready to do an upward smash when he gets back 
    down to you. He'll be sent off the stage.
    YOU: Choose anyone (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Samus (1 life), Link (1 life)
    It's easy to get KOed here, but if you just keep trying you should pass this one pretty fast. 
    A good strategy is to stay as high as possible. The computer will blow itself up once the 
    items start to appear.  If you see a poke ball, it's going to be a big bomb pokemon, so it 
    can be fun to throw these and then run away. The computer will somtimes stand inside of 
    them since it's on a low difficulty.  
    YOU: Choose anyone (3 lives)
    COMPUTER: Giant Yoshi (1 life)
    This one is probably just as easy or easier than Level 1.  You have 3 lives to KO Yoshi 
    just once.  The biggest threat here is if Yoshi eats you and turns you into an egg cause 
    you could get thrown into the pit.  But you can jump back up, and Yoshi here is pretty 
    stupid so it's no big deal. Just do smash moves and you'll destroy him.  Sometimes he 
    even jumps right in the pit for you!
    YOU: Ness
    COMPUTER: Captain Falcon
    This is a coin battle, and you need to get 200 coins to win.  Captain Falcon here is pretty 
    easy, and he's not too good at getting coins.  Even if he beats you up, you can often get 
    the coins that he knocks out of you.  Ness can be pretty tough to use if you've never used 
    him before, so I'll explain a few of the best moves to use:
    1) Forward Smash + A: Ness will hit guys with a powerful baseball bat.  2) Down and A: 
    Push this really fast and opponents will usually just stand there and take a beating.  3) PK 
    Fire: Forward and B.  This move will shoot direstly ahead and stun opponents.  Use this 
    as your opportunity to smash. 
    Basically you want to beat Captain Falcon up and take the coin  he drops.  The best place 
    to do this is on the very bottom in the middle.  Cars will come by every now and then, 
    right after the (!) Warning appears, and the good Captain likes to let them hit him while 
    you jump safely away.  Should be no problem to win, especially since you're allowed to 
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER:  3 Kirbys (2 lives each)
    >From the description this sounds hard, but it's really easy.  These Kirbys will get KOed in 
    one hit from a smash!  Donkey Kong's pound the ground (Down and B) KOs them in one 
    hit too, as will most things.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Pikachu (2 lives)
    The only way for you to hurt each other in this match with the Pokemon that come out of 
    the Poke balls.  So choose a quick character like Fox or Captain Falcon, and try to get all 
    the Poke balls that appear.  It's best to throw them straight down (Down and A) since 
    they'll go right through Pikachu.  Keep summoning Pokemon until Pikachu is 
    overwhelmed. Not too hard, and quite fun!
    YOU: Choose (3 lives)
    COMPUTER: Samus (3 lives)
    You both start with 130% damage, even after you die, so all it takes is a few hits to get 
    knocked off.  Just smash Samus a few times and that's all it takes.  Samus likes to hang in 
    there a while, but she's not too smart here so you can probably get a lot of hits on her no 
    problem.  It might be a good idea to use a big character like Bowser here to dish out more 
    damage and so you don't get knocked too far.
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Two Zeldas (2 lives each)
    This battle is kind of cheap since the computer likes to change back and forth a lot, and 
    I've also seen it jump right in the pit as Zelda more than once.  The easiest way to beat 
    them I found was to use Donkey Kong and pound the ground (DOWN and B) non-stop, 
    and then smash them up off the screen when they're on their way down.  If you're lucky, 
    they'll turn into Sheik before while you're doing this, but even if they don't, if you keep 
    trying they will eventually.  This one might take a few tries.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser (1 life each)
    One of the hardest things about these all-star matches is that you have a time limit.  So 
    the best idea to just to beat up your opponents as fast as you can.  These guys aren't too 
    smart, so you can smash them over and over again without too much problem. I was able 
    to hit them with the super-strong Falcon Punch (B) with Captain Falcon over and over, so 
    smashing them should be even easier.  Just don't ever stand in the center of the stage on 
    the first battle against Mario. Those blocks will spin and you could end up in the pit even 
    if you don't think they should have started to spin.
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Two Ice Climbers (Immortal)
    To win this you just need to survive until time runs out. Choose a fast character like 
    Captain Falcon so you can run away.  Killing the Ice Climbers brings you no penalty, but 
    I chose to just run away the whole time since they continually respawn.  Jump to the top, 
    run to the right, fall down through the floor (Just push down), run to the left, jump up, 
    whatever it takes to get away.
    There is one move that is good to learn and can help here: Pushing R in the air. Your 
    character will float in mid air and move over a little more. This helps get away from 
    attacks and is useful all the time. I don't think it lets you do this AND an UP and B jump, 
    so watch out if you think this will help you get back onto the stage anywhere.
