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    Mewtwo by Perfect Light

    Version: 0.17 | Updated: 05/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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      |      | / /  T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    1)  Newsroom
    2)  Introduction to Mewtwo
    3)  Become Psychic
    4)  Mewtwo's Pros And Cons
    5)  Basic Game Control Scheme
    6)  Mewtwo's Moves
    7)  Basic Mewtwo Tips
    8)  Character Strategies
    9)  Item Strategies
    10) Stage Maps
    11) Classic Mode Guide
    12) Adventure Mode Guide
    13) Juggling And Edge-Guarding
    14) Target Test
    15) Home Run Contest
    16) Mewtwo's Trophies
    17) Readers' Strategies
    18) Coming Soon...
    19) Acknowledgments
    20) Disclaimer
    21) A Fond Farewell!
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      |      | / /  1) N E W S R O O M
    Sixth Version - Version 0.17
    Completed on: Been a while since the last update, but I fixed a rather 
    embarassing mistake in one of the sections. Instead of putting "but" 
    like I meant to, I put "bust"! Oh, God! Anyways, it's been fixed!
    Fifth Version - Version 0.157
    Completed on: February 12, 2002
    OK, I am beginning my next great feat. I have mapped the stages using 
    computer symbols, under the "Level Maps" section. I'm not done with all 
    of them, but I have some. Please tell me what you think!
    Fourth Version - Version 0.15
    Completed on: January 1, 2002
    Wow! A new year! Happy 2002! Anyway, I added some stuff that I got on 
    the message boards. Over AIM, someone gave me new destroying names for 
    the Character Strategies section, and I also got Mewtwo's All-Star 
    Trophy. I am pleased with the tens of e-mails I got, thank you, 
    everyone! I love the stories you sent, and I'm glad someone was able to 
    show their little brother Mewtwo's power, and wipe that smile off his 
    face! I also added the "Item Strategies" section. The Stage Strategies 
    will come soon enough, just be patient!
    I also received tens of e-mails just on the Home-Run contest. I could 
    post all your names, but that would take forever! I thank everyone who 
    helped me with that. The person that sent the idea in first was 
    stage@shaw.ca, but I thank all of you!
    Third Version - Version 0.125
    Completed: December 31, 2001
    I changed the ASCII at the start of the guide. It's supposed to be 
    Mewtwo's Shadow Ball. ^_^ I also added, changed, and rearranged tons of 
    stuff. Hope you like the guide so far! Remember, I'll have the Item and 
    Stage strategies within the next few updates.
    Second Version - Version 0.12
    Completed: December 30, 2001
    I sent it in, but I forgot the Disclaimer! Never done that before! 
    Anyway, it's there now!
    First Version - Version 0.1
    Completed: December 30, 2001
    I wrote the entire thing, so everything's brand-spanking new! This guide 
    is not completed because it needs some things. To see what's going to 
    come, check out the "Coming Soon..." section.
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      |      | / /  2) I N T R O D U C T I O N  T O  M E W T W O
    Years ago, scientists wander through the wrenching heat of the forest. A 
    small being zips and floats behind them, giggling. They soon come upon a 
    strange temple, with a carving of an animal. That animal is Mew. They 
    find Mew's eyebrow, and bring it back to the lab. Their mission, clone 
    this eyebrow and create one of the most powerful fighters in existence.
    When they are finished, months later, this new pokemon awakens. It finds 
    itself inside a glass container. Its mind begins to wonder about who it 
    is, what its purpose is. When it sees the humans looking at it, it 
    becomes frightened. The creature asks questions. It doesn't like the 
    The powerful being erupts from its container! It destroys the screaming 
    scientist creators. It destroys its fathers. It incinerates the entire 
    lab with its new psychic powers. It has become a whole. Although it does 
    not have full control of its psychic powers, what it does have control 
    over is devastating.
    It is Mewtwo, the most powerful fighter of all time, and it is angry...
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      |      | / /  3) B E C O M E  P S Y C H I C
    If you already have Mewtwo, skip this part. ^_^
    To unlock Mewtwo, you have to play 20 hours in VS. Mode or Adventure 
    Mode, or play over 700 VS. Mode matches. Then, one of the most powerful 
    fighters will challenge you. Use a character like Donkey Kong against 
    it. Keep using the Hand Slap (Down-B), but block when it charges up its 
    Shadow Ball (it pulls back and forms a black ball).
    Once you have it to around 120%-140%, use a Smash or Meteor attack to 
    send it flying! Mewtwo is now yours!!
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    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  4) M E W T W O ' S  P R O S  A N D  C O N S
    - Mewtwo's jump is outstanding. And its Teleport only adds to its range. 
    Not many players can jump higher than this psychic pokemon.
    - Most of Mewtwo's attacks send opponents flying, and are quickly 
    executed. Although someone like Falco has faster moves, Mewtwo's pack 
    more of a punch.
    - When Mewtwo uses items, it holds and uses them with its psychic 
    powers. This allows for longer distance when throwing items.
    - Not only are Mewtwo's smash attacks powerful, Mewtwo has a great 
    variety of projectile attacks to go along with that. Its projectiles 
    help it out to set up combos.
    - Mewtwo's Teleport is great for escaping bad situations.
    - Mewtwo floats instead of walking, and that makes it easy to smack 
    - Mewtwo is bad at the Home run Contest, because all of its hits are 
    hard hitting.
    - Mewtwo has no run, as it only floats (he does have a slow and fast 
    float, though). Therefore, he is very slow in a footrace. This means 
    that when he is caught in a bad fight, the only way it can escape it to 
    Teleport, which in turn leaves it open when it reappears.
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    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  5) B A S I C  G A M E  C O N T R O L  S C H E M E
    First of all, we'll begin with controls. The basic ones. Here is my 
    controller for your viweing pleasure!
                 ;;L;;                         ;;R;;
                /      \                      / -Z- \
                \ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; /
                ; ,;;;;;;;     NINTENDO     ;;;;;;, ;
                /  _____  ;    GAMECUBE    ;  -Y-    \
               /  / ;;;; \ ;              ;   -----  |\
              /  / ; oo ; \ ;            ;   (  A  ) X \
              ;   \ ;;;; /   ;Start/Pause;  __\___/  | ;
              ;    \____/   ;      o     ; /B \        ;
             |\            ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\__/        /|
             | `.;;----;    ;;;;      ;;;;    ;----;;.` |
             |          ;       \   /  ___   ;          |
             |          /  _|_   \ /  / C \ \           |
             |        ; \   |    / \  \___/ / ;         |
             |       |   \______/   \______/   |        |
             |       |                         |        |
              \      |                         |       /
               \_____/                          \_____/
    I hope you like my controller. Now that you know where everything is, I 
    can list the basic controls!
