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    Battle Scenarios Guide by Max817

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     *      Super Smash Bros. Melee:      *
                     *          BATTLE SCENARIOS          *
                     *                                    *
                     *         Written By: Max817         *
                     *       E-Mail:  Max817@cs.com       *
                     *                                    *
                     *         Version: 1.4 FINAL         *
                     *       Last Updated: 04/19/03       *
    Battle Scenarios: 231
    Adventure Scenarios: 59
    1. Version History
    2. Legal Stuff
    3. Introduction
    4. How to Submit a Scenario
       -A. Battle Scenarios
       -B. Adventure Scenarios
    6. Credits
    7. Conclusion
    04/19/03 Ver. 1.4 FINAL: It's been more than a year now since SSBM has been
    released, and you've all had your ideas for some great scenarios. Finally, I
    offer you the last batch of Scenarios.
    Yes, the FAQ is now coming to a close. I've been letting less e-mails lately,
    and plus it's getting to be harder to find a chance to update anyways, what
    with all the Internet problems I've been having, and my free time is also
    running out real quickly.
    As for the update, I've added the last scenarios, as well as changed a few
    things here and there in the wording of the FAQ.
    Anyway, it's been a blast. Thanks to everyone who submitted, and thanks to
    everyone who's read this!!
    8/06/02 Ver. 1.3: Well, I'm finally back for Version 1.3. First of all, I
    apologize for the months without an update, but many things that will go
    unmentioned have happened the last few months, and so it wasn't until
    recently that I was able to come back to update the FAQ. Well, here it is,
    finally. Once again, I apologize, and I promise I'll try to keep up with the
    update in the future.
    I would like to say, though, that the updates would be faster if all of you
    would send your Scenarios in the proper format. Most of you do it, but a few
    of you are slowing me down. So please put your Scenarios in the proper
    Once again, my apologies. So, keep sending those Scenarios for Version 1.4!
    2/21/02 Ver. 1.2:
    This update took a while, after a LONG week of finals (and a bit of
    everything else), but I've got more and more Scenarios now. I STILL haven't
    been able to compile the scenarios from Jonathan Leung's message board
    thread, but I will try soon. Also, I changed some things in Section 4. Pretty
    much, you don't have to put it in Courier New, 10 font, and also, if
    submitting Battle Scenarios, try to submit it in the EXACT format if you can,
    as it saves my time!! Finally, try to send the Scenario as part of the e-mail
    text and not as an attachment, because then I might lose your name, so I
    won't know who to give credit to. (It's happened too many times...) Later on
    I'll try to add some of my own personal Scenarios (including my Adventure
    Scenario I've been working on for a while), so that plus more and more
    Scenarios is what to look forward to for Version 1.3.
    1/14/02 Ver. 1.1:
    Now that the FAQ is posted, I'll try to extract all of the scenarios from the
    message boards to here. Also, expect a HUGE update the number of Scenarios on
    Version 1.2. In other things, I've updated the Adventure Scenarios section
    for easier navigation, and changed a few things here are there. I'm almost
    done with my Adventure Scenario, expect it to be in one of the future
    Also, I've gotten rid of the Max817's Comments. With me back in school, I
    have less and less free time, so I would have no quick way of playing them
    all AND posting comments on them. In any case, this won't hinder the
    Scenarios in any way! They'll still be fun!!
    Finally, thanks to an idea from JackTekaik, I have included the Battle
    Scenarios in the instruction booklet! My favorite part, however, is in the
    bottom of that page: "Can You Think of Other Ways to Play?" HA, that's what
    this FAQ is for!!
    12/30/01 Ver. 1.0:
    Submitting the 1.0 Version to GameFAQs. With the guide posted, hopefully
    people will want to add to it. I have a good starting package and I expect to
    have a pretty big list of scenarios for the people to try out. I'll also try
    to update whenever possible. Also, comments for each scenario coming up in
    the next update (hopefully).
    This FAQ may ONLY appear on the GameFAQs website (www.gamefaqs.com). You may
    use this FAQ for personal game play use. You may NOT put your name on the FAQ
    and claim it is yours, or make any sort of profit from this FAQ. In other
    words, use the FAQ the way it's meant to be used, and give me the credit
    If this FAQ appears at any other site other than GameFAQs, or there is any
    exploiting of this copyright, please report it to me at Max817@cs.com.
    This document Copyright 2001-2003 Max817.
    For those of you who own SSBM, you should try to play with 4 player to truly
    get a fun experience. I have, and it was a blast. Of course, the game is fun
    every game: that's the magic of it. Even after the first 200 matches or so.
    But then, you hate to think it, but it kinda starts to get repetitive. But
    you don't want the fun to end! What do you do?
    This is what this FAQ is meant for: to try to extend the life of one of the
    greatest party games in history. Maybe you're looking for a new way to play
    with your 3 other friends. Maybe you're sitting by yourself and VS Mode with
    only 1 player is getting boring. In any case, try these scenarios!!
    All of the following scenarios have been submitted by your fellow gamers,
    waiting for you to try them out!!
    Remember, above all, have fun!!     -Max817
    Well, that's easy: If you want to submit a Scenario...DON'T!!
    This is the final version of the FAQ. That means I'm not accepting any more
    submissions. So don't even bother sending anymore, since they'll just be
    If you REALLY want your Scenario to be seen, then try posting it in the
    GameFAQs Message Boards!!!
    If you want to send any questions or comments, though, then feel free to e-
    mail me at Max817@cs.com.
    So anyways...all the scenarios will be listed in Section 5 under one of 2
    A. Battle Scenarios
    Battle Scenarios are scenarios where you modify handicaps, items, and such,
    usually with a theme in mind. The scenarios are usually meant for one battle
    (played multiple times, of course!). Most of the scenarios will be listed
    here, and I'll list them in alphabetical order.
    This is how they are all listed.
    >>>NAME: The name of the Scenario.
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: This is the name (or alias) of the submitter!
    -PLAYERS: How many people are involved? How many comps?
    -MODE: Is it in one of the special modes?
    -CHARACTERS: Specific people required? Assume the player has all 25 guys.
    -LIMIT: Stock? Time?
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage? 2.0 Damage?
    -HANDICAP: Will some players be better off than others?
    -TEAMS: Teams involved? Colors?
    -ITEMS: All the items on? Only certain ones? On Very High, or None at all?
    -STAGE: A specific level? Assume the player has all the stages. Also, music?
    -EXTRA NOTES: This is where the creativity comes in. Extra rules for playing
    the Scenario are listed here.
    B. Adventure Scenarios
    Now these are the ones that require creativity more than anything else. These
    are more complex than the Battle Scenarios in that usually they have a hero-
    villain type story, and in between they have epic battles, where the outcome
    will decide the next plot twist.
    These take a while to create, but usually they end up being fun to play,
    especially as 1-player games. The more creative you are, the better this will
    end up.
    The big difference between these and the SSB64 ones is that now you've got
    more options!! For example, you've got a whole ton of Mario-based characters!
    You've got Marth and Roy for RPGs! You've got Link, Zelda, Sheik, and
    Ganondorf! A ton of stages and modes! In other words, the possibilities are
    The submissions vary greatly, but they all usually include the basic stuff,
    like outcomes for each fight, and the plot in between...
    Adventure, RPGs, Fighting... You've got a ton of options here. The only limit
    is your imagination.
    Because of the way they work, the Adventure Scenarios aren't necessarily
    formatted in any way. They are simply listed by alphabetical order, and are
    usually divided even further in between to make things less confusing. Just
    look at Section 5b for more information.
    Now, finally, on to:
    NOTE: For those whose I took from the message boards, I took the liberty of
    arranging your data into the formats above, since I never gave a format then.
    Also keep in mind if I messed up on anything, let me know.
    If something in Section 4 doesn't appear in the Scenario (for example, it
    doesn't show a Limit, Items, Stage, etc.), that means that you can feel free
    to put whatever you want.
    One last thing: Sometimes the author submits 2 Scenarios that are directly
    related. In that case the second will be labeled: "The next Scenario is a
    direct derivative of the above:", and they'll be listed next to each other,
    so that means that with the second scenario use the exact same settings as
    the first one, with the exceptions posted.
    Here comes the big listing!!
    >>>NAME: 007 Agent Under Fire
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 Players [No CPU]
    -MODE: Time, Stock, or Stamina
    -LIMIT: Doesn't matter
    -HANDICAP: Your choice
    -TEAMS: Optional
    -STAGE: Any, but preferably a stage with good hide-and-shoot spots [Hyrule
    -EXTRA NOTES: You can only attack with weapons and no regular and special
    attacks. However, you can use your shield or dodging techniques. After it's
    all set up get ready to shoot the crap out of your opponents!
    >>>NAME: 3 Flies
    -PLAYERS: At least 3 Human Players
    -MODE: Slo-Mo
    -CHARACTERS: 1 Fox/Falco/Samus, 3 Mr. Game and Watches
    -LIMIT: No time
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: No items
    -STAGE: Any flat level
    -EXTRA NOTES: Here Fox/Falco/Samus shoots their gun and the Mr. G&Ws fight
    to catch it in their bucket.  First one with 3 flies wins.
    >>>NAME: 300 (297) Man Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 1, 3 Level 1 CPUs
    -LIMIT: 99 Stock, no time limit
    -HANDICAP: Human-9; CPUs-1
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Anyone; Team 2: 3 CPU G&W (Or 3 chars that have something in
    common, like Mario, Luigi, and Peach, or Pikachu, Pichu, and Jiggly)
    -ITEMS: All, Medium (Could be different).
    -STAGE: Any, but Battlefield is recommended
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you die once you must reset or SD 98 times.
    >>>NAME: 72 Hour Melee.
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: bluepikachu252
    -PLAYERS: 4 combatants (0-4 human)
    -MODE: Stock Mode, normal Melee
    -CHARACTERS: One combatant MUST be either Link or Young Link.  One combatant
    MUST be Zelda.  One combatant MUST be Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, or Pichu.
    The last combatant CANNOT be Link, Young Link, Zelda, Pikachu, Jigglypuff,
    Mewtwo, or Pichu.
    -LIMIT: A 72 stock battle.  The Stock Match Time Limit must be set to 72
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: No handicaps!
    -TEAMS: It's a free-for-all.
    -ITEMS: REQUIRED ITEMS are Beam Sword, Heart Container, Poke Ball, and Bunny
    Hood.  Set to Very High.  You may use other items if you desire.
    -STAGE: Great Bay.  Music does not matter.
    -EXTRA NOTES: The character restrictions prevent all-Zelda melees.  You have
    72 lives to fight in Great Bay.  The 72 minute time limit symbolizes the 72
    hours Link has to save the land in Majora's Mask.  To further the Majora's
    Mask theme, the Great Bay stage is used.  Another note on LAST COMBATANT:
    The last combatant's character choices are closed to the choices the other
    players had.  That means they play as any other character available
    (including Ganondorf, left out of the initial Zelda teams).
    >>>NAME: A Deadly Game of Catch
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Bob Worshiper
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -ITEMS: Bob-Omb, Medium
    -STAGE: Any one with a flat surface
    -EXTRA NOTES: Wait for a bomb to come up and let one of the characters pick
    it up. Now the fun begins. The two of you play a game of catch with the bomb.
    It is a ton of fun.
    Other Variations: Play with Link or Young Link and play with their bombs.
    Then it will be more like Hot Potato.
    >>>NAME: A Mind All Their Own
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: txmostwanted1
    -PLAYERS: 4(Best with 4 humans)
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death/Invisible Melee
    -LIMIT: Time, 5:00
    -ITEMS: Bob-omb, Mr.Saturn, Freezie
    -DAMAGE: 1.5/2.0
    -EXTRA NOTES: Bob-ombs, Saturns, and Freezies can all move on their own, so
    it can get interesting. Use Super Sudden Death or Invisible Melee for an
    extra twist. You can use normal/special moves or the items to attack.
    >>>NAME: A Snowball's Chance in Hell
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: espeon2000
    -PLAYERS: 3~4
    -CHARACTERS: Ice Climbers(team 1), Captain Falcon, Ness, Mario, Roy.(team 2)
    -LIMIT: 3 stock with 2 minute limit
    -HANDICAP: Higher for Ice Climbers, or none if you're confident
    -TEAMS: Ice Climbers-blue, other characters-red
    -ITEMS: Fire flowers and freezies only
    -STAGE: Brinstar
    -EXTRA NOTES: The Ice Climbers only use their neutral B attack(Ice Shot) and
    freezies to fend off the red team, who can only use their fire-based attacks
    and fire flowers. The Ice Climbers' goal is to survive, and the red team's
    is to prevent their survival.
    >>>NAME: Abandon Ship!
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: None
    -CHARACTERS: Peach, Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, or Ness(tourists);
    EXTRA Characters: Link, Capt. Falcon, Falco, and Fox(army)
    Damage:Toursists-2.0 and Ganandorf-1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Tourists are one team, and Ganondorf is the other(If army is chose,
    he is part of tourists, except there may be 1 which must remain inactive till
    boat hits the harbor)
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Rainbow Cruise
    -EXTRA NOTES: Ganondorf the pirate has come!  He is doing a raid on the
    floating Rainbow Cruiseship!  The tourists must run away while Ganondorf
    tries to KO them all in time before Ganondorf's buddy steers the ship
    directly into the harbor!
    Also: If you choose army, tourists may not attack anytime during the whole
    fight and after the first time the army guy can fight on the boat.  However,
    tourists may attack if the boat hits the harbor before Ganondorf KOs you, and
    you may also attack on the boat after the first you've been on it.
    >>>NAME: Alien Invasion!
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -CHARACTERS: Fox, Falco, Samus, Pikachu, Pichu, JP, Mewtwo, C.Falcon.
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Hunters (Falco, Fox, Samus, C.Falcon). Team 2: Hunted
    (Pikachu, Pichu, JP, Mewtwo)
    -STAGE: Poke Floats or the 2 Fox levels work well
    -EXTRA NOTES: Something is very wrong in the Lylat system. An invasion of
    disgustingly cute beings from some distant (and obviously screwed up) world.
    Their corruption has spread like a plague throughout the galaxy and there are
    only a few left who can stand against them.
    >>>NAME: The All Pokemon Match
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo
    -ITEMS: Poke Balls, Very High
    -STAGE: Poke Floats
    -EXTRA NOTES: None
    >>>NAME: All You Can Eat Buffet.
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: normal or super sudden death.
    -CHARACTERS: Kirby and yoshi(ones who ordered the buffet)
    -LIMIT: 5:00 - 10:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 damage
    -HANDICAP: pichu handicap 4 level 2, others 9.
    -TEAMS: kirby & yoshi on a team.
    -ITEMS: food and party balls. on very high.
    -STAGE: Onett, Kirby's past stage, or green greens.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Kirby and yoshi ordered an all you can eat buffet. The
    objective here is to eat the most food. Pichu is the notorious scavenger
    looking for food to freeload of others. Kirby and yoshi pig out as much
    as they can, trying not to let pichu eat their food. Whoever has the
    most food eaten (go to items grabbed at game's end) If pichu swipes food
    right from your feet, then subtract 2 from the Items grabbed. You can
    kick pichu around to delay it, but of course it can come back, don't let
    a rat push you around!
    >>>NAME: Andross!
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Fox or Falco vs. any Pokemon or Captain Falcon and Samus.
    -LIMIT: None from Stamina
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Teams, Fox or Falco alone vs. any of the 6 mentioned on "characters"
    -ITEMS: Items the Pokemon or bounty hunters' games (i.e. screw attack for
    Samus, or Pokeballs for Pokemon
    -STAGE: Corneria
    -EXTRA NOTES: Fox or Falco battle 3 of the 6 mentioned characters in a battle
    of strategy. STORYLINE: Andross is up to his old tricks again! He warping
    characters from different worlds to destroy Fox and his partner, Falco. The
    Great Fox has entered Corneria City, let the battle begin! Fox or Falco must
    weaken the invaders and send 'em back to their homeworlds. This could get
    ugly! Fortunately, Peppy, Slippy, and Falco (or Fox depending on who you use)
    will be firing lasers from their Arwings.
    >>>NAME: ANT BATTLES!!!!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: maga power
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -TEAMS: No Teams
    >>>NAME: Armageddon
    -PLAYERS: 3-4
    -MODE: None
    -CHARACTERS: Roy, Samus, Ness, Captain Falcon
    -LIMIT: Stock 20
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Falcon and Samus should be at 6
    -TEAMS: Falcon and Ness VS. Roy and Samus
    -ITEMS: Ray Gun, Bm Sword, Motion Sensor Bomb, Very High
    -STAGE: Final Destination or Venom
    -EXTRA NOTES: The Final Armageddon. Roy's swordsmanship versus Falcon's
    power, Samus's technology against Ness's PSI. If there's a computer, it
    should be Roy at Lvl. 5 or 6. Exploit each character's weakness to win. On
    Venom, stick with MS Bombs, on Final Destination, make use of the flat stage
    with Ray Guns. On either stage, Ness and Samus benefit most from Beam Swords.
    You're going to hate or love Ness's PSI Magnet and Roy's Flare Blade.
    >>>NAME: Assassin
    -PLAYERS: All human players
    -CHARACTERS: One person with a sword, the other's anyone
    -LIMIT: Coin Mode, any time limit can be set
    -ITEMS: No items!
    -STAGE: Zelda temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: only one person get coins, the two people w/o a sword go to a
    different place each. the one with the coins hires the one with a sword to KO
    someone for money. the coin person chooses which person for the assassin to
    KO. if the assassin suceeds, he gets to beat up, not KO the rich person for
    coins. if the assassin fails, the innocents get a certain time to beat up the
    rich for coins. the one with the most coins at the end wins.
    -NAME: Attack of the Killer Giant Robots!
    -PLAYERS: 1-4, pref. human
    -MODE: Giant melee
    -ITEMS: Super Mushroom, Metal Box Very High
    -STAGE: Doesn't matter; I like Temple, battlefield, Final Destination.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Let loose and have fun!
    >>>NAME: Babysitter
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 1
    -CHARACTERS: Pichu, Ness, Ice climbers, or Young link vs. Any other character
    (You), but villains are recommended for maximum laughs.
    -LIMIT: 10:00 minutes time.
    -ITEMS: Transforming items only.
    -STAGE: Any "kiddy" stage.
    -EXTRA NOTES: While a big tournament rages, (your char) is in charge of
    taking care of the children. The kids start going out of control 10 minutes
    before the end of the tournament. You must survive, but do not harm them.
    >>>NAME: Barrel of Fun
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -ITEMS: Turn off all the items, but set item appearance to Very High.  You'll
    notice a lot more crates, boxes, etc. appearing.
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: THE CATCH: Players can attack only by throwing these crates and
    boxes, etc.
    ALT. PLAYSTYLE: Play on Lightning Melee for a faster battle, since it can be
    >>>NAME: Baseball
    -PLAYERS: 3 human
    -MODE: normal Melee
    -CHARACTERS: batter- captain falcon, bowler- samus, catcher- kirby!
    -LIMIT: whatever
    -DAMAGE: doesnt matter
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: bat, very high
    -STAGE: any with platforms near each other
    -EXTRA NOTES: falcon picks up a bat and stands somewhere, kirby stands
    behind him. samus shoots a small one of her blue laser balls to falcon and
    falcon has to hit it! kirby then has to run CLOSE to the ball and and touch
    it before falcon jumps on 3 platforms and back to the starting place!
    VARIATION: instead of using samus use any other character and instead use a
    party ball!
    >>>NAME: Battle for Hyrule
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -CHARACTERS: Link, Zelda, Gannondorf, Peach
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Link, Zelda. Team 2: Gannondorf, Peach
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple works best
    -EXTRA NOTES: Having finally gotten tired of kidnapping Zelda, Gannondorf has
    found his own evil bride (Peach) and are ready to rule the world. What stands
    in their way? Only the Hero of Time and Princess of Hyrule.
    Details: Peach doesn't have a black dress so try and coordinate colors
    between her and Gannondorf.
    Variation: Substitute Bowser for Peach and Gannondorf has a pet dragon.
    >>>NAME: Battle for Princess
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 players
    -MODE: Stock mode
    -CHARACTERS: Zelda,Peach,Daisy(Peach's yellow outfit),or Jigglypuff(with
    -STAGE: Hyrule Castle or Peach's Castle, your choice.
    -LIMIT: 5 lives(Stock)
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: any
    -EXTRA NOTES: none
    >>>NAME: The Battle for the Title of Miss Smash
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 1
    -MODE: 1-stock melee, no time limit.
    -CHARACTERS: Humans: Ice climbers (Popo)(You may change handicap), CPUs:
    Peach, Samus, Zelda
    -ITEMS: Whatever.
    -STAGE: Battlefield, Final Destination, or fountain of dreams.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Peach, Samus, and Zelda are fighting for the title of Miss
    Smash, but wait! There is another competitor, and somebody wants to assure
    her victory...
    Goal: Keep Nana from dying, kill other entrants.
    >>>NAME: The Battle of Royalty
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: Peach, Zelda, Marth, and Bowser
    -LIMIT: Bonus, 5:00 (Royalty is style, so Bonus it is!)
    -TEAMS: No
    -STAGE: Hyrule Castle (Or Peach's Castle)
    -EXTRA NOTES: Turn off the items, for a royalty good match (gets an award for
    the worst pun ever.)
    >>>NAME: Battle of the Sexes
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Nicholas Petry
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 players
    -MODE: Melee VS.
    -CHARACTERS: Link+Mario, Zelda+Peach
    -LIMIT: Stock - 20
    -DAMAGE: 1.0 ratio
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: team 1=Link+Mario, team 2=Zelda+Peach
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: In this battle the guys and the girls duke it out to see who is
    better than who. I picked 2 from the Mario series and 2 from the Zelda
    >>>NAME: BattleTanx
    -PLAYERS: 2-4(All humans)
    -MODE: Normal Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Must be any character with projectiles(Except Kirby)
    -LIMIT: As long as you wish
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -TEAMS: If you want
    -ITEMS: Bob-ombs only (VERY HIGH)
    -STAGE: Any that doesn't have environmental hazards
    -EXTRA NOTES: Only use your projectile attack (Dr. Mario's pill, Luigi's
    Fireball, Samus's shots/missiles, Mr.G&W's Sausage, etc). Also, do not pick
    up the bob-ombs, only let them roam around freely.
    >>>NAME: Baseball
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -ITEMS: Baseball Bat, Mr. Saturn, High
    -STAGE: Any stage, preferably Hyrule Temple or Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Player 1 grabs a mr Saturn. Player 2 gets a Baseball bat.
    Then Player one throws mr saturn. Player two hits it. Player one tries to
    catch it. Player two runs to the other side of the stage. If he makes it, he
    gets a point. If player one catches it, and hits player two with it, it is an
    out. After 3 outs, They switch places. After a few innings, the one with the
    most points wins! And you can make fouls for unneccisary ruffness!
    >>>NAME: Big Trouble, Little Plumber
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Super Saiyan Bowser
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, (You) Team: Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo
    -LIMIT: Stock-3
    -ITEMS: Fire Flower, Mr. Saturn
    -STAGE: Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Mario can take one enemy, but can he take three?
    Mario is on a rooftop battle with three villains. The problem is, only one
    can attack at a time.(The other two reside on a different side of the
    castle.) The villains can tag at any time, but poor Mario has no one to turn
    to. Try your hardest to defeat all three.
    >>>NAME: Bird Hunting!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: IceClimberPopo
    -PLAYERS: 3-4
    -CHARACTERS: 1 Falco, 2-3 others Fox, Ness, or Samus
    -LIMIT: Timed Stock, 2:00, 1 Stock
    -ITEMS: Super Scope, Ray Gun, Very High
    -EXTRA NOTES: Using only Shooting attacks try to kill Falco before the time
    runs out. Falco cant attack, and Ness, Samus, and Fox can only use their
    shooting attacks. It's very challenging!
    >>>NAME: Blade Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: The Nintendo Power Official Guide For Super Smash Bros.
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -MODE: Single Button Mode
    -CHARACTERS: Marth, Roy, Young Link, Link
    -ITEMS: Beam Sword, Very High
    -STAGE: Any
    -EXTRA NOTES: You Only Allowed To Use Your Sword (The A Button)
    >>>NAME: Bo-BOOMS!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Sparx Seeker
    -PLAYERS: 4 of any kind(Hmn or CPU)
    -MODE: Super sudden death
    -CHARACTERS: Don't matter
    -LIMIT: I don't care
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 damage
    -HANDICAP: handicap for all 1
    -TEAMS: don't mind but preferably not
    -ITEMS: Bo-bombs and GREEN shells
    -STAGE: Any but preferably final destination or Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you have all players then you can only pick up and throw
    items to K.O. people. but of course you cannot tell the CPU's to do that so
    just do what you can to stay alive. Try and make the arena you play on nice
    and flat, for a K.O. fest, or really uneven, so you can duck for cover.
    >>>NAME: The Bomb Factory
    -PLAYERS: No preference
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death (prefered) or Normal stock melee
    -CHARACTERS: No preference
    -LIMIT: 3 stock, but it doesn't really matter
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 Damage
    -HANDICAP: All on 1
    -TEAMS: Free-for-all
    -ITEMS: Very High: Bob-ombs, Motion Sensor Bombs
    -STAGE: Brinstar, because it looks most like a foundry
    -EXTRA NOTES: Attack using only bombs.
    >>>NAME: Bomb Squad
    -PLAYERS: 4 Humans
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Any fast character (Fox, Falco, Captain Falcon, Pikachu)
    -LIMIT: 99 Stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None, Melee
    -ITEMS: Bob-ombs only, Very High
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Each player waits for the Bob-ombs to walk around, when they're
    about to explode, pick them up and throw them at an opponent. At Final
    Destination, you can only jump to avoid the Bob-ombs. This could take a
    >>>NAME: Bomb War
    -PLAYERS: 4 (for maximum fun)
    -LIMIT: Time, doesn't matter how much
    -ITEMS: Bob-Omb, Very High
    -EXTRA NOTES: This is sort of difficult, but incredibly fun. You cannot use
    any moves. You just wait for the Bombs to drop from the sky, grab it and
    chuck it at the other person. Continue until the time limit runs out. Very
    very fun!!
    |\           |    |
    | \          |    |
    |--/ ounty   |----|unters
    | /          |    |
    |/           |    |
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: Bowser, Ganondorf, Samus, C.Falcon
    -LIMIT: Time, 10:00
    -TEAMS: Bowser and Ganondorf in one team, Samus and C.Falcon in another
    -ITEMS: Guns and Beam Sword, Very High
    -STAGE: Brinstar Depths
    -EXTRA NOTES: Ganondorf is only allowed to fight with beam swords, and has to
    protect Bowser. Bowser has to run. Samus and falcon can only use guns, samus
    can use her built in gun though. Thats about it. It can get fun, if you have
    good people playing Samus and falcon. At 9 minutes, if bowser hasn been
    Ko'ed, Bowser is allowed to attack, and The bounty hunters cant. If he can Ko
    them 10 times, eh wins. if not, he doesnt win. Also, ganondorf cant attack
    >>>NAME: Bowser's Test
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Katsarephat
    -PLAYERS: 1 (2 CPUs)
    -MODE: Anything but Stamina and Super Sudden Death (preferably Regular)
    -CHARACTERS: Bowser (that's you), Mario, Peach
    -LIMIT: Time: Infinite
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Bowser: 9; Mario: 6; Peach: 3
    -TEAMS: Bowser=Green, Mario and Peach=Red
    -ITEMS: Pick and choose, but only have items from the Mario Series if you
    have any at all
    -STAGE: Any Mario stage. My favorite is Yoshi's Island with SMB3 music, but
    you can choose.
    -EXTRA NOTES: The match is over if/when Bowser dies, or if you're bored. When
    the match ends, score yourself (see below).
    -SCORING: Bowser's KOs against Mario + Peach's overall score - Mario's
    overall score (The idea is that Peach and Mario should have negative scores,
    since you will only die once. Therefore, it's BAD for Peach to get KO'd
    [because you add her negative score] and GOOD for Mario to get KO'd [because
    you subtract his negative score]. The reason you add Bowser's KOs against
    Mario is that it makes a KO on Mario worth 2 pts in this system and Mario's
    SDs only count as one.)
    >>>NAME: Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
    PLAYERS: 3, all human
    MODE: none
    CHARACTERS: One player is Zelda, one player is a female character (Peach,
    Samus, Jigglypuff, but NOT Zelda) and the last player is a male character
    (Captain Falcon, Fox, Falco, Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Link, Young Link,
    Ganondorf, Mr. Game & Watch, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Marth, Roy, Ness) The only
    players you cannot be are Yoshi, Pikachu, Pichu, Mewtwo, Ice Climbers, and
    LIMIT: Stock, 21 or higher (must be odd number)
    DAMAGE: 1.0
    HANDICAP: none
    TEAMS: none
    ITEMS: none
    STAGE: Any calm, simple stage. (MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO NATURAL HAZARDS!!)
    Stages like Final Destination, Battlefield, Hyrule Temple, and Fountain of
    Dreams work best.
    EXTRA NOTES: Here is how it works:  Make sure you have some sort of clock
    handy.  Every minute Zelda changes to Sheik, and the next minute, Sheik goes
    back to Zelda. Zelda is the girlfriend, and Sheik is the boyfriend (in this
    scenario anyway)  I'll assume the male player is Captain Falcon, and the
    female is Peach, so I don't have to keep saying "male player" and "female
    player".  The goal is to kill your date!  Peach tries to kill Sheik, and
    Captain Falcon is thirsty for Zelda's blood.  If Peach KOs Sheik, she gains a
    point, but if she KOs Zelda she loses a point (and the opposite for Captain
    Falcon)  Zelda/Sheik cannot do any attacks except for the third jumps,
    taunting, shield and dodging.  Their main job is to run away.  If Peach is
    trying to KO Sheik, Captain Falcon may attack  Peach, to prevent scoring, but
    he won't get any points.  If he KOs her, he loses a point. You do not lose
    any points for self destructing.   After Zelda/Sheik has been defeated, just
    have Peach and Captain Falcon kill themselves, and then count up KOs on the
    results screen.  Be sure to keep a mental count of "bad KOs" like Peach
    killing Zelda, and subtract those from the score.  Don't forget to transform
    every minute!
    >>>NAME: Breakfast is Served
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 3-4
    -CHARACTERS: Mr. Game and Watch, Peach, Yoshi
    -LIMIT: Time
    -TEAMS: Team 1: G&W, Peach, Yoshi; Team 2: Anyone (May be a CPU)
    -ITEMS: None
    -EXTRA NOTES: Note: This is totally up to chance.
    In order to make breakfast, Yoshi must turn team two into an egg. Peach then
    must smash it with a frying pan, being careful not to KO it, because Game &
    Watch must flip at least two sausages at it. Try doing this as many times as
    possible before time runs out.
    The next Scenario is a direct derivative of the above:
    >>>NAME: Who's Up for a Barbecue?
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -CHARACTERS: DK, Bowser, Kirby
    -TEAMS: Team1: DK, Bowser, Kirby; Team 2: Any Pokemon (May be a CPU)
    -ITEMS: Metal Box, Very High
    -STAGE: Any outdoor stage
    -EXTRA NOTES: DK must turn metal and hold the Pokemon on his back so that
    Bowser to use his fire breath to grill it. Then Kirby uses his up B move to
    cut it up. Try doing this as many times as possible before time runs out.
    >>>NAME: Bunker Hill
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Any
    -LIMIT: Stock, any
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: 2 vs. 2
    -ITEMS: Bob-ombs, Motion Sensor Bombs, Very High
    -STAGE: Princess Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Teams must stay on there own side of the castle. The top
    platform in the middle will serve as the boundaries. Teams can only attack by
    throwing Bombs over the castle and trying to hit there opponents.
    >>>NAME: Capture the Cloaker
    -PLAYERS: 4, CPU takes up empty slots
    -CHARACTERS: CPU takes up any empty slots as either Captain Falcon, Fox,
    Falco, Samus, or Ness
    -LIMIT: Time, 10:00
    -ITEMS: Beam Saber, Motion Sensor Bomb, ONE reusable, droppable Cloaking
    Device (Player still takes damage with this Cloaking Device)
    -STAGE: Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: Get the friggin Cloaking Device once the level begins! Once
    some one has the Cloaking Device, there is only two ways to get it back. One:
    Knock the crap out of the person with a Beam Saber. Two: Blow the crap out of
    the person with a Motion Sensor Bomb. This short circuits their Cloaking
    Device, and drops another one where they were standing. Pick it up, and run
    away. Whoever holds the Cloaking Device longest of the 10 minutes, wins!
    >>>NAME: Cat Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: nicknlicken
    -PLAYERS: As many as you want, but no less then 4 people in the battle.
    -MODE: Custom Rules
    -CHARACTERS: All of them except for the secret guys.
    -LIMIT: 9 stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: all
    -EXTRA NOTES: Pause off. SDs will take away two lives. try to pick the levels
    you hate.
    If you accidentally fall into water you must jump off the edge. I've tried it
    so it is fun.
    -NAME: Catch the Jigglypuff
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Normal
    -CHARACTERS: Ness, Pikachu, JP (Humans only!)
    -LIMIT: 1 Stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Nope.
    -TEAMS: Not officially...
    -ITEMS: All on Medium
    -STAGE: Dream Land N64
    -EXTRA NOTES: The idea is to, over a series of battles, be the one left as
    JP. (Ness is 2nd). In game, Ness is Pikachu's trainer and needs to catch
    Jiggly. Jiggly must not play at full strength, and act more like a wild
    Pokemon. Ness tells Pika what to do, and can also assist with items or by
    throwing "rocks" (PK Fire). He cannot use A button attacks, PK Flash, or PK
    Thunder, though he may use it to recover, and can also use the shield thingy.
    In order to catch JP, you have to build it up to 100%+ and the kill it with
    the impact of a Pokeball (not the Pokemon inside). If you do, then JP becomes
    Pika, and the other two promote. If Pika dies, Ness is free to use all his
    attacks and can win for himself, in which case JP and Ness trade places. If
    Ness dies first, Pika must SD, and everybody stays the same. If JP is killed
    but not caught, both others must SD as above.
    Rabidness: Ness and Pika cannot _purposefully_ attack each other, but if they
    do so accidentally, it's refered to as Rabid Trainer/Pokemon, and Ness and
    Pika fight. If Pika kills Ness, then everybody SDs and Pika switches with
    Ness. If Ness kills Pika, then he may try to catch JP himself as above.
    >>>NAME: Chef Showdown
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: The Pokeking
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -CHARACTERS: Peach, Yoshi, GW
    -LIMIT: Preferably a stock of 3
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Mr. GW has to be set to a higher level and a higher handicap since
    he's by himself
    -TEAMS: Peach & Yoshi vs. GW, Mr. GW is blue, Peach & Yoshi can be either Red
    or Green.
