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    Ness by David6414

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Smash Brothers Melee
    Ness Character FAQ 1.1
    By David6414 - David6414@hotmail.com
    Last Revised - 1/18/02
    This document Copyright 2001 David Drummond
    Table of Contents
    I.	 Legal Stuff
    II.	 Version Updates
    III.	 Intro
    IV.	 Moves
             Basic Moves
             Complex Moves
    V.	 One Player
             Classic Mode
             Adventure Mode
             Homerun Contest Mode 
             Event Mode
             Break the Targets
    VI.	 Multiplayer 
             One on One
             Ambush and Two on Two
    VII.	 General Strategy
    VIII.	 Credits
    I.	Legal Stuff
    You know the drill.  Don't take any of this FAQ or reproduce it in anyway 
    what so ever without my written consent.  To obtain my consent, simply send 
    me a brief email stating where you wish to place it.  If you do reproduce it 
    you must not change it in any way and you must give me full credit.  I am 
    very open to this FAQ helping as many people as possible so I will almost 
    always give you consent; email me at david6414@hotmail.com.
    II.	Version Updates
    Version 1.1 - 12/22/01
      Fixed any typos I found
      Added One on One Strategy, Multiplayer Strategy, General Strategy
      Added Event Mode and Break the Targets to One Player Section
      Added more combos to Combos Section
    Version 1.0 - 12/17/01
      Added Legal Stuff, Intro, Moves, One Player, and Credits
    III.	Intro
    Ness is a boy form the small town of Onett in the game Earthbound.  In the 
    middle of the night a meteorite hit nearby his house and when he searched it 
    he started a voyage of good over evil, using psychic abilities, and the help 
    of many friend in the normal RPG format.  In Super Smash Brothers Melee (now 
    to be known as SSBM) he is a middleweight, close range fighter.  He takes a 
    long time to master but he is well worth it.
    In the next few sections I will go over the basic and advanced strategies and 
    moves for Ness, as well as how to use Ness in many situations.  I will also 
    cover the strategies for Classic, Adventure, Event, Multi-Man Melee, Target, 
    and Homerun Contest Modes.
    Who in this world is perfect?  Surely I'm not so if you see a typo or a 
    mistake, or even if you know a better strategy for a level than just send an 
    email my way at David6414@hotmail.com.  It is also hard to translate the 
    images in my head into text so if I am unclear or you are just plain puzzled 
    than email me.  I will not only answer your question to the best of my 
    ability but I will try to fix my FAQ to make it more cogent.  
    IV.	Moves
    In this section I will briefly go over the basic moves and then I will 
    describe the difficult and complex moves and combos in more detail.
    When you see a "+" it indicates that the buttons are pressed simultaneously, 
    and a "," indicates that the buttons are to be pushed one after the other.
    Basic Moves
    Left                    Walk Left
    Right                   Walk Right
    Up                      Jump
    Up, Up                  Double Jump
    Up, Up, Up + B          Triple Jump
    Down                    Crouch
    Left Tap                Run Right
    Right Tap               Run Right
    A                       Punch
    Forward Tap + A         Bat (Hold A to charge)
    Down Tap + A            Horizontal Yo-Yo (Hold A to charge)
    Up Tap + A              Around The World Yo-Yo (Hold A to charge)
    B                       PK Flash
    Up + B                  PK Thunder
    Down + B                Magnet Shield
    Forward Tap + B         PK Fire
    R                       Shield
    L                       Shield
    R + Down                Dodge
    L + Down                Dodge
    Z                       Toss Weapon, Grab Person
    Up on D-Pad             Taunt
    Complex Moves
    Roll - Hold R or L and Tap either Left or Right
    PK Flash - Hold B after starting this move and direct the green          
    flash towards the enemy.  Release B to unleash 35% to the enemy, when charged 
    PK Thunder - After starting this attack use the ball of energy to hit 
    yourself to safety or into an enemy.
    Throw - After grabbing the enemy you may hit them twice with A or push a 
    direction to fling them that way.
    Running A - While running press A for a strong attack.
