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    Zelda/Sheik by Atom Edge

    Version: 0.11 | Updated: 12/22/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                       ########### ####### ##      #####       # 
                                       ###      ## ##  ### ##      ##  ##     ###
                    /\                 #      ###  ##    # ##      ##   ##   ## ##
                   /  \                      ##    ##  #   ##      ##    ##  ## ##
                  /    \                   ###     #####   ##      ##    ##  ## ##
                 /      \                 ##       ##  #   ##      ##    ##  #####
                /        \              ###      # ##    # ##    # ##   ##  ##   ##
               /          \            ##      ### ##  ### ##   ## ##  ##   ##   ##
              /            \           ########### ####### ####### #####    ##   ##
            /\             / \              ####   ##   ##    ######  ##   ##   ###
           /  \           /   \           ##  #   ##    ##   ##      ###  ##   ###
          /    \         /     \         ###     ##     ##  ##       ###  ##  ##
         /      \       /       \         ###    ##     ##  #######  ##   #####
        /        \     /         \          ##   ######### ###       ##   ####
       /          \   /           \          ##  ##     ## ##        ##   ## ##
      /____________\_/_____________\           # ##     ## ##        ##   ##  ###
                                       ###    #  ##    ##   ##   ##  ##   ##   ###
                                        ######   #    ##      ####   #    ##     ##
                                SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE
                            ZELDA AND SHEIK CHARACTER GUIDE
                   for the Nintendo Gamecube - North American Edition       
                       Last Updated on the 22th of December, 2001
                                      Version 0.11
                     Written and compiled by Jeff Chan [Atom Edge]
           Copyright 2001 Atom Edge   All rights reserved
           The game Super SMASH Bros. Melee, all characters and associated 
           materials are copyright Nintendo and Hal Laboratory, Inc.  No 
           breach of copyright intended.  This guide and its author make no 
           claims to the above stated articles.  All trademarks and 
           copyrights not acknowledged in this document are respected.
           This document is to appear on GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/>
           only.  For a more detailed legal disclaimer, refer to Section 7.4 
           "Legal Information" at the bottom of this document.
    ~-~  I would like to apologize to all those who sent me strategies and      ~-~
    ~-~  other contributions to the guide, I don't have yourname or email to    ~-~
    ~-~  credit you, nor do I have the actual tip to add to the guide.  By      ~-~
    ~-~  matter of course, I had my computer system cleaned and thus            ~-~
    ~-~  everything was effectively erased.  If you could, I would be most      ~-~
    ~-~  appreciative if you re-sent in your information so that I can add in   ~-~
    ~-~  your strategies tips.  Sorry for the inconvinience.                    ~-~
                           T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S   
     Section 1  -  INTRODUCTION
              1.1  Intro to the Game
              1.2  About this Guide
              1.3  How to Play
              1.4  The Pros and Cons of Zelda/Sheik
     Section 2  -  MOVELIST
              2.1  Zelda
              2.2  Sheik          
              3.1  Finishing an Enemy
              3.2  Recovering
              3.3  Fighting One-on-One
              3.4  Facing Multiple Enemies at Once
              3.5  Team Play
     Section 4  -  CLOSING
              4.1  Contact Info
              4.2  Version History
              4.3  Credits and Special Thanks
              4.4  Legal Information
              4.5  Final Words
     111  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
      11  --------------------------[   INTRODUCTION   ]---------------------------
      11  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     1.1   Intro to the Game
    Super SMASH Bros. for the Nintendo 64 was perhaps, the greatest multiplayer
    game of all time.  The insanely addictive battle system was unique and designed
    flawlessly.  Nintendo's biggest and greatest came together to redefine the 
    phrase, "All-star cast."
    Now, they've done it again.  With the long awaited sequel to the greatest game
    on the Nintendo 64, SMASH Bros. makes its way to become the greatest game on 
    the Nintendo Gamecube.  This alone is the reason I shelled out $200 for the 
     1.2   About the Guide
    Obviously, this guide focuses around the character of Zelda and Sheik.  For 
    those who don't know, Zelda and Sheik are the same person.  Zelda is Hyrule
    Kingdom's Princess.  Through the schemes of Ganondorf, she always finds herself
    being rescued in one form or fashion by Link.  Princess Zelda used the identity
    of Sheik to guide Link in saving the Hyrule Kingdom from Ganondorf.
