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    Mr. Game and Watch by Dabid

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    /////////////////////// Mr. Game & Watch FAQ ///////////////////////
    Super Smash Brothers: Melee
    Mr. Game & Watch Character FAQ 
    By Dabid! - DabidAndDon@aol.com
    Version 1.0
    Created: 12/29/01
    Last Revised: 12/29/01
    This Document Copyright 2001 Dabid Kuhrt
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Table of Contents: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    I. Intro
    II. Moves
    III. Homerun Contest
    IV. 15-Minute Melee-Coming Soon
    V. 100-Man Melee-Coming Soon
    VI. Stock Battle Strategy
    VII. Time Battle Strategy
    VIII. Target Test Guide
    IX. The Legal Stuff
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I. Intro @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    In no one's WILDEST dreams did anyone ever imagine Mr. Game & Watch as 
    a playable Smash Bros. Character. Nobody asked for him, nobody wanted 
    him, but he came anyway-and I wouldn't have it any other way. The most 
    random, bizarre, unorthodox character in this or any fighting game, Mr. 
    Game & Watch is a true joy to play as. Although he's incredibly fun to 
    play as and features some of the most powerful attacks in the game, due 
    to his unorthodox nature he's quite difficult for players to figure 
    out. This guide is intended as a starting point for your road to 
    becoming a Mr. Game & Watch master.
    Mr. Game & Watch is always the last character you will unlock. In order 
    to get him, you must first unlock all 24 other characters. Then, defeat 
    Classic Mode or Target Test with all 24. Target Test is MUCH less 
    tedious, so that will likely be your preference. Then, Mr. Game & Watch 
    will come out to challenge you-he's not too tough, so you should be 
    able to beat him and unlock him easily. If you do lose to him, he'll 
    challenge you every time you complete a Target Test or Classic Mode 
    from that point on. His level, Flat Zone, can be obtained by beating 
    all 51 of the Event Mode Matches.
    Trophy Info: "A resident of a totally flat world, Mr. Game & Watch's 
    frame-by-frame movement is distinctive, his image is known far and 
    wide, and respected by gamers everywhere. First appearing in 1980, the 
    Game & Watch series is the father of all portable liquid-crystal games. 
    The main character is simple and monochrome but has a timeless 
    individuality. There are 39 different games in the series and they've 
    sold over 43 million units worldwide."
    Costumes: Mr. Game & Watch has four different "costumes"-since he's 
    always a monochrome silhouette, when you change costumes his entire 
    color changes. He comes in default black, but can be changed to red, 
    blue, or green. 
    First Appearance: Game & Watch 1980
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ II. Moves @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    ##### Basic Attacks: #####
    A: Sprayer 2-3%
    Up+A: Flag 9%
    Forward+A: Chair 10%
    Down+A: See-Saw 12%
    Mr. Game & Watch's basic attacks are surprisingly strong. The sprayer 
    can be used to string together basic combos. The Flag, See-Saw and 
    Chair both do good damage, and can KO opponents with high damage. The 
    Flag and See-Saw are EXTREMELY useful because they occur quickly, do 
    good damage, AND knock the opponent into the air. This can be used to 
    combo with many other great moves that will be discussed later in this 
    ##### Smash Attacks: #####
    Smash Attacks--Not Charged:
    Forward+A: Torch 17%
    Down+A: Dual Hammers 10%
    Up+A: Scuba Headbutt 18%
    Smash Attacks--Fully Charged:
    Hold Forward+A: Torch 24%
    Hold Down+A: Dual Hammers 20%
    Hold Up+A: Scuba Headbutt 24%
    Mr. Game & Watch has some of the best Smashes in the game. The Torch 
    and Scuba Headbutt are both exceptionally powerful and easy to hit, do 
    a ton of damage, and send the opponent long distances. You can set the 
    Scuba Headbutt up by knocking your opponent into the air with a running 
    attack or one of Mr. Game & Watch's up-throws. It takes a moment to 
    charge the Torch and Scuba Headbutt, but both are great. 
    The Dual Hammers, unfortunately, is not so great. It takes longer to 
    perform than the Torch and Scuba Headbutt, and does pitiful damage. You 
    have to hit your opponent exactly right for it to really hurt them, and 
    even then it doesn't send the opponent far. Your best bet is to avoid 
    this move altogether-use the See-Saw instead. It's quicker, does a good 
    bit of damage, and will set your opponent up for the Scuba Headbutt.