    A Button: Basic Attack, pick up items
    B Button: Special Attack
    C-Stick: N/A
    Control Stick: move character, Up to jump
    D-Pad: Up is Taunt
    L Shoulder Button: Shield
    R Shoulder Button: Shield
    X Button: Alternate jump
    Y Button: Alternate jump
    Z Trigger: Drop item, grab nearby enemy
    Control Stick + R: Roll right
    Control Stick + L: Roll left
    R or L + Down on Control Stick: Dodge
    Z + Direction on Control Stick: Throw any throwable item you have
    A Button: Accept
    B Button: Back
    C-Stick: Wobble some screens, change backgrounds in Trophy Gallery
    Control Stick: naviagte menu options
    D-Pad: N/A
    L Shoulder Button: scroll left at Trophy screen
    R Shoulder Button: scroll right at Trophy screen
    X Button: Change colors at Character select screen
    Y Button: Change colors at Character select screen
    Z Trigger: N/A
    Coins: This is what you use in the Lottery to get Trophies. You can get 
    them many different ways. Some ways are: earning them in Coin mode, 
    using Smash Attacks, etc.
    Crowd: The crowd is very cool. They chant your name if you're a killing 
    machine. If you come back from a big fall, they gasp.
    Dodge: By dodging, you avoid attacks by leaning. That way, before the 
    other player can retaliate, you can roll behind them and score a hit.
    Grab: Grab someone to hold them still. This opens up combo options.
    Juggling: This strategy is very useful. It involves knocking the 
    opponent into the air repeatedly, then smashing them away when they come 
    back down.
    KO: It means knockout. This means you knocked your opponent out of the 
    Meteor Attack: This is a very powerful attack, used to enhance smash 
    attacks' power. Look in the "Falco's Moves" section to see how to do 
    Roll: An effective technique is to roll if you're about to be attacked. 
    Then, you can retaliate withyour own attack. Also, roll behind an attack 
    opponent to surprise them. They are then open to attacks from behind!
    Self-Destruct: This is just a fancy way of saying you died!
    Shield: What you use to defend yourself. It diminshes after a time.
    Smash Attack: A smash attack is using forward-A to deliver a powerful 
    blow. A smash attack is not necessarily powerful, just hard-hitting.
    Stage: The stage is the term that displayes what you are playing on. 
    There are 11 secret stages in the game, so keep looking if you don't 
    have them all!
    Throw: If you grab someone, use the control stick to throw him or her.
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  6) M E W T W O ' S  M O V E S
    The thing I like about this pokemon, is its variety of moves sets him 
    apart from most other fighters. Although it is slow in executing most of 
    them, when they connect, they are devastating.
    Before we start, there are a few things you MUST know.
    To perform a strong attack, tilt the control stick in the direction you 
    want, without making your character move. Now, hit A to make the 
    character perform a strong attack.
    Most people do smash attacks wrong. It gets its name from the game and 
    what you do to the control stick. SMASH the control stick in the 
    direction needed, then MASH A to perform a smash attack!
    Meteor attacks are used in the Move List, and it's good to know how to 
    do one. When using A to do Smash attacks, if you hold A and the 
    direction, your character will blink and charge up to move. When you 
    release A or you get to full power, your character will release the 
    attack, making it much more powerful than before!
    >(button) = control stick right and button, strong attack
    /\(button = control stick up and button, strong attack
    \/(button) = control stick down and button, strong attack
    >>(button) = control stick right and button, smash attack
    //\\(button) = control stick up and button, smash attack
    \\//(button) = control stick down and button, smash attack
    Dark Spark           A                   6
    Dark Flame         A, A...             6, 11
    Tail Whip           >A                  10
    Flip               /\A                   5
    Tail Sweep         \/A                   5
    Shadow Blast       >>A               Up to 16
    Galaxy Force      //\\A              Up to 20
    Shadow Bomb       \\//A              Up to 20
    Spin and Chuckle   D-Up                  -
    Body Spark          A                 Varies
    Shadow Scratch     >A                   14
    Tail Flick         <A                   13
    Flip Kick         /\A                   12
    Meteor Kick       \/A                   16
    Dark Flame          A                    9
    Dark Shock           A                   3
    Shadow Throw         >                   9
    Telekenesis          <                  11
    Psy Whirlwind       /\                  12
    Tail Slap           \/                  11
    Shadow Ball         B                Up to 25
    Confusion*         >B                   10
    Teleport          /\B                    -
    Disable**         \/B                1 (stuns)
    * Turns character the other direction, also.
    ** Must be facing character
    WARNING: Remember that if a character is facing the same direction as 
    you, and is in front of you, Disable will have no effect. You must make 
    eye contact!
    NOTE: If you disabled a character, use Disable again to send them 
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  7) B A S I C  M E W T W O  T I P S
    These tips are ones that will help you in any situation. They are useful 
    at all times of battle. If you have a situation you thought of and want 
    a way to avoid it, please E-Mail me your situation and I'll try to find 
    a solution. Also, if you have a situation you would like to solve, 
    please send it to me. I'll add it to the "Readers' Strategies" section 
    if I like the question!
    Hold The Power In Your Hand:
    Mewtwo's Shadow Ball is very useful. I suggest trying to find cover near 
    the beginning of the battle and powering up. Then, when you move, the 
    ball will remain on your hand, and you can unleash it at any time by 
    pressing B. This way, if you find a perfect shot, you'll always have one 
    on hand (lol).
    Teleport Away:
    If at any time you find yourself overwhelmed in battle, by all means, 
    Teleport (Up-B + direction after pressed) away from it. That way, you 
    can get your bearings and come in for another attack!
    Don't Overuse Attacks:
    This one goes to all characters but especially to Mewtwo. If you 
    repeatedly use Shadow Ball or Flip Kick, human and Level 5 and over AI 
    players alike catch on to you. Try to vary your moves and keep the 
    battle interesting!
    Know The Stage:
    When you go into battle, don't just go into a part of the stage you 
    don't know. If you go into a stage, you should be familiar with the 
    stage. Try it out in Training Mode first, to get the ropes. That way, 
    you'll never be surprised.
    Don't Jump Into The Fray:
    If some characters are over pummeling each other, LET THEM! This way, 
    you conseve percentage, and you have time to rest. Stay alert, though, 
    because they could sneak over while you rest!
    More to come...
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  8) C H A R A C T E R  S T R A T E G I E S
    Here I will supply strategies in defeating every character in the game 
    as Mewtwo. Because Mewtwo takes so long to master (even I don't have it 
    FULLY mastered), I thought I could give strategies for defeating other 
    Mashing Mario: Mario's Tornado poses a bit of a problem. Since Mewtwo is 
    a mediumweight, it gets hit and thrown pretty far at higher damages. If 
    you're around 100%, try to use the Shadow Ball to rack up the damage, 
    then come in hard with a Shadow Blast Meteor attack.
    Plucking Pikachu: Not a hard adversary, but not too easy. Pika's 
    electric attacks do lots of damage, and Mewtwo is easily knocked. The 
    best thing to do is to Teleport whenever Pikachu gets near. Once you're 
    behind Pikachu, you're free to do as you please.
    Bashing Bowser: This heavyweight is a huge challenge for Mewtwo. Bowser 
    can knock you silly if you're not very good. I recommend using the 
    Shadow Ball fully charged to knock him good. Try to charge it up then 
    let er rip! Then, while he's down, come in with a swift attack.