    -ITEMS: Food, Maxim Tomato, Both Mushrooms on very
    -STAGE: Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Peach & Yoshi go after the guy who started it all.
    There are other variations. 1)Bring in Kirby to be G&W's partner. 2) Have
    Peach & GW team up
    to battle Yoshi. 3) Have Peach & GW vs. Yoshi & Kirby
    >>>NAME: Clash Between Colors
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Jesus Rodriguez
    -PLAYERS: 4 (2 on 2)
    -MODE: Team Melee
    -CHARACTERS:2 characters with black clothing, 2 characters with white
    clothing(Mario and Kirby vs. Young Link and Peach maybe?)
    -LIMIT: Doesn't matter
    -DAMAGE: Doesn't matter
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: 2 black vs. 2 white clothing characters
    -ITEMS: Doesn't matter
    -STAGE: Final Destination or Flatzone
    -EXTRA NOTES: Make this better by choosing characters with both black and
    white clothes and have the opposite team be clones except with opposite
    clothes! SPY VS SPY!!
    >>>NAME: Classic Character Fight!
    -PLAYERS: 3 or 4. (Mr. G and W can be a CPU if you don't have 4, but three
    -MODE: Slo-mo Melee mode (to make it more fun)
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Mr. Game and Watch.
    -LIMIT: Stock (3)
    -TEAMS: No
    -ITEMS: Hammers.
    -STAGE: Flat Zone
    -EXTRA NOTES: Let Mario and Luigi only use their Up+B and B attack for a
    special, DK uses his Ground Pound for a special, and Mr. G&W uses any of his
    attacks. Trying to go retro here for the match.
    >>>NAME: Clear Metal
    -PLAYERS: 4 (mix in Humans if you can, rest are Level 7 comps)
    -MODE: Invisible Melee
    -LIMIT: 3 Stock
    -ITEMS: Metal Box, Freezie, Laser Gun, Very High
    -STAGE: Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: No story of any sort, just a gimmick. You can't tell when a
    char is Metal or not because they're all invisible...the Freezies and Laser
    Guns are to help you find the rest of the invisible chars.
    >>>NAME: The Clone Wars
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Herooftime000
    -PLAYERS: 2-4
    1.Pichu, Falco, Roy, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Young Link for a true Clone War
    2.Pichu, Pikachu, Marth, Roy,  Dr. Mario, Mario, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon,
    Link, Young Link, Falco, Fox for Star Wars Effects Battles
    -LIMIT: Whatever U Want
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -TEAMS: Free for all, Clones vs. Regulars, Regular and Clone Vs. Regular and
    -ITEMS: All for regular (Just Clones)
     For Star Wars Light Sabers things, All guns, Food, Bob-ombs, Motion Sensor
    Bombs and Party Balls
    -STAGE: Venom (to go with Geonosis)
    -NAME: Cold Metal
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: niftymanz
    -MODE: Invisible mode
    -CHARACTERS: Any one except DK or Bowser... (or JUST DK and Bowser)
    -LIMIT: Stock=5
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 damage
    -TEAMS: Could be 3vs1 or 2vs1 if the solo man is Bowser or DK... I prefer
    each man for themselves tho.
    -ITEMS: Metal Cap, Freeze, (VERY HIGH)
    -STAGE: As long as it is a small level and not A LOT of changing that will
    hurt you.
    -EXTRA NOTES: In this, you will be invisible, yet have the opportunity to
    also be metal.  This will make it super hard to knock you off... but will
    also make u visible to the other players.  The Freezie is to only be used on
    the people with the ice.  This is really fun with four people against each
    other.  What can be included are super mushrooms to add to the "hard to knock
    off" purpose of the game.  HAVE FUN!!!!!!
    >>>NAME: Cops & Robbers
    -PLAYERS: 2-4
    -CHARACTERS: P1: Either Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, or Peach. Other Players:
    -LIMIT: Time, 1:00
    -HANDICAP: Adjust according to the player's skills.
    -ITEMS: Off
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Player 1 tries to escape from the other players while they try
    to KO him. If P1 gets KOed he loses.  If he lasts the whole minute he wins.
    Adjust time and handicap according to the player's skills.
    NOTE: I chose these characters because they're excellent at getting away, and
    can all make it from the top-right of the stage to the bottom-right- "around
    the corner" as I like to call it.
    ANOTHER NOTE: Do not do this with computer players!  First of all you cannot
    get them to run away, and when they chase you they're stupid because they
    just follow in your path, easily letting you out-maneuver them.
    ALT. PLAYSTYLE: Play in Lightning Melee for a quicker chase or play in Slow-
    Mo Melee for a more thought-out chase.
    -NAME: Crazy Bomb-omb's!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Deadly54546
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Player one: Fox. Player 2: Yoshi. Player 3: Mewtwo. Player four:
    Mr. Game and Watch.
    -LIMIT: No time, Stock:50
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 Damage
    -TEAMS: Fox & Mewtwo team one.(red) Yoshi & Mr. G&W team 2(blue)
    -ITEMS: only Bob-omb's (high)
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Dodge The Bom-ombs!. dodge them all!. Break Open The crates
    With mewtwo's shadowball. then dodge the bomb-omb's!. At the end. the team
    (or person) Alive Wins
    >>>NAME: Crowded??
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: alberto331
    -PLAYERS: 2-4
    -MODE: 1 stock, no time
    -CHARACTER: choose
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Brinstar Depths
    As soon as the battle begins, all players must stand in the upper left
    platform, can't attack, or jump, or dodge, you just can move, if you fall
    down the platform you lose, even if you touch safe floor, the last one
    standing wins.
    >>>NAME: D&D Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: TheNintendoFreak
    -DETAILS: What you do is basically play D&D, but every time you get into a
    battle, instead of rolling dice and seeing who hits, you know, the LONG and
    LENGTHY battles, you just fight in Super Smash Bros Melee! I just thought of
    this. Of course, the Dungeon Master decides the plot, so its up to the group
    and can be different every time! Just increase the computer difficulty for
    harder enemies, and if you are fighting another player, then just play
    against them. It is quite simple, and in my mind, ingenious. You could also
    use the profiles in SSBM to keep track of your characters progress.
    >>>NAME: Dark Matter Redux
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: The Pokeking
    -MODE: Just regular vs. mode
    -CHARACTERS: HMN-Kirby, CPU-Mr.G&W, Ganondorf, Mewtwo
    -LIMIT: You choose
    -DAMAGE: regular 1.0 damage
    -HANDICAP: The Dark Matter team is at a higher Handicap level and at a high
    CPU level
    -TEAMS: Red Team-Kirby, Blue Team-Mr. G&W, Ganondorf, Mewtwo
    -ITEMS: Beam Sword, Star Rod, Maxim Tomato, Food, Ray Gun, and Warp Star at
    very low.
    STAGE: Final Destination. Default music.
    -EXTRA NOTES: You have the option of swapping Bowser for any of the blue team
    or you can have more than one of the same opponent
    >>>NAME: Danger is Doom
    -PLAYERS: 1, 3 CPUs Level 9
    -CHARACTERS: Samus, Roy, Marth, or Fox(You), Mewtwo, Ganondorf, Bowser(CPUs)
    All dark outfits like black characters.
    -LIMIT: 3 Stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -ITEMS: Metal box, Cloaking device, mine, beam sword, bunny ears; High
    -STAGE: Brinstar Depths
    -EXTRA NOTES: None
    >>>NAME: Darth Bowser
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Angleman27
    -PLAYERS: 2-3 people, If Luigi or Mario are comps put them on 6, if Bowser is
    a comp put him on 9
    -MODE: Normal
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Luigi, and Bowser
    -LIMIT: Whatever, but I suggest 15 minutes
    -DAMAGE: .5
    -HANDICAP: If 3 people are playing, make Bowser the best player, if not, give
    him a slight handicap
    -TEAMS: Mario and Luigi in Blue, Bowser in Red
    -ITEMS: Beam Sword only, Very High
    -STAGE: Kanto Stadium or Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Try not to use many punches or kicks, just the swords, this
    scenario also works with Link and Y. Link vs. Gannon
    >>>NAME: Death Tag
    -PLAYERS: 4 HMN for max fun level. But as long as u have 4 players. Even if
    some are CPU
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -LIMIT: No stock. Any time.
    -DAMAGE: Whatever you want. I don't take notice to this part in custom rules
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: All items on Very High
    -STAGE: A big one. Hyrule temple preferably.
    -EXTRA NOTES: You basically play tag but for someone to be it choose whoever
    and you have to kill the other person to make someone else it. And to see who
    wins Who ever was it when the time limit ends lose and the other 3 people are
    judged by what the game rated them. Tip: If a barrel or crate comes, do that
    thing where you go like inside it or whatever and no one can see you. Only
    one thing tells you're there: The 1P symbol.
    >>>NAME: Dinosaur Planet
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Zelda's Fox 38
    -PLAYERS: 1 human, 2 comps (Lvl. 3-9)
    -MODE: N/A (You can use one if you like, though)
    -CHARACTERS: Fox McCloud (Human), Bowser and/or Yoshi (For 4 players, Falco
    is an optional partner for Fox)
    -LIMIT: 10 lives
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: Not necessary--just make sure Bowser's hard enough for you.  :p
    Teams:  Bowser & Yoshi, Green  (If you have Falco playing, then Fox & Falco,
    -ITEMS: Only healing items, set at Very Low
    -STAGE: Any Star Fox/Yoshi stage, Brinstar Depths
    -EXTRA NOTES: Bowser gets wise-acre and decides to spar against Fox with
    Yoshi.  Little do they know Fox just got back from Dinosaur Planet . . .
    Bowser should be your highest-leveled computer foe.  Just think SFA with
    Bowser instead of General Scales & Yoshi as his little evil henchmen.
    >>>NAME: Dodgeball!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Alex Martishius
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 (human players recommended)
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone except Link and Young Link! That's unfair! They have
    shields that will sometimes deflect the "dodgeballs"
    -LIMIT: 2 stock. No time limit
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: No handicap
    -TEAMS: Have a 2 vs. 2 if you have 4 players for more fun!
    -ITEMS: Bob-ombs and Party balls, Very High!
    -STAGE: Any Stage, Peach's Castle and Hyrule Temple recommended.
    -EXTRA NOTES: The bombs are the dodgeballs! You can ONLY attack your
    opponents by throwing crates, partyballs, bob ombs, capsules, etc. If playing
    at Peach's castle, have it that each player has to stay on his own side of
    the castle(This doesn't work w/ 3 players) or if in a 2 vs 2 have one  team
    stay on one side and the other team stay on the other side! If a player
    accidentally hits another player with an attack, they have to automatically
    SD once. (Tip: If your opponent is blown off a ledge trying to get back on,
    stand right at the edge so that if they hit you with their third jump they
    will have to SD anyways.) I have included 2 stock so if you mess up once you
    still have a chance to win the game!) Don't play in a small level. This sucks
    all the fun out of the game! Try to pick a stage w/ lots of walls to block
    your opponent's attacks.
    >>>Name: Dodge-Car
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: starcraft64
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans if possible. You can use computers
    if you want.
    -MODE: Slo-Mo Mode
    -CHARACTERS: 4 Captain Falcons
    -TEAMS: None
    -HANDICAP: None
    -ITEMS: super mushrooms, rabbit ears- medium
    -STAGE: Mute City
    -EXTRA NOTES: While there aren't cars, rack up as much damage as possible but
    don't use smashes or else you'll kill them. When the cars come, dodge them.
    Rabbit Ears really help. Try it, it's fun! (Only the cars can kill)
    >>>NAME:  Don King's Fantabulous Fighting Fumbling Melee
    -PLAYERS:  Human: As many as you wish;  CPU:4, lv.9
    -MODE:  Any except camera
    -LIMIT:  Stock: 10-99(preferably 99); Time: infinity
    -DAMAGE:  1.0
    -HANDICAP:  None
    -TEAMS:  None
    -ITEMS:  All
    -STAGE:  Stage: Any; Music: Any
    -EXTRA NOTES:  These magnificent, magnanimous, melee combatants face off to
    see who can be the last one standing.  Of course, I get a 90% cut...
    Just select the four characters, and set each to CPU.  Set the CPU level to
    9.  Have your friends place bets (small or large... It's up to you.) on who
    will be left standing at the end.  Your friends can place and change bets
    until one of the combatants only possesses 50% of the amount of lives they
    began the match with (if 10 stock, betting stops when someone reaches 5
    stock.  If 99, bets stop at 50... you get the idea.).  If you have something
    against betting, have everyone write down the amount of money they put into
    the pot BEFORE THEY PUT IT INTO THE POT!!!  After the match, everyone can get
    their money back.  Not recommended for play with notoriously dishonest
    >>>NAME: Donkey Kong Arcade...IN 3D!
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -CHARACTERS: DK, Peach, and Mario.
    -LIMIT: 3 (Lives for Mario)
    -ITEMS: Barrels, Very High
    -STAGE: Battlefield
    -EXTRA NOTES: Donkey Kong and Peach Stand on the middle platform while mario
    stands on the bottem.
    Mario's Objective: To Rescue peach by getting to the top platform and Grabing
    her. If this happens, Mario wins. Mario is not aloud to grab barrels.
    Peach's Objective: To get rescued without moving or grabing DK or Items. So
    basicly she stands their.
    DK's Objective: To KO Mario three times using barrels. And to make sure Mario
    doesn't get Peach. DK may grab peach, but not throw her any where but up or
    SD while holding her.
    >>>NAME: Dr. Mario Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: Dr. Mario, 3 Kirbies (red, blue, and yellow)
    -LIMIT: Time Stock, 5:00, 3 Stock
    -HANDICAP: Kirbies: 1, Dr. Mario: 3
    -TEAMS: Not team melee, but Players 2-4 are a team
    -ITEMS: Mr. Saturn, High
    -STAGE: Green Greens
    -EXTRA NOTES: Dr. Mario must defeat the viruses using his megavitamins. Dr.
    Mario must only use his B attack and the Kirbies (viruses) must get ten Mr.
    Saturns into one of the sides. If the Kirbies do not succeed before time runs
    out or they are killed Dr. Mario wins.
    >>>NAME: Dragonball Z
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: slammedchevy23
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans is recommended. But, seeing as some characters don't
    require certain specifications (you'll see what i mean below) you can set
    the computer up as some Characters.
    -MODE: Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Mewtwo or Ganondorf can represent any one of the Saiyans
    (Vegeta, Goku, Trunks, Brolli, Gohan...) Make sure they have they're
    yellowish outer wear on.
    Young Link can be used as Goten or Chibi Trunks
    Kirby can be used as Majin Buu
    Luigi can be used as Piccolo
    Zelda (in her Zelda for only) can represent Number 18.
    Yoshi can represent Cell.
    If you're not using Mewtwo as a Saiyan, you can also have him in his purple
    outfit representing Freiza.
    Jigglypuff can represent Krillin.
    -LIMIT: 10 lives each or a 10 minute duel. You're choice.
    -DAMAGE: .5
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: You can have the Saiyans against the bad guys, or just an all out
    duel. It's your choice.
    -ITEMS: Heart and have it on very low. This represents the Senzu Beans.
    -STAGE: You can fight on Zebes which can also be used as exploding Namek.
    Green Greens can symbolize King Kai's world. Final Destination is also a
    good choice.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Here is the catch with the Saiyans. When pretending to be
    either Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, Goku or Brolli, using either Ganon or Mewtwo,
    you are NOT allowed to do special moves until you go Super Saiyan. (Do your
    taunt. It looks like they're going SSJ)After you do your taunt, then you can
    unleash you're wrath. It's also essential that if you play as #18, you are
    NOT allowed to change into Sheik. If you do you'll be disqualified. If
    you're using the A.I. instead of humans, set the bad guys level to 9. If you
    have any computer buddies, set their level to 5. Well, that pretty much
    wraps it up. Have fun!
    >>>NAME: Duel of the Fates
    -PLAYERS: 1-2, 2 CPU Level 6 (all) (9 for a real fun challenge)
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Marth, Roy, Link and Young Link
    -DAMAGE: 1
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: Marth and Roy, Link and Young Link
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple, Big Blue, Mute City or Kanto Stadium (suggested)
    -EXTRA NOTES: You are marth.  Duel Link and Young Link alongside your
    partner roy (if there is not a 2nd player human, put roy at level 6).  You
    can duel on any arena, but holding r and selecting hyrule temple works best.
    (  Holding R so you can hear Marth's theme).  IF you want a one on one,
    Have it Marth vs Roy.  It looks cool if you counter there last move and it
    kills them, because when you kill someone they die slowly (neat!!).  If you
    are CRAZY about items then add some Beam Sabers.
    >>>NAME: Earth Bound
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Ness_Master2001
    -MODE: Tiny Melee
    -CHARACTERS: you:Ness CPU:Samus,or,C.Falcon
    -LIMIT: Time:60 Min
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: no
    -ITEMS: HR Bat
    -STAGE: Fourside
    >>>NAME: Earth Hero
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Yesterworld
    -PLAYERS: human=1 cpu=3
    -MODE: none
    -CHARACTERS: you=Ness cpu=ganon,Mew2,bowser
    -LIMIT: 5 min & 25
    -DAMAGE: 0.5
    -HANDICAP: you=1 cpu=9
    -TEAMS: you=red cpu=blue
    -ITEMS: clobbering items only w/o homerun bat
    -STAGE: final destination
    -STORYLINE: Ness is the only hope left for the world.  He must distract the
    three villains, Ganon, Mew2, and Bowser, for 5 minutes so that the core of
    Final Destination can self-destruct in time.  If all of his lives are
    defeated, there is nothing that can explain the chaos the world will be left
    -EXTRA NOTES: You may change a few things here and there to make the event
    easier/harder.  And, yes, you can attack.
    >>>NAME: EarthBound Melee
    -PLAYERS: 2 Humans
    -MODE: Tiny Melee, or regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Ness vs. Mewtwo OR Samus (a Starman Deluxe? Jr.?)
    -LIMIT: N/A
    -DAMAGE: Up to the players. Preferably default.
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Maybe two Mewtwo OR Samus humans on a team. Again up to the players.
    -ITEMS: Turn off all items except for the Home-run Bat, the food, the
    partyballs (for more food), and the starmen (the invincibility stars), Metal
    Boxes. Set the item appearances to medium.
    -STAGE: Onett or Fourside. Music is up to the player.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Mewtwo (or Samus) is the ONLY one who can grab the metal boxes
    (for the silver look of the Starman), and the invincibility stars. But, Ness
    is only one who can grab the home-run bat.
    Fight to save the world, Ness! And Mewtwo (or Samus), fight for the
    domination of Gigyas! Who will win?
    (I wish someone looked like Jeff, (from Winters). Then I could include the
    ray gun and the superscope.)
    >>>NAME: Eating Contest
    -PLAYERS: 4 human
    -MODE: Any multiplayer mode
    -CHARACTERS: Yoshi and Kirby, and any two others
    -LIMIT: Time
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None are required, but Yoshi and Kirby could be on teams
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple (because of size)
    -EXTRA NOTES: Yoshi and Kirby have to catch and eat the other two players as
    many times as possible within any time limit. The other two players should
    try their hardest to avoid Kirby and Yoshi, so they should be fast
    characters. Just count by yourself how many times the opponents are eaten.
    This is fun!
    >>>NAME: The Eeeeevil Dentist
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -CHARACTERS: Dr. Mario, Peach, Luigi, Link, Zelda, or really any character
    that has teeth and would be going to see the dentist.
    -TEAMS: Team 1: The Evil Dentist and his Assistant (Dr. Mario, Peach). The
    Poor Patients (others)
    -STAGE: Any, Onett works best
    -EXTRA NOTES: You (and possibly your friend) have picked the wrong dentist to
    go see for that tooth ache. What is his drill? A hammer. His Novocain? A
    freezie. This could get ugly...
    Details: While similar to an event you have the joys of having human players
    accompany you on this tragic tale of tooth terror.
    Variation: Add Young Link in order to scare him off of Dentists for the rest
    of his life.
    >>>NAME: Escape By Air
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Calvin Foxworth
    -PLAYERS: 2 players, 2nd player can be CPU
    -MODE: Normal Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Ice Climbers (You) Vs. C. Falcon (Any CPU level you want)
    -LIMIT: 4:00 time limit, no stock
    -ITEMS: No Items
    -STAGE: Poke Floats
    -EXTRA NOTES: You must successfully navigate through the Poke Floats stage
    without being hit once by falcon (Any damage that shows up on your percentage
    counts). Nana Can be hit, but If Popo is hit, Game over. Also, Popo cannot
    attack Falcon, but Nana can (And will, I've played a couple times). If Nana
    is KOed, Popo can SD to get her back. Game ends when time runs out.
    -STORY: Captain Falcon has it in for the Ice Climbers! The Climbers have been
    chased to the Kanto Thanksgiving day Parade for the bounty on their head,
    it's your job to keep Popo from harm.
    -VARIATION: Try using Big Blue, Rainbow Ride, or Icicle Mountain instead of
    Poke Floats, or any of the moving stages.
    >>>NAME: The Evil Ness Challenge!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: true_unknown
    -PLAYERS: 4; 1 player; 3 Level 9 CPUs
    -CHARACTERS: Player 1: Ness. CPUs: Ness
    -LIMIT: 7 minutes; [or] Stock: 7 lives
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Ness (RED). Team 2: The Evil Nesses (BLUE or GREEN)
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: You've been trapped in this room for far too long! The only way
    you can return is to battle the Evil Nesses!! But can you succeed? Let's
    see! Because I can't!
    Ness: I'm gonna be here for a while!
    >>>NAME: Falco Mania
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: bucceroman
    -PLAYERS: 1 human(Falco) and 2 comps(Gannondorf and Marth)
    -MODE: Stock Team(1 Life)
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -TEAMS: Anything
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: After Slippy's Invention backfired horribly, causing a
    dimensional warp to...Hyrule Temple. In this strange place, Falco meets two
    residents, only thing is that SWORDSMEN WANT LOMBARDI TONIGHT! Can Falco
    escape, or be dinner to a pair of weirdos.
    >>>NAME: Falcons
    -PLAYERS: 4 players
    -CHARACTERS: P1-Captain Falcon P2- Falco P3-Falco P4-Blood Falcon
    (Just change Captain Falcon's team color red to make Blood Falcon)
    -LIMIT: Stock 3
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: P1 & P2- Blue Team P3 & P4- Red Team
    -ITEMS: Beam sword, super scope, motion bombs, and laser guns
    -STAGE: Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: Both Falco's must fight first while both Falcon's watch. When 1
    Falco gets eliminated the Falco who is still standing goes after the Falcon
    who was on the other Falco's team. If Captain Falcon can beat Falco then he
    gets to go after the other Falcon and if he beats them that team is the
    winner, but if Falco beats Falcon them that team is the winner.
    >>>NAME: Fast Coin Battle
    -PLAYERS: 4, put CPUs in remaining slots
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -LIMIT: Coin Match, 5:00
    -TEAMS: 2 on each team
    -ITEMS: Bob-ombs, Very High
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: None
    >>>NAME: Fate of the Planet
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: eversole
    -PLAYERS: 2 humans or 1 human, 1cpu
    -MODE: none
    -CHARACTERS: Link and Ganondorf or Bowser
    -LIMIT: none
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: Corneria (top row corner)
    -EXTRA NOTES:  The fate of the Planet rests on your shoulders, Link! Do your
    >>>NAME: The Final Battle
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: DarthVaderKicks
    -PLAYERS: Only 2 Humans, Link and Ganondorf
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Link, Ganondorf
    -LIMIT: No time, Stamina
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage, you don't want to get knocked off.
    -HANDICAP: None!
    -TEAMS: One on one. Link can be in blue, red, or green. Ganondorf- normal.
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Ganondorf can attack all he wants, but Link has to shoot
    Ganondorf with an arrow, and Ganondorf has to stand still for 5 seconds and
    Link can sword attack all he wants. It should remind you of Ganondorf in
    Ocarina of Time.
    >>>NAME: The Flame War
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 players, preferably no COMs
    -MODE: Normal timed melee
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone with a fire attack (Mr. Game&Watch, Ness, Zelda, Mario,
    -LIMIT: Inf minutes
    -DAMAGE: 1.0 damage, 2.0 damage recommended
    -HANDICAP: Each on 3, each on 1 recommended
    -ITEMS: Very High: Fire Flower
    -STAGE: Any stage, Brinstar recommended
    -EXTRA NOTES: Each character (best if they're all GameFAQs board users) have
    engaged in a flame war.  All characters may only use their fire attacks:
    Mr. Game&Watch: Smash Forward+A
    Ness: Smash B
    Zelda: Smash B
    Mario: B
    Luigi: B
    >>>NAME: Flat Land Floor Go Bye-Bye
    -PLAYERS: However many you want
    -MODE: Whatever you want
    -CHARACTERS: Whoever you want
    -LIMIT: Whatever you want
    -DAMAGE: See above.
    -HANDICAP: See 2 entries above
    -TEAMS: See 3 entries above
    -ITEMS: Beginning to see a trend here?
    -STAGE: Flat Land
    -EXTRA NOTES: You are only allowed to stand on any of the black platforms
    that shift around the stage.  If you fall off and do not touch the floor,
    then you must use any jumping that you have to get back on to the platforms.
      If you do touch the floor, then you are allowed to stand up, and are given
    2 seconds to get back off of it, and get back on the stage using only one
    X/Y Jump and the Up+B attack.  If you cannot make it back up, then you must
    commit suicide by running off the left or right side.
    >>>NAME: Flood
    -PLAYERS: At least two humans
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: 2 people of choice, Bowser and Donkey Kong
    -LIMIT: Stock 99
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Super mushrooms, poke'balls, and hammers on very high
    -STAGE: Either Final Destination or Yoshi's Island
    -EXTRA NOTES: Flood the middle of the stage by throwing all the poke'balls
    into the middle. Then, wait for the items to fall and see who's brave enough
    to get some. The 99 stock go by quickly. I was done in 14
    minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
    >>>NAME: Food Frenzy
    -PLAYERS: All Human Players (at least two)
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death Mode (Set Self-Destruct Penalty to "None")
    -CHARACTERS: Any Characters you choose.
    -LIMIT: Time: Ten Minutes
    -DAMAGE: Regular Damage
    -HANDICAP: No Handicaps
    -TEAMS: Teams are optional (2 on 2 if any)
    -ITEMS: Only Food (no Maxim Tomato, no Heart Container), set appearance to
    very high
    -STAGE: Something small and straightforward, such as Final Destination or
    -EXTRA NOTES: The object is to eat enough food to get your health % down to
    zero, from the initial 300.  You may not attack until your health hits zero
    %.  After that, you may attack anyone you choose, whether or not they are at
    zero % too.  Depending on how you want to play, they may or may not defend
    themselves (they probably should).  If you incur damage after reaching the
    initial zero, you do NOT have to reset your damage to zero.  This should make
    for an interesting match-up, and gives the fastest player the advantage.
    This is a great way to see how cheap your friends really are, and make fun of
    them because they have to cheat (provided you don't cheat yourself).  The
    winner is the person with the most KO's.  Oh, and to keep you from KO'ing
    newly spawned characters, SD yourself after every 3 KO's.  This will make a
    very fun matchup, and you'll give your thumbs a great workout (just what they
    >>>NAME: Friends Go Crazy
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Majinmarku
    -PLAYERS: 2 players, both human
    -CHARACTERS:  Both players can be anyone, but must be the same person, and it
    is recommended you be Kirby, or Pichu
    -LIMIT: Whatever you please ^_^
    -DAMAGE: Any
    -ITEMS: Mushrooms only, frequency, very high
    -STAGE:  Recommended, Venom
    -EXTRA NOTES: Both players cannot attack each other until they get a
    mushroom, Once a player has a mushroom, the giant attacks and the smaller one
    runs, If both giants, both fight.
    -NAME: Gargantuan Mario
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Ash Ketchum all@AOL.com
    -PLAYERS: One human and one computer player, or two humans
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, any other character for the other one
    -LIMIT: None
    -DAMAGE: Doesn't really matter
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Super Mushrooms, very high
    -STAGE: Any level
    -EXTRA NOTES: As Mario, pick up a super mushroom. When you have picked one
    up, tap up on the control pad (taunt). In the middle of the taunt, pause.
    Zoom out and see giant Mario! It's best to use a human player for the second
    one as a computer player may interfere while you taunt.
    >>>NAME: Game And Watch Gallery
    -PLAYERS: 2(or more) Human players
    -MODE: Fixed Camera
    -CHARACTERS: All players must be Mr. Game and Watch
    -LIMIT: 1 stock
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -ITEMS: Turn off all items but have item appearance on very high so boxes and
    pills appear
    -STAGE: Game and Watch Flatzone
    -EXTRA NOTES: Take a trip back to retro times, don't fight each other
    directly, only use B button attacks and the pills and boxes. Just try to stay
    alive as long as you can without being killed be normal stage events.
    >>>NAME: Giants Collide
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 humans, rest as comps
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Donkey Kong or Bowser
    -LIMIT: Time Battle, any amount of time.
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: If you wish
    -ITEMS: Only super mushrooms, bomb-ombs, and party
    balls. Set at very high
    -STAGE: Mute City
    -EXTRA NOTES: A battle of epic proportions! With the addition of super
    mushrooms, these guys can get really big! Mute City is excellent because
    there is so much going on and the stage is relatively small too. This adds to
    the overall excitement. I prefer to play with two Bowsers and two Donkey
    Kongs. The bomb-ombs are there because it gets pretty hard to KO somebody by
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: maga power
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -TEAMS: No Teams
    >>>NAME: Godzilla Vs. King Kong
    -PLAYERS: 4 Humans or com
    -CHARACTERS: Bowser (Godzilla), DK (King Kong), Samus and C. Falcon (Police
    -LIMIT: Stock, your choice
    -MODE: None
    -HANDICAP: Bowser(9), DK(9), Samus(5), C. Falcon(5)
    -TEAMS: Bowser (green), DK (red), Samus and C. Falcon (blue)
    -ITEMS: No status changes or long range (throwing items ok)
    -STAGE: Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: Classic showdown between Godzilla and King Kong. The police
    (Samus and Falcon) must try to stop them form destroying NYC.
    -NAME: Golden Sun Battle
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 humans, no computers
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Roy, Link, Y-Link, Peach(Blue or brown)
    -LIMIT: None
    -DAMAGE: 1.5
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Pokeball, Beam Sword, Star Rod, Warp Star, Food, Freezie (medium)
    -STAGE: Great Bay, Temple, Princess Peach's Castle, Fountain of dreams
    -EXTRA NOTES: Use swords, freezies and fire-type attacks. No throwing items!
    To make things more like the RPG Golden Sun, name Roy Garret, Link Issac,
    Young Link Ivan, Peach (Blue palette) Mia, Peach (Brown Palette) Jenna. Blue
    Peach can only pick up Freezies.
    >>>NAME: Grab That Starman!!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: turdsnatcher2000
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 Humans/comps
    -MODE: Super sudden death melee
    -LIMIT: Stock, however many you want.
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: If you want.
    -ITEMS: Starman  Very-high
    -EXTRA NOTES: Just kill each other, any small hit will finish you off, unless
    you make sure you keep getting starmen.
    >>>NAME: The Great SwordFight?
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: true_unknown
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -LIMIT: 5 Stock
    -ITEMS: Beam Swords, on Very High
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: In this game, no one can fight until they get a Beam Sword in
    their possession. When you grab one, then you can fight! (if you're Ice
    Climbers, both Popo and Nana have to grab swords)
    If you lose your sword. then retreat until you get another sword. But that
    doesn't mean you're impervious without a sword... hehehe...
    The next Scenario is a direct derivative of the above:
    >>>NAME: The Great GunFight?
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: true_unknown
    -ITEMS: Laser Gun, Super Scope, on Very High
    -EXTRA NOTES: Exactly like 'The Great SwordFight?', only with Laser Guns and
    Super Scopes!
    >>>NAME: Grumpy Neighbors
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Grapefruit
    -PLAYERS: 3 Humans
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: 1 Samus, 2 Links
    -LIMIT: 10 Stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Links-7  Samus-9
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Both Links, Team 2: Samus
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom
    -EXTRA NOTES: Samus must stay on the center platform of this level(the one
    you begin over).  One of the Links goes over to the right area of the level
    (and must stay there), while the other Link goes to the left side of the
    level (and stays there).  Now the fun begins.  All the characters must attack
    each other using ONLY projectiles! (ie. arrows, boomerang, bombs, missles,
    charge beam,) The last team standing wins.
    >>>NAME: Gundam Fight!  Ready, Go!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Hylianjedi
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Cpt. Falcon(Burning Gundam) vs Samus(Any color)
    -LIMIT: From 10:00 to 20:00
    -DAMAGE: None
    -HANDICAP: None
    -ITEMS: Beam Sword, Super Scope(You can add the closest to your favorite
    Gundams primary weapon)
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: This Gundam fight pits you as either Domone
    Kashu(NeoJapan)Jimminy Crocket(NeoAmerica), NeoRussia(I forget his name),
    NeoFrance(his too), or any of your favorites all the way to Undefeated of the
    East, Master Asia.  You can put it on normal melee with same stuff for a
    larger battle arena like in the real show.  Cpt. Falcons Falcon Punch
    represents the Erupting Burning Finger!  The Beam Sword represents his
    Sword.  Switch colors to make even more variations.
    Tournament: You can turn it to Tournament with the regular melee for the
    final Gundam Tournament like in the show.  Make it all different sorts of C.
    Falcons, Samus's, or a special Gundam of your own!(Ex. The Rat
    >>>NAME: Happy Happy Cultists Return
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Zeratul013
    Player1= Ness-Human-original colors
    Player2= Dr. Mario, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, or Peach-Human or CP-Blue
    Player3= Yoshi, DK, C.Falcon, Y.Link, or Link-Human or CP-Blue
    Player4= Kirby, Mr. Game&Watch, Marth, Roy, or Fox-Human or CP-Blue
    -TEAMS: 1-Player 1
            2-Players 2, 3, and 4
    -ITEMS: Mr. Saturns, Low frequency
    -STAGE: Onett or Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: The Happy Happyists are back! Ness must once again take them
    >>>NAME: Hazard Maker
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: stinkeee
    -PLAYERS: 3-4
    -MODE: best in normal mode
    -HANDICAP: no
    -TEAMS: no
    -ITEMS: bombs, pokeballs, and motion sensor bombs(any thing explosive)
    -STAGE: make sure the level has no hazard, and make sure it has a platform
    for the hazard maker to stand on. (I suggest Hyrule temple)
    1.Have someone be designated the "Hazard Maker" (if you want have 2 "Hazard
    Makers", but make sure you have four controllers)
    2.People who are not the "Hazard Maker" CANNOT use items. only the "Hazard
    Maker" can use them.