    Airborne Hit - While in the air push A to hit an enemy.
    Catch an Item - While in the air push Z when an item meets you.  This is 
    perfect for Bob-bombs, Pokeballs, and Mr. Saturns.  Timing is the key.
    Around the World and Back Again - Use the Around the World Yo-Yo attack on an 
    enemy as many times as possible when the enemy is at a low percentage.
    Around the World and Away - When the enemy is at around 50%, perform the 
    Around the World Yo-Yo attack on an enemy and when the person lands behind 
    you, perform the Horizontal Yo-Yo attack.
    Earthbound to Skybound - Meet an enemy in midair and use an Airborne Down A 
    to slam the enemy into the ground.  Then use another Down A on the enemy 
    while it is on the ground and then when it is in the air again, meet it in 
    the air with an Airborne Up A.  This works best at 60%-80%.
    Pull! - Use either the Around the World attack or an Airborne Down A (while 
    the enemy is on the ground) to project them into the air.  Then use your PK 
    Thunder to knock yourself into the enemy like a clay pigeon.  Yell, "Pull!" 
    if you are confident.  Works best at 90%-110%.
    He's on Fire - Use your PK Fire to stun the enemy and then use your Bat on 
    the enemy.  Works best at low percentages.
    Batter Up - After knocking an enemy off an edge so it must do a cliff hanger 
    to get back stand about two body lengths away from the edge and be ready to 
    use your bat on the enemy when it returns.
    Flashy Exit - After knocking an enemy off an edge so it must do a cliffhanger 
    to get back, charge your PK Flash and set it to explode at the edge when it 
    comes back.
    PK Protection - While the enemy is far away charge your PK Flash and set it 
    to blow up right where you are standing.  Explode it when your enemy gets 
    Barbeque - The opponent's damage doesn't matter.  Shoot a PK Fire at an 
    opponent.  While the PK Fire still is on, grab your opponent and throw them 
    forward.  Ness will spin them around in the air so it looks like he fries 
    them. (Contributed by Nessboy) 
    Go Towards the Light - With the opponent's damage around 100%.  Use your 
    Airborne Down + A attack on your opponent while they stand on the ground to 
    make them fly up.  Then fire a PK Flash and make it explode at them. 
    (Contibuted by Nessboy)  
    Thunder Cannon - With the enemy's percentage as low as possible, hit the 
    opponent with your Bat and then quickly, fire a PK Thunder and hit yourself 
    so you'll fly into the opponent. (Contributed by Nessboy)
    Mega Taunt - After killing an enemy spell out NESS with your PK Thunder.  
    It's hard to do, and won't get you the Fighter Stance Bonus, but it is self-
    rewarding.  This is done with a lower case "n", a lower case cursive "e", a 
    lower case cursive "s", and a normal "s" of the bottom of first "s".
    V.	One Player
    This section describes how to beat the various sections in one player mode 
    with Ness. (If you are looking for "One on One" strategy, view the 
    Multiplayer Section)
    Classic Mode
    Go through the levels fighting a different character each time and defeat all 
    of the enemies.
    Level 1 - Single Fight
    Fight the character as if was a One on One battle.  
    Level 2 - Team Battle
    Fight two enemies with one ally.  Your ally will usually die easily so focus 
    on double teaming on an enemy as opposed to fighting your enemy and letting 
    your ally fight the other enemy.  Try to separate the enemies by using many 
    smash moves and throws.  If you are lucky enough to have a 2 to 1 advantage 
    than use your PK Flash to kill the enemy while the your ally fights it.
    Level 3 - Break the Target Bonus
    Tap B to destroy the target above you and then use your PK Flash to take out 
    the two targets to your right at the same time.  Move left and use PK Thunder 
    to destroy the next target.  Move more left and use your PK thunder twice to 
    take out the next two targets.  Jump up so that you can jump right to a 
    platform.  Destroy the target and then jump left to the next set of red 
    beams.  Simply destroy the rest of the targets with your fists.  This should 
    take an average of 45 seconds to complete.
