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    Ganondorf by TheManWhoCan

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    Super Smash Brothers Melee
    Ganondorf Character guide
    submitted by TheManWhoCan (joeyolbean@hotmail.com)
    December 28 2001
    Find out updates at the bottom of the page in the version history
    Hey Hey. Welcome to the Ganondorf character guide. I have compiled a
    good guide for Ganondorf users containing basics through expert
    controls. In my point of view Ganondorf is the best player in Super
    Smash Bros. Melee, if used correctly, otherwise you now become a great
    punching bag and are good to practice on. Remember, everyone loves a
    winner. Enjoy.
    TheManWhoCan is back. i couldn't find anything else to add to the FAQ. I
    added the Gerudo Smash dodges projectiles and thats about it. If anyone
    has any comments about the FAQ, or questions or anything you think would
    make the FAQ better let me know at the above e-mail. If that doesn't
    work, then e mail me at alspades@yahoo.com.
    I'm on MSN messenger as TheManWhoCan and on AIM (AOL instant message) as
    ALSpades if anyone needs to contact me for an instant reply.
    Hey check out the FAQ section for some Fequently Asked
    Questions and some answers. If anyone has any questions, e-mail
    them to me and i will post them if i think they are good and you will
    get credit at the end of this FAQ in the Thanks section. Please, if you
    do send me an e-mail, make the question the title of your e-mail. You
    can also send me anytyhing about Ganondorf, ie. combos, secrets,
    techniques etc. I enjoy the mail.
    *Note to Anyone who wants to submit*
    you contribution will be in the "combos submitted by other people"
    section and your thanx will be at the bottom.
    Terms used
    Reach- How well Ganondorf reaches the person
    Power- How hard he hits them
    Speed- How fast he moves
    Distance- how far they travel (Note. The distance given is the distance
    they travel at low percentages. At high percentages they travel farther
    and faster)
    Propulsion- What direction they travel
    Clear Out- Can be used to hit multiple enemies at once and or knock
    people off the arena.
    Usefulness- How useful is the move
    Properties- Anything special about the move
    Table Of Contents
    1.Intro to Ganondorf
    -Who is he?
    2. Controls to Ganondorf
    -basic moves for beginners
    -intermediate moves
    -expert moves
    -special moves
    3. How to use Ganondorf
    -against human controlled players
    -against AI players
    -Classic Adventure
    -All Star Mode
    4. Items Ganondorf should use
    -what works well
    -what will get you hurt
    5. Strategies and Techniques for Ganondorf
    -good strategies using Ganondorf
    -how you should use Ganondorf if you don't have a certain style (defense
    vs offense)
    -what moves to use for Ganondorf (what to abuse, use with caution, often
    6. Level Strategies
    -how to use your surroundings
    -tips for levels
    7. Legendary Pokemon for Ganondorf to use
    -Legendary Pokemon, attacks, combos to use
    8. Character Strategies
    -strategies for every character using Ganondorf
    9. Special Melee Mode
    -strategies for special melee modes
    10. Combos for Ganondorf
    -beginners combos
    -intermediate combos
    -advanced combos
    11. Ganondorfs strong points vs his weak points
    -pros and cons of Ganondorf
    -what to use and what to stay away from
    12. Sum up
    -sum up of Ganondorf
    1. Intro to Ganondorf.
    For the longest time, Ganondorf has been the arch enemy of Link and
    Zelda. He has tried to capture Zelda on numerous occasions and has
    succeeded, until Link comes along and saves the day. In Ocarina of Time,
    Ganondorf came the closest to defeating the hero. The power part of the
    triforce was Ganondorfs, and he uses his magical abilities to the
    fullest extent. Once again, Link defeats him. This time however, revenge
    belongs to Ganondorf. Using the incredible power part of the triforce,
    Ganondorf reigns supreme. Without the other two parts of the triforce
    together, Ganondorf Dominates. His brute strength and magical abilities
    make him one of, if not, the best character in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
    Enough talk. Moving on to moves.
    2.Controls For Ganondorf.
    -basic controls for beginners
    Ganondorf really is not for beginner players due to his slow speed and
    lack of defensive maneuvers. However with the help of this guide, you
    will become a great Ganondorf player.
    A- Dark Punch
    Description- a straight jab. One of Ganondorfs faster moves. Does not
    have a combo but makes up for it in power.
    Reach- 4/10
    Distance- 3/10
    Usefulness- 7/10
    Properties- Clear out
    Down + A (tilt joystick down)- Sweeping Kick
    Description- Ganondorf puts his hand on the ground and sweeps his legs
    across the ground which trips the enemy. Sends the enemy upward and has
    good reach. Can be put into combos. Good speed.
    reach- 7/10
    Speed- 4/10
    Propulsion- Upward and toward you at certain percentages
    Usefulness- 8/10
    Properties- Sends people toward you so it sets up combos. Hits more than
    one person. Clear Out
    Forward + A (tilt joystick forward. Can be done while walking)-
    Description- A roundhouse kick to the opponent. Good reach and speed.
    Keeps enemies at bay. Good power.
    Propulsion- Forward
    Distance- 5/10
    Properties- Hits more than one person Clear Out
    Forward + Up + A (very small tilt)- Roundhouse to the head
    description- A roundhouse to the head. Great for levels where you are
    stuck on sloped terrain.
    Power 13%
    Propulsion- Forward
    Properties- Clear Out
    Down + Forward+ A (very small tilt)- Standing Sweeping Kick
    Description- Ganondorf does a sweep kick (it'll have a small ring abound
    the kick to signify youi've done it.)
    reach- 6/10
    Speed- 5/10
    Propulsion- Forward
    Usefulness- 7/10
    Properties- Clear out. Good power and reach.
    Back + A (tilt joystick backward.)- same as Forward + A
    Up/X/Y- Jump
    Description- Ganondorf does a cool flip. Does not go very high so it
    needs judgement for picking up items and getting back on. Used with
    angles to go different directions.
    Power- NA
    Distance- NA
    Usefulness-9/10 (use the air grab to grab items out of the air. A must
    to master because it saves a lot of time and keeps you moving)
    Properties- Can be done twice
    Down- Crouch. Drop through floors.
    Description- He tries to make himself as small as possible. If held,
    Sweep Kick can be performed from it. Primarily used to drop through
    floors because Ganondorf is to big to duck things.
    Distance- NA
    Properties- Drops through platforms when tapped
    Forward- Walk/Dash
    Description- Ganondorf is very slow so the only reason you should be
    walking is to pick up a nearby item if you have troubles dashing or
    overstepping things.
    Speed- 3/10
    Propulsion- NA
    Distance- NA
    Properties- NA
    Back- Walk/Dash
    Description- Same as Forward
    Dash + A- Running Shoulder Charge
    Description- You run and then hit the opponent with your shoulder.
    Reach- 4/10
    Propulsion- Up Backward
    Distance- 4/10
    Usefulness- 6/10
    Properties- It sends them behind you and in the air. Starts combos
    Up on Direction pad- taunt
    Description- Ganondorf spins while tucked in a ball, laughs, then opens
    up his arms and legs while some green magic stuff shoots underneath him.
    Note- I said it was basic
    Note- for the tilt attacks, if you hold the button before or after an
    attack, you will do the same attack**
    Intermediate Moves
    Forward + A (together. Smash)- Warlock elbow
    Description- A great smash attack that delivers a good punch. Speed is
    good and should be used to clear out enemies. Should commonly be used to
    get out of tight situations.
    Reach- 6/10
    Power-24% (fully charged,able to knock off at 63%)
    Speed- 7/10
    Distance- 5/10
    Properties- Good speed and power. Clear out. Starts and ends combos
    Down + A (together. Smash)- Double Kick
    Description- Another great smash attack that can be used to get out of
    tight situations as well.
    Reach- 4/10
    Propulsion- backward then up
    Distance- 5/10
    Properties- Good Speed and power. Attacks from front and behind. Clear
    out. Good starter for combos.
    Up + A (together. Smash)- Double vertical kick
    Description- A double vertical kick that has good power and speed.