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Captain Falcon (1 life)
    Use Captain Falcon and hit B as soon as the fight starts. You should win in about 1.25 
    YOU: Yoshi (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Fox
    This level counts score in KOs, but you don't need to KO anyone to win. To win, you 
    just have to make sure the Yoshi egg lives til the end. The best idea is to grab the egg and 
    run away. You will have to pick up the egg eventually anyway since the stage will shift 
    before the time runs out. Jump from one side to the other avoiding your foes.  Using the 
    R in the air move (described in the LEVEL 11 guide) will help a lot also.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER:  3 Random Characters (2 lives each)
    This is a pretty difficult fight if you don't know what you're doing since all the 
    computers are against you at the same time.  If you're having problems here, use Captain 
    Falcon.  You can start off the stage with his B button Falcon Punch move and knock the 
    computer good. If you get surrounded, push DOWN and B and he'll do a kick that hits 
    them all. Just make sure that when you do DOWN and B you don't go off the edge since 
    he'll slide pretty far.  Falcon Punch can really put the hurtin on these guys, and a few 
    good hits with it will win the trophy for you.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives and tiny)
    COMPUTER: Samus, Zelda, Peach (2 lives each)
    This fight is similar to the last except you're small and the battlefield is smaller. You're 
    going to want a character with strong and easy to pull off moves.  Therefore, the same old 
    techniques IU keep bringing up work pretty well here, like DK's pound the ground.  I 
    also found that items can really make a huge difference here.  A lot of bombs and poke 
    balls dropped when I played this one.  If you can let the computer get blown up by the 
    bombs and get all the poke balls, you should have a pretty easy time.
    YOU: Kirby (1 life)
    COMPUTER: 10 Kirbys
    All you have to do here is KO all the other Kirbys with warp stars before the time runs 
    out.  Wait til they're all near a warp star and send them flying! Remember also, you can 
    hold a direction after you get on the warp star and change where you land.
    YOU: Samus (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Bowser, Captain Falcon (1 life each)
    You have to KO Bowser here, but you can't let Captain Falcon KO him.  It's pretty tough 
    to write a consistent strategy for this, you just have to try to smash Bowser off yourself.  
    I've had Captain Falcon fall in the pit a few times.  If this happens, it makes it a lot 
    easier.  Whether or not you have problems here, if you keep trying you should eventually 
    win even if it's by some fluke.
    YOU: Link (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Link's Shadow (2 lives)
    Link's shadow is the same as Link, and he's also the hardest guy you've fought so far.  
    The computer AI is set at a pretty decent level here. For those of you who remember 
    Zelda 2, Link's Shadow is the last boss. Anyways, if you're not good at combat, this is 
    going to either train you to fight better or make you give up on the Event Matches.  
    Link's Shadow likes to grab you or jab at you with quick sword blows.  An excellent 
    strategy is to make him follow you somewhere and then right before he gets to you 
    release a smash move, preferably a forward smash move.  You can often get him into 
    rhythms where he keeps jumping into the same trap over and over.  Getting the good 
    items that sometimes appear will help tack on some additional damage too.  And don't 
    forget about the strong DOWN and A and UP and A while in the air. These thrust moves 
    are pretty strong.
    As an additional point of interest about this stage: If you get really hurt badly, fighting in 
    the tunnel in the middle of the stage is a good idea.  It's very hard to KO anyone while 
    they're in there. So he won't be able to KO you very well, and you can take him down 
    with you.  This is only good when there's no timer like on this event.
    YOU: Mario (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Bowser, Peach
    You can't let Peach die here, that's all.  Sometimes you might get unlucky breaks with 
    the items, but overall this isn't very hard, especially if you can beat level 18.  Beat up 
    Bowser and much as you can!  Even if he starts hitting Peach, that makes him vulnerable 
    for a smash move.  It doesn't appear as though he can smash her, either, so he'll have to 
    hit her a lot to knock her off. I ran this stage accidentally once without touching the 
    control and it got down to 18 seconds before she was KOed... Kind of funny.
    YOU:  Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Samus, Link, Zelda, Captain Falcon, Fox (1 life each)
    This is just like the first All-Star Match, only a little harder.  Samus will go down very 
    easily, and so will Link.  (Smash, smash, smash!)  When you fight Zelda, make sure you 
    lure her to one of the sides of the stage and knock her towards the edge if you can.  This 
    Hyrule stage you fight her on can take forever to KO someone on since it's so big.  
    Luring characters to an edge will help save time. Anyways, on to Captain Falcon.  He's 
    pretty tough and he tries to use some good B button moves on you.  His weakness though 
    is his own stage.  He often has trouble getting back onto the level and likes to get hit by 
    the cars.  Smash him as much as you can and try to take advantage of the items that fall.  
    When you get to Fox, see if you can hit him with a few forward smash moves right away.  
    He'll probably walk right at you as soon as the level begins.  These computers aren't a 
    pushover, but with practice you should be able to take them out.  You're going to need 
    the practice for the later events...
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Two Ice Climbers 
    Here you have to KO both Nanas (the pink ones). If you KO either of the blue ones, you 
    lose.  It's very hard not to hit both of them at once, but don't worry about it. Just smash 
    away.  If you manage to only hit the pink one, great. Once you get her separated from her 
    partner, move in quickly to take her out if you can.  If you happen to knock them both off 
    to the edge if the screen, which you might, just wait for them to jump back on. When they 
    do, either the pink one won't make it, or she'll end up separated from the blue one 
    allowing you an opportunity to KO her.  Repeat this twice and that's it.  Basically don't 
    worry about hitting them both. Chances are that if you do, you'll get the chance to hit the 
    pink one off sooner or later anyway. And if you mess it up, just pause and Z reset.
