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    Yoshi by Shadow Dino

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Smash Brothers Melee
    Yoshi FAQ
     by me, Shadow Dino (a.k.a. Shade)
    c) 7/19/02
    v. 1.3
    e-mail me at shadowyoshi003@yahoo.com
    AIM: ShadowDino
    Yahoo Messenger: shadowyoshi003
    The link to the home topic of the Fighting Yoshis Incorporated: 
    I'm usually there, but don't go flooding that topic with questions!
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    First off, the tedious part of the...
    Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    Ok, this FAQ for Yoshi for the game Super Smash Brothers Melee is 
    copyrighted by me, Shadow Dino and is protected by Federal Law under the 
    United States of America's Government. You are free to save this file 
    and print out for your own leisure. However, you may NOT under any 
    circumstances, plagiarize this FAQ for your own profit, be it 
    financially or socially. If I find out you are doing this, I shall hunt 
    you down like the dog you are and sue you with everything I've got! 
    This FAQ may only be posted on the following Web Sites:
    If you wish to have this FAQ posted on your web page, please e-mail me 
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    please don't go off and sue me, because it probably is just a 
    misunderstanding. Just e-mail me with your thoughts and if I think it 
    has high credibility, I will give you the credit you rightfully deserve. 
    NOTE: There are some sites I've given permission to post my FAQ, but 
    most are individual sites that are run by a group of friends or by one 
    person. These sites may post this FAQ if they wish. If you privately run 
    your own site, or run it with a group of friends, you may go ahead and 
    post my FAQ. I only ask that you give me credit and don't mess anything 
    up. Don't go putting ads around them either okay? However, major sites 
    will have to ask for permission, got it?
    I do not, or have ever, own any character in this game or the game 
    itself. The only things I own are the contents of this FAQ unless 
    someone is credited with the information. 
    Thank you, and enjoy the FAQ!
    -Shadow Dino
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. All about SSB:M
    IV. Who is Yoshi?
    V. Controls
    VI. Why choose Yoshi?
    VII. Yoshi's Moves
    VIII. The One-Player Modes
    IX. Using Yoshi on the Stages
    X. How to use Yoshi against the CPU or your friends
    XI. Advice
    XII. FAQs
    XIII. Contribute
    XIV. Credits
    XV. Closing
    I. Introduction
    Hiya folks, I am known as Shadow Dino (I frequently go by "Shade") and I 
    frequent the Super Smash Brothers: Melee Boards on GameFAQs.com when I'm 
    online. I usually don't say much but I'm there. Anyways, this is my FAQ 
    to my personal favorite, Yoshi. Most of my experience I've carried over 
    from the original, Super Smash Brothers, so that is a major help. Now, 
    don't go off and flame me if you see something wrong, and don't think 
    about e-mailing me things with the title "Yoshi Sucks ***" Or "What are 
    you smoking? Yoshi Sucks!" and don't even bother sending things that 
    have the title of "Gamecube Sucks" or "The X-Box is ten times better" or 
    "Halo has a better multi-player than this game" because I'll just delete 
    and block out your address, comprende? This FAQ is to be used as a 
    helpful tool for Yoshi Newcomers and Veterans alike, and I don't need 
    any worthless crap filling up my Inbox. So with that out of the way, let 
    me say Welcome to my Yoshi FAQ for Super Smash Brothers: Melee!
    Now then, off to the FAQ!
    II. Version History
    V 1.0- Started FAQ! Hooray! Put in One-Player Modes, Stages, Vs. 
    Strategies, and moves!
    V 1.1- Added some Event Match tips, Used spell check to correct errors, 
    added some advice, added strategies for Onett, Fourside, Mute City, and 
    Big Blue. Added character strategies for Jigglypuff and Mewtwo. 
    Clairified Home-Run Contest. Added Giga Bowser and Crazy Hand tips. 
    Added damage percentages for B Moves
    V 1.2- Heh, sorry for not updating in the longest time. I have a little 
    thing called school that makes up most of my time. Added Neoseeker.com 
    to the list of sites allowed to have my FAQ. Split the Advice column 
    into Tips and Combos. Put more tips in. Added strategies for Pokemon 
    Stadium and Poke Floats. Added strategies for Luigi, Marth and Mr. Game 
    and Watch. 
    V 1.3- Corrected past mistakes.
    III. All about SSBM
    What is SSBM anyway? Well, SSBM stands for Super Smash Brothers Melee, 
    the sequel to the hit multi-player party fighting game, Super Smash 
    Brothers for the Nintendo 64. This game is possibly the only good party 
    multi-player game out there, with the only challenge coming from the X-
    Box's Halo's excellent FPS Multi-player. This game is only for the 
    Nintendo Gamecube so don't go looking for it on other systems. 
    But what is it really all about? Well, not much, it's basically all your 
    favorite Nintendo Characters come together for the ultimate battle to 
    see who can layeth the smackethdown on anyone else. So if you wanted to 
    see who would win a fight between Mario and Fox, DK vs. Link, or Yoshi 
    vs. Kirby, or you've just plain hated a character and wanted to utterly 
    destroy him/her, like Pikachu, then this game is for you! The controls 
    are amazingly simple, making it easy to learn, however, mastering it 
    takes a long time. The controls also makes it easy to settle grudges or 
    scores making for some bragging rights to obtain. 
    This game alone is enough justification to buy a Gamecube. It is well 
    worth the time you spend on it. If you do decide to buy it, I wish you 
    good luck and happy smashing!
    IV. Who is Yoshi?
    Who's Yoshi you say? Well, Yoshi is from the world of the Mushroom 
    Kingdom along with Mario, Peach, and Luigi. He's a dinosaur of some 
    sort. Early on he made weird sounds but now he speaks with a kind of 
    voice. He can use his tongue to his advantage and can throw eggs very 
    expertly. Yoshi started his career in the hit Super Nintendo game Super 
    Mario World where he was a constant companion to Mario and Luigi. 
    However, more of his past, or possibly his parent's life came to light 
    in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, where he became a full-fledged 
    video game hero with his classic Yoshi sound and egg throwing.
    However, things went sort of downhill with the Nintendo 64. Even though 
    he appeared in Super Mario 64 to help out Mario and was a worthy racer 
    in Mario Kart 64, Nintendo sort of gave him a cutesy look in Yoshi's 
    Story. Sure, it gave Yoshi an actually voice but it made him one of the 
    "cutesy" rank along with Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Super Smash Brothers 
    gave Yoshi the chance to prove that looks can be deceiving, especially 
    in the hands of a Master.
    Now he's back with a vengeance in Super Smash Brothers Melee. Armed with 
    his trusty eggs, his signature Ground Pound, and his tongue, Yoshi is 
    ready to take on anything. But the question is, are you ready?
    Unfortunately, Yoshi has been considerably toned down since Super Smash 
    Brothers, as it is harder to make combos. However, he controls pretty 
    much the same way as SSB so only a few adjustments are needed.
    Can be powerful in his own way.
    HUGE Second Jump
    Down+B move scatters.
    Can't be knocked out easily.
    Practically invincible while airborne.
    NO Third Jump
    Some attacks can be weak
    Is quickly becoming more underrated than Jigglypuff.
    Toned down since SSB, causing the con above
    WAY too cute
    V. Controls
    Well, the controls of this game are quite simple. I unfortunately do not 
    have a diagram available for the controller but it should still work.
    A Button- Use Yoshi's Standard Attacks. Use the Control Stick to either 
    alter in power, direction, or both. Tapping will cause a Smash Motion.
    B Button- Uses Yoshi's Special Attacks. More on that later.
    X & Y Button- Jump
    L & R Triggers- Activates Yoshi's Shield, an Egg. Grows Weaker the 
    longer you hold it. Use the Control Stick along with the Triggers for 
    evasive maneuvers
    C-Stick- Alters Camera and does a non-charge Smash Move in Vs. Mode. 
    Handy for getting out of sticky situation.
    Control Stick- Used to move, or in conjunction with the A Button for 
    Smash Attacks or Directional Attacks. Use it with the B Button to use 
    his special attacks. Used in conjunction with the Triggers to either 
    roll or side step. Tap up to jump, tap forward or backwards to dash
    Z Button or Triggers + A Button- Grab and Throw, great for getting in a 
    few quick hits or chucking your enemy towards the abyss. Use A after 
    grabbing to get some potshots in, and tilt the Control Stick to throw.
    L & R + Control Stick- Use the Control stick to tilt down to sidestep or 
    left and right to roll.
    L or R in the air- A great new feature added in the game known as the 
    air dodge. Avoid aerial attacks is now even easier!
    VI. Why choose Yoshi?
    So, why should you choose Yoshi? Well, first off, Yoshi has a huge 
    second jump. It has the ability to move horizontally and go pretty far 
    up. The bad thing is that Yoshi has no third jump so if you're hit hard 
    and far, you're a goner. Don't let that fool you though, cause that 
    second jump is often good enough to get you back on the arena.
    Also, Yoshi is pretty damn powerful. Although he doesn't have the power 
    of DK or Bowser, he is more powerful than say, Fox. His Yoshi Bomb 
    attack is very strong and has the ability to send your opponents to the 
    far beyond. His Egg Lay move, if abused, can become a nuisance that can 
    irritate veterans and drive newcomers up the wall. Also, Yoshi has an 
    aerial move known as the Flutter Kick that can rack up the damage and 
    doesn't cause any stall age when you hit ground. 
    Finally, Yoshi's Smash Attacks, while not as strong as Bowser's, are 
    really powerful. A good Forward Smash will send opponents out of the 
    arena, often with the enemy having less than 100% Damage. 
    Well, that is merely an overview of what wonders Yoshi can pull off. Who 
    knows, maybe you'll discover other things for yourself...
    V. Yoshi's Moves
    Yoshi's repertoire of moves are above and beyond. Some causing small 
    damage others causing massive damage. Listed here are all the moves I've 
    discovered so far in the game.
    Damage and names for the A moves and throws are courtesy of the Nintendo 
    Power Super Smash Brothers Melee Player's Guide
    Names of the B Moves are courtesy are the instruction manual.
    * Signals a Meteor Smash. These are used to send your opponent straight 
    Yoshi's A Moves
    A- Left Kick. Pretty Weak but great for annoying enemies. Damage: 2-3%
    A (Second)- Right Kick. Used to annoy enemies. Still kinda weak. Damage: 
    A (Dashing)- Noggin Knock. Yoshi runs than lowers his head to hit the 
    enemy in full force. This move is pretty strong. Great for Super Sudden 
    Death Mode. Damage: 4-9%
    Left or Right + A- Dino Kick. Yoshi unleashes a kick. Pretty strong. 
    Damage: 6-12%
    Up + A- Tail Snap. Yoshi whips his tail up to cause damage. Pretty good 
    to me. Damage: 5-10 %
    Down + A- Tail Sweep. Yoshi ducks and spins his tail. Great for the 100-
    Man Melee. Damage: 5-10%
    Smash Left or Right + A- Noggin' Floggin. Now THIS is what I'm talking 
    about! Yoshi gives a quick headbutt to his left or right. Use it to get 
    rid of enemies on either side or score a quick KO. Damage: 8-21% 
    depending on how much you charge
    Smash Up+A- Jumping Headbutt. Yoshi jumps and whips his head upwards. 
    The perfect way to either ambush enemies on platforms above you or start 
    combos. Damage: 7-19% depending on how much you charge
    Smash Down+A- Double Tail Whip. Yoshi quickly whips his tail both sides. 
    A great clear out attack or sending heavily damaged opponents to their 
    doom. Damage: 6-19 depending on how much you charge
    Aerial A- Yoshi's Kick. Yoshi just does a kick in the air. Damage: 5-10%
    Aerial Forward+A- Noggin Dunk*. Yoshi hits his head downward. A Meteor 
    Smash that can get you KOs! Damage: 4-7%
    Aerial Backward+A- Tail Wag. Yoshi whips his tail up and down, great 
    damage dealer. Damage: 3-12%
    Aerial Up+A- Dino Flip. Yoshi flips himself upwards-hitting enemies with 
    his tail and head. Great for juggling. Damage: 7-13%
    Aerial Down+A- Flutter Kick. Yoshi unleashes a barrage of fast downwards 
    kicks. The pride of Yoshi Masters everywhere. Great for starting combos, 
    racking up damage, and finishing combos. Damage: 2-40%, depending on how 
    many kicks you got in
    Yoshi's B Moves
    B- Egg Lay. Yoshi sticks out his tongue. If an opponent get caught, 
    he/she is turned into an egg, leaving them unprotected but you can't 
    send them flying. Great to annoy people if abused, and is also a great 
    combo starter, if you know how. Don't go about making this a cheap KO 
    move though, it doesn't work. Also, it can be used as a set-up for any 
    smashes, more like the Noggin Floggin or the Jumping Headbutt. Damage: 
    Smash+B- Egg Roll. Yoshi rolls into an egg and begins to roll over 
    enemies. Control it using the Control Stick and stop it by pressing B. 