    Reach- 2/10 (6/10 upward)
    Power-30% (only second kick. 43% with both)
    Propulsion- Up/ Up forward
    Properties- Fast move but lacks forward reach. Clear out. Hits people
    twice into the air. If only second one hits, it sends them forward and
    upwards. Can be set into combos with relative ease. Kicks through
    platforms that are within reach when underneath.
    Jump then A (together. Smash)-Flip kick
    Description- Ganondorf does a flipping kick
    Propulsion- Up Forward
    Distance-5/10 (in order to do this move to someone not on a platform,
    they must be knocked in the air high enough to kick, so this move
    generally kicks people far due to the percentage)
    Properties-Good overall kick. If kicked at certain angles, you will send
    the person in different directions.(kick them at the end of the flip,
    they fly more horizontally)
    Usefulness- 7/10
    Properties- NA
    Jump then forward + A (together. Smash) - Jumping Overhand Punch
    Description- Ganondorf jumps then does a rather devastating punch.
    Reach-4/10 (he flies a little bit forward when executed)
    Speed- 4/10
    Properties- Clear Out
    Jump then Down + A (together Smash)- downward stomp
    Description-Ganondorf stomps his opponents.
    Reach- 5/10
    Speed- 5/10
    Distance- 5/10
    Properties- Sends people upwards so it starts combos. Clear out.
    Jump then Back + A (together. Smash) - back punch
    Description- Ganondorf twists his body around and punches behind him.
    Speed- 4/10
    Distance- 4/10
    Properties- NA
    Expert Moves
    Up + A (tilt the joystick up)- Explosion Kick
    Description- foot rises to head until shin touches forehead. His foot
    begins to smoke and some wind occurs, then he smashes his foot downward,
    creating an explosion.
    Reach- 5/10
    Power-27% (clear off at 29% if it connects)
    propulsion-Up Forward
    Distance- 9/10
    Properties- Very Slow but if it connects it sends people flying. Clear
    Out. Anyone with a percentage over 28 is knocked off. If timed
    correctly, ends combos. Very difficult to time without being hit. A
    little obvious when charging.
    Z- Throw
    Description- Ganondorf throws the character in his clutches.
    Reach- 2/10
    Power-7%(down) 3%(up) 4%(forward) 4%(back)
    Propulsion- Up, Forward, Backward, Down (then bounces up)
    Distance- 3/10
    Properties- Very short reach but good for starting combos.
    Z while in the air- Grab items out of the air
    Description- Ganondorf grabs any item (except boxes, barrels) out of the
    Propulsion- NA
    Distance- NA
    Properties- Grabs items out of the air. Good for stealing Poke balls
    that are thrown at you. Reaches item on platforms so you don't have stop
    to grab them. Must be at head level.
    L + Direction or R + Direction in the air- air dodge
    Description- Ganondorf dodges in the air.
    Power- NA
    Propulsion- NA
    Usefulness- 9/10
    Properties- You can dodge in any direction.
    Z + left or right or down- dodge
    Description- Ganondorf dodges according to button pressed
    Propulsion- NA
    Distance- NA
    Properties- Dodge past a person. Attack when they are recovering.
    Special Moves (these fit into expert moves)
    Note- the actual names of his special moves are as follows- Warlock
    Punch, Dark Dive, Wizard's Foot and Gerudo Dragon. I have left them the
    same because the Dark Dive and Wizards foot can get confusing.
    B- Warlock Punch
    Description- Ganondorf charges up a massive punch and releases it.
    Power-32% (clear off at 36%)
    Propulsion- Up Forward
    Distance- 8/10
    Properties- Amazing distance but on the slow side. Clear out. Sounds
    great. Obvious when charging due to the scream he gives. Excellent power
    for one hit. Can be done in the air.
    Up + B- Warlock Grab
    Description- Ganondorf jumps into the air and grabs his opponent. He
    then shoots magic/electricity around them and flips off of them.
    Reach- 6/10
    Propulsion- Up Forward, Forward
    Properties- This move is one of Ganondorfs better moves. It's his
    comeback move so it has some good reach. The range you can catch people
    with it is great. Clear out. Can be done consecutively as long as you
    don't hit the ground. Can be done in air. Fast. Ends Combos. Interrupts
    a lot of moves. Can start other moves (Warlock grab to Warlock Kick)
    Down + B- Warlock Kick
    Description- His foot lights on fire with purple magic and he skids
    along the ground.
    Propulsion- Forward, Up Forward
    Properties- Another good well rounded move. Clear out. Can be done in
    the air. He stalls after he hits the ground so make sure you connect
    with it. Flips into air if he hits a wall which leads to other moves for
    combos. Eliminates Recovery time if done in the air and connectes with
    someone in the air.
    Forward + B-Gerudo Smash
    Description- Lunges forward hoping to connect with a burning fist.
    Propulsion- Upward
    Distance- 5/10
    Properties- Can be done in the air. Clear out. Very unexpected due to
    its speed. Connects combos well. Sets up for a Warlock grab very easily
    for some extra damage. Can dodge projectiles that are thrown at you.
    How To Use Ganondorf
    -against human players
    The key to using Ganondorf against human players is dodging. Because he
    is so slow, his moves are interrupted easily. If you dodge with him, it
    not only makes you harder to hit, it makes you move faster. Try to stay
    away from confrontations where everyone is involved. You stand a much
    better chance of surviving one on one then 4 on one. You attacks will
    not hit because they are slow, so if you jump right in to a battle. use
    a Warlock Kick or Downward smash to clear out the enemies before they
    have a chance to see you coming. If you end up getting caught in one of
    these, try out the Warlock Grab. It clears out enemies with the
    electricity and sets you up for other clear out moves. Keep dodging as
    much as you can. The enemy has to make a mistake sometime and that is
    when you will capitalize. If you like to fight head on, then use the
    fast attacks like the Roundhouse or Sweep Kick to clear out enemies.
    Once you connect, crush them with a big hit. Humans tend to throw
    pokeballs and items at you, so grab them out of the air. If you can get
    this to work, it keeps you moving and steals that amazing pokemon that
    they had to fight for. Continue with this technique and you will come
    out on top. You can also grab Link's bombs out of the air. Useful
    against people who abuse the bomb pull. One last thing, DO NOT BE CHEAP,
    Against AI Players
    This isn't too much different except that you cannot steal items from
    them because they tend to throw things at the ground. The Warlock Grab
    works well because they always herd around you. The smash attacks you
    can charge up longer because they will walk into you to try to interrupt
    your charge, so let them have it.
    Classic Adventure Mode
    Using Ganondorf in classic adventure mode should be a piece of cake.
    Ganondorf fights best when there is only one other person in the arena
    with him. Dodge, smash and move as quick as you can. No Problems here.
    The trophy bonus should be easy. Use his Flipping Kick to knock the
    trophies into the rings. The dark punch also works well.
    Adventure Mode.
    Take your time. It's not like you can move fast anyway. Except for the
    levels where moving faster is a little better (captain Falcons level)
    just take it easy and enjoy pulverizing anything that comes near you. No
    problems here either.
    All Star
    Use brute force. Offensive is the best way here but keep your guard up.
    Smash attacks are the way to go. At first use the attacks with range and
    speed. Once the percentages get to about 30 or higher, use the smash
    attacks to shoot them off the screen. Use items that are worth while
    whenever you get the chance.
    Items Ganondorf Should Use
    There are items that you should use and items that you shouldn't. Some
    help you but some just hurt your overall abilities.
    Pokeballs- The best things that you can get you hands on. Any pokemon
    that continually hits people into the air and juggles them are perfect.
    Once the pokemon are juggling them, use the Warlock Grab to add even
    more damage to them. The move will send them right back into the pokemon
    so don't worry. Zapdos is a good example. While he his pulverizing
    everyone with electricity, Warlock Grab them. Their percentages will
    rocket from 0 to 150 in no time. Note- Go for these first.
    Hammer- Anyone is good with it, including Ganondorf but be careful not
    to get knocked off because getting back on is near impossible. There is
    a way to throw the hammer away but it seems kind of random. Violently
    press L R A Z in any order as many times as you possibly can and
    hopefully it will work, don't hold your breath though.