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER : 128 Tiny Marios (1 life each)
    You can use any strategy you like, but if you want an almost guaranteed win, use Donkey 
    Kong's pound the ground (DOWN and B).  Just stop doing it if a bomb appears. Should 
    be very simple.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Fox and Falco (2 lives each)
    This is a tough battle, no doubt about it.  You opponents are invisible, but you can be 
    certain that they're going to either be following you or on top of you.  Make sure you get 
    up using the B button to knock them away.  A downward smash move is a good thing to 
    use often here since it'll usually hit guys on both sides of you.  Just keep smashing them 
    and getting good items if they appear.  I'd say to use Captain Falcon or Donkey Kong for 
    their effective B button moves, but then again I almost always say that!
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: 29 Yoshis, 1 Giant Yoshi (1 life each(
    It's not hard to KO these guys, but it can be difficult to do it within two minutes.  Donkey 
    Kong's pound the ground works, except usually the Yoshi's will hide and you have to go 
    after them. So I don't really recommend using that here. What you really need is well 
    timed air smash moves. Use this stage to hone your aerial skills. Make sure you never 
    hang out towards the middle here. Those blocks might suddenly start turning and land 
    you in the pit. One time I did an UP smash move and they started moving. Kind of weird.
    YOU: Giant Bowser (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Giant Donkey Kong (2 lives), Tiny Mario, Tiny Peach (1 life each)
    Now you see how hard it is to be giant! The funny thing about this stage is that DK 
    usually KOs himself by falling in the pit somehow. It's just so hard to stay on when 
    you're that big. I would recommend staying on the left side of the screen. Try to hit DK 
    with a lot of quick moves, or the B button fire move and get him to just fall in the pit. 
    Jumping and doing DOWN and B works alright also, but it's pretty tough to send him 
    flying anywhere. You'll probably win on the computer's own stupidity. The tiny Mario 
    and Peach usually die within a few seconds, I think they're just there to be funny. 
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: 3 Random Characters (2 lives each)
    Another tough one. There's no magnificent strategy to use here unfortunately. You have 
    a few things to your advantage, though. The computer will hurt itself here because they 
    can hurt each other, and some of the items that appear are really helpful. Lots of warp 
    stars like to come, and maybe a few pokeballs. One of the computers also likes to sit at 
    the left end pretty much doing nothing unless you come near. If you can KO him with the 
    others, great. If not, it's ok to leave him for last since less guys fighting you at once is 
    easier. Keep using smash moves if you can, get up using the B button, and use R and 
    BACK to flip away when you're in trouble. Once you get down to the last guy, you can 
    get him in a smash loop where you knock him off, he jumps back on and you 
    immediately smash him off again. I liked using Dr. Mario here; for some reason I did 
    much better with his smash moves than anyone else's. 
    YOU: Samus (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Three Metal Samuses (2 lives each)
    This is kind of intimidating since you have three guys against you and they all have 
    double your lives. If you just fight them head on, though, you shouldn't do too badly. 
    They don't usually hit you with very damaging moves. Just keep doing your downward 
    smash move when they're around you and forward whenever you get a chance. 
    Sometimes they even fall in the pit on their own because they get confused by the stage's 
    movemnet. That's Kraid in the background, and he looks menacing but all he really does 
    is turn the stage when hits it. As always, make sure you take advantage of the items that 
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: 14 Kirbys (1 life each)
    This is the stage where I first discovered the DK pound the ground trick! While it's well 
    known now, when I first played this stage I had no idea it was so cheap! This shouldn't 
    be too hard no matter who you use, but with DK it's even easier. My record is 16.7 
    YOU: Link (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Zelda (1 life), Gannondorf (2 lives)
    Here's where you can get Gannon as a playable character! You and Zelda are on the same 
    team here, and you will need to use that to your advantage to really have a good chance. 
    You don't have to go overboard on the smash moves at first. Just jab at him from one 
    side while Zelda does the same on the other. Once you get him pretty hurt, then start 
    smashing him or luring him towards a side of the stage to hit him off. Repeat this twice. 
    Remember, the key to winning is teamwork. Gannon is kind of tough but he just gets 
    beaten down by both of you at once. Make sure you do not ever get hit by his powerful B 
    button punch move. He screams and looks like he's charging up when he's going to do it. 
    Stay away!
    Once you complete the level, Gannon challenges you. Using your UP and B move when 
    he gets near it pretty effective, or just use a lot of smash moves. 
    You can get to this stage without completing some of the harder events, but this might be 
    too hard for you if you don't have the practice those events give you.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, Ice Climbers (1 life each)
    Another All-Star match, and this one only pits you against 4 computers. The first two 
    battles aren't too tough at all, but Ness is a real pain compared! Seems like he's set to be 
    really hard. If you can KO him in direct combat, that's great. But if not, you might want 
    to jump around until you can get some good items to apear. Don't take too long because 
    of the time limit, though. If he does KO you, use the invincibility you have while you're 
    flashing to get a few good hits on him. If you are still having trouble, try luring him to the 
    edge and hoping you can land a strong smash on him. It's easy to knock people off the 
    side here. The Ice Climbers seem to be a little easier than Ness, but you might be pretty 
    beat up by the time you get here. It's also really easy to hit people off the side here, so 
    just keep trying to smash them. Sometimes they may even act stupid and KO themselves 
    off the bottom or top of the screen.
