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    Ness by Geno

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 11/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Name: Eric Malone 
    Username: Geno 
    E-Mail: Chibi_Maxis_Marquise@yahoo.com 
    Version: 4.0 
    Welcome to my SECOND FAQ, submitted to GameFAQ's. Feel free to use this 
    FAQ on your website, or whatever, just as long as you send me an e-mail, 
    knowing that you're doing so, alright? I get lonely now and then. Moving 
    along! Super Smash Brothers Melee is one of the greatest games EVER made 
    for Gamecube.. which stands out, since there aren't very many games as 
    of yet for it, but i'm sure there'll be more in the future. While there 
    are plenty of characters to choose from, Ness always, ( to me anyways ) 
    stands out among the rest. While this may not be obvious at first, 
    you'll see it as time goes by. Or, if you ever fight Ness on level 5 on 
    Fourside or Onett. Either way, you'll learn to like him. I don't think 
    i'll need to do a background on him. If you have no idea who he is, and 
    you're reading this, you're on a computer that probably can handle an 
    Emulator and the Earthbound ROM. Whatever you do, you'll want to be good 
    with Ness, right? Right. Read on, faithful reader! Onward to Victory! 
    And stuff like that. 
    ****** Warning! ****** 
    This is the legal stuff. I don't own Nintendo, or any of that obvious 
    crap. I'm just helping people learn about Ness and his potential in 
    experienced hands. Besides, The more important thing is that this FAQ 
    contains spoilers, such as Secret Characters, and ways to get them. 
    Version History 
    Version 1.0: This is where it all begins. 
    Version 2.0: I've began the Character Strategies for the more Human Used 
    characters in Melee. I STILL haven't gotten any e-mails for anything I 
    may have missed. Added in Credits. 
    Version 3.0: Added stuff. Extra strategies. Basically what I neglected 
    that the fans asked for. Thanks, guys! Kudos to you! Also added in the 
    FAQ, is the Official Psi Magnet Absorbtion List. Look for it! Also, 
    added in the Statistic thing. Basically, you'll know how Ness ranks. 
    Arrgh! I had to re-do the WHOLE FAQ! Well, it was for the better, 
    Version 4.0: Spaced the document. Supposedly, I didn't space it when I 
    redid it. How the heck did I miss that? It looks alot better now. I 
    changed the rating system to rate Ness' abilities from 1 - 10, to give 
    you a better idea of what he strong and weak points are. Supposedly, one 
    through five stars wasn't detailed enough. Added in the Bug section.
    ----- Statistics -----
    shockfrost from the Gamefaqs Melee forums came up with some intresting 
    ideas on how to make the FAQ's here better. And by golly, i'm gonna use 
    them! If it makes the masses happy, then, i'll do it!
    Statistical Rank:
    1 - Extremely Crappy
    2 - Incredibly Crappy
    3 - Pretty Bad
    4 - Bad
    5 - So-so
    6 - Good
    7 - Pretty good
    8 - Really Good
    9 - Extremely Good
    10 - Rockin'! This is a Strong Point!
    What i'm getting at here, is not precise measurements on Ness' ability. 
    I'm too lazy to do that anyways. Perhaps in a future version, i'll do 
    it, but we'll go with the easy system this time.
    Weight: 4
    Weight is definetely Below Average. Let's face it, Ness is relatively 
    easy to knock off. Large, powerful enemies usually make quick work of 
    Speed: 5
    Not too fast, not too slow. In terms of Ganondorf and Captain Falcon, 
    Ness is dead inbetween.
    Jumping Ability: 10
    This is where Ness begins to shine. His odd jumping pattern takes a 
    while to get used to, but once you do, you're virtually invincible to 
    mid-air attacks, if you play your cards right. Get to know Ness, get to 
    learn how to manipulate his jump, and you'll be one step closer to 
    mastering him!
    Recovery: 6
    Average. Average. Using masterful recovery tactics, Ness can recover 
    from alot of good attacks. If PK Thunder Missile took him as far as it 
    did in Super Smash Brothers, he'd earn an 8, or even 9. Still, Ness 
    isan't lacking on recovery. ( This includes actual recovery time from 
    being knocked down, being knocked off the arena, etc. )
    Strength: 4
    Comparing all the attacks to alot of other characters attacks, i've come 
    to the conclusion that Ness, is infact, average. If PK Flash were absent 
    from his attack list, he'd more than likely be a 3. But, since it is in 
    there, we'll consider him average.