    In this game Zelda and Sheik can transform in the middle of battle, effectively
    switching out one character for another.  The good thing about this is that 
    the two characters play completely differently, in almost all aspects.  This
    makes Zelda/Sheik easily the most versatile character in the game.
    Now, this guide is aimed to give you insight into all aspects of mastering this
    character.  Please note, it is meant solely for the purpose of Versus Mode, not
    Single Player Mode.
    Perhaps it will help you become a better Zelda/Sheik player, maybe
    it'll introduce you to the character.  Whatever the reason, enjoy the guide...
     1.3   How to Play
    Super SMASH Bros. Melee uses a very uniquely developed system found only in the 
    original game, as its gameplay engine.  Several combatants enter one of several
    interactive stages, and battle it out.  Unlike most fighting games, SSBM does
    not use damage as a direct determination of the match's victor.  Instead it
    utilizes a point system.  Damage only aids in knocking an opponent further when
    struck.  When an opponent is knocked "out of bounds" they lose a point, and 
    whomever struck the opponent gets a point.  At the end of the match, whoever
    has the most points in considered the victor.
    Not only are the stages fully interactive and play a large role in the game,
    items of different variety and uses also appear from time to time adding to the
    insane fray.
    Each character has an entire arsenal of standard attacks as well as four unique
    special moves.  On top of those, you have throws at your disposal.  Movement is
    largerly influencial in the game, and you can do just about anything which 
    includes waling, running, blocking, rolling, jumping and mid-air jumping.
    I'll get more in-depth on the specific attacks for each character in the next
    section, but for now this meager control description will serve to understand
    what each button serves:
     Control Stick - This is what you control your character with.  Tilting it
                     forward causes your character to move forward, while tilting 
                     back moves them backwards.  Tilting down causes your character
                     to duck, and up causes your character to jump.  The degree of
                     how far you tilt it determines how far and how fast you go 
                     with each movement.
     Control Pad - This causes your character to taunt.  Showing off is always a 
                   good way of annoying an opponent.
     L and R - Pressing either of these allows your character to block.  When you
               block, an orb engulfs your character rendering them impervious to
               most minor attacks for a short period of time.  However, with each
               second that goes by, or each hit that is sustained, the orb 
               gradually gets smaller.  Should it completely disappear before you
               release block, you become stunned and very open to a free and clean
               hit.  Also, pressing either of these two buttons and the A button
               makes your character attempt a grab.  If you hold either L or R and
               press left or right, your character will hop/roll in that specific
               direction.  When you fall from the air and hit the ground, you can
               instantly get back up by hitting L or R on impact.  In the air it
               acts the same way as the A button.
     Start - In the match, it serves to pause the game.  In the character select
             screen, after everyone's selected their character, it will take you
             to the stage selection screen.  After battle, it will end the results
             screen and take you back to the character select screen.
     Z - Attempts to grab an opponent for a throw.
     Y and X - Jump
     A - This is the main attack button.  It causes a variety of attacks depending 
         on which direction the control stick is pressed.  This also serves to 
         pick up and use items.
     B - This is the special move button.  Each character has four different 
         special moves.
     C Stick - Pressing it a specific direction will produce the SMASH move for 
               that particular direction.  Basically moving this stick forward 
               would produce the same effects of Tapping the Control Stick forward
               and {A}.
     1.4   The Pros and Cons of Zelda/Sheik
                                   Z   E   L   D   A
         ADVANTAGES                              DISADVANTAGES
           - Powerful attacks                      - Lag time on attacks
           - Can handle multi                      - Slow character
             opponents at once                     - Attacks leave her open
           - Great keep away character
                                   S   H   E   I   K
         ADVANTAGES                              DISADVANTAGES
           - Fast character                        - Terrible at fighting more than
           - Impressive juggling ability             one opponent at a time
           - Great one-on-one fighter              - Attacks are generally weak
           - High jumping                          - Very little ledge recovery
           - Fast recovery time                      cover
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    As you can see, each character is better suited for different situations.  
    Zelda is a slower, more powerful character who can pile on damage fast.  She 
    can knock an opponent out-of-bounds rather easily, and thus is more suited to
    fight several opponents at once than Sheik is.
    The problem with Zelda is that she is slow.  Her character is uite slow to 
    begin with and most all her attacks have a significant lag time to it that can
    prove quite costly.  Not only that, her jumping's rather limited, though this
    isn't as much of an issue because Farore's Wind can take her a long way.