    YOU: Choose
    COMPUTER: Mario, Luigi
    This is a timed battle. Whoever has the most points when the time runs out wins.
    The funny thing about the AI here is that you can make these guys jump right in 
    the pit. If you intentionally fall in the pit, and jump out at the last second, 
    sometimes they just hop right in and die. Try this out of you're having trouble. 
    For people having trouble here: I believe now that this event requires you to
    score more POINTS than the computer, not more KOs. So you need to try for a high
    score. That means going for bonuses like being very accurate, not getting hit, 
    etc. You can look up how many points each bonus gives and try to figure out which
    ones you think are the easiest to get.
    YOU: Falco (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Jigglypuff
    You have to KO Jigglypuff more than the Arwings do. Sometimes it's kind of cheap if 
    you knock him into the air really far and it says an Arwing hit him. Don't knock him up if 
    you can possibly avoid it! Try to smash him off the left side repeatedly if you can get him 
    over there. He's not hard to KO, it's just that sometimes things won't go your way and 
    you'll have to start over. Don't sweat it. You'll win if you keep trying.
    YOU: Captain Falcon (1 life)
    COMPUTER: None
    This is like the Adventure Mode stage except you'll move really fast. As soon as you 
    start, run! Count the platforms and jump up onto the fourth one you see to avoid the cars. 
    Keep going and make sure you're ready to jump when the pit comes. The next place you 
    should stop is on the platform over the second pit. The cars will go over your head. Keep 
    going to the finish.
    YOU: Young Link (3 lives)
    COMPUTER: Link (3 lives)
    This one have me a lot of problems back when I first did it. You have to really learn how 
    to handle combat well before you can win this one. Young Link here seems to have a 
    disadvantage cause his sword is shorter. But there are a few moves you can do that will 
    work pretty well. The best one is the downward thrust move. Jump in the air and do a 
    smash move down on Link's head. When he's hurt a lot, it'll send him flying off the 
    stage. Do not ever fight the on the floating things. The computer will usually flip around 
    you and then smash you off the stage real easy because it can bounce you off the bottom 
    of the main platform.  Sometimes you can get the computer in a pattern where you smash 
    it off the edge of the main platform, and when it jumps back up you smash it again, etc. 
    Also, every once in a while it will just accidentally fall below one of the floating 
    platforms and die. I'm not sure why it messes up like this, but if it happens it's great. This 
    goes for any stage: if you can get your hands on an umbrella or beam sword, you'll really 
    have an advantage.
    YOU: Luigi (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Dr. Mario, Peach (1 life each)
    The computer here is pretty hard to beat directly. Obviously, if you can win this through 
    direct fighting, then go for it! If not, then I found a trick that can allow you to KO Dr. 
    Mario without  attacking or taking much damage. Hang out in the pit. If you start the 
    battle and just jump in the pit (I think it works on either end but I got it to work twice in 
    the right pit last time I played). Jump out at the last second and just keep jumping in the 
    pit and jumping at the last second. Quite often, Dr. Mario will follow you in and 
    sometimes he ends up falling all the way down. If you mess up and end up about to fall in 
    yourself, just pause and reset the match. Once Mario's KOed himself, taking on Peach is 
    much easier than it was before. However, she's still going to be tough, so don't get too 
    excited. Try to hit her if you can, of course, but your real advantage will be if you can get 
    some good items to use on her. Once you get a few good hits on her, she's pretty easy to 
    hit off the stage, so just keep at it and you'll get her eventually.
    YOU: Ness (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Samus, Kirby, Fox, Captain Falcon, Falco (1 life each)
    This is actually the last event I cleared. I think it's one of the hardest ones! Ness is not an 
    easy character to use if you don't practice with him much, and you only get one life to 
    KO all five opponents. Samus and Kirby are very easy and can be taken out in a snap. 
    Sometimes Fox is easy also, but Captain Falcon and Falco are just really hard! You have 
    to get real good at KOing the first three so that you can get practice on fighting the last 
    two.  I like to jump over to the right side as soon as the battle starts, put my back against 
    the wall, and bat (Forward smash) Samus and Kirby away until they fall off.  The other 
    smash moves that Ness has aren't very good at hitting people off, so stick to the bat. The 
    computer will probably keep coming back for more over and over, which should give you 
    a lot of practice smashing. Charge the smash move to make it go faster. If you stand 
    where I do, Fox will appear right in front of you as soon as Kirby is KOed. If you can, 
    Anticipate this and charge up a smash as Kirby is going off to smack Fox when he 
    appears.  The same strategy often works on Fox that works on the first two, but 
    sometimes he's a little harder to KO and will beat you up.  Just keep recovering and 
    getting into a position where you can keep batting him away.  Ness's down and A move 
    can hit him over and over to take his life down fast. Also, if you're lucky, he'll fall in a 
    pit for no reason.