    Land Mines- Good for setting traps as long as you stay away from them.
    If you dodge over them they will explode without causing harm.
    Home run Bat- This can go either way. It sends people off the stage with
    one hit but the time you can charge is already set.  Like to charge my
    attacks so getting the timing down is a little tricky. AI opponents
    interrupt you a lot.
    Anything to do with health- pick it up.
    Metal Box- This is great because you keep the same speed but its hard to
    stun you. you can set up for bigger moves because of that. Careful not
    to fall off edges because it is almost hopeless to get back on.
    Fan- Use it. It causes so much damage if you hit multiple times. Plus it
    adds a super boost of speed to Ganondorfs attack with the fan. People
    say it's useless but I like it.
    Eggs- Throw them at people, not at the ground. Even when jumping you
    will get hit by the explosion.
    Umbrella- It makes you fly farther. Useful due to Ganondorfs lack of
    jumping skills.
    Stars- Grab them. You are now an unstoppable force for a brief period of
    time. No one will dare mess with you
    Meteor Stars- Great clear out items. Plus it shoots you back into the
    air so you can perform other moves.
    Flower- If things are getting to hectic, take some time out to blast
    people with fire. If they get trapped, keep them there and take a
    Star Rod- Adds reach to Ganondorfs swing. Plus it shoots stuff.
    Super Scope- Good distance weapon
    Boxes and Barrels- Pick them up and throw them. Ganondorf can throw them
    really far.
    Cloaking Device- If it makes you invisible, GREAT! You cannot take any
    damage while being cloaked but you can still be hit off of the screen.
    The lower the percentage here the better. Pokemon cannot even add damage
    to you.
    Party Ball- Throw them again, they may contain great items.
    Ray Gun- Adds more distance and keeps some of the better attacks that he
    Beam Sword- As long as the smash attacks aren't used with it, it works
    well. The normal swing, or the running swing work well.
    Note- if anyone knows how to do Captain Falcons double attack with the
    beam sword and star rod (attacks forward then upward, he shoots like 4
    stars), please let me know. Since Ganondorf and Captain Falcon are so
    much alike, Ganondorf might be able to do it as well. If he can I will
    post it.
    Ice Block- This is great. It gives you a chance to add one good
    Explosion Kick or Warlock Punch with no attack back.
    Mushroom- Giant Ganondorf! The sweep kick will send people flying and
    covers a tremendous amount space.
    Screw Attack- if you throw it away and hit someone with it, it shoots
    them into the air so they cannot jump. Gives you a quick combo if
    followed by a Warlock Grab.
    Bunny Hood- Makes you move at an incredible pace. Doesn't add a whole
    lot of distance to your jump but makes you go a lot higher and move a
    lot faster. Plus, Ganondorf has a one two punch combo while wearing it.
    Just hit A twice, he does a dark punch to a right cross.
    Note- Anything that helps you the most, use it. I just feel that these
    help you the most.
    Items To Stay Away From
    Bombs- Unless you throw them away from you, stay away from them. If you
    want to throw the bombs downward, don't. You will get caught in the
    Flower Rod- Pointless weapon. Just hinders your abilities.
    Mr. Saturn- Another useless item.
    Note- Anything you think is useless, don't use it.
    Note- Ganondorf cannot do Falcons double smash attack with weapons.
    Strategies and Techniques for using Ganondorf
    -good strategies for Ganondorf
    DODGE! One of the best things in the game is dodging. They added it for
    a reason and kept it in there for another. If you can't be hit, you
    cannot be knocked off, simple as that. At first, use the longer range
    attacks with some smash attacks mixed in, once the % is higher, charge
    them up more and start using specials. Keep dodging. Use the items that
    fit Ganondorf best and that don't hinder his abilities. Use combos as
    much as you can, even if it's 2 hits. Ganondorf is strong enough that
    two hits will cause a good amount of damage. Keep dodging. Dodging puts
    you on the same plain as everyone else because generally the speed of
    dodging isn't too different from character to character. Try to keep
    everyone in front of you. If there are people behind you use a Warlock
    grab, Warlock kick or Double kick to clear them out. The last thing you
    want is to become a punching bag, Get underneath platforms because his
    double vertical kick is great for this. If people attack from the front,
    they get kicked, and the people above do as well. Don't spend time
    getting high percentages because at around 40% to 60%,most moves have
    the ability to knock someone off or at least start a combo that will
    send them off right after. Use the Warlock kick to cover distance fast.
    Set traps for people. Even the pointless bumper thing can be used to set
    a trap. Set it somewhere where the enemy has to jump over it, and when
    they do, Warlock grab or double vertical kick. When you get you hands on
    pokemon, and there are more than one on the screen, spread them out. It
    creates less running room for everyone so you don't have a lot of
    distance to cover to attack. Even if the small pokemon appear, they can
    still be useful if you smash them downward back into the pokemon. If
    they get caught in Wheezing (in the middle) it can cause easily up to
    150+ %. Use smash attacks, they don't only earn you coins, but they pack
    a good punch and have decent speed. Attack as fast as possible. Use
    moves that will continually keep you moving. i.e., Gerudo smash to
    Warlock Grab to Warlock grab to Warlock kick, or sweep kick to Warlock
    elbow to double vertical kick. These moves are fast and can clear out
    everyone. Guard the edge with your life, then take theirs. This is an
    extremely good technique. Stand about 3 steps away from the edge and get
    ready for a Warlock grab. This distance is perfect. But it you cannot
    wait for them to jump back on, find a platform to stand on BECAUSE THIS
    WILL NOT WORK ANY OTHER WAY. Jump up on the platform, wait.... wait some
    more.... a little longer, then once they get into range, jump ONCE off
    the platform and use the Warlock Kick to send them flying. This
    eliminates recovery time at ANY percentage and scores you an easy kill
    and a meteor smash bonous.
    How to use Ganondorf if you don't have a certain style
    Ganondorf should be used Offensively. His defensive skills aren't that
    good (except for dodging). He has many attacks that will clear out a
    group of enemies at once and cause damage to all of them. Try to set
    traps for people to walk into. Dodge behind them then roll backwards,
    people do tend to follow you. When they do charge up an attack. The
    worst that could happen is you miss. If you are more of a defensive
    style person, use the attacks defensively. Roll away then attack. Always
    find an advantage somewhere and capitalize on it. Ganondorf is extremely
    strong so use that to your advantage. Be a little more cautious with
    speedier characters. Let them come to you because you cannot chase them.
    What moves to use with Ganondorf
    You should use the smash attacks as often as possible because they send
    opponents into the air to set up juggles. The sweep kick, roundhouse and
    jab are great moves and should be mixed in with the smash attacks. i.e.,
    sweep kick to warlock elbow is a very useful combo and causes good
    damage and has good speed. The Warlock Grab is one of the best moves to
    use, so use it. Do not abuse the Warlock Punch because people will judge
    the distance or just interrupt the move with ease. Keep them guessing as
    to what you are going to do.
    Level Strategies
    One of the best things to do in this game is to use your surroundings to
    your advantage. The level is not just there to play on. Get used to the
    levels because you will be harder to knock off and you will get to know
    the distance of your attacks in the level better.
    Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain
    The key here is the same as always, knock people off the screen. When
    the level starts moving fast, don't bother attacking people unless it's
    with a Warlock Grab because Ganondorf is slow enough that he will just
    get caught at the bottom of the screen. When things slow down, try to
    knock people off at the side of the screen because it is a lot easier to
    do than knocking people off at the top. A roundhouse kick is very useful
    here because it sends them forward and upward.
    Mushroom Kingdom: Princess Peach's Castle
    Hit the switches. The green one seems to be the most useful because it
    adds and extra two block to the left hand side of the screen for you to
    land on, making it easier to come back on in a difficult situation. Plus
    it give you two items when stepped on. When the big Bullet comes, try to
    knock people into it but if you don't succeed then run as fast as you
    can away from it. Dodging when you are caught in the explosion will not
    help you here. The best way to get people into it is to roll past them
    and keep peppering them with small attacks to keep them trapped.