    It gains power over time but be careful, this tends to cause a lot of 
    Self-Destructs in the smaller stages if not controlled properly. Yeah, 
    that's right SMALL stages, not large stages. Damage: 9-14%
    Up+B- Egg Throw. Yoshi chucks an egg at his opponent (Don't ask how he 
    gets his eggs). You can control it using the control stick and you can 
    hold the B button to make it go farther. If you use it correctly, this 
    move makes an excellent Edge-Guarder. It guards against air comboer's as 
    well. Damage: 12-14%
    Down+B- Yoshi Bomb. Yoshi flips and slams straight down. If he hits 
    ground, two stars will appear and damage nearby opponents. If used on 
    the ground, Yoshi jumps up first. Another trademark move of Yoshi, but 
    most masters don't go abusing it. Damage: 15-20%
    Yoshi's Throws
    Z (or Triggers+A)- Sticky Tongue. Yoshi's grab. Funny how people praise 
    Link's Hookshot or Samus's Grappling Beam for having length, yet they 
    overlook this grab. Sure, it may not have the length of Link and Samus's 
    but it still has a longer range than most.
    A or Z while hold- Chew. That's right, Yoshi starts chewing on the 
    opponent. Great for damage racking! Damage: 1-3%
    Forward while hold- Spit Out. Yoshi spits out the enemy forward. Damage: 
    Backward while hold- Spin 'n' Spit. Yoshi spins and throws the opponent 
    backwards. Damage: 3-6%
    Up while hold- Spit Up. Yoshi spits the opponent upwards. Great when 
    used at the highest point of the stage to send an opponent flying. 
    Damage: 2-5%
    Down while hold- Jump 'n' Spit. Yoshi jumps up and spits the enemy 
    towards the ground. Great for causing damage.
    Phew, that's all!
    VIII. The One-Player Modes
    In Super Smash Brothers, this used to be the most boring piece of junk 
    in this universe. Writing strategies for this would be easy as pie. Not 
    anymore I'm afraid. The new and improved One-Player mode has become more 
    extensive to write about. But don't get me wrong, that's a GOOD thing. 
    So, one with it!
    *NOTE* I am well aware of the final bosses you could face. I will post 
    strategies for those bosses once I face off and beat them in their 
    respective modes.
    a. The Classic Mode
    The Classic Mode is much like the one-player mode for the original Smash 
    Brothers. You face an opponent, beat him/her then move on. However, it 
    is much more complex in Melee. First off, there will be a certain set of 
    stages chosen for you, and second, your enemy will ALWAYS be different 
    than the last time you played. This is what it looks like:
    Stage 1: Normal Melee
    Stage 2: Team Melee
    Stage 3: Break the Targets
    Stage 4: Normal Melee
    Stage 5: Giant Melee
    Stage 6: Snag Trophies
    Stage 7: Normal Melee 
    Stage 8: Multi-Man Melee
    Stage 9: Race to the Finish
    Stage 10: Metal Melee
    Stage 11: Final Battle vs. Master Hand
    I'll now give you strategies for each stage
    Stages 1,4, & 7: Normal Melee
    Time: 5 minutes
    The character you face will ALWAYS be random. For strategies against 
    each opposing character see Section X: How to use Yoshi against the CPU 
    and Friends. Keep in mind the stage you are in and remember to use your 
    smashes often!
    Stage 2: Team Melee
    Time: 5 minutes
    This time, you've got a friend to help you beat the living daylights 
    outta two opposing characters on a team. Again, tactics against each 
    individual character will come later. 
    Ok first off, don't go doing the work by yourself! It is a complete 
    waste since you'll be doing a lot of chasing and it has the potential to 
    get you killed. Watch out if the CPU team is setting you up for a world 
    of hurt with their combos. If you're surrounded use the Double Tail Whip 
    (See Yoshi's Moves) to get them off. Try and come up with combos with 
    your teammate to prevail. It usually helps to have an ally who is either 
    fast or strong as they will complement you as Yoshi quite nicely.
    BONUS Stage 3: Break the Targets
    Time: 2 minutes in Classic Mode, infinite in Stadium
    Ok, this is a BONUS Stage, meaning no enemies are gonna pop out and try 
    and kill you. This is the first BONUS stage, Break the Targets. It is 
    also an extra mode in the Stadium part of one player mode. Here's how to 
    get all of the targets for Yoshi, courtesy of Nintendo's Players Guide 
    for Super Smash Brothers Melee
    1) From the start, there should be a platform to the upper-right of your 
    starting position. Jump to it and the first target should be there.
    2) From #1, Double Jump then use the Egg Throw to get to the second 
    target. Use the Control Stick to guide it there.
    3) Fall back to the platform with Target #1. #3 should be to the upper-
    right of your position. reach it then hit it with any of the aerial 
    4) It is located on the platform beneath #3. It is moving up and down so 
    use almost perfect timing.
    5) It's to the lower right of the platform with #4
    6) It's in the little tunnel to the right of number five. Use the Egg 
    Roll from number five for best results.
    7) Stop the Egg Roll once you get to the other side. #7 is on the other 
    side of #5.
    8) It's inside a reverse shaped C platform. It's on the inside of that 
    platform. Use either the Egg Throw or go in and break it yourself.
    9) It's on the cloud beneath #8
    10) In the C shaped ridge beneath the platform where you found #7, 
    should be the final target. Congrats, you've beaten Yoshi's Break the 
    Targets! Relax if you're in Stadium, prepare for the next battle if 
    you're in Classic.
    Stage 5: Giant Melee
    Time: 5 Minutes
    Ok this time, you've got 2 CPU allies. However, you now face a huge 
    opponent. Nail him with everything you've got, but do sit back and let 
    your allies handle him/her occasionally. Once you've accumulated enough 
    damage, use a Smash Attack to defeat your enemy. 
    Try using the Flutter Kick or the Yoshi Bomb to rack up damage. The 
    Yoshi Bomb can also be used to finish off your enemy.
    Stage 6: Snag Trophies!
    Time: 2 Minutes
    This is a simple bonus stage. There will be three trophies falling down 
    and you need to get them in the colleting bin you start out on. Use your 
    aerial attacks, preferably the Yoshi's Kick attack. If they happen to be 
    on the far end, stand on the platform closet to them and use the Noggin' 
    Floggin' attack.
    Stage 8: Multi-Man Melee
    Time: 5 Minutes
    This stage pits you against ten of the same character. You face three of 
    them at once. Don't let it fool you into becoming scared though, as each 
    opponent is ridiculously easy to knock out. Just use your best smash 
    attacks or the Yoshi Bomb to finish off each and every one of them. Be 
    careful though, as you set the difficulty higher, it will be harder and 
    harder to KO your enemies in one hit.
    Stage 9: Race to the Finish
    Time: 42 Seconds
    There isn't much strategy in this stage. You have 42 seconds to get from 
    your starting position to any door you find one your way. The farther 
    you go, the more coins you gain for the lottery. Try to avoid anything 
    that will slow you down except trophies and if you wish to go the entire 
    way, take the lowest path, as that's the easiest to take.
    Stage 10: Metal Melee
    Time: 5 Minutes
    This is a battle against a metal opponent. It is basically facing 
    someone who has gotten the Metal Box item, just that they have it 
    forever. Just gradually rack up their damage by either smashing them, 
    throwing them, using the Yoshi Bomb, or by using the Flutter Kick. When 
    you get their damage high enough, simply hit them with a smash attack, 
    use the Yoshi Bomb, or throw them to win and move on to the Final 
    Stage 11: Final Battle vs. Master Hand
    Time: 4 Minutes, 59 Seconds, 99 Miliseconds
    This is it! All your work in Classic Mode has come down to a battle 
    against the same final boss that plagued you in the original Smash 
    Bros.: The Master Hand. Unlike most opponents, Master Hand has no damage 
    meter, only an HP meter similar to that of the Stamina Mode in Vs. His 
    HP depends on the difficult you are playing on.
    Very Easy: 150
    Easy: 250
    Normal: 300
    Hard: 330
    Very Hard: 360
    As Yoshi, this battle is easy as hell, no matter what difficulty you're 
    on, there will always be a way to combat the Master Hand. Simply avoid 
    his attacks by rolling or jumping, then use the Flutter Kick to take out 
    HP fast. However, the job will be slightly harder in the higher 
    difficulties. Ok, so it isn't THAT easy, but still, he might be easier 
    to beat with Yoshi due to the Flutter Kick's ability to do major amounts 
    of damage quickly.
    Of course, if you're playing Classic Mode on Normal Difficulty or 
    higher, and have beaten the rest of the stages in under 15 Minutes 
    (Thanks to the SSBM Board at GameFAQs!), you will have a chance to face 
    off against Master Hand's ally, the Crazy Hand. Once you have halved 
    Master Hand's HP, The Crazy Hand will show up to challenge you! Then, it 
    gets hard. Crazy Hand has moves similar to Master Hand's but he has 
    three other moves that are difficult to avoid. I suggest taking out the 
    Crazy Hand first, since the Master Hand is already weak as it is. Defeat 
    both for victory! Best of luck to you. 
    If you thought THIS was hard, wait until you reach Event 50. Compared to 
    that, this on Very Hard should be a walk in the park.
    Congratulations! You have defeated Classic Mode! Now sit back and enjoy 
    the credits and Yoshi's ending move movie!
    b. The Adventure Mode
    Welcome to the pride of Super Smash Brothers Melee's one-player mode: 
    The Adventure Mode. This will take you to the glory days of Nintendo's 
    side-scrollers has fight your way to the Final Destination and the final 
    boss. There will be a mix of side-scrollers and actual Melee battles in 
    this mode. It isn't random like Classic Mode and it might get a little 
    repetitive after awhile, but it is great fun to go back to the glory 
    days. Along the side-scrolling stages you will find trophies. Collect 
    them, and they're YOURS! Have fun! 
    Stage 1-1: The Mushroom Kingdom
    Time: 7 Minutes
    Opponent: Goombas, Koopas, Paratroopas, Yoshis x 15
    In this stage, you will go from your starting position and fight your 
    way towards the flag and Princess Peach's Castle for a royal rumble. 
    However, you will face Goombas and Koopa Troopas along the way there. 
    Just use your smash attacks or the Yoshi Bomb to clear the way of 
    enemies. Beware of the water though, as taking a dip will cost you a 
    life in stock.
    About two-thirds of the way you will face a team of about fifteen 
    Yoshis, just like you. That's right fifteen wannabe Yoshis. In the 
    easier difficulties, they aren't much of a challenge, one smash attack 
    or Yoshi Bomb will KO them. However, in the higher difficulties, they 
    will get more aggressive and will be harder to kill. The platform you 
    stand on is the only thing you can battle on, so the don't fall off it. 
    Use the Flutter Kick and Smashes to rack up damage for your copies in 
    the higher difficulties. Use throws if you need to rid yourself of these 
    Once that's done, you'll be able to proceed. Just continue along the 
    pipe until you see Toad again, then just cross the flag to finish this 
    Stage 1-2: Princess Peach's Castle
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Mario/Luigi and Peach
    In this battle atop Peach's Castle, you will face off against a team 
    made up of Princess Peach herself and either Mario or Luigi, depending 
    on when you finished Stage 1-1. If your time was xx.x2.xx (x meaning any 
    number), then you will face off against a team of Luigi and Peach. If 
    your time was anything else, you will face off against a team of Mario 
    and Peach. In any case, keep in mind that these two have been riding on 
    your back for a while! Time for some payback!