    3.The "Hazard Maker" does not fight, only makes hazards such as throwing
    bombs at the fighters.
    >>>NAME: Headbutt Melee!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: drkatz23
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Pichu vs. Pichu or Luigi vs. Luigi
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: You can only use your head butt attack, and you must start the
    match by having both players on opposite sides using a fully charged headbutt
    at the same time, from then, you can only use you head butt.
    >>>NAME: Heavenly Clash
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: fortknoxwv
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Stock
    -CHARACTERS: Summoner* and Familiar** vs. Summoner* and Familiar**
    *Dr. Mario, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Capt. Falcon, Ganondorf, Young Link, Link,
    Zelda, Fox, Falco, Marth, Roy, Ness, and the Ice Climbers are Summoners.
    **Pichu, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Mr. Game and Watch, Yoshi, Bowser,
    Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Samus are Familiars.
    CPU level: your choice
    -LIMIT: your choice
    -HANDICAP: your choice
    -TEAMS: 2 on 2, Summoner and Familiar vs. Summoner and Familiar
    -ITEMS: Poke Balls and items that restore health only (on High)
    -STAGE: any one you like
    -EXTRA NOTES: You control the Summoner in your team. Just fight like you
    normally would, however, either team loses if their Summoners loses his/her
    last life.
    >>>NAME: Heavy Metals
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -LIMIT: 4 Stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.5
    -ITEMS: Metal Box, Bunny Hood, Very High
    -EXTRA NOTES: Survive. Have fun =)
    >>>NAME: Hide 'n' Seek
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Fixed Camera
    -CHARACTERS: Player 1 should be either Pichu or Jigglypuff with a handicap of
    1. The other player(s) should be a powerhouse, like Bowser, DK, and Ganondorf
    with a handicap of 9.
    -LIMIT: Stock, with two lives, and a time limit of 5:00.
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Player 1, Team 2: All other players
    -ITEMS: Only Cloaking Devices at Very High frequency
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Since this is on Fixed Camera, it will be somewhat hard to spot
    your character in the gigantic Hyrule Temple. What Player 1 has to do is stay
    alive for 5 minutes. The other players have to find him. Player 1 can use the
    Cloaking Devices to make himself nigh-impossible to see, and use his fast
    moves to get out of a tricky situation. However, if he gets caught, he'll
    probably die in one hit, due to the Damage Ratio and his Handicap of 1. So,
    basically, it works just like a game of Hide 'n' Seek. If Player 1 loses both
    his lives, then the other players win.
    >>>NAME: High Times, Slow Mo
    -PLAYERS: Doesn't matter, but better with 4 friends
    -MODE: Slow Mo
    -CHARACTERS: Any, but the slow ones work better
    -LIMIT: Stock, any
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Metal Box
    -STAGE: Any large stage
    -EXTRA NOTES: For this to be REALLY fun, get high (Sugar, caffeine or drunk
    [For your sake, make it a legal way of getting high])  Seriously, though, it
    only works when you're high.
    >>>NAME: Holy Ice Climbers, Batman!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Apollo Alexandre
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Super-Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: All Ice Climbers!!
    -LIMIT: 5 minutes
    -STAGE: Icicle Mountain
    -EXTRA NOTES:  Five minutes on the Icicle Mountain of DEATH!!! Do you think
    you can bear the constant screams of Nana and Popos for THAT long!? Let's
    see you try it!!
    >>>NAME: Home Run Competition!!!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: doodoo1000
    -PLAYERS: 1-4, Level-1 CPUs to fill up to 4 players
    -LIMIT: Set any stock, creator recommends 99.
    -ITEMS: Baseball Bat, Very High
    -EXTRA NOTES: You kill each other with baseball bats, and ONLY with baseball
    bats. You can get teams if you want. It's sounds boring to other people, but
    it was soooo fun to me and my cousins. Throwing baseball bats is ALLOWED.
    >>>NAME: Homerun Derby
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Jack, Joe, and Kev
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: none
    -CHARACTERS: all humans (DK, Ness, and Jigglypuff or Kirby)
    -LIMIT: none
    -DAMAGE: none
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: a lot of homerun bats if you want
    -STAGE: Corneria
    -EXTRA NOTES: To play, take DK and make him throw Jigglypuff into Ness and
    have Ness use his bat to try to make him hit Jigglypuff past the ship for a
    "homerun". Also make jigglypuff do different floating moves to make him move
    like pitches.
    -NAME: Hyrule, Siege Through Time
    -PLAYERS: 2 or 2 teams
    -MODE: None (but Slow-Mode seems to make this much more interesting)
    -CHARACTERS: Player 1 is Link, Player 2 is Young Link
    -LIMIT: No Limit
    -DAMAGE: Vary to your liking.
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: If teamed then Player 3 is also Link and Player 4 is also young link
    (with 1-2,3-4 as teams)
    -ITEMS: Only Poke-balls
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Alright Young Link is trying to take over Hyrule temple! This
    has turned into a long siege and you can only send in Pokemon to do battle.
    The only playable areas are the top section of the level,
    NO GOING INTO THE CAVERNS UNDER THE TEMPLE. Link controls the area to the
    left of the gap leading to the caverns, Young link to the right. While Link
    has the easier time throwing Pokeballs into enemy territory he is
    handicapped by the fact that fewer items appear near him. You can also use
    your arrows/boomerangs/bombs to attack but again only from your side. You
    may attack using your sword ONLY if your opponent is knocked into your area
    via a pokemon.
    Have fun, my roommate and I played this in slow mo for 4 hours straight.
    You'd be surprised at how balanced this is.
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Angleman27
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Fixed Camera
    -CHARACTERS: Any, it really wont matter
    -LIMIT: 3 or 6 stock
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP and TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Pokeballs, High
    -STAGE: Kanto Stadium
    -EXTRA NOTES: This is a little like the other Poke fights, with a few
    differences. First, both get on the platforms. Then the players take turns
    throwing pokeballs below each other. NO PLAYER MAY CROSS THE YELLOW LINE!!
    Once a ball is thrown, the receiving player may dodge the attacks as they
    please, but cannot cross the line, so no attacks. Just throw Pokeballs and
    see who can survive longest. The only time you may fight is when the stage
    changes, but no throwing, and no pokeballs. A player is disqualified and must
    jump off if; The thrown pokeball hits the opponent, they cross the line, or
    do a throw while the stage has changed.
    >>>NAME: I need to pee
    -PLAYERS: 1 vs. CPU
    -CHARACTERS: You: Anyone except Kirby. CPU: Kirby
    -STAGE: Fountain of Dreams
    -EXTRA NOTES: Defeat Kirby, but only use Crouching attacks and your down + B
    >>>NAME: The Ice Age
    -PLAYERS: 3-4, depending on preference
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Ice Climbers, Bowser, Yoshi, DK (optional)
    -LIMIT: Last man standing.
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None.
    -TEAMS: Ice Climbers - Blue. Bowser, Yoshi - Green. DK - Red.
    -ITEMS: Freezie, Medium
    -STAGE: Icicle Mountain
    -EXTRA NOTES: Find out what really killed off the dinosaurs! All human
    players are limited to their neutral B-button moves, save for the case of the
    Ice Climbers, who can use either their neutral B-Button move or the Freezies.
    >>>NAME: Ice Climbers' Lunch Money
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: MetalSonic789
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 players (along with computer players, if 1, 2, OR 3P)
    -MODE: Giant Melee, Coin Battle
    -CHARACTERS: 4x Ice Climbers
    -LIMIT: As long as you like
    -DAMAGE: 0.5
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Whatever you like, it doesn't matter
    -STAGE: Mute City or Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Using four giant Ice Climbers gives you loads of fun collecting
    as many coins as you can, and since there are two Ice Climbers that a player
    uses (Popo & Nana) you can get 8 times as many coins in one battle! (I got
    over 1000 coins this way) Try doing the forward B attack while playing this
    mode. Mundo Coins!
    >>>NAME: Icy Mayhem
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -MODE: Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Kirby, 3 Ice Climbers
    -LIMIT: Stock- 99 lives
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: If Ice Climbers are human, put them on 1. If CPU, level 1.
    -TEAMS: Kirby vs. Ice Climbers
    -ITEMS: Bob-omb, Motion Sensor Bomb, Freezie, Tomato, PokeBall
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Can you beat 6 opponents at once? With Kirby?? I found that the
    Ice Climbers show an amazing amount of intelligence for level 1, they would
    sacrifice themselves to kill me, and would wait idly until all 6 were within
    striking range (unless a Nana or 2 were dead) or I assaulted them.
    >>>NAME: Infinite Falco Mountain
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: bucceroman
    -PLAYERS: 1 human(Falco vs. Ice Climbers,) or three humans(Falco and Ice
    Climbers vs. Bowser.)
    -MODE: 1 stock(Falco vs. Ice Climbers,)or 2 min. Time Team(Falco and Ice
    Climbers vs. Bowser)
    -CHARACTERS: Falco, Ice Climbers, Bowser
    -TEAMS: Falco and Ice Climbers(Blue Team,)Bowser(Red Team)
    -ITEMS: Freezies(Falco vs. Ice Climbers,)and Fire Flowers(Falco and Ice
    Climbers vs. Bowser)
    -STAGE: Infinite Glacier Mountain(with normal music)
    -EXTRA NOTES: Freezie can also be used in Time Team. Unless Bowser loses the
    match, Bowser must use his Fire Breath for the last three seconds of the
    -PLAYERS: 4 Humans
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Ness and Fox, Falco, Samus, Kirby, or Captain Falcon
    -LIMIT: Time or Stock, any limit
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Team, Ness alone and 3 "invaders" on a team"
    -ITEMS: Motion Sensor Mines and Ray Guns, Very High
    -STAGE: Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you love using Ness and like to fight alone, it's your lucky
    day! Only Ness can use the items. NESS' STORYLINE: Uh oh, invaders have
    entered the city, battle on the buildings and destroy that alien scum!
    >>>NAME: Invisible Bunnies!
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: Capt. Falcon, Fox/Falco, Young Link, Link (1 of each)
    -LIMIT: Any Stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.5
    -HANDICAP: Off
    -ITEMS: Bunny Hood, Cloaking Device, Very High
    -STAGE: Brinstar Depths
    -EXTRA NOTES: Pause: Off(I love this option, my brother always quit if he's
    losing). Fun for the whole family! Or you and 3 friends!
    >>>NAME: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No, It's A Flaming Kirby?!
    -PLAYERS: Human players: 2, CPUs: 0
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death, or Slow-mo, or Normal, or Lighting
    -CHARACTERS: P1:Kirby, P2: any body strong
    -LIMIT: 10:00 (it might take a while to hit the other player)
    -DAMAGE: What you want
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Home-run bat, Very High
    -STAGE: Any stage that is flat
    -EXTRA NOTES: Player 2 gets the bat. Player 1 turns into a fireball and heads
    toward player 2, then player 2 hits Kirby (hopefully you'll get a home run).
    Variations: you can use Marios fireballs, Dr. Marios pills, Yoshi's spinning
    egg attack, Jigglypuff's rollout attack or you can use Mr. Saterns to throw
    at the other person and hit them with the bat.
    >>>NAME: IT'S REAL
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: maga power
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -TEAMS: No Teams
    -NAME: James Bond 007 2/3
    -PLAYERS: 1 human, 3 computers
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Human: Fox or Falco  CPU: Anyone that fires projectiles
    -LIMIT: None
    -DAMAGE: Any
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: 1(You) vs. 3(The CPUs) (Colors don't matter)
    -ITEMS: Ray gun, super scope, Bob-omb, Motion-sensor bomb (very high)
    -STAGE: Any level that has a background that autoscrolls(Ex. Corneria,
    Rainbow Cruise)
    -EXTRA NOTES: Name Fox (or Falco) to James. You can't use any aerial A moves,
    up+B, and smash+B. You can use on-the-ground A moves.
    >>>NAME: Jump Off the Edge
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death (Optional: See Extra Notes)
    -LIMIT: Time, See Extra Notes
    -HANDICAP: 1 Host: Handicap 1, Other Players: Handicap 6
    -STAGE: Yoshi's Story
    -EXTRA NOTES: You get to play a gameshow in this fun scenario on the Yoshi's
    Story stage. The rules are simple. You set the time to however long you want
    the game to last. The host stands in the middle and the players stand on the
    other platforms. The player playing as the host asks a question. In order to
    buzz in you must KO the host. The game may also be played in super sudden
    death mode in order to make this part shorter (Although it's the fun part).
    Then the person who buzzed in gets to answer the question. If they get it
    right the other player loses the round. If they are wrong the other player
    gets to answer the question. If they get it right the first player loses the
    round. If they get it wrong both lose the round. If a player lost the round
    they must (audience:) jump off the edge! The person with the least SDs at the
    end of the battle wins.
    >>>NAME: Kickball
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -CHARACTERS: 1st player- any, 2nd player- Jigglypuff
    -ITEMS: Baseball Bat
    -STAGE: Any stage, preferably Hyrule Temple or Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Jiggly rolls, and player one smashes. If jiggly dies, he gets a
    point. otherwise, he doesnt. then they switch.
    >>>NAME: Kill the Ganondorf Clones!
    -PLAYERS: 4 (you can balance Cpu and human though) *all cpu need to be on
    Level 9
    -CHARACTERS: 3 Ganondorfs and 1 character of your choosing
    -LIMIT: Stock 47
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: All the Ganondorfs have the lowest Handicap. The other Chara has a
    level 8
    -TEAMS: Ganondorfs =color of your choosing/ Other Chara= whatever
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom 2
    -EXTRA NOTES: Okay now... you have to kill all 130+ Ganondorfs that are all
    out to get you.. but since the cloning machine was all broken it made all the
    Ganondorfs weak! ...unless you are a Ganondorf! @__@ you evil person you!!
    joining the clones like that!! (this is also fun with other charas instead of
    Ganondorf -.O)
    >>>NAME: Kill the Monster!
    -PLAYERS: HMN: 2, CPU: 0
    -MODE: Normal melee
    -LIMIT: 60:00 (It may seem like a lot of time but it takes a while to find a
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None (It can be done with teams, but I like it with just two people)
    -ITEMS: None, very high (Just barrels, crates, and capsules)
    -STAGE: Anything small, music any
    -EXTRA NOTES: Go around breaking every crate, barrel, and capsule until a
    monster comes out. The team, or person, who KOed the most monsters wins.
    If your playing with teams one person on the team breaks the barrels, crates,
    and capsules and the other (if a monster ever comes out) kills the monster.
    >>>NAME: King Kong
    -PLAYERS: Up to four players, but at least one MUST be Peach or Zelda
    -CHARACTERS: Beast -Donkey Kong or Bowser. Helpless Woman -Peach or Zelda
    -HANDICAP: Because Peach and Zelda are much lighter than DK or Bowser, have
    their handicap set so that they are harder to get knocked out.
    -TEAMS: You can have Peach and Zelda on a team to defend themselves against
    the Beasts, while the beasts are on different teams to see who can get the
    most kills before the game is over.
    -ITEMS: No items is prefered, but if you'd prefer items, use ray guns and
    Super Scope to have Peach and Zelda defend themselves.
    -STAGE: Eagle Land: Fourside. OR -for a Medieval setting, go to Hyrule
    -EXTRA NOTES: When you have items on, Peach and Zelda are the only ones
    allowed to use the ray guns and Super Scope.
    >>>NAME: King of the Hills
    -PLAYERS: humans only (2-3 preferred)
    -CHARACTERS: whoever you're good with
    -LIMIT: Time 5:00
    -DAMAGE: 1.0 for normal, 2.0 for challenging
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: Either none or all (very high)
    -STAGE: Anything with a platform above a main floor
    -EXTRA NOTES: The goal here is to get onto a platform and stay there.
    Everyone gets 5 seconds to get onto a platform (preferably on the same one).
    Anyone who touches the main floor must commit suicide. This is REALLY fun
    with 2 players on Brinstar Depths. Winner is the one with the highest score
    at the end. BTW when you die, you have until invincibility wears off to get
    onto a platform.
    >>>NAME: King of the Rock
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: SSBM Instruction Manual
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 Players
    -LIMIT: Time, 1:00
    -STAGE: Kongo Jungle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Position all players on the rock on the right side of the
    stage, then fight for control of the rock.  The player in control when time
    runs out wins the match.
    >>>NAME: Kirby Soccer
    -PLAYERS: 2 players, 1 comp
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Kirby And anyone else
    -LIMIT: No limits
    -DAMAGE: Any percentage will do, but 0.5 is probably the best
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: All off
    -STAGE: Any stage
    -EXTRA NOTES: Ever wanted to play soccer, but haven't got much time? Try
    It's pretty simple, but you can add all sorts of things to make it fun.
    Anyway, all you need are at least 2 players and 3 controllers (or 2). Make
    the 2 players anything of their choosing, and make Kirby the mime kirby.
    Also, do not let him be controlled. Or, if you do, make him a level 1 comp.
    Do this on Stamina mode. Now kill off the Kirby when you play. I'm sure most
    of you know how to play soccer. Here's a basic rundown on Kirby soccer: You
    can't grab a corpse, so the no-hands rule of normal soccer is already in
    play. Try not to kill your opponent. Try to hit Kirby off the opposite end
    of the stage (Give yourself ends to play with as goals) That's it! You can
    do all sorts of other sports with kirby/jiggly bodies, so play around! You
    can also do the 'Kick Up' thing that most soccer players can, where they
    keep it above the ground! First, juggle kirby up, and see how many times you
    can hit him to keep him up in the air!  Have fun!
    >>>NAME: Ledge Jumping
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Jesus Rodriguez
    -PLAYERS: Any amount, at least 1 - 2 Human players
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone (preferably Link, Young Link, Fox, Falco, or Peach)
    -LIMIT: Doesn't matter(preferably 5 stock or 3 minutes)
    -DAMAGE: Normal 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Doesn't matter
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple or Termina Bay definitely
    -EXTRA NOTES: (Hyrule Temple)You have to go to the ledge on the ledge and
    jump down to make it on the bottom. It is really challenging on the right
    side but it works!(Termina Bay)Try to jump off the right side wood platform
    and jump into the water. Try to make it to the other side, buoyant rock. It
    is so much fun.
    >>>NAME: Left and Right Bowsers
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Dave Phaneuf
    -PLAYERS: 1 Human, 2 CPU
    -MODE: Stamina Mode
    -CHARACTERS: Mario (Human) as Player 3 or 4, 2 Bowsers (CPU) one as PL1 and
    other as PL2
    -LIMIT: 1 Stock Life (If not stamina mode)
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: Mario-5,  Bowser on left side-1 Bowser on right side-9
    -TEAMS: Mario (Red), 2 Bowsers (Green)
    -ITEMS: No Items
    -STAGE: Final destination (With the Boss music)
    -EXTRA NOTES: This is a sort of Right and left hand battle. Except two
    Bowsers start on the right and left.
    Here is how it works. The Bowser on the left (who is PL1) is the crazy
    Bowser. His level is 6 (as a CPU) or higher but does not focus much on
    defence (Handicap is 1).
    The Bowser on the right side is the master Bowser (Who is PL2). His level is
    4 or lower. He focuses more on defence (Handicap is 9). When doing this in
    Stamina Mode chances are you will defeat the Right Bowser first. In the stock
    mode it's exactly the opposite.
    Make sure you plug your control into socket 3 or 4 so that who you are using
    (Mario mainly) Starts in the middle somewhere and the two Bowsers right and
    >>>NAME: The Legend of Zelda
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -CHARACTERS: Link, Zelda, Ganondorf
    -LIMIT: 5 Stock
    -HANDICAP: Link-6 or 7, Zelda-1 or 2, Ganondorf-9
    -TEAMS: Ganondorf vs. Link and Zelda
    -ITEMS: The Metal Box works well, so do both types of Mushrooms, anything
    else is at your discression, but don't over do it. If you're expert enough,
    you will not need items.
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Link has to kill Ganondorf to save his princess OR Ganondorf
    has to kill Link to get to Zelda, because she is usually running away, since
    Ganondorfs punch is probably enough to kill her.
    Link can always take a life of Zelda's and visa versa. This scenario is the
    idea that a real-life boyfriend has to defend his girl friend from his best
    friend. A bit ironic if Ganondorf (the best friend) should win and kill
    Zelda, but it's a lot of fun for 3 people.
    Also, if there HAS to be a 4th person, make it Young Link, either as a
    defender of Zelda with a low handicap, or Ganondorf's side kick, still with a
    low handicap.
    Zelda can fight, but it's better if she just helps Link out by throwing
    things at Ganondorf or using ranged attacks.
    >>>NAME: Link, meet Bowser! Mario, meet Ganondorf!
    -PLAYERS: 1-2
    -MODE: Stamina Mode recommended
    -CHARACTERS: Link and Bowser, or Mario and Ganondorf
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Link vs. Bowser: Brinstar Depths. Mario vs. Ganondorf: Brinstar 1
    -EXTRA NOTES: I really think this would be cool if you take it seriously.
    >>>NAME: Lord of the Rings
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: tidalryu
    -PLAYERS: 4(all human)
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: red link, 3 black Ganondorfs
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -ITEMS: invisibility cloak (medium appearance)
    -STAGE: any (hyrule temple suggested)
    -EXTRA NOTES: Link (Frodo) must try to defeat the gannondorfs (black riders).
    Frodo can only attack when wearing the ring. (invisible) and the black
    riders can only attack when frodo is visible. The riders are not allowed to
    wear the ring.
    >>>NAME: Make Me Laugh
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Camera Mode
    -ITEMS: None
    -EXTRA NOTES: Player 1 tries to take the funniest picture he/she can, (the
    other players need to be out of the room the Gamecube is in!) then it's
    player 2's turn. If player 2 tries to sneak into the Pics section, he/she
    will be disqualified, and player 1 automatically wins. After player 2 takes a
    picture, player 3 will judge the two pics. The pic he/she finds to be
    funnier, wins.
    >>>NAME: Mario and Wario
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: bucceroman
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Mario,(Default Color)and Wario(Wario Costume)
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -ITEMS: Freezies, Hammers, any Mario item.
    -STAGE: Rainbow Cruise
    -EXTRA NOTES: Play at most 5 games of Mario and Wario. Both Mario and Wario
    must be controlled by Humans. The first player to win 3 times wins.
    >>>NAME: Mario Baseball
    -PLAYERS: 1 Human, 3 CPU (your choice of level)
    -CHARACTERS: Human: Mario, 3 CPU: Bowsers
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -ITEMS: Home Run Bat, Medium
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: This one is stupid but FUN! takes the aggressions out!
    Start the match and whack away at those bowsers with the bat. Trust me, this
    is FUN.
    >>>NAME: Mario Party
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 2-8
    -MODE: Tournament, 8 Entrants, 2 per battle
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Mario as Wario, Luigi, Peach, Peach as Daisy, Yoshi, DK,
    -ITEMS: Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Starman, Metal Box, Low.
    -STAGE: Any scrolling stage (This includes Icicle Mountain, Rainbow
    Cruise, Mute City, Big Blue, Poke floats, and Brinstar depths.), and
    Mushroom Kingdom I.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Keep track of KOs and %, because those are coins and stars. KOs
    return your coins to 0, you have to record the % just before the KO. Using
    items cost 15 coins, but Starman costs 40 and adds one star (KO).
    >>>NAME: Mario Party Cubed
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: The Pokeking
    -PLAYERS: 8
    -MODE: Tournament
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Luigi, Peach, DK, Yoshi, Wario(Mario), Waluigi (Luigi's
    blue outfit)
    -LIMIT: Coin battle. Time has no meaning
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Items belonging to characters on very high
    -STAGE: Stages associated w/characters on very high
    -EXTRA NOTES: Once the tournament is over and a Superstar has been declared,
    the Superstar must face Bowser in the Final Destination stage(He's at CPU
    >>>NAME: Mario's Been Brainwashed!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: robomonk2000
    -PLAYERS: 1 player, 3 COM
    -MODE: Melee
    -CHARACTERS: human Peach, COM all marios
    -LIMIT: Stock 5 - 10
    -DAMAGE: 1.5
    -HANDICAP: one mario be either higher or lower than the others or no handi
    cap at all.
    -TEAMS: Peach one team, Marios a different team
    -ITEMS: its up to you (I prefer fire flower only on normal to high)
    -STAGE: princess peach's castle, Mushroom Kingdom 1 or 2
    -EXTRA NOTES: make one of the marios two levels higher than the others. this
    is the mario you have to make sure lives to see another day. I f he should
    lose all of his lives, you lose.
    >>>NAME: Maximum Sudden Death
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Super Smash Nick Melee
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 (human or computer)
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Any, but preferably those with good smash attacks
    -LIMIT: Any Time or Stock amount
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -TEAMS: No
    -ITEMS: Home-Run Bat, Hammer, Medium-Very High
    -STAGE: Any
    -EXTRA NOTES: This will be the most sudden death you'll ever play!
    >>>NAME: Midget Suicide
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Xanthe Kelsylva
    -PLAYERS: 2-4, must be all humans
    -MODE: tiny mode
    -LIMIT: any amount of time, but it must be time
    -TEAMS: can be team or melee
    -ITEMS: only poisonous mushrooms, very high
    -STAGE: Rainbow Cruise
    -EXTRA NOTES: The goal is to have the most suicides.  Whoever dies the most
    wins (I've gotten a negative 54 score doing this one).  Don't try to kill
    each other, just try to fall off cliffs as much as possible.
    >>>NAME: Monster Showdown
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Bowser, DK, Yoshi, JP, Pichu, Pikachu
    -EXTRA NOTES: It's a classic monster showdown of epic proportions. You've got
    Godzilla (Bowser), King Kong (DK), a really big dinosaur (Yoshi), the
    Stakepuff Marshmallow Man (JP), and some overly cute giant monsters (electro
    rat and mini electro rat).
    Details: Set it on Giant Melee for the desired effect.
    Variation: Add Peach or Zelda for the Attack of the Fifty Foot Tall Woman.
    >>>NAME: Mushroom Kingdom Returns!
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser
    -LIMIT: None from Stamina
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Teams, Mario, Luigi, and Peach on one team, Bowser alone.
    -ITEMS: Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom 2
    -EXTRA NOTES: Peach and Bowser are on the right cliff from the center and
    Mario and Luigi on the left. Mario and Luigi are the only ones who can get
    the items. The goal is to save Peach from Bowser by KO'ing him, or in this
    case, make his stamina run low.
    >>>NAME: Mushroom Madness!
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 Hmn or Com
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone, Enemy: Bowser/DK
    -LIMIT: 5 min.
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: No handicaps
    -TEAMS: No teams
    -ITEMS: Super/ Poison Mushrooms
    -STAGE: Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Most Knockouts win!
    >>>NAME: Not the Weakest Link
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: kagerage
    -MODE: Lightning Melee
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -CHARACTERS: 1p Young Link, CPU Link
    -LIMIT: Stock-3 lives
    -HANDICAP: CPU lvl 7
    -ITEMS: Bunny Hood, Medium
    -STAGE: Termina Bay
    -EXTRA NOTES: Young Link must prove that he is stronger and faster than Link.
    >>>NAME: Now You See It, Now You Don't Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 Human, 1-4 CPU
    -MODE: Fixed Camera
    -CHARACTERS: Tiny characters only
    -ITEMS: Poison Mushroom, Cloaking Device, Very High
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: The title says it all.
    >>>NAME: Old-School DK!
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Normal Melee
    -CHARACTERS: DK, Mario, and Peach
    -LIMIT: Stock - 3
    -DAMAGE: 1.5
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: DK vs. Mario and Peach
    -ITEMS: No items on VERY HIGH (so you will get crates, barrels, etc.
    -STAGE: Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: One player is Mario, and the other is DK (a human player is
    selected for Peach, but nobody has to play as her). Peach starts in a certain
    point of the temple, then Mario has to rescue her from dk. DK must try to
    stop him by using ONLY barrels, crates, etc. Peach doesn't move. The two
    human players switch after Mario is killed 3 times. Whoever rescues the
    princes most wins.
    >>>NAME: Parody of Sonic Adventure 2 Faker Battle
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: true_unknown
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Stamina Mode
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Dr. Mario
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom, Subcon, Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Play three rounds of Stamina Battle in these stages. Best two
    out of three wins!
    >>>NAME:  Pedastal of Death.
    -PLAYERS: 4 human players.
    -MODE: Timed Stock
    -CHARACTERS: Any.  Some characters have greater advantage.
    -LIMIT: Timed Stock; 30 to 40 lives, 1 minute.
    -DAMAGE: 1.0.
    -TEAMS: 2 vs 2, any colors.
    -ITEMS: None.
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: (Inventor's note:  I realize that the Pedestal of Death is not
    actually a Pedestal...)  Players make certain there are no deaths until
    Sudden Death begins, and bombs begin to fall like crazy.  There is a platform
    on the far left end of the stage, and while standing below this platform, no
    bombs can harm you.  Team mates should work together to keep one person (on
    his team) under the platform at all times, because not only is it very safe,
    but when one player loses all his lives, the team who has control of the
    "Pedestal of Death" wins.
    This game is fun because it requires enormous amounts of strategy to win.  If
    the opposing team has control of the Pedestal of Death, you and your teammate
    should try to KO the other team together, not solo.   Link's arrows, when
    shot from a distance, send victims flying.  Aim towards the Pedestal of Death
    and shoot often; dodging the arrows are quite nerve-racking >_<.  If you have
    control of the Pedestal of Death and your teammate has only a few lives...
    have him commit suicide while you are in control of the Pedestal so your team
    has control of the Pedestal when the first player dies.  (You and your
    teammate win).  Samus's Missiles are nice, and Fox/Falco's reflector can be
    helpful.  A Link who shoots arrows from afar and then presses Up and B when a
    player nears the PoS is extremely difficult to subdue.  Have fun with this
    extremely entrancing game..
    >>>NAME: Perfect Dark Relives!
    -PLAYERS: 4 Humans
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Any one
    -LIMIT: Can't be a limit because of stamina
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Melee or Team
    -ITEMS: Super Scope, Ray Gun, Motion Sensor Mine, and Cloaking Device, Very
    -STAGE: Any maze-like level
    -EXTRA NOTES: Only use the weapons for combat (closest to RAREWare First
    Person games)
    >>>NAME: The Phone is Ringing
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: pinkacid08 (not a GameFAQs member) and SPenninipede
    -PLAYERS: 3-4 (it's more fun with 4) all human, one must be Mr. Game & Watch
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death Melee
    -LIMIT: Time
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: Any stage, preferably a big one
     -when G&W (the phone) taunts, the other players have 10 seconds to chase
    after him and "pick up the phone" by throwing him off of the stage.
     -G&W can attack any way he likes (except smashes and throws); the others can
    only throw G&W, and only after he taunts.  The other players must do whatever
    they can to get to G&W first.
     -Whoever has the most points when the round ends, wins
    >>>NAME: Pichu Madness
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Yesterworld
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 humans RECONMENDED!!!  Or if you want, any combination
    -MODE: none
    -CHARACTERS: Pichu's only
    -LIMIT: none
    -DAMAGE: 0.5
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: any stage with none or little hazards
    -EXTRA NOTES: The name of the game is to reach a certain percent of damage
    (agreed by everyone else) first.  You can do anything else you want,
    including attacking others, knocking others off the stage before they reach
    their goal.  Recommended set damage: 100%-400%
    >>>NAME: Pick Up Sticks
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Mississippi Boyz
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -LIMIT: Time: 5:00
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None, unless you want some
    -ITEMS: Homerun Bats, Very High
    -STAGE: Any flat stage, preferably Hyrule Temple or Final Destination (this
    is the best so far).
    -EXTRA NOTES: Now here's the catch, you must only use Homerun Bats to attack,
    but you must only throw the bat at your opponent. This is a lot of fun, my
    uncle, my brother, and I came up with this scenario while trying to do the
    Baseball Scenario and continuously failed. This may prove to be tricky
    against an opponent that is good at evading. Otherwise, it can be loads of
    >>>NAME: Pinball!
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: 1 Kirby, 2 Whoevers, 1 Starter
    -ITEMS: Flipper, Very High
    -STAGE: Green Greens
    -EXTRA NOTES: Set up a pattern of flippers, like a pinball machine, set point
    values for stuff. the whoevers try to keep the pinball in the air (kirby). to
    start, have the "starter" (preferably fox) stands on the right, with kirby to
    the right of him, (@ arround 50%) Fox throws the dammaged kirby to the
    >>>NAME: Planet of the Kongs
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    -PLAYERS: 4, 1-4 humans, preferably 1
    -CHARACTERS: Fox, Falco, Falcon, Samus
    -LIMIT: 2 stock, 5 minutes
    -TEAMS: Fox, Falco, Falcon, Samus vs. 3 DKs
    -ITEMS: Food, barrel cannon
    -STAGE: J. Japes, Past DK stage
    -EXTRA NOTES: A space traveler is stranded on a planet ruled by apes. He/She
    must defeat them to get to his/her spaceship.
    >>>NAME: Pokeball Chaos!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: csyberblue
    -PLAYERS: 2 to 4 (more fun with only humans)
    -CHARACTERS: Fox or Falco
    -LIMIT: To whatever you want, I prefer 5 minutes
    -ITEMS: Pokeballs only, Very High
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Do Fox's shield (down B), and send all those crazy pokemon back
    at your enemy. Remember, if they throw a pokeball at you, if you block it
    with the fox reflection shield, it becomes your pokemon! Send back Staryu's
    stars! It's a lot of fun.
    >>>NAME: Pokemon Battle
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -ITEMS: Pokeball, Very High
    -STAGE: Pokemon Stadium (Or any level)
    -EXTRA NOTES: The scenario that everyone thought of, the classic Pokemon
    Battle has always been fun even in the N64 Smash Bros. days.  With loads of
    new pokemon, it's just gotten better.
    ALT. PLAYSTYLE: Try it on Lightning Melee for faster Pokeballs!
    >>>NAME: Pokemon Battle
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: yoshifan
    -PLAYERS: 1-2 players.  If one player, player fight level 9 comp, if 2
    players, players fight each other.
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo
    -LIMIT: 1 stock
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: Pokemon stadium
    -EXTRA NOTES: Seems like a Pokemon battle, since for some of you Pokemon
    fans, you probably would like something more exciting than Pokemon Stadium 2.
    >>>NAME: Pokemon Cannon
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 Computer at Level 9
    -LIMIT: 1-5 Stock or
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -HANDICAP: All at Level 1 unless Super Sudden Death
    -TEAMS: Any if you wish
    -ITEMS: Pokeballs, Very High
    -STAGE: Any
    -EXTRA NOTES: You only can throw Pokeballs at opponents, but can not hit
    opponents with the Pokeballs.  Instead, you must kill opponents with the
    Pokemon that come out of the balls.  The last person alive wins.  Gotta dodge
    'em all!!!
    -NAME: Pokemon Chaos Theory
    -PLAYERS: Whatever you want.