    Rainbow Cruise
    Keep Moving. Every time a new platform appears, try to be the first one
    there because people will have to jump there sometime and you will
    already be there. Don't make it obvious that's what you are doing
    though. If someone is already there, jump beside them where they cannot
    hit you first or use a Warlock Grab to get them out of your spot. At the
    end of the level, be prepared to drop through the platforms otherwise
    you will waste a life standing at the top.
    DK Island: Kongo Jungle
    This is a fun level. There are plenty of platforms here so you can use
    the Warlock Grab a little more often here. A good trap to set is if you
    are on one of the platforms and someone jumps up to get you. Quickly
    drop down underneath and when still in the air, either do a flipping
    kick or Warlock Grab. People will try to get you because you will just
    be sitting there. Just time it correctly and you'll be fine. Watch out
    for the fish that jump up at you from the sides because they are rather
    strong. Every now and then a log will drift down from the top and stop
    at the left. It's just another way to get back on if you have been
    knocked off too far.
    Jungle Japes
    The harder of the two levels. The platform in the middle is at the right
    height for a double vertical kick to reach through. Everyone always
    tends to stand in the middle of this level which is kind of bad because
    there are a lot of attacks going on that are quicker than yours. But use
    the clear out moves to settle that. The fast moving current is almost
    impossible to get out of once you are in so don't fall in. At the sides
    there are two platforms that look like they are being connected with
    stairs. THEY ARE NOT CONNECTED. Be careful of that.
    Termina: Great Bay
    This is a good level for Ganondorf for a few reasons. There is plenty of
    room for you to move around in but just enough room for people to get
    smashed off the screen. At the right at the bottom platform, your double
    vertical kick reaches right through it. At the left however, you are too
    heavy for it to work. The turtle sometimes saves you which is great. If
    you happen to get stuck at the left on the rock, you can use a Warlock
    Kick to shoot across to the other side. If you hit someone doing this,
    be prepared to jump because you won't make it. Use the Pokeballs as
    often as possible because they provide you with protection in bad
    Hyrule Temple
    This is a huge stage. Sadly here you will have to do some chasing unless
    everyone stays where you are. Items are something you should use often
    here because they help you a lot. If you pick up a Pokeball throw it in
    the middle of the crowd and jump right in there. it's a lot easier to
    knock people off the screen up top then it is at the bottom because of
    all the walls. Try to set some mines on the side of the wall on the
    right, just before the little platform because people like to come up in
    this direction. set more mines on the left on the two platforms leading
    to the bottom. You can go down to the bottom at mix it up as well. Just
    use your discretion and smarts to beat people up here.
    Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Story
    More platforms! Double vertical kick again. Pokemon are great here
    wherever you throw them so grab them first and give a little more effort
    in getting them. Smash attacks here are great again. There are two
    clouds on each side of the level that move around in the same pattern at
    different times. If you are not going to make it back on then try o jump
    on these but if you are going to make it with your Warlock Grab, don't
    bother going for it. Pay attention if you land on the clouds because
    that little hesitation from landing could actually make you fall off
    because you will try to get back on the level not knowing you landed on
    it, and walk right off. It's happened to be before and I've seen happen
    to my friends. It sucks a lot.
    Yoshi's Island
    The three yellow blocks in the middle is what you should be careful of
    because people will hit them just as you are falling on them or walking
    over them. So, do it to them. Make them spin. The ones above you, if
    hit, you can pass through. So use a double vertical kick if people are
    standing on them. It will make them drop through and your second kick
    will connect. Knocking people off at the sides again is easier but
    because of the slanted hills, is makes is a little bit harder.
    Dream Land: Fountain Of Dreams
    Boy, a lot of these levels are starting to look a little familiar. The
    platforms in here just move up and down so there really is no other
    problem. Items are useful because of the small size and the double
    vertical kick(again) and Warlock grab are also useful. Continue keeping
    people in front of and use the Warlock elbow to clear people out.
    Green Greens
    Much like the N64 version except for the extensions and the blocks that
    fall. Luring enemies to the sides can be helpful as long as you dodge
    TOWARDS the blocks with no bombs. Dodging towards the edge is not a wise
    choice and is very risky but you do have a chance to knock people into
    the bomb blocks. Staying in the middle is the safest bet but you can
    jump into all the action if you want.
    Lylat System: Corneria
    Much much better in Melee than N64. The ship seems to be smaller here
    which works to your advantage. Pokeballs again are great to use. If
    hammers fall to the right of the screen near the edge, forget them
    because you will never get back on top. Arwing comes and shoots you and
    the Wolfen ship comes every now and again. Jump in front of the Arwing
    or Wolfen to make them fire then send someone up there to get hit. If
    you stand on the ships too long, they will take off with you on them and
    you will lose a life for it. Great Fox occasionally charges up it's
    lasers and they will shoot you if you fall down there. They are very
    powerful so watch out.
    Not a whole lot of strategy here. Drop through the wings, to lure people
    into a Warlock grab. If the percentages get too high and you knock
    people off, they can come back on because for some reason they hit
    something (like a rock or something you fly by) and come back on. A
    little bit of a pain but just keep pounding away and they will
    eventually fly off.
    Superflat World: Flatzone
    The platforms move every time you stand on them so it becomes a little
    random and unexpected. Things will fall from the sky here so watch out
    because they will damage you. Knocking people off here is rather easy
    because the level is very small. Every now and them a little man will
    come out of his house and spill oil on the ground. It will make you
    slide if you walk on it.
    Planet Zebes: Brinstar
    The platforms here are connected by a fleshy piece of... flesh. If you
    attack enough, it will make the platforms above it tilt. They resent
    after a little bit. It makes items slide off of it and that's about it.
    Watch out for the acid at the bottom. The bombs in stage at the bottom
    hold the level together and if attacked enough, they will drop through
    the hole and the level will separate. Do what you want with this but I
    find it kind of useless.
    Brinstar Depths
    This level is hurtin. I hate it so much. You start on a ship or piece of
    land and a big monster comes and tilts the ship to whatever he feels
    like. It becomes very annoying. There is a little piece of land at the
    bottom that you can stand on if the ship gets flipped. If you get
    trapped there, stay there. It not hurting at all so let the others
    battle it out. You have to be the last one there is nobody attacks you.
    Very bad level for Ganondorf.
    Eagleland: Onett
    Keeps a heads up for the !. Get out of there when it flashes. The
    platforms collapse so be careful of that. It almost seems that they want
    you to get hit by the cars. Overall, this is a dangerous level for
    Ganondorf. You can be knocked off at the sides as well. Take your time
    Seems like a king Kong stage. Spaceships and cranes add to the level
    here making it easier to get back on. The space ship is very hard to run
    on so jump at your foe and give them a big overhand right. They are most
    likely concentrating on running on the ship. Another tough level for
    F-Zero Grand Prix: Mute City
    Very chaotic and very small. Dodge as much as you possibly can to stay
    alive. Watch out for the cars and grab as many items as you can to help
    you. If you use a pokeball, throw it in the middle of the arena so when
    the platform comes up, you still have you pokemon.
    Big Blue
    Another tough level. If you fall on the track, you can get back on so
    don't give up. The pokemon just get sent out of the screen because you
    are moving too fast. Except for the ones that fly and stay on the
    ground, i.e. Starmie and Venasaur. Items will also fly off if you throw
    them upwards.
    Kanto: Pokemon Stadium
    This is a good level. It seems to me that more pokeballs fall here then
    anywhere else, it might just be me though. Good all around level for
    Ganondorf. Double vertical kick through the platforms and use the smash
    attacks to gain another victory. If you have a hammer, and some
    pokeballs fall, guard them. People will stay away from you because of
    the hammer. Due to the small size, you have to dodge and use the pokemon
    to cause incredible damage.
    Kanto Skies: Poke Floats
    Follow the level like Rainbow Cruise. Stay in the middle and don't get
    near the sides because it's really easy to get knocked off. Be the first
    one on the new pokemon, and again, smash attack people when they get
    near you.
    Mushroom Kingdom
    Break the question mark blocks for some extra items. Knocking people off
    the sides is really easy. The Warlock Grab goes right through the bricks
    so it will take people by surprise if they are standing on them. Clear
    out some bricks fist and them smash attack people or move to an open
    space. The enemy will just hit the bricks and fall down which defeats
    Ganondorfs power. Not really a whole lot of point in hitting people hard
    if they just bounce back. Items are another great thing to collect.