    Traction: 8
    Ness has excellent traction. While this doesen't account for much, 
    you'll need it when running away from something large and scary, where 
    you need to turn around. Quick. Say, Giga Bowser?
    Random Information:
    Ness cannot wall jump. 
    His jumps usually get you really high. 
    Mastering PK Thunder is essential, as his Third Jump requires more work 
    than other characters third jump, and requires PK Thunder. 
    Others will be added as I remember them.
    ------ Actions ------ 
    --- B Button --- 
    "Originally, Ness never knew PK Thunder or PK Fire, so it's assumed that 
    Paula taught him these attacks." - Paula Trophy Excerpt
    I am now using the same scale I used for statistics, for attacks! Yes!
    B: PK Flash [11% - 32%] 
    Range: 10
    Power: 10
    Usage Time: 4 to 5 seconds. ( 3 )
    Best Used For: Interception
    B Forward: PK Fire [5% - 14%]
    Range: 7
    Power: 3
    Usage Time: 1 second. ( 8 )
    Best Used For: Cancelling Attacks, Setting Up Combos
    B Down: PK Magnet [Heals you if any projectiles hit it]
    Range: None
    Power: None
    Usage Time: 1 second. ( 9 1/2)
    Best Used For: Healing Yourself
    B Up: PK Thunder [5%, and, if you hit yourself, Missile] 
    Range: 10
    Power: Normal: 1, PK Thunder Missile: 10
    Usage Time: Several seconds. Since you control it, I consider it that 
    you're always using this attack, until you shake it off. 1
    Ness has two attacks that can do phenominal damage if they hit. PK 
    Flash, and PK Thunder Missile ( As I like to call it, alot of people 
    call this the same thing ) are the two. PK Flash takes a bit of time to 
    charge, and has a small hit radius, but can do enough damage to knock 
    anyone with 40%+ damage out of the arena, with the exception of Bowser 
    and Donkey Kong. Perfect PK Thunder, and not only can you save yourself 
    from most bad falls, but, if you hit someone with over 50% damage, you 
    can say Bye Bye to them. Well, with the exception of PK Fire. PK Fire 
    does minimal damage to people with high damage, since it throws them up. 
    Best to use this against people around 10% damage.. PLUS, it sets them 
    up for a throw or a smash!
    --- A Button --- 
    A: Punch [3%] 
    Range: 1
    Power: 1
    Best Used For: General Attacking, Can be pressed several times to 
    initiate a 3 hit combo.
    A Forward: Kick [11%] 
    Range: 2
    Power: 3
    Best Used For: General Attacking, Annoyance
    A Down: Low Kick [3%] 
    Range: 3
    Power: 1
    Best Used For: Tripping, Unexpected Attacks, Combo Starting
    A Up: Knock Up [6%] 
    Range: 1
    Power: 2
    Best Used For: Juggling. Definetely Juggling.
    A Smash Down: Yo-Yo [11%] 
    Range: 3
    Power: 2
    Best Used For: Ending Combos
    A Smash Up: Yo-Yo [8%] 
    Range: 2
    Power: 2
    Best Used For: Juggling, Against Air Attackers, Ending A Juggle/Combo.
    A Smash Forward: Gutsy Bat [18% - 22%] 
    Range: 4
    Power: 5
    Best Used For: Getting People Off Your Back, Finishers. Don't try to 
    start combos with it. You won't get far. Ending a Combo.
    A Running Forward: Sparkle Throw [5%] 
    Range: 2
    Power: 1
    Best Used For: Getting People Off Your Back, Level 3 or Below CPU 
    A Back In The Air: Backwards Kick [16%] 
    Range: 2
    Power: 7
    Best Used For: Mid-Air Strikes, High Percentage Mid-Air Finisher, 
    Juggle/Combo Ending.
    A Forward In The Air: More Sparklies! [11%] 
    Range: 2
    Power: 2
    Best Used For: Mid-Air Combos
    A Down In The Air: Downwards Kick [12%]
    Range: 2
    Power: 3
    Best Used For: Please. Only use this to finish Mid-Air Combos, and as a 
    surprise "Eat Ground" attack. Using this attack for spiking isan't worth 
    the Self Destruct's you'll earn in the long run.