    ##### B Attacks: #####
    B: "Chef" Frying Pan and Sausages 3%-9% 
    Up+B: "Fire" Trampoline 6%
    Foward+B: "Judgement" Randomizer Mallet
    1: Shell Sound Mallet 2%
    2: Mallet 3%
    3: Fan Noise Mallet 5%
    4: Mallet 7%
    5: Electric Shock Mallet 10%
    6: Fire Burn Mallet 12%
    7: Mallet 14%
    8: Ice Freeze Mallet 3%
    9: Home-Run Tee Out Instant KO! 31%
    Down+B: "Oil Panic" Bucket O' Death 0-100+%
    If you thought his Smash Attacks were odd, you ain't seen nothing yet. 
    His normal B attack is a Frying Pan that flings Sausages. If you hit 
    your opponent with the frying pan itself it burns them and does 9% 
    damage. If you hit them just with the sausages, they do 3% for each one 
    that hits. It's not a very powerful move, but it can keep your opponent 
    off-balance so you can attack them. Hitting them with the frying pan 
    itself stuns the opponent for a millisecond, allowing fast players to 
    sneak in a quick hit.
    Mr. Game and Watch's Trampoline attack does poor damage, but it is a 
    great recovery move. While it won't send GAME & WATCH far horizontally, 
    with his two jumps and the Trampoline GAME & WATCH can fly straight off 
    the screen he'll go so high. This is a big problem in the Ice Mountain 
    level. While it is easy to hit someone with the Trampoline, it does 
    poor damage and will almost NEVER kill anything. I had to get an Ice 
    Climber up to nearly 250% to kill him with the Trampoline.
    The Randomizer Mallet is by far the most bizarre attack in the game. 
    When you use the attack, Mr. Game & Watch will pull out a small mallet 
    to hit the opponent with, and pull out a flag with his other hand. The 
    flag is important because it has a number on it that determines how 
    much damage the mallet does, as well as what effects the attack has 
    (freezing, burning, electrocuting). The mallet can do as little as 1% 
    damage if the flag is a "1"--or if you get a "9" the Mallet works as a 
    HomeRun Bat and is a *ONE-HIT KILL*!!! The odds of getting the one-hit 
    kill or any other number are 9 to 1 every time you use the Mallet, so I 
    would use it as often as possible. 
    Mr. Game & Watch's last special move is what I fondly refer to as his 
    "Bucket O' Doom". It is THE single strongest attack in the game, no 
    questions asked. It works exactly like a normal deflector, except that 
    instead of deflecting energy attacks it absorbs them into the bucket. 
    Also, it will only deflect energy attacks and not shells or Bob-ombs. 
    Once you have absorbed 3 projectiles and no less than 3 projectiles, 
    you will be able to throw the bucket's contents onto an opponent. If it 
    hits them, it will do TREMENDOUS damage and almost definitely kill 
    them. How strong is the bucket? Well, I absorbed three 2% damage ray 
    gun shots from Fox, then emptied the bucket on Fox-it did 47% damage 
    and blasted him off the screen. Should you absorb three Samus Charge 
    Shots or Ness PK Flashes, the bucket does WELL over 100% damage and is 
    as good as a one-hit KO. The bucket comes out fast and is filled very 
    easily, ESPECIALLY against people crazy about Fox's Ray Gun. Once the 
    bucket is filled, Game & Watch will begin to flash and his opponents 
    will know to stay away from him or be utterly destroyed.
    ##### Running Attack: #####
    Run+A: Running Headbutt 9%
    Mr. Game & Watch's running attack is a headbutt. Simple as that. It 
    only does 9% damage and takes a second to execute, so it's not so good. 
    It leaves Game & Watch vulnerable to attack, and he should never use it 
    to enter into a fray. A better way to start attacking someone is to 
    knock them off-balance with the Sausages, believe it or not. Opponents 
    with heavy damage will be knocked into the air by this attack, so it 
    can be used to combo.
    ##### Throws: #####
    Z+A: Bell Punch 3%
    Z+Forward: Juggler (Forwards) 8%
    Z+Back: Juggler (Backwards) 8%
    Z+Up: Juggler (Up) 8%
    Z+Down: Juggler (Down) 8%
    Mr. Game & Watch has quite possibly THE best juggling skills in all of 
    gaming. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. The animation and damage 
    done by all of Mr. Game & Watch's throws is exactly the same, and all 
    of his throws send the enemy a good distance away. The Up-Throw is 
    particularly useful because after using it it's possible to follow up 
    and juggle the opponent (pun intended) with the Smash Scuba Headbutt or 
    Trampoline. His Forward and Backward throws are also quite useful-you 
    can throw the enemy a short distance away, then jump at them and hit 
    them with one of Mr. Game & Watch's spectacular aerial attacks.