    Mushroom Kingdom 2
    Knock people off the sides is easy. Birdo will sometimes come in and
    shoot eggs at people to cause damage. Staying in the middle is the
    safest place here. Another small stage so it becomes pretty hectic.
    Special Stages: Battlefield
    Straight forward stage. No moving parts, nothing. Double vertical kick
    and Warlock Grab anyone foolish enough to stand right above you. Warlock
    elbow people into an oblivion and double kick them right off the stage.
    A great straight forward stage which is great for Ganondorfs power.
    There is nothing stopping Ganondorf here!
    Final Destination
    Even more basic then the Battlefield. No platforms. A flat level that
    also works to Ganondorfs advantage. The level is rather long so it's a
    little difficult to knock people off. But it shouldn't pose to much of a
    problem. Pokeballs, hammers, stars, metal boxes, everything is great to
    Yoshi's Story
    Use the clouds when knocked off. If someone is at the far cloud and you
    are on the closer one. Wait until it disappears before leaving.
    Eventually, their cloud will disappear and they have no way of getting
    back on. Smash your way to victory.
    Legendary Pokemon For Ganondorf To Use
    Description- Big red and yellow bird that is extremely rare and
    Special Move: Sacred Fire
    -Ho-oh comes out of the ball and flies to the background, then proceeds
    to shoot a big spiral fireball of immense power into the foreground
    which shoots into the air creating massive damage and chaos to the
    entire level and anyone on it.
    Anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the flame will have a lot of
    damage when coming out. Warlock Grab them over and over to add a lot of
    extra damage to them. If the Warlock Grab hits at the end of Sacred
    Fire, it will send people off the screen with ease.
    Description- Another large Pokemon. Blue and white and is also rare.
    Special Move-Areblast
    -The move looks like a whirlwind/hurricane when it is executed. Causes
    great damage to anyone caught in it. Flies to the background and shoots
    the whirlwind to the foreground.
    You can use the Warlock grab here but it is a little difficult. You can
    just go collect other things that would be useful while your pokemon
    does the word.
    Description- Blue, white and purple dog like water like animal.
    Special Move- Icy Wind
    -The pokemon stays on the ground and shoots an Icy Wind around itself.
    It has good reach and juggles people good, plus it last pretty long.
    Also rare.
    Juggles are pretty easy here. Warlock Grab, flip kick or overhand punch
    them while being juggled. Causes great damage also.
    Description- A big dog with spikes/wings coming out from the side of
    it's body.
    Special Move- Fire Spin
    -Entei stays stationary for this move and shoots a huge spiral of fire
    into the air. Lasts pretty long and is also rare.
    This move is great and it is my favourite. This one I find lasts the
    longest and causes the most damage. Warlock Grab the people caught in it
    because they will be too high to reach with anything else. Great Pokemon
    and you should wrack up 3 easy ko's here. Stay the hell away from it if
    it pops up and it is not yours.
    Description- Looks like a tiger with a lightning bolt for a tail.
    Special Move- Shock Wave
    -Raikou sends electricity out in all directions which damages people. I
    think that it only works if you touch the ground. I only seem to get hit
    when I'm touching the ground.
    Tough to juggle with but causes good damage. Still useful for a rare
    Description- Big yellow and black bird with pointy wings.
    Special Move- Thundershock
    -Zapdos shoots electricity in all direction and damages people withing
    the field area.
    Easy to juggle with but it a little bit short. The field area is smaller
    than Raikou but hit people out of the air and holds them there until it
    is finished.
    Description- Big blue bird
    Special Move- Blizzard
    -Articuno first stays in the air and anyone within the right distance
    will be turned into an ice block instantly (except for people with
    stars), then files off.
    Cannot juggle people with this so just let the pokemon do the work while
    you go collect other important item.
    Description- A bird that looks like it's on fire
    Special Move- Sky Attack
    -Moltres turns the screen a little bit red and anyone caught near the
    pokemon will be burnt.
    Tough to juggle again but you can send opponents into moltres for extra
    damage. Short attack and range is not to good.
    Character Strategies Using Ganondorf
    Against Dr. Mario:
    The key is to keep some distance here. Stay a good couple of feet away
    from him. Get him to come to you so you can have the first attack
    otherwise he will just attack faster than you and connect more often. If
    he gets too close, roll to the other side of him and attack. Use the big
    smash attakcs when you are farther away and charge them up more. Chances
    are, someone will try to stop you or interupt you from doing your move,
    then let them have it. Once he's in the air, don't let him touch the
    ground. Try to hit him when he is still recovering.
    Basically the same strategy used for Dr. Mario except Mario is a little
    faster so don't charge your attacks so much.
    Hit'em hard and hit'em fast. The faster you get Luigi off the screen the
    better. Watch out for his Skull bash cause it hurts. Use the same
    strategy with him as you would for Mario.
    This guy is even slower than you are. He has some good reach and power
    though so keep moving. If you keep dodging, he should have troubles
    keeping up due to his speed. Any useful items should be grabbed up first
    and used until they cannot be used any more. Once he's in the air you
    have two options, juggle him or move out of the way because he might try
    to squash you. If he misses with that, knock him back up in the air
    again with a harder smash attack.
    Distance is good here again because she is faster than you are. She
    seems to be easy to knock into the air so use that for an advantage. Let
    her come to you because it's pointless to chase her around the whole
    stage for ever. Once in the air, the overhand smash is a good knock off
    move and should be used often.
    Easy character to beat. Power and reach should be abused here. Not a
    huge need for items but you can use them if you want. Yoshi also has a
    pretty annoying Down + B move so watch out for it. If it misses, the
    rocovery is long enough to guarantee a smash attack.
    Fight against him like you would against bowser. Lure him to your smash
    attacks and keep moving and dodging.
    She is also a good speed character that has good recovery time so just
    use the brute force that you have to get her off quick. The screw attack
    she has isn't so strong anymore and leaves you kind of close to her. If
    you tap down just after the move, you will probably hit the ground first
    which will leave her open for an attack of mass proportion.
    Captain Falcon:
    Distance is key. He is just way too fast for anyones liking. His moves
    are very much like yours so your judgement can come in handy here. Try
    to use his speed against him. If he charges toward you, Dark Punch or
    roll past him. Once thats done, attack him again. Use the range attacks
    a lot.
    Another extremely difficult character due to speed and power. His combo
    he does is just too good. He tends to punch you once or twice over and
    over again then goes for the kicks. Don't stand and brawl with him
    because you will lose. He's just too fast. So use your power to fix
    that. Falco's Up + B attack is good but can be countered with a double
    vertical kick nicely. Reach attacks and dodging should be used often.
    Much like Falco except a little weaker and mabye a little faster. Use
    the same strategy as above except use less charged attacks to attack
    A walk in the park. He's really easy to knock off. If you are in the
    air, use the Downward Stomp to send him flying. Just try not to stand
    right above him because of his thunder attack.
    Really easy again. Reach attakcs are what you have over this puny
    pokemon along with incredible power. Same as Pikachu.
    Almost the same a Pichu and Pikachu except a little easier to knock off.
    Watch out for the attack where it looks Jigglypuff is falling asleep
    because at the begining of that move is an instant KO. If is misses, you
    are free to charge up a smash attack or Warlock Punch or mabye an
    Explosion Kick.
    The toughest one of the two pink puffballs. Kirby likes to float a lot
    and use the brick move. If Kirby misses with it, a throw or Warlock Grab
    is really useful here. Kirby's move where he runs at you and lights on
    fire is tough to counter but can be done. Just watch out for those and
    use the reach attacks.
    Young Link:
    A good battle. You can chose to slug it out or keep your distance. Just
    watch out for the hookshot if you are charging up an attack. Power
    attacks should be used often here.
    Almost the same as young Link except use your dodge more often. Once he
    shoots the hookshot,(and misses you) hit him hard, then juggle him. The
    spin attack is useful against you so watch out for it. If you come up at
    the right angle when he is doing the spin attack, you will catch him
    with a Warlock Grab easily. Once the percentages get somewhat high, use
    the juggles and power attacks.