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Anybody.
    -LIMIT: Time match only (You choose limit)
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Nope.
    -TEAMS: Again, whatever you want.
    -ITEMS: Pokeballs only on Very High
    -STAGE: Preferably a small one, like Fountain of Dreams. Temple is definitely
    out! Don't use ones with moving playfields except for Brinstar Depths (fairly
    stable) or Rainbow Cruise (quite gentle).
    -EXTRA NOTES: Like any non-Pokehater who has SSB and/or SSBM, I've dabbled in
    the all Pokemon battle. In SSB it was just a gimmick, but there was something
    it in Melee. I've found that with the mass quantities of items that can be
    generated and the screen filling attacks of legendaries, it becomes a race to
    overwhelm your opponents from all sides. And with Sudden Death...
    Tips: Get the Pokeballs and own them, but don't forget that you can kill
    people with your own attacks as well.
    >>>NAME: Pokemon Stadium
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Stamina Mode
    -CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, or Mewtwo
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Pokemon Stadium
    -EXTRA NOTES: Each player stands on one of the two platforms that float over
    the arena. Players take turns doing one attack. The player who KOs the other
    first wins.
    >>>NAME: Popularity Contest
    -PLAYERS: 1-3
    -MODE: Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Kirby, Marth, Roy
    -LIMIT: Bonus, xx:00
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: If Marth and Roy are human, handicap 2, if CPU, level 2
    -TEAMS: Kirby vs. Marth and Roy
    -ITEMS: All, Normal
    -STAGE: Fountain of Dreams
    -EXTRA NOTES: With all the attention Marth and Roy are getting lately, Kirby
    feels a bit unloved. So he invites them to a battle to see who the audience
    likes more. (The score represents the audience's judgment.)
    >>>NAME: Power Corrupts
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Majinmarku
    -PLAYERS: 4, can be computers, humans, or both (ex. 2 computers 2 humans)
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Link, Gannondorf, Zelda, Young Link
    -LIMIT: 150 Hp
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -TEAMS:  Link And Gannondorf, Zelda and Young Link
    -ITEMS: Anything but either Mushroom, Metal Box, or Cloaking Device
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Link went to Hyrule Temple to find Zelda, when all of a sudden,
    Gannon came out and corrupted Link's heart and soul with the triforce of
    power.  Zelda saw this and used her powers to summon Young Link from the past
    to help her.
    Goal: Take over the world with Link and Gannon, or save it with Zelda and
    Young Link.
    >>>NAME: Powered Puff!
    -PLAYERS: 1 Human (you), 1 CPU (Lv. 7-9)
    -CHARACTERS: You: Kirby, Computer: Roy or Ganondorf
    -LIMIT: 2 Stock, No Time Limit
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -ITEMS: All, Medium
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Kirby seeks for a new permanent power... can he master it?
    Rule: You can use any attacks you want, but you must KO Roy/Ganondorf with
    their (B) ability. Happy Trails...
    -NAME: Pretty, Pretty, Princess.
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Matthew Donovan
    -PLAYERS: 3-4 humans.
    -MODE: Regular melee.
    -CHARACTERS: Any character.
    -LIMIT: 1:00 Time limit.
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage.
    -HANDICAP: No handicap.
    -TEAMS: No teams.
    -ITEMS: Lip's stick only on Very High.
    -STAGE: Any stage without hazards.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Every character grabs a lip's stick and hits his/her opponent
    with it. The person with the largest flower on his or her head at the end of
    the minute is the loser. Then you do it again with the 2 or 3 remaining
    people. Then when there is only one person left that didn't lose is declared
    the winner.
    -EXTRA NOTES 2: You are allowed to throw the lip's stick. You are NOT allowed
    to sd your-self.
    >>>NAME: Protect the Princess
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -CHARACTERS: Either Mario, Bowser, and Peach, or Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda
    -LIMIT: 1 Stock
    -TEAMS: Mario scene: Red-Mario, Peach; Green-Bowser
    Link Scene: Green-Zelda, Link; Red-Ganondorf
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: In Mario scene, Peach's castle, and in Link's case, Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Description:(I'll use Marios case for an example)Have Bowser
    Try to kill Peach and not Mario, But have Mario Kill Bowser, and make sure
    Bowser is mainly going for peach, not mainly Mario. Bowser can attack Mario
    if Marios in his way. Peach Can only run.
    >>>NAME: Psychic Power
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Blastoise-09
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 Some can be CPU
    -CHARACTERS: Ness, Mewtwo(at least one of each.)
    -LIMIT: Either 1-99 stock or unlimited time
    -DAMAGE: Default setting
    -HANDICAP: If you want a bigger challenge go ahead.
    -TEAMS: Maybe, if you want to. Ness and Mewtwo CANNOT be on the same
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Final Destination is preferred
    -EXTRA NOTES: Only psychic attacks can be used to attack. This means Ness
    can't use his bat, but Mewtwo can't use his basic B button attack Shadow
    Ball, as it is a Ghost attack not psychic. If your not sure if an attack
    uses psychic energy, ask someone who's played Earthbound or Pokemon.
    Most bright and flashy attacks are psychic.
    -PLAYERS: 4 Humans
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Samus and any of the 4 Pokemon
    -LIMIT: Time or Stock, any limit
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Team, Samus alone and 3 "aliens" on a team"
    -ITEMS: All items, Medium
    -STAGE: PokeFloats
    -EXTRA NOTES: You'll enjoy this if you like using Samus. Samus uses no items.
    STORYLINE: After Samus' home, Brinstar blows up (in Adventure), Samus must
    find another perfect world. After crash-landing on a float, Samus finds
    herself on earth. She must live on the floats, but, there is one problem,
    inhabitants are there! Using what she's got, Samus must destroy the "aliens",
    but, they have technology Samus has never seen!
    >>>NAME: Ready...Set...Go!
    -PLAYERS: 4,2 human ,2 computers(the 2 human need to be on a team and the
    comps on another, the comps at level 9)
    -CHARACTERS: the humans, whoever, the comps Gannon and Bowser
    -LIMIT: Time, whatever
    -ITEMS: bom-omb's and umbrellas  very high
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: there are 2 types of this race, type one: start to finish and
    type 2:laps. On LAPS, when you start immediately from go, run around and find
    an umbrella and when you do jump up on the roof type thingy in the middle of
    the stage and jump off to the right  and float down to the bottom where the
    platform is and jump on the land and run and jump up in the 2 floor things
    are and run to the left and float down back to the ground and jump up again
    through the floor things and jump up where you started and repeat as many
    time as you want. now, type 2:Do all of the steps in these, from here go
    right down the tunnel  and down to where the small circular platform and the
    first one there wins!!!!
    >>>NAME: "Return of the Jedi"
    -PLAYERS:  3-4 (1 player human, others computers or 3 other players.)
    -MODE:  No special mode, though Lightning Melee will spice it up a bit.
    Player 1.....Fox (aka Luke Skywalker) (red coat, brown pants costume) Fox is
    good for this, because when he has a beam sword, and when he uses Reflector
    Shield, it looks as if he is deflecting projectiles with his saber.  Plus he
    has a blaster.
    Player 2.....Falco (aka Darth Vader) (use darkest costume) Same reason as
    Fox.   He can deflect shots with his shield/saber. Plus, Luke needs a rival.
    Player 3.....Captain Falcon (aka Stormtrooper) (use white costume) Darth
    Vader needs his protection, ya know.
    Player 4 (optional)......Mewtwo (aka Emperor Palpatine) He can shoot
    lightning and use dark powers....plus he floats.
    LIMIT: 10 stock
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: You can use teams if you want, but the colors will be screwed.
                 Team 1:  Fox
                 Team 2:  Vader and Stormtrooper
    -ITEMS: Superscope, Ray gun, and Lightsaber only.
    -STAGE: Obviously, Corneria would work wonders here.
    -EXTRA NOTES: None really, just be Luke and save the world from the evil
    Emperor and his minions.
    >>>NAME: Rock, Paper, Mario
    -MODE: Time melee; SD's worth -2
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Peach, Bowser
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Anything but pokeballs
    -STAGE: Preferably one without moving platforms or traps
    -EXTRA NOTES: This is based on that peculiar Mario Party 2 dueling game.
    Peach can only attack Mario, Mario can only attack Bowser, Bowser can only
    attack Peach. Player with the most points at the end wins.
    >>>NAME: Rollout
    -MODE: Lightning Melee
    -PLAYERS: At least 2, everyone is Jigglypuff
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple or Corneria, because they have big, open spaces
    -EXTRA NOTES: Only use Jigglypuff's rolling attack (normal B move). Once it
    is charged, launch yourself from a platform or across the ground and smash
    into people!
    >>>NAME: Roy's Revenge
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Ness_Master2001
    -PLAYERS: Hum.1 CPU.1
    -MODE: none
    -CHARACTERS: you:Any CPU:Roy
    -LIMIT: Stock:You.1 Roy.2
    -DAMAGE: 0.9
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: no
    -ITEMS: heart containers
    -STAGE: Fountain of Dreams
    >>>NAME: Royal Match
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: secretPDagent
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -CHARACTERS: Mewtwo, Ganondorf, Bowser, DK
    -TEAMS: Bowser and Ganondorf (strangely) are in a team
    -ITEMS: (all very high:) Hammer, Home run bat, Bob-omb, Motion sensor bomb
    (so that they have a beating!)
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Note that only hammer kills count.
    >>>NAME: RPG Battling
    -PLAYERS: 2-4
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone. Preferably someone who's starred in an RPG. (Mario,
    Ness, Pikachu, etc.)
    -ITEMS: Anything, as long as it's Medium Appearance
    -EXTRA NOTES: Player 1 uses an attack (or item). After he/she uses it, Player
    2 does the same (but with a different attack/item, if possible) then it's
    player 3's turn, and so on. If a player attacks more than once in one turn,
    his/her target gets to attack twice in their turn, but one of their targets
    has to be the one who attacked them.
    >>>NAME: Rurouni Kenshin Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Sword Hunter Chou
    -PLAYERS: Four (All human, as the computer won't always play like they -
    -MODE: Stamina or Super Sudden Death, depends if the fighters are training or
    -CHARACTERS: Ganandorf (Sanosuke), Marth (Kenshin), Roy (Shishio), Sheik, NO
    Zelda! (Misao or Chou), Mewtwo (Jinei), just be creative! (Ya, I know Sheik
    is a girl and Chou is a guy, but who cares?)
    -LIMIT: Stamina, well, duh, and Super Sudden Death, Stock of 30. I found
    stamina more fun.
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: None, unless you want a super strong Kenshin, mega buff Sano, etc...
    -TEAMS: Free for all
    -ITEMS: Beam Swords on Low (Can only be taken by people with no sword to
    -LEVEL: Any at all.
    -EXTRA NOTES: This is hard to follow and not fun if you like things simple,
    but a real blast if you don't mind complicated stuff. The listed characters
    and all other need to follow some rules...
    Ganondorf: No rules for him, just break out some pain. It's fun to shout
    "Damn Imperialists!" Every now and then though.
    Marth: Marth's moves all fit with Kenshin's, though it's fun to shout the
    name of the move that this resembles.
    Roy: Roy's B -> is not to be used.  The rest is all fine though, he resembles
    Shishio with the fire moves.
    Sheik: As Chou, no using normal B or B up, unless recovering. B over is
    considered that flexy sword. Normal A can't be used, and only smash A attacks
    can be done until he gets a sword. Normal A is enabled with the Beam Sword.
    As Misao, It's all good, but she can't use the beam sword.
    Mewtwo: I had a lot of fun fighting him. Mewtwo can't use Shadow Ball, but
    his Down B is considered the Shinoipou. Thing is, you can shout who you use
    it on, and they have to freeze for 3 seconds. You can't Shinoipou someone
    twice in a row, however.
    Like I said, super complicated, but fun once you learn it.
    >>>NAME: Russian Mushroom
    -PLAYERS: 2-4
    -MODE: Normal Vs.
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Bowser, Luigi, and Peach (doesn't really matter who)
    -LIMIT: 6 Lives Per Person (or any number you please.)
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 Damage
    -HANDICAP: All Handicaps the Same
    -TEAMS: No Teams
    -ITEMS: Super Mushroom on Very High, Poison Mushroom on Very Low (alter
    poison mushroom if you want to)
    -STAGE: Doesn't Matter
    -EXTRA NOTES: After Some Mushrooms Drop, Player 1 takes any mushroom. If it's
    a Super Mushroom, Player 2 goes. If it's Poison, that player must jump off
    the edge, and then Player 2 goes. Repeat the process, until the winner, wins!
    Play for money for fun, like real Russian Roulette, except you don't lose
    your life for real.
    >>>NAME: Samurai Battle
    -PLAYERS: Preferably 2 human, although you can have 4 and take turns
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: any sword characters, preferably Roy or Marth
    -LIMIT: one stock
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 Damage
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: any, preferably without hazards.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Super Sudden Death and 2.0 damage means you are basically dead
    in 1 hit, as was the samurai fighting style. obviously, in keeping samurai
    spirit, only use your swords. Its turns out to be pretty fun, especially if
    you are good with dodges.
    Variations: I _suppose_ you could use any character, and use beam swords.
    also you can play with links just using arrows, as they kill in one hit, that
    is pretty fun too.
    >>>NAME: SD Hell
    -PLAYERS: 1 human, 3 CPU
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: 1 Pichu, 1 Jigglypuff, 1 Link (you), 1 DK
    -LIMIT: Stock [3 lives]
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: Fox [5], Mewtwo [5], Pichu vs. DK [1]
    -ITEMS: Bob-Omb
    -STAGE: Brinstar
    -EXTRA NOTES: Friendly Fire must be ON. If a team member dies, stop the
    match. Remove that team member. Restart with the same amount of lives that
    DK had. If both team members die, you lose.
    >>>NAME: Shields Up!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: NerdWarrior/Boo Pikmin
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Whatever
    -LIMIT: Stock works best, Time works too
    -DAMAGE: 0.5
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Optional
    -ITEMS: Heart Containers on Very High
    -STAGE: A "space" stage, or...if your a Zelda fan like me, Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Don't let your opponents power up those shields (heal with
    HCs)! For an extra twist to it, add in some explosives. If you want to make
    it harder, exchange the Maxim Tomato for the Heart Container.
    >>>NAME: SHOOT OUT!!!
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -MODE: Stamina Mode.
    -CHARACTERS: Someone who has a projectile.
    -LIMIT: None.
    -DAMAGE: Any.
    -HANDICAP: None.
    -TEAMS: If you want.
    -ITEMS: Ray Gun, Super Scope, Very High.
    -STAGE: Any.
    -EXTRA NOTES: You can only attack using your projectile and the items listed
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: maga power
    >>>NAME: Show Down!
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -DAMAGE: 0.5
    -ITEMS: All guns, Very High
    -EXTRA NOTES: Players stand at opposite ends of the level. And wait for guns
    to appear, then they pick up the guns, and shoot each other. Since its SSD,
    the damage is already gonna be high. I made .5 to be a little more
    challenging. Also, no regular moves are allowed. Only the guns, making this a
    very challenging scenario. Samus and Fox may not use their "built in" guns,
    unless both characters are either Fox or Samus, then it would be legal.
    >>>NAME: Showdown
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: dark_shadow680
    -PLAYERS: Hum: 2 and up, Com: none
    -MODE: Stamina
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: Beam saber, Very High
    -STAGE: Any (I prefer Hyrule Castle)
    -EXTRA NOTES: You must only attack with beam sabers and if you don't then
    your opponent gets a free attack on you. Throwing beam sabers IS NOT ALLOWED.
    >>>NAME: Shrouded
    PLAYERS: 3, all human (you will need four controllers though, I'll explain)
    MODE: none
    CHARACTERS: All three players are Kirby, and Mr. Game and Watch is selected
    as the 4th player, but nobody plays him.
    LIMIT: Stock, 10 lives
    DAMAGE: 1.0
    HANDICAP: none
    TEAMS: none
    ITEMS: No items
    STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    EXTRA NOTES: Right when the game starts, each Kirby takes turns sucking up
    Mr. Game & Watch. Then, have someone move Mr. Game & Watch to that platform,
    way way down at the bottom of the stage.  Nobody plays him for the rest of
    the game.  Now, as you may have realized each Kirby looks the same, with the
    black costumes on.  The goal of the game is to take away the other Kirby's
    "shrouds" that they are covering themselves with (the black Mr. Game & Watch
    costume)  You can take it away by KOing them, or with a powerful attack that
    causes them to lose the costume.  You'll have to pay attention to see who got
    rid of the shroud.  If you lose your shroud, go down and suck up Mr. Game &
    Watch right away.  Nobody is allowed to attack him, except to suck him up.
    After only one Kirby is left, have Mr. Game & Watch kill himself 10 times.
    Then, count up how many de-shroudings everybody got.  You'll have to keep
    track of the powerful attack de-shrouding on your own, but the results screen
    will tell you the KOs.  Have fun!
    >>>NAME: Silent Scope Version A
    -PLAYERS: 4 players, no COMs
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone but Samus, preferably someone fast
    -LIMIT: 8 Stock
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 Damage
    -HANDICAP: All on 1
    -TEAMS: Free-for-all
    -ITEMS: Very High: Ray Gun, Super Scope
    -STAGE: Any stage, preferably a big stage with platforms or walls like
    Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: All characters may only attack using a gun of their own or a
    gun item.  All characters may not attack until everyone has a weapon.  You
    can only shoot once every 3 seconds.  Charge the Super Scope.  If the shot
    doesn't kill you, SD.
    >>>NAME: Silent Scope Version B
    -PLAYERS: 4 players, no COMs
    -MODE: Invisible Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone but Samus, preferably someone fast
    -LIMIT: 1 stock
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: All on 1
    -TEAMS: Free-for-all
    -ITEMS: Very High: Ray Gun and Super Scope
    -STAGE: Any stage, preferably a big stage with plenty of platforms or walls
    like Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: All characters may only attack using a gun of their own or a
    gun item.  All characters may not attack until everyone has a weapon.  You
    can only shoot once every 3 seconds.  Charge the Super Scope.  When you get
    shot 8 times, SD.
    >>>NAME: Smack Dab
    -PLAYERS: 2-4
    -MODE: Normal Melee
    -LIMIT: Anything (I do 1 stock)
    -DAMAGE: Normal 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Off
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Anything with a small platform, like the back of the ship in
    -EXTRA NOTES: One person is kind of considered "it". He is the only person
    who can attack. Everyone else must dodge him without leaving the platform. If
    the person who is "it" tries to attack but misses, it is the next person's
    turn. If the person "it" does not miss and hits the person, he gets to go
    again. Whoever is the last one alive wins.
    >>>NAME: Spikefest!
    -PLAYERS: 2 (you and 1 comp)
    -CHARACTERS: Any (one that can spike in the air works best)
    -LIMIT: Any Stock
    -DAMAGE: Any
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Fourside or MK2
    -EXTRA NOTES: Position yourself on one building with the computer on another.
    As the computer leaps over the gap, jump towards him and try to spike him to
    his doom! You can try this with another human as well.
    (Extra Note: This is a good way to practice spiking your opponent)
    >>>NAME: Spy Game
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 humans (CPU's can see invisible characters)
    -MODE: Invisible Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone (better if everyone's the same character)
    -LIMIT: Stock 1
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 Damage and team attack on
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: doesn't matter (more fun with 2 Vs. 2)
    -ITEMS: Only Motion Sensor Bombs, Very High
    -STAGE: Somewhere with no hazards, large area, and not just a flat surface.
    (Hyrule Castle Recommended)
    -EXTRA NOTES: This can be very fun on teams, you can't tell the difference
    between friend or foe, You could have just blown a friendly agent to the moon
    and not know until you see who lost a point at the bottom.  The MS bombs can
    be difficult to spot if placed correctly, and even one wrong step could send
    you bouncing off of countless walls, or on a collision course with the inside
    of the glass on your TV.
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Shin Pinoy, cm555 and lil pinoy777
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 players
    -MODE: Normal stock or timed melee
    -CHARACTERS: No preference
    -LIMIT: 1 stock or Inf minutes
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: Adjust according to character's strength or player's ability
    -TEAMS: 2 teams
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Dream Land N64 or any stage with at least 3 platforms
    -EXTRA NOTES: This is kind of complicated.  Each player/team goes to a
    platform across from each other and separated by another.  Each player takes
    turns in attacking one member of the opposing team.  To attack, a player
    goes to an opposing team's platform.  Each player gets up 3 normal or tilted
    hits (or 2).  A down attack takes two turns.  The first hit can't be
    shielded, but each one after that can, unless you've chosen to defend.  Each
    50%, the player can do one smash attack.  Each 100%, the player can do one B
    attack.  Smash attacks and B attacks can be shielded.  At any time, a player
    can choose to challenge an opposing team member to an all-out melee on the
    platform that separates the two teams.  The players can hit platforms and
    get back on the small field, but if one hits the floor of the abyss, they
    lose.  The winning team can get 5 seconds of free normal hits on the losing
    team. The game ends when one team remains or proves their point.
    >>>NAME: Star Wars
    -CREATED BY: Mr. Cactus
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 (Computer may fill other slots)
    -MODE: Stamina or Normal or Coin(Bounty Hunter Battle)
    IMP Captain Falcon (Black Costume): Darth Vader
    REB Fox (Orange or Tan Costume): Luke Skywalker
    REB Fox (Any other Costumes): Rebel Soldier
    REB Falco (Light Colored Jacket): Han Solo
    REB Falco (Dark Green Jacket): Lando Calrissian
    REB Falco (Any Costume): Rebel Soldier
    REB Donkey Kong (Brown): Chewbacca
    IMP Samus (Green Armor): Boba Fett
    IMP Samus (Any Color <Try to match to background>): Stormtrooper
    REB Zelda (Any Costume): Leia
    REB Shiek (Any Costume): Bounty Hunter Leia (Return of the Jedi)
    Ice Climbers (Any Costume): Jawas
    IMP Gannondorf (Any Costume): Imperial Officer
    IMP Mewtwo (Any Costume): Emperor Palpatine
    REB Kirby (Any Costume <preferably greenish>): Yoda
    -LIMIT: 1 Stock (More if Stormtroopers vs Rebel Soldiers)
    -ITEMS: Beam Saber, Ray Gun, Super Scope, Metal Box, Bunny Hood, Cloaking
    Device (Any Frequency)
    -STAGE: Any Stage (Space Stages/Cities/Starship levels are best)
    -EXTRA NOTES: IMP and REB indicate Rebel or Imperial Fighters <IMP =
    Imperial. REB = Rebel.>  Rebels should not fight Rebels and Imperials should
    not fight Imperials.  Only Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader may use the Beam
    Sabers, Cloaking Devices, and Bunny Hoods <Jedi Powers>.  Avoid the Ice
    attacks as Ice Climbers; Jawas do live in the desert.  Remember to try to use
    projectiles (lasers, missiles etc. as much as possible).  Also, watch your
    fire as you can hit team mates!  Treat Computer Players as Traitors or Bounty
    Hunters.  You may also want to set handicaps.  Jedis and Named Characters
    should have higher than others <Jedis the Highest>.
    >>>NAME: Star Wars Part One: The Lightsaber Duel
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Master Gamer
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Single Button
    -CHARACTERS: Choose from Marth, Roy, Link, or as a last resort, Young Link
    -LIMIT: 1 Stock
    -ITEMS: Beam Saber, Very High
    -STAGE: Final Destination or Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Obviously you try to kill your opponent. First, wait for a LS,
    then pick it up and fight. Since it is single-button, no special attacks can
    be used.
    >>>NAME: Star Wars Part Two: Shooters
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Master Gamer
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Tiny Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Either Falco, Fox or Samus
    -LIMIT: 1 Stock
    -ITEMS: Super Scope, Raygun and Fire Flower ("flamethrower"), Very High
    -STAGE: Choose from Onett, Hyrule Temple, Fourside, or Brinstar Depths
    -EXTRA NOTES: Kill Opponent using only blasters (or Samus' whatever they're
    called attacks). For help, get the guns. Kinda like a Han Solo and-you-know-
    who type of game.
    >>>NAME: Star Wars: The Final Battle
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: The Lonely Soul
    -PLAYERS: 3 or 4 (all human)
    -CHARACTERS: For 3 players P1 Any good guy(Luke) P2 Fox(Storm troopers) P3
    Ganondorf (Darth Vader)
                 For 4 players P1 Any good guy(Luke) P2 Any good guy(Wedge) P3
    Fox (Storm troopers) P4 Ganondorf (Darth Vader)
    -TEAMS: 3 players P1, P2 and P3
           4 players P1 and P2, P3 and P4
    -RULES: 3 stock, no time limit
    -EXTRA NOTES: The rebel alliance is planning a final strike against the
    empire. If Luke or Wedge dies once, they must suicide two more times because
    they only get one life, Fox can only use his Blaster(B) and he has three
    lives(three storm troopers) and if Darth Vader can die once only too. If all
    of the good guys die, the empire spreads its domination across the galaxy. If
    Darth Vader dies, the world is released from its control of the empire!!!!
    >>>NAME: Stolen Brides
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Mattmaster648
    -PLAYERS: 4 (preferably human)
    -MODE: doesn't matter
    -CHARACTERS: Zelda, Bowser, Peach, Ganondorf
    -LIMIT: any stock,5 minutes
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: (team1)Zelda and Bowser,(team2)Peach and Ganondorf
    -ITEMS: Any
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple, Peach's castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: for fun, turn on ONLY flowers
    >>>NAME: Super Bob-omb Battle!
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -ITEMS: Only Bob-Ombs and Party Balls
    -EXTRA NOTES: Common knowledge is that Party Balls sometimes drop four Bob-
    ombs and sometimes drop food.  When Bob-ombs are on and food is off, every
    Party Ball will drop four Bob-Ombs.  What does this lead to?  Lots of Bob-
    ombs!  Have a good bomb-chucking time with this scenario!
    ALT. PLAYSTYLE: Play on Slo-Mo Melee for a more in-depth battle.
    >>>NAME: The Super Bombing
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: doodoo1000
    -PLAYERS: No CPUs, unless Level 1
    -LIMIT: Time, 1:00
    -EXTRA NOTES: You don't kill any one for 1 minute (you can, but keep
    everyone's score the same). Then, it's the fun part... Sudden Death starts,
    and you can't hit any one with any thing for a few moments, then, don't get
    hit by the bombs that start dropping, and see who lasts. No hitting each
    >>>NAME: Super Giant Melee
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: SSBM Instruction Manual
    -PLAYERS: 1-4 Players
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -ITEMS: Super Mushrooms only
    -EXTRA NOTES: Get ready for a true clash of the titans!
    >>>NAME: Super High Jump Melee
    -PLAYERS: Any number of humans
    -MODE: Tiny Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Must be Samus, Young Link or Link. (preferably Young Link)
    -LIMIT: Doesn't matter
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: If wanted
    -ITEMS: Poison Mushrooms on very high. (Bunny Hoods are optional)
    -STAGE: Any course. (best in Hyrule Temple)
    -EXTRA NOTES: While in this mode, these character's Up-B attacks allow them
    to jump super high when they are in the air. They jump even higher when they
    have a Poison Mushroom in effect. It is very fun. See how close you can get
    to the bottom of the course you can get without dieing.
    >>>NAME: Super Mario Bros.
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Peach
    -ITEMS: Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-omb, Super Mushroom, and Starman, Very
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom
    -EXTRA NOTES: Get ready for some nostalgia!  It's an onrush of classic
    characters and items!
    NOTE: This is a pretty generic Scenario, but you can make it for just about
    any of Nintendo's great franchises or games.  However items are limited in
    other franchises, like only the Bunny Hood coming from Zelda and only the
    pokeball from Pokemon
    >>>NAME: Super Mario Bros. 2 Version A
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Luigi, Peach
    -LIMIT: 2 stock
    -DAMAGE: 2.0 Damage
    -HANDICAP: No preference
    -TEAMS: Free-for-all
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom II
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you get hit once, you must leave the battlefield if the
    attack hasn't itself.  Best to use only strong attacks that can remove the
    enemy in one accord.
    >>>NAME: Super Mario Bros. 2 Version B
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Normal stock melee
    -CHARACTERS: Mario, Luigi, Peach
    -LIMIT: 5 Stock
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: No preference
    -TEAMS: Free-for-all
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom II
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you get hit twice, you must leave the battlefield.
    >>>NAME: Super Projectile Match
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: SSBM Instruction Manual
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 Players
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: choose only characters that have projectile attacks
    -STAGE: Fight on a stage that has little level ground and many places to hide
    and take cover.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Prohibit all direct attacks and fighting using only (B-button)
    >>>NAME: Super Smash Bros. in Super Smash Bros. Melee, What's Going On?!
    -PLAYERS: 4 Humans
    -MODE: No mode
    -CHARACTERS: Any Super Smash Bros. character (Pikachu, Samus, Ness, Capt.
    Falcon, Fox, etc.)
    -LIMIT: Time or Stock, any limit
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Melee aka "Free For All" or Team
    -ITEMS: Any Super Smash Bros. Item (Bob-omb, Heart Container, etc.)
    -STAGE: Any of the 3 Past Stages
    -EXTRA NOTES: Don't you feel the Super Smash Bros. spirit already? All
    players are forbidden to use moves added in SSBM
    >>>NAME: Super Trampoline Battle
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -DAMAGE: 1.0 (Don't change this; if it is too low you won't bounce well, if
    it is too high the shells will kill you)
    -ITEMS: Red Shell, Very High
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: Since you're in Final Destination, there is only 1 platform.
    All the characters will bounce off the shells like a trampoline, and if it
    gets going pretty good, landing on the ground will be very rare.  Choose a
    character with good airborne moves!
    (Note: The red shells won't knock you off the screen; they usually hit you
    about the same distance.  All you'll really have to worry about is the damage
    they give you.)
    ALT. PLAYSTYLE: Play it in Slow-Mo Melee to have more precise air battles!)
    >>>NAME Super Wall Jumpers
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Perfect 29
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: none
    -CHARACTERS: Pichu, Y. Link, Mario, Captain falcon or anyone that can wall
    -LIMIT: 1 Stock, no time
    -DAMAGE: none
    -HANDICAP: none
    ITEMS: none
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: The point of it is that both players jump at the pit AT THE
    SAME time and stay there. for how much time they can. By Wall jumping, of
    course. The hard thing is the fact that wall jump worn down with the time.
    You will need good skills in this one. The last one to Die, wins!
    >>>NAME: Survivor, My Ass! They Want Me Dead!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Apollo Alexandre
    -PLAYERS: 4 (1 player, the rest Level 9 CPUs)
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Player 1: Bowser
                 CPU 1: Jigglypuff
                 CPU 2: Ness
                 CPU 3: Mewtwo
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Bowser
            Team 2: The rest
    -ITEMS: Do what you wish.
    -STAGE: Kongo Jungle (with the horrible DK Rap song)
    Bowser: What? Was it because I voted Zelda off?
    Mewtwo: Get him!!!
    Bowser: Waaaahhhh!
    >>>NAME: Swordsmen Strike!
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Single Button
    -CHARACTERS: Anyone with a sword, (Ex. Link, Young Link, Marth, Roy, etc.)
    -LIMIT: 3 Stock
    -ITEMS: Beam Saber, Very High
    -STAGE: Anywhere open (Ex. Hyrule Temple, Corneria, etc.)
    -EXTRA NOTES: Try to play with 4 people its really fun with 4 human players.
    You can see who has the best sword skills!
    >>>NAME: Swordsmen of Royalty
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Gemini Devil
    -PLAYERS: 2, 1 human or 2
    -MODE: None
    -CHARACTERS: Roy and Marth (you can be either one)
    -LIMIT: 1 stock
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Fountain of Dreams
    -EXTRA NOTES: It's the clash of royal swordsmen. Prince Marth vs. Roy.
    Who will be the heir to the throne?
    >>>NAME: Swordsman's Duel
    -PLAYERS: 4 (Fill in any extra players with CPUs)
    -MODE: Any (Although I prefer Original or Lightning Melee)
    -CHARACTERS: Link, Young Link, Marth, Roy
    -LIMIT: Stock 5
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Bobombs, Beamswords (Very Low); or none (preferably)
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: As the title implies, it's a swordsman's duel!  The last one
    standing wins.
    >>>NAME: !!!TAG!!!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: maga power
    -PLAYERS: 1-4
    -CHARACTERS: Only Ness
    -TEAMS: No Teams
    -ITEMS: No Items
    -EXTRA NOTES: this works best on levels with obstacles. the object of the
    game is to use pk thunder and hit the other people(only use pk thunder or the
    A attack, person who is it moves not very much if playing pk thunder version
    of it.. you can also use any player and just jump around but it is less fun.
    >>>NAME: Tag
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: turdsnatcher2000
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 human players (Comps will not work)
    -MODE: Normal melee battle
    -CHARACTERS: Anybody
    -LIMIT: Time, doesn't matter how long...how long do you want to play
    -DAMAGE: .5 (not that it matters too much)
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Lip's stick, Very-High
    -STAGE: Any level, some work better than others, but you can decide that.
    -EXTRA NOTES: Just choose who you want to start as "it".  It doesn't really
    matter how, just do it.  That is the only person that can carry the Lip's
    stick item at the time. Basically that person hunts down the others, hitting
    them with the Lip's stick. (The Lip's stick works well because if you hit
    them, a flower will stick to them) If u get hit, you are "it" and only you
    can hold the Lip's stick. Throwing IS permitted.
    -NAME: Tag Team Champions
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Dragon_Boy23
    -PLAYERS: 2 - 4 HUMAN!!!
    -CHARACTERS: Make sure they have a theme!!! e.g. Pokemon - Pikachu + Pichu or
    Fox + Falco
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Their All Human !!! (Der Fred)
    -TEAMS: Make it opposite colors so that you can hurt each other (It
    would make sense)
    -ITEMS: None then it wouldn't be a Professional Tag Team Championship.(Unless
    you wanna make it a Hardcore Tag Team Match and then make it High)
    -STAGE: Peach Castle.
    -EXTRA NOTES:I think the name says it all but anyways you have to fight while
    1 person stays on 1 side and the other person stands on the other side while
    the main people fight. If the people get hurt to much they can tag! Then make
    a history of who are the champions and then try to beat it.
    >>>NAME: Tag Team Mode
    -PLAYERS: 2, but four controllers
    -ITEMS: Turn bob-ombs OFF, they make this hard to do. Pokeballs too,
    -EXTRA NOTES: each player selects two characters, and has one stand off to
    the side while they fight with the other one. if you are KO'd, switch
    >>>NAME: Tea Party Assassin!
    -PLAYERS: 1 human, 3 comps
    -MODE: Normal Melee or Lightning Melee
    -CHARACTERS: The comps are Peach, Daisy, and Zelda.  You are Marth.