    Regardless of your opponent, this battle can be either very easy, or 
    impossible. First rule is, never let them gang up on you. If they do, 
    simply use the Double Tail Whip to break free. Use the Flutter Kick to 
    rack up damage, the Jumping Headbutt or the Egg Throw if they're above 
    you, or the Yoshi Bomb to either ambush them in the air or finish them 
    off. If you are facing off against Luigi, there might be a chance that 
    he will use his Green Missile and kill himself. Just be sure to watch 
    out for Mario or Luigi's Smash attacks, as they can cause a lot of pain
    In any case, when you've given Mario/Luigi and Peach enough damage, 
    simply Smash them, Yoshi Bomb them, or throw them to their doom to move 
    on. While that is going on, you can yell, "That's what you get for 
    riding on me non-stop!"
    Stage 2-1: Kongo Jungle
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Tiny DK x 2
    This battle pits you against two tiny DKs. First things first, if the DK 
    Rap from Donkey Kong 64 annoyed the living crap outta you, press the 
    MUTE button before you start because guess, what the music is, that's 
    right the DK Rap. Even if you loved it, this remix is kind of iffy. So 
    in any case, concentrate on the FIGHT, not the song.
    Ok, this is relatively easy, as it's just you versus two tiny weaklings. 
    Now, don't attempt the Noggin Floggin unless they happen to be above 
    you. The best tactic is to use the Yoshi Bomb or the Double Tail Whip. 
    You can even try the Egg Throw if they're above you. In any case, do 
    whatever suits you to crush them and move on. Just be careful if you 
    decide to use the Egg Roll, as space IS limited.
    Stage 2-2: Jungle Japes
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Giant DK
    Welcome to the Jungle! Ok, bad joke but still, you are in the Jungle 
    Japes Level for this battle against a GIANT Donkey Kong. So, it is a 
    huge contrast to the last stage, where you fought against two dinky DKs. 
    Well, tactics stay the same for any Giant opponent, only this time, 
    you're all alone. Just hit him with the Flutter Kick to rack up damage. 
    Use the Egg Lay if you're against the edge for an easy KO. Beware, since 
    DK is a giant, he can hit you with some powerful moves so watch out and 
    roll or sidestep when he unleashes a Smash Attack or the Giant Punch.
    After Smashing and Yoshi Bombing, DK should be hurting. Once you've got 
    Giant DK in a world of hurt, finish him off with a Smash, Yoshi Bomb, or 
    Throw to move on to the next stage.
    Stage 3-1: The Underground Maze
    Time: 7 Minutes
    Opponent: Redead, Octorok, Like-Like, Link x 0-5 (Depending on which 
    rooms you enter)
    Now this stage is interesting. You're stuck inside a huge maze and you 
    are looking for the fabled Triforce. Redeads, Octoroks, Like-Likes, and 
    everybody's favorite pointy-eared hero Link are out to stop you from 
    even reaching it. Octoroks can shoot you, Like-Likes can eat you, and 
    the Redeads can bite you. Don't worry, none of the enemies have the 
    power they have in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. That means the 
    Redeads CAN NOT paralyze you, aint that a relief? Anyways, a few attacks 
    should be able to rid yourself of these minor pests (The enemies, not 
    The only real challenge in this stage in Link. If you enter a room with 
    a Master Sword jutting out, Hyrule's hero will come down and challenge 
    you. He shouldn't be a threat to the mighty Yoshi of course, but just in 
    case, use your Smash Attacks to rack up damage, use the Jumping Headbutt 
    or the Egg Throw if he's above you, and throw him or smash him to finish 
    him off. There are a total of five Links in this stage, you be prepared 
    for anything. 
    The location of the Triforce is completely random. When you enter a 
    room, you may see a Master Sword and face off against Link, or you might 
    find the Triforce. Find the Triforce, end you're outta this place!
    On a side note, why the hell is the Triforce located here? Shouldn't it 
    be someplace more, secure? Oh well, that's Zelda and this is Melee.
    Stage 3-2: Hyrule Temple
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Zelda (Sheik)
    Let's face it. Every single time the Triforce was in danger, who has 
    been personally involved? Besides LINK! That's right the namesake of the 
    Legend of Zelda series, Princess Zelda. Since you have decided to make 
    off with the Triforce, guess who's ready to fight you for it? Yep, 
    Zelda. Well, as Yoshi, you'll get ready to do something that fool 
    Ganondorf has NEVER done: Defeat Princess Zelda in combat!
    Ok, Zelda may look weak but DO NOT be fooled. Her smash attacks are all 
    magical based and since Zelda excels in magic, that makes her quite 
    powerful! In the easier difficulties, Zelda will run away like a coward, 
    but be warned, she will attack. Avoid her more powerful attacks and use 
    the Flutter Kick and Yoshi Bomb to give damage.
    Every once and awhile Zelda will Transform into Sheik. This will make 
    her faster and more agile, but she is weaker than her magical alter ego. 
    Try not to use moves that take up on time, because the key here is to 
    hit Sheik fast and hard, so the Flutter Kick and the Double Tail Whip 
    come to mind quickly here. Don't move too slowly, or else Sheik will run 
    circles around you.
    If Zelda or Sheik happens to be above you, you can use the Jumping 
    Headbutt or the Egg Throw to get them off. The Hyrule Temple is an 
    immense stage so you can easily be able to use the Egg Roll. Be careful 
    when using it though, as you don't want to fall off the stage.
    When you have gotten Zelda hurting, finish her off the standard way and 
    move on to the next stage, Triforce and all! Take that Zelda!
    Stage 4-1: Brinstar
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Samus
    Now this is fun! You have landed on Planet Zebes and have made your way 
    towards Brinstar! And guess who's here to challenge you? That's right, 
    the famous bounty hunter Samus Aran! And to top it all off, this level 
    has ACID coming up. The Acid isn't as damaging as in Smash Bros., but it 
    is something to consider.
    Samus is probably the cheapest person in Melee. She has hard hitting 
    Smashes, a Charge Shot that can leave you hurting, a long ranged throw 
    and the cheapest move of them all: The Screw Attack. So rule number one 
    is obviously keep moving! Don't put yourself in a position that will 
    leave you open to one of Samus's combos. Best attack you can use is the 
    Yoshi Bomb, as that will get Samus off your back. Also, using the 
    Flutter Kick is not a bad idea if you want to rack up damage. Whatever 
    you do, don't let her fully charge up her Charge Shot attack because if 
    you do, and she hits you with it, it will cause a lot of pain. 
    Well, you know the drill when you damage Samus high enough. You know, 
    Smash, Yoshi Bomb, or Throw her to her doom. Also, you can just sit back 
    and let the acid kill her off, if you feel inclined.
    Stage 4-2: Escape from Brinstar
    Time: 40 Seconds
    Opponent: The Time (This is NOT a joke)
    Well, you managed to defeat Samus, but it aint over yet! Brinstar has 
    gone meltdown-ish and you have to get the hell outta this hellhole! I 
    wasn't joking when I said you're main enemy is Time, because you have 
    only 40 seconds to get out before the whole place goes kablooie!
    Well, fortunately, you are controlling one of the best jumpers in the 
    game! Yes, that's right, Yoshi is great for jumping. The second jump has 
    a HUGE range so that should cover a lot of ground. Just keep jumping 
    from platform to platform until you reach a more technical looking area. 
    When there, just double jump high enough until you reach a small yellow 
    shaped platform. Jump on it, and you're outta this mess!
    In the chance you didn't get out in 40 seconds (Don't worry, happens to 
    the best of us), you will still proceed, just with one less stock. So if 
    you had one stock going in, not making it out is a Game Over.
    Stage 5-1: Green Greens Pt. 1
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Kirby
    Ok, you're out of Bristar but guess where you ended up? That's right 
    Dream Land. Specifically, Green Greens. And guess who happens to be the 
    welcome wagon? That's right, Kirby himself. Get moving and kick Kirby's 
    flabby ass outta Dream Land so you can get outta this place!
    Ok, Kirby HAS been significantly toned down since SSB, but that doesn't 
    make him a pushover. Kirby still has his Smashes, Final Cutter, and 
    Stone moves, plus he has his standard Swallow attack. Luckily, you're 
    Yoshi so if Kirby swallows you, it won't be that bad since the CPU can't 
    use the Egg Lay move very well. Anyways, just hit him with the Flutter 
    Kick and the Noggin Floggin attacks. If he's on the platform above you, 
    use the Jumping Headbutt or the Egg Throw moves. Beware of the bomb 
    blocks to the left and right of you, and avoid using the Egg Roll, you 
    don't have much maneuvering room for it.
    By now, you should know what happens when you give Kirby enough damage. 
    KO him using the usual move set and prepare to move on.
    Stage 5-2: Green Greens Pt. 2
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Kirby x 15
    Looks like Kirby has decided to call in some reinforcements after you 
    beat him the first time. Each Kirby has a certain hat they are wearing, 
    so some might be weak, others might be quite strong. 
    Just use the same tactics you used against your copycats in Stage 1-1: 
    The Mushroom Kingdom. These guys are just as weak as the Yoshis from 
    Stage 1-1 so just whack them with something hard. Remember that if they 
    surround you, simply use the Double Tail Whip or the Noggin Floggin to 
    get them off you. It shouldn't be that hard.
    When you win, what happens next depends how long it took you to beat 
    Stage 5-2. If it took more than 30 seconds, proceed to Stage 6-1: 
    Corneria. If it took 30 seconds or less, keep reading.
    Stage 5-3: Green Greens BONUS
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Giant Kirby
    Wow, first off, great work on beating Stage 5-2 in thirty seconds or 
    less. Now you get to face the true wrath of the Pink Puffball from 
    Popstar. You face Kirby again, but this time, he's HUGE!!!! Good luck!
    Well, just treat him like any giant opponent. Read my strategy on Giant 
    DK from Stage 2-2: Jungle Japes to find out how to beat this guy. The 
    same tactics apply, but keep in mind that Kirby can suck you in with his 
    Swallow attacks and he has projectile attacks. Kirby is also more faster 
    than Giant DK so keep that in mind too.
    Well, since he's Kirby, you won't have to inflict as much damage on 
    Giant Kirby as you needed to do with Giant DK. Just finish him off with 
    the standard finishing move set and prepare to move on.
    Stage 6-1: Corneria 
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Fox
    Welcome to the Lylat System, famous for its beautiful planets, great 
    factories, and of course, the Star Fox team. Since you're here you might 
    as well pay a visit, and Fox McCloud is the welcome wagon, have fun!
    Ok, Fox is by no means an easy opponent. Even those who have mastered or 
    favor Fox say he's a pain the battle against. First off, he always seems 
    to like rolling around you then either Smash you or chuck you. His 
    Blaster move, while it doesn't stun, it can get real annoying because it 
    fires fast, and is capable of giving you high amounts of damage fast. 
    Since you have practically no projectiles, you have no fear of Fox's 
    Reflector attack. Just keep moving and nail him with the Flutter Kick 
    and the Yoshi Bomb Attacks. If starts rolling around you, time your 
    Double Tail Whip attack so you knock him out of it then grab and throw 
    him. You can use the Egg Roll from the highest tip of the Great Fox's 
    upper wing going down the slope, as that will help you gain power for 
    the move.
    When you've given Fox enough damage, finish him off and the prepare for 
    the real battle!
    Stage 6-2: Corneria: Enter Star Fox
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Fox/Falco
    After a small cut scene involving Fox's teammates, Peppy, Slippy, and 
    Falco, Fox will reappear and you'll have to do it all over again. This 
    time though, you have 3 Arwings blasting the stage! The lasers are much 
    more damaging than the ones in the Sector Z level in Smash Bros. So, 
    watch yourself!
    The strategy for Fox is the exact same as Stage 6-1 but keep in mind 
    that there are 3 Arwings blasting you with HYPER lasers. If you've 
    played Star Fox 64, you know how much damage those can deal. Also, if 
    you've unlocked him, you might also face off against Falco for this 
    stage. Falco is practically the exact same person as Fox, except he can 
    jump higher and his lasers can stun you, so change your tactics 
    You know what happens when you get either Fox or Falco in a world of 
    hurt, you finish him off! Alternatively, you can let the Arwings blast 
    their teammate and send him to their doom if you feel inclined. Either 
    way, finish this and move on!