    This lineup is pretty weak, but can all be used in a number of ways. 
    Combos come to mind? His Down A is useful for knocking characters off 
    ledges, and his Up A is better for getting people airborne. His A Back 
    In The Air is an awesome finisher, or good for if you've just died and 
    are falling back into the fray. The Gutsy Bat is a nice Smash attack, 
    since it has that satisfying "Home Run Bat" connection sound. Nice! 
    Ness's Downwards Kick really sucks.. it takes a moment to use, and you 
    need good air. Timing this as an Intercept Attack is going to be really 
    tough. I've only gotten 10 KO's out of 30 or so tries using this old 
    method. Too bad, in Super Smash Brothers, that was one of my good 
    -------- Strategies -------- 
    --- Adventure --- 
    I'm going to use the Star Rating System for the difficulty here. Hope 
    you all don't mind.
    Mushroom Kingdom: Level 1 
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: *
    Normal: **
    Hard: **
    Very Hard: ***
    You can pick up a maximum of two Trophies here if you jump on the 
    Goomba. Very handy to know if you've just started playing. Grab a Koopa 
    Shell if you can, and you'll be able to whipe up the Yoshi Team around 
    the middle easily. Finish the stage with a 2 in the timer, ( Example: 
    XX:X2:XX ), to fight Luigi and Peach. This is VITAL if you're trying to 
    get Luigi as a secret character. Beating Mario and Peach is a piece of 
    cake. Peach always starts off near you, so start beating on her. When 
    Mario comes around, which won't be long, start working on hitting them 
    both. If you take long enough, a Bullet Bill will come, and they'll take 
    cover on the opposite end it's coming in. They won't bug you until it's 
    gone, or you get too close. Use a PK Flash. If you've done around 40% 
    damage to them, the fully charged PK Flash will finish them off. 
    Kongo Jungle: Level 2
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: *
    Normal: *
    Hard: **
    Very Hard: ***
    You start off fighting two small Donkey Kong's. They're annoying to hit, 
    but if you can connect with a nice Forward Smash, you'll send them off. 
    Otherwise, hit them up, and charge a PK Flash. Afterwards, you go to 
    fight Giant DK. He's really a big pushover, and you can dispatch him 
    after several hits. Sometimes, he'll fall into the water, so it's not 
    that hard. 
    Underground Maze: Level 3 
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: **
    Normal: **
    Hard: ***
    Very Hard: ***
    This is my method of finding the Triforce, and it's easy. Plus, it gets 
    you around, and usually earns you a trophy, should you not find the 
    Triforce until the last room you enter. As soon as you reach the large 
    main chamber full of ReDead, jump down, and hug the left wall. You'll 
    land on a small platform facing a room with a bunch of traps. There's a 
    plank of wood, so run across it. Continue on through there, and fight 
    any Link's, or just float over the room to avoid the battle. If you find 
    the Triforce, try smash attacks at the air. You'll get a coin if you do 
    enough of them at the end. After you find the Triforce and recieve your 
    points for doing so, you'll get to fight Zelda. If she uses Din's Fire, 
    use PK Magnet to suck it in for health. Sometimes she'll change into 
    Shiek and give you a ton of trouble. If that happens, switch to attacks 
    that are further away, such as PK Thunder, or PK Fire. 
    ****Update****: I've noticed quite the pattern from Zelda. Almost 
    ALWAYS, at the beginning, she'll jump, and toss a Din's Fire your way. 
    Pull up your shield, because you'll be at 0% anyways, to avoid any 
    damage. Zelda will be a real pain in the arse if you're at levels higher 
    than Normal.
    Brinstar: Level 4
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: *
    Normal: *
    Hard: **
    Very Hard: ** 
    Samus isan't your main concern, it's really the lava/acid. Whatever the 
    heck that stuff is. You're pretty much Samus's worst nightmare, so just 
    use aerial attacks. Since she guards the top, acid-safe platform with a 
    vengeance, you can usually hit her with a nice PK Flash when the Acid 
    begins to rise. Knock her off, and just hit her when she tries to get 
    back on. Simple. Brinstar is going to explode, now, so you need to 
    escape. Jump the platforms, ( Which will be hard, considering Ness's odd 
    jumping pattern ) and grab the Trophy along the way. Usually it's on the 
    left or right side of the ending platform, other times it's near the 
    beginning. It's always random. 