    ##### Aerial Attacks: #####
    A: Parachute 16%
    Up+A: Sprayer 7% per hit
    Down+A: Key 13%
    Forward+A: Chair 16%
    Back+A: Multi-hit Bucket 9-14%
    In my opinion, Mr. Game & Watch has the strongest and best air attacks 
    of anyone in the game. His Parachute has HUGE radius, does a lot of 
    damage, and is a power hit that hits opponents as far as most Smash 
    attacks. It's quick, easy to use, and can kill unsuspecting opponents 
    by the bucketfulls (yes, pun intended).  The Sprayer can be used 
    several times in a row to do lots of damage, while the Chair does a lot 
    of damage automatically and also acts as a power hit. The Key works in 
    a similar fashion to Link's "Sword-Pounce", but doesn't do as much 
    damage or send the opponent as far. Finally, the Multi-hit Bucket won't 
    kill anyone, but it will surprise your opponents and rack up more 
    ##### Taunts: #####
    D-Pad: The loudest and most obnoxious taunt in the game, when you taunt 
    with Mr. Game and Watch he pulls out a bell and rings it loudly. If 
    you're not expecting it, you may think your phone is ringing and be 
    disappointed when it's not. This has happened to me on several 
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ III. Homerun Contest @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Mr. Game & Watch is unfortunately one of the worst characters at the 
    Homerun Contest. His attacks are too powerful, and most will knock the 
    sandbag off the platform in one hit. The strategy that I used to get 
    the best score for Mr. Game & Watch makes use of his juggling ability 
    (literally). As soon as the time begins, jump into the air and come 
    straight down on the Sandbag with the Key. Then, grab the bag and use 
    the Up-Throw to juggle the sandbag into the air. Jump after it and hit 
    it with a few Up+A air attacks. Finally, grab the bat and tee out the 
    sandbag. This strategy will get Mr. Game & Watch a respectable 600+ 
    feet distance.
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ IV. 15-Minute Melee @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Coming Soon.
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V. 100-Man Melee @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Coming Soon.
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ VI. Stock Battle Strategy @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Mr. Game & Watch is tied with Jigglypuff as the second-lightest 
    character in the game (after Pichu). He's not as fast as some of the 
    other characters, and his really good moves take a moment or so to pull 
    off. For these reasons, Mr. Game & Watch is best used as an 
    OPPORTUNIST. Stay away from brawls that are going on between your 
    opponents. If they shoot Projectiles at you, absorb them in the Bucket 
    O' Death. If they chase you (which is ever better), jump up and down a 
    lot and hit them with Mr. Game & Watch's awesome aerial attacks. When 
    it comes down to you and your last opponent, make use of Mr. Game & 
    Watch's juggling ability to bring home the victory with Throws and 
    Smash Attacks. Mr. Game & Watch can't jump straight into the fray, but 
    if you play carefully he *will* be the last man standing.
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ VII. Time Battle Strategy @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Because Mr. Game & Watch has to play offensively to score big and win 
    in a time match, it's much more difficult to use him in a time battle. 
    He's too light and slow to jump into a fray and start picking up kills, 
    so your best bet is to stay away and bait your opponents. If they chase 
    you, use the same strategy as in a Stock Battle. If they leave you 
    alone, collect all the good items and blow them away. When forced to 
    stand and fight Mr. Game & Watch can do so, but he will rack up damage 
    quickly. Try to pad your score when you can, and play defensively the 
    rest of the time. If you're lucky, Mr. Game & Watch should come out on 
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ VIII. Target Test Guide @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Mr. Game & Watch has THE easiest of all the Target Tests. There is NO 
    way to die, and all of the targets are easy to get. Simply learn the 
    pattern of where the targets appear, and destroy them. It's possible to 
    do this in less than 9 seconds if you're good. 
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ IX. The Legal Stuff @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    This is my FAQ, and I worked super-hard on it.  Don't take this FAQ and 
    copy it in any which way without my consent. Just send me a quick E-
    Mail at DabidAndDon@aol.com stating where you wish to use it to get my 
    consent. If you reproduce it, you must not change it in any way and you 
    must give me full credit. I'm very excited to have made this FAQ for 
    one of the coolest characters in any fighting game ever, so I will 
    almost *definitely* give you consent to use the FAQ--I just want to 
    know where it's going and who it's helping. Thanks! 

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