    Pummeling Peach: What a joke! This babe is so light, you can smack her 
    around good! All you have to do is use the Shadow Ball to get her damage 
    high, but be wary of her Toad, then smash her away! Goodbye! Also, if 
    she floats, use the Flip Kick attack to get her back down.
    Yo-yoing Yoshi: A dinosaur with annoying power. His Egg Lay is annoying, 
    so stay at bay and out of his reach. Use your Shadow Ball to get him, 
    and if he tries to Egg Roll at you, Teleport quickly away. When he comes 
    leaping back up, Flip Kick him into oblivian!
    Deking Donkey Kong: This heavyweight is a huge challenge for Mewtwo. 
    Donkey Kong can knock you silly if you're not very good. I recommend 
    using the Shadow Ball fully charged to knock him good. Try to charge it 
    up then let er rip! Then, while he's down, come in with a swift attack.
    Crushing Captain Falcon: This guy is so fast. Although he would beat you 
    in a footrace, your attacks execute faster. His attacks pack a wallop, 
    so stay away and use projectiles. If you stay away, you can blast him, 
    and since the good Captain has no projectiles, you're free to pound him, 
    then come in with quick attacks, rolling to dodge his Falcon Punch and 
    Filleting Fox: Fox is also pretty fast. Make sure NOT to use your Shadow 
    Ball, because humans and computers alike bounce it back at you because 
    it moves so slowly. Focus on those Flip attacks. For a major combo, 
    charge up your Shadow Ball. Let it rest on your hand, and try to put Fox 
    to sleep. Hit him with the Shadow Ball. This way, he won't knock it back 
    at you!
    Nuking Ness: A lightweight with power. Watch out for that PK Flash. The 
    Teleport will help you avoid the PK Flash, but keep your distance and 
    don't take risks unless necessary. When he tries to come back with his 
    PK Thunder, intercept him with your shield, then bash him with a smash 
    Incinerating the Ice Climbers: Seperate the two, kill Nana with Meteor 
    attacks. Couldn't be any easier. Just watch for those hammers, and try 
    to avoid the icings!
    Kicking Kirby: Not too hard. Once he is at higher levels, though, he 
    gets tougher. If he copies you, he'll use the Shadow Ball on you 
    repeatedly. Try to rack up his damage with Shadow Balls, keep your 
    distance from that mouth, and then come in for a quick attack.
    Supressing Samus: Samus is powerful when the opponent knows how to use 
    her. She's very aerial, so try the Flip or Meteor Kick to keep her down. 
    Also, watch for her Charge Shot. If she powers it up, block it at the 
    last second with your shield when its at full power. If you do it too 
    early, she might break your shield.
    Zapping Zelda: She's medium, but has finesse. If she strikes with her 
    Din's Fire, use the shield to block her, then send a charged Shadow 
    Ball. Also, her Spark attacks are killers, so keep away. When she 
    vanishes with Parore's Wind, use a charged Shadow Ball to surprise her.
    Shredding Sheik: She's medium, but has finesse. If she strikes with her 
    Needle Storm, use the shield to black her, then send a charged Shadow 
    Ball. Also, her Chain attack is a killer, so keep away. When she 
    vanishes with Vanish, use a charged Shadow Ball to surprise her.
    Lollying Link: His sword atacks are very powerful, so keep him guessing 
    at your every move. Make sure you keep him on the ground. If he does 
    launch into the air, use the Flip Kick to hit him, or get away with your 
    Confusion. When he throws his Boomerang or fires an Arrow, use the 
    shield to stop them.
    Juggling Jigglypuff: The name says it all. Jiggly is very light, so try 
    to get a good juggle going, then smack her away!
    Destroying Dr. Mario: Dr. Mario's Dr. Tornado poses a bit of a problem. 
    Since Mewtwo is a mediumweight, it gets hit and thrown pretty far at 
    higher damages. If you're around 100%, try to use the Shadow Ball to 
    rack up the damage, then come in hard with a Meteor attack.
    Pounding Pichu: Pichu is the lightest character in the game, and 
    therefore is kicked around easily. Use your Telekenesis on him to launch 
    him out of the area.
    Frying Falco: Remember that Falco falls really fast. One of the best 
    strategies against Falco is to get his percentage up with meteors, then 
    hang on the ledge. Since Mewtwo is a master at recovering, you can come 
    back, but Falco will kill himself trying to get to you. This can help 
    you if you're losing desperately. Falco is also pretty fast. Make sure 
    NOT to use your Shadow Ball, because humans and computers alike bounce 
    it back at you because it moves so slowly. For a major combo, charge up 
    your Shadow Ball. Let it rest on your hand, and try to put Falco to 
    sleep. Hit him with the Shadow Ball. This way, he won't knock it back at 
    Mangling Marth: Marth's Dolphin Slash is fast and hard to see coming. If 
    you happen to see it, Shadow Scratch is the answer. When he's on the 
    ground, he's kind of slow. Keep this in mind and always keep a charged 
    Shadow Ball on hand (hahaha).
    Yawning at Young Link: His sword attacks need work, but his aerial 
    attacks are very powerful. Make sure you keep him on the ground. If he 
    does launch into the air, use the Flip Kick to hit him, or get away with 
    your Confusion. When he throws his Boomerang or fires an Arrow, use the 
    shield to stop them.
    Grinding Ganondorf: This heavyweight is so slow, but his attacks are 
    some of the most powerful in the game. However, Mewtwo's speed easily 
    lets him get around Ganondorf and deliver some blows. When he begins to 
    power up his Warlock Punch (he'll scream), roll behind him and deliver a 
    full-powered Meteor attack. Although it does not send him flying very 
    far, it does do lots of damage. Since Ganondorf's attacks are slow, 
    Mewtwo can get in lots of hits with the aerial attacks.
    Mutilating Mewtwo: Yes, beating yourself will prove to be a challenge. 
    If he has a charged Shadow Ball ready, make sure to have one yourself. 
    If he flings his at you, block with your shield, then send yours away. 
    With any luck, it'll connect.
    Licking Luigi: Luigi's Cyclone poses a bit of a problem. Since Mewtwo is 
    a mediumweight, it gets hit and thrown pretty far at higher damages. If 
    you're around 100%, try to use the Shadow Ball to rack up the damage, 
    then come in hard with a Meteor attack.
    Removing Roy: Roy is pretty fast, almost as fast as you. Watch out for 
    his sword attacks, they are killers. If he fully charges his B attack, 
    you're a goner. Try to use the Disable to outwit him, then come in with 
    an aerial forward-a attack.
    Munching Mr. Game & Watch: This guy is a pushover, but not completely 
    helpless. Just repeatedly smash and meteor him, but don't go into a 
    pattern. Make sure not to use your Shadow Ball, or he'll catch it and 
    create an oil slick if he gets three shots in. Or, he'll catch your shot 
    and then cast it back at you. Bad. If he does, pound him. Good.