    Now for Captain Falcon. The key to this is not to get too scared of him.  Sure, you might 
    want to run away from him, and go ahead. But you can often just smash him when he's 
    running at you. Try using the down and A kick as well. It's really effective! PK Fire is ok 
    to use sometimes as well. (Forward and B) If it hits it'll stun your opponent and you can 
    get a free smash afterwards. If you get a screw attack, you're in luck. The screw attack, 
    when used well, can hit Captain Falcon (or Falco if you get to him) almost as much as 
    you want without him ever hitting you. Just keep jumping back and forth into him. With 
    practice, you should be able to take out the Captain eventually. Falco is really hard to 
    KO, though, since you'll probably be pretty hurt when he comes. If you can get a beam 
    sword or some other good item, it'll be a lot easier. Otherwise, just do your best and use 
    the same strategy you've been using. It's all about how well you can fight. Good luck!
    YOU:  Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Four Giant Wire Frames and a Jigglypuff (2 lives each)
    To win this stage all you have to do is summon all the Poke balls that appear. Jigglypuff 
    will try to beat you to them, so choose a character who you can move quickly to beat him. 
    Most of the time the Pokemon who are summoned are extremely powerful.  You are 
    allowed to knock the computer off the stage yourself, but it's easier to mostly rely on the 
    Pokemon. Winning this battle will cause Pichu to challenge you if you don't already have 
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Mario, Luigi, Peach (2 lives each)
    Just like on the some of the other stages with Mario and Co., you can make the computer 
    jump in the pit by hanging out in it yourself. Jump in the pit, and jump out again at the 
    last second. I was able to completely KO Peach and Luigi in about 20 seconds one time 
    with this strategy. If you feel too cheap doing this, you're just going to have to be really 
    good at brawling. Now's your chance to laugh at the computer, though, so I say take 
    advantage of it! It's going to have its way with you plenty of times in later events...
    YOU: Jigglypuff (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Three Jigglypuffs (2 lives each)
    This is a really annoying level. Do not play keep-away with them in an effort to wait for 
    good items! I tried this technique and it didn't work too well. Jigglypuff gets knocked off 
    too easily is not too quick. You often won't be able to get items first if you're busy flying 
    away from the computer, and a lot of the items appear in capsule form so you'll need to 
    fight for the items anyway. Instead, use smash moves and the FORWARD B move to 
    beat them up while looking for some good items. If you manage to get a beam sword, 
    umbrella, or a good Pokemon out of a ball, you'll have a big advantage. Make sure you 
    get up using the B button if they're surrounding you.
    A lot of people told me that you can easily win this one by throwing the 
    Jigglypuffs off the screen. I don't actually like doing this, but it could work
    pretty well if done right. Try it this way if my guide didn't help you.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, MewTwo, Mr. Game and Watch (1 life each)
    The first battle with Marth is not too hard except you have to make sure you lure him to 
    one side of the level so you can knock him off quicker. There is a time limit here. Luigi 
    might give you problems, but sometimes he jumps in the pit for some reason. The 
    computer just loves to do that on this stage. Don't count on him doing this, though. 
    Instead, try to beat him up a little and the lure him to an edge. It's pretty easy to hit 
    someone off the edge of the stage here. Hopefully it'll be you doing it to him. On to 
    Jigglypuff... I played versus him two times and both times he never moved off the 
    original platform. So he just got KOed in the pit. If he happens to actually go after you, it 
    shouldn't be too tough cause he gets knocked out easily. MewTwo was also pretty easy 
    for me. I was able to continually forward smash him. Every time he approached, BAM! 
    Mr. Game and Watch has another stage where it's easy to knock guys off of. I like to run 
    at him and attack, then smash him away, and then run at him again and smahs him again, 
    etc. Eventually you'll smash him so far that he'll either get KOed or you can just jump 
    kick him off and end it.
    YOU: Marth (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Link (2 lives)
    I didn't find this battle to be nearly as hard at the previous matches against Link (SEVEN 
    YEARS and LINK'S ADVENTURE) but it's still not a cakewalk. You can often hit Link 
    a lot of unanswered times with Marth's FORWARD B move, but this is kind of weak so 
    don't rely on it exclusively. Link's main weakness is that he will roll right into your 
    smash moves. I would do a forward smash, keep it charged for a second until he'd jump 
    or roll right into it. So if you knock him away for a second, start charging your move and 
    hope he does the same thing for you. Overall, this battle isn't too bad compared to some 
    of the fights you've had to endure so far, at least it wasn't for me.
    YOU: Luigi (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Giant Bowser (2 lives)
    It's hard to actually KO Bowser here by hitting him, since he's big, but it's easy to make 
    him fall in the pit! When the battle first starts, get Bowser to come down on the arm with 
    you (he'll come to you) and just keep using weak A button moves. If you're high enough 
    on the arm, you'll get him to fall in the pit. Sometimes you can also get Bowser to just 
    stand there until he's in the pit as well.  I beat this level two times and both times it was 
    because Bowser just fell into the pit like that. If you can't seem to get him to do either of 
    these things, just try to survive long enough until the stage is too complicated for him. 
    He'll fall off sooner or later. Don't be afraid to continually reset the match if it starts off 
    badly for you.
    YOU: Fox (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Captain Falcon and Falco (2 lives each)
    As soon as the match begins, jump down onto the lower cars. There are cars below the 
    big one you start on. Falco will follow first. Use your DOWN and B move and it will 
    send him flying away from you, often KOing him. Do the same thing to Captain Falcon. 