    ****Update****: I've seen the trophy pop up mid-way through the level 
    several times.
    Green Greens: Level 5 
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: *
    Normal: **
    Hard: ***
    Very Hard: ****
    After the cool scene where Brinstar explodes, you see Popstar, Kirby's 
    home planet. You start in the Green Greens level, fighting a lone Kirby. 
    Easily taken care of, just pummel it with attacks. Don't be surprised if 
    it steals your power, though. Then, You get to fight 3 Kirby's at a 
    time: Each using a power from the characters you have unlocked, and the 
    ones you started with. It's really easy, just use Smash attacks. If you 
    defeat them within 30 seconds approximately, you'll get to fight Giant 
    Kirby. Treat him like Giant DK, and pummel him. If you succeed, you get 
    a nice bonus of 30,000 points! 
    ****Update****: Even in the higher modes of difficulty, the Kirby team 
    is easily dealt with. Master Ness, and get to cracking! Send me times 
    and difficulties, and i'll post them up! I promise!
    Corneria: Level 6 
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: *
    Normal: *
    Hard: **
    Very Hard: ***
    The easiest way to beat Fox is to run at him and use your running A 
    attack. He'll skid along the ground, and off the front of the Great Fox, 
    for the KO. If you're playing on harder difficulties, it won't be so 
    easy. Avoid using PK Fire or PK Thunder here, unless you're using PK 
    Thunder to throw yourself into him. Once you defeat Fox McCloud, you'll 
    see one of several cutscenes, with bad voice acting, might I add. 
    Sometimes, supposedly randomly, you'll fight Falco, but only if you've 
    unlocked him. Otherwise, you'll just fight Fox again. This time, Arwings 
    will be all over you like white on rice, so just use PK Magnet to absorb 
    the blasts shot at you, and take out Fox, or the Arwings will do it for 
    ****Update****: At higher difficulties, usually past Normal, throwing 
    Fox off easily will be next to impossible. Bust out some moves, you can 
    do it!
    Pokemon Stadium: Level 7 
    Very Easy: **
    Easy: **
    Normal: ***
    Hard: ***
    Very Hard: ****
    Pikachu Galore! If you've unlocked Jigglypuff and Pichu, you'll run into 
    several of these annoyances. Simple attacks will take them out, but to 
    take out mass numbers, rely on Pokemon. If you're lucky, you'll get 
    Unown, or Venusaur, which'll take out atleast half of them! 
    ****Update****: This level is Pokemon haven. Your odds of finding Celebi 
    are high, if you've met the requirements. Same with Mew. Good luck with 
    that, as well!
    F-Zero Grand Prix: Level 8 
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: *
    Normal: **
    Hard: ***
    Very Hard: ***
    This is one of my favorite levels. Race along the track. If you get 
    started at a run, you'll make it to the first dip in the track easily. 
    Hide behind it, and the cars will fly over you. Run, until you get the 
    warning sign again. Jump onto the platform. Pick up the Trophy you'll 
    find along the way, and cross the finishline. This is the easiest way to 
    get the "Switzerland" bonus. Then, you get to fight Captain Falcon! The 
    good Captain will usually walk at you, and then use a Raptor Boost to 
    throw you into the air. Shield, or dodge, and then let loose with smash 
    attacks, and any attacks to keep him airborne. 
    ****Update****: Higher difficulties, again, warrent higher chances of 
    getting your butt handed to you on a silver platter. I even have trouble 
    against the good captain.
    Onett: Level 9
    Very Easy: **
    Easy: **
    Normal: **
    Hard: ***
    Very Hard: *** 
    3 Ness's! Frankly, i'm amazed that they didn't give Ness a better 
    Adventure Stage, but you take what you can get, right? Defeating these 
    Ness will be a breeze, but they're extremely Mr. Saturn happy. Mr. 