    Against Zelda, all offense. Overpower her completely and use the reach
    again. Set up juggles. They don't have to be huge, but mix them up. Even
    the two or three hit combos are very effective.
    Against Sheik, more defense. Lure her into you for a huge smash attack.
    The sweep kick is really effective here so use that.
    Just be careful. Ganondorf is like you in every way. He should not be
    taken lightly, especially in the hands of a master. Just try to attack
    him quicker, then hit him harder. I got the Climactic Clash award here
    so I attacked him small first, then bigger and bigger.
    Another fast character. Keep dodging around him and use the items around
    you. Set traps, use smash attacks, and knock him off with ease. His Up +
    B move is not that good for getting back onto ledges. Once you knock him
    off, guard the edge and wait for the Up + B (it will come) then counter
    and send him farther. Taunt just before he misses the ledge, it's great.
    I play against Roy the same way I do agains Marth because I see them as
    the same character.
    Ice Climbers:
    They can't really reach too far so use that to your advantage. If you
    get them seperated, continue to seperate them. One ice climber is easier
    to ko than two. Overall, this should not be a tough battle as long as
    you keep your head. You can just put on a huge offensive onslaught and
    you should come out on top.
    His attacks are pretty deceptive. They don't look like they do much, but
    they really add up so keep your guard. The key here is to get him into
    the air. He floats around so it is easier to knock him into the air.
    However with that said, watch out for some kind of electrical attack
    that he has. This move is strong and hits you multiple times. Evade this
    then smash him.
    Mr. GameandWatch:
    I can't take him seriously. In the hands of a master, he will have an
    advantage because he is made up of less frames per second but just use
    the offense as much as you want and you should be fine. He's pretty easy
    to knock off but watch out for him in Melees with 4 people because he
    tends to sneak up on you.
    His attacks are faster than yours so be careful about that. Use alot of
    power attacks to beat him. Keep your distance and juggle him whenever
    you get the chance. Items are great because I find that Ness tends to
    run away from you so throw something at him. Don't chace him though
    because you will pay for it.
    Special Melee Mode
    Camera mode
    Description- Take snapshots of great poses during a vicious melee battle
    I find this pretty pointless because it just takes up memory blocks and
    if you own the game, you don't need a really cool snapshot.
    Stamina Mode
    Description- All players continue to fight until the percentage reaches
    This is a pretty cool mode. You start at 150% damage and work backwards.
    The hits you do take away percentages here. You have two options. Dive
    straight forward into battle, or stay away and just peck and the guys
    until they reach zero. If you choose the head on approach, use the range
    attacks and charge up a smash attack or some other big attack to
    pulverize everyone. If you stay away, every now and then, hop into to
    battle and do some damage. Stay on the outside of the battle. Either way
    works good. One someone kets Ko'd, it goes into slow mo mode, and you
    get to appreciate your victory. They stay on the screen (looks like they
    are sleeping) until the fight is over or they get blown away.
    Super Sudden Death
    Description- All players have 300% damage to begin with.
    This is a good kind of match if you want the Score display (5,000 ko's)
    or Ko meter (10,000 ko's I think). Everyone starts with 300% damage,
    including you. So you can imagine just how easy it is to knock someone
    off here. Any move you use here is great, so the best ones are the ones
    with reach because power is not a huge factor here. The only way to stay
    alive for a long time is to keep moving because you are still slow.
    Giant Melee
    Description- all players are Giant
    Stick with the same strategy as you would if you were normal size. Use
    the range attacks against people that are small, and use quicker attacks
    for the people who are bigger and stronger. You'll do fine.
    Tiny Melee
    Description- all players are tiny
    Same as above except keep moving more because you have a lot more room
    to do it.
    Invisible Melee
    Description- all players are invisible
    Unlike the cloaking device, you can still take damage here. The key is
    to keep attacking as much as possible so you know where you are all the
    time. It you know where you are, and other don't know where they are or
    where you are, you have a huge advantage. Items are great. Clear out
    moves should be used a lot here because it causes massive confusion to
    everyone because they have no idea who just flew off the screen, so they
    mash the jump buttons to try to get back on but end up falling off the
    Fixed Camera Mode
    Description- The camer is fixed in one position
    Nothing is added or taken away from the players, so they are still your
    main target. Keep using the same strategy as you would normally. Use
    your juegement on how far you have been knocked off because the camera
    is fixed in one position so you can't see how far you've been knocked
    Single Button Melee
    Description- Only the control stick and the A button works
    ANNOYING!! This is even more annoying then the Cruel Melee. You don't
    know how much you use the x, y, l, r, z, or b buttons until you can't
    use them. This is fun however. If playing with friends, you sometimes
    meet face to face with an opponent and nobody does anything because no
    other button works but A. SO everyone just stands around. Jumping is a
    lot more difficult because the x and y buttons don't work. Anyway, as
    you can imagine, the smash attacks are basically the way to win. Just
    mix them up and stay on the ground. It makes things easier.
    Lightning Melee
    Description- Everyone moves really fast
    If you play as Ganondorf all the time, this is a huge change. You can
    actually move fast. But it's now a lot harder to hit people and you even
    fall faster so be careful. Try to just connect with attacks more than
    just attacking. Dont' bother chasing people because you fall really fast
    and if you chase someone over the edge....
    Slo-mo Melee
    Description-Everyone moves really slow
    This is a great mode to see every single attack perfectely. It gives you
    an idea of how much things you miss. Ganondorfs double vertical kick is
    really cool and I didn't know that Ganondorf does two flips in the air
    instead of one. Here you can just jump right in because there is a whole
    lot of time to think about your next attack. But still try not to get
    caught up in big fights. Attack then move.
    Combos For Ganondorf
    -beginner combos
    sweep kick to dark punch(certain %)
    sweep kick to warlock grab(certain %)
    sweep kick to roundhouse(certain %)
    sweep kick to warlock elbow(certain %)
    Gerudo Smash to Warlock Grab
    Gerudo Smash to Warlock elbow
    Gerudo smash to Warlock Kick
    Gerudo smash to double vertical kick
    double vertical kick to Warlock Grab
    Warlock elbow to Warlock Grab
    Warlock Elbow to double vertical kick
    Warlock elbow to Gerudo Smash
    double kick to Warlock Grab
    double kick to flipping kick
    double kick to double vertical kick
    double kick to Gerudo smash
    grab(down) to dark punch
    grab(down) to Gerudo smash
    grab(down) to Warlock Grab(certain %)
    grab(down) to sweep kick
    grab(down) to roundhouse
    grab(down) to double kick
    grab(up) to Warlock Grab
    grab(up) to flipping kick
    Note- Try reversing some of the combos.
    Intermediate combos
    sweep kick to dark punch to sweep kick
    sweep kick to dark punch to Warlock kick
    sweep kick to Gerudo smash to Warlock Grab
    sweep kick to sweep kick to Gerudo smash
    sweep kick to sweep kick to dark punch
    sweep kick to double vertical kick to Warlock grab
    sweep kick to double kick to Warlock grab
    Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to Warlock grab
    double kick to Gerudo smash to Warlock grab
    double kick to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash
    double kick to double vertical kick to Warlock grab
    double kick to double vertical kick (43% damage)
    Warlock elbow to double vertical kick to Warlock grab
    double vertical kick to double vertical kick to Warlock grab
    double kick to Warlock elbow to Warlock grab
    grab(down) to sweep kick to Gerudo smash
    grab(down) to Gerudo smash to Warlock grab
    grab(down) to double kick to Warlock grab
    grab(down) to double vertical kick to Warlock grab
    grab(down) to sweep kick to dark punch
    grab(down) to Warlock elbow to Warlock grab
    grab(down) to double vertical kick to double vertical kick
    Note- grab(down) can be replaced with grab(up) in most situations
    Note- Also try to mix and match with these, there are probably more.