    Level 4 - Single Fight
    Again, just fight this as if it were a One on One battle.
    Level 5 - Giant Team Battle
    Fight a giant enemy with two allies.  Sit back and use your PK Flash to 
    repeatedly obliterate the enemy.  This should work fine unless you are on a 
    tough environment like the Ice Climbers.  If you are, stay back and use your 
    PK Thunder to raise the enemy's percentage until you can smash it off at 
    around 200%.
    Level 6 - Snag Trophies Bonus
    Knock the falling trophies into the pink hoops.  Try standing under the 
    trophy and just punching it in.  It's easier typed than done.
    Level 7 - Single Fight
    For the third time just treat the enemy like you are in a One on One fight.
    Level 8 - Enemy Team
    Fight 15 slightly handicapped enemies at their level.  They are easy to kill 
    so use smashes as much as possible.  Avoid fight ting all the enemies at once 
    and use any small, elevated platforms to force enemies to encounter you in a 
    small area where you can easily smash them.  
    Level 9 - Race to the Finish Bonus
    Run to the end avoiding doors until you are running out of time.  At one 
    point you will have three ways to go.  The top is for good vertical jumpers, 
    the middle is for good horizontal jumpers, and the bottom is for good all 
    around jumpers.  Ness is a good all-around jumper but in the bottom path you 
    can die so take the top route.  Avoid the spikes and when you reach a dead 
    end with a door walk into it for 5 coins and a huge amount of points.  Pick 
    up any trophies on your way to the door.
    Level 10 - Metal Match
    Fight a metal character who is hard to knock off and hard to kill.  Use PK 
    Fire to boost up the enemies percentage and use your Running A to hurt it 
    quite a bit.  Run from end to end, racking up their percentage to about 200%.  
    Then get one of the platforms and when the enemy jumps up on the platform, 
    smash it.  Do this until it dies.
    Level 11 - Master Hand
    This guy is tough at first, but if you learn his patterns, he is a breeze.  
    Run away from him when he is about to grab you.  Jump to avoid his fist from 
    the background and his open handed swat.  Run away from his pokes and use 
    your Magnet Shield to absorb his bullets.  Triple Jump over his two-finger 
    walk and hide under his hand when he is shooting lasers.  Jump up and hit him 
    between his attack and when you are under him when he is doing his laser 
    attack.  Drain his entire 300 HP to beat Classic Mode. 
    Adventure Mode
    Go through the stages and fight the enemies at every level.
    Stage 1 - Mushroom Kingdom
    Simply head right and pick up any trophies you see.  At the halfway point you 
    will fight a bunch of easy Yoshi's.  After them just continue to the right.
    Then fight the team of Princess Peach and Mario.  Try to fight them one at a 
    time and separate them by doing smashes and throws often.  Use the buttons 
    and item blocks to your advantage.
    Stage 2 - Kongo Jungle
    Fight two small Donkey Kongs that are really easy.  Raise their percentage a 
    little and then use your Bat to finish them.
    Then fight a giant DK that is tougher.  Attack with your Running A and PK 
    Fire until you can knock him to the right and he is forced to get back on the 
    small rock.  When he is flying away charge your PK Flash so that when he 
    lands on the rock it explodes and kills him.
    Stage 3 - Underground Maze
    Jump through the mazes killing the ReDeads, Like-Likes, and Octoroks as you 
    see them.  Find the tri-force to finish and fight a Link every time you find 
    the master sword.  The Links can be easily beaten if you use Running A's and 
    Then you must fight Zelda/Sheik at Hyrule castle.  Use PK Flash when you can 
    and use Running A when she gets too close to you.  Try to stay in the top 
    part of the level when she is hurt and the underground part when you are hurt 
    Stage 4 - Brinstar
    Try to stay on the top platform and avoid the rising lava as you fight Samus 
    Aran.  Maintain some distance from her and take advantage of the small 
    platform by using your Bat a lot.  Repeat using your bat and good timing 
    until she flies away.
    To escape the planet in time jump up until you are free.  Pick up any 
    trophies that you see along the way.  Jump on the last yellow platform to end 
    the level.