    Saturn will be flying all over the place. Usually a throw will do them 
    in, but the Cars are usually your best bet. Lure them to the ground, and 
    jump at the last second. This is the best way to get the Bonuses', "Mr. 
    Saturn Fan", "Saturn Siblings", and "Saturn Ringer", all 3 bonuses 
    adding up to 11,000. 
    ****Update****: You'll take more damage from Mr. Saturn than Ness. At 
    lower levels, this stage can be a real joke. *sigh* Also, i've noticed, 
    after Easy level, the Ness will shield against the cars sometimes. This 
    works, sometimes.
    Icicle Mountain: Level 10 
    Very Easy: **
    Easy: **
    Normal: **
    Hard: **
    Very Hard: **
    Just jump, and grab a Freezie, or anything else useful, on the way up. 
    After about 20 seconds, you'll encounter 2 Ice Climber groups. Use the 
    Freezie for one, and Smash the others. If you're on a higher difficulty, 
    use Hit and Run tactics, and the stage, as it runs faster, will finish 
    them off. 
    ****Update****: Quite. The level usually scrolls quickly, and the CPU 
    can't keep up half the time.
    Battlefield: Level 11 
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: *
    Normal: **
    Hard: ***
    Very Hard: ****
    The Fighting Wire Frame Team is really easy. A simple hit will send them 
    flying, but use Smashes to insure their demise. On higher difficulties, 
    use your PK Thunder Missile. You'll then have to fight Metal Mario, ( 
    Or, the Metal Bros., if you've unlocked Luigi! ). On easier 
    difficulties, a smash and a throw will take them out. Higher 
    difficulties present more challenges. On higher difficulties, throwing 
    and smashes reign surpreme again. For beating the Metal Bros., you get a 
    whopping 8,000 points! Not much, but not too shabby.
    ****Update**** Anything Normal and Under is like braving the pillow 
    gauntlet. I was scared as hell when I first saw you had to fight 
    something similar to the polygon team, but unless you're on Hard or Very 
    Hard, little skill is required to own them.
    Final Destination: Level 12 
    Very Easy: **
    Easy: **
    Normal: ***
    Hard: ****
    Very Hard: *****
    This is where it all ends.. this is the deciding factor! Fight Bowser, 
    for the win, and a Ness trophy. Use the items, and just plain out pummel 
    him. Use Aerial attacks, and use PK Magnet when Bowser uses his fire. 
    If, perchance, you fight Giga Bowser... Use PK Fire, and, when you send 
    him flying, use PK Flash to send him flying again for a kill. You'll get 
    the Giga Bowser Trophy for doing so. 
    ****Update****: Sorry guys. Nothing out of the ordinary at higher 
    levels. Too bad, huh?
    ------- Classic ------- 
    Stage 2: Team Battle 
    Stage 5: Giant Battle 
    Stage 8: Team Battle ( A bunch of one character ) 
    Stage 10: Metal Battle 
    Stage 11: Master Hand 
    Since the order of characters for the stages that Classic runs through 
    is completely Random, i'll help you on Bonus Stages. 
    ---- Break the Targets ---- 
    Difficulty: ***
    Thoughts: You need to know alot about Ness to beat his Break the 
    Targets. While you may not need to know as much, controlling the PK 
    Thunder required to break Target 4 can be a real pain.
    Target 1: It's right above you. 
    Targets 2 & 3: Their to your right. Use PK Thunders to hit them. 
    ****Update****: Or, you can use a PK Flash and take them out quicker!
    Target 4: It's to your left. Use PK Thunder to hit it. 
    Targets 5 & 6: To the left of Target 4. Use PK Thunders to hit them. 
    ****Update****: I usually use a PK Fire to hit Target 5, the lower one. 
    Jump and fire away.
    Target 7: Use the platforms that are near Targets 5 & 6 to reach 7. 
    There is a small, blue, hardly noticable platform there. Use PK Thunder 
    to hit the target, or a physical attack.
    Targets 8, 9, & 10: In the maze. It's obvious how to get in and hit the 
    targets there. 
    All done with Break the Targets. My best so far has been 36 seconds. 
    Fan Times:
    I got a time from one, "Geno Star". His time was 38 seconds. Awesome 
    Zulu Planet got 33.55 seconds. Rockin', Zulu!