    Stage 7: Pokemon Stadium
    Time: 4 minutes
    Opponent: Any combination of Pikachu/Pichu/Jigglypuff/Mewtwo x 15
    Have ever wanted beat the crap outta those pesky Pokemon? Now here's you 
    chance. You face 15 of the Pokemon in any combination of the playable 
    Pokemon: Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo. You'll mostly face 
    Pikachus but any combination of the above can happen, depending on who 
    you've unlocked 
    These guys play out the same way as the other two times you faced off 
    against a team of 15 enemies. One hit often deals the finishing blow on 
    them. So, use the Noggin Floggin and the Yoshi Bomb to get out of this 
    place quickly!
    In the higher difficulties, the Pokemon might be harder to KO than 
    usual, in that case, just beat them up like any other opponent, and then 
    kill them. The only Pokemon worth noting is if Mewtwo shows up. Mewtwo 
    can deal much more damage than the other Pokemon, so be careful against 
    Once you kill all 15, you'll be able to move on. Something worth to note 
    is that only Poke balls appear as items. Try to get everyone of them, 
    especially in the higher difficulties. You might get a Legendary Pokemon 
    that is not only very powerful, but can help turn the tide in your favor 
    if you've gotten beaten up badly.
    Stage 8-1: F-Zero Grand Prix
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: The CARS!!!!!
    You have just landed in the F-Zero Grand Prix race, and your timing 
    couldn't possibly be any WORSE! You have just landed in the middle of a 
    race on the Big Blue track and those F-Zero Racers stop for NO ONE! Get 
    moving pal, you don't to become the first Yoshi to become road kill do 
    This stage is most simple, as you need to get from one place to the 
    other. You'll know when the cars are coming when you see an exclamation 
    mark and a warning beep. That's your signal to get to the nearest pink 
    platform and stand there while the cars go above you or below you. You 
    will have to traverse two gaps before you reach the goal line. 
    You'll recognize the goal line from the telltale blue-red-blue stripe 
    combination, that and when the word GAME appears. Congrats! You've 
    survived! If you thought that was bad, try Event #33, Lethal Marathon!
    Stage 8-2: Mute City
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Captain Falcon
    Well, your trip to the F-Zero Grand Prix doesn't seem to be over yet. 
    One racer has step out of his F-Zero Racer and has decided to challenge 
    you: Captain Falcon! You have to beat him before you are able to move 
    Captain Falcon is speedy and most powerful. His Falcon Punch is powerful 
    enough to KO you very quickly. He usually starts the match with his 
    Raptor Boost attack so either jump out of the way, roll, or sidestep 
    from it. DO NOT TRY TO COUNTERATTACK! If you come in contact with Falcon 
    while the move is executed, you'll get uppercuted into the air! Just hit 
    him with the Flutter Kick or the Noggin Floggin!
    Mute City is one of the most dangerous stages in the game. The cars will 
    come and run you over if you aren't careful. Try to lure Falcon near 
    where the cars are coming to get him run over. Sometimes the track will 
    be huge, other times, it will be small so don't get cocky.
    If you've beat him up enough, use the finishing move set to KO Falcon 
    and move on. Remember, you can let the cars do the dirty work for you if 
    you wish.
    Stage 9: Onett
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Ness x 3
    From out of the Grand Prix you have landed in Eagleland, specifically, 
    Onett. And the ORIGINAL boy psychic wonder has come down to welcome you 
    and he's brought 2 of his friends with him. Prepare to face of against 
    Onett's Finest Hero: Ness!
    There are three Nesses here so you are in a spot of trouble. They won't 
    dies with one hard hit so you'll have to kill all three of them the old 
    fashioned way. The Yoshi Bomb is great for clearing them out and the 
    Double Tail Whip is ideal if they start surrounding you. Use the Noggin 
    Floggin to deal a damaging blow while you can use the Egg Throw is great 
    if they are above you. The Egg Roll isn't recommended for this level 
    though, as you don't have enough room to get it to full strength. Watch 
    out if one of the Nesses starts using PK Flash though, it can KO you 
    quickly if you are heavily damaged. Ness has a powerful Forward Smash 
    attack in his bat, so watch out. Roll, sidestep, or shield yourself if 
    you need to.
    Once you get enough damage on one of the Nesses, finish him off. Repeat 
    for the other two to finish this level. There are cars in the streets of 
    Onett, and an exclamation mark similar to the one on Stage 8-1: F-Zero 
    Grand Prix will tell you when one's coming. You can lure any of the 
    Nesses there in the hopes that they become a boy road kill, but you 
    might want to try it in the edges of the stages.
    Stage 10: Icicle Mountain
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Polar Bears, Topis, and Ice Climbers x 2
    Welcome to the Icicle Mountain! In a 3-d remake of Nintendo's classic 
    game Ice Climbers, you'll climb the mountain in the hopes for getting 
    out of this place. Stopping you are Polar Bears, Topis, and of course, 
    the Ice Climbers.
    The main thing you should do on the stage is keep going up! The stage 
    scrolls slowly at first, but it will steadily get faster and faster. The 
    Polar Bears and Topis are nothing to worry about, a few hits will get 
    rid of the pests. Any items you find on the ground you should save until 
    the real battle.
    Eventually, you'll face off against 2 sets of Ice Climbers. These guys 
    are annoying when the boy, Popo, and the girl, Nana, decide to double-
    team you. That's bad enough, but there are TWO sets of Ice Climbers, 
    meaning FOUR of them!!! Don't let them surround you or you'll be in big 
    trouble. If that happens, use your Double Tail Whip quickly to get them 
    off of you! If you kill off Popo that is one set of Ice Climbers down. 
    If you kill Nana, you'll still have to contend with Popo, and even then 
    it isn't easy. Avoid their strong Smashes and counter with your own or 
    the Flutter Kick and Yoshi Bomb.
    Get them in a world of hurt, then finish them off to get off this frigid 
    Stage 11-1: Battlefield Pt. 1
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Fighting Wire Frames x 15
    You have now reached the Battlefield and fifteen wire frames have shown 
    up to challenge you! Get your fighting skills on and prepare to battle!
    Lucky for you, these guys are piss-easy. One hard hit even in the higher 
    difficulties is enough to KO them. Just use your Yoshi Bomb attack and 
    Noggin Floggin to make quick work of them. Be careful though, as even 
    though they are weak, they can be very aggressive, especially in the 
    higher difficulties!
    Once you win, be prepare for the next round!
    Stage 11-2: Battlefield Pt. 2
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Metal Mario & Metal Luigi(If you've unlocked him)
    You might have defeated the Fighting Wire Frames, but your job here 
    isn't done. Out of the sky and coming to life are the Metal Mario 
    Brothers! Well, only Mario if you haven't unlocked Luigi yet. Either 
    way, this isn't going to be an easy task.
    The Metal Mario Bros. are by no means easy. They are metal, which is 
    like a full time Metal Box power-up. That doesn't make them any more 
    powerful, but it makes them heavy which makes them harder to KO. Read 
    the Classic Mode Stage 10: Metal Melee for tactics to this challenge. 
    Adjust it accordingly if you happen to face the Metal Mario Brothers.
    You know the drill once you dish out enough damage. KO them to move on! 
    Keep in mind that they are metal so you may have to push the damage into 
    the 200% range to KO them.
    Stage 12-1: Final Destination
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Bowser
    You have traveled to practically everywhere in you adventure, now all 
    your hard work finally pays off. Welcome, to the Final Destination! Your 
    enemy you ask? Well, he's bothered you ever since birth, the big koopa 
    that puts the Mwa in MWAHAHAHA...Bowser!
    Bowser is practically like Donkey Kong, only he happens to have a 
    projectile attack in his Fire Breath attack. He is VERY strong so avoid 
    his Smash Attacks at all costs! Roll, jump, sidestep, shield, it doesn't 
    matter as long as you don't get hit! First off, try and hit him with 
    everything you've got. The Flutter Kick and the Yoshi Bomb are excellent 
    choices, as well as any of your Smash attacks. You're faster than Bowser 
    so you can literally run circles around him if you wish. Take your 
    potshots and best of luck to you!
    Once you've beaten up Bowser enough, give him the finishing blow and 
    then...congrats! You have beaten the Adventure Mode! Now sit back and 
    enjoy the credits...unless you have done something special, then your 
    job isn't over just yet!
    Stage 12-2: Final Destination BONUS Final Battle
    Time: 4 Minutes
    Opponent: Giga Bowser
    So you have finally reached the point where Bowser has decided to call a 
    rematch and has turned into Giga Bowser huh? I have finally beaten Giga 
    Bowser and the following tips apply.
    From first glances, Giga Bowser is a LARGE target. That means that you 
    should use the Flutter Kick to seriously harm him. Finish him off with 
    the Yoshi Bomb or your smashes but beware, he is EXTREMELY powerful, 
    powerful that one smash at low damage on you can KO you instantly. My 
    advice is to repeatedly use the Yoshi Bomb then finish him off. Good 
    So you wanna face Giga Bowser huh? Well, you need to have the difficulty 
    at Normal, any Stock. You have 18 minutes to beat all stages without 
    using a continue, plus, you have to beat Stage 12-1 in less than one 
    minute! Thanks to the folks at the Melee board for this info!
    If you thought THIS stage was hard, wait until you reach Event 51. 
    Compared to that, this stage is a walk in the park.
    c. All-Star Match
    I've already unlocked it but here's the gist of it. It comes courtesy of 
    Cypher19 (Yes, the same guy who wrote the other Yoshi FAQ, don't ask, we 
    are working together ok?)
    "In All-Stars, you have to face up against all of the characters in the 
    game, in a random order except Mr. Game and Watch. You start off with 
    four 1v1 duels, then four 1v2, and finally four 1v3. If you did the 
    math, that's only 24. The 25th one is against a team of Mr. Game and 
    Watch's on the flat zone arena. Each character has their own level that 
    you battle one, and no level is ever repeated. For example, you will 
    generally fight Ganondorf on the Brinstar Depths, and Dr. Mario in 
    Mushroom Kingdom 2." 
    Thanks a lot Cypher!
    d. Event Match
    Alrighty then! I've beaten ALL the events (Yes, EVEN Event 51! *Does 
    happy dance*) and I'll write a guide to any event that can be played AS 
    Yoshi! So don't look for advice for Event 36: Space Travelers here, go 
    look at either the Ness FAQ or the Events FAQ. 
    Here's the key:
    Event Name: Self-Explanatory, includes number
    Opponent: Also self-explanatory
    Stage: See above
    Difficulty: Ranges from piss easy to aggravatingly hard
    Stock (Or Time): Lists how much time or stock each player has
    Here goes the strategies!
    Well, good luck!
    Event 3: Bomb-Fest
    Opponent: Link and Samus
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    Difficulty: Easy
    Stock: 1 Each
    This is real simple. Everything is exploding, the only items are Bomb-
    ombs, Motion Sensor Bombs, and Poke Balls containing Electrodes. All 
    Link and Samus do is use their bombs moves so just sit back, smash them 
    when you have an opening, or just wait for an item and chuck it at them! 
    Simple eh?
    Event 4: Dino-Wrangling
    Opponent: Giant Yoshi
    Stage: Yoshi's Story
    Difficulty: Medium
    Stock: 3 for you, 1 for him
    This event is kind of hard because after all, you ARE facing a Giant 
    Yoshi! Use the Flutter Kick and Yoshi Bomb whenever possible and then 
    smash him when he's weak. In other words, treat him like any other giant 
    enemy. Trust me, you haven't seen ANYTHING yet!
    Heh, only two events, pathetic eh? Don't get me wrong, I HAVE beated all 
    the events, but I don't currently have the time to write them all. Look 
    for MUCH more *COMING SOON*
    e. Stadium
    There are 3 parts to the Stadium: Target Test, Home-Run Contest, and the 
    Multi-Man Melee. Each are designed to test your skills as Yoshi. Good 
    luck on all the challenges!
    e1) Target Test
    See the Classic Mode section for this, it's under BONUS Stage 3: Break 
    the Targets.
    e2) Home-run Contest
    This is pretty simple. Simply grab the Home-run Bat first, then start 
    using the Flutter Kick over and over until you have gotten enough damage 
    or time is about to run out. If you hit it far enough, you'll get a 
    secret stage! 