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  9) I T E M  S T R A T E G I E S
    Because I intend to cover almost every aspect of the game with Mewtwo, I 
    am now going to supply you with my Item Strategies. One cool thing about 
    Mewtwo and items is that Mewtwo holds and uses items with his psychic 
    powers. Sure, he moves his hand, but that's to make the item move! If 
    you have any Item strategies you have (that deal with Mewtwo), please 
    send them to me, and I'll put them up in the "Readers' Strategies" 
    Beam Sword: One of the most lethal weapons in the game. If used 
    properly, it can mean the difference between life and death, victory and 
    loss. I recommend having a charged Shadow Ball on hand. Smack them with 
    a charged up swing combined with a smash attack. Then, while they're 
    down, hit them again, then unleash the Shadow Ball. Great combo.
    Bob-Omb: If you can get the opponent above you, throw it up and they'll 
    explode. When they begin to come back down, use your Shadow Blast to 
    kill them quickly. If they return, use a throw.
    Fan: Pretty much useless, but you can set up great combos. Repeatedly 
    smack them and while they're stunned, throw them up when they are around 
    100% damage.
    Fire Flower: Make sure you have a charged Shadow Ball. Shoot the enemy 
    repeatedly and once the flames are out, chuck it at them. While they're 
    stunned, fire your Shadow Ball. Bye bye enemy!
    Flipper: Throw it at someone then stand on the opposite side of them. If 
    they keep hitting it, come in hard and fast with your Shadow Blast.
    Freezie: Again, charge up a Shadow Ball. Freeze your opponent then let 
    the Shadow Ball fly! Then, if they're still alive, come in with a few 
    strong attacks.
    Green Shell: Repeatedly throw it at someone to rack up damage. Then, 
    float in and let him have it!
    Hammer: Pick this one up and it'll begin floating around you, since you 
    use psychic powers. This allows for greater range. Just target the 
    player with the highest damage.
    Home-Run Bat: Stun someone with Disable. Hit a home-run. 'Nuff said.
    Lip's Stick: Use it with a smash attack until it's power runs out, then 
    follow up with a throw. Come in hard and fast with a Telekenesis to get 
    them good.
    Motion-Sensor Bomb: Put it someplace that it blends in, but make sure 
    you don't forget where it is. Lure someone into it and after they 
    explode, use your Shadow Throw.
    Mr. Saturn: Just throw it at someone and then find something more 
    Pokeball: Hit someone with it. When the pokemon pops out, use repeated 
    Shadow Balls on the one trapped in the attack. Or, rush in since most of 
    the time the pokemon is harmless to you.
    Ray Gun: Power up a Shadow Ball. Use it and time your shots to slowly 
    push them off the edge. Then, once its out, chuck it at them. While 
    they're stunned, fire the Shadow Ball.
    Red Shell: Throw it at a group of people, then throw a Shadow Ball in 
    for fun.
    Star Rod: Use up all the stars on people, then throw it at someone. 
    Follow up with a Galaxy Force. 
    Super Scope: Stun someone with Disable, then charge it up!
    Warp Star: Grab tight and aim for the person with the most damage that's 
    in range. Once you stop, pummel them while they're flaming.
    Food: Press A really REALLY FAST!!!
    Heart Container: If you see someone near it, Shadow Ball them. Swoop it 
    and grab it yourself. If two are fighting over it, nonchalantly move to 
    get it while the others are duking it out. Grab it even if you don't 
    need it, to prevent others from getting it.
    Maxim Tomato: If you see someone near it, Shadow Ball them. Swoop it and 
    grab it yourself. If two are fighting over it, nonchalantly move to get 
    it while the others are duking it out. Grab it even if you don't need 
    it, to prevent others from getting it.
    Bunny Hood: Quickly grab it and make use of the speed. Take more risks 
    since you can jump higher. Spike and edge-guard as much as you can 
    because you can jump really well.
    Cloaking Device: Once you get it, stand still if you're in need of 
    health. That way, no one can damage you and you can take a breather. If 
    you're BADLY damaged, try to find health before someone else does.
    Metal Box: When you grab this, rush the more skilled players. Reason 
    being that you don't fly very far, and you have better moves. Also, stay 
    near the middle of the stage. That way, you have less of chance of 
    falling off.
    Parasol: This is great to hit players with, but it is really useful when 
    spiking. Jump over someone you want to spike, spike them, then you can 
    float to safety.
    Screw Attack: If you're fighting Samus, go hit her, it's fun to give her 
    a taste of it! Use it on someone until they are really high. Throw it at 
    them to have them automatically Screw, so you can get under them and 
    start a juggle!
    Starman: Get and and attack the strongest fighter. Always go after the 
    most skilled (unless its you) and try to KO someone with very little 
    Super Mushroom: Attack a skilled fighter. Because of your massive girth, 
    you're too big to be knocked very far. Take advantage of this and come 
    in with powerful moves that will be even more powerful. The Shadow Ball 
    is your most powerful move when it's at full power, so use that!
    Poison Mushroom: This doesn't slow you down much, but it is kind of 
    good. Attack rather large characters and they probably will atack right 
    over your head! On the other hand, if they hit you, you're probably 
    gone. If you see a dark, slightly scowling mushroom, don't go near it!
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  10) S T A G E  M A P S
    Before I actually give actual stage strategies, I thought it would be 
    original to map out the mapable stages for your viewing pleasure, and to 
    study. Remember, only important things are mapped (for example, stage 
    traps and platforms). Things like background are left out. Sorry, but 
    that would get too complicated. Only things included are platforms and 
    other things that have effect on gameplay.
    In the upcoming "Level Strategy" section, I will often refer to points 
    on the maps, labeling them. If you see an "A" by a description for a 
    level, look at the level and find the "A" on the map. This will tel you 
    the location of the point I was talking about, if there is one. (This is 
    coming soon.)
    The "~~~~~~~" lines are the stage's south boundry lines. If there is no 
    boundry, that means you can't die by falling. :p
    Mapped: 13 out of 29
    Left To Map: 16 out of 29
        _________________         _________________
       |_________________|       |_________________|
                  /  (   /       \   )  \
                 /   (   /       \   )   \
                /     (   /     \   )     \
                \       (  /| |\  )       /
                |\       (  |||  )       /|
                | \        (   )        / |
                |  \_____   ( )   _____/  |
                |                         |
            Some tentacle-like things are here
    Big Blue
    Things to Stand on: F-Zero X race cars, big Golden Fox car, random 
    platforms, black cameras
    Brinstar Depths
                     |          |<--------Unmappable island floats here
                     |          |
                                         |  |
                                       /            \
        __/\__________________________/              \__
      O  /                                              O
      O_/                                             __O
     ___|                                            | 
    O                                                /    .-----------.
    O___                                             /    |           |
        \                                           / unmappable      |
        /\______________                  _________/    island floats |
       /OO/            |                 |                 here       |
                        |               |           ____________      |
                         |             |           |            |     |
                          |           |            |            | <---.
                           |         |             |            |
                            |       |              |____________|
    (can be facing any direction, and Kraid is in the background)
    NOTE: Remember that I cannot map every nook and cranny. It was very 
    difficult to do this, so please don't critisize. Try it yourself if you 
    don't believe me!