    Expert combos
    sweep kick to dark punch to sweep kick to Gerudo smash
    sweep kick to dark punch to sweep kick to Gerudo smash to Warlock grab
    sweep kick to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to Warlock grab
    sweep kick to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double vertical kick to
    Warlock grab
    sweep kick to Gerudo smash to double vertical kick to Warlock grab
    Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to Warlock grab
    Gerudo smash to double kick to Gerudo smash to Warlock grab
    Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double vertical kick to Warlock grab
    Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double kick to Warlock grab
    Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double kick to Warlock Grab to Warlock
    double kick to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double vertical kick to
    Warlock grab
    double kick to Gerudo smash to double kick to Warlock grab
    double kick to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double vertical kick to
    Warlock grab to Gerudo smash (has to fall near you)
    grab (down) to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double
    vertical kick to Warlock grab
    grab (down) to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double
    kick to double vertical kick to Explosion kick (must have very good
    timing and predict where the person will fall. VERY TOUGH!! 124% Damage
    if connects)
    grab (down) to Gerudo smash to double kick to double vertical kick to
    Warlock grab to Gerudo smash/Warlock kick
    grab (down) to double kick to double kick to double vertical kick to
    Warlock grab
    grab (down) to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to double kick to double
    vertical kick to Warlock kick
    grab (down) to Gerudo smash to Gerudo smash to Warlock elbow to Warlock
    Note- there are more combos, and they are just extensions of these with
    some variation. This is just to give you an idea of how to do combos
    with Ganondorf.
    Note- After every Warlock grab, a Warlock kick or Gerudo smash can
    follow. It adds 33% damage if it connects but it will only connect if
    the person falls towards you because the Warlock grab will send them in
    the direction that you are facing.
    Note- don't rely on combos all the time. If you don't succeed with one,
    move on to something else.
    Combos Submitted by other people (e-mail me at joeyolbean@hotmail.com)
    	any questions or tips etc. will be posted here.
    Thanks to crazygamer123 for these.:
    up means up
    down means down ect...
    * means smash
    &means grab
    $means in the air
    1.down a, b up
    2.*up,b up
    3.*side, bup
    4.b side, b up
    5.&,up,%down a
    6.&,down,*down,b down
    7.* up,% a up
    8.&,up,% a side
    1.ganondorf's up smash fully chargded does 28 up to 53%!!!! this only works if u hit them
    with both legs. u can hit them with both legs if your directly under them or there big like
    2.ganondorf has a meteour smash.(well he has 2) his arial a down and his arial a side.
    3.if u r like me and u like facin newbs and gettin them mad,go to hyrule temple, go to the
    bottom near where it slopes and keep usin b side! i was able to get my freind up to 225%
    before he got out and i was at 0%^_^
    4.tip: for intermediate level, they should master the up a smash and use it alot because i
    killed a bowser(cpu level 9) in 3 hits because i mastered it and i hit it with both legs each
    time causin 43-46%. this is a must master.
    Thanks to rphan@altrionet.com for this:
    Mr. Saturn destroys shields in one hit.
    Thanks to "Tyler Hotshot" <silentspidey@yahoo.com> for this:
    Using the fan, if you smash forward it will break anyone's shield in one
    hit! It's great against people who are heavily guarding.
    Ganondorfs Strong points vs his weak points
    -pros and cons of Ganondorf
    Great Power
    Ganondorf has some very intense moves that cause great distance and
    Hard to knock off
    He can be tough to knock off because of his size.
    He has some good effective moves that have a great range to them.
    Ability to Link most of his moves
    Ganondorfs ability to juggle is great. Almost every attack leave some
    kind of stun. i.e., dark punch to Gerudo smash is a very small combo but
    Variety Of Combos
    Ganondorf has a variety of combos to choose from so there shouldn't be
    just one combo being used. You will continue to surprise the opponent.
    Ganondorf is very slow so only expert users should use him. You will
    have to utilize the dodge to survive.
    Hard to get back on
    Once Ganondorf is knocked off, his recovery skills are not that great
    when compared to other characters.
    Ganondorfs moves tend to have a larger recovery time so make sure that
    you connect.
    Size does matter, it makes you easier to hit.
    What to use and what to stay away from.
    Use the sweep kick, Warlock grab, Warlock kick, Warlock elbow, double
    kick, and double vertical kick the most. They are all fast and cause
    good to great damage plus set up for combos.
    Try to stay away from, the Explosion kick, Warlock punch, and Gerudo
    smash the most. The Gerudo smash is great for combos but if you miss,
    the recovery is really slow and you will fall right off the edge with no
    opportunity to recover. The other two cause great damage but are too
    slow to use all the time.
    Sum up of Ganondorf
    Overall Ganondorf is great character. This guideline should prove
    Power- 9/10
    Reach- 6/10
    Recovery- 4/10
    Combo Ability- 10/10
    Learning curve- 8/10 (higher the harder)
    Offensive Abilities- 8/10
    Defensive Abilities- 4/10
    Ganondorf should be used as an offensive character. Power is the big key
    here since that is what he focuses on. Beginners should have troubles
    with him due to him slow speed but experts should just go to work on
    anyone who wants a good scrap. Remember that you don't have to get the
    person to 100% before you can knock them off, so don't pepper them with
    little attacks until they reach it. Go for the kill a.s.a.p. At about
    60% or a little under, you stand a good chance of knocking them off with
    a well placed warlock elbow or double vertical kick.
    Unlocking Ganondorf
    Complete event number 29 in the event match screen.
    Ganondorfs Stages (the ones I think that fit him most)
    Battlefield Stage- Complete All Star Mode
    Final Destination- Complete event numbers from 1-51 (all of them)
    Home Run Contest
    Hit the bag in the air with UP + A (double vertical kick). Try not to
    charge it too much because it wastes time falling down. Try to hit it as
    much as possible in the allotted time because the higher the percentage,
    the farther the distance. Then grab the bat at the left at give it a
    good whack.
    Multi Man Melee, hundred man melee, 15 min melee, 10 man melee etc.
    Stand under the left or right platform and use the double vertical kick.
    When the enemies come close to you on the ground use the sweep kick to
    knock them away. You can also use the double kick and Warlock grab to
    clear out the enemies. Standing under the platforms gives you a huge
    advantage in this because you can kick right through the platforms and
    ko many wireframes at once. If done correctly, the melees should be done
    with relative ease.
    Cruel Melee
    This is hard!! I found the best way to achieve a good number in this is
    at first roll under the left platform and charge up a double vertical
    kick, when they land kick them up high. Take out the ones that are now
    close to you on the ground with either a sweep kick or double kick.
    Warlock grab the ones that are above you or roll to the other side of
    the arena and give them a Warlock elbow. Try to keep them in front of
    you because Ganondorf has lots of clear out moves.If you get knocked off
    the arena use a Warlock grab to get back on but use it at an awkward
    time. Example, wait a little bit longer before using the move. It will
    make you fall farther but you chance of getting back on is greater
    because the AI don't attack you so much. Another method that I found
    works is use the double vertical kick at the beginning like before, but
    now one Wireframe from the top should drop down through his platform and
    the one if front of you should now move a little bit forward (just
    inside sweep kick range). Sweep kick them and do another quick double
    vertical kick. It should hit the ones that just fell on top of you, if
    front of you and behind you. Roll to the other end of the arena and
    charge up a Warlock elbow or wait for a sweep kick. Timing is key here.
    If you connect with the Warlock elbow, it should send them flying in the
    air giving you some much needed breathing room. I've got up to five ko's
    with this technique.
    Break the Targets
    This really is not a walk in the park. Wait for the first 3 targets to
    pass in front of you and dark punch them . Destroy  the one above you
    first then move to the right. Time the target that is moving up and down
    towards you, then the next two that are above you. In total, you should
    destroy 3 tagetes at the right then move on to the one at the top. Time
    the platforms correctly and be careful not to jump to high because the
    spikes will send you right back down. Then move on the ones on the left.
    Wait there for the last two targets and use a dark punch or sweep kick
    to break them. Easier said then done however.
    How to Fight Giga Bowser
    In adventure mode, on normal with two lives (this is how I did it, there
    could be other ways), beat bowser in about 10 to 20 seconds or less. He
    will fall off like he normall does. He will fly back up and transform
    into Giga Bowser ( in a movie). Now this guy is quite difficult. He
    seems to be faster than Bowser. If you can picture Bowser, In giant
    mode, then eating like 2 mushrooms, thats about the size of Giga Bowser.