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Sheik, on the other hand, is a fast but less powerful character.  Most of his
    moves knock opponents into the air, making her more effective at juggling 
    opponents to a Star Finish.  Because of this, it gets increasingly harder to
    fight several opponents at once because it's difficult to finish off any of
    Sheik is excellent for one-on-one fighting.  His speed is amazing, and his 
    attacks come out fast with very little lag time.  She has a good mix of fast,
    effective, high priority attacks.  His air attacks are especially good.
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    This character's true stength lies in immense diversity.  With the ability to
    switch between two characters in mid-battle with totally different playing
    styles, Zelda/Sheik has probably the largest learning curve in the game.  It
    comes with the territory, so to speak.
    Learn to use this effectively as it confuses and frustrates most players.  It
    serves to have them second guessing their actions, and making careless errors.
    Such is in no way a bad thing to you.
     2222 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
       22 ----------------------------[   MOVELIST   ]-----------------------------
     222  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     2.1   Zelda
    <><><><><><><><><><>       Standing Standard Attacks       <><><><><><><><><><>
                       A - Zelda extends her arm out and releases an electric 
                           spark.  It is powerful, but the recovery time is rather
      [Tilt] Forward + A - Zelda swings her hand in a horizontal chopping motion
                           with magical energy trailing.  This is basically the 
                           same as the {A} attack.
     [SMASH] Forward + A - Zelda puts both hands in front of her chest and pitches
                           them straight out with an explosion of energy in her 
                           hands.  This is a strong move that knocks opponents 
                           away and can often send them out-of-bounds.  This has a
                           slow start up time.
           [Tilt] Up + A - Zelda waves her hand from her side, over her head, and 
                           to her other side with magical energy trailing behind.
                           Surprisingly, it is a fast move that can knock opponents
                           into the air.
          [SMASH] Up + A - Extending her arm directly up into the air, Zelda
                           releases energy to attack the opponent.  This is a 
                           powerful move that will hit the opponent several 
                           times with the last hit sending them high into the air.
         [Tilt] Down + A - The Princess of Hyrule sweeps her leg out in front of 
                           her.  It's not very strong, but it's also not entirely
                           slow either.  Generally, though, it doesn't serve much
        [SMASH] Down + A - Zelda pulls her leg back and kicks a low, forward kick.
                           Generally, another worthless move.
             Dashing + A - Zelda will place her arms infront of her and release 
                           magical energy.  Very effective as it comes out quite
                           quickly and has very good range.
    <><><><><><><><><><>            Mid-Air Attacks            <><><><><><><><><><>
               A - This makes Zelda twirl in the air with both arms extended, 
                   leaving magical energy trailing as always.  If an opponent is 
                   hit by this, it does several hits of damage with the last hit
                   sending the opponent flying.
     Forward + A - Zelda extends her foot out.  The distance the opponent flys 
                   away from Zelda after being hit depends on the way they are hit
                   by the foot.  If Zelda connects after the foot is fully extended
                   she won't send the opponent as far as if she caught them in the
                   actual kicking motion.
          Up + A - Zelda releases an explosion of flame into the air above her.
                   This is a very powerful attack that can knock an opponent far
                   into the air.  The only problem is that it has a serious lag
        Back + A - Much like the {Forward + A} varient, only on the opposite side
                   of Zelda.
        Down + A - Zelda extends her foot out below her.  If you catch a weakened
                   opponent with this move, they will be spiked directly downward.
                   if you hit them when they are standing on the ground, they will
                   be knocked upwards.
    <><><><><><><><><><>             Special Moves             <><><><><><><><><><>
                 B - A crystal forms around Zelda and she spins out releasing a 
      Nayru's Love   few waves of energy outward a short distance.  Both the 
                     crystal as well as the waves reflect projectiles back.  Also, 
                     this move is fast and can be used to knock unwanted opponents 
                     away if they were to get to close.
       Forward + B - Zelda releases a ball of flame.  It flies a short distance 
        Din's Fire   and then explodes, doing massive damage.  If you hold onto 
                     {B}, the ball of flame flies farther out and you can control 
                     the degree it goes vertically.  Releasing {B} causes Din's 
                     Fire to explode at any given time.