    -LIMIT: Put stock on 9
    -DAMAGE: Whatever you want
    -HANDICAP: No handicap
    -TEAMS: No teams.  Peach and Zelda are pink, and Marth is black.
    -ITEMS: No items, on None.
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Peach, Zelda, and Daisy are having a argument over who will be
    the ruling princess forever over a tea party when suddenly an assassin
    attacks them!  The princesses must try to get rid of the assassin and the
    other 2 princesses before they all get killed!  The assassin (you) must try
    to get rid of them before they get rid of you!
    >>>NAME: Temple Race
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: SSBM Instruction Manual
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 Players
    -LIMIT: Time, any
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Choose a particular route, then see who can complete the most
    laps within the time limit.
    >>>NAME: Terminator Battle
    -PLAYERS: 3 friends and 1 Lv.9 CPU (The 3 can be humans or CPUs or ignored)
    -HANDICAP: The 3 friends: Lv.1, CPU: Lv.9
    -TEAMS: 3 friends vs. 1 CPU
    -EXTRA NOTES: My friend and I always did this in the first one...pretty much
    only a challenge for us newbies.
    The next Scenario is a direct derivative of the above:
    >>>NAME: Slay the Dragon
    -TEAMS: Roy, Marth, Link(Handicap 1) vs. Bowser Lv.9, Handicap 9
    -EXTRA NOTES: Have fun.
    >>>NAME: Titanic Battle
    -PLAYERS: 2-4
    -CHARACTERS: Any (Jigglypuff and peach can be very cheap in this)
    -DAMAGE: Any
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: None (Unless you want, but this battle goes by quickly)
    -STAGE: Great Bay
    -NOTES: For this scenario, you will battle normally, but only on the turtle!
    If you go to the main platform, you must self destruct. (Hint: Jigglypuff and
    peach can stay up longer than other characters. Spiking is allowed!)
    >>>NAME: Top 6 Tournament
    -PLAYERS: 2 players
    -MODE: Normal
    -CHARACTERS: There shall be 6 battles. Each battle, the players use there
    best characters in order from worst to best (use 6 best characters).
    Example: the first battle, each player will use their 6th best character,
    the second battle their 5th best character, etc.. until 6 the matches are
    -LIMIT: Stock=1 and no time limit
    -DAMAGE: Normal
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: -no rematches/ties
                  -no pausing ability
    Ever wonder which one of you or your friends has the most SKILL
    and not LUCK at Super Smash Bros. Melee? This is how to test it. Both
    players choose their best 6 characters and fight in order of worst to least
    in 6 matches. If you win with your 6th best character, you get one point,
    with your 5th best you win two points, with your 4th best you win three
    points, etc... once the 6 matches are played, tally up your total points to
    see who is the winner. Here is an example of a point board. (There should be
    six of these categories, not four).
              | Player 1 |  Player 2 |  Player 1 |  Player 2
    Character:| whomever |  whomever |  whomever |  whomever
    Points:   |#of points| #of points| #of points| #of points
              |  Won     |    Won    |    Won    |    Won
    >>>NAME: Thief
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Timed Stock
    -CHARACTERS: Any black character, Link, Zelda/Peach
    -LIMIT: 1 stock, 10:00
    -TEAMS: Not technically, but Link and Peach/Zelda are a team
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Zelda/Peach stands in the little gazebo on the far right of
    the stage. The black character goes to the bottom area, and Link to the
    tunnel. The black character tries to get past Link to get at
    Zelda/Peach. Link has to stop the black character, who is the thief. In
    10 minutes, more guards will come, so the thief has to work fast. He
    CANNOT go around Link.
    >>>NAME: Throw that Mr. Saturn!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: The Total Georgie
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -ITEMS: Mr. Saturn, Very High
    -STAGE: Yoshi's Island
    -EXTRA NOTES: 1 person has to grab the saturns and try to throw them off from
    the diagonal pipe. The other person has to try to stop them. If the throwing
    player dies, he has to start again. If he gets to 5 saturns, its a small
    victory, 10 saturns, it's a medium victory, 15 saturns, it's a large victory,
    20 saturns, Total victory!!!
    >>>NAME: Trapped! Fight for Life!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Apollo Alexandre
    -PLAYERS: 2 players, 2 Level 9 CPUs
    -MODE: Fixed-Camera
    -CHARACTERS: Player 1 and 2: Mario and Bowser 3-4: Mr. Game and Watch
    -STOCK: 75
    -TEAMS: Team 1: Mario and Bowser
            Team 2: Both Mr. Game and Watches
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Flat Zone
    -EXTRA NOTES: Two mortal enemies must now join forces to defeat the Mighty
    Mr. Game and Watches, in order to get back to being cool, 3-D characters!
    Will the plumber and turtle survive? Or will they be doomed to rot in the
    old Tiger machine!?
    -NAME: Training
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 (Human only)
    -MODE: Normal
    -CHARACTERS: 1 Trainer (Any), 1-3 Trainees (Any)
    -LIMIT: Infinite Time
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Nope.
    -TEAMS: Nah.
    -ITEMS: All on Medium
    -STAGE: Any
    -EXTRA NOTES: The idea is for the Trainees to level up and learn all their
    moves. The Trainer moderates things, and gets to beat up on the Trainees.
    Trainees start at Level 0. When an item appears, Trainees get to run and jump
    if they haven't already and try to get the item before the Trainer. When
    charcters have an item, they can use all moves. You can't just, say, carry a
    capsule around and start specialing everybody, though, it has to be
    reasonable. To level up, you have to hurt someone else with an non container,
    not previously used item or while transformed, or collect a Maxim Tomato or
    Heart Container (not Food because of Party Balls). If a Trainee trips a
    remote mine, get hurt by a wandering or self thrown Bob-omb, or hits himself
    with an exploding container, he is "booby trapped" and loses a level.
    -2 Must SD unless item appears.              9 Gain neutral B
    -1 Cannot push anything unless item appears. 10 Gain side B
    0 May only get back up (like Stand comp.)   11 Gain up B(skip if nondamaging)
    1 Gains Walk                                12 Gain down B
    2 Gains Run                                 13 Gain uncharged Smashes
    3 Gains Single Jump                         14 Gain charged Smashes
    4 Gains Double Jump                         15 Gain shield, roll, & dodge
    5 Gains single weak A                       16 Gain air dodge
    6 Gains A,A,A combo                         17 Gain grab and pummel
    7 Gains all ground A's except smashes       18 Gain throws
    8 Gains aerial A's                          19 Gain taunt
                  When a Trainee gets to level 19, he must beat the Trainer. When
    he does, he becomes a Junior Trainer, who can freely beat up the Trainees
    with fear of the Trainer. The games stops when there are no more Trainees.
    -Play to compete to be the first Trainee to become a Junior Trainer.
    -Have the Trainer modify levels, or play Monty Hall and let them trade a
    level for "what's in the box".
    -NAME: Treacherous Midget Mountain Race
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: booze_ghost
    -PLAYERS: 2-4 human players
    -MODE: Tiny Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Cannot use Jigglypuff, Kirby, Zelda/Shiek, Yoshi
    -LIMIT: 1 stock, unlimited time
    -DAMAGE: normal DMG
    -HANDICAP: No handicaps
    -TEAMS: No teams
    -ITEMS: Only Poison Mushrooms
    -STAGE: Eternal Glacier: Icicle Mountain(Ice Climbers Stage)
    -EXTRA NOTES: The object is to last the longest while moving up the mountain,
    using ONLY your jumps and B+^ move.  The game is much more interesting when
    the screen moves faster.  The best way to KO your opponent is to make them
    use a poison mushroom, then use your B+^.  Last standing wins.
    >>>NAME: The Ultimate Brawl! Hatred Grows!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Apollo Alexandre
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Player 1: Mario
                 Player 2: Bowser
    -LIMIT: 10 Stock
    -ITEMS: Super Mushrooms, on Very High
    -STAGE: Battlefield (or for fun, Peach's Castle)
    Bowser: We're going to settle this!
    Mario: Once, and for all!
    Whoever touches 10 Super Mushrooms first, wins (no one attacks each other
    during this time)! Then the victor gets the first strike on the loser, and
    the battle continues!
    >>>NAME: Ultimate Damage Match
    -PLAYERS: One more person than human players, fill the rest with level 9
    -MODE: Giant Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Bowser, DK, Captain Falcon, & Ganondorf
    -LIMIT: 10:00 Time
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: All level 9 handicap
    -TEAMS: No Teams
    -ITEMS: Only Super Mushrooms & Metal Boxes, on Very High
    -STAGE: Mute City
    -EXTRA NOTES: The goal of the Ultimate Damage Match is, obviously, to get the
    highest damage percentage before dying to win. The extra person watches the
    damage counters to see who gets the highest. If there is a tie, the winner is
    the one with the best overall score.
    >>>NAME: Ultimate Ganondorf Battle
    -PLAYERS: one player, 3 CPU's ( if necessary, I believe it will work, with -
    two players as well, I haven't tried that yet)
    -MODE: normal
    -CHARACTERS: Player one can be anyone. CPU 2 and 3 can be too, but it's more
    fun if they are a combination of Jigglypuff, Ice Climbers, Pichu/Pikachu. CPU
    4 is Ganondorf.
    -LIMIT: Stock, 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5
    -HANDICAP: on, player one and CPU 2 and 3: 3/4, CPU 4: 9
    -TEAMS: Red: player one, CPU 2 and 3
           Blue: CPU 4 (duh..:) )
    -ITEMS: I tend to play this without any items, but bombs (item appearance
    high/very high ) will probably make it more exciting.
    -STAGE: Final Destination
    -EXTRA NOTES: It will look like this:
    Player one, handicap 3/4, team red
    CPU 2, level 6, handicap 3/4, team red
    CPU 3, level 6, handicap 3/4, team red
    Ganondorf, level 9, handicap 9, team blue
    The point is just to kill Ganondorf, but the handicaps will make that harder
    than it sounds ( and you can make it as hard as you want ).
    To give it an Xtra twist, player one can be Ganondorf and play as the blue
    team. Off course, you'll have to set the CPU level 1-3 to 9, otherwise it
    will be way to easy.
    >>>NAME: Ultimate Random Battle
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Standard Melee
    -CHARACTERS: All players are chosen randomly by moving your coin to the black
    space below Falco's square and pressing A.
    -Limit: Stock 3
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: You and a friend vs. two lv. 9 comps
    -ITEMS: All items on medium
    -STAGE: Select random on the stage select screen
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you can't keep up with lv. 9 comps., change them.
    If you win a match without losing one stock, you may select your own
    character next round.
    If the random character you picked belongs to the same course that is
    randomly picked, that character may pick the course next round.
    If you and your partner randomly select the same character the same round,
    you may switch randomly picked characters once in future rounds.
    If your randomly picked character is the same as the match before you may
    select you character that round.
    >>>NAME: Use the Force, Spammit!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Benjamin T. Kitsune
    -PLAYERS: 3 or 4, either human or CPU
    -MODE: Normal Melee, but Stamina Mode or Super Sudden Death is a blast.
    -CHARACTERS: P1/P2/Optional P3- Yoshi, Link, or Luigi. P3/Optional P4-
    Gannondorf or Mewtwo
    -LIMIT- Preferably Time, but Stock is optional. Ten minutes or more for Time,
    but any number of lives can be decided by the player for Stock.
    -DAMAGE- Optional, though it's best for the damage be normal.
    -HANDICAP- Optional, thought's it best that the Handicap be off.
    -TEAMS- Green: Yoshi/Link/Luigi Red: Gannondorf/Mewtwo
    -ITEMS- Beam Sword ONLY!! Doesn't matter which level of appearance, though.
    -STAGE- Doesn't matter.
    -EXTRA NOTES- Okay, the Green Team are Jedi Warriors. Yoshi is supposed to be
    the Jedi Master. If he's a CPU, he must be LV. 9. Link and Luigi are both
    just Jedi Knights in training. If either are CPUS, then they must be LV. 5-7.
    The Red Team are the evil Sith. Gannondorf is the Sith Apprentice, but he's
    at LV. 9 if he's a CPU. Mewtwo is the Dark Master, and he too should be at
    LV. 9 if he's a CPU.
    The object is that the Yoshi/Link/Luigi must ONLY use the Beam Swords for
    attacking, though they can use any move to recover if necessary. Ganonndorf
    also must only use a Beam Sword if he's to attack, but he can also use any
    move to recover. Mewtwo, however, may NOT use the sword at all whatsoever.
    -NAME:  The Vampire, the Bounty Hunter, and the Victim.
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Videogamemaster5
    -PLAYERS: 3 humans. It won't work with computers.
    -MODE: none
    -CHARACTERS: Kirby (Vampire, color him white) Samus (The bounty hunter)
    Anyone else (The victim. I prefer Peach)
    -LIMIT: Stock, you choose amount
    -DAMAGE: normal (1.0)
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: none
    -STAGE: Any, prefer dark areas
    -EXTRA NOTES: Kirby is a vampire. Samus wants to take Kirby down.  Peach (Or
    whoever) is the victim. Kirby starts out by attacking the victim. After that
    first hit, Samus can go over and attack Kirby. Kirby only goes for Peach.
    But, Kirby can defend himself. If Samus comes near, Kirby is allowed to use a
    smash attack to send her away. Samus only goes for Kirby. If Samus hits
    Peach, Everyone stops. Peach goes up to Samus and hits her with a smash
    attack. Then, play continues. If Kirby dies, Samus wins. If Peach or Samus
    die, Kirby wins.
    >>>NAME: Volleyball
    -PLAYERS: 2 Humans
    -MODE: Regular
    -CHARACTERS: Fox/Falco/Marth/Roy
    -LIMIT: 2 minutes
    -DAMAGE: 1
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: Mr. Saturn/Medium
    -STAGE: Mute City
    -EXTRA NOTES: One player chucks the Mr. Saturn at the other who uses his
    down B move to hit it back.  They hit it back to each other with their down
    B moves and whoever hits it on the floor loses. Play with regular Volleyball
    >>>NAME: Watch Your Back!
    -PLAYERS: 3/4
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: I prefer Fox/Falco Roy and Link(All Human!)
    -LIMIT: 5 Mins.
    -DAMAGE: 200 %
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Only Shell on Very High
    -STAGE: BattleField or Pokefloats (I prefer pokefloats!!!)
    -EXTRA NOTES: Watch your back....!
    >>>NAME: The Weakest Psychic
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Cooldude12316502
    -PLAYERS: 4 human
    -MODE: Super Sudden Death
    -CHARACTERS: Mewtwo, 2 Ness, Jigglypuff
    -LIMIT: Time-5 min
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: 1 for contestants, 9 for Host
    -TEAMS: No
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Yoshi's Story, (Past or Present)
    -EXTRA NOTES: The host (Mewtwo) has to charge up a shadow ball attack, then
    dash. The Host will ask a question. (Must be multiple choice) You buzz in by
    pressing B ( PK Blast ). If the player gets it right, he gets to KO
    Jigglypuff. If he gets it wrong, the Host gets to blast that player off the
    stage. Who ever has the most points at the end of 5 minutes wins. By the way,
    Score Counter is on.
    >>>NAME: The Wedding
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Soccermiester
    -PLAYERS: 1 human, 3 cpu
    -MODE: normal melee
    -CHARACTERS: human: (Any choice)cpu: Link lv.1 zelda lv.1 ganondorf lv.6
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Will some players be better off than others?
    -TEAMS: Team 1 link zelda you. team 2 ganondorf
    -STAGE: Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Hero of Hyrule is getting marred. A funny version would be
    marth instead of link
    >>>NAME: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    -PLAYERS: 2, 3, or 4 Humans.
    -MODE: Lightning Mode, Time.
    -CHARACTERS: 2 Fox, 2 Falco [If there are just 2, have 1 Fox and 1 Falco,
    if there are 3 then have 1 or 2 Fox's and 1 or 2 Falco's]
    -LIMIT: 5 minutes
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: Bunny Hood [Very High]
    -STAGE: Icicle Mountain
    -EXTRA NOTES: You must get a bunny hood as fast as you can, and you're not
    allowed to attack unless you're wearing one! See who can last the longest
    without dying or who dies the least. Careful not to jump too far when the
    stage starts moving up... A double-quick Fox or Falco jump goes up the
    entire screen and then some...
    >>>NAME: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: The Second Coming
    -PLAYERS: 2, 3, or 4 Humans.
    -MODE: Lightning Mode, Time.
    -CHARACTERS: 2 Fox, 2 Falco [If there are just 2, have 1 Fox and 1 Falco,
    if there are 3 then have 1 or 2 Fox's and 1 or 2 Falco's]
    -LIMIT: 5 minutes
    -DAMAGE: 2.0
    -HANDICAP: none
    -TEAMS: none
    -ITEMS: Bunny Hood, Bob-Ombs [Very High].
    -STAGE: Brinstar
    -EXTRA NOTES: You must get a bunny hood as soon as you can. You are not
    allowed to attack other players, or pick up the Bob-Ombs, or use your Shield
    or dodges. Careful not to jump too high while avoiding the bob-ombs running
    rampant... or even worse.. careful not to jump into one! [Oh, and mind the
    acid, too...]
    >>>NAME: Wow! Bob-omb War!
    -MODE: Single-Button Melee, or Normal Melee, but you can't use the Kirby's
    Rock, Peach "B" Special or Mr. G&W Oil Panic
    -LIMIT: Time, 01:00
    -TEAMS: Blue & Red
    -ITEMS: None at all
    -STAGE: The best are Final Destination or Zelda's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: All the points must be 0-0-0-0 or -1 -1 -1 -1, or... etc. when
    the time finish. When starts the Sudden Death wait until the bob-ombs appear.
    The last team with a player alive win!! (If you are in Zelda's Castle, don't
    go to "the cave")
    >>>NAME: WWE
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: gamejoey
    Fox               The Rock
    Kirby             Kurt Angle
    Bowser            Brock Lesnar
    DK               (Mutant Triple H)
    Capt. Falcon      Undertaker
    Ganondorf         Kane
    Ice Climbers      Jamie Noble & Nidia
    Link              Chris Jericho
    Samus             Chyna
    Peach             Trish Stratus
    Jigglypuff        Stephanie McMahon
    Ness              Eric Bischoff
    Mr. Game & Watch  Mr. McMahon
    Since Adventure Scenarios are longer and more complex than Battle Scenarios,
    I have made a way to make them a little more understandable.
    Here's the key:
    ******: Separates each Scenario
    ---: Separates each Stage/Battle in the individual Scenarios
    (If you put your own Stage/Battle separator, then I'll include that instead!!
    Just make sure it's one that isn't "***", or something that doesn't work, or
    I'll be forced to use the "---".)
    >>> NAME: The 3 Crystals
    Extra Notes: The first person in each battle is the person you control. Items
    are always Beam Sword, Ray Gun, Super Scope, Cloaking Device, motion sensor
    bomb, Heart Container, Max Tomato, Food, Bom-omb and Metal Box
    Battle: Link vs. Kirby x3(3)
    Battle type:  Free for all stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Fountain of Dreams
    Link: Ouch!
    Kirby 1: You're here.
    Link: Huh?
    Kirby 3: You are the one destined to find the three crystals.
    Link: Wha?
    Kirby 2: But first you must prove your worth.
    Link: What?
    Kirby 3: The three crystals are located at the three kingdoms.
    (Link is transported away)
    Battle: Link vs. Fox (1)
    Battle type: Free for all stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Corneria
    Link: What am I doing here?
    Fox: Good question.
    Fox: You're pretty good. What are you doing up here?
    Link: I am looking for the three crystals.
    Fox: So am I. I only need one wish. You can have the other two.
    Link: So you are coming with me.
    Fox: Exactly.
    Extra notes: If teammates die you must restart.
    Battle: Link and Fox (2) vs. Samusx2 (2)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Great Bay
    Fox: We are almost there.
    Link: Good.
    Fox: Watch out!
    Link: What were those?
    Fox: Those are Samus. Totally evil fighting machines.
    Battle: Link and Fox (2) vs. Zelda (3) and Link*(4)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Hyrule Temple
    Link: We are here.
    Zelda: What are you doing here?
    Fox: We are here to get the crystal.
    Link*:Don't think so.
    Link: Who are you?
    Fox: Everyone exists in every dimension.
    Link*: You will never get the crystal.
    Zelda: You can have the crystal if you safely escort me to Peach's castle.
    Link: Fine. Fox stay here.
    Extra Notes: Zelda cannot die.
    Battle: Link and Zelda (3) vs. Samus (2) vs. Bowser (2)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Great Bay
    Link: So there are Samus and Bowsers.
    Zelda: Both are very dangerous. No one knows who creates the Samus. The
    Bowsers are created by King Bowser. They help him with the war.
    Link: Where are they found at?
    Zelda: Just about everywhere except the Fountain of Dreams. That where you
    must gather the crystals. It is way up in the sky.
    Link: I remember. That is where I was when I first came here. What's that?
    Link: They are pretty strong.
    Zelda: Let's go.
    (Zelda turns into Sheik and runs past Link.)
    Battle: Sheik vs. Mariox2 (4)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Mushroom Kingdom
    Mario 1: Stay there!
    Sheik: Why should I?!
    Mario 2: You can't pass. You can't go to Peach's castle.
    Sheik: How much you wanna bet?
    (Sheik changes into Zelda)
    (Link catches up)
    Extra Notes: Sheik cannot turn into Zelda.
    Battle: Link and Sheik(4) vs. Peach (7) and Mario (4)
    Battle type: Time Team
    Time: 3:00
    Area: Princess Peaches Castle
    Link: We are finally here.
    Peach: What do you think you are doing?
    Link: We got the crystal! Hey Zelda, who was that?
    Zelda: Who was who? Here we can steal her ship.\
    Battle: Link and Zelda vs. Bowser x2(5)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Rainbow Cruise
    Zelda: There are a lot of Bowsers up in the sky.
    Link: Why's that?
    Zelda: See that mountain over there? That is where King Bowser's kingdom is.
    That is also where the Ice Climbers dwell. It is called Icicle Mountain.
    Link: After we go get Fox I guess that is where we are going to get the last
    Link: Fighting them isn't to fun.
    ( They land back at the temple)
    Link*: The crystal has been stolen!
    Fox: It's true. He can by and we tried to stop him.
    Link: What was his name?
    Fox: It was Captain Falcon, a famed thief.
    Link: Zelda, stay here with Link*. Fox and I will find him.
    Zelda: You should go see the Ancient Samus. He can probably find where he is
    at. He can probably tell you how the Samus are created too.
    Fox: I thought that all Samus are fighting machines.
    Zelda: This one has learned to control it self. It is the oldest one on this
    Link*: You can take the transportation system in Mute City.
    Battle: Link and Fox(4)  vs. Captain Falcon (6)
    Battle type: Time Team
    Time: 5:00
    Area: Mute City
    Fox: I hate this place. There are so many cars and they go so fast. I don't
    see why we didn't take my ship.
    Link: If anyone saw us we would be shot down.
    Fox: It's Captain Falcon!
    Link: Falcon, stop.
    Fox: We have about ten minutes before we get to Brinstar.
    Fox: He jumped off!
    C. Falcon: See you.
    Battle: Link and Fox(3) vs. Ancient Samus(7)
    Battle type: Stock team
    Stock: 5
    Area: Brinstar
    Fox: Hey Ancient Samus person. We're here to find the crystal.
    Ancient Samus: If you want anything you will have to beat me.
    Ancient Samus: You are pretty good. Now what is it you want to know?
    Link: We are out to find all the crystals. One of them were stolen and we are
    looking for it.
    Ancient Samus: I see. The one that stole the crystal is Captain Falcon, the
    Great Thief.
    When he jumped off in Mute City he landed near the village of the Kirby. You
    should leave soon if you want to get there. As for how the Samus are made no
    one knows. Not even I. You can be the first ones to find out. Want this Samus
    Link:(Choose yes or no.)
    Ancient Samus: Fine.
    Battle: Link and Fox(4) vs. Samus(5) vs. Bowser(4)
    Battle type: Time Team
    Area: Mute City
    Fox: I still wish we took our ship.
    Link: "Our" ship?
    Fox: I've decided to make you part of my crew.
    Link: Who else is on your crew?
    Fox: Falco. But knowing him he is still asleep.
    Link: They are everywhere! Bowser and Samus.
    Battle: Link and Fox(3) vs. Kirby x2(3)
    Battle type: Stock Team
    Stock: 3
    Area: Green Greens
    Fox: This is the village of the Kirby.
    Link: Really!
    Kirby 1: Go away!
    Fox: They are never like this. I bet C. Falcon is using his mind control
    ability. There are going to many to fight. We should split up so we can take
    them out faster.
    Battle: Link vs. Kirby x2(3) vs. Bowser(5)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Green Greens
    Link: Kirby and Bowser!
    Battle: Link vs. Kirby x3(5)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Green Greens
    Link: This is not fun.
    Battle: Link vs. Samus(4) vs. Kirby x2(4)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Green Greens
    Link: Do I have to say anything?
    Fox: You say something?
    Link: Oh, no.
    Fox: We are all most to C. Falcon.
    Battle: Link and Fox(4) vs. C. Falcon(9) and Kirby(4)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Green Greens
    Fox: There you are!
    C. Falcon: Huh?
    Link: We got the second crystal!
    Fox: Now all we have to do is defeat King Bowser and we get the last crystal.
    Battle: Link and Fox(4) vs. Samus x2(4)
    Battle type: Team time
    Time: 3:00
    Area: Mute City
    Link: Those are the worst fighters ever.
    Fox: When we get there what is our attack plan?
    Link: We storm up the mountain, get the crystal and run.
    Battle: Link and Fox(4) vs. Ice climbers(5) vs. Ice climbers(5)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Area: Icicle Mountain
    Fox: This mountain is where the Ice climbers live. They fight for control of
    the mountain. I don't  think either will gain control of the mountain because
    Bowser controls it and until he dies no one will have control.
    Link: So if he dies they will have to fight for control of the mountain?
    Ice climbers: But first we will fight you!
    Link: They are pretty protective of there land.
    Battle: Link vs. Boswer(9)(2)
    Battle type: Stock team
    Area: Icicle Mountain
    Fox: Watch out for his throw. They say hey can throw over five miles.
    Link: Well, we're here. Where is he?
    (Grabs Fox from behind and throws him.)
    (DK the Trader comes)
    DK: Do you have the Samus suit? I really need it.
    Link(If you have choose yes or no. If you don't have it you cannot give it to
    ------If Yes------
    Link: Sure.
    ( Link give DK the Trader the Samus suit)
    DK: I wish I had something to give you.
    Link: Well my friend just got thrown by Bowser.
    DK: So I can come with you!
    ------If No------
    Link: No, sorry.
    DK: Man!
    Extra notes: Anyone in brackets might not be on your team. The first number
    in front of a computers name is the normal level the second number is
    Battle: Link [DK the Trader(3)] vs. Samus x2(4)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Mute City
    Link: I hate this place.
    (Fox appears)
    Link: How did you do that?
    Fox: When Bowser kicked me I landed on my ship and I warped here.
    (Fox and Link are transported away)
    Link: What are I doing here?
    Zelda: You, Fox, Link*, C. Falcon, and I are all here. I think it has
    something to do with the crystals. Did you the them all?
    Fox: Yeah.
    (Mewtwo appears from the crystal)
    Mewtwo: I am Mewtwo, the most powerful being on this planet!
    C.Falcon: Things have changed.
    Mewtwo: If you want a wish you must defeat me!
    Battle: Link and Fox(3) vs. C. Falcon(6) vs. Mewtwo(7)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Fountain of Dreams
    Mewtwo: Things have changed, people are a lot stronger. I guess you can have
    your wish.
    C. Falcon: I wish that the evil inside Princess Zelda is revealed!
    Link, Fox and Link*: No!
    Battle: Link and Fox(3) and Link*(4) vs. Zelda(9) (3)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Fountain of Dreams
    C. Falcon: I knew that the evil in Zelda will be great. I just couldn't
    summon it. I figured if I could collect the crystals I would be able to. Her
    evil side Sheik had more energy and was stronger and faster. She just
    couldn't stay in that form to long. Now I can kill her and absorb her energy!
    (C. Falcon kills Princess Zelda)
    (Link pushes C. Falcon off the side of the Fountain of Dreams. C. Falcon
    grabs on to the side)
    Link: Fox, push Zelda off the edge!
    (Fox pushes Zelda off the edge)
    (C. Falcon pulls himself back up)
    C. Falcon: Now I have to waste another wish! I have to summon the Legendary
    Link: Who are they?
    C. Falcon: Think about your past. Think about when you used to live here,
    Battle: Young Link and Marth(3) vs. Samus(4)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Hyrule Temple
    Y. Link: Why are we going to the Kingdom any way?
    Marth: We are going there to complain about the Samus.
    Y. Link: Oh.
    Battle: Young Link and Marth(3) vs. Samus x2(4)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Mute City
    Marth: This is ridiculous! This is why we are going to see King Bowser!
    Y. Link: Well if we go collect all three crystal we can just wish for them
    all to be gone!
    Marth: We are to young, we'll probably get killed doing something like that!
    King Bowser will send his best fighters!
    Battle: Young Link and Marth(4) vs. Roy(7)
    Battle type: Team Stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Icicle Mountain
    Marth: We are here. Now all we have to do is climb the mountain.
    Roy: I refuse to let you do that!
    Roy: I must let such fine fighters like you come to the castle.
    (Marth, Roy, and Young Link enter castle)
    Marth: King Bowser, I need your finest fighters to collect the three
    King Bowser: My finest fighter, Roy, has just finished collecting all the
    crystals. What do you need the use of the crystals for?
    Marth: I want all the Samus gone! This wish isn't just for me, it is for
    King Bowser: Makes since to me. I wish for all the Samus to be gone!
    (King Bowser looks out the window)
    King Bowser: What is that? Roy, head over to the Fountain of Dreams, there is
    a giant dino attacking it!
    Roy: I'm on it!
    Battle: Young Link and Marth(4) and Roy(7) vs. Yoshi(9)(3)
    Battle type: Giant team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Fountain of Dreams
    Roy: You two shouldn't be coming, it is to dangerous.
    Marth: Well if we ever want to become legendary fighters, we have to fight a
    Roy: Be careful.
    Young Link: We're here.
    Marth: What is that?
    (Points up to a big portal)
    Roy: Never seen one of those before.
    Young Link: It's shooting lasers everywhere!
    (One laser hits Young Link)
    Battle: Link and Marth(5) and Roy(6) vs. C. Falcon(9)(7)
    Battle type: Team stock
    Stock: 3
    Area: Fountain of Dreams
    Link: Marth and Roy are the legendary fighters?
    C. Falcon: Exactly. Once you were lost they decided to look for you but never
    found you. On there way they fought many people and monsters. They were the
    best fighters in the dimension. Now they will be under my control! I wish
    that the Legendary Fighters will appear!
    (Marth and Roy appear)
    Marth: Where are we?
    Roy: We're at the Fountain of Dreams with Captain Falcon, Link*, Fox and
    Marth: Link, you're here!
    C. Falcon: Exactly, now kill him, like this.
    (C. Falcon kills Fox and Link*)
    Marth and Roy: No way, he is are friend, why would we spend 17 years looking
    for him?
    Marth: Go ahead and make the wish.
    Link: What?
    Roy: We know what wish you want to make.
    Link: Okay. I wish all my friends are revived!
    (Link*, Zelda, and Fox are revived)
    Marth (whispering to Roy): That isn't the wish he was suppose to wish for.
    >>>NAME: Adventure Mode: Revisited
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: snarfoogle
    Ganondorf is at it again!
    Pick a charcter, and battle to the end.
    Stage 1: Hyrule Temple. Team battle.
    3 Lives, items are all at medium.
    (your character), Link, Zelda. Zelda and you on a team.
    Stop the brainwashed Link from killing Zelda! If Zelda dies three times, you
    lose. If you defeat Link, he is freed from his brainwashment, and you go on
    to the next stage.
    Stock, 2
    Pokemon Stadium Stage.
    Pokeball only, high.
    (your character), Samus.
    Samus is trying to torch the Pokemon stadium!
    Kill her before the stage goes into Fire Mode. Simple!
    Do that, and you progress to the next level!
    Stage 3
    Poke Floats. 1 Life.
    Only SuperScope, Bunny Hood, and Ray Gun.
    (you), Samus.
    Samus is escaping on the Thanksgiving day balloons!
    Kill her before it goes back to the Squirtle balloon, or she escapes!
    When you win, go onto stage 4!
    Stage 4!
    3 Stock, Tiny Melee
    Fourside, Team battle, Samus and Kirby versus you and Kirby.
    SScope, Bunny Hood, and Raygun on medium.
    (you), Samus, Kirby, Kirby
    You've finally cornered Samus, but Kirby runs by, chased by another Kirby.
    One sees you and decides to help Samus. The other Kirby decides to help you!
    Stage 5
    Time: 5:00
    No Items.
    (you), Bowser
    Rainbow Cruise
    The Kirby flies off on a warp-star to protect PopStar, and you ride off on
    your ship. Suddenly Bowser attacks! You must protect your ride from Bowser!
    Get more KO's than him!
    Stage: MK1
    Team Stock, 3 Lives, You and Luigi VS. Gan(n)ondorf and Pikachu
    Mushroom, StarMan, FireFlower, and Metal Block only on medium.
    (you), Luigi, G-Dorf, Pikachu.
    You land in the Mushroom Kingdom. You see Luigi being beaten up by some
    demonic evil yellow rat and Gan[n]ondorf! You want Luigi's autograph, so you
    run up and protect him!
    When you beat them, Gan{n}ondorf throws a smoke bomb and disapears, vowing to
    be back with some of the rat's kinsman.... DUN DUN DUN!
    Stage 7!
    Stage: MK2
    Mushroom, StarMan, FireFlower, and Metal Block only on medium.
    (you), Pichu.
    You ask Luigi for his autograph, but then a door appears out of nowhere, and,
    since it wanted to be a black hole when it grows up, sucks you in like a
    Poultrygiest vacuum on the ghost of a dead chicken. You land in Sub-Con, and
    you hear Ga:n:ondorf laughing. One of these "pocket monsters" appears and
    begins to attack you!!! When you defeat it, you go for a relaxing vacation in
    Dinosaur Land.
    Stage 16 - Stage 8 = STAGE 8
    Stage: SMW
    Team Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. G-dorf, Bowser, and JP!
    Handicap in your favor if you are playing against humans. If you are playing
    against comps, you don't need it.
    Mushroom, StarMan, FireFlower, and Metal Block only on medium.
    (you), G-Dorf, Bowser, "Jiggly"puff
    However, once you get to Dinosaur Land, you find a "pocket" monster there.
    Then Bowser and G-Dorf appear! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT!
    Stage 9
    Stage: Green Greens
    Team Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. Pichu, Pikachu, JigglyPuff
    Warpstar, StarMan, Lip's Stick on medium.