    Umm, after some e-mails, by hitting the bag I mean by actually grabbing 
    the bat and using a Smash Attack WITH the bat.
    e3) Multi-Man Melee
    This mode isn't really worth getting in-depth to. Why? Because the 
    strategy is basically the same thing. Just use your Yoshi Bomb or Smash 
    attacks to KO all of the Fighting Wire Frames. For Cruel Melee though, 
    you'll have to incorporate the Flutter Kick with the tactics. Other than 
    that, just employ hit-and-run tactics using the Yoshi Bomb and you're 
    That's all for the One-Player Mode! If anyone would like to send in 
    their strategies, just see my Contribute section for info about 
    IX. Using Yoshi on the Stages
    Super Smash Brothers Melee goes one step ahead of Super Smash Brothers 
    in the stage department. Where SSB has 9 stages, SSBM has a whopping 29 
    stages for you to take all your troubles to the arena. The layout is the 
    same as SSB, there are edges and if you stray too far, you're dead! 
    Here's the key...
    Stage Name: Self-Explanatory
    Home Field to: Lists the respective franchise that are from that stage. 
    Not that it matters...
    Stage Music: Lists where the song came from. Not used for any strategy 
    purposes, just a fun thing to note
    Alternate Stage Music: Lists what the alternate song is if applicable. 
    Access Alternate Stage Music by first unlocking the Sound Test (Except 
    for Hyrule Temple and Great Bay, all you need to do is unlock Marth and 
    Young Link, respectively) and hold either L OR R while selecting that 
    stage. It should work. 
    *Thanks to the folks at the Super Smash Brothers Melee Board at 
    GameFAQs.com for the info!*
    Hazards: Lists any hazards, if applicable
    Here's were I put the strategy and how to succeed as Yoshi. I'll list 
    any fun tidbits on the stage beforehand. 
    Well, that's about it, time for the stages!
    Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain
    Home Field to: The Ice Climbers
    Stage Music: Theme of the game Ice Climbers
    Alternate Stage Music: Theme of the game Balloon Fight
    Hazards: The stage scrolls up and down at varied rates
    This is home to the Ice Climbers. It is very similar to the Adventure 
    Mode Stage 10: Icicle Mountain. The only difference is that there are no 
    Polar Bears or Topis to bother you. This stage scrolls up and down and 
    varied rates, meaning it can move either very fast or very slow. So, 
    watch where you're going or you could wind up flying out of the course! 
    The sides at like pits, so don't go too far unless you have a death 
    Like I said, you MUST keep moving in this stage or you're toast! The 
    Flutter Kick is great to use for ambushes here and a good Noggin Floggin 
    can be used to send your opponents flying to the sides and to their 
    doom. When the stage starts scrolling down, you can make it down first 
    and use the Egg Throw to catch them off guard and perhaps knock 'em into 
    a loop that will send them into the air! The Egg Roll is NOT recommended 
    for this stage, as you can very well roll out of the arena here. The 
    Yoshi Bomb as usual is very handy here, especially when the stage starts 
    going up. The long double-jump range of Yoshi is sure to be a help here.
    Mushroom Kingdom: Princess Peach's Castle
    Home Field to: The Mario World w/out Yoshi
    Stage Music: A remix of the Mario Bros. Theme and the Underground Pipe 
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: Bullet Bills
    Unlike the SSB version, this stage takes place directly ON top of 
    Peach's Castle, instead of the sky. The center steeple is ideal place to 
    set up ambushes, but it is often the target of Bullet Bills, when they 
    collide, a huge explosion takes place. Switches will appear about the 
    castle and stepping on them causes item blocks, as well as platforms, to 
    appear. The ring out is quite large, as it is the moat underneath the 
    castle. Be careful not to fall too far from it.
    One of the best places you can go to for an ambush is to the side of the 
    steeple. From there, you can use the Egg Throw to catch your enemies off 
    guard. Other than that, it's a standard stage. Use your Double Tail Whip 
    if you get surrounded, and the Yoshi Bomb is great for scattering. Your 
    Double-Jump is practically indispensable, especially when getting back 
    to the stage. Don't use the Egg Roll here because room isn't large 
    enough to warrant its use. You could sit back by the edge and use the 
    Egg Lay to send people to their doom though
    Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Cruise
    Home Field to: The Mario World w/out Yoshi
    Stage Music: Theme from level 15 of Super Mario 64
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: None, unless you count the ship falling down a hazard
    Now this level is fun. First off, you start out on a ship that resembles 
    the Ship from the final star collecting level from Super Mario 64. You 
    fight on that for a while before the ship collides with a mountain and 
    fallings to the ground. That's your cue to jump off and start fighting 
    on the platforms. Eventually, with the screen scrolling, you'll reach a 
    platform with an arrow signaling for you to down. When you reach the 
    bottom, the ship will already be there and it starts over again!
    First things first, DO NOT use the Egg Roll! That's a one-way ticket to 
    suffering a SD in this stage. Also, keep moving as you'll want to get 
    the upper hand on your enemies with either the Flutter Kick or the Yoshi 
    Bomb. When the stage is coming down, you can use the Egg Throw from 
    below to catch your enemies off guard, leaving them wide open to either 
    a follow-up Jumping Headbutt, or getting KO'ed by straying too far from 
    the arena. When the room starts closing in, use the Double Tail Whip to 
    scatter your enemies and break free.
    DK Island: Kongo Jungle
    Home Field to: Donkey Kong
    Stage Music: The DK Rap (Someone screams)
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: Klap Trap, the Barrel Cannon shooting you in the wrong 
    direction, and possibly, the Stage Music
    This level takes you to the top of a waterfall, and you fight on top of 
    wooden bridges and a small rock on the side. The first main hazard is 
    possibly the Stage Music. That's right it happens to be the DK Rap from 
    Donkey Kong 64. Now if you need to, go ahead and mute the TV. Or you can 
    use the Options function to put more on Sound. Either way, get past that 
    and move on. A Klap Trap will occasionally go into the Barrel Cannon in 
    the bottom and entering it will cause it to bite and damage you.
    There are several platforms on each side of the stage. From the bottom, 
    you can toss an egg to your opponent and hopefully, they'll go off the 
    stage! Also, the rock to the side is ideal for ambushing fighters with 
    the Yoshi Bomb or Flutter Kick. When standing on it, you can use the 
    Double Tail Whip to clear the rock and since it is small and far from 
    the main stage area, you could plausibly kill your enemies with that 
    move. The rock is also ideal for using the Egg Lay attack to send 
    enemies plunging.
    DK Island: Jungle Japes
    Home Field to: Donkey Kong
    Stage Music: The Jungle Japes song from DKC, except Jazzed up
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: None really...
    This level takes you outside of Cranky's cabin of Jungle Japes. 
    Underneath you is a raging river that can engulf anyone who touches it. 
    Occasionally a Klap Trap come by the river. Whether or not it causes any 
    damage I do not know. There are only three platforms and they do NOT 
    connect so don't go walking between 'em. Other than that, there's 
    nothing really noticeable for this stage.
    Ok, there is an upper platform to the center one. From that spot, you 
    can use the Jumping Headbutt or the Egg Throw to catch your opponents in 
    a loop. You can go to the two smaller platforms and perform the Double 
    Tail Whip or Yoshi Bomb to get your opponents of your back. Use the 
    Noggin Floggin when the other crowds are fighting on the central 
    platform to clear it out, especially if you need that item.
    Termina: Great Bay
    Home Field to: The Legend of Zelda
    Stage Music: Standard Overworld Zelda Theme
    Alternate Stage Music: Saria's Song from OoT
    Hazards: The turtle occasionally disappears and changes positions.
    The Great Bay stage takes place on the Great Bay (duh!) part of Termina, 
    the world of Majora's Mask. You'll see the menacing moon crashing down 
    on Clock Town, but you need not worry, because the Four Giants will push 
    the moon back. The only other thing besides fighting you need to worry 
    about is the turtle. Sometimes, he'll dive into the water and appear in 
    a different position than the last time. This transition will take a 
    while so the stage will go from big to small several times. You'll see 
    Tingle hear from his balloon, so if you hated him in Majora's Mask, you 
    can break his balloon here!
    The best ambush spot for you is the small platforms either side of the 
    main platform. From this spot, you can start chucking eggs using the Egg 
    Throw at any enemy that is near. Or, if the fight is on the smaller 
    platforms, either get rid of them using the Double Tail Whip or get them 
    from above with the Flutter Kick or the Yoshi Bomb. Just be sure to 
    avoid the water in the center of the entire stage
    Hyrule: Temple
    Home Field to: The Legend of Zelda
    Stage Music: The Dungeon Theme from Zelda 2
    Alternate Stage Music: A theme from Fire Emblem
    Hazards: It's really, really BIG!
    Ok, this is one hell of a stage. It takes the prize for being the 
    biggest stage out there. There aren't many hazards to speak off, it is 
    just really big. Try not to get too disoriented by the size. There are a 
    few islands to the bottom and left of the main platform, both aren't a 
    far cry from the main island stage. The battles might stall here with 
    the huge mass area, but hey, what did you expect?
    The hugeness of this stage makes the battles drag on a bit. First off, 
    use the Egg Throw all the time especially if the person is above you. 
    Smash practically all the time since that may be the deciding factor in 
    the battle. Try not to hit your opponent to the side opposite of the end 
    of the arena since that'll send them to safety. Unless you happen to be 
    on the bottom island, try using the Jumping Headbutt or the Spit Up 
    moves to get you opponent up, followed by the Dino Flip to send them to 
    the sky. When you're surrounded, especially on the edges, use the Double 
    Tail Whip to scatter your foes.
    Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Story
    Home Field to: Yoshi
    Stage Music: Yoshi's Story Theme
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: None, unless you think food's a hazard
    I hate this stage! It is plain, no interaction, small, and it has lame 
    music. It's small so the fights can get pretty intense. The Shy Guys 
    from the sky come by with food in their hands. Knock them outta the way 
    to get the food they were holding on to while they were flying. To sides 
    are two little clouds going in a certain pattern. You can hitch a ride 
    with them if you wish.
    Ok, the platforms don't move, and that's a good thing. Use the Jumping 
    Headbutt or Egg Throw to attack enemies that are above you. You can also 
    drop down from the upper platform and use either the Flutter Kick or the 
    Yoshi Bomb on your enemies. The Egg Roll is not recommended for this 
    stage, as it is small, you can easy SD. Also, since it can get cramped, 
    you can clear out enemies with the Double Tail Whip or the Noggin 
    Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island
    Home Field to: Yoshi
    Stage Music: The theme from the first few stages of Super Mario World
    Alternate Stage Music: A mix of themes from Super Mario Brothers 3
    Hazards: The blocks rotate so that might be dangerous in the center 
    Now this stage is FUN! It is obviously inspired by Super Mario World, 
    Yoshi's first appearance, and it has Super Mario World themes in the 
    background. Now, the Bullet Bills and Lakitus in the background can't 
    hurt you, but the blocks rotate, which can be quite annoying especially 
    the center ones. The sloped mountain to the right has an arena out zone, 
    so don't stray to far. If you fall to the left, it can be hard to get 
    back up.
    Ok, the mountain is a great place to use the Egg Roll, just be sure to 
    stop before you reach the center blocks, or else you might fall into the 
    pit. If you see someone hanging around the mountain, use the Noggin Dunk 
    to push them to the ground, then execute a Noggin Floggin to KO them. 
    The Yoshi Bomb will be able to break through the blocks, but that's a 
    Double-Edge. Whatever you do, don't Yoshi Bomb anyone standing in the 
    center block area. You'll break through them and SD! Oh, and don't 
    bother using the Egg Throw and anyone standing on the upper blocks, the 
    egg will probably get blocked by the blocks.
    Dream Land: Fountain of Dreams
    Home Field to: Kirby
    Stage Music: The theme from Gourmet Race levels 1 & 3, except more 
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: None, except maybe Egg Rolling to your doom
    This stage is the proud owner of "My Favorite Stage Music". Besides the 
    awesome music and the cool effects, the Fountain of Dreams is pretty 
    bland. The two side platforms move up and down, but that's about it. The 
    stage is about as small as the Dream Land course in SSB, so that will 
    make for some hectic fighting in the four-player Melee. Other than that, 
    this is basically an arena to test your skills or jam out!
    Ok, first things first, do NOT use the Egg Roll here! I saw someone use 
    the Egg Roll and they fell to their doom! So don't try it. Since it can 
    get crowded, the Double Tail Whip is a good idea to shake off enemies 
    that are surrounding you. If a crowd has gathered away from you, use the 
    Flutter Kick or the Yoshi Bomb to clear them out. The Egg Throw is ideal 
    for nailing enemies above you, as is the Jumping Headbutt if the enemy 
    is on one of the platforms that is lower. Since it can get crowded, 
    throw people or use the Noggin Floggin to get KOs
    Dream Land: Green Greens
    Home Field to: Kirby
    Stage Music: The Green Greens themes from the Kirby Games, only Great 
    Cave Offensive from Superstar styled
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: Whispy Woods will blow wind that can move you back, and the 
    bomb blocks' explosions hurt
    This stage is a play on the Green Greens stages in the Kirby Games. In 
    the center is the boss of the Green Greens level, Whispy Woods. He'll 
    start blowing at you, but the wind is just a nuisance, not anything 
    threatening. Occasionally, apples fall from the sky, apples you can use 
    to throw things at. Between the platforms are blocks from the Kirby 
    Games. Most are regular but some are bombs that, when hits, explode and 
    can send you to your doom. The blocks will disappear when hit, so keep 
    that in mind.
    The upper platforms in this stage don't move, so you can use the Egg 
    Throw or Jumping Headbutt to knock your opponents that are standing on 
    it into a loop. The side platforms are ideal place to use the Double 
    Tail Whip to send your opponents to their doom. Crowds might gather at 
    the sides, so feel free to either Double Tail Whip them or ambush them 
    with the Flutter Kick or the Yoshi Bomb. Watch out for enemies standing 
    on the blocks though. Don't use the Yoshi Bomb, cuz that will give you a 
    SD because you go through the blocks.
    Lylat System: Corneria
    Home Field to: The Star Fox Team
    Stage Music: A combination of the menu theme, Venom, and the Space 
    Armada from Star Fox
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: Arwings and Wolfens shoot at you, the cannons of the Great Fox 
    occasionally fire
    Here we are again in lush Corneria. You fight on top of the Great Fox, 
    which is facing the same direction as it did in SSB. Only this time, 
    it's more proportionate to the Great Fox from StarFox 64 so it's about 
    half the size of the Great Fox in Sector Z from SSB. Here, Arwings will 
    shoot at you, but not as aggressively as in Stage 6-2 of Adventure Mode. 
    Also in the fray are the Wolfens from the Star Wolf team in StarFox 64. 
    There's no difference in which shoot at you. The bottom cannons will 
    occasionally fire, but unless you're down in that area, it won't affect 
    There are no places to ambush people here so that's automatically out. 
    You can use the Egg Roll from the tip of the Great Fox's dorsal wing, 
    just be sure to stop around the bridge area, or you'll suffer a SD. The 
    Yoshi Bomb and Flutter Kick lose effectiveness as you can't exactly 
    track your opponents well and you might miss. If your aim is good, you 
    can throw an egg towards the dorsal wing from the engines if you wish. 
    Other than that, it's just smashing and chucking that will serve a good 
    purpose here.
    Lylat System: Venom
    Home Field to: The Star Fox Team
    Stage Music: The theme from StarFox 64. You know, the Star Fox theme 
    music from SF64?
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: Awrings and Wolfens will shoot at you, but that's pretty much 
    Well well, a far cry from lush Corneria, we've reached barren Venom. Not 
    that it matters much, but it's just a little fun fact. Well, the 
    position of the Great Fox is different this time, as the bridge is 
    facing TOWARDS the camera, meaning you're see the front side of the 
    Great Fox. You fight on the wings of the Great Fox this time, but the 
    hazards are the same: Arwings and Wolfens shoot at you, just like in 
    Corneria. One thing to note though: Don't hope on the Arwings or 
    Wolfens, they'll drop you back to the stage or worse, the abyss. This 
    goes for Corneria too.
    Unlike Corneria, in this stage, you CAN ambush people. You can drop from 
    the upper wings to the lower ones and you can Yoshi Bomb and Flutter 
    Kick your enemies from above. From the bottom, you can use the Egg Throw 
    on your opponents above you, plus the Double Tail Whip is an option if 
    you get into a crowd. The pit is a long way down, so if you get a good 
    smash or throw in, you'll be able to send your opponent to the abyss. 
    Since you have a huge second jump that can be used to make it back to 
    the stage if you're knocked far.
    Planet Zebes: Brinstar
    Home Field to: Samus
    Stage Music: The first level in Metroid
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: The acid
    Brinstar is a barren place of acid and the Mother Brain. The acid rises 
    and falls throughout the match, and it can hurt pretty badly. There are 
    two platforms to the side that are connected to the main platform by a 
    pink string thing. If you destroy the things, the platforms that they 
    are holding will collapse and tilt whenever someone is standing on it. 
    The orb jelly-looking type things can be destroyed but it leads straight 
    to the acid. When the acid rises to it's highest level, the only thing 
    that is safe is the upper-most platform.
    When the lava gets to the top, that's your cue to start Double Tail 
    Whipping anybody who's on there with you to get them loose. When the 
    lava recedes, the side platforms are great for attacking opponents who 
    stand there from above. Or, you can stand on the bottom and start using 
    the Egg Throw to catch them off guard. However, watch out when the lava 
    starts to rise, start running up because it aint pretty when the lava 
    hits you. The lava levels are random, so adjust the Yoshi Bomb and the 
    Flutter Kick with the Egg Throw and the Jumping Headbutt accordingly.
    Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths
    Home Field to: Samus
    Stage Music: Something from Metroid, I know that
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: The level rotates all the time
    This level takes place in the depths of Brinstar. Pay no attention to 
    the monster in the background, Kraid, he doesn't do much besides rotate 
    the entire level. You'll know when the level starts rotating when it 
    starts rumbling. Keep jumping and moving to keep up with the level. The 
    entire level is sort of small and the abyss is pretty far so don't get 
    knocked too far or you'll be KO'ed.
    Like I said, in this level KEEP MOVING! Don't just stand around because 
    that does absolutely no good as the level will tilt over all the time. 
    If you want to keep your opponents at bay, try the Noggin Floggin to 
    send them flying far and unable to get back. Yoshi Bombing and Flutter 
    Kicking is great when the level is rotating to throw them into a loop 
    and unable to keep up with the level. Sometimes the level will get 
    crowded, that's when the Double Tail Whip is in order.
    Eagleland: Onett
    Home Field to: Ness
    Stage Music: A theme from EarthBound 0
    Alternate Stage Music: Another theme from EarthBound 0
    Hazards: Reckless Drivers occasionally plowing through the streets
    Welcome back to Eagleland! Well, the layout for Onett hasn't changed 
    sinced Adventure Mode Stage 9: Onett. The center platforms will collapse 
    on occasion and cars still plow the streets. You'll know when they're 
    coming when you see an exclaimtion mark neer the streets. Other than 
    that, it's just a normal stage. On a side note, if you get knock into 
    the sky and into the background, you might land near the hospital. Just 
    something to note.
    One great place to start a huge beat-up fest is the street underneath 
    the drug store. Use your standard A moves or start throwing. Use the Egg 
    Lay if you must and get in some cheap shots. When the platforms 
    collapse, you can start using the Yoshi Bomb and Flutter Kick. You CAN 
    drop through the green leafy platforms, so keep that in mind when you 
    wanna ambush people. Remember, there are NO pits in this stage so other 
    than sending them up, the only way to KO people is to knock them to the 
    side. Use your smashes and throws for that.
    Eagleland: Fourside
    Home Field to: Ness
    Stage Music: A Spacey Version of EarthBound's Fourside theme
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: Really small pit areas
    Remember that wacko Fourside area from EarthBound? If you never heard of 
    it, go play EarthBound then come back. Ready? Ok! Well, this stage isn't 
    exactly as crooked as in EarthBound, but some might compare it to 
    Saffron City from SSB, but I see no resemblance. Well, you fight on top 
    of skyscrapers all around the city. The pits in between the buildings 
    are a nightmare if you get stuck, so watch out. A UFO will come by every 
    once in a while, and it can be a platform, although your movements are 
    Ok, first off, if you can KNOCK SOMEONE INTO THE PITS BETWEEN THE 
    BUILDINGS!!!! Best way to do this to use the Noggin Dunk. Since it is 
    after all, a Meteor Smash, that can be used to send your enemy straight 
    into the abyss. The area, although it looks big, is very limited to 
    fight on so keep that in mind. Try not to Yoshi Bomb blindly, as that 
    will give you a SD. Just keep smashing and throwing and you'll prevail 
    in the end. Umm, you could use the Egg Lay to send your opponent in 
    between the buildings and to their doom, but I don't recommened that.
    F-Zero Grand Prix: Mute City
    Home Field to: C. Falcon
    Stage Music: Techno Remix of the Mute City theme from F-Zero
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: The stage ranges in sides throughout the the match, and there 
    are these cars...
    This stage is a combo-maker's worst nightmare. The stage ALWAYS changes 
    making bringing in combos MUCH harder than usual. Which means you're in 
    luck if your friend is a combo freak and want some revenge. The changes 
    will always affect the style of play, plus the fact that cars always 
    roll around periodically will make it hard the concentrate. Sometimes, 
    the ring-out will change to, so keep that in mind.
    Like I said, this is a comboer's worst nightmare, but it bodes well to 
    one that uses smashes to their advantage. Keep smashing and throwing to 
    turn the tide to your favor. Keep in mind the arena change, you may have 
    to work harder to KO your opponent. When you're on that hovering 
    platform, just smash and edge-guard to throw your opponents off-guard 
    and into the abyss. Yoshi Bomb and Smash to gain the edge.
    F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue
    Home Field to: C. Falcon
    Stage Music: Techno Remix of the Big Blue theme from F-Zero
    Alternate Stage Music: Theme from Mach Rider (Someone reminded me of 
    this, but I forgot whom. Whoever you are, e-mail me and be recognized!)
    Hazards: The stage moves, the bottom of track causes you to move fast 
    and might KO you
    I HATE THIS STAGE!!!!!! You start out on the Falcon Flyer and move from 
    there. The Flyer will veer off course and out of the arena so get off it 
    and the first chance you get. The bottom of the track will occasionally 
    become a pit so beware of that. Also, try not to get on the bottom of 
    the track when it is solid because that moves you super fast to the 
    ring-out giving you and SD or KO'ing you. There are several platforms in 
    the air, so use those when you don''t trust battling on the cars.
    First off, KEEP MOVING! I cannot stress this enough, you MUST keep 
    moving or else you'll get KO'ed. Like Mute City, this is a comboer's 
    worst nightmare, so take that to your advantage. If you're at the left 
    end, check them that way, and same goes to the right. Smash them, throw 
    them, do whatever it takes to score a KO. You can use the Yoshi Bomb and 
    the Flutter Kick, but avoid using the Egg Roll at all costs! You can 
    stand by the edge and use the Egg Lay attack to send the egg into the 
    ring out.
    Kanto: Pokemon Stadium
    Home Field to: The Pokemon
    Stage Music: The same theme as Saffron City in SSB, only more 
    Alternate Stage Music: A remix of the major battle themes from Pokemon 
    Hazards: Well, the stage occasionally changes, but other than that, I've 
    got nothing.
    This stage is interesting. Aside from the main battlefield you start on, 
    the stage might change into a Fire stage, a Water stage, a Grass stage, 
    and a Mountain stage. I don't wanna go through the chore of listing all 
    the ambush points of the individual stages so tough luck there. In any 
    case, each has it's own hiding spots that you can use. Also, it's a LONG 
    way down so try not to get hit far, or get stuck underneath the stage 
    trying to come back up.
    Okay, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AMBUSH POINTS. Every single individual stage has 
    it's own nooks and crannys. Some might have to ambushing from above, 
    some might have you ambushing from below. If you're above, use the 
    Bicycle Kick/ Yoshi Bomb. If you're below, use the Jumping Headbutt or 
    Egg Throw, depending on the distance. Also, if the stage is flat, don't 
    be afraid to use the Egg Roll to bulldoze your enemies. And send your 
    enemies as far as possible with smashes after all, they might not be 
    able to get back! 
    Kanto Skies: Poke Floats
    Home Field to: The Pokemon
    Stage Music: A remix of all the battle themes from Pokemon R/B/Y
    Alternate Stage Music: N/A
    Hazards: The stage tends to move REALLY fast at times
    This holds the award for strangest stage. You fight on floats modeled 
    after Pokemon, all of them. It can get pretty wild at times, you'll be 
    rushed to keep up with the floats, especially when the battle drags on 
    and you start seeing floats of the Pokemon Unown. Take care around these 
    things and keep moving. Remember, moving stages will make characters 
    that rely on combos VERY vulnerable.
    Don't attempt any combos here, as you'll probably get KO'ed trying. Use 
    you smashes at every opportunity you get, that'll be your major trump 
    card during the battle. A quick throw towards the edge will take care of 
    your opponents quickly, so use them when you get your chance. Whenever 
    you have a large area to fight on that you're sure won't disappear 
    quickly, use your combos and smashes. When the fighting gets up close 
    and personal, fight back with your smashes. The Yoshi Bomb is helpful 
    throughout the fight, just be sure you won't kill yourself doing it.
     More Stages *COMING SOON* Know some strategies? See the Contribute 
    X. How to use Yoshi against the CPU or your friends
    Ok, I will put strategies for any of your opposition. I'll put both CPU 
    and Human characters. Most Human Characters are from my experience or 
    from observations on the net. The CPU strategies can be used in Classic 
    Mode if you need it. Some characters may be missing strategies against 
    humans because I haven't found many people who play as that character. 
    Don't worry, I'll put them up eventually.
    CPU: He's cheap, but not hard too beat down. He'll try to use the Mario 
    Tornado on you. Counter with the Yoshi Bomb then use the Dino Flip to 
    juggle him. After that, start chucking him and beat him down. His 
    fireballs are easily avoidable, and the Yoshi Bomb can counter the Super 
    Jump Punch.
    Human: Human Mario Players will try to hit you with every combo in the 
    book. What you do is counter every one of his moves with yours. He rolls 
    around you, use the Double Tail Whip. He smashes you, you Yoshi Bomb or 
    smash him back. He chucks you, you chuck him back. One common combo is 
    that he'll use the Mario Tornado followed by the Super Jump Punch on 
    you. Break it with the Yoshi Bomb.
    CPU: He's quick, so watch yourself. Keep moving since you're pretty 
    mobile yourself. What he lacks in power, you have. Unleash the Yoshi 
    Bomb or the Noggin Floggin to hit him hard and far. Beware his Thunder 
    attack. When you see him using it, get out of the way! It takes him time 
    to recover from it so attack! Be quick on your feet and attack swiftly 
    and hard!
    Human: Number one strategy of Human Pikachu Players against Yoshi is 
    that they ABUSE the Thunder when you try to use the Yoshi Bomb, so 
    that's definitely out. Just hit him fast and hard when he tries his 
    attacks, and when the opportunity arises, chuck him! Of course, you can 
    always air dodge down when he tries to Thunder you THEN Yoshi Bomb 'em...
    CPU: This guy is as slow as it gets! Don't let that fool you though, 
    because he's as powerful as it gets! He has outrageously powerful 
    Smashes and a Down+B Move more powerful than yours! The only thing 
    you've got over him is speed. That leaves only one option, run circles 
    around him and strike! Roll around him and nail him with your smashes 
    and chuck him!
    Human: Well, let me just say that Human Bowser players know how slow he 
    is and can take what is usually a disadvantage and turn it into an 
    advantage. Also, they love to abuse the Fire Breath. They also know how 
    strong Bowser is and use that to their advantage. Point is, do not 
    underestimate him and use your speed to your advantage. You also have 
    better jumping skills, so use it! Eventually, you'll wear him down to 
    the point in reach you can lay down the finishing blow! Remember, the 
    Fire Breath only lasts for so long, so good luck!
    CPU: This princess can lay the smack down on you if you're not careful. 
    She has a huge third jump so be sure to knock her far to KO her. Watch 
    out for her Peach Bomber, as that can hurt a bit. She isn't the most 
    mobile person, so you can sneak up and grab her if you wish.
    Human: None yet
    CPU: So you've decided to fight yourself eh? Well, first off, keep in 
    mind that he knows everything you do, move wise at least. You have to 
    outsmart your opponent by keeping him guessing. Roll around him with 
    circles and nail him with the most powerful smashes and throw him
    Human: Human Yoshi Players are more tricky to play against, especially 
    if they are very experienced. They love to abuse the Flutter Kick, so 
    either air dodge or roll outta the way, then, we they reach the ground, 
    use the Noggin Floggin quickly. Expert Yoshi Players will also abuse the 
    Egg Lay move to start combos, so Egg Lay them first, then smash 'em. The 
    Yoshi Bomb can be called upon when your opponent is caught off guard.
    Donkey Kong
    CPU: The same strategies that applied to Bowser apply to fighting DK 
    too. Remember, the only things you have over DK is your speed and the 
    Egg Throw projectile attack. Roll around him and then Smash him. Also, 
    if you see him charging the Giant Punch, hit immediately to stop him. 
    When the opportunity arises, chuck him or Yoshi Bomb him.
    Human: One thing human DK players love doing is sitting away from the 
    fight and charging the Giant Punch, then jumping in and letting it loose 
    in the crowd. So, just walk over and hit him to stop the charge. The 
    Headbutt move is also a favorite among DK Players, so be on the watch 
    out for that. Like facing a CPU DK, the only thing you have over DK is 
    speed and the Egg Throw. Abuse those advantages and you'll come out on 
    Captain Falcon
    CPU: The CPU Falcon always loves using the Raptor Boost. The only way to 
    avoid it is to jump or roll out of the way. C. Falcon is vulnerable 
    after this move, so hit him immediately after the move to knock him into 
    a loop. Falcon is quite speedy and powerful so you'll have to rely on 
    hit-and-run tactics on him. Roll around him then throw him or smash him. 
    One more thing, beware of the Falcon Punch.
    Human: None yet
    CPU: Ugh, the CPU Fox makes a habit of rolling around you then throwing 
    you or smashing you. Fox has speed over you, but you have power over 
    him. Use your smashes, the Flutter Kick, and the Yoshi Bomb to keep up 
    with him. If he starts rolling around, use the Double Tail Whip to stop 
    him from rolling around you.
    Human: I should know about Human Fox Players, mainly because I am one 
    (3rd Best man!). First off, they'll just fall down and use the Reflector 
    on a crowd you knock them back. They also love to abuse the Fox 
    Illusions and Blaster Moves. Human Fox Players also love to roll around 
    their enemies and throw them. However, Fox Players will use the Flip 
    Kick then start juggling you in an effort to send you flying. Remember, 
    you have power over Fox, so use it! Smash him or Yoshi Bomb him!
    CPU: Well, the CPU Ness loves to fly around then hit you with either PK 
    Fire or smash you. Nesses are adept at aerial attacks so avoid going in 
    the air too much. The Home Run Swing is also favorable for him as is the 
    dashing run of Ness. Other than that, simply Smash or Yoshi Bomb him.
    Human: Human Ness Players are a bit trickier to handle. For one thing, 
    they abuse his Aerial Down+A attack, as it's a Meteor Smash. They love 
    using the Home Run Swing in a fray to clear themselves, they also love 
    using the PK Flash to deal heavy damage to a foe. You'll have to use the 
    Yoshi Bomb to quickly hit him before he unleashes the PK Flash. For the 
    swing, nothing short of sidestepping or shielding will do. Besides that, 
    start Smashing and Throwing him.
    Ice Climbers
    CPU: Ok, first off, YOUR TARGET IS THE PURPLE ONE, POPO! If you kill the 
    other one (Nana), you'll simply just take off the teeth of the Ice 
    Climbers. When together, they are much more powerful than alone. Their 
    smashes are strong, but yours are stronger. Yoshi Bomb, Flutter Kick, or 
    Noggin Floggin them to shake them loose.
    Human: Here, it is even more imperative to kill the leader of the Ice 
    Climbers. That's right, human players will confuse you by placing Nana 
    as the leader. Whoever the leader is, AIM FOR HIM/HER! If you kill the 
    partner, the other one isn't finished yet. Human Players know how to get 
    back without the partner, so either edge-guard them by using the Egg 
    Throw or Smash them when they get back to the stage.
    CPU: They'll try to Swallow you up first to gain your power, so keep 
    that in mind. They'll also smash you this way and that. You and him are 
    evenly matched in Power and Speed, but you have endurance on your side. 
    Hit hard to knock him far, as Kirby is really light. The Yoshi Bomb is 
    also ideal for sending him to the sky.
    Human: Believe me, I have plenty of experience with Human Kirby Players. 
    First off, they ABUSE Smashes, so keep that in mind when fighting him. 
    Also, they love using the Hammer and Stone moves against you if you're 
    not careful. Evade his attacks and then hit hard, as that's the only 
    thing you have over him is the fact he flies farther than you do when 
    hit. Yoshi Bomb him when he's wide-open target.
    CPU: Oh how the mighty have fallen. Well, sort of anyways. Her A moves 
    are too slow to be of any practical comboing purpose and you do have 
    speed over her. The Yoshi Bomb can and WILL go through the Screw Attack. 
    Watch for the Charge Shot and dismantle her as needed using your 
    Human: None yet
    Zelda (Sheik)
    CPU: Keep this in mind: When Zelda is her original form, you have speed 
    over her, and when she's Sheik, you have power over her. When Zelda is 
    herself, just roll around her and attack with your smashes and the Yoshi 
    Bomb. You'll have to use the Flutter Kick occasionally. When Zelda's 
    Sheik, she'll start running circles around you! Use the Double Tail Whip 
    followed by a Smash or the Yoshi Bomb to combat her as best you can. 
    Both have strong moves, so keep that in mind.
    Human: None yet
    CPU: Beware the Master Sword! I'm not kidding, that thing hurts. The 
    Smashes are extremely powerful and he has a rapid-slash attack that can 
    really be irritating. You only have speed over Link so run around him in 
    circles, then strike with Smashes when to opportunity arises. The 
    Flutter Kick and Yoshi Bomb are great moves for ambushing him. Link will 
    roll around you to, so be sure to use the Double Tail Whip in those 
    Human: None yet
    CPU: You need help with JIGGLYPUFF? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ok, sarcasm 
    aside, Jigglypuff has been greatly improved since SSB. So do NOT 
    underestimate her. Although she may not be able to combo you as well as 
    humans do, beware that you don't get juggled around by her. She's 
    ridiculously light, so use the Flutter Kick and the Yoshi Bomb to send 
    her flying.
    Human: Now THIS is where it gets interesting. Human Jigglypuff players 
    are among the masters of the game. They know her shortcomings and her 
    VAST improvements. Number one trick is they try to use her Drill Kick 
    and then use Rest on you. Counter this by either rolling to the side or 
    use the Jumping Headbutt. Another thing is that they try to throw you 
    up, then start juggling you! Use the Yoshi Bomb to break that attempt at 
    a combo up. Same strategies apply except you need to avoid standing 
    CPU: The CPU Mewtwo only seems to want to use only two B Moves: Shadow 
    Ball and Teleport. Besides that, he just nails you with strong smash 
    attacks. Beware of his Aerial A move, as that will cause multiple 
    amounts of damage due to the shocking properties. Besides that, there's 
    not much to say about him.
    Human: None yet
    CPU: Ugh, I DESPISE CPU Luigis. All they do is wail on you with combos 
    then chuck you. The only thing I can advise against that is to just roll 
    around and get a good shot in when you can. Also, they will mostly use 
    the Green Missile to come back on the stage. Because that move and 
    travel great distances, try to send them as far away as possible! Smash 
    him or Yoshi Bombing him will work wonders.
    Human: Well, Human Luigis are a lot more diversified. Like Mario, they 
    use every single trick in the book to get the better of you. However, 
    Luigi has more firepower in the Green Missile and smashes. Also, his 
    Super Jump Punch might cause immense damage when it hits you close and 
    engulfs you in flames. So, just whack him with everything you've got and 
    you'll prevail.
    CPU: The only moves the CPU Marth tends to use are A Moves. Weak A moves 
    actually. Just use your smashes and Yoshi Bomb him to throw him into a 
    loop then finish him off. Honestly, there's not much to say about a CPU 
    Human: Now THIS is where it gets interesting! Human Marths use every 
    move Marth has and twists it to their favor. If you see him charging the 
    Shield Breaker, either get the hell outta the way or Yoshi Bomb him to 
    interrupt the charging move. Also, they might Counter you, meaning if 
    you smash him while Counter is in effect, you'll get hit in return. To 
    counter a Counter (That didn't sound right), use your throws or the Egg 
    Throw. Then, after smashing and Bombing, finish him off.
    Mr. Game and Watch
    CPU: He just uses his smash, that's all. Just use your smashes and Yoshi 
    Bomb to counteract him. Mr. Game and Watch can be potentially lethal in 
    the air, so either Yoshi Bomb him in the air or get away using your 
    jumps. Also, he'll constantly use his A move repeatly to rack up massive 
    damage, so try to get away or Yoshi Bomb him if that happens.
    Human: None yet
    More Characters and Strategies *COMING SOON* Got a strategy? See the 
    Contribute Section.
    XI. Advice
    This place is where I and other Yoshi Masters will contribute their sage 
    advice to your cause. Follow these tips well, and you'll succeed well in 
    this world
    Got a tip? Found a kickass combo and need to tell the Yoshi World? See 
    the Contribute Section
    Ehh, to cut down on confusion, I'm splitting the Advice column to two 
    places: Tips and Combos
    a) Tips
    - YOU HAVE NO THIRD JUMP!!!! Well, not a conventional Up+B third jump 
    anyways. Remember that well, because you'll need to judge when to use 
    the Double Jump to get back. You may not have a Third Jump, but you can 
    use the Double-Jump to get back, as it is huge!
    - In Vs. Mode. use the C-Stick! Remember, this unleashes an uncharged 
    Smash Attack instantly, so use it when you're in sticky situations.
    - Do not abuse the Yoshi Bomb! That's right DON'T! Other players will 
    catch on and start shielding then throwing you. Instead, Yoshi Bomb when 
    they least expect it, like when they're in a fray.
    - When surrounded or if someone is rolling around you in circles, use 
    the Double Tail Whip to break yourself free.
    - Edge Guarding, ah yes, edge guarding. This is when someone tries to 
    get back, but an attack forces them back, often KO'ing them. For Yoshi, 
    the Edge-Guarding move is the Egg Throw move. Aim well, and you'll get 
    - This is to ALL the people who have mastered Yoshi in SSB but can't 
    seem to find the rhythm in Melee and are giving up: You outta get 
    slapped by a wet penguin (The bird kind)! Sorry if I sound rude but I 
    have to knock in some sense of reality. I don't give a crap about HOW 
    much toned down he is from SSB, I have managed and I've been doing fine. 
    That fact is that you are pushing yourselves WAY too hard. From to get 
    go, don't face off against 3 level nines, that is just plain ludicrous! 
    I started from level 5 and worked my way up from there. Now, I can face 
    off against my very skilled little brother and two level 8 CPUs and be 
    able to take them to school! The moral? Don't give up! Start low, and 
    then work your way up, that is the only way to succeed. That goes for 
    EVERYONE who wants to master Yoshi. Just going from the get-go at level 
    9 is just plain insane and you're only hurting yourself! Thank you!
    - Need a link to a place where Yoshi Masters gather? Well, look no 
    furthur than the Fighting Yoshis Incorperated clan at the Super Smash 
    Brothers Social Board! A more in-depth explanation is in the credits 
    section, but we could use any new member! And guess who's the FYI 
    Master? Yep, that's right, it's me! The link to the topic is: 
    - From Wan soul: "Beginners to yoshi should stick with the A moves"
    - Well A.J. Ferolie and Todah is God have seem to have found Yoshi's 
    "Third Jump". I don't want to post everything but the gist of it is 
    "Yoshi has a third jump! His air dodge, although unconventional, can be 
    used as a third jump. Simply use the air dodge in the direction you want 
    to go in, and you've got it!"
    Sorry if I had to paraphrase it, but that's what it is! Props to A.J. 
    and Todah for discovering it! Now we Yoshi Players have a new weapon to 
    - From BoswerLK: 
    "if you're on the ground, instead of dodging with a roll or sidestep, 
    use his ground pound it usually wont hit the guy direct (unless you're 
    dodging a hookshot or bowser), but at least you can stun them with the 
    -From suav0: 
    "Basically because you don't have 3rd jump you're so prone to getting 
    hit far and being totally screwed you basically have to make jumping 
    back on into an art. If you learn how to do it right you can come in 
    really low and just grab onto the ledge without anyone being able to hit 
    you. I don't think you had that included, but it works well, for me 
    b. Combos
    - Ok, try using the Tail Snap and then doing it again and again. When 
    your opponent is high enough, use the Jumping Headbutt. Roll to the side 
    when it appears that your opponent will retaliate, or use the Dino Flip 
    to finish them off.
    - The Standard Combo involving the Flutter Kick. Use the Flutter Kick, 
    then quickly use either the Jumping Headbutt then begin the above combo, 
    or use the Double Tail Whip to shake them off
    - The Egg Lay Combo. Use the Egg Lay, then go up into the air then use 
    the Flutter Kick or the Yoshi Bomb. Repeat as necessary
    - Here's a nice one-two punch! Use Yoshi's quick two kicks, then smack 
    your enemy using the Noggin Floggin. It tends to be easier using the A 
    button to execute the Noggin Floggin instead of the C Stick, so keep 
    that in mind
    - A.J. Ferolie (aferolie1@yahoo.com)'s Screw Attack Combo. 
    "Screw Attack: Yoshi is just awesome with this item! With this item his 
    jumps become screw attacks and his second one is a very long and traping 
    screw attack. What I do with this item is Jump into a person, then jump 
    again doing alot of damage, then a butt slam,
    sometimes turning them into a star. They are trapped in the attack while 
    you are doing it and you can get them to the top of the stage and if 
    they don't move away from you, you can butt slam them to oblivioin!"
    - BoswerLK's Triple Kick Combo
    "ok, i have a simple combo that can be followed up by a juggle his 2 
    weak kicks, then immediately follow up with is strong kick unless the 
    guy is like 300% damage, the strong kick will connect and is unavoidable 
    if the guy has REALLY low damage, like less than 80, you can use his 
    upward strong to juggle him up more" 
    More tips and combos *COMING SOON*
    XII. FAQ
    This is where I answer your questions. If you've got a question, e-mail 
    me and I'll answer you. If it is practically a universal question, I'll 
    post it here. Just note, I won't post questions asking about how to 
    unlock certain characters though, keep that in mind.
    - AVO2338@aol.com asks...
    "Yeah I am a yoshi player as well and I want to ask you for some of your 
    combos. I had a lot of combos in super smash brothers but in super smash 
    brothers melee, those combos are now just a faint memory. Most of which 
    because of how they changed his flutter kick and how they changed 
    yoshi's back kick to a tail wag. The flutter kick has gone bad because 
    of the long stalling once you hit the ground with it. You say that there 
    is no stalling in your faq but I cant ignore it and pull a combo along 
    with it. Can you help me?"
    Ok, first off, Nintendo and HAL totally screwed up Yoshi's Flutter Kick 
    attack, making it almost impossible to successfully pull off a combo 
    like in SSB. However, just because it is hard, doesn't mean you can't do 
    it. All you need is practice. First off, you'll need to get Yoshi's 
    Flutter Kick to a better timing then in SSB. After that, try using the 
    Double Tail Whip for best results. Another Combo I found quite helpful 
    in events is to use the Yoshi Bomb, then start juggling them by using 
    the Jumping Headbutt. Be careful around human players though, you'll 
    possibly have to use the Dino Flip to take care of them. Other than 
    that, there's nothing else to it. Good luck! If you need more combos, 
    see the Advice part!
    - GrandmasterLugia@aol.com asks...		
    "Hey just wanted to know cause Yoshi is one of my favourite character 
    (he was the first choice I made in the original Smash Bros. {even before 
    I chose Pikachu and you'd expect a Pokemaniac like me to choose lil' 
    Pika first} and since then I kick ass with him he's deadly in the hands 
    of me =P) I've heard that Yoshi can eat Red/Green Sheels and with the 
    Red Shells he can breathe fire how do you do that? Is it just a rumour? 
    Oh and BTW what button is it that you exaxtly press to catch items 
    thrown at you cause really I've caught many thrown items but I had no 
    idea what button I pressed XD so I would (and a lot of my friends) 
    appreciate if you could answer the above questions and get back to me 
    ASP thanks ^-^" 
    Ok, here's the dealio. I have tried using both the Egg Lay AND the 
    Sticky Tongue but I can't seem to swallow shells. I'm assuming that this 
    is just some rumor started up but it doesn't seem to work at all. If 
    someone knows otherwise, please tell me!
    XIII. Contribute
    So, think you've got something I forgot to mention? Found something I 
    haven't found yet? Well, see the pieces of info below for contribution 
    My E-Mail: shadowyoshi003@yahoo.com
    My AIM: ShadowDino
    My Yahoo! Messenger: shadowyoshi003
    I could use help with....
    -More one-player and multiplayer strategies, after all, two masters 
    giving advice is better than one
    -Stage Strategies, see above
    -Advice for Yoshi Newcomers
    -Any Combos for Yoshi? Keep in mind that I want MELEE combos. No SSB 
    combos please
    -I am now accepting Event Mode tips for Yoshi. Got a tip for one of 
    those harder events that you can use Yoshi? Send 'em in!
    If you've got anything I don't, send it over! Don't worry, I'll give you 
    XIV. Credits
    I'd like to thank...
    - CjayC, the main man in charge of GameFAQs, for letting me post my FAQ 
    on his site!
    - The folks at Neoseeker.com, for hosting my FAQ
    - The folks at the SSBM Board at GameFAQs, for helping me with 
    something, and always being a great place to visit! Go there if you need 
    any help, but we ask, no more Mewtwo questions!
    - The generous souls over at the Super Smash Brothers Social Board at 
    GameFAQs. Thanks for being a great place to hang out!
    - A.J. Ferolie (aferolie1@yahoo.com), for sending in some advice and 
    discovering Yoshi's Third Jump
    - Todah is God, for discovering Yoshi's Third Jump
    - BoswerLK, for sending in the deviously brilliant Triple Kick Combo
    - suav0, for teaching us to use Yoshi's jump as a piece of deadly art!
    - Wan soul, for giving advice to newcomers.
    - DBZM_Android 17, the former head of the Fighting Yoshis Incorporated 
    for giving me thumbs up for my FAQ
    -The entire FYI (See above) for their support and for keeping the spirit 
    of Yoshi alive in SSBM! What's the FYI? Well, it's where a group of 
    Yoshi Players band together and form a clan of some sorts. Our purpose 
    is to defend the honor of Yoshi, or something like that. We go into 
    battles with other clans to see who has the better moves. Well, it's 
    more of a debate but still, it's a hell of a lot of fun! Need more info? 
    Go to the Super Smash Brothers Social Board and find any topic related 
    to clan battles. Besides, the people of the SSBSB are really nice 
    people! After all, guess who's the head of the FYI now? That's right, 
    mwa! Need a link to the FYI's main topic? Here it is: 
    NOTE: You ARE gonna need to an account to the GameFAQs Message Boards to 
    post. Please don't ask FAQ related questions there...yet anyways... 
    - My little ring of friends at the Next-Gen Boards for being a great 
    group of friends and not ragging on me for making this FAQ! They 
    include: DeathStarTrooper, gamerkyle2, MSI Magus20, SportsFreak (a.k.a. 
    dylan), ps2junkie, MaggieNoOni, and AniHawk! Sorry if I forgot anybody! 
    Down with the Penguins! If I got one of your names wrong, don't go 
    flaming me! Thanks alot guys!
    - Nintendo/HAL, for making this brilliant game in the first place! 
    - Shigeru Miyamoto, for making Mario, Zelda, DK, and StarFox characters 
    in the first place. Props on making Yoshi!
    - My little brother for being to only decent Melee player in my 
    neighborhood I know of
    - My Parents, for letting me buy this game in the first place!
    XV. Closing
    Well, it's been fun putting in all my knowledge for Yoshi in this FAQ. 
    This game has been, and will always be fun to play when I'm bored and 
    need something to do! I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this 
    FAQ happen, props to them! And finally, I wish you good luck on playing 
    Yoshi, and happy Smashing! Long live Yoshi and all things Video Games! 
    With that, I say...
    Peace Out!

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