            Up + B - Several spiral form around Zelda, and she is instantly taken
     Farore's Wind   to another location.  After you start the attack, move the 
                     Control Stick in the direction you want to go.  Each of the
                     spirals can do minor damage, and provides very little cover.
                     Still, some cover is better than none.
          Down + B - Causes Zelda to transform into Sheik.  If an opponent hits 
         Transform   her before she transforms, it cancels the action.  Also, fans
                     of Ocarina of Time will recognize a familiar tune.
    <><><><><><><><><><>                Throws                 <><><><><><><><><><>
           Grab + A - Zelda attacks the opponent with magical energy.
     Grab + Forward - Using her magic power, she launches the opponent away.
          Grab + Up - Using her magic power, Zelda catapults the opponent into the
        Grab + Back - Zelda will knock the opponent flying in the opposite 
                      direction with her magically enhanced throw.
        Grab + Down - Tripping the opponent, Zelda will blast them with a surge of
                      magical power.
     2.2   Sheik
    <><><><><><><><><><>       Standing Standard Attacks       <><><><><><><><><><>
                       A - Sheik slaps her hand out forward.  Pressing this again
                           will cause a Sheik to perform a chop.  A third time 
                           causes her to perform a multiple slap move similar to 
                           that of Captain Falcon and Fox.
      [Tilt] Forward + A - Sheik performs a extended rising kick.  This move comes
                           out quickly, has decent range and when connects, knocks
                           the opponent into the air.  Very effective.
     [SMASH] Forward + A - Sheik performs a fast double kick, with one following
                           the other.  This has very good range as Sheik will move
                           forward during the move.  The first hit is for damage,
                           and the second is the one that actually knocks the 
                           opponent back.  Very effective, but it does have one 
                           persistant flaw.  If you don't hit the opponent it the
                           right manner, Sheik will go through the opponent with 
                           the second hit and not connect.
           [Tilt] Up + A - Sheik does a vertical kick into the air.  If this hits,
                           Sheik will attempt a second hit.
          [SMASH] Up + A - She raises her hands above her head and brings them down
                           to his side.  If anyone is hit by this, they get send
                           high into the air.  If you catch an opponent correctly,
                           this performs two hits, the first being the arms in the
                           air, while the second is from swinging them to her 
         [Tilt] Down + A - Performs a foot sweep in front of Sheik.  This is, for
                           the most part, a useless move altogether.
        [SMASH] Down + A - This will produce a spinning kick on the floor, very
                           similar to the break dancing technique, windmill.  It
                           hits opponents on both sides of Sheik.
             Dashing + A - Sheik will perform a double-hand cross chop.  This move
                           is extremely fast, has high priority and knocks the 
                           opponent directly above Sheik for a free hit.
    <><><><><><><><><><>            Mid-Air Attacks            <><><><><><><><><><>
               A - Sheik moves her foot out in a traditional jump kick style.  It
                   is pretty fast, but weak making it a general purpose move.
                   Though it isn't as strong as the air {Forward + A}, but since 
                   it comes out quicker, still has a use.
     Forward + A - This is a powerful forward vertical chop.  It is relatively 
                   fast, though not quite as fast as the air {A}.  If you're going
                   to knock an opponent horizontally, this is your best bet.
          Up + A - Sheik performs an upside-down corkscrew in the air.  Though 
                   this looks like a multi-hitting move, it really knocks the 
                   opponent higher in the air.  This will probably be the most 
                   used of Sheik's air moves.  It serves as his main move to kill
        Back + A - Sheik extends one leg directly down, while the other leg is 
                   stretched directly behind her.  This has high priority and
                   excellent range.  Not only does the leg behind Sheik damage 
                   the opponent, but so does the leg extended downward.  The only
                   problem is that that is all it does.  Damage an opponent.  It
                   doesn't send them too far away from Sheik, making it worthless
                   for finishing off an opponent.
        Down + A - Sheik assumes a martial arts kick downward.  This is very 
                   useful as if you hit an opponent with it and there is no land
                   underneath them, they are almost assured to be knocked 
                   out-of-bounds (that is, if they have enough damage).  Also, if 
                   you hit an opponent who is standing on the ground, they will 
                   be popped up.  The only downfall to this move is that Sheik 
                   holds the position for too long, making the recovery time on 
                   this move terrible.