    Stage 5 - Green Greens
    Fight Kirby and just use basic moves like the Running A and smashes until he 
    Fight 15 Kirby's at the rate of three at a time.  Avoid getting to close to 
    the bomb block and getting caught in the middle of all three Kirby's.  Smash 
    them when they have semi-high percentages.
    Stage 6 - Corneria
    Depending on the difficulty, this can be easy or hard.  If it is very easy 
    use a Running A on him at the very beginning to perform a one hit KO.  If it 
    is harder than you should fight up close.  Use basic moves and avoid using PK 
    Fire or PK Flash as he will reflect the first one and he is too quick for the 
    On the second round he will be supported by his flight crew, so stay moving.  
    Use your odd Double Jump and Running A's to dodge him.  The roll is also a 
    good technique.  Use your stamina and agility until an Arwing shoots Fox off.  
    If he is on Very Easy just use the Running A again.
    Stage 7 - Pokemon Stadium
    This one's incredibly simple.  Get the pokeballs and throw them at the 
    Pokemon.  Guard the new pokeballs and always throw out the new ones.  Beware 
    though, if you allow the enemies to get the pokeballs it could get really 
    tough. If not, this will be over in not time.
    Stage 8 - F-Zero Grand Prix
    Run right along the path and jump onto a platform when you see the hazard 
    signal flash on the screen.  Grab any trophies that you see.
    Then fight Captain Falcon and use the item to win the battle.  He is really 
    quick so avoid getting close to him.  Let him fall into the track and get hit 
    by the racers, hitting him with an item from time to time.
    Stage 9 - Onett
    Now you must battle with three Ness's in your hometown.  Use the clotheslines 
    as your battle platform and use simple moves to combat your clones.  Don't 
    get confused and stay off the ground.  Use your Bat to finish off the Ness's.
    Stage 10 - Icicle Mountain
    Simply jump up and up and up as the screen scrolls.  Don't fall behind or you 
    will die and avoid running into enemies.  Pick up the trophy you see and a 
    chunk of ice too. 
    When you reach the top you will encounter two pairs of Ice Climbers (4 
    total).  Use the ice you have and rack up their percentages with PK Fire and 
    basic moves.  Then hit Popo (the darker one) to the side because it is a very 
    narrow stage.  If the screen starts to scroll just go with it.  Eventually 
    use your Bat to get rid of them.
    Stage 11 - Final Destination
    Depending on the difficulty, you will fight someone different.  Use the 
    length of the level to do your Running A and PK Thunder yourself into the 
    enemy.  Once the enemy is very weak, give them one good smash to get rid of 
    them and beat Adventure Mode.
    Homerun Contest Mode
    Get the sandbag to the highest percentage possible without knocking it off 
    the platform.  The grab the Homerun Bat to the left and hit the sandbag as 
    far as you can to the right before the time expires.
    Start off with a PK Fire on the bag until it is knocked into the air by the 
    fire.  Then meet the bag in the air and do an Airborne Down A on the bag and 
    when you land do another PK Fire.  Repeat that process until there is only 
    four seconds.  Grab the bat and do a Forward Tap + A smash on the bag in 
    time.  You should get around 1000 feet with practice.
    Event Mode
    In this mode you must complete tasks with many characters.  I am only going 
    to cover the events that you can play with Ness.
    3. Bomb Fest - Fight against Samus and Link with them only using bombs.  The 
    only items are mines, bob-ombs, and Pokemon Balls with Electrodes in them.  
    For this battle just grab the bombs and hit them with them.  
    4. Dino Wrangling - Fight a giant Yoshi at his level.  Keep your distance 
    form him and use the Running A to attack him and leave.  PK Fire is another 
    useful attack in this level.
    5. Spare Change - Fight Captain Falcon at Onett and collect at least 200 
    coins.  Just fight him and take the coins.  Try to keep him at the bottom so 
    he gets hit by the cars and sprays out coins.
    6. Kirbys on Parade - Fight 3 Kirbys with 2 lives each.  Use the Running A 
    over and over again to make them soar.