    Flat Zone
    |                                               |
    |_____                                   trees  |
    |                                         here  |
    ||||||    _____________________________     \/  |
    |                                            _  |
    ||||||                                     /   \|
    |____    __________         __________   /___   |   
    | [] |                                  | [] |  |
    |  , |                                  |,   |  |
    |    |                                  |    |  |
    (Some parts of the three center platforms will vanish.)
    Great Bay
                                               /      \
                                              /        \
                                              \        /<------Tingle
                                               \      /
                                                \    /           __________
                                                 \  /           |
                                                  @@            |
         ____________________________________                   |turtle
        |____________________________________|                  |appears
               | |                  | |                         |here
               | |                  | |                         |
               | |                  | |                         |
    @@@@@@@@@@ | |                  | | OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO     |
    @@@@@@@@@@ | |                  | | OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO     |
    w       a       t       e        r       w       a       t      e     r
                       |                               |
                       |     [][][]          [][][]    |
                       |                               |
                       |                               |
                       |                               |
       [][][]          |       [][][][][][][][][]      |
                    ooooooo                         ooooooo
    ______________           _____________________           ______________
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                  |         |                     |         |
                   ~~~~~~~~~                       ~~~~~~~~~
    Kingdom II
                             / Birdo Appears here \
               _____________/                      \_____________
              \/                                                \/
    ______________                                           ______________
                  |                                         |
                  |                                         |
                  |          _____________________          |
                  |         |    |\\\\\\\\\\\|    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                  |         |    |           |    |         |
                   ~~~~~~~~~                       ~~~~~~~~~
    Kongo Jungle
                _                     / \
               / \                    | |
               | |                 UUUUUUUUUUU
             UUUUUUUUUUU              | |
               | |                    | |
               | |                    | |
               | |                UUUUUUUUUUUUU
           UUUUUUUUUUUU               | |
               \ \                    | |
                \ \                   | |
                 \ \                  / /
                  \ \                / /
                                                  |        |
                                                   |      |
                                                    |    |
    Mute City
    You travel around on a platfrom like this one:
    /                                                 \
    |                                                 |
    |                                                 |
    The stops you make are:
    Coming soon...
                            |     |DRUG |    |  _               _
                            |     |STORE|    | |_|             |_|
                            |   UUUUUUUUUU   | |_|=============|_|
                @@@@@@@@@   |                | | |\/\/\/\/\/\/\| |
    @@@@@@       @@@@@@@    |                | | |             | |
     @@@@         //        |                | | |       ______| |
       \\ __--|--//         |   UUUUUUUUUU   | | |      /      \ |
       |^^    |    ^^|      |                | | |    /          \
       |      |      |      |                | | |  /              \
       |      |===== |      |                | | | |                |
       |      |      |      |                | | | |                |
    Poke Floats
    Yoshi's Story
                  UUUUUUUU                UUUUUUUU
     ...............|                          |...............
     .              |                          |              .
     ...............|                          |...............
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|                          |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  11) C L A S S I C  M O D E  G U I D E
    Not that hard early on, but not too easy in the later difficulties. 
    Since battles are random, I will just provide a description of each type 
    of level. If you are stuck on something in particular, and you can't 
    find out about it here, please let me know. Tell me the situation and 
    I'll try my best to help!
    I even made a map, being the nice person that I am!
            ___          ___          ___          ___          ___
           /   \        /   \        /   \        /   \        /   \
          |  T  |      |  N  |      |  B  |      |  M  |      | MM  |
           \___/        \___/        \___/        \___/        \___/
      ___    /\    ___    /\    ___    /\    ___    /\    ___    /\    __
     /   \  /  \  /   \  /  \  /   \  /  \  /   \  /  \  /   \  /  \  /  \
    |  N  |/    \|  B  |/    \|  G  |/    \|  N  |/    \|  B  |/    \|BOSS| 
     \___/        \___/        \___/        \___/        \___/        \__/
     START                                                           FINISH
    N = Normal Melee
    T = Team Melee
    G = Giant Melee
    M = Multi-Man Melee
    B = Bonus Stage
    MM = Metal Melee
    BOSS = Boss Level
    Normal Melee: A battle in this type of level pits you against one
                  opponent in a level. You have many more lives than your
                  opponent, so this one should be pretty easy.
    Team Melee: A random AI-controlled teammate joins you in a battle
                against another team. Try to focus on one player and let
                the AI take the other one, as this will avoid confusion.
    Giant Melee: One of the most fun levels is a Giant Melee battle. One
                 random AI player is super-sized! You are teamed with two
                 AI players to battle this foe. Try to use Mewtwo's power,
                 and get behind the big one, as the big one is VERY slow.
                 Bear in mind, however, that the giant's moves are very
                 powerful if they connect.
    Multi-Man Melee: You will face 15 of any character. As you can probably
                     guess, the lighter characters are easiest. Just keep
                     moving, and try to use powerful attacks. Remember
                     though that the multiples are easily defeated in the
                     easier modes.
    Bonus Stage: There are no opponents to speak of here. This is where you
                 can earn points or trophies. There are three different
                 bonus levels:
                 Break The Targets
                 You are set loose on a small area. Targets are all over.
                 Use any means necessary to break them all. If you can do
                 it within the allotted time, you get the points. To get a
                 walkthrough of Mewtwo's Target Test, please see the
                 "Target Test" section.
                 Snag Trophies
                 Three trophies come down, and you have to smack them into
                 the center platform before they hit the ground. If you
                 complete Classic Mode successfuly, they are yours!
                 Race To The Finish
                 Run as fast as you can to the end. Keep going to get coins
                 until you run out of time. Then, enter the nearest door,
                 BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT. Give yourself five to seven seconds
                 of leisure to find a door after you've got a fair amount
                 of coins. Also, snag any trophies you see, but don't go
                 out of your way if time is short!
    Metal Melee: Dropped into the Metal Cavern, you must fight a
                 permanently metal character. The character won't go far
                 when hit, and won't move slow, like you would think.
                 However, the character falls EXTREMELY fast! So, try to
                 knock the character off the edge by building up its
                 percentage with throws and meteor attacks.
    Boss Level: The final boss! The showdown of the century! Here,
                you'll have to face the Master Hand. Depending on the
                difficulty, he'll have a different amount of HP. Use your
                Shadow Ball and aerial attacks to wear him down. Then
                strike with a strong smash move. If you defeat him in a
                certain amount of time on Normal or higher difficulty,
                you'll fight the Master Hand's twin, Crazy Hand! Crazy Hand
                is a left hand, and he is a bit more powerful, yet just as
    CONGRATS!!! The Mewtwo Classic Trophy is yours!