    <><><><><><><><><><>             Special Moves             <><><><><><><><><><>
                B - This will cause Sheik to throw a weak needle at the opponent.
     Needle Storm   The longer you hold {B}, the more needles will be releases, 
                    with the maximum being six.  To charge more than one needle, 
                    but be able to move without releasing the needles, hit the L,
                    R or Z buttons.  The next time you hit {B}, you'll release as
                    many needles as you charged.  If used in the air, Sheik will 
                    throw them at a diagonal angle.  At first glance, this move 
                    seems pretty much useless.  It doesn't cause enough damage 
                    and it doesn't knock the opponent far away.  However, this is 
                    one of the best support moves in the game.  It is greatly 
                    annoying to opponents when you're trying to lure them into a
                    position.  It staggers opponents which can buy you valuable 
                    time when recovering or so you can gain the upper hand.  True,
                    it is a very difficult attack to use, but it is a very worthy
                    move to have in your arsenal.
      Forward + B - Sheik launches a medium range chain out in front of her.  She
            Chain   then pulls it back hitting a short distance behind herself.
                    If you hold the {B} button, Sheik will leave the chain out and
                    you can control its movements with the Control Stick.  If you
                    use this move in the air, Sheik will hover in mid-air for a 
                    moment, though after the chain is released, Sheik will free
           Up + B - Releasing a smoke bomb, Sheik instant vanishes to another 
           Vanish   location.  If used in the air, Sheik will perform a minature
                    corkscrew somersault before vanishing in smoke.  If an
                    opponent is caught by the first plume of smoke, they will take
         Down + B - Causes Sheik to transform into Zelda.  If an opponent hits 
        Transform   her before he transforms, it cancels the action.  Also, fans
                    of Ocarina of Time will recognize a familiar tune.
    <><><><><><><><><><>                Throws                 <><><><><><><><><><>
           Grab + A - Sheik elbows the opponent.
     Grab + Forward - She will throw his opponent away from her.
          Grab + Up - Using his feet, Sheik kicks the opponent into the air.
        Grab + Back - Throwing the opponent behind her, Sheik delivers a powerful 
                      kick to knock them back.
        Grab + Down - This throws the opponent downward into the ground.
     3333 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
      _33 ----------------[   FIGHTING STRATEGY AND TECHNIQUES   ]-----------------
       33 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     3.1   Finishing an Enemy
    Obviously, when fighting your goal is to knock the opponent out-of-bounds as
    many times as you possibly can, without falling out-of-bounds yourself.  Easier
    said than done, though, as opponents tend to want to achieve the very same goal
    for reasons obvious.
    Each stage has four boundaries:  the North end, South end, East end and West
    end.  Not exactly rocket science.  The hard part is to get the opponent that 
    far.  As you should obviously know, the more damage an opponent has, the 
    further they fly.
    After an opponent is damaged enough, you must send the opponent as far away 
    from the stage as possible.
    For Zelda, her SMASH moves prove to be very effective.  Because they cause high
    damage, they will not only allow her to heavily injure an opponent, but knock
    them away at the same time.  Her {[SMASH] Forward + A} and dashing attack both
    serve wonders for knocking an opponent to the West or East ends.
    For Sheik, it's a different story.  Sheik's best bet to finish an opponent lies
    in a Star Finish (i.e. knock an opponent out-of-bounds of the North end.  Most
    all of Sheik's best attacks knock the opponent up so that she can use her air
    {Up + A} corkscrew attack continuously for a quick Star Finish.  Attacks that
    are suited for knocking an opponent up include his dashing attack, {[Tilt] 
    Forward + A}, and {[SMASH] Up + A}.
    Of course, Sheik also has the option of a traditional knock out.  Her best 
    move for this purpose is her air {Forward + A} chop move.  It can send most any
    opponent quite far when hit correctly.
    As a rule off the thumb, Zelda's throws are more effective than Sheik's, though
    Sheik's air attacks are greatly more effective.
     3.2   Recovering
    If an opponent is juggling you in the air there are several ways to counter it.
    The first method is to use the air {Down + A}.  Both Zelda and Sheik are quite
    effective with that move.  Be careful, though, as you shouldn't attempt this
    when you have high damage.  You will most likely also get hit in the process.
    Another method is to use Zelda's Farore's Wind or Sheik's Vanish.  When either
    performs their respective move, they can be controlled to go down.  If the 
    opponent (more than likely) is jumping to meet you along the way, you'll have
    passed right through them and have your positions effectively reversed.