    7. Pokemon Battle - Fight 2 Pokemon with 1 life each.  Just get to the 
    Pokeballs before they do and it will be a breeze.
    8. Hot Date on Brinstar - Fight Samus Aran with 3 lives each.  Fight her as 
    if it was a One on One.  Use smashes and your bat to send her flying.
    9. Hide n' Sheik - Fight two Zeldas with 1 life each.  The catch is that you 
    must kill them when they have transformed into Sheik.  Don't be afraid to 
    damage Zelda, so use your PK Fire a lot when she is Zelda and only use your 
    Bat when she is Sheik.
    10. All-Star Match 1 - Fight Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser one 
    at a time with the same percentage and only 2 lives.  Just use quick attacks, 
    items, and smash them as soon as possible.  There is no reason to stay on one 
    enemy for too long.
    11. King of the Mountain - Fight 2 Ice Climbers in 1 minute.  Remember to use 
    your Bat a lot and take advantage of the narrowness of the level by hitting 
    them to the side as often as possible.
    12. Seconds Anyone - Fight Captain Falcon in 7 seconds.  This may take a few 
    tries or be easy as pie.  Start with a 2 PK Fires and then a Running A or a 
    Bat.  With luck you will take out him and he won't get back.
    14. Trophy Tussle 1 - Fight 3 players with 2 lives each on top of a Goomba 
    for a Goomba Trophy.  Fight them one at a time and try to separate them.  
    Avoid getting attacked by everyone.  Being an isolationist doesn't hurt, so 
    let them beat themselves up.
    15. Girl Power - Fight the girls Peach, Samus, and Zelda with 2 lives each.  
    Again separate them with smashes and if you get caught in the middle of a 
    battle Roll out and stop it with PK Fire.
    20. All Star Match 2 - Combat with Samus, Link, Zelda, Captain Falcon, and 
    Fox one at a time, with only 2 lives, and the same percentage.  Like the 
    first ALL Star Match kill them quickly and smash them out as quick as 
    21. Ice Breaker - Fight only Nana out of 2 Ice Climbers.  This one can be 
    tough if not done carefully and quickly.  Nana and Popo share percentages so 
    just knock one pair off the platforms and start using PK Fire on both of 
    them.  When they are at 100% try to grab Nana.  If you get Popo then just 
    throw him into a wall, but if you get Nana then throw her off the edge.  Once 
    you finish off one of them move to the next pair and repeat the process.
    22. Super Mario 128 - Fight 128 tiny Mario in a small amount of time.  While 
    this is easier with Link, Donkey Kong, Bowser, by using their Down B or Up B 
    moves, if you really want to beat it with Ness then just run back and forth 
    doing Running A's until you kill them all.
    23. Slippy's Invention - Fight either 2 Foxes, 2 Falcos or both with them 
    having permanent cloaking devices. (From Perfect Dark Zero I might add) Just 
    go back and forth using Running A's where you think they are.  Let them pick 
    up items like swords so you can know where they are.  Otherwise just do your 
    best to see them and fight them normally.
    24. The Yoshi Herd - Defeat 30 Yoshis in 2 minutes.  Simply use your trusty 
    Bat and Yo-Yo as well as many Running A's.  Time shouldn't be too much of a 
    factor in this battle.
    26. Trophy Tussle 2 - Fight 3 enemies with 2 lives each and only 2 lives your 
    self on top of the Pokemon Entei for the Entei Trophy.  This can be a very 
    hard one to beat.  Try to be an isolationist as much as possible and be 
    evasive.  Evade them using your odd Double Jump and the Roll.  Once they are 
    quite beat up come in with a Running A and start smashing from there on out.
    28. Puffballs Unite - Fight 15 normal Kirbys in only 2 minutes.  This is one 
    of the harder ones.  The best technique is to get up on one of the platforms 
    above and hit them up with the Around the World Yo-Yo attack.  While they are 
    in the air meet them and hit them with an Airborne Up A attack to boost them 
    out quickly and efficiently.  Repeat this on the newcomers and try to use the 
    Airborne attack on them before they even hit the ground.  However, this does 
    work best with Mario's Up + B attack.