    Send in more times, and you can bet you'll see them here!
    ---- Snag Trophies! ---- 
    3 Trophies fall from the sky, and you need to get them into the pink 
    rings. Sounds simple.. but it's not. Since they fall from the sky at 
    different points, you'll have a margin of time to hit one, and go after 
    another. If they're on the far left or right, use a simple Up A Smash to 
    get them in. If they're closer to the rings, juggle them with his in the 
    air Up A, and hit them towards the rings. You can leave this Bonus Stage 
    with a maxium of 3 Trophies! 
    ---- Race To The Finish! ---- 
    Difficulty: ***
    Thoughts: Ness has a hard time with Race To The Finish. It takes a 
    flawless performance to get to the end, but it can be done!
    The Middle and Lower Paths are best suited for Ness. The Middle Path is 
    faster, but if you hit the lava, you lose valuable time. The Lower Path, 
    if you're not careful, can cause you to fall into the abyss, and lose 
    all hopes for coins. Maximum, you should get 4 coins, if you get far 
    enough. 5, if you're lucky enough to reach the very end. 
    ---- All-Star ---- 
    Very Easy: *
    Easy: **
    Normal: ***
    Hard: ****
    Very Hard: *****
    Thoughts: Considering you can't die, and you only have 3 hearts that 
    fill you up fully, the difficulty levels are particularly straight 
    forward. Ness is easy to knock off, so higher difficulty levels may 
    become taxing on your thumbs.
    The enemies you face are completely random, but you get 4 Trophies out 
    of the bargain. At the end, you fight a group of Mr. Game and Watch, 
    which, at higher difficulties than Normal, can be overwhelming. You only 
    have 3 Recovery Hearts, but they heal ALL wounds, luckily. But, if you 
    spread their use out, and try to avoid damage, you can effectively beat 
    All-Star Mode on Hard. I can't give you much advice here, except that to 
    unlock All-Star Mode, you need to unlock all the secret characters. 
    Update: If you clear All-Star on Hard or Very Hard ( Continues allowed 
    ), you'll get the Mew Trophy. Clearing it without Continues on any 
    difficulty gets you the Battlefield Trophy, and the Wario Trophy. 
    Getting all the All-Star Mode Character Trophies, and you get the cool 
    Meowth trophy. Wiggy! (Thanks to Chris Memolo's Trophy FAQ for this 
    ---- Home Run Contest ----
    As soon as you start, grab the bat. Use PK Fire on Sandbag.. you'll be 
    able to pull atleast 3 or 4 off. Then, let 'er rip before time runs out. 
    Perhaps maybe you can find a better way to do it. E-Mail me with any 
    good methods, and i'll put it into the next version, with full kudos 
    going to you!
    Fan Distances and Methods
    I've gotten 1056.1 feet.
    Zulu Planet's gotten 1079.8 feet. His method? He threw Sandbag into the 
    air, and continually spiked it. Nice method, Zulu.
    Send in more distances and methods, and you'll see them here, with full 
    credit to yourself!
    ---- Multi-Man Melee ---- 
    This can be extremely tough. Try using PK Thunder Missiles on groups of 
    Wire Frames. The way I do this is jump off the edge, and use the PK 
    Thunder to fling me back onto the platform, and hope I hit a Wire Frame 
    on the way in. While this isan't great, it got me through 15 Minute 
    Melee, 100 Man Melee, and the latter. I have 7 kills on Cruel Melee so 
    far using this tactic! 
    ------- Indivdual Human Used Strategies ------- 
    Mario - My friend loves using Mario, and for one reason only; to annoy 
    me constantly with his Up B. If someone uses this strategy against you, 
    punch them in the arm, or rip their controller out, and KO them before 
    he can reconnect it. Or, if you wanna show off, try alot of good smash 
    attacks if he misses the Up B. 
    Marth - I loathe Marth players now. That's nothing new, eh? Though, not 
    focused at the majority, there are some extremely cheap Marth users.. 
    He's got the speed, and while he's outclassed by Captain Falcon or Fox 
    McCloud, he has the perfect attacks. Counter is perfect if people insist 
    on using the same attack, and effective if you want them to change their 
    strategy. While his B attack isan't as effective as Roy's, the charge 
    time is a wee shorter, and good against enemies of shorter reach, like 
    Pichu, or Pikachu, or Kirby. If you're good with his Forward B, use it. 