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  12) A D V E N T U R E  M O D E  G U I D E
    | Stage 1: Mushroom Kingdom |
    | Time to Finsh: 7 minutes  |
    Stage 1-1: Super Mario Brothers Melee
    Koopa Paratroopas
    Yoshi (x15)
    Start out by hopping off the green tube. Keep walking right and hop over 
    the small brick wall. Jump over the large wall and kill the enemies you 
    come across. Once you reach the docks, be careful, falling into the 
    water counts as a KO. Once you reach a huge cliff, you'll have to leap 
    up. When you get to the top, Yoshis will drop down and you'll have to KO 
    them all. They're lightweights, so a Smash attack KO's them. Also, while 
    battling, don't drop off the edge, that counts as a KO. Once you have 
    defeated the Yoshis, keep going right and destroy the Koopa Paratroopas. 
    When you reach the long green tube with Goombas on it, you'll usually 
    find a Trophy. Keep going until you come to the Flagpole!
    Stage 1-2: Mario and Peach Battle
    This place is simple, and you can clear it very easily. Just use Meteor 
    attacks until they are defeated. Try to get all the items around. If 
    you're having trouble, refer to the "Character Strategies" section for 
    help on defeating Peach and Mario.
    | Stage 2: DK Island        |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Stage 2-1: Mini-DK Battle
    Two tiny Donkey Kongs
    It wouldn't seem like the two guys would be much of a problem. They 
    inflict small amounts of damage, but with two of them, that damage adds 
    up! Try to come in fast with Meteor attacks. Use some Shadow Ball, also, 
    to add some damage. They'll have to be higher than you to use the Shadow 
    Ball, though.
    Stage 2-2: Giant DK Battle
    Giant Donkey Kong
    This guy isn't too tough. In Jungle Japes, he usually hangs around the 
    awning of the house, so use a charges Up-A attack to get him. When he 
    comes back down, Galaxy Force works well to begin a juggle.
    | Stage 3: Hyrule           |
    | Time to Finish: 7 minutes |
    Stage 3-1: Underground Maze
    Like Likes
    Link (x5)
    When you are first dropped in, run forward until you come to the large 
    chamber. In this chamber are ReDeads, and they'll come racing towards 
    you if they spot you. If they catch you, wiggle the Control Stick to 
    escape. To escape this maze, you must find the Triforce. Easier said 
    than done. A few quick Shadow Ball blasts to handle the ReDeads and 
    other enemies. Enter the rooms around the center area. If you find a 
    Master Sword, you'll have to face Link. If you see the Triforce, you 
    complete the stage!
    Stage 3-2: Zelda Battle
    A quick battle and you're off! Use the Shadow Blast a few times with 
    meteors to kill her. When she goes Sheik on you, the Galaxy Force works 
    | Stage 4: Brinstar         |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Stage 4-1: Samus Battle
    You must defeat Samus on Brinstar. I recommend the Galaxy Force charged 
    up. Try to bounce her shots back at her and throws work well, also. When 
    the acid rises, knock her into it. Try to break platforms free and 
    create the gap in the center if you have time, just to make it harder 
    for her.
    ( W A R N I N G ! )
    Stage 4-2: Escape Brinstar
    Maybe the exploding planet and the clock!
    OK, the planet is going to explode. You have a limited time to escape. 
    Jump form platform to platform to get back to your ship! If you see a 
    Trophy, snag it, but don't go out of your way if you're struggling. 
    After you escape, you take the ship to Pop Star!
    | Stage 5: Dream Land       |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Stage 5-1: Kirby Battle
    This battle is a one-on-one match with Kirby. Use the Shadow Ball or 
    Galaxy Force a few times, powered up, to send the puffball packing!
    Stage 5-2: Kirby Team
    Copy-Moved Kirbies (x15)
    Fight and defeat the lightweight Kirbys that come to help the regular 
    Kirby. All the Kirbys are dressed to look like any charcaters you have 
    unlocked. A smash attack will kill them, so use the Dark Flame or the 
    Stage 5-3: Giant Kirby Battle
    Giant Kirby
    If you defeated the other lightweight Kirbys in under thirty seconds, 
    you are treated to another battle. Defeating this guy earns you 10,000 
    extra points, so it's worth a try!
    | Stage 6: Lylat System     |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Stage 6-1: Fox Battle
    This is just a simple one-on-one fight with Fox on the Corneria level. 
    It sounds simple, and it is. Ram Fox over and over to kill him.
    Stage 6-2: Reinforcments Have Arrived
    Fox or Falco
    The other Star Fox members in Arwings
    If you've unlocked Falco (which you obviously have, since you're reading 
    this!), Falco might appear to take Fox's place, but sometimes Fox just 
    comes to do it himself. If it's Falco, use his attacks against him as 
    stated in the "Character Strategies" section.
    | Stage 7: Pokemon Stadium  |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Random playable pokemon (Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, or Mewtwo, x15)
    This isn't too hard. You battle on the Pokemon Stadium level, and the 
    pokemon are lightweight, so a quick smash attack will finish them off!
    | Stage 8: F-Zero X Grand Prix |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes    |
    Stage 8-1: Fot Race
    The F-Zero X races that might accidently mow you down
    You now find yourself plopped onto Mute City. But you soon find out that 
    a race is going on! Better run to the end and avoid the cars along the 
    way! While running (floating!), you'll notice pink platforms floating 
    above you. These aren't just decor. When you see a symbol like
    this appear: \ ! / you'd better hop onto a platform quickly. As Mewtwo,
    you're not a  \_/ very fast character with floating speed. I suggest 
    stopping on every other platform, every one if you want to play it safe, 
    or every third if you're willing to risk it. When the racers come 
    screaming by at just under the speed of sound, leap up and catch your 
    breath. When you come to the gap with two platforms on it, go onto the 
    higher one so the racers fly right over you, and then continue on! The 
    track isn't long, and you should make it.
    Stage 8-2: Captain Falcon Battle
    Captain Falcon
    You fight at Mute City, and the great captain now wants a piece of you. 
    Try to roll behind him and use the Shadow Ball that's powered up to get 
    him. Stay near the middle of the platform and when it stops, don't step 
    on the actual track! Once you beat Falcon, you'll move on!
    | Stage 9: Onett            |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Three Nesses
    The Nesses don't pound on you much unless you're on Hard or over. Beat 
    them with your Galaxy Force and try to use the Shadow Ball to weaken 
    them. The Shadow Scratch works well, so try to get above them. The 
    Nesses are very aerial, so try to keep them on the ground with Flip. If 
    they unleash the PK Fire or PK Thunder, your shield is your way out.
    | Stage 10: Icicle Mountain |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Polar Bears
    Ice Climbers (x2)
    When you begin, you'll notice little round white balls of fur as you 
    start your descent. Those are Topis. Once smash hit takes care of them. 
    The big bears with shorts and sun glasses are Polar Bears. They take a 
    few hits to eliminate, but you get a few points for doing it. Once you 
    get higher, the stage goes faster and faster. Once the stage begins to 
    repeat, the Topis and Polar Bears disappear, and two pairs of Ice 
    Climbers arrive. Eliminate them both with your Flip and Galaxy Force to 
    move on!
    | Stage 11: Battlefield     |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes |
    Stage 11-1: Wire Frame Team Battle
    Male Wireframes
    Female Wireframes
    There are males and females. The males come at you and the females 
    usually stay put and hold their grounds. The wireframes are like the old 
    polygons, but they are clear, and have primitive organs help together by 
    wire frames. One smash hit KOs them, so keep using the smashers!