    30. All Star Match 3 - Fight Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, and the Ice Climbers one 
    at a time, with only 2 lives, and the same percentage.  Fight all of the 
    people as you would normally and focus more on smashes than raising their 
    percentages.  Try to kill them at around 50%.
    31. Mario Bros. Madness - Fight Mario and Luigi with 1 life each and only 1 
    life your self.  Simply rack up their percentage one at a time and when they 
    double-team you Roll out and use a PK Fire to punish them.
    36. Space Travelers - Fight Samus, Kirby, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Falco with 
    only ONE life and the same percentage.  This one is one of the hardest and 
    longest ones.  The first thing you must do is jump over to the middle 
    skyscraper and jump onto the right side. (Where the helicopter lands) The 
    beat up Samus and throw her to the right.  Stand at the edge of the building 
    and Bat her to the right every time she comes back.  Do this until she dies 
    or when she is pretty far away charge your PK Flash to hit her when she gets 
    back on the right-most building.  Repeat the process with both Kirby and Fox.  
    When you get to Captain Falcon try to stay out of the air as much as possible 
    and use quick and close attack or very long distance attack.  Avoid using the 
    PK Flash as it leaves you wide open if you miss.  Finish him off with Running 
    A's and follow the same process on Falco.
    37. Legendary Pokemon - Fight 4 Wireframes and Jigglypuff with 2 lives each 
    and only 1 life your self.  Just avoid the enemies with your Double Jump 
    until a Pokeball comes down.  Once it does DO NOT allow Jigglypuff to get it.  
    Chances are that the Pokemon will be a legendary one and will weaken the 
    enemies like crazy.  Hit them with a good Running A and repeat the process 
    over and over.  If Wobbuffet appears then just wait for another Pokeball to 
    come.  If Jigglypuff ever unleashes a legendary Pokemon get as far away from 
    it as possible.
    38. Super Mario Bros 2 - Fight Mario, Luigi, and Peach with 2 lives each and 
    2 lives your self.  Simply fight them as normal, avoid getting outnumbered 
    and try to hit them off the side of the narrow level.  If you are lucky you 
    can trick Luigi into killing himself by shooting himself at you when you are 
    on the middle platform.
    40. All-Star Match 4 - Fight Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, and Mr. Game 
    and Watch one at a time, with the same percentage and only 2 lives.  Simply 
    fight them normally but use your Bat often and try to kill them once they 
    reach 60%.
    44. Mewtwo Strikes - Fight Zelda and Mewtwo with one life each without 
    killing Zelda.  This one can be very aggravating.  For the first 10 seconds 
    just evade Zelda and Double Jump around.  At the 10-second mark an item will 
    drop, pick it up.  With any luck it will be a good item and you can use it to 
    your advantage when Mewtwo comes at the 15-second mark.  At that point try to 
    fight Mewtwo only and do your best to stay moving.  The way I beat it is to 
    use the Last Resort, which is covered in the One on One Strategy section.  To 
    do it, jump off the edge, so that they can't reach you.  While just under 
    them use your PK Thunder and use it to propel yourself into the enemy.  Use 
    that strategy over and over tell Mewtwo flies away.
    46. Fire Emblem Pride - Fight Marth and Roy with 3 lives each and 3 lives 
    your self.  I thought this one was pretty easy for being 46 but here's my 
    strategy.  Jump over to the left and onto the canopy like thing and wait up 
    there for the enemies.  When they come be ready to hit them with a charged 
    Bat attack.  Repeat this process over and over until they are dead and this 
    one should be a breeze.
    47. Trophy Tussle 3 - Fight 3 enemies with 2 lives each and only 2 lives your 
    self on Majora's Mask for the Majora's Mask Trophy.  This one was another one 
    where I was forced to resort to the Last Resort strategy.  Jump down to your 
    left and onto the spike from the mask.  When someone comes jump off the edge, 
    just out of the enemy's range, and use your PK Thunder to propel your self at 
    the enemies that have accumulated.  Even if you miss the enemies they will 
    usually accidentally hit themselves and you'll have enough time to jump back 
    out again.  Do this until they are all dead.