    (you), Pi"chu", "Pika"chu, Jiggly"puff"
    You flee to DreamLand in hopes of Kirby helping you, but you find he's not
    there! In his stead you find some Poke 'em, Mon! *beep* DESTROY
    After they are disposed of, you find a warpstar. They must have ridden it
    from Gannon's headquaters!
    Ride it? YES/NO
    Y not?
    Stage 10
    Special Stages: Battlefield.
    Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. Bowser!
    No Items.
    (You), Bowser,
    You land on Battlefield. "THIS ISN'T A BOSS STAGE! This... is... a... sub-
    boss stage..." Bowser appears and attacks! OH NO! COULD IT BE THAT THIS
    Stage 11
    Special Stages: Battlefield.
    Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. Pikachu!
    No Items.
    (You), Pikachu
    There are three trophies next to you. Pikachu, Pichu, and JigglyPuff. The
    Pikachu jumps up and attacks! OH NO! Not one of those battles where you fight
    a bunch of enemies in a row!
    Stage 12
    Special Stages: Battlefield.
    Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. Pichu!
    No Items.
    (You), Pichu
    There are two trophies next to you. Pichu, and JigglyPuff. The Pichu jumps up
    and attacks! Predictable, huh?
    Stage 13
    Special Stages: Battlefield.
    Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. Jigglypuff!
    No Items.
    (You), Jigglypuff
    There is one trophy next to you. JigglyPuff. The 'Puff jumps up and attacks!
    *yawn* You defeat the last trophy, and Gannon is no-where to be seen. He must
    be at either Hyrule or Termina! You pick Termina because he probably isn't
    there and this is stage 13 and well, you don't want this to be 14 stages
    Stage 14
    Great Bay
    Team Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. Marth and Roy
    All items, very high.
    (You), Marth, Roy
    As you land in Termina, the first thing you see is a character from a SNES
    rpg that started with F and was number 3 in the series! YES! IT'S A PERSON
    FROM FF3J! Oh, wait, wrong script. YES! IT'S MARTH OF FIRE EMBLEM 3! Oh yes,
    and over there is Roy from some GBA rpg. YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK! However, by
    fighting them, you gave Gan_n_ondorf time to finish his ultimate creation.
    Once they are both dead, you are warped off to a stage inspired by an Action-
    Stage 15
    Hyrule Temple
    Team Stock, 5 Lives (You) VS. Gannondorf and *will be revealed in the
    description for dramatic tension*
    No Items.
    (You), Gannondorf, *will be revealed in the description for dramatic tension*
    Oops, sorry, wrong script. YOU LAND IN THE Zelda2 stage!
    And oh, no! It's Gannondorf. And his horrible creation:
    Side Notes for the entire thing: If you don't like computer players, or you
    have some friends over and want multiplay, you can let humans either be on
    your team in team battle, or your enemy. Now all I have to do is test
    Adventure Mode Revisted. I'm off to the 'cube!
    >>> NAME: The Adventures of Grongo
    The Adventures of Grongo, part 1
    (Note: In Team Battles, the character you play as will always be Grongo)
    Team Battle
    Rule: Stock (3)
    Stage: Corneria (Dark Dude's ship)
    Stage Variation: Final Destination (Uncle Y-Box's core)
    Your Team: Roy (Grongo), Marth (Lieutenant Wario)
    Opponent's Team: Mewtwo (Dark Dude), Mr. Game and Watch (X-Box)
    Dark Dude and X-Box have teamed up to take out their arch rivals. Dark Dude
    has trapped Grongo and Wario on his ship.
    Part 2
    Team Battle
    Rule: Time (2:00)
    Stage: Brinstar Depths (if possible) or Green Greens (Afghanistan)
    Your Team: Grongo, Wario
    Opponent's Team: Captain Falcon (Osama Bin Laden)
    Dark Dude's ship has blown up. Grongo and Wario wake up in Afghanistan, where
    Osama rudely greets them with a Terror Thwack (let C. Falcon use a Falcon
    Punch on either you or Marth). If you get more KOs than Osama did, go to part
    3. If not, a bomb set in the Whitehouse will explode and you lose.
    Part 3
    Rule: Time (2:00)
    Stage: Big Blue (if possible) or Mute City
    You: Grongo
    Opponents: X-Box, Donkey Kong (Saddam Hussein)
    You're trying to get to the Whitehouse before the bomb explodes. Wario has
    decided to fly there, but Grongo can't fly, so he must get across Big Blue.
    However, X-Box is back, and Saddam Hussein is trying to stop Grongo, but he
    doesn't seem to care about either of you. If you get more KOs than X-Box and
    Saddam, go to part 4. If not, go to part 4, but you must remove Grongo and
    Wario from any further fights and have Wario replace Grongo. (because Grongo
    Part 4
    Team Battle (Melee if you lost the last part)
    Rule: Stock (3)
    Additional Rules: Time Limit (1:00)
    Stage: Fourside (if possible) or Onett (the Whitehouse)
    Your Team: Grongo, Wario
    Opponent's Team: Osama, Saddam
    Osama and Saddam are trying to keep Grongo and Wario from stopping the bomb.
    Unless you beat them within the time limit, you lose. If you do beat them
    within the time limit, go to chapter 5.
    Part 5
    Team Battle (Melee if you lost part 3)
    Rule: Stock (3)
    Stage: Hyrule Temple (Prison Front Gate)
    Your Team: Grongo, Wario
    Opponent's Team: Ganondorf (What's-His-Name), Dark Dude
    Three weeks after Osama and Saddam were defeated, What's-His-Name had escaped
    from prison. Again. Wario believes that Dark Dude helped him escape. Upon
    investigating the prison, he and Grongo found that it was true. When they
    defeated What's-His-Name, Dark Dude had escaped to Sharpieland. (Ignore
    Mewtwo. After you KO Ganondorf three times, quit the fight)
    Part 6
    Rule: Stock (3)
    Stage: Mute City (Rex's Dojo)
    You: Grongo
    Opponents: Wario, Kirby (Rex)
    Wario, Grongo, and Rex are training to defeat Dark Dude. Check your bonuses
    and penalties at the end. It doesn't matter if you won or lost the fight as
    long as you didn't get any penalties (That includes SDs, but doesn't include
    Part 7
    Team Battle
    Rule: Stock (3)
    Stage: Brinstar (Space)
    Your Team: Grongo, Wario, Rex
    Opponent's Team: Bowser (Lavos)
    You're traveling to Dark Dude's new ship, but you must go through outer space
    first. Dark Dude has sent his little brother, Lavos, to get you.
    Part 8
    Team Battle
    Rule: Stock (3)
    Stage: Yoshi's Island (Bridge to Dark Dude's new ship)
    Your Team: Grongo, Wario, Rex
    Opponent's Team: Pikachu (Giygas) (I was out of villains to use, then I
    decided, Pikachu is evil enough)
    You're finally at Dark Dude's new ship, but instead of a series of hidden
    buttons on the bridge, you have to fight Dark Dude's big brother, Giygas, to
    get across it!
    Part 9
    Team Battle
    Rule: Stock (3)
    Stage: Venom (Dark Dude's new ship)
    Your Team: Grongo, Wario, Rex
    Opponent's Team: Dark Dude
    You're inside. Dark Dude is hiding on the roof of the ship, so you go up
    there. It's time to face him in the ultimate match.
    Part 10
    Rule: Stock (1)
    Stage: Flat Zone (Sharpieland)
    You: Grongo
    Opponent: Dark Dude
    Dark Dude has killed Wario and Rex. Grongo is enraged at the death of his
    best friend (Wario), and he blows the new ship up. Now he and Dark Dude are
    fighting in Sharpieland. Avoid DD until the guy with the oil (Sharpie ink)
    comes and spills it, then start attacking DD. If you get the Half-Minute Man
    bonus, go to Secret Part. If not, you win.
    If you lost Part 3: After killing the last hope of the Earth, Dark Dude
    thinks he's conquered the universe, but just then, Molly the Talking Monkey
    comes! Go to Secret Part 2
    Secret Part
    Rule: Time (3:00)
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    You: Grongo
    Opponents: Two Kirbys (Spirits)
    The spirits of Wario and Rex are mad at Grongo for letting them die, and they
    attack him. This level is just for fun. You win no matter what the result is.
    However, if you get more KOs than the spirits, you get a better ending. Wario
    and Rex come back to life.
    Secret Part 2
    Rule: Stock (1)
    Stage: Sharpieland
    You: Pichu (Molly the Talking Monkey)
    Opponent: Dark Dude
    With the three warriors most likely to kill Dark Dude gone, he thinks he's
    conquered the universe. Think again! Molly the Talking Monkey has come!
    >>> NAME: Army Men: Yoshi on the run
    WARNING: The story may contain high levels of foul language. Either have
    parental supervision or skip story.
    Part 1
    Sarge: Yoshi, HQ says that we need you and Mr. G&W to Infiltrate the Tan army
    camp located on the Kongo Jungle bridge and eliminate the Blue spy who has
    access card to the Tan Jungle Base. Over.
    Yoshi: (saying in the walkiy-talky) We are already there. We've located the
    spy and now figuring out a way how to suprise attack.
    Sarge: Good, give em' ^%@$.
    Stock: 1
    Items: Projectiles and bob-ombs only
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), Green Mr. G&W (LV2) vs. Falco (LV9)
    Stage: Kongo Jungle (Not past stage one)
    Ex notes: None
    Win: Part 2
    Lose: Part 1 1/2
    Part 1 1/2
    Mr. G&W: %^#$. We got captured. WAKE UP YOSHI!
    Yoshi: (Wakes up) Oh ^%#$. We're locked up in a @%^# ol' jail cell.
    Mr. G&W: At least I got this.
    Yoshi: Oh no. That you mean? There's a guard ouside and in front of us you
    Mr G&W: (Uses DK Junior and the cell opens)
    Guard: Huh? Wha?
    (Mr. G&W Knocks out the Tan guard with helmet and both of Yoshi and Mr. G&W
    walk out)
    Yoshi: Good. Now we need to escape the prison camp.
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), Mr. G&W (LV9), vs. Blue Yoshi (LV9), Falco (LV8)
    Handicap: All 5
    Stage: Temple
    Ex Notes: You need to do defeat the both the Blue Yoshi and Falco with Mr.
    G&W alive.
    Win: Part 2
    Lose: Mission Failure
    Part 2
    [If you played part 1 1/2]
    Yoshi: Well... We didn't get his access card he musta placed it somewhere in
    the Tan camp in Kongo Jungle.
    (Yoshi takes out his walky-talky)
    Yoshi: Sarge... come in! I have failed to get the access card that opens the
    main gate. Requesting new objective: Enter Tan Jungle Base through office.
    Sarge: Very well. Procced through and avoid any Tan forces.
    (Yoshi sees an office, opens up a vent and crawls through into the base)
    [If you succesfully won Part 1]
    Yoshi: ^#%$ right we got that card.
    (Yoshi sees the main gate)
    Yoshi: Hmmm... (puts the access card into the drive and pulls it out and the
    gate opens)
    (Yoshi enters)
    Tan Soldier: Halt Yoshi!
    Tan Major: Aha! An Intruder has broken into our facility! Throw him in to the
    Tan Soldier: But sir...
    Tan Major: Shut the %$@^ up. He shall meet this greatest fighter.
    Narrator: Uh-oh. Looks like trouble.
    Stock: 1
    Items: Projectiles and bob-ombs only
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), vs. Any (LV 9)
    Handicap: Yoshi-6, opponent you chose-9
    Stage: Kongo Jungle (the past stage one)
    Ex Notes: None
    Win: Part 3
    Lose: Mission Failure
    Part 3
    Yoshi: Now. Surrender your base or prepare to take a beating from me!
    Tan forces:...............R..R..RR...R..RETREAT!
    (All tan forces escape)
    Yoshi: (Pulls out his M-16 and fires at the Tan forces)
    Sarge: (Through Yoshi's walky-talky) Good job! Next objective is to go to the
    portal that leads to the alternate world and rescue some of our friends
    Yoshi: (goes to the portal that leads to the giant city streets)
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), vs. DK (LV7)
    Mode: Tiny Melee
    Stage: Onett
    Ex Notes: None
    Win: Part 4
    Lose: Mission Failure
    Part 4:
    (Yoshi finds 4 Green soldiers and Fox McCloud tied up then he unties them)
    Yoshi: Good thing. Fox, sorry I had to kill Falco.
    Fox: Yoshi, that was a Tan soldier in disguse.
    Yoshi: How'd ya know?
    Fox: The real Falco was back at the Great Fox and um...
    (Suddenly DK attacks Fox and the Green forces, knocking them out!)
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), vs. DK (LV7)
    Mode: Tiny Melee
    Stage: Onett
    Ex Notes: Kinda sucks that ya have to fight him again. Not much changes on
    this one.
    Win: Part 5
    Lose: Mission Failure
    Part 5
    Green forces: That was really $@#% close.
    Sarge: (through Yoshi's walky-talky) Excellent job! Mission Complete. HQ says
    that you should get to that portal at the other side of the street and wait
    for further orders.
    (Yoshi, the Green forces and Fox McCloud enter the portal and arrive at
    Icicle Mountain)
    Nana: Thank goodness you're all here! Popo and I were trying to get rid of
    this red robot!
    Popo: Yeah and it fires these orbs and missiles.
    Yoshi: %#^@. That must be the work of General Plastro.
    Nana: Um... Who's General Plastro?
    Yoshi: He's the leader of the Tan army. The Tan are doing the fiendishly work
    for him.
    Nana: Oh and this robot, it looks excatly like Samus but it isn't her at all.
    Yoshi: Let's go after it! Shall we?
    Stock: 1
    Items: Projectile and Bob-ombs only
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), Fox (LV4), Ice Climbers (LV6), vs. Samus (LV9)
    Stage: Icicle Mountain
    Ex Notes: If you, Fox or the Ice Climbers get KO'd, you lose.
    Win: Part 6
    Lose: Mission Failure
    Part 6
    Sarge: (through Yoshi's Walky-Talky) NOOO!!!! SAY IT AIN'T SO! BOWSER HAS
    KIDNAPPED PEACH! LIKE ALWAYS! We need you and Mario to hunt him down.
    Yoshi: I'm on it! (runs to the portal)
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), Mario (LV8), Peach (LV1), vs. Bowser (LV9)
    Mode: Tiny Melee
    Stage: Onett
    Ex Notes: If you lose Mario or Peach, you lose
    Win: Part 7
    Lose: Mission Failure
    Part 7
    Sarge: Good job soldier! Peach is safe. Next is eliminate a Tan Yoshi and
    steal his floppy disk to the computer which will turn off all security search
    lights in the Tan prison camp.
    Stock: 1
    Items: Projectiles and bob-ombs only
    Players: Yoshi (HMN), Tan Yoshi (LV9)
    Handicap: Yoshi-3 Tan Yoshi-9
    Stage: Battlefield
    Ex Notes: Make the Tan Yoshi look yellow. There won't be a real tan color
    Win: Part 8
    Lose: Part 7 1/2
    Part 7 1/2
    Yoshi: (Wakes up and sees himself back at the same cell as before, could be)
    Ugh... back in the $^%@ ol' cell.
    (Yoshi thinks of a break-out plan)
    Yoshi: Got it!
    (Yoshi uses egg roll and crashes through the cell door)
    Yoshi: Now to get that floppy disk.
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Players: Yoshi (HMN) Tan Yoshi (LV7)
    Stage: Temple
    Ex Notes: None
    Win: Part 8
    Lose: Mission Failure
    Part 8
    (Yoshi uses floppy disk to disable the search lights in the Tan army prison
    Tan guard 1: Who the #%$^ disabled our search lights?
    Tan guard 2: I don't know who the #%$^ would disable them.
    (Yoshi escapes the Tan prison camp)
    Sarge: (through Yoshi's walky-talky) Good job soldier! We may now allow you
    do any unassigned mission. Do whatever it takes to stop Plastro.
    Ex Notes: Just go to Event Match 50, Final Destination Match and keep going
    until you defeat Master Hand and Crazy Hand.
    Final Part
    Sarge: (through walky-talky) Incredible! Now Tan forces are forced to leave
    this SSBM world... except for one... Plastro. This is the last piece of the
    rope. Make it your finest!
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray guns
    Players: Yoshi: (HMN) vs. Tan Yoshi (LV9)
    Handicap: Yoshi-5 Tan Yoshi-9
    Stage: Final Destination
    Ex Notes: Tan Yoshi can NOT KO himself
    Win: The End
    Lose: Mission Failure
    The End
    (Back in Green Base HQ)
    Yoshi: Mission Complete
    Sarge: Congratulations! The Tan Yoshi has ben eliminated. Plastro can't do
    $%^@ about you so he chickens out and retreats.
    Vikki Grimm: Man. You were da bomb.
    Colonel Grimm: As for the job well done, I award you to be part of Sarge's
    Riff: Yeah Man and ya can even get cool and use a weapon.
    Hoover: You get to have your own weapon. Me? I'm just a Minesweeper.
    Scorch: And you can even melt em' down
    Thick: And um... Smash dah... Smash em off.
    Shrap: And blow em' down, dude.
    Colonel Grimm: Choose your weapon (or item) for the team.
    Yoshi: Hmmm.... I'll be the mine layer for this team.
    Sarge: Wow! Good choice!
    The End
    >>> NAME:
    ********Battle for the Planet********
    A Super Smash Bros. Melee Adventure
    Note: Stamina Mode is used unless stated otherwise.
    Every character has one life.
    All computers are level 9.
    Player must choose between using Zelda or Ganondorf. That character must be
    used throughout.  If Zelda is chosen, player must always transform into Sheik
    at the beginning of every match, and must stay transformed throughout the
    A former pit fighter-turned trainer had two star students.  One was a Ninja,
    and the other was a Brawler.  It was the eve of the final challenge.....
    Stage 1
    "It is time for your final challenge," the master began.  "You must defeat me
    in one on one combat."
    (player) vs. Samus (the master)
    Pokemon Stadium
    Stage 2
    "You have done well, my apprentice.  I have taught you all I can."  With
    those words, suddenly the master fell forward.  On top of him was a man,
    dressed in grey.  "Mwahaha!  Now that he is dead, I am the most powerful
    person in the world.  My plan is going perfectly."  The man in grey suddenly
    dashed off, before you could do anything.  But your resolve was firm, you
    must head after him, and take your revenge.
    Arriving at the port, you were stopped by three knights.  The oldest one
    spoke up.  "You must be the person the master told us about.  You shall not
    pass through here alive."
    (player) vs. Link (green) Young Link (blue) and Young
    Link (red)
    Termina Bay
    Stage 3
    With the henchmen defeated you were able to board a ship to the Lofty
    Mountain.  On top of the Lofty Mountain is a stronghold of the enemy.  From
    there you should be able to find out where he is hiding.
    However, once the ship is underway, several rats were discovered onboard.
    Large, mean rats.
    (player) vs. Pichu Pikachu and Pichu
    Rainbow Ride
    Stage 4
    Now that you have arrived at the foot of the Lofty Mountain, it is time to
    scale its peak.  However, the mountain has its own guardians, aligned neither
    with the forces of light nor the forces of darkness.
    (player) vs. Ice Climbers
    Icicle Mountain
    Stage 5
    The stronghold has been breached.  Now you must defeat two generals of the
    enemy.  Both are quick, agile, and packing heat.
    (player) vs. Fox and Falco
    Stage 6
    The stronghold contains information which has allowed you to ascertain the
    location of the enemy's main fortress.  Also, you have found a starship you
    can use to travel there faster.  Boarding the starship, you set out for the
    Something suddenly jars the ship.  Exiting the bridge and getting on the
    back, you find a wizard doing his best to disable the ship before it reaches
    its destination.
    (player) vs. Ness
    note: After the battle, if you are playing with Ganondorf, follow the a path.
    Otherwise, follow the b path.
    Stage 7a
    Although the wizard was thwarted, the battle took its toll upon the
    spaceship.  The ship crashed inside of a jungle close to the stronghold of
    the enemy.
    While crossing a waterfall, you are suddenly ambushed by a swordsman.  "I am
    an assassin sent to kill you," was all the words out of his mouth before he
    Ganondorf vs. Roy
    Jungle Rapids
    Stage 7b
    Although the wizard was thwarted, the battle took its toll upon the
    spaceship.  The ship crashed near the ruins of a great temple that was close
    to the stronghold of the enemy.
    While walking through the ruins, you are suddenly halted by a swordsman.  "I
    am an assassin sent here to kill you," were the only words out of his mouth
    before he struck.
    Sheik vs. Marth
    Temple Ruins
    Stage 8a
    Finally, you reach the stronghold of the enemy.  Working your way inside, you
    come upon a woman in a white dress.
    "Fool!" she hisses at you, "you cannot defeat my creations."  With that, she
    presses a button.  Two creatures appear out of the darkness.  However, an
    alarm blares.  Something is causing the ground to shake.
    Ganondorf vs. Peach (white) Mewtwo and Yoshi
    Brinstar Depths
    Stage 8b
    Finally, you have come upon the stronghold of the enemy.  Working your way
    inside, you come upon a man in a white coat.
    "Fool!" he hisses at you, "you cannot defeat my creations."  With that, he
    presses a button.  Two creatures appear out of the darkness.
    Sheik vs Dr. Mario Donkey Kong (grey) and Bowser
    Stage 9
    With the ground collapsing around you, you search around for some way to
    escape.  Out of the corner of your eye you notice some kind of energy field.
    Stepping in, you find yourself transported to some kind of meditation
    "I am surprised to have found you have come this far.  I should not have
    underestimated you.  No matter, your quest ends here."
    (player) vs Capt. Falcon
    Final Destination
    With the enemy defeated, the master could rest in peace.  You are the new
    master now.
    >>> NAME: The Beginning
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: kirbmasterx
    Characters: you- Young Link, other(either a friend better than you or a level
    9 comp)- Roy
    Stock-5 everything else stays the same
    Story- Young Link has been training under master swordsman Roy to become a
    great swordsman. Roy is now taking him around the world to finish his
    Battle 1- you and roy vs. to low level ice climbers
    stage- ice climber's
    goal- defeat both sets of ice climbers
    After the battle the ice climbers decide to help the pair get off the
    mountain. While on the mountain they see Princess Peach's castle in an area
    they said she could not use for her castle. The ice climbers are filled with
    rage and go to attack.
    Battle 2- you, Roy, Ice Climbers( high level) vs. Peach (lower level than Ice
    stage- Peach's castle
    goal- defeat Peach
    Peach's castle is destroyed and she tries to escape on her ship. The Ice
    Climbers and you chase after her.
    Battle 3 you, Roy, Ice Climbers L.9 vs. Peach 9lower level than Ice Climbers)
    stage- Rainbow Cruise
    goal- defeat Peach before she gets back to her ship
    Peach is defeated but now the Mario Bros. come and get rid of the Ice
    Climbers. Now you must stop them to help your friends, the Ice Climbers.
    Battle 4 you, Roy vs. Mario Bros.(level 1-5)
    stage- Rainbow Cruise
    goal- defeat the Mario Bros.
    The ship is destroyed and both of you fall into a jungle. An old friend of
    Roy's, DK, helps them out. After they are patched up, DK wants to see how
    much Roy has improven.
    Battle 5- Roy(you for the time being) vs. DK(level1-5)
    stage- DK's level, the one not it front of Cranky's house.
    After the battle, DK wants to see how good Roy's apprentice, Young Link is.
    Battle 6 you(back to Y. Link) vs. Dk (higher level than last battle)
    Stage-the DK level in front of Cranky's house
    goal-defeat DK
    After the battles, DK sends the two off. They arrive on Yoshi's Story, where
    two Yoshi's attack them thinking they are trying to kill them.
    Battle 7- you, Roy vs. 2 Yoshi's(level1-5)
    stage- Yoshi's Story
    goal- defeat the Yoshi's
    After the Battle the Yoshi's tell you what is going on there. A great dragon
    is destroying Yoshi Isle. You offer to destroy the dragon.
    Battle 8- you, Roy vs. Dragon(Bowser)
    stage- Yoshi Isle
    goal- defeat Bowser
    After the battle, the two hed off to Y. Link's Home town, The Temple Ruins.
    There they see Zelda and Link.
    Battle 9- you, Roy vs. Zelda and Link(low to moderate level)
    stage- Temple Ruins
    goal- defeat Zelda and Link( must defeat Zelda while she is Zelda not Sheik)
    After the battle, Ganondorf attacks. Link valiantly fights but fails. Now it
    is up to Y. Link to save Hyrule.
    Battle 10- You vs. Ganondorf(moderate level)
    stage- Temple Ruins
    goal- defeat Ganondorf
    Now you head to Termina where Dark Young Link attacks.
    Battle 11- You vs Dark colored Y. Link(1 level higher than Ganondorf)
    Now that you saved Hyrule and Termina, Both of you head to a another one of
    Roy's old friends, Kirby. Kirby wants to see how much Roy has improven.
    Battle 12 Roy(you for the time being) vs. Kirby(as high as DK was)
    stage- Green Greens
    After the battle, Kirby challenges Y. Link.
    Battle 13- you(back to Y. Link) vs. Kirby
    stage- Green Greens
    After the battle, Roy tells Young Link that it is time for his first test.
    Battle 14- you vs. Roy
    stage- Fountain of Dreams
    goal- fight valiantly but lose
    Roy and Y. Link now head off on the Great Fox. Fox, another good friend of
    Roy's, wants to see how good the two of you are
    Battle 15 you, Roy vs. Fox(high as DK and Kirby)
    stage- Corneria
    After the battle, Falco comes by and wants to try and beat you.
    Battle 16- you, Roy vs. Falco(same level as Fox)
    The Great Fox takes the pair to a volcano located deep within the earth.
    There, Samus is trying to keep the volcano from exploding and fight you
    thinking that you are an enemy.
    Battle17- you, Roy vs. Samus(low to moderate level)
    stage- Brinstar
    After the battle, the lava sinks farther and farther and all three of you go
    down. You fall down a very steep cliff and Samus hits the ground very hard
    and catches amnesia. Now you must battle her again.
    Battle 18- you, Roy vs. Amnesia stricken Samus(same level)
    stage- Brinstar depths
    goal- defeat her without falling into the acid
    Now the three of you leave the volcano and go your separate ways. You go to a
    little town where a little boy attacks.
    Battle 19- you, Roy vs. Ness(low level)
    stage- Onett
    After the battle, Ness transports the you to the top of the skyscrapers where
    he  and his evil psychic creation attack.
    Battle 20- you, Roy vs Ness(same level) and Mewtwo(higher level than Ness)
    stage- Fourside
    After the battle, you are blown onto a race track where a race is taking
    place. One of the drivers hops out of his car and trys to get you off the
    Battle 21- you, Roy vs. C. Falcon(moderate level)
    stage- Mute city(non-secret course)
    Another driver hops out of his car to attack you and the race cars suddenly
    grow humongous.
    Battle 22- you and Roy vs 2 C. Falcons(one at same level and one at higher
    Course- Big Blue(the secret one)
    After you defeat both of the C. Falcons, Roy reveals his true self, Marth.
    Roy would have willingly taken Y. Link as a student but he mysteriously
    disappeared before he could take him as a student, so Marth disguised himself
    as Roy to take you as a student in Roy's place. After Marth tells you the
    story, an enormous, evil voice booms.
    " So, you have finally revealed yourself, Marth. Now you and the young brat
    will join Roy in the past."
    Suddenly, a vortex appears and sucks Marth and Young Link in and sends them
    to the past. The 2 arrive in the very old Mushroom Kingdom, where they see
    Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi attack you thinking you are one of Bowser's
    Battle 23- you & Marth vs. Mario & Luigi(level 1)
    Stage-Mushroom Kingdom
    After the battle, another portal sucks the 2 to Subcon where they see Mario,
    Luigi, and Peach. Marth is trapped in the wormhole and you must defeat the
    trio alone in order to save him.
    Battle 24- you vs. Mario Bros. & Peach(level 2)
    stage- Mushroom Kingdom 2 (Subcon)
    After the battle, The wormhole opens up and you and Marth are taken to a
    remote island. There the Yoshi's of the past have had the Super Happy tree
    stolen and because you are in the past they do not know you and attack
    Battle 25- you & Marth vs. 2 Yoshi's(level 1)
    stage- Past stage Yoshi's Island
    The Yoshi's run off and you escape from the island and find yourself deep in
    DK's jungle in the past. The past DK attacks.
    Battle 26- you & Marth vs. DK(level 6)
    stage- Past Stage DK's Jungle
    You and Marth continue through the jungle and find your way out and end up at
    Kirby's place. The past Kirby attacks.
    Battle 27- you & Marth vs. Kirby(level 6)
    stage- Past Stage Dream Land
    After you defeat Kirby, another portal appears and sucks you in. It sends you
    to the very old Game & Watch and the brain dead Mr. Game & Watch attacks.
    Battle 28- you & Marth vs. Mr. Game & Watch(level 1)
    stage- superfalt world flat zone
    After the battle, another portal takes you back to the present in space.
    Battle 29- you & Marth vs. 2 Marth clones(level 6)
    stage- Battlefield
    " So, you are stronger than I thought. However, you will now taste death and
    the universe will become mine." At that, you are transported to an area
    nowhere in the universe. Dark Bowser, Dark Ganondorf, and Dark Mewtwo stand
    in front of you. Y. Link is defenseless and it is up to Marth to save the
    universe from total annihilation.
    Battle 30- Marth(you for the time being) vs. Dark Bowser, Dark Ganondorf,
    Dark Mewtwo(level 7)
    stage- Final Destination
    goal- fight valiantly but lose
    After Marth is defeated, the darks kill Marth in the most horrible way
    " Now, you will die brat."
    Young Link stares at the dead body of Marth and everything that the 2 of them
    had done runs through his mind. Marth had trained Y. Link to be a great
    swordsman and they had constantly saved the world. Now, Marth had been killed
    and the universe's fate was on Young Link's shoulders. At the thought of the
    darks, Young Link transforms(if you watch DBZ you will know what this looks
    like) into a Super Young Link. The darks are amazed and fear stricken. Super
    Young Link(SYL) attacks the monsters.
    Battle 31- SYL(you) vs. the Darks(dark bowser, dark ganondorf, dark
    mewtwo)(level 4(you are SYL so they are weaker than you))
    stage- Final Destination
    goal- slaughter them and die as few times as possible
    SYL destroys the carcasses of the darks. A portal appears and Roy comes out.
    Roy"You and Marth were taken to the present through a portal and I came
    through behind you. Now we can return home."
    The portal suddenly closes and Dark Young Link(not super) and Dark Roy
    Final Battle(Battle 32(yes it was that long))
    SYL(you) & Roy(level 9) vs. Dark Y. Link(level 4) & Dark Roy(level 8)
    stage-Final Destination(hold down R for proper music)
    goal- die as few times as possible and kill them as quickly as possible
    After the battle, the place starts to explode and a portal sucks you in
    before it explodes. You and Roy are taken home. SYL and Roy head home unaware
    that this is only the beginning of the great danger that is dawning upon the
    To Be Continued...
    >>> NAME: Biological Weapons
    Characters: You (whoever you choose)
    Enemies: Pokemon and One Dr. Mario
    Arena: Kanto Stadium
    Items: Pokeballs on VERY HIGH
    Limits: 10 stock
    Scenario: Some Mad Dr. ( Dr. Mario ) has created some freakish little things.
    Battle his creations and him along with using pokeballs before the match is
    up. There are 5 rounds.
    First round use Pichu and Jigglypuff with Dr. Mario. Have Dr. mario be at
    level 5 and Pichu and Jiggly at level 1 (this is when there starting out)
    Before you kill them, 20 pokeballs MUST be thrown.
    2nd Round: Pikachu and Jigglypuff are your level 6 enemies, and Make Dr.
    Mario level one. ( He has been weakened) Use 20 pokeballs before you kill
    them all off.
    ( Switch to Brinstar with the same settings.) This time, Dr. Mario's planet
    is in critical Mass. Have a Level 9 mewtwo Versus you. The thing is, You
    cannot die or use any pokeballs. You must throw all of them you see over into
    the edge.
    The next round is your return home. Select Stage as Corneria and Enemies as 3
    level 4 Mewtwo's. ( In there last attempt to stop you, they have climbed
    aboard your ship to try to kill you) Use 40 Pokeballs before you kill them.
    Round 5 ( Choose your own Level) Your enemy is a Level 9 (whatever your
    character is) The Madman created a clone of you! Kill the clone so you can
    assure that you will never be hunted down.
    >>> NAME: Bob's Quest
    Here are the rules: Pick any character, he/she is Bob.
    3 Stock.
    No items.
    No handicap.
    Damage at 1.0.
    The most important rule is to have fun!
    Stage 1: Enter the journey.
    You wake up to a loud bang! You step outside to see
    your friend Fred (C. Falcon, Ness if you are C.
    Falcon)being assaulted by Mouse Man (Pikachu, Pichu if
    you are Pikachu). You decide to help your friend.
    Match Type: Team Battle
    Stage: Onett.
    Characters: Bob and Fred (lv.2) vs. Mouse Man (lv. 5).
    After you win: Mouse Man blows up to reveal a portal.
    You tell Fred to stay back and enter.
    Stage 2: Evil Plot
    You appear in an Easter parade. Unfortunately you get
    a little too close and the balloons take you up in the
    sky. But as you get up there you hear voices "We will
    take over Onett tomorrow". You see Snowman (Mewtwo, or
    Dr. Mario if you are Mewtwo) talking to
    Floater(Jigglypuff, or Kirby if you are Jigglypuff.
    They spot you. "Kill him!" Snowman says.
    Match Type: Team Battle
    Stage: Poke Floats.
    Characters: Bob vs. Snowman (lv.6) and Floater
    (lv.4)After you win: Floater inflates with air and
    explodes causing all the Easter floats to blow up and
    you pass out.
    Stage 3: The Princess Duel
    You wake up at a large castle to see to see the
    Doubler(Zelda/Sheik, sorry but you will have to fight
    a clone if you are Zelda) and The Mushroom Queen
    (Peach, see Zelda) arguing. "My hair is better than
    yours". You go to break it up when they attack.
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Hyrule Castle or Peach's Castle, your choice.
    Characters: Bob vs. Peach (lv.5) vs. Zelda (lv.5).
    After you win: Peach congratulates you and tells you
    you that you won a free cruise to Termina.
    Stage 4: A new rival
    You get on the boat and are surprised when the boat
    flies into the air. You get scared. You eventually get
    used to it.  As you get around the halfway point you
    hear a guard talking to himself. "I will take over
    Termina right when we get there". You walk up to him
    and see a name tag 'Ned' you read. You say to him "You
    will never take over Termina". He attacks you.
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Rainbow Cruise.