    Stage 12-1: Metal Mario Bros. Battle
    Metal Mario Brothers
    These two drop in from above! You must defeat Mario and Luigi to win. 
    (If you don't have Luigi yet, you only face Mario). Keep using your 
    Meteor attacks, and the Disable. Power up a Shadow Ball at the start. 
    It's your most devastating attack you have, so always keep one. Once you 
    put one to sleep with Disable, unleash the Shadow Ball to deal loads of 
    damage, but make sure the other doesn't hit you in the middle of 
    throwing the ball (if there even IS another one!).
    | Stage 12: Final Destination |
    | Time to Finish: 4 minutes   |
    Stage 12-1: Bowser Battle
    In this final battle of wits, you must face Bowser! Use your Shadow Ball 
    to weaken him, then come in with a meteor attack to send him sky high!!
    Stage 12-2: Giga Bowser
    Giga Bowser
    If you beat Adventure Mode at Normal difficulty or higher, without 
    continuing, Giga Bowser appears. Giga Bowser is a monsterous version of 
    Bowser. He has longer hair, two huge spikes on his head, and a bigger 
    shell with larger spikes. Defeat him to get the Giga Bowser trophy!
    CONGRATS!!! The Mewtwo Adventure Trophy is yours!
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  13) J U G G L I N G  A N D  E D G E - G U A R D I N G
    In this section, not only will I include Juggling and Edge-Guarding, I 
    will also supply Spiking. Many of you may not be familiar with spiking, 
    so I have a definition, courtesy of smashbrosmelee.com.
    "Spiking - this is one of the best techniques and a must for you to 
    learn. Spiking takes tremendous timing. When you hit your opponent off 
    the arena, jump over them and when they are still off the arena hit A + 
    Down. If you time it right they will go straight down and die. It is 
    only effective if you do it where there is no land below you. Samus is a 
    good character to start learning this technique because of her jump. The 
    easiest targets to spike are floaters, such as Kirby and Jigglypuff."
    Spiking isn't that hard, and once you get the hang of it, you'll get 
    Suicide Spiking - if your percentage is really high, there are some 
    suicide spikes you can do. Kirby is the only one with THE suicide spike! 
    Donkey Kong also has one. To do a suicide spike, you spike someone and 
    then you die in the process. They don't necessarily use Down + A, but 
    they have the same effect.
    Mewtwo has no Suicide Spike, I just figured I'd include that.
    Edge Guarding - the prevental of letting another opponent back onto the 
    stage/main platform.
    This tactic is hard and easy at the same time. If the opponent you're 
    trying to keep off is very skilled, you will have a tough time unless 
    you're equally as skilled. When edge guarding, it is best to do it to 
    someone less or equal in skill level to you.
    To edge guard, stand next to the edge of the main platfrorm, facing the 
    direction of the opponent you are trying to guard. If he comes in low, 
    be prepared to spike him or hit him when he gets back up. The Shadow 
    Ball works wonders.
    If he comes in in the air, jump up and use an air attack on him (i.e. 
    the Shadow Bomb).
    The Home Run Bat, the Hammer, the Beam Sword, the Ray Gun, the Pokeball, 
    and the Bob-Omb are the best items to have to aid you in edge guarding. 
    I would say the overall best is the Bob-Omb or the Pokeball.
    Remember, if you are edge guarding, to not become to arrogant and lose 
    concentration. Your opponent could attack you back, or another opponent 
    could come up behind you and smack you off. Just be careful!
    TIP!: Use some of your character's special moves to help you. More than 
    items are helpful here.
    Juggling - this is exactly what it sounds like. When you juggle, you use 
    your up-A move (but not all the time) to keep your opponent in the air. 
    The idea is to rack up damage and then smack them off when they come 
    down at a high percentage.
    When an opponent comes down, and you want the kill (which you always 
    should), get under the opponent and repeatedly use your Up-A attack as 
    they come down. Once the damage is high enough, use any powerful atack 
    to send them flying!
    If you don't feel like bashing your opponent into oblivian, the Juggle 
    Kill is recommended. I made this up myself (although I bet other people 
    have the same idea), and the idea is to kill your opponent through 
    juggling by knocking them up so high that they fly off the screen. 
    Remember though that the higher percentage they have, the higher they 
    go, and the more outside things can get in your way. Overall, though, it 
    is a good technique if you can perform it well.
    Warning, be weary of other players, as they might attack you while 
    you're juggling.
    Also bear in mind that some characters have moves that will help them 
    break a juggle, so you must try to counter them. For example, Captain 
    Falcon does a Falcon Dive to escape the juggle you have him locked in. 
    Get ready, and move underneath him. Watch his movements and you'll be 
    able to nail him when he comes down.
    Remember that if you are caught in a juggle, use the Teleport to escape! 
    Charcaters have a tough time following Mewtwo when it Teleports, because 
    it can go in any direction. When breaking a juggle, try to Teleport to a 
    platform, not just away.
    Also remember that players can escape. Certain moves slow descent, and 
    if you get your timing off, the juggle can be wrecked!
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  14) T A R G E T  T E S T
    This is just a quick guide to Mewtwo's Target Test. It displays the 
    targets in the order that you should hit them to achieve maximum time.
    Quick Move Reminder:
    Shadow Ball = B
    Teleport = B-Up
    Flip Kick = (Aerial) Up-A
    Hop up and Flip Kick to hit the Target floating above you (Target 1). 
    There is a moving target that is surrounded by blue shields that damage 
    you should you touch them. Destroy that target (Target 2). Return to 
    where you started and drop through. There are two targets here, so hit 
    them both as you come near (Target 3 and Target 4). Quickly Teleport 
    back up and through the platform to save yourself. On the left side of 
    the beginning platform is a large structure. If you watch it, a Target 
    pops out. Jump over to it and break the target when it comes out (Target 
    5). Now, you should notice another one adjacent to the beginning 
    platform, with the same situation. Jump over and hit that one also 
    (Target 6). Again return to the beginning platform, leap up, and hit the 
    protected target (Target 7). Don't touch the red shields, or you could 
    be blown away! Yet again, return to the beginning platform, and stand on 
    the left side. Quickly jump up, jump again, then Teleport up through the 
    platform. Quickly smack the target (Target 8). Jump to the right and hit 
    the Target (Target 9) on the other side of the right wall. Quickly 
    Teleport back. Now, leap off to the right and Flip Kick to destroy the 
    last target (Target 10; Final Target).
    You're done!! It'll probably take a few tries, though. If you miss the 
    Teleport, it's all over.