    48. Pikachu and Pichu - Fight 1 Pikachu and 2 Pichus with 1 life each and 2 
    lives your self.  This one is an easy one if you are careful.  Simply be 
    quick and offensive, using your Running A's.  When you are in a jam then 
    quickly just Double Jump out of the mess and try to strike again.  They are 
    weak so using your Bat isn't a bad idea either.
    49. All-Star Match Deluxe - Fight Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Young Link, Roy, 
    and Link one at a time, with the same percentage and only 2 lives and 4 
    minutes.  This one is horribly hard and I can only suggest taking this one on 
    with a cool head.  
    For Dr. Mario simply walk as far left as you can without being magnified.  
    When the Doc comes over grab and throw him to the left to instantly kill him.  
    If your having trouble grabbing him try Rolling behind him first.  
    Next, Falco is going to give you a tough time.  First drop down to the lower 
    wing and wait for him to make a move.  When he does, evade it and strike 
    quickly.  Do this until he is at about 60%, then grab him and throw him off 
    the ship and with luck, he will fall off.  If you must, do the Last Resort 
    strategy, explained above, that works too.  
    As for Pichu be offensive and quick with strikes and lots of Running A's.  If 
    she shoots thunder at you use your Magnet Shield and take the percentage.  
    End this battle with a quick Bat with about 2:45 on the clock.  
    Depending on whether or not you have died Young Link will either be easy or 
    hard.  Wait for him to attack and strike with a Running A when he is stunned 
    from a Up + B, Hookshot, or after he just landed.  Once he is far enough away 
    charge your PK Flash to explode him away.  
    For Roy start with a PK Flash aimed well to get his percent up a little.  
    Stay on the top level and hang out by the sides.  Once you see an opening hit 
    him off or throw him off and he probably won't be able to get back.  Kill him 
    with at least 0:45 on the clock.  
    For Ganondorf strike with Running A's quickly and knock him off by using 
    nothing but Running A's.  This should take him out easily.  I beat this one 
    with 2 lives and 1:46 still on the clock so I know you can do it too.
    50. Final Destination Match - Fight Master Hand and Crazy Hand each with 
    300HP and with only one life your self.  Focus all your attack onto Master 
    Hand (right) and try to dodge their attacks.  Recognizing their patterns is 
    the key to this battle.  Shielding can block most attacks and Double Jumping 
    can evade most of the others.  When it comes to the lasers just get under the 
    hand and attack with either Airborne Up + A's or PK Flash.  Patience is a 
    virtue, and it is the virtue that will save you in this battle.  It is better 
    to dodge both hand than to be smacked by one and do 30 damage to the other.  
    Only strike when you are sure you won't be hit.  Once Master Hand is gone 
    than it is easy from there.  Dodge his attacks and you should be able take on 
    this deadly duo.
    51. Final Showdown - Fight Mewtwo, Ganondorf, and Giga Bowser with 3 lives 
    each and only 3 lives your self.  For this final battle use the Last Resort 
    strategy.  Not only will it do major damage and eventually kill Giga Bowser, 
    but it will often confuse Ganondorf into Triple Jumping off to his death and 
    if you are lucky Mewtwo will get pushed off.  When doing the Last Resort 
    strategy, stay really far away from the edge because Giga Bowser has quite a 
    good reach.  Repeat that process and you will eventually win the final event.
    Break the Targets
    Tap B to destroy the target above you and then use your PK Flash to take out 
    the two targets to your right at the same time.  Move left and use PK Thunder 
    to destroy the next target.  Move more left and use your PK thunder twice to 
    take out the next two targets.  Jump up so that you can jump right to a 
    platform.  Destroy the target and then jump left to the next set of red 
    beams.  Simply destroy the rest of the targets with your fists.  This should 
    take an average of 45 seconds to complete.  My best time is 28'73, can you 
    beat it.