    I almost never use it... for reasons unknown. Up B is good if you're far 
    below a ledge. Fighting Marth is basically a hit and run game. Use PK 
    Fire, PK Thunder, and Smash attacks whenever you wind up dodging 
    attacks. Good luck!
    Roy - Roy's B attack, fully charged, is like a Home Run Bat hit... think 
    of it as a really slow Home Run Bat attack, and keep away when this is 
    charging. It's even potential when it's not even fully charged. Try to 
    stay away, and use a PK Fire to stop him. Or, if you wanna be even more 
    devious, jump away at the last second. 10% damage to him, and you can 
    throw in a PK Fire, or a Smash attack while he's vulnerable. 
    Ness - The rule of thumb here is 'Avoid PK Fire, and REALLY avoid PK 
    Flash'. What I mean is, don't use PK Fire unless your opponant is 
    vulnerable. PK Flash is something you'll want to avoid too, as in, stay 
    away from it's range. Only use it if your opponant is trying to get back 
    to solid ground as an Intercept Attack. 
    Samus - My friend Mike loves using Samus. Don't use PK Magnet on her 
    missiles; it doesen't work. Instead, use them for her Charge Shot. Since 
    her Up B is annoying, and she can get 3 of them off when she has the 
    Screw Attack Item. So, do alot of dodging, and pull off alot of good 
    Smash attacks. Trust me, everyone who uses Samus uses the same 
    stratgies: Charge Up, Screw Attacks. It's almost always that. They also 
    use Smash Attacks alot. Trust me.... it works. 
    ****Update****: Okay, so not EVERYONE uses that strategy. Though, some 
    people use similar. Be wary of that arm cannon.
    Luigi - Taking advantage of his low traction is key, when fighting 
    Luigi. While Luigi, in most human players hands, isan't much of a 
    threat, you'd be surprised how unpredictable he can be. And, since he 
    has the Green Missile attack for recovery help, you'll be in a pickle if 
    you're fighting an experienced player.
    Bowser, Ganondorf, Donkey Kong - Your biggest threats are perhaps the 
    strongest characters in the game. Continual pummeling of attacks and 
    combinations on these brutes will usually win you the match. But since 
    Ness is a light weight... Dodge! Dodge! Most of the time, a successful 
    smash by one of the above mentioned 3, will send you to your doom when 
    over 40%! Beware, Ness players!
    ------- Official Psi Magnet Absorption List -------
    What Psi Magnet CAN Absorb:
    Fox's Laser
    Falco's Laser
    Mario and Luigi's Fireballs
    Dr. Mario's MegaVitamin
    Laser Fire ( Item )
    Super Scope Shots, Used Over and Over, or Charged
    Arwing Lasers
    Bowser's Fire
    Fireflower Fire
    Ice Climber's Ice Shot
    Pikachu and Pichu's Thunder Jolt
    Kirby's Super Cut ( The energy that comes out )
    Ness' PK Fire, and PK Thunder
    Mewtwo's Shadowball
    What Psi Magnet CAN'T Absorb:
    Anything Else
    And I believe that's about it. Should I have missed anything, e-mail me. 
    Remember, I'll always give you kudos. So don't be afraid.
    ------- Credits ------- 
    I've gotten alot of my inspiration from the other creators of FAQ's. And 
    while I can't exactly give any credit to them, as I don't know them, I'd 
    like to thank them anyways. Each and every one of you. 
    My friends, Eugene, Mike, Ben, and Jared, for giving me constant 
    challenges, and helping me hone my skills as Ness, and come up with new 
    You, for reading the FAQ. Betcha didn't see that coming, did you?
    ---- The End ---- 
    Wow. I really lengthened the FAQ, didn't I? I think it had to do with 
    the statistics, updates, and such. I hope that I made the FAQ much more 
    efficient for you. Good luck, noble Ness player! Be sure to pack a 
    Hamburger, some Coffee, and a Peanut Cheese Bar. It's gonna be a bumpy 
    Again, feel free to use this FAQ on your Website or something, but be 
    sure to send me an e-mail, letting me know that you're doing so. Thanks! 

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