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    If you are knocked or thrown clear off the stage, you'll have to make your way
    back before falling out-of-bounds.  As everyone should know, the technique to
    use here is mid-air jump, then either Farore's Wind or Vanish.
    However, this is quite a bit easier said than done as many people will be smart
    enough to stay by the ledge and await your return, so they can send you right 
    back out there.  "Ledge guarding," the dubbed name of this technique, proves to
    be very effective.  Not only that, each different player ledge guards using a
    different manner, and each different character can accomplish this through 
    various moves.
    Generally when you recover you shouldn't attempt to land on the ground directly
    because you have to have time to recover, and if a ledge guarder is positioned
    nearby, it is nigh impossible to recover faster than the ledge guarder can hit
    Your best bet is to grab the ledge.  This way your character is hanging on the
    ledge with their arms and is temporarily invunerable.  Before the momentary
    invunerability wears away, you have a few options.  If the opponent is really 
    close to the ledge, press {A} to perform a quick attack.  This also brings your
    character back in a standing position.  If the opponent is out of reach for this
    to work, you can press up which will make your character jump into the air.
    Also, remember Sheik's Vanish technique provides a nice cover attack, as the
    opponent may be caught by the smoke and take damage.  Zelda's Farore's Wind
    will take her to enormous lengths, so you can effectively appear quite a bit
    away from the opponent.
    Alternatively, you can aim for a platform that is not level with whatever 
    platform the ledge guarder is on.  This way, the opponent has a harder time 
    getting a clean hit on you.  
    Also, if you are Sheik, you have another weapon at your disposal.  The Needle
    Storm can be used as cover.  Directly prior to grabbing the ledge, or landing, 
    throw out a Needle Storm.  Though very weak it will still distract and stun the
    opponent for a split second so that you can grab the ledge with absolutely no 
     3.3   Fighting One-on-One
    First off, of the two, Sheik is the superior fighter for one-on-one bouts.  She
    has speed, a juggling ability, great air attacks and better cover against ledge
    guarding.  Also, she doesn't leave herself open nearly as much as her Princess
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    When you're playing one-on-one as Zelda, you'll more than likely have a harder
    time than Sheik would.  Facing off against someone who is moderate or slow will
    probably not be quite as bad as facing off against a speedy character like Fox
    or Captain Falcon, though.
    As a few pointers with using Zelda, make sure you play the defensive.  Din's 
    Fire and Nayru's Love will prove to be an effective way of keeping an opponent
    at bay.  Also, Din's Fire is an excellent method of positioning your opponent.
    With a great deal of practice, you can effectively force your opponent into 
    whatever position you want them in.
    Zelda is relatively weak when fighting in the air.  She really shines on land 
    though.  Kep this in mind when you fight against the opponent.  If the opponent
    is highly damaged, you can, in most cases, push for complete offense.  However,
    if the opponent is not send to far when hit by a SMASH attack, then it is too
    soon to push a true offense.
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Using Sheik, you should play mix two different strategies for most any opponent
    you come across.  Because of her speed, Sheik can play deceitfully as well as
    offensively.  What I mean by deceitfully is to play in a fashion that throws
    people off.  Using Sheik's speed, you can hit and run.  This causes a good deal
    of annoyance to the opponent.  You can also throw a few Needle Storms.  The 
    point of this is to make your opponent overly aggressive.  Should they really
    come after you at full throttle, meet them head on.  They probably won't expect
    it and end up hit before they know the difference.
    Remember, though, once Sheik is on the offense, it's easy to stay that way.  
    She is quite fast and will prove hard for a great deal of opponents to counter
    effectively.  If you can keep a juggle going, you can severely limit their 
     3.4   Facing Multiple Enemies at Once
    Unlike One-on-One fighting, Zelda proves to be more effective against a group
    of enemies.  She has the powerful attacks and is much more suited for defensive
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    When Zelda faces a Free-for-all, play entirely offensive.  Let others damage
    each other for you and move in for the kill.  Should they come at you, Farore's
    Wind can provide you with a quick and effective escape.  The dashing attack and
    the {[SMASH] Forward + A} are the simplest ways to defeat opponents.