    His pure power is enormous and his reach is tramendous. Sadly to say, he
    kicks around Ganondorf like a rag doll. Try to stay as close as you can
    because your reach is just outmatched here. Get him to the high
    percentages a.s.a.p. then hit him hard. Once he's in the air, hit him
    even harder and faster. If he gets over the edge, guard it with your
    life. Do not let him get back on. If you happen to lose, you have to
    beat bowser again and beat him quick again to fight Giga Bowser. if you
    win, you get the Giga Bowser trophy.
    How to fight the Crazy Left Hand
    In classic mode, on normal with two lives (same as above only in classic
    mode) get to the master hand. Once there, you have to take about half of
    his life away in about 20 seconds (my time was at 4:40 when it
    The game will pause just for a minute  and the Crazy Left hand will come
    and help the right. The key here is to just keep pounding away at the
    right hand until he dies. Double vertical kick him while keeping an eye
    on the left hand and being prepared to dodge. Once the right hand is
    defeated, use the same technique on the left hand as you would normally
    use on the master hand. Congratulations, you beat the hands.
    Getting coins
    Do smash attacks. The more you do, the better. You should have no
    trouble achieving good coin amounts with Ganondorf.
    Multiplayer Tips
    Ganondorf is stronger one on one but you will have to play on
    multiplayer eventually, so you might as well have a good game plan. Keep
    people infront of you all the time. Use the smash attacks a lot. I found
    that the overhand punch is extremely useful against everybody and so is
    the flipping kick. If you keep getting countered while using the Warlock
    Grab, use the flipping kick, then use the Warlock Grab. Pokeballs should
    be grabbed as often as you can get your hands on them. These help you a
    great deal, especially the Legenday Pokemon (see that section for
    descriptions of pokemon and tips using them). The double vertical kick
    works great. People really don't seem to pay attention to what is
    standing right below them, so make them pay attention to what is right
    below them. Again, the smash attacks should be used a lot because of
    their knock off power, speed and reach.
    FAQ on Ganondorf
    1. Can Ganondorf do Falcon's double hit smash attacks?
    	I asked this question in my FAQ and I did answer it in a note just
    after the Useless Items part. The answer is no. Ganondorf cannot do the
    double attack.
    2. Can Ganondorf use his sword?
    	This is seeming to start a rumour. However I do not have an
    answer. I have never seen Ganondorf use his sword before but there could
    be a certain button combo. to do so. I recieved an e-mail about this and
    disappointingly, I didn't have a solid answer. If anyone has the answer
    3. Can the power shield reflect items?
    	Yes. It's happend many times to me before. For those who don't
    know what that is, it's when you press the shield exactally when you get
    hit. You hear a different noise and a little spark will appear. You'll
    know when you do it..... but it's tough.
    4. How do you grab things out of the air?
    	I also answered this under the expert moves list. You press the Z
    button while in the air when the item is at about head level or just
    about to hit you. It's tough to practice but that's why it's qualified
    as an expert technique.
    5. How do you dodge with Ganondorfs taunt.
    	It's a big timing thing. Items that are thrown at you, like a
    shell or a walking bomb, can be dodged. The timing is right after the
    green magic appeares at Ganondorfs feet. It looks great if done
    correctly because it adds to the taunt, but it's risky.
    6. I can't get the Gerudo smash dodge to work. When do you time it?
    	It's just after Ganondorf is lunging forward. He will already be
    in the air. Again this takes some practice but it's useful.
    7. Isn't Ganondorf supposed to be hard to knock off?
    	Yes he is. Always try to get the maximum distance out of your
    comeback. Jump, then fall a good portion of the way, then do the Up+B.
    I found that Height is not really a problem with Ganondorf, it's the
    distance that's tough to cover. Also, check who knocked you off and at
    what Percentage. Some characters look decieving with their attacks.
    *When you are hit into the air and it seems like you won't make it back
    on, use this trick: Jump once, then use the Warlock Kick, then jump
    again and use Up+B. The Warlock Kick allows you to recover your first
    8. If you had to choose 4 moves to win the match, what would they be?
    	Well no one has actually e-mailed me about this one, it's just to
    emphasize his best moves.
    	If Ganondorf utelizes his Warlock Grab, it's a sure win. The
    Warlock Elbow, Dark Jab, Warlock Kick, and Warlock Grab would have to be
    the moves.
    9. What is Spiking?
    	Spiking involves smashing your opponent directly downward when
    they are trying to come back on. Ganondorf is really good at doing this
    since most of his spikes eliminate recovery. Use the Downward Stomp when
    they are close to the ledge and trying to get back on. You can use the
    Warlock Kick but make sure you are standing on a ledge or something
    because the kick goes too far down, however, if it connects it's an
    10. Can Ganondorf jump off of walls like Captian Falcon, young Link etc?
    	No. However I found a cool trick that's sort of like it. When you
    get blasted into a wall or something like that, just before you hit
    press the R trigger or L trigger button to recover from the place that
    you got smashed against. You recover your first jump and Up+B. It also
    works if you get hit and then smash into the underside of something. You
    recover instantly. You flash once, so that's ure signal that it worked.
    Version History
    1.0 FAQ created.
    FAQ updated December 29- added % to moves and 3 combos, added usefulness
    to moves and a new tip. Grabbing things out of the air(hammers) is fixed
    and added a blurb on it. Added more strategies and fixed up some things.
    Jan 2- added strategies for Cruel melee. added a little comment on
    grabbing items out of the air. another advantage to the cloaking
    device.request for Falcons double attack with weapons to see if
    Ganondorf can do it. added more to break the targets. added to multi man
    melee and took out 100 man melee and others to add them to multi man
    Jan 3- added Ganondorf cannot do the double attack with weapons like
    falcon. Added strategies for levels and to table of contents. Added note
    on actual names of special moves in Special Moves section. Added
    Legendary Pokemon for Ganondorf to use and to table of contents.
    Jan 4- added strategies to FAQ and to table of contents. Added
    multiplayer tips to appendix.
    Jan 5- added how to fight Giga Bowser and how to beat him.added how to
    fight the crazy left hand and the master hand in classic mode.added
    strategies to special melee mode.
    Jan 27- added Ganondorfs Gerudo Smash can dodge projectiles. added a
    blurb at the top.
    March 10- added an FAQ section and added some thanks to people. added a
    tip on guarding ledges under good techniques to use with Ganondorf.
    added 2 more moves to the beginner list.
    April 15- added a new section (combos submitted by other people), it's
    underneath combos. added to question 7 on FAQ about Ganondorf section
    (VERY USEFUL AND WORTH CHECKING OUT). added another question to the FAQ.
    April 22- added more to contributions from other people and added
    another strategy to good strategies and techniques (good little tip
    about using the small pokemon effectively)
    April 30- added a mr.Saturn tip in the new section (combos submitted by
    other people).
    July 19 - added new tips submitted from other people under combos etc
    submitted by other people (using fan tip). *added a recovery tip under
    FAQ on Ganondorf section.* (just above here)
    Aug 3 - added thanks
    Thanks to ironical for some kind of format to follow. I looked at the
    FAQ to see some things that should be included. Since this is my first
    FAQ I needed something to show me what to do. Thanks for the inspiration
    and for some of the ideas posted on this FAQ. Thanks again.
    Thanks to Wesley Ze Great,Incog_Neeto, and WL for replying about
    Falcon's Double hit smashes.
    Thanks to ~tj, Benny Tran, for adding a question to the FAQ.
    Thanks to anyone else who replies or has replied about Falcons Double
    Hit smash attacks.
    Thanks to crazygamer123 for submitting combos for Ganondorf
    Thanks to rphan@altrionet.com for submitting a quick shield break using
    Thanks to silentspidey@yahoo.com for submitting a instant shield break using the
    Thanks to Chron0Link@aol.com for asking the question that nobody had
    asked (under FAQ on Ganondorf section, #8)
    This FAQ Copyright Joe Soloway
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