    Keep using the down and B move and eventually you'll knock them off enough to KO 
    them both for good. You could try to beat them up to get the same effect, but the DOWN 
    and B move is designed to send all opponents away from you, so you're better off 
    sticking with that.
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Zelda and Mewtwo (1 life each)
    Do not KO Zelda, you lose the match if she is KOed. After 15 seconds, MewTwo will 
    show up, and he's the one you want! This is pretty hard. I have won this one two times 
    trying to develop a solid strategy, but both times I won it was cause MewTwo jumped in 
    the pit. I would get knocked really far, and while I was jumping back on MewTwo just 
    walked off the edge like a moron. The thing that was working best for me was just letting 
    him have it as much as I could. I didn't worry about hitting Zelda cause it's just too hard 
    to avoid her. I got MewTwo to almost 100% when he decided it was time to commit 
    suicide, so that was high enough where I could have smashed him off the edge. To get 
    him that high, I used Captain Falcon's B button moves, mostly DOWN and B and 
    FORWARD SMASH B. That punch he does on a forward smash is a great move against 
    anyone. There's no reason you can't use another character and do well here though. Just 
    as long as you can fight well!
    "Stan" told me that if you use Kirby and fly above where MewTwo appears you can 
    down and B onto his head. Then you can keep doing this over and over if you keep 
    flying up and dropping on him. Seems like a very good idea to me! :)
    YOU: Mr. Game and Watch (3 lives)
    COMPUTER: 25 Mr. Game and Watches (1 life each)
    To win this battle, you have to be really good at doing smash moves. See my smashing 
    section at the beginning of the FAQ to learn the timing on them. Get into good positions 
    and smash away. The forard smash move usually works best, but sometimes using the 
    downward one is good if they're surrounding you. If you are good at performing 
    smashes, this level should be pretty easy.
    YOU: Choose (3 lives)
    COMPUTER: Marth and Roy (3 lives each)
    It's not really that hard to hit Marth and Roy with smash moves, but chances are you're 
    going to take some heavy damage as well. If you get too high, use the trick where you sit 
    in the cave in the middle of the stage and fight them there. It's just so hard to get KOed in 
    there. This way, you can keep the battle pretty close because sometimes they'll have to 
    get you to over 300% before they can KO you! In that time, you can have them well over 
    100 as well, and ready to be KOed. In fact, you may even manage to KO them first! Even 
    better! Best case scenario would be to beat them up and then lure them to the edge where 
    you smash them off, so do that if you can. Even if you use the trick where you sit in the 
    cave, the only way to easily knock them off is to get them towards an edge anyway. So 
    even if you've taken ultra heavy damage, you might want to just come out and see if you 
    can hit them off and go hide in the cave again to fight them when they respawn.
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Three Random Characters (2 lives each)
    This battle takes place on Majora's Mask, which is a good thing because it allows you to 
    do something which most other stages wouldn't. For my strategy, you'll want to use a 
    character with strong B button moves. Captain Falcon or Gannondorf are recommended, 
    and I'll write this as if you're using one of them. Jump into the space between the top two 
    spikes on the mask. Perform your DOWN and B technique over and over. They will beat 
    you up pretty bad, but you can almost do as much damage to them as they do to you this 
    way. Just keep on doing it. Use B to get up to knock them around some more. Pay 
    attention because eventually you'll get hit too far to get right back in. If the battle ends up 
    over on the edge of the mask with you having to jump back on, Captain Falcon and 
    Gannon have the fantastic ability that makes them grab people when they perform their 
    UP and B move. So in the act of trying to get back on the stage, you can can sometimes 
    get the computer in a little bit of a loop! This is a little harder to keep doing, though, so it 
    might be better if you try to get back in the center and start doing what you did at first. 
    Just keep on going with this technique and eventually you should completely KO 
    someone and have the others pretty hurt. Once it's calmed down a bit, you could start 
    trying to fight them like normal. In fact, you could fight the entire battle like normal if 
    you wanted, but my strategy is just designed to work pretty well almost all the time. 
    Don't be afraid to reset the level or restart it completely to try and get characters who get 
    knocked off easier. If you're having trouble, try to restart it until you get Pichu and 
    Jigglypuff or other easy to KO opponents. 
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Pikachu (Undefeatable), Two Pichus (1 life each)
    Turn off your sound to do this level if you're the type who gets mad. If you're like me, 
    you'll be wanting to go get a Pikachu doll so you can destroy it after playing this one a 
    while. It's just so annoying to hear "PIKA PIKA!" shouted really happily after being 
    defeated here. This is not a level for kids! It's tough!