    If Zelda is forced into a Three-on-One or Two-on-One, you've got your work cut 
    out for you.  You will have to rely on Nayru's Love and Din's Fire to force
    your opponents into a good position for use of SMASH attacks.  Be wary when 
    attempting to use Din's Fire, though, as it leaves you extremely open to many
                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Sheik isn't the greatest character to be using in a multi-man battle.  For a
    Free-for-all game, she isn't entirely bad.  Abuse hit-and-run tactics like they
    are a life-line, because for the most part, they are.  Needle Storm is, as 
    always, the best means of nuisance you can provide.  Isolate an opponent and 
    finish her off fast.
    Three-on-One or Two-on-One is a much tougher fight.  Sheik's speed means very 
    little as each of her hits are weak.  No matter how fast she is, she can not 
    escape the wrath of multiple opponents very easily.  Your best bet is to play 
    evasive.  Look for an opening, and only then go for a kill.
     3.5   Team Play
    There are two methods of playing team battles.  The first is to isolation and
    let your teammate fight one opponent while you take care of another.  For this
    I reccomend Sheik, not only because she's a better one-on-one character, but
    because of her speed, she may be able to help your partner in case something 
    bad happens.  Also, should your partner be defeated through a star finish, or 
    the stage is large, the other opponent may have enough time to come after you 
    and perform a two-on-one.  Sheik is fast enough to run away until you have your
    back-up again.
    The second method is to stick together.  Use teamwork to play a true style 
    two-on-two.  Here, it's hard to say which of Zelda or Sheik would be better.  
    It depends on a number of factors, among them, your partner's character, the
    stage and what characters you are facing.  If your partner is fast, you might
    consider using Zelda as your choice so she can provide power from behind.  If
    your partner is slow, and you are facing fast opponents, you're almost forced
    to play as Sheik.
    Also, you need a decent battle plan when playing in team.  If you're the party
    that wants to be offensive, Sheik is much better at keeping the pressure on
    opponents.  However, if you've got a partner that does well against the 
    two-on-one by themselves, you can sit back as Zelda launching Din's Fire and 
    coming in for a kill once in awhile.  Should you be on the defensive party, 
    Zelda is much more useful.
     4  4 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     4444 --------------------------[   CLOSING   ]--------------------------------
        4 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     4.1   Contact Info
    My e-mail is <atomedge@houston.rr.com>.  Feel free to send me any comments,
    compliments, criticism, contributions and anything else I might find helpful.
    Also, if you find this guide anywhere but GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/>,
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    Please bear with me though, as because I'm quite lazy, I do not always check my
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    Also, please do not send me any type of junk mail.  I don't tolerate SPAM mail,
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    On a related note, if you're going to send me an e-mail please write a subject
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    Seriously, if I will take enough time to write this guide, I'd hope to think 
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    "SSBM" or anything to that effect.
    Sorry for all the restrictions, but when you get the kind of crap I've gotten
    through e-mail, you would most likely see my reasons.
     4.2   Version History
            ~-~  Work on this guide began on the 9th of December, 2001  ~-~
    Version 0.10       - Started the guide
    Dec. 9, 2001 to    - Document Headers created
    Dec. 11, 2001      - Finished all sections
    44.5 kb            - Completed Document
    Version 0.11       - Apology to contributors
    Dec. 22, 2001      - Fixed all the grammarical mistakes concerning Sheik
    45.3 kb            - Various minor errors throughout the guide
     4.3   Credits and Special Thanks
    Sincere thanks goes out to the people who made this guide possible.  Thank you:
    - Nintendo <http://www.nintendo.com/> and Hal Laboratory <www.hallab.co.jp/> -
        for creating a game only one phrase can describe:  absolutely amazing.
    - GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/> and CJayC -
        for hosting this guide and being the premier site for video game help.
        This alone is the reason for my writing.
    - The seventeen different people who e-mailed me -
        concerning Sheik's gender.  I leave out one little letter and everyone
        jumps down my throat  =]
    - You, the reader -
        for reasons obvious.
     4.4   Legal Information
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     4.5   Final Words
    This is it, the end of the guide.  Since this is a very new game, and a very 
    new guide, I plan to be adding quite a bit more information.  Expect much more 
    in the weeks to come.  Once again, if you need to reach me, my e-mail address 
    is <atomedge@houston.rr.com>.  I hope you enjoyed the guide.  
    There's really nothing else to say, except:
    Thank you for reading and until next time...
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