    Characters: Bob vs. Ganondorf (lv.7)(Fight a clone if
    you are Ganondorf)
    After you win: Ned blows up the ship as a last resort
    and you fall to the ground.
    Stage 5: A New Land
    You land next to a sign that says Brinstar. You fall
    into a canyon and land on acid proof ground. Thats
    when Metal Man (Samus) attacks. Even worse the acid is
    overflowing onto the land. Ouch!
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Brinstar
    Characters: Bob vs. Metal Man (lv.6)
    After you win: The acid hits you. You feel it sting
    your skin. Instead of burning your skin off, the acid
    blasts you away into a canyon.
    Stage 6: Another Evil Plot
    You are in a canyon and you smell a foul smell. A
    dinosaur appears out of no where. You scream. You then
    realize it's only Kraid. All of a sudden you are
    attacked from behind by Teenage Mutant Ninja
    Koopa(Bowser). "I will destroy Brinstar".
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Brinstar Depths
    Characters: Bob vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa (lv.8)
    After you win: You are greeted by Metal Man who gives
    you a space ship to Termina.
    Stage 7: Help me Save Termina
    You land in Termina to find Ned beating the crap out
    of Robin Hood (Link, Y. Link if you are Link). You
    decide to help fight Ned.
    Match Type: Team Battle
    Stage: Great Bay
    Characters: Bob and Robin Hood vs. Ned (lv.9)
    After you win: Robin Hood thanks you and tells you to
    ride the Turtle to Kongo Jungle. You do just so.
    Stage 8: Beat That Monkey
    You arrive at the Kongo Jungle. There are a lot of
    monkeys there. You get hit in the head with a banana.
    "Hey, who did that" you yell. You recognize him right
    off the bat. Baboon Butt! You run over and attack.
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Kongo Jungle
    Characters: Bob vs. Baboon Butt (lv.7)
    After you win: You are satisfied with your win and
    jump into a barrel cannon. Blast off!
    Stage 9: Save Onett!
    You land in Onett to see Mouse Man, Floater, and
    Snowball taking over Onett. Snowball spots you "Hey,
    look it's our old friend Bob. Kill him!", he yells.
    Mouse Man and Floater attack. But hey, Fred steps in
    their way.
    Match Type: Team Battle
    Stage: Onett
    Characters: Bob and Fred (lv.5) vs. Mouse Man (lv.7)
    vs. Floater (lv.7).
    After you win: Snowman kills Fred with anger as Mouse
    Man and Floater explode making another portal. You
    chase Snowman in.
    Stage 10: Snowman at his worst!
    You land on what looks like the tops of buildings.
    Snowman is no where to be found. "Darn it!", you yell.
    Snowman attacks you from behind!
    Match Type: Free for all
    Stage: Fourside
    Characters: Bob vs. Snowman (lv.9)
    After you win: Snowman fades away "That was weird.",
    you say to yourself.
    Stage 11: The Showdown(part 1)
    There seems to be a wormhole behind you. BANG, BANG,
    BANG! Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa appears out of no
    where. "This time I will win!" he remarks.
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Final Destination
    Characters: Bob vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa
    After you win: He fades away with a pop!
    Stage 12: The Showdown (part 2)
    All of a sudden Ned appears behind you. Another fight!
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Final Destination
    Characters: Bob vs. Ned( lv.9)
    After you win: Ned fades away too. Whats next you
    think to yourself?
    Stage 13: The Showdown (part 3)
    BANG!!!! An ear shattering bang makes you jump!
    Snowball came back! Better get those fists ready.
    Match Type: Free for All
    Stage: Final Destination
    Characters: Bob vs. Snowball(lv.9)
    After you win: I finally did it you say to yourself! I
    finally did it!
    Stage 14: The Showdown (part 4)
    BANG! BANG! BANG! You jump as the ground shook as 3
    dark figures popped out. A tired Snowball, Ned, and
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa are there posed to fight.
    Match Type: Team Battle
    Stage: Final Destination
    Characters: Bob vs. Snowball (lv.6), Ned (lv.5), and
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa (lv.5).
    After you win: The ground fades as you pass out. You
    wake up in Onett. Everyone is there. You look in the
    crowd and see your friends. You recognize Ed (Roy),
    Edd(Marth), Andy (Mr.Game and Watch), Wolf (Fox), Blue
    Bird (Falco), and Space Waster (Luigi). Dude (Mario)
    comes up and hands you a medal of honor! "You have
    saved the world." he says. And you live happily ever
                       The End
    >>> NAME: Bounty Hunters
    -All matches are stock, any #, damage ratio at 1.0, any weapons and no time
    limit.  Or you could do stamina mode...
    -Players 2, 3, and 4 can play instead of computers.
    -If you don't feel like fighting Ganondorf, you can replace him with Bowser.
    He also works.
    -Any and all plot holes will not be pointed out.
    Note: In the case of you having a teammate, I have added additional threats
    so it's more challenging.  Also remember that you can have humans playing for
    opponents 2, 3, and 4.
    You start off as either Samus or Captain Falcon hunting for the bounty on
    Ganondorf, a crime ringleader.
    A1. Samus/Captain Falcon vs. Ganondorf (level 7)
    Stage: Onett
    A bounty on Ganondorf has just been released, and you decide to hunt him
    down.  You hear that he is in the nearby town of onett, and take him on.
    Victory: He manages to run away.(go to A2)
    Defeat: He escapes.(go to A2)
    You receive a lead that Ganondorf was last seen at planet zebes.  You
    investigate and find that it is a trap!
    A2.Samus vs. Captain falcon (level 6)
    Stage: Brinstar (not Brinstar depths)
    Captain Falcon/Samus has gotten wind that you are on Ganondorf's trail and is
    trying to take you out!
    Victory: You decide that you will need all the help you can get and coax
    Captain falcon to join your team. (go to A3)
    Defeat: Captain Falcon does not join you team. (go to A3)
    Note: Your teammate starts out at level 6, but can be increased as you wish.
    (I.E. every two fights increase the level by one)
    You receive word that one of Ganondorf's henchmen may know where his hideout
    is.  You head to the Kongo jungle.
    A3.Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Yoshi (level 6)(2 yoshis if you have a
    Stage: Kongo Jungle
    You try to make a raid on one of Ganondorf's underlings, but his guard
    pooch(es) bar(s) your path! Fight them!
    Victory: Yoshi(s) run(s) away and you continue to A4.
    Defeat: That was your only lead. Game Over.
    A4.Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. DK (level 8)
    Stage: Jungle Japes
    You reach the bad monkey's house; DK's been waiting for you!
    Victory: DK fesses up and tells you Ganondorf has operations in Fourside. (go
    to A5)
    Defeat: Game over.
    A5.Samus (captain falcon) vs. Ness (Kirby)(level 7)
    Stage: Fourside
    Upon reaching the Monotoli building in Fourside, you are stopped by Ness!(and
    Kirby if you have a teammate)
    Victory: You bust in, interrogate Monotoli, and learn that one of Ganondorf's
    agents is supposed to meet with another at the pokemon tournament!  The agent
    is to meet with the winner! (go to A6)
    Defeat: You go searching on your own for Ganondorf. (go to C1)
    A6.Samus (captain falcon) vs. Pikachu (Mewtwo) (level 8)
    Stage: Pokemon stadium
    Claiming that you are mutated pokemon, you enter the tournament at Pokemon
    stadium.  Rising between the ranks until the final match, it's you versus
    Pikachu! (include Mewtwo if you have a partner)
    Victory: You meet with the agent, and uncover that there is a meeting with
    the big taco himself at yoshi's island! (go to A7.)
    Defeat: Set out on your own to find Ganondorf. (go to B1)
    A7. Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Mario and Luigi (level 8)
    Stage: Yoshi's Island (not yoshi's story)
    You arrive at yoshi's island only to find that you've been set up!
    Ganondorf's toughest cronies, the Mario Brothers, have been sent to take you
    Victory: They flee, but you follow them to the fountain of dreams. (go to A8)
    Defeat: Game over.
    A8. Samus (captain falcon) vs. Ganondorf (Level 9) and Bowser (level 7 if
    alone, level 9 if with a teammate)
    Stage: Fountain of dreams
    This is it, the final showdown.  You discover Ganondorf's insidious plot to
    destroy everyone's dreams, eventually making them insane, and making it easy
    for ganondorf to become self-proclaimed king of the world.  You realize that
    this isn't just for money anymore, it's now for the fate of the world.
    Victory: The world is saved...and you get your reward, and that's what's
    important. 8-]
    Defeat: Game over, you stink (jk).
    B1.Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Dr. Mario (level 9)
    Stage: Brinstar Depths
    You receive a tip that an ex-member of Ganondorf's syndicate wants to help
    you out and arranged a meeting in the Brinstar depths.  Dr. Mario,
    Ganondorf's former personal physician, is whom you find there.  However, he
    wants to test your skill in battle!
    Victory: He tells you that the Star Fox team smuggle in supplies for
    Ganondorf and infiltrating their ship could lead you straight to Ganondorf!
    (go to B2).
    Defeat: Game Over.
    B2.Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Fox and Falco (level 7 if alone, level 8 if
    with a comrade)
    Stage: Corneria or Venom.
    You successfully sneak aboard the great fox, but you are discovered and have
    to defend yourself!
    Victory: You force the star fox team to carry you directly to Ganodorf! (go
    to A7)
    Defeat: Game over.
    C1. Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Marth and Roy (Level 7 if alone, level 8 with
    a friend)
    Stage: Hyrule Temple.
    You remember that Princess Zelda hates Ganondorf and you seek her knowledge
    of Ganondorf.  Unfortunately, you are stopped by her main guards, Marth and
    Roy before you can reach her.
    Victory: You continue to C2.
    Defeat: Game over.
    C2. Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Link and Zelda (level 8 if alone, level 9 with
    a teammate)
    Stage: Hyrule temple
    You've bested her main guards, and Zelda is impressed.  But you must now show
    your valor in battle on a higher level!
    Victory: Zelda tells you Mr. Game & Watch, a sage, can telepathically foresee
    where Ganondorf is. you head to the flat zone. (C3)
    Defeat: Game over.
    C3. Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Mr. Game & Watch (level 9)
    Stage: Flat Zone
    Before this sage can tell you anything, you must prove your mettle!
    Victory: Mr. Game & Watch tells you that you must hurry to the fountain of
    dreams, or there will be great peril for all!  But first you must get a ride
    there...go to C4.
    Defeat: Game over.
    C4.Samus (Captain Falcon) vs. Peach and Ice Climbers (level 8)
    Stage: Rainbow Cruise.
    You try to steal the Princess's love boat, but you are stopped in your
    tracks!  Fight!
    Victory: You cast off Peach and the ice climbers and take the boat to the
    fountain of dreams. (go to A8)
    Defeat: Game Over.
    >>> NAME: Can I Go Home Now?
    Start your handicap at 5. When facing an CPU, their handicap/lvl will be
    listed as follows: CPU Name (#handicap/#lvl). "Items" will be awarded for
    certain accomplishments. Find them as you read the scenario. Berserker: Gain
    a lvl for 1 battle. Plague: All enemies decrease one lvl (hanicap and CPU
    You are Roy, Grand Master at your well known Dojo. You start out in the
    middle of training with your apprentice...
    PART 1: Pop quiz!
    Characters: You vs. Jigglypuff, your apprentice (2/3)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Battlefield
    Items: none
    Your apprentice has finally been trained enough to fight you in a real
    battle. You decide to vs. him in a friendly yet serious match. You can judge
    how good he is by how long he survives the battle.
    YOU WIN: You judge your apprentices score, and congratulate him on his
    progress. go to part 2
    You lose: you CAN'T lose this battle.
    PART 2: Orkin man!
    Teams: You and Jigglypuff (2/3) vs. pichu and pichu (1/1)
    Stage setup: Time-1:00 You and jigglypuff must survive
    Stage: Brinstar
    Items: Motion sensor bomb (rat trap)
    As a celebration of your apprentices great advancement, you decide to
    celebrate with a small party. You go down to the basement to get some food,
    but find it's infested with rats! You call your apprentice down to the
    basement and start killing!
    YOU WIN: Advance to part 3. If you kill 16 in the time limit go to Bonus
    level 1. You and jigglypuff must survive
    You lose: The rats breed into the millions and take over earth.
    Bonus 1: Feeding Frenzy!
    Characters: You and Jigglypuff (uncontrolled human player)
    Stage setup: Super sudden death Timed Stock- 3:00 1 life 2.0 DMG
    Stage: Brinstar
    Items: Food, party ball-very high
    PARTY TIME! Eat all the food you can in 3 minutes. If you reach 0% within the
    time limit, gain a lvl! (handicap 6) Be careful when opening containers, they
    might explode!  Jigglypuff must survive, or you must go to part 3.
    YOU WIN (get down to 0% dmg): Gain a lvl and go to part 3.
    You lose: Go to part 3.
    PART 3: Mewtwo attacks!
    Teams: You (Handicap 1) and Jigglypuff (1/1) vs. Mewtwo (9/9)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Battlefield
    Items: None
    You return upstairs to find your dojo has been invaded! You decide to fight
    the dark figure...
    YOU WIN: No, you can't win
    You lose: Advance to part 4
    PART 4: A peaceful beach...
    Teams: You (handicap 5, 6 if u lvled) vs. Yoshi squad (3/3)
    Stage setup: Stock-10 You can't die once.
    Stage: Yoshi's Story
    Items: food - high
    You wake to find yourself on what appears to be a deserted island. You look
    around the tiny isle, but find nothing of interest. After meditating for a
    few minutes, you are attacked by a group of what appears to be dinosaurs!
    YOU WIN: Go to part 5. gain a lvl if u have under 80 dmg at the end.
    You lose: The dinosaurs kill you and devour your remains
    PART 5: Oroboro the warrior
    Characters: You vs. Oroboro (yoshi 7/9)
    Stage setup: Time-2:00
    Stage: Yoshi's Island
    Items: Food - high
    After you defeat the pathetically weak inhabitants of the island, you find
    there is one you missed. You charge at him, figuring he is no stronger than
    the others. But as the fight begins, you find out how wrong you were!
    YOU WIN: You prove yourself a worthy fighter, go to part 7.
    You lose: You are thrown in the dungeon, go to part 6.
    PART 6: The Pit
    Characters: You, DK (Yorick) (5/5), Bowser (Yardi)(5/5)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Pokemon Stadium
    Items: Poison/Super Mushroom - medium
    You find yourself in the middle of a gladiator-style arena, forced to fight
    against 2 other prisoners. The last one standing is set free!
    YOU WIN: You are set free and given a ride home, go to part 7. Under 30
    seconds: Win a Berserker!
    You lose: Your thrown back in prison, FOREVER.
    PART 7: Finally!
    Teams: You and Falco (1/3) vs. Bowser (5/5) and DK (5/5) (DK and Bowser 6/6
    if you lost part 5.)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Rainbow Cruise
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scope - medium
    You are given a ride home on an enchanted flying boat. You are discussing
    your adventure with the ship's captain, when you are attacked by the German
    beasts Yardi and Yorick! Looks like they escaped prison... and it's up to you
    to send them back!
    YOU WIN: Falco continues flying the ship (even if he dies). If Falco
    survives, he will give you a Plague! Go to part 8
    You lose: Yardi and Yorick steal the boat, and take you as a hostage.
    PART 8: A royal greeting
    Teams: You vs. Link (4/6) and Link (6/4)
    Stage setup: Stock-2 You can't die once
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    Items: none
    Falco lands his ship, saying he has some quick business to do. You decide to
    get off and see the town, when no sooner do you see 4 guards rushing towards
    the ship. You overhear them talking, and you find out this is a smuggling
    vessel! Before you can sneak off the boat you are spotted and attacked!
    YOU WIN: You fought well... but more guards approach and overwhelm you. You
    are thrown into the castle's dungeon.
    You lose: A guard gives you a mortal wound, which quickly kills you.
    PART 9: Not again!
    Teams: You vs. Yorick (6/7) and Yardi (7/6) vs. Falco (3/3)
    Stage setup: Stock-3
    Stage: Pokemon Stadium
    Items: Food - medium
    This seems familiar... Yorick and Yardi team up AGAIN to try to stop you
    AGAIN. You have to kill them AGAIN. This time falco's been arrested too. All
    you have to do is be the last one standing... AGAIN!
    YOU WIN: You are recognized by the king, as Roy. You are set free AGAIN and
    sent on a mission. Go to Bonus 2!
    You lose: You are sent back to your cell, but you manage to persuade the
    guards into a talk with the king. Go to part 10
    PART 10: A proud king...
    Teams: You vs. Princess (Peach 2/5) and King (Mario 4/5)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    Items: Bob-omb, Starman, Both Mushrooms, Fire Flower - High
    You manage to discuss freedom with the king, but of course he just HAD to be
    one of those proud, sefl-serving, kings. He wants a fight!
    YOU WIN: The king accepts defeat, and invites you to the Royal Raceway
    You lose: The King Imprison's you forever for lying to him!
    BONUS 2: Big Boo
    Characters: You vs. Big Boo (White Kirby 8/7)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    Items: Beam Saber, Ray Gun - Very High
    After you win the Arena fight, the King recognizes you as the great
    battlemaster Roy. He tells you of a ghost that has been plaguing the castle.
    He asks you to kill it (for a Plague item!) Only the beamsabers and ray guns
    will affect it! (Use only ray guns and beam sabers on it!)
    YOU WIN: The castle is free! You receive a Plague for your help Part 11
    You lose: The castle exterminator manage to kill it... Part 11
    Part 11: Reaquaintance
    Characters: You vs. Gordo (7/8 Falcon)
    Stage setup: Bonus-2:00
    Stage: Mute City
    Items: None
    The King apologizes for his terrible behavior earlier. He wants to make it up
    to by taking you to the Royal Raceway. No sooner do you get there than you
    meet your old sparing buddy Gordo (Now F-Zero racer). He hasn't had a good
    fight in a while, and wants to try out his old skills!
    YOU WIN: Gordo admits defeat and you gain confidence! (and a level!)
    You lose: You congratulate Gordo and continue to Part 12.
    Part 12: REVENGE!
    Characters: You vs. Mewtwo (8/8)
    Stage setup: Stock-2
    Stage: Poke floats
    Items: None
    The King still isn't done. After seeing what happened to you (he seems to
    thinks you were attacked!) he insists on taking you to the Annual PokeParade.
    At the parade, you spot Mewtwo in the clouds! He releases robots on the
    parades the escapes! CHASE HIM!
    YOU WIN: Mewtwo barely manages to escape! After him!
    You lose: Mewtwo and his robots crush you and the kingdom...
    PART 13: Robots?
    Teams: You vs. Samus x3 (5/5 2/8 8/2)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Fourside
    Items: None
    After chasing Mewtwo into the city, he decides to release 3 powerful robots!
    Looks like he's desperate to get out of here!
    YOU WIN: His robots lie in pieces, But you need a doctor! Part 14
    You lose: His robots tear you apart, and the world is destroyed.
    PART 14: Is there a doctor in the house?
    Teams: You and Dr. Mario (3/3) vs. Samus x2 (1/2)
    Stage setup: Stock-25 (you can't die once!)
    Stage: Fourside
    Items: None
    You manage to find a doctor in the city, but as soon as you get there you're
    attacked by more Robots! (Weak clones tho!) Protect Dr. Mario and he's sure
    to reward you! (he can't die once!)
    YOU WIN: Dr. mario rewards you with A BERSERKER (if he survives)!
    You lose: The robots (weak as they are) terrorize the city!
    PART 15: Gorilla Warfare
    Teams: You vs. Yorick (8/8) and 2 DK'S (1/1)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Kongo Jungle
    Items: Food - Very High
    You and Dr. Mario escape to the Jungle, where you can be treated properly. A
    few days after you are treated (and almost healed) you are attacked! It seems
    Yorick wants his ervenge on you! He sends Dr. Mario flying and charges you!
    YOU WIN: Find Dr. Mario!
    You lose: Dr. Mario finds you the next day, dead...
    PART 16: MORE Gorilla Warfare
    Teams: You vs. 3 DK'S (1/1)
    Stage Setup: Stock-15 (You can't die once!)
    Stage: Kongo Jungle
    Items: Food - Very High
    You find Dr. Mario a bit shaken but not injured. He removes your bandages and
    confirms you are completely healed. You start to head back to the city when
    you are attacked again!
    YOU WIN: You and Dr. Mario procede back to the city
    You lose: After killing you and Dr. Mario, DK goes rampaging through the city
    PART 17: A ride home...
    Teams: You and Dr. Mario vs. Pikachu (3/2) and Pichu (2/3)
    Stage setup: Stock-Roll a die and multiply it by 2
    Stage: Venom
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scope - high
    Dr. Mario seems to have discovered the location of Mewtwo's lair! You need a
    ship to get there, so you'll have to rent one. Of course, this ship is old
    and rat infested. Protect Dr. Mario!
    YOU WIN: Mario further directs you to Mewtwo's lair
    You lose: The ship wrecks and you are never seen again...
    PART 18: An icy acsendance
    Teams: You vs. Ice Climbers x2 (7/4 7/5)
    Stage setup: Stock-2
    Stage: Infinite Glacier - Icicle Mountain
    Items: Freezie - Very High
    As Dr. Mario waves farewell, you start your long ascent up the seemingly
    unending mountain. As you go higher everything begins to be covered in snow
    and ice. You eventually run into 4 world-famous mountain climbers. Thinking
    you are some kind of insane reporter, they attack you on sight!
    YOU WIN: The mountain climbers calm down, and you explain who you are
    You lose: You lose your balance, and fall to your ineveitable death
    PART 19: The entrance
    Teams: You vs. Mr. Game and Watch x3 (6/6 4/4 2/2)
    Stage setup: Stock-3
    Stage: Brinstar Depths
    Items: None
    The mountain climbers tell you of a cave they discovered about 100 feet down.
    You quickly make your way to the entrance of the cave. You notice there are
    ancient paintings on the wall... They seem very strange, as if they are going
    to come to life...
    YOU WIN: You explore the cave (LVL up if you didn't die once!)
    You lose: You wake up from your daydream to find yourself falling off the
    edge! You fall to your death.
    PART 20: Mewtwo's Time Machine
    Teams: You vs. Mario, Peach, and Luigi (5/5)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom 2
    Items: Fire flower, Super Mushroom, Starman - High
    You have finally caught Mewtwo! He seems to be cornered, but you're right
    where he wants you... He zaps you with his time-ray, sending you back into
    video game history.
    YOU WIN: Advance to part 21
    You lose: Mewtwo's time machine leaves you lost in time forever...
    PART 21: Mewtwo's Time Machine - Part 2
    Teams: You vs. Zelda, Link, and Young Link (5/6)
    Stage Setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Temple
    Items: None
    The time machine has been activated again, now you're off to fight Hyrule's
    YOU WIN: Advance to part 22
    You lose: Mewtwo's time machine leaves you lost in time forever...
    PART 22: Mewtwo's Time Machine - Part 3
    Teams: You vs. Fox (2/9) Captain Falcon (9/1) and Ganondorf (6/7)
    Stage setup: Stock-1
    Stage: Flat zone
    Items: random (close your eyes and pick things!) - very high
    It seems the time machine is starting to malfunction! Who knows who you'll be
    fighting this time.
    YOU WIN: The time machine breaks, and spits you out in Mewtwo's lair
    You lose: The time machine breaks, and you end up nowhere...
    PART 23: Apprentices duel
    Characters: You (Jigglypuff -2 Roy's level) vs. Ness (6/6)
    Stage setup: Stock-2
    Stage: Final Destination
    Items: None
    You find Mewtwo training his apprentice... MEWTWO: "I didn't excpect you to
    make it out of there alive... no matter. I shall destroy you. But first, our
    apprentices!" Looks like Mewtwo had kidnapped Jiggly!
    YOU WIN: Jigglypuff returns to you, unharmed
    You lose: Jigglypuff returns, but you are discouraged by his loss (go down 1
    PART 24: The Showdown...
    Characters: You (Roy) vs. Mewtwo (9/9)
    Stage setup: Stock-3
    Stage: Final Destination
    Items: None
    This is it... will you get your vengence on Mewtwo, or will Mewtwo succeed in
    conquering earth!? (Mewtwo zaps you with his terror ray! lose 1 level!)
    YOU WIN: FINALLY! You have gotten you revenge on Mewtwo! His lair crumbles to
    pieces (Why does that always happen?) and you are free to return home! You
    and Jigglypuff are greeted with a huge celebration on your return!
    You lose: With you out of the way, nobody is able to stop Mewtwo from
    conquering earth...
    >>> NAME: Chaos Gate
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Larry Stanfield and Rahsule McClaim
    Two Players (if alone or with ally, their levers are on 9)
    Character: Marth and Link; Roy and Y.Link (allies), Zelda/Sheik; Browser,
    Gannondorf, and Mewtwo; C.Falcon and Samus
    Note: After stage 6 you can access Roy and Y.Link during the main campaign to
    switch between Marth and Link. Extras- Roy and Y.Link side quest: after stage
    3. Zelda/Sheik- a woman's way: accessed after you complete the main campaign.
    Browser, Gannondorf, and Mewtwo- Hell's soldiers: If you beat Dr. Mario and
    Mewtwo in side quest B, you gain access to this story. C.Falcon and Samus-
    Bounty for life: If you defeat them in the second encounter, you access this
    Section one: Marth and Link- the legend (Stages)
    Section two: Marth and Link- the legend (Plot line)
    Section three: Roy and Y.Link- warped planet (Stages)
    Section four: Roy and Y.Link- warped planet (Plot line)
    Section five: Zelda/Sheik- a woman's way (Stages)
    Section six: Zelda/Sheik- a woman's way (Plot line)
    Section seven: Browser, Gannondorf, and Mewtwo- Hell's soldiers (Stages)
    Section eight: Browser, Gannondorf, and Mewtwo- Hell's soldiers (Plot line)
    Section nine: C.Falcon and Samus- Bounty for life (Stages)
    Section ten: C.Falcon and Samus- Bounty for life (Plot line)
    Note: All rival fights between the heroes are fought in bonus mode and have a
    Damage level of .5, SPM= Special Music (hold L or R button when stage loads).
    HL= Handicap level, all Bosses are on level 9 and HL on 9. At the max, there
    can be three Human players on one side as ailles after stage 6 (before 6
    there is only two), for example, if your scenario says "Heroes vs. so n' so"
    you can play with three ailles at your disgression, if it says "Heroes vs. so
    n' so and his kin" you can only fight with two, if it says "Hero vs. A gang
    of thugs" there can only be one to fight them.
    Section I
    Stage 1: Rival fight! 1 (Temple)
    Items- Beam Sword
    Handicap: None
    Damage .5
    You can't lose
    Stage 2: Evil Omen (Temple)
    Battle Type: Stock 5
    Marth (HL1), Link (HL1), Zelda (HL9) vs. Gannondorf (Boss)
    Items- Bob-ombs
    Damage- 2.0
    Handicap- On
    If you win: ...You aren't human
    If you lose: Stage 3
    Stage 3: The Fountain of Dreams
    Battle Type: Stock 2
    Marth (HL7) and Link (HL7) vs. Kirby (HL4, level 9) and Kirby jr. (HL4,
    Handicap: On
    Damage: .5
    Items- Warp Star, Star Rod, Starmen
    If you win: Stage 4
    If you lose: Game Over
    Stage 4: Kirby's rage! (The Fountain of Dreams)
    Battle type: Stock 4
    Marth (HL5) and Link (HL5) vs. Kirby (Metal Boss)
    Damage: 1.5
    Items: Bob-ombs, Metal Box
    If you win: Stage 5
    If you lose: Game Over
    Stage 5: Kirby's power (DreamLand 64)
    Battle type: Stock 6
    Marth (HL4) and Link (HL4) vs. Kirby (Giant Boss)
    Items- Super Mushroom
    Damage: 2.0
    Handicap: On
    If you win: Stage 6
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 6: Rival fight! 2 (Temple)
    Battle Type- Bonus (5:00)
    Marth vs. Link vs. Y.Link vs. Roy (Level for CPU: any)
    Items: Beam sword, Super Scoper, Heart Container, Green Shell
    You can't lose
    Stage 7: The Freeway (Big Blue)
    Battle Type-Time (4:00)
    Heroes(HL9) vs. The Rats (Pichu(HL5, level4) and PikachuHL5, level4))
    Items: Metal Box, Bob-ombs, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Pokeball
    Handicap- On
    Damage- .5
    If you win: Stage 8
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 8: The 1st  Encounter (Onlett)
    Battle Type- Stock 4
    Heroes(HL7) and their ally(HL6) vs. Mewtwo (Boss)
    Items: Metal Box, Bob-ombs, Starman, Warpstar, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Super
    Handicap- On
    If you win: Stage 9
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 9:The 2nd Encounter (Fourside)
    Heroes(HL5) and their ally(HL4) vs. Mewtwo (Boss)
    Battle Type: Same as above, 6
    Items: Same plus Pokeballs, Green shell, Lip's Stick
    Handicap: On
    If you win: Stage 10
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 10: Godzilla(tm)? vs. King Kong(tm)? (Fourside)
    Battle type: Same as above, 6
    Damage: 2.0
    Heroes(HL4) vs. Browser vs. DK (Bosses)
    Items: Super Scoper, Super Mushroom, and Bob-ombs
    Handicap: On
    If you win: Stage 11
    If you lose: Gave over
    Stage 11: Street tournament (Onlett, SPM)
    Heroes vs. Ness n' Kio (Kirby)
    Handicap: Off
    Items: Home-run bat, Hammer, Green shell, Barrel Cannon, Party Ball, Parasol,
    Rats (Mr.Saturn), Food
    If you win: Stage 12
    If you lose: Fight again
    Stage 12: Freeway Battle (Big Blue)
    Heroes vs. C.Falcon and Samus (Bounty Hunters)
    Stock : 6
    Damage: 1.0
    Handicap: none
    Items: Super Scope, Ray Gun, Bob-ombs, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Pokeballs,
    Cloaking Device, Metal Box, Starman, Warpstar, Beam Sword, Home-Run Bat,
    Lip's Stick, Fire Flower
    If you win: Stage 12
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 13: Rival Fight! (4:00) (Mute city)
    Items: None
    You can't lose
    Stage 14: Trouble Skies (Coneria)
    Stock: 3
    Damage: 1.0
    Handicap: On
    Heroes(HL4) vs. Browser (Boss)
    Items: Bob-ombs
    If you win: Stage 14
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 15: The wind and the way (Venom)
    Stock: 6
    Damage: 2.0
    Handicap :On
    Heroes(HL4) vs. Browser(Boss)
    Items: Bob-ombs, Warpstars
    If you win: Stage 15
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 16: Gateway (Mushroom Kingdom II, Sub-con)
    Heroes(HL7) vs. Mario(HL7, level5)
    Damage: .5
    Stock: 6
    Items: Starman, Fire Flower, Mushrooms, Green Shell, Red Shell, Hammer
    If you win: Stage 16
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 17: Dr. Pain (Mushroom Kingdom, SPM)
    Stock: 4
    Heroes (HL5) vs. Dr. Mario (Boss)
    Handicap: On
    Damage: .5
    Items: Same as above
    If you win: Side quest A
    If you lose: Stage 18
    Side quest A
    Stage A1: The Yoshis (Yoshi's Island N64)
    Stock Battle: 10
    Heroes (HL6) vs. 2 yoshis (HL8)
    Handicap: On
    Damage: 1.0
    Items: Food, Maxim Tomato, Heart Container, Green and Red shells
    If you win: Stage A2
    If you lose: Stage 18
    Stage A2: Metal Madness (Yoshi's Island)
    Stock: 13
    Heroes (HL5) vs. Yoshi's Troops (HL9)
    Handicap: On
    Damage: .7
    Items: Same as A1 plus Metal Box, Lip's Stick and Freezie
    If you win: Stage A3
    If you lose: Stage 18
    Stage A3: King of the Dinos (Yoshi's Story, SPM)
    Stock: 20
    Heroes (HL4) vs. Yoshi (Boss)
    Handicap: On
    Damage: 2.0
    Items: Same as A3 plus Super and Poison Mushroom, Pokeball, Wrap star and
    If you win: Stage 18, plus New Quest: Warped Planet
    If you lose: Stage 18
    Stage 18: Royal Rumble (Princess Peach Castle)
    Stock: 10
    Heroes (HL6) vs. Peach n' Daisy (HL7)
    Handicap: On
    Damage: .9
    Items: Super Scope, Home-Run Bat, Pokeball, Cloaking Device and Bob-ombs
    If you win: Stage 19
    If you lose: Game Over
    Stage 19: Mushroom Airlines (Rainbow Cruise, 3rd Encounter)
    Time: 6:00
    Heroes (HL5) vs. Mewtwo (Boss)
    Items: Motion-Sensor Bomb, Bob-ombs, Home-Run bat, Wrap Star and Red Shell
    If you survive: Stage 20
    If you lose: Don't feel bad, it's over.
    Stage (long isn't it) 20: Airport Zero (Icicle Mountain)
    Time: 7:00
    Heroes (HL6) vs. The Huns (2 pairs of Ice Climbers)
    Items: Freezie n' Barrel Cannon
    If you win: Stage 21
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 21: Spaceport warp: Court Short (Flat Zone)
    Stock: 15
    Handicap: On
    Damage: 2.0
    Heroes (HL4) vs. Mr. Game and Watch (Boss)
    Items: Heart Container, Metal Box, Bob-ombs, Motion-Sensor bombs, Cloaking
    Device, Poison Mushroom, Wrap Star, Super Scope
    If you win: Side quest B
    If you lose: Stage 22
    Side quest B
    Stage B1: The Doc's back (Great Bay)
    Stock: 25
    Handicap: On
    Damage: .6
    Heroes (HL5) vs. Dr. Mario (Boss)
    Items: Hammer n' Super Mushroom
    If you win: Rival Fight XL
    If you lose: Stage 22
    Rival Fight XL (16:00) (Great Bay, SPM)
    Items: Beam Sword
    You can't lose
    Stage B2: Vendetta (Kongo Jungle)
    Stock: 50
    Damage: 2.0
    Heroes (HL5) vs. Bounty Hunters (Bosses)
    Items: Same as the last time you fought them.