    VI.	Multiplayer
    This section covers the many possible strategies in multiplayer battles.
    One on One
    Last Resort - While I only use this strategy as a last resort(duh), it is a 
    very useful strategy against the CPU or a character who sits on the edge 
    ready to smash you.  Jump off the edge and use your PK Thunder to propel your 
    self into the enemy.  Make sure that you stay out of the reach of the enemy 
    and practice, practice, practice with PK Thunder.  While this move works 
    incredibly well against the AI it will only work a few times against a human.  
    It works well as a recovery move as well.
    Marathon Man - Quickly run by and use a Running A to hit the enemy, then 
    quickly leave and repeat the process.  Again this strategy is best used 
    against the dumber AI.
    Final Resort - It has happened to all of us, we have fought someone who will 
    not let us back on the edge.  When you are in that position use the Last 
    Resort strategy from above to take out as many of your enemies as possible 
    and have enough time to safely land.  If they keep throwing projectiles into 
    your PK Thunder than simply press the Down button to grab onto the edge 
    quickly and then jump back up with a Forward + A to clear your way.
    Pyromaniac - When everything is chaos try to roll out of it and use a PK Fire 
    to scorch everyone as many times as possible.  If that is working well then 
    hit them with your bat while you're at it.
    Make Way for Thunder - When they are coming at you use your PK Thunder to try 
    to hit them all.  They might jump, so try to predict it and blast your self 
    at an angle.  This one takes practice and knowing your enemies.  Mature the 
    strategy as your enemy does.  If they start to jump when you are about to 
    propel yourself, snake the thunder around and hit them in the air.
    Ambush or Two on Two
    Hold 'em Down - Have an ally grab the enemy and use your PK Thunder to propel 
    yourself into the enemy.  Just before you get to the enemy have your friend 
    throw the friend towards you to increase the damage. 
    Flower Power - When you are using a fire flower to burn the enemy, slowly 
    have your partner walk into you so that you move towards the enemy and roast 
    him until the flower is dead.
    Inferno - Get together with your ally and stand on opposite sides of your 
    enemy.  Repeatedly use PK Fire to boost up their percentage.  
    VII.	General Strategy
    In this section I will go over the main strategies to stay alive and well 
    with Ness.
    Stay Moving - As simple as it sounds, just stay moving and hit from long 
    distance.  The Magnet Shield shields you from missile attacks and you can 
    predict most long-range attacks and dodge them before they get to you.  
    Fight Defensively - Watch then enemy and dodge their attacks.  If they run at 
    you, simply dodge them with a Roll behind them and grab them.  Sometimes, 
    against the tougher fighters, offensive attacks are futile and only counters 
    will buy you a victory.
    Play with Damage - Always keep a close eye on you and your opponent's 
    percentage.  If they are high in percentage be aggressive; use mostly throws, 
    smashes, and your Bat.  If you are hurt then be cautious and never go into a 
    battle that you don't have to.  Assist your allies that have high percentages 
    and try to pick off the enemies with high percentages before you fight the 
    weaker ones.
    Use Items - When you are high in percentage then stay as far from your enemy 
    as possible.  Dodge them until an item comes.  If you are lucky you can get a 
    hammer, star, heart, or something that can turn the tide in your favor.  
    Patience is a virtue in videogames too.
    Think - Okay, it seems really easy but it is the most important and helpful 
    strategy.  Think about each attack before you do it, and try to anticipate 
    the enemy's response.  We often start with a strategy and then fall into a 
    pattern during the battle.  When you are doing bad then simply think and you 
    will usually do great.  
    VIII.	Credits
    I would like to give credit where credit is due.
    Thanks to Nessboy for the combo contributions; Barbeque, Go Towards the 
    Light, and Thunder Cannon.
    Thanks to Chris, Alex, Anuj, Anoop, Kevin, Aaron, and David for helping me 
    get so good with Ness by giving me countless hours of challenging 
    Thanks to Spike for the help in discovering the secrets in the game and for 
    having the best trophy lottery luck.
    Thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto and everyone at Nintendo for doing what they do 

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