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  15) H O M E - R U N  C O N T E S T
    Through intense testing and complex gaming, I have come to the 
    conclusion that Mewtwo pretty much sucks in the home run contest. He has 
    no moves that greatly damage but don't send the Sand Bag flying. The 
    best thing I've found is his Meteor Kick. To do it, jump over the Sand 
    Bag and do the Meteor Kick (down-a). If you hit too hard, the bag goes 
    off the platform. It'll take a few tries, but if you can nail it, you 
    might be able to hit it again a few more times. Then, pick up the bat 
    and smash it. I've only been able to get around 600 feet with Mewtwo, 
    but if you can do better, by all means, please tell me how!
    I found a new way! Pick up the bat. Now, grab the Sand Bag and then 
    throw it up. When it comes down, use the fully charged Galaxy Force (20% 
    each hit) repeatedly to rack up the damage. When you have three seconds 
    left, stop, then smash it with the bat. I got about 800 feet using this, 
    but it took many tries. Too many tries.
    "i got 995.5 with mewtwo, just use his up attack 5 times realy close to 
    the bag then 2 up smahes"
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  16) M E W T W O ' S  T R O P H I E S
    Classic Trophy: A genetically created Pokemon, Mewtwo is the result of 
    many long years of research by a solitary scientist. Although Mewtwo was 
    cloned from the genes of the legendary Pkemon Mew, its size and 
    charcater are far different than its ancestor. Its battle abilities have 
    been radically heightened, making it ruthless.
    Adventure Trophy: As Mewtwo relies mostly on its powerful brain, there 
    are times when it scarcely uses its arms and legs. Since Mewtwo spends 
    much of its time floating, it flies far when struck. Shadow Ball traces 
    a jagged path once released; the longer Mewtwo holds it, the more 
    powerful it becomes. Mewtwo uses Confusion to spin its foes around.
    All-Star Trophy: Mewtwo is definitely not a speedy charcater, but its 
    ESP-powered grab and throw moves are comparatively strong. It's Teleport 
    has a short range, but doesn't leave it open to attack. It's best used 
    as an escape move during disturbances. Mewtwo can daze a foe if it makes 
    eye contact and uses Disable; the move is useless unless Mewtwo is 
    facing its enemy.
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  17) R E A D E R S '  S T R A T E G I E S
    If you readers have anything that has to do with Mewtwo, such as combos, 
    strategies for Adventure, Classic, stages, items, beating other 
    charcaters, etc, please send them to me! If I like them, I will post 
    them here! Thank you!
    ~contributed by wildmushroom over the GameFAQs message board
    "There is one extra use for Mewtwo's Forward+B that I don't think I saw 
    in your guide. It can be used as a reflector of projectiles. I haven't 
    tested it very extensively, but I did try it once. Here is what 
    I was Mewtwo, my other friend was Mewtwo, and my other friend was Sheik. 
    My Mewtwo friend used Shadow Ball and I used my Forward+B. The Shadow 
    Ball went through the other Mewtwo and hit Sheik. So I guess it can hit 
    the owner of the projectile. You might want to test it out more before 
    putting it in your guide. 
    That's not really a strategy, but something you might want to add. 
    Also, Mewtwo's Down+A is excellent for KOing someone hanging on the 
    edge. It is also good for edge-guarding someone who is coming in low. 
    Another strategy I use is that whenever I connect with Disable(Down+B) I 
    either do a back-throw to them or an up-throw.  
    Hope those strategies are useful."
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  18) C O M I N G  S O O N . . .
    - All-Star Mode Guide
    - Individual Stage Strategies
       __  __  ___
    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  19) A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S
    * Nintendo, for making this GREAT game!!
    * CJayC, for running the best site on the Internet, and for posting my 
    * My dog, Madison, aka Maddy. I don't know why, but she sure is cute!
    * Mewtwo, for being the best character in the game, IMO!
    * My wife, Katie, and everyone at the SSBSB who ever knew me, said hello 
    to me, or was a friend to me! By the way, a loving shout to Katie!
    * De Wild Card, he sent in some new terms for the Character Strategies. 
    The ones he sent were: Frying Falco, Supressing Samus, Removing Roy, and 
    Grinding Ganondorf!
    * wildmushroom, from the SSBSB, for contributing some stuff to the 
    "Readers' Strategies" section.
    * stage@shaw.ca, he was the first to send me a good Mewtwo Home-Run 
    Contest strategy!
    * You, for reading the guide!
    * Me, because I wrote the whole thing!
       __  __  ___
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      |      | / /  20) D I S C L A I M E R
    Copyright (c) 2001 by Perfect Light
    All rights reserved
    The following sites have my personal permission to post this:
    That's it! If I catch you with it on your site if you're not gamefaqs 
    you'll be in for serious trouble. I WILL catch you, you WILL be sorry, 
    and you WILL pay the consequences! There! I said it.
    If you do not plan on posting this on gamefaqs.com but some other 
    whatever.com, I will write out a polite e-mail asking you to please 
    remove it. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to take it to court 
    and press carges. GameFAQs even states that suing a webiste for posting 
    your FAQ without permission is easy, and the owner of the FAQ can easily 
    win. Plagerism is already bad, so don't add to the problem. Got it? 
    You're smart, intelligent people, so just be smart.
    Also, certain e-mails I won't accept. If you scream and shout at me, 
    writing something like: You (insert explicitive here), you said you can 
    kill (insert enemy here) in (insert #) shots and it took me (insert 
    another #) you little (insert various explicitives here)!!! You're not 
    cute, no one's laughing, and you're obviously not very mature. And I 
    don't have anything to say to you if you talk to me like that. However, 
    if you have anything DECENT to contribute, feel free to drop me a line 
    at Jetstorm777@aol.com anytime!
    If I do give you permission to put this up on your site, don't abuse the 
    previlage. You're not allowed to put advertising baners up, or anything 
    else. Just leave it as it is. You may spell-check or add things, put 
    please please please DO NOT take ANYTHING out, and this Disclaimer must 
    remain intact.
    You may not sell this FAQ, or in any other way shape or form make money 
    off this FAQ at all. I believe that part is clear. Next!
    If you see anything wrong in this FAQ, no matter how minute, e-mail me 
    to correct it. I like being corrected, but DO NOT be nasty, or I'll just 
    delete your message after having a few laughs about how dumb you are.
    A RESPONSE FROM NOW ON! I'm sick of reading: "I need help but I'm not 
    sure and by the way your guide is cool sweet and lke it do you know how 
    to help me?" No, that's not going to cut it. I want neat, properly 
    written letters so that I can actually READ and UNDERSTAND it! NO MORE 
    GIBBERISH! Also, please put "Mewtwo FAQ" in the title to help me. I get 
    too many guide questions from my other guides to try to organize what 
    question is for what game.
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    ==|  \/  ||_  )========================================================
      |      | / /  21) A  F O N D  F A R E W E L L !
    I thank everyone who has read my guides, and I thank you in particular. 
    We made it to the end, and I wish to see you around again sometime! I 
    hope this guide helped you to become better with Mewtwo, and I hope 
    you'll play as it in the future, if you don't now.
    I give you the Kirby salute: (>-.-)>
    This is Perfect Light, signing off!
    This document was written by and is a property of, Perfect Light ;)
    Thanx for reading my Mewtwo Guide, from:
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