    Anyways, you have to KO the Pichus to win. I am pretty sure that they are set not to get 
    thrown off easy, cause I've smashed them when they were over 120% before and they 
    wouldn't go off the edge! Really frustrating. There's really not a whole lot you can do 
    here to make it easier. Hope you get some good items, and go for the Pichus only! If you 
    get KOed, use the invincibility period to get a free smash on them. Captain Falcon's 
    smash FORWARD and B punch move can sometimes hit them all a lot without taking 
    damage, but it's not going to KO them, so it's only useful to hurt them a little. Make sure 
    to smash a direction and R  if you're getting beat up to much to flip away. Basically, to 
    win this battle you'll have to combine solid fighting skill and good item usage. Good 
    There is another way to do this level, that was sent in by Galaway Nosora:
    "If you use DK's forward throw, he carries the flailing opponent around 
    his back, correct? In this, my friends and I have developed a DK 
    Jump", where he grabs the opponent and simply jumps off the edge of the 
    stage, carrying them to their doom. USE THAT! Since the N64 Dream Land 
    is quite small, it shouldn't be a problem. In fact, if you throw the 
    before you've gone down too far, you might actually be able to recover 
    the fall. Since you have two lives, I suggest doing it to both of them, 
    ditching the Pichus on your way down and having them die JUST BEFORE 
    YOU DO. 
    Risky, but it works. ^^"
    YOU: Choose (2 lives)
    COMPUTER: Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Young Link, Roy, and Gannondorf (1 life each)
    NEW TRICK: A lot of people told me about this and it was on the messageboards 
    a few times. If you are having problems here you can try to use DK's forward throw
    move to pick up your opponents and jump in the pit with them. You can also suck
    them in with Kirby. And the jump in the pit. If you do it right you can win the
    fight without losing a life. But be warned, it is not easy to do to all of them.
    See what works for you, it could be a big help though.
    Ok now for my standard guide....
    This is the hardest All-Star match, and one of the hardest events. You'll have to fight well 
    to win this one, there's no getting around it. I've tried it with a number of characters and I 
    prefer Roy over anyone else here. His quick B button moves and long range forward 
    smash make him ideal. My advice is to get the computer into a good position where you 
    can smash them over and over again. The same AI problem happens here where the 
    computer will often just walk right into it! I once hit Roy with a fully powered smash! In 
    the fight against Pichu, he'll jump right on you as soon as it starts giving you a great 
    opportunity to smash him! Sometimes you can get him three or more times before he 
    learns his lesson! Besides all that, I have no other advice other than to fight your best and 
    not to waste time! Don't forget the time limit!
    LEVEL 50:
    YOU: Choose (1 life)
    COMPUTER: Two Master hands with 300 HP each!
    Now this is a really tough level to complete! Yes, you have to destroy both hands to win. 
    No matter who you use, the strategy is going to be similar, but once again I say use Captain 
    Falcon or Gannon. Their UP and A smash move can hit the hands without jumping, 
    and he'll quickly hit them twice with it. No one else has a better move to hit 
    the hands with. Staying on the ground while you hit them is VERY important! 
    Gannon is the same only more powerful and slower, so make your decision 
    accordingly. Some people say Yoshi is good to use because of his DOWN and A 
    move. I don't like it as much since you have to jump to do it, but it could work 
    Go for the left hand first.  The left hand is easier to defeat because it will sometimes mess 
    up and sit there doing nothing. It's not a bug, it's just something that happens to it to give 
    you a break. Every so often you get lucky and can take off loads of HP from it before it 
    ever does anything again.  It's not all that common, but once is all you need! Even when 
    this happens, do your best to avoid the other hand's attacks by jumping over them at the 
    proper time.
    Most of the attacks thrown at you are avoided by well timed jumps, but some of them 
    require a little more. Here I will explain what to expect and what to do for certain attacks:
    GRAB: Sometimes a hand will try to grab you. It will float around with an open palm and 
    then grab you after maybe a second. When you see it coming, your best bet to get away is 
    to do a forward B move in the air or on the ground, if you're using Captain Falcon. 
    Merely jumping usually is not enough.  If you aren't using Captain Falcon, then do 
    whatever move will get you forward quickly, maybe just running on the ground. If you 
    get caught, twirl the control stick and push the A button as fast as you can. You will get 
    out quicker that way. 
    LASER: When the hand you're attacking is shooting lasers, make sure to get under it and 
    jump and beat on it.  It's even worth it to get hit a few times if you can tack on a bunch of 
    hits, especially if both hands are still alive. The sooner you can take out one hand, the 
    BOMBS: When the left hand goes and drops bombs in the center of the stage, it's best to 
    avoid him until the very end of his move when you can try to get in one quick shot at him 
    if you want.  It's just too hard to not get hit when the bombs are being dropped.
    DOUBLE PUNCH: Sometimes you get put to sleep and the hands try to punch you 
    together while you're vulnerable.  Try to twirl the control stick and mash buttons to see if 
    you can wake up and jump away.  If not, then you could be done for. It's better to take 
    the hit right in the middle if you have to cause then you don't seem to get smashed off the 
    BULLET: When the right hand goes to shoot a bullet at you, ducking will avoid it.  If you 
    need to avoid another attack while the bullet is being aimed, jump up but make sure you 
    are FALLING when the hand is ready to shoot.  If not, you'll probably be hit.  Most if not 
    all of the characters fall too fast to be hit.
    LAUNCHING HAND: When a hand launches itself into the air like a rocket, you have to 
    jump (or run, but jumping is usually best) to avoid it when it comes flying back at you, 
    but then you have to also try to avoid it when it comes back onto the stage immediately 
    after. A really high jump will leave you damageless, but a lot of the time I found myself 
    unable to avoid taking some damage from this move. Just be aware of it so you can try to 
    get out of the way.  You can duck under it if you get down quickly enough.
    CRAZY LEFT HAND: Sometimes the left hand falls to the ground and starts having 
    spasms. This is very damaging and I usually just reset the match when I got stuck in it. 
    Just stay out of the way when it does this. As soon as you see it fall down, move away!
    Every chance you get, UP and A smash the hand you are attacking. The battle may 
    sometimes be impossible depending on which combinations of moves are thrown at you, 
    but every so often you'll get lucky and be able to take off tons of life from the left guy 
    without taking much damage. When you get a lucky break, be sure you don't squander it.  
    Just because you got the hand down below 100 HP doesn't mean the next 100 will come 
    just as easy. You need to be patient once the strong attacks start coming again. And 
    unless you're the luckiest guy ever, they will come! I was ready to kick myself when I 
    got careless a few times.
    Once you manage to defeat the left hand, the battle gets much much easier. The right 
    hand cannot be killed quickly, though, since it won't get paralyzed.  Only hit it about two 
    or three times before you prepare to avoid another attack. If you attack too much, 
    sometimes he'll do a quick sweep and this late into the fight that's the end of you.  So 
    attack two or three times, prepare to jump away, and repeat.
    LEVEL 51:
    YOU: Choose (3 lives)
    COMPUTER: Giga Bowser, Gannondorf, MewTwo (3 lives each)
    I am going to outline TWO strategies to win this event with. The first uses
    Jigglypuff, the second uses Princess Peach. These are the two easiest
    strategies to pull off for the average gamer, from my experience.
    I don't know WHO to give credit for this because I recieved at least ten emails,
    maybe more, keying me in to THE move. Therefore, I'll list everyone who sent me 
    the information before this update. A few other ideas were sent to me but this 
    is the only one that worked well so I'm only crediting people here who gave me 
    this particular strategy.
    Use Jigglypuff. Yes, Jigglypuff! Jiggly has a move that is really cheap which
    can KO any of these guys in 1-3 hits depending on how close they are to the 
    edge. DOWN and B, AKA Rest. Rest will easily take out Bowser since he's so big, 
    and with some luck will KO the others enough to give you a fighting chance. You 
    have to be right inside of an opponent for it to work, and sometimes even then 
    it won't work, but when it does, it wreaks havoc! Bowser is easiest to defeat 
    this way, as I've said, but you may not want to just go for him. When Bowser is 
    alive, he'll be able to hit you so often that you'll be able to perform Rest 
    over and over. Remember, you don't wake up until you're hit or a long time 
    passes. So one technique is to try and get a good start by focusing on KOing 
    Gannon and MewTwo. Try doing this at the edge of the stage because it'll KO them 
    faster and sometimes Gannon or MewTwo will jump off the edge accidentally as 
    No matter what you do, you're going to end up killing Bowser first this way, 
    barring some freak accident. I tried a lot of different things after Bowser was 
    gone and the most effective one was to continue using Rest until you narrow it 
    down to one opponent. You can just try to jump into the guys and use it, or 
    there are two moves that might work as well. Forward and B into them and then 
    use Rest, or down and A (spin) and then Rest. If they're closely surrounding you 
    and beating you up, just use Rest right away and hope it works.
    Once you narrow it down to one guy, I suggest beating them in hand to hand 
    combat. Dashing at an opponent and hitting A often works, and the you can follow 
    that up with a quick smash. Often times you can get a fast jump kick in without 
    being hit. You can also try flying around and avoiding the enemy until a good 
    item appears. If you stay calm, though, it's quite possible to beat one of these 
    guys one on one. Be patient, smash at just the right time, and you can do it. 
    The smash move is the only way besides an item or Rest to send them off the 
    edge, so don't expect running at them to knock them off. 
    "Sanagi" clued me in to this one, and it really is easy to do. What you do is go
    to one edge of the level, wait for them to follow you, and double jump up, 
    whatever it takes, and float over to the other side of the map. You can run away 
    like this without taking damage if you practice it a lot. Just remember that if 
    you hold jump Princess floats, and make sure to use the UP B jump as well (of 
    course). Now that you can stay alive, you can deafeat the trio by waiting for a 
    good chance to grab some items! Items appear along the edges of the map, so if 
    you always have the trio lured to one edge then another edge, eventually you'll 
    be open to grab a really good item! I really think this is a great strategy, I 
    can pick up the game and almost effortlessly pull this off and come close to 
    winning.  Maybe it'll work as well for you guys too! Hope this helps. Thanks 
    Sanagi and whoever else may have realized this.
    THANKS TO: Dave Warmington, AllStr11z, GiantDookie, Matt Richardson, Caohung Le,
    Livemember, Zero SA, MaxFusionX, Jason, Anthony, Michael Kelehan, Sonic 
    SENT IN BY CHRIS MANN: He says that if you can KO Bowser with Falco and then go 
    to one edge and use the laser, it'll easily hit them over and over again so you 
    can smash them off. I did not try this, but it sounds decent.
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 by Bryan Backas. You may not alter it or take credit for it. 
    You may not distribute it offline without my permission.You may post it online wherever 
    you want as long as it has all the information, including this section. I'd appreciate it if 
    you told me first so that I know who has it posted. The newest copy of this FAQ can 
    always be found on GameFAQS (www.gamefaqs.com).

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