    If you win: Stage B3 plus New Quest (Bounty for life)
    If you lose: Stage 22
    Stage B3: Dark Prince and King (Jungle Japes)
    Stock: 100
    Damage: 2.0
    Heroes (HL4) vs. Ganondorf n' Browser (Bosses)
    Items: Bombs, Stars n' Shells
    If you win: Not only are you lucky, but you just earned a New Quest (Hell's
    Soldiers) on to stage 22
    If you lose: Stage 22
    Stage 22: Primal Rage (Kongo Jungle, N64)
    Stock: 56
    Damage: 1.6
    Heroes (HL7) vs. The Kongs
    Items: Food, Barrel Cannon, Party Ball, Hammer
    If you win: Stage 23
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 23: The 4th Encounter (Pokemon Stadium)
    Stock: 45
    Damage: 1.0
    Heroes (HL6) vs. Mewtwo (Boss)
    Items: Bob-ombs
    If you win: Stage 24
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 24: I think he's mad... (Pokemon Stadium)
    Stock: 20
    Damage: 2.0
    Heroes (HL3) vs. Metal Mewtwo (Boss)
    Items: Same plus Metal Box, and Bunny Hood
    If you win: Stage 25
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 25: Return to Kirby land (DreamLand N64)
    Stock: 10
    Damage: 2.0
    Heroes (HL8) vs. Kirbys (HL9)
    Items: Wrap Star and Star Rods
    If you win: Stage 26
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 26: Street Brawl 2 (Green Greens, SPM)
    Stock: 5
    Handicap: Off
    Damage: .5
    Heroes vs. Kio (Kirby) n' Boash (Jigglypuff)
    Items: Home-Run bats, Shells, Bunny Hoods and Metal Boxes
    If you win: Stage 27
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 27: The Fountain of Pain (The Fountain of Dreams, 5thEncounter)
    Stock: 5
    Damage: .5
    Heroes (HL5) vs. ... You know
    Items: Bob-ombs n' Motion-Sensor bombs
    If you win: Stage 28
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 28: Hell (Brinstar)
    Damage: .5
    Stock: 7
    Heroes (HL6) vs. Minions (Two Ice Climbers)
    Items: Metal Boxes
    If you win: Stage 29
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage 29: The Depths of Hell (Brinstar Depths)
    Stock: 10
    Damage: .5
    Heroes (HL5) vs. yourselves
    Items: Beam swords
    If you win: Final Rival fight
    If you lose: Game over
    Stage: 30 Final Rival fight (Brinstar Depths)
    Items: Beam swords
    Whoever wins the match fights Mewtwo, Gannondorf and Browser alone, the loser
    will fight the Bounty Hunters alone
    Stage: 31 Chaos Gate (Final Encounter, Battlefield)
    Stock: 34
    Damage: 1.5
    Heroes (HL5) vs. ...You know
    Items: Metal Box
    Win: Stage 32A or 32B
    Lose: Game over
    Stage: 32A The Realm of Chaos (Final Destination)
    Stock: 100
    Damage: 2.0
    Hero (HL9) vs. Hell's Solders (M2, GD, and Browser, Bosses w/ HL7)
    Items: All
    Win: Final
    Lose: Game over
    Stage: 32B The Realm of Chaos
    Hero (HL9) vs. Bounty Hunters (Bosses)
    Stock: 25
    Damage: .5
    Items: All
    Win: Final
    Lose: Game over
    Final: Chaos
    Stock: 20
    Damage: 2.0
    Heroes (HL9) vs. Gannondorf (Boss) and Brainwashed Zelda (HL6)
    Items: All
    The key to win is to knock out Gannondorf as much as possible and Avoid Zelda
    for if she dies, it's game over
    If you win: IF you did BOTH Side quest A AND B then you will go on to Stage
    XL, IF not, you win and gain access to New Quest (A woman's way)
    If you lose or kill Zelda: Game over
    Stage XL: Home and not yet there (Temple, SPM)
    Stock: 5
    Heroes (HL9) and Zelda (HL9) vs. Power Gannondorf (Boss)
    Items: Super Mushrooms, Metal Boxes, Bob-ombs, Warp Star, Home-Run Bat, Heart
    Container, and Starman
    Win:  Congratulations, you beat the game, now get some rest!
    Lose: Try again
    >>> NAME: Clone Making
    Note: Use the Black costume on Marth to make him Marth007
    Stamina Mode for all levels.
    Good Guys:
    Marth w/ Black costume (Marth007)
    Mario/Dr. Mario
    Mr. G&W
    Sonic (during story only)
    Tails (during story only)
    Bad Guys:
    Falco (Falco Clone)
    Fox (Fox Clone)
    Mr. G&W w/ blue costume (Clone Maker)
    Goldmember (during story only)
    Note: Sonic and Tails are in the story but they can NOT fight in the battling
    parts since they are NOT in the game.
    Stage One
    In the office in Yoshi's Island, Marth007 was sent right over there. He was
    sent to get info of a new villain known as Clone Maker. When Marth007 arrived
    at the office, Yoshi was sitting on his desk. Marth007 asked "I'm here
    alright. Can you give me information about where is Clone Maker's Clone
    Factory?" Yoshi stood up. He pointed his gun at Marth007. "There is no info
    you can get. You have fallen into the trap of his henchmen and me."
    Marth007 (HMN) vs. Yoshi (LV8)
    Stage: Yoshi's Story (Yoshi's outdoor office)
    Items: None
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: N/A
    Win: Yoshi is Dead (Go to Stage 2)
    Lose: You Perish (Game Over)
    Stage Two
    Marth007 has cut Yoshi's head off. Marth007 looks down at it. It turned out
    that Yoshi is a clone. The real Yoshi opened the door and entered the room.
    "Oh my god!" He said when he looked at the killed clone. "Do I look any
    fatter than this duplicate of me?" "That might be a clone." Marth007 said,
    "Anyway do you know where is Clone Maker's Clone Factory?" "Oh yes I know,"
    Yoshi said, "Well, He is the CEO of Rekam Enolc Inc. That is a company based
    on San Diego where he is planning do Terrorism around the world. So that's
    where the factory is." Marth007 heads over to San Diego through Route 551.
    Marth007 (HMN) Yoshi (LV7) vs. C.Falcon (Terrorist)(LV9) and Samus
    Stage: Big Blue (Route 551)
    Items: None
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: Yoshi cannot die or you lose
    Win: Terrorists Retreat! (Go to Stage 3)
    Lose: You are knocked into the streets (Game Over)
    Stage Three
    After holding off the terrorists, Marth007 and Yoshi Reach San Diego where
    the company Rekam Enolc is. They both infiltrate the base and they found
    Mario and Luigi over there. "Hey Marth007!" Mario said, "We hear someone
    coming!" "Stay over there. I'll deal with this." Marth007 looked over and he
    sees Tails coming. "Path is clear Sonic!" Tails said. He entered the room but
    then Marth007 went over, grabbed Tails and shoves him against the wall.
    "Miles 'Tails' Prower, I need to know about this factory." Marth007 said as
    he pointed his sword at Tails. "Tails, are you alright?" said a voice. It was
    Sonic, but then he notices what Marth007 is doing. "Hey what are you doin'?"
    he shouted out "Let go of him!" "Not until I know about this factory."
    Marth007 said as he pointed the tip of the sword close to Tails. "Let him
    go!" said Sonic.
    "Then tell me,"
    "I said let him go!"
    "Alright, you asked for it!" Marth007 was about to slice Tails in half but
    then... "ALRIGHT! I'll tell!" Sonic shouted. Marth007 made a sudden stop and
    turned to Sonic. "Alright, tell me," he said as he put his sword away.
    Sonic told Marth007 all what Marth007 needed to know. "Clone Maker sent the
    two of us to find this shining crystal thing that will increase the clone
    machine's power." "So far so good, continue," "The whole entire base has
    heavy security, access to that room over there has been protected by a guard,
    I guess," "Looks like we got work to do,"
    Marth007 (HMN) Mario/Dr. Mario (LV5) Luigi (LV5) vs. DK (guard) (LV9)
    Stage: Brinstar Depths (Base Factory)
    Items: All (Very High)
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: Neither Mario nor Luigi can die.
    Win: Guard subdued; you enter security room (Go to Stage 4)
    Lose: You fail to disable security (Game Over)
    Stage Four
    "I got it," Marth007 said, "Sonic, Tails, thanks for..." suddenly Marth007
    looks over. It was Clone Maker along with Goldmember. "Looks like we got
    intruders and traitors here." said Goldmember as he held his gun and points
    it at both Sonic and Tails. Clone Maker walked up. "Who the hell are you
    guys!?" he bellowed. Marth007 stood up, "We are here to put a end to your
    evil. There's not a thing you can do." "Well!? If you want some, I'll give
    you some!" Clone Maker turned to Goldmember. "Goldmember," he said, "take
    these traitors away while I finish him off!"
    Marth007 (HMN) vs. Clone Maker (LV9)
    Stage: Fourside (San Diego Rooftops)
    Items: None
    Handicap: You 1, Clone Maker 9
    Ex Notes: N/A
    Win: Sorry can't win.
    Lose: You've been knocked off and you land on the fountain! (Go to stage 5)
    Stage Five
    Marth007 got knocked off the building! He lands in a fountain. He gets up and
    Clone Maker jumps down to him. "Give up!" He said, "You are no match for me!"
    Marth007 (HMN) vs. Clone Maker (LV9)
    Stage: Fountain of dreams (San Diego Fountain)
    Items: All (Very High)
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: N/A
    Win: You defeated Clone Maker! (Go to stage 6)
    Lose: You are defeated and you've perished. (Game Over)
    Stage Six
    "This isn't going to over yet!" Clone Maker said as he got up, "You may have
    won this round but I have clones that are already made! I still have those
    traitors!" Clone Maker ran back to his Clone Factory. Fox came in just then.
    "Clone Maker, that idiot trying to take over the world," he said, "He will do
    nothing to take over San Diego and the World." Falco came in along with Fox.
    "Clone Maker's clones are planning to destroy Seaport Village using fuel
    trucks." he said, "We gotta get there fast!" "Clone Maker is trying to
    destroy my home city. We can't let him do this!" Marth007 said. The 3 head
    Marth007 (HMN), Fox (LV8) and Falco (LV7) vs. Falco Clone (LV9)
    Stage: Termina Bay (Seaport Village)
    Items: All (Very High)
    Handicap: You, Fox and Falco 5, Falco Clone 8
    Ex Notes: Neither Fox nor Falco can die
    Win: You eliminated one of the clones! (Go to stage 7)
    Lose: The clones defeat all of you and they destroyed Seaport Village (Game
    Stage Seven
    "With one of the clones Eliminated, We'll have to find the other ones!"
    Marh007 said.
    Marth007 (HMN) and Fox (LV9) vs. Fox Clone (LV9) and Fox Clone (LV9)
    Stage: Same as stage 6
    Items: All (Very High)
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: Fox cannot die
    Win: Clones Eliminated (Go to Stage 8)
    Lose: The clones defeat all of you and they destroyed Seaport Village (Game
    Note: After Stage Seven, you'll be using Mr. G&W until Stage 10
    Stage Eight
    Meanwhile Mr. G&W was searching for the clone machine. "It's gotta be here
    somewhere." he said as he went along, but then a sudden shout said "STOP!"
    Mr. G&W looked over.
    Mr. G&W (HMN), vs. Link w/ black costume (Guard)(LV9)
    Stage: Battlefield (Cloning room)
    Items: None
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: N/A
    Win: Machine Destroyed! (Go to stage 9)
    Lose: Machine is continuing to make clones! (Game over)
    Stage Nine
    Mr. G&W must escape from the base but another guard blocked the way!
    Mr. G&W (HMN) vs. Ganondorf (Guard)(LV8)
    Stage: Same as stage 8
    Items: None
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: N/A
    Win: Mr. G&W escapes! (Go to stage 10)
    Lose: Mr. G&W is captured! (Game Over)
    Stage Ten
    The clone machine has been destroyed. Justice has risen. Marth007 came in,
    "Where is the clone machine Mr. G&W?" Marth007 asked. "I already destroyed
    it. No more clones will be made." said Mr. G&W. Suddenly they notice
    Goldmember's plane getting ready to take off. Marth007 jumped in as it
    Marth007 (HMN) vs. Ganondorf (Guard)(LV9)
    Stage: Venom (Goldmember's plane)
    Items: All (Very High)
    Handicap: None
    Ex Notes: N/A
    Win: You enter inside the plane for the final assault! (Go to final stage)
    Lose: You fell off the plane! (Game Over)
    Stage Eleven (final)
    Inside the plane there was Clone Maker with the kidnapped Sonic and Tails.
    "You won't get away with this!" Tails said. Clone Maker pointed his gun at
    Tails. "YOU TRAITORS!" he thundered at him, "YOU WERE ONCE ON MY SIDE AND NOW
    I'M GONNA EXCICUTE YOU BOTH!!!" "Not so fast!" said a sudden voice. It was
    Marth007. "I'm gonna fight you to the last attack!"
    Marth007 (HMN) vs. Clone Maker (LV9)
    Stage: Final Destination (Inside the plane)
    Items: None
    Handicap: You 5, Clone Maker 9
    Ex Notes: Can't KO himself
    Win: Sonic and Tails rescued! Clone Maker is done for! (Go to The End)
    Lose: Sonic and Tails killed! World Destroyed! (Game Over)
    The End
    Clone Maker fell to his death. Marth007 cut off the ropes on Sonic and Tails,
    but then Goldmember came in. "Like you may have defeated my leader but you'll
    never catch me!" He pressed a button. "SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE IN 15 SECONDS."
    Goldmember escaped in a escape pod. Marth007, Sonic and Tails escaped by
    getting parachutes and jumped out of the plane. As soon as they used their
    parachutes to go down slowly, the plane exploded. Soon Marth007, Sonic and
    Tails landed. Everyone in San Diego celebrated the defeat of Clone Maker.
    THE END (or is it?)
    >>> NAME: Clone Master
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: yoshifan
    Here are the basic rules for ALL stages.
    Characters:  (you choose)
    Mode:  Stamina
    Items: none
    Limit: 1 stock
    Scenario:  You wake up, to find another clone of you, standing next to you.
    It attacks you as you strike back.  The battle begins!  (rest of the stuff
    will be explained later)
    Stage 1:
    Stage:  (your characters level)
    Characters:  you Vs. level 9 comp of your own character
    If you win, continue on
    Stage 2:  You meet your best friend (you choose another character to be on
    your team) as you decide to find out who is behind the clones.  You ride the
    great fox as you travel through Corneria
    Stage:  Corneria
    Characters:  you and your chosen comp partner at lvl 9 vs fox and falco comp
    level 9.  (Team Battle)
    Stage 3:
    Your partner then decides to go home, since he/she is injured.  "I'll be
    back," he/she says as he dissapears over the horizon.  The great fox lands in
    the Mushroom Kingdom, where you meet the Mario Bros.
    Stage:  Mushroom Kingdom
    Characters:  (team battle)  you vs. level 4 Mario and Luigi
    Stage 4:
    You run and come to a stop at Pokemon stadium!  You meet Mewtwo and Pikachu
    Stage:  Pokemon Stadium
    Characters:  (team battle)  you vs Mewtwo and Pikachu level 5 comps.
    Stage 5:
    You sense a portal in Kanto skies.  Your ride up?  The Pokefloats!
    Stage:  Pokefloats
    Characters:  (team battle)  you Vs level 6 Jigglypuff and Pichu.
    Stage 6:
    You find the portal and enter it!  You are sucked into a wormhole, as the
    battle continues!
    Stage:  Battlefield
    Characters:  (team battle) You Vs. Marth and Roy (level 5 comps)
    Stage 7:
    Your first stop is 2 years back in time.  You arrive in the past Yoshi stage!
    Stage:  Yoshi's Island Past Stage
    Characters:  You Vs. Yoshi and Kirby (team battle) comps at level 5.
    Stage 8:
    You find your self warping again.  This time, clones attack!
    Stage: Final Destination
    Characters:  You Vs. 3 lvl 3 comps of your character. (team battle)
    Stage 9:
    Bowser and Ganondorf arrive!
    Stage:  Final Destination
    Characters:  You Vs Bowser and Ganondorf (level 4 comps)
    Stage 10:
    After you defeat Bowser and Ganondorf, you discover those were their clones!
    The REAL Bowser and Ganondorf attack!  Your partner arrives to help!
    Stage:  Final Destination
    Characters:  You and partner (level 5) VS Bowser and Ganondorf (level 9)
    Did you win?  Bowser and Ganondorf were the real enemies behind the attack.
    They gathered their power to create clones to take over the world.  Luckily,
    you stopped them in time!
    >>> NAME: -=Daisy's Conquest=-
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Lost Reaverbot
    Special Rules are up to you, unless I specify otherwise.
    All Stock is at 10 Unless I specify otherwise.
    Peach(Daisy Costume) is bored with her small Kingdom, so she conquers Levels
    to expand it. (Note, all teams are not on a Team)
    Mushroom Kingdom
    Level 1
    Ride to the Castle
    Her Ride to Princess Peaches Castle was stopped short, by a Monochrome Kirby,
    a Pink Kirby, and a Green Kirby! Fight for control of the ship, whoever has
    the most points wins.
    Custom Rules: Timed Match(Think Multi-Man Melee)
    Daisy vs. Kirby Team(Pink, Monochrome, and Green)
    Items: All
    Time: 3:00
    Level 2
    Control of the Castle
    Daisy needs a place to plan her conquest, so she plans to steal Princess
    Peach's Castle.
    Daisy vs. Mario, Luigi(NOT GREEN!), Peach(Princess Peachs's Castle)
    Computer Level: 2
    Items: Super Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms, Hammers, Green Shells, Red Shells,
    Level 3
    Metroid Master
    Daisy hears that a swarm of Metroids are about to attack the castle. She
    flies to Brinstar to see what the problem is, and Samus stops her, thinking
    she is here to help the controlled swarm's mission, fought her.
    Daisy vs. Samus(Brinstar)
    Computer Level: 4
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scope, Metal Box, Cloaking Device, Motion-Sensor Bomb
    Level 4
    Kraid's Reign
    Kraid Plants a Bomb in Brinstar Depths, and Daisy must Defuse it.
    Custom Rules: Timed Stock
    Daisy vs. Dark Purple Samus(Brinstar Depths)
    Computer Level: 5
    Items: Cloaking Device, Beam Sword, Metal Box
    Time: 5:00
    Classic Mushroom Kingdom
    Level 5
    Mushroom Kingdom Control I
    Daisy Continues her Conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Rules: Tiny Melee
    Daisy vs. Dr. Mario, Luigi(Still, NOT GREEN!), Mario(Mushroom Kingdom)
    Items: Starman, Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Hammer
    Level 6
    Mushroom Kingdom Control II
    Peach Defends her last stronghold, *yawn*.
    Rules: Tiny Melee
    Daisy vs. Luigi(Still Saving Green), Mario, Peach
    Items: Same as Previous Level
    >>> NAME: Dr. Mario's Adventure
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Nicknlicken
    Before You Begin:
    I nicknamed the stages you battle on places like BLWF Battle Arena is the
    Final Destination. So I made a key:
    Luigi Fields=Mushroom Kingdom II
    Koopa Kingdom=Mushroom Kingdom
    Yoshi's Palace=Yoshi's Island
    Super Sad Place=Yoshi's Story
    Luigi's Gym=Pokemon Stadium
    Sky World Express=Pokefloats
    Blue Street=Big Blue
    Bowser's Nucleor Reactor Room=Brinstar
    Totaly Explosive Room=Brinstar Depths
    Route 99=Mute City
    Space Train=Battle Field
    BLWF Battle Arena=Final Destination
    2-D world=Flat Zone
    Now here's the characters:
    Good Guys:
    Dr. Mario
    Captain Falcon
    Bad Guys:
    Symbol Key:
    LR=Alternate Stage Music
    S1= One stock Battle
    S5= Five Stock Battle
    T3=three minute time battle
    AI:All Items
    NI:No items
    S1T2=One stock Battle and the match time limit is 2 minutes
    Luigi is being controlled by bowser! You must stop their team of very evil
    and strange monsters and pocket monsters.
    NOTE:You will always be Dr. Mario and your friend can be your team mates.
    The Game:
    World One: Old Mushroom Kingdom
    Stage 1-1:
    LR S1 AI
    Stage: Luigi Fields
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Luigi
    Story:You were playing in a field when Luigi ran over to you. He starts
    attacking you. You have no choice but to fight him. After you beat him you go
    to find Peach.
    Stage 1-2:
    LR S1 AI
    Stage: Koopa Kingdom
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Bowser
    Story: Peach ran away from her castle and you investigate. You find bowser
    and you defeat him. Toad tells you she is in Yoshi World.
    World 2: Yoshi World
    Stage 2-1:
    S1 AI
    Stage: Yoshi's Palace
    Battle: Dr. Mario and Peach vs. Luigi and Yoshi
    Story: You find peach and a yoshi egg. The egg hatches and a yoshi comes out.
    Luigi comes and the yoshi wants to help Luigi. After you defeat them Bowser
    Stage 2-2:
    S1 AI
    Stage: Super Sad Place
    Battle: Dr. Mario and Peach vs. Bowser and Yoshi
    Story:After you defeat them, Bowser and  yoshi are still weak and a gang of
    yoshis kill peach. You find a Squirtle baloon going up. You go on it.
    World 3: Escape from Sky World
    Stage 3-1
    T3 AI
    Stage: Sky World express
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Bowser and Luigi
    Story: You find out your going to sky world. But bowser and luigi are hot on
    your tail. And now that you don't have a team mate or anyone who will
    accidently pop the baloons. You decide to go strait through sky world to get
    to Japan and rescue Shigeru Myamato.
    Stage 3-2:
    T3 AI LR
    Stage: Blue Street
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Bowser and Luigi
    Story: You have to take the short cut or Myamato dies! You must Rescue him as
    soon as posible! Get throught Blue Street and avoid the cars!
    World 4: Japan
    Stage 4-1:
    S1 AI
    Stage: Luigi's gym
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Luigi, Pikachu and Mewtwo (A.K.A Team Pokemon)
    Story: Luigi and his Pokemon he stole are blocking the way to Tokyo! You must
    knock them off the gym.
    Stage 4-2:
    S1 A1
    Stage: Tokyo
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Bowser,  Yoshi and DK (A.K.A Godzilla,  Godzilla
    Junior, and King Kong)
    Story: The worst monsters of all are ripping up tokyo and they took Myamato
    and traped him in a building. You rescue the creator of SSBM and move on to
    Bowser's Dark, Scary under groun hideout
    World 5: Bowser's Dark, Scary Underground Hideout
    Stage 5-1:
    S1 AI
    Stage: Bowser's Nucleor Reactor Room
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Bowser
    Story: NO!!! Bowser trapped you in his giant nucleor reactor!!! Survive the
    nucleor energy and get Bowser!!!
    Stage 5-2
    S1T2 AI
    Stage: Totally Explosive Room
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Bowser, Yoshi and DK
    Story: Bowser and his team are totally weak now. But the room will explode in
    2 minutes!!! After Bowser and his crew are dead forever you must go to sky
    world and get luigi and his gang.
    Final World:
    Stage 6-1:
    T3 AI
    Stage: Route 99
    Battle: Dr.Mario vs. Luigi
    Story: Luigi has been beaten up by Captain Falcon and is totally weak. You
    must get him while C. Falcon brings you to his hideout. After he is dead CF
    will power up the Train.
    Stage 6-2:
    S1 NI LR
    Stage: Space Train
    Battle: Dr. Mario and CF vs. Pikachu and Mewtwo
    Story: CF powered up the train and it's taking you to where he saw an
    explosion after you killed luigi. You must defeat the Pokemon or you won't be
    able to move the train!
    Stage 6-3:
    S5 NI LR
    Stage: BLWF Battle arena
    Battle: Dr. Mario and CF vs. Luigi and Bowser
    Story: That explosion was Luigi and Bowser coming back to life!!! and they
    stole WWF's space arena!!! Get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOTE: Do not read the following stuff unless you've beaten the rest without
    having you or your teammate die in any battle. That includes time battles!
    Top Secret World:
    Stage: 7-1:
    S1 NI
    Stage: 2-D world
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Luigi and Bowser
    Story: Bowser and Luig fall into a Game and Watch. You are on a vacation
    there so you watch them. "We are home!!!" they said. You suddenly attack
    Stage 7-2:
    S1 NI
    Stage: 2-D world
    Battle: Dr. Mario vs. Mr. Game and Watch(Luigi's true identity) and Mr. Game
    and Watch Red(Bowser's true identity)
    Story: Bowser and Luig are really 2-D guys!!! Afetr you defeat them the real
    Luigi is in a cage in a tree as well as Bowser. Which one will you release?
    Luigi: You and Luig fight Level 9 Bowser(S1 NI)
    Bowser: You and Bowser vs. Level 9 Luig(S1 NI)
    Fake Bowser: Mr.G&W Red
    Fake Luigi: Mr.G&W
    Luigi: Luigi
    Bowser: Godzilla(Bowser was sick)
    Dr. Mario: Mario
    CF: CF
    Peach: Zelda(Because she didn't know she will die and Peach did)
    Pikachu: Pikachu
    Mewtwo: Mew(Because Mew killed Mewtwo)
    Yoshi: Godzilla Jr.(Yoshi was sick)
    DK: King Kong(DK was sick)
    Mr.G&W: Kirby(He wanted to not look cute anymore)
    Mr.G&W Red: Roy(He wanted to look red)
    >>> NAME: Evil Plot, General?
    the plot: all items except hammer on, the story is AFTER you beat them
    P. 1
    you: mario, samus, luigi, pikachu, fox, or link vs. a team of 3 ice
    climbers(?!) at l. 4
    stage: icicle mountain
    who you vs. is always a comp
    time:3 mins.
    story: General falco has informed you of an evil plot, and you can find info
    on icicle mountain. you get there and are assaulted by 3 popos and 3 nanas.
    they tell you that if you can last 3 mins. without losing at least 2 lives
    they'll tell you info. you must always win to progress to the next level.
    you: same vs. zelda and y. link   y. link=level. 6 zelda= level 5
    stage: zelda temple
    stock 5
    story: the ice climbers tell you that an awesome chemical that promises power
    has caused even good to change sides. also, the boss would use it to rule the
    world with the help of his followers. they tell you that to find out where to
    go next you must solve this riddle:
    A land of the past,
    go to the castle, not the tower
    this is the home of,
    courage, wisdom, and power.
    P. 2  you: same vs. mr. Game & Watch level 9
    stage: you wish i would tell!
    stock 7
    story: you ask Mr. G & W where to go, but says he wont tell. you grab him,
    and hold him over the edge, dangling. G&W says "okay, okay,
    trainers go here to show their best,
    different creatures are put to the test.
    fly here,
    and i'll do the rest".
    you toss him on the ground unconscious. and get in your ship and fly away.
    P. 3
    story: you fly to(im not tellin' ya!) and is greeted by a dark voice.
    ganondorf flys out from the shadows. "hello, you must have been sent by the
    federation. ah yes, i remember when falco and i would fight for hours.
    anyways, you will not stop me. Goodbye, and meet my friends," teleports away
    while laughing in his evil voice.
    you: same Vs. level 9 dr. mario, level 2 kirby
    stage: if you're reading this, stop!
    stock 10
    story: kirby wearily tells you that you should go to Great Bay and passes
    story: you go there only to find mewtwo ready to challenge you. you run for
    the ship but mewtwo says: "I'll tell you where to find ganondorf if you beat
    me". you freeze, turn around and get into a fighting pose.
    you: same vs. mewtwo level 9
    stage: termina
    stock 4
    story: mewtwo stands up, and says "I'll win next time, go to brinstar depths
    to find ganondorf". mewtwo then teleports away.
    story: You go to B.D. and find ganondorf and bowser. "ah, we have been
    waiting for you. We are impressed, but you won't get out of here alive.
    you: same vs. ganondorf level 9 and bowser level 8
    stage: brinstar depths
    stock 5
    ganondorf says " I'm not done yet!" and with that he absorbs bowser and goes
    to brinstar. you do to.
    story: you go to the top to find that there are two ganondorfs. one tells you
    that the chemical below makes you big. they jump in. they accidently splash
    some on you and you become huge too........time for the final showdown!
    you: same vs. two level 9 ganondorfs
    stage: brinstar
    giant melee stock 9
    story:  you fly off on your ship, happy you saved many worlds. your welcomed
    home with a big hero's welcome.
    later: you: "you're assigned to stop chemical that destroy the universe".
    future nintendo characters: yes, general (whoever you were)!
    >>> NAME: Falco's Adventure
    Falco woke up and stepped out of his room and ontop of the GreatFox. To his
    surprise, Fox was already up and so was two odd creatures! They attack!
    Characters: Team- Falco & Fox VS. Pikachu & Mewtwo
    Melee: 1 stock
    Items: Pokeballs
    Level: Venom
    Win: Go to level 2!
    Falco says goodbye to Fox and tells him that he shall return soon, then walks
    straight into a portal! He looks around, then sees two people talking about
    taking over the GreatFox. He walks up to them, and they look for a fight.
    Characters: Team- Falco VS. Marth & Roy
    Melee: 1 stock
    Items: Beam Sword, Ray Gun, Super Scope
    Level: Green Greens
    Win: Go to level 3!
    Stepping over the fainted swordsmen, Falco walks on only to see three puffs
    talking about a bird knocking out the two of the best on the team, Marth and
    Roy. They look over at Falco and charge!
    Characters: Team- Falco VS. Kirbyx3
    Melee: 1 stock
    Items: Warp Stars, Star Rod
    Level: Fountain of Dreams
    Wing: Go to level 4!
    I will finish this later. ^_^
    >>> NAME: Fire Emblem Pride
    Note: If you happen to get KO'd, you do get an extra life, that is in
    Ganondorf's hands. Marth dies and you escape beating Ganondorf to death after
    the death of your best friend. Sounds cool? It isn't, cause you fail!
    Part 1. The Kidnapping:
    DESCRIPTION: Marth is kidnapped by Ganondorf (obviously, Ganondorf likes
    torturing swordsman). Roy must first fight all of Ganondorfs guards.
    -PLAYERS: 2 humans
    -MODE: Just Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Roy vs. G&W
    -LIMIT: Stock=1
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Melee
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Flatzone
    -EXTRA NOTES: This will continue kind of like All Star. Roy fights until he
    gets to Ganondorf. Roy must eliminate G&W to pass.
    Part 2. Let's Get Going:
    -PLAYERS: 3 humans
    -MODE: Just Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Roy vs. Yoshi and DK
    -LIMIT: Stock=1
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Roy alone, Yoshi and DK teamed
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Any of the Yoshi or DK levels
    -EXTRA NOTES: Eliminate the 2 animals and go on.
    Part 3. Will This Ever End?!
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans
    -MODE: Just Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Roy vs. Kirby, Mewtwo, and Pikachu
    -LIMIT: Stock=1
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Roy alone, other 3 teamed
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Any Pokemon or Kirby level
    -EXTRA NOTES: Eliminate the 3 pests and keep going.
    Part 4. Gimme a Break!
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans
    -MODE: Just Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Roy vs. Pichu, JP, and Ness
    -LIMIT: Stock=1
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: Roy alone, other 3 teamed
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Any Pokemon or Eagleland level
    -EXTRA NOTES: Defeat the 3 to pass.
    Part 5. Roy's Lucky Break
    DESCRIPTION: Roy's last battle and he finally gets a lucky break...
    NOT!!!!!!! Now Roy must battle Ganondorf pet monster Bowser. This doesn't
    look good!
    -PLAYERS: 2, 1 human and 1 CPU on level 9
    -MODE: Just Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Roy vs. Bowser
    -LIMIT: Stock=1
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: None
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Any Mario Bros. level
    -EXTRA NOTES: Defeat Bowser and go!
    Part 6. The End
    DESCRIPTION: After Bowser is destroyed, Ganondorf is in RAGE! Now, you must
    defeat Ganondorf along with Bowser's twin brother. Uh oh!
    -PLAYERS: 4 humans
    -MODE: Just Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Roy and Marth vs. Ganondorf and Bowser
    -LIMIT: Stock=1
    -DAMAGE: 1.0
    -HANDICAP: Roy at 5 and everyone else 9
    -TEAMS: Roy with Marth vs. Bowser and Ganondorf
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Hyrule Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Beat this and Marth is rescued! But, I can't assure a perfect
    escape. The player using Marth will move to the littl floating thing by the
    lower floor and Roy and the two others go head to head. After winning, the
    adventure is beaten.
    Yay ^_^
    LEVEL 1.
    Link and Fox decide to visit the beach to get some r and r and ness is
    selling ice creams fox and link go to buy one but ness gets ambushed by DK
    and Koopa.
    stage specifications: stop them !
    stage: great bay
    type: team stock 5
    link and fox= team green vs. koopa and DK= red team(level 4)
    no items!
    LEVEL 2.
    Fox:why did you attack ness?
    DK: we were hungry because mewtwo has stolen all our food
    Link:where is mewtwo?
    Koopa: is his/her castle
    Fox: c'mon link we can take my ship!
    link and fox then aboard the great fox but mew two had anticipated their
    move so he/she sent two of her henchmen to attack the ship!
    match specifications: get samus and captin falcon off your ship!!
    stage: venom
    type: team stock 5
    only laser guns swords and the super scopes all on v. high
    link and fox (always green team) vs. samus and captin falcon (red team
    STAGE 3.
    eventually Link and Fox get to mewtwos castle and drop onto the roof mewtwo
    sends her right hand man to take them out gannondorf! he uses his fire kick
    move to attack them but Link was aware of the move and dodges it evasivly
    fox however gets knocked out and carried away.
    Link: nooooooooooo!
    link chase after him but ganondorf blocks the way
    Gannondorf: get through me first!
    match specifications: beat gannondorf and save fox!
    stage:peach's (MEWTWOS) castle
    type: free for all stock 3
    Link vs Gannondorf(level 7)
    no items!
    LEVEL 4.
    Link wakes to find himself in an arena he tries to escape but is stops by
    small creatures.
    creature 1(pichu): we are mewtwos minions
    creature 2(jigglypuff): he has told us to not let you escape
    creature 3(pikachu) : and torture you!! ha ha ha!
    match specifications: escape the torture room!
    stage: pokemon stadium
    type: team stock 6
    link(green team) vs pikachu and pichu and jigglypuff (level 1-2)
    LEVEL 4.
    Link escapes only to find Fox.
    Fox:here is mewtwos hall (pointing to a huge door way in the castle)
    they enter to find mewtwo standing by a glowing ball of electricity.
    mewtwo: this teleporter leads to my secret lair in space where everyones
    food is in the WORLD!
    only 3 people can enter before it disapears and i escape forever!
    me and my two henchmen will use it now ha ha
    mewtwo then enters it and the hench men lead but before they do fox jumps in
    the way!
    Fox: oh no you don't!
    match specifications: stop the henchmen getting in the teleporter!
    stage: battlefield
    type: team stock 5
    link and fox vs marth and roy (level 7)
    all items!
    Link and Fox jump in the teleporter and appear in mewtwos lair in space.
    Fox: why did you steal all the food?
    Mewtwo: so that all your kind will die and my minions will have food
    Link: if you give it back we could all share!
    Mewtwo: never!
    match specifications: kill mewtwo and dont let her take all the food!
    stage: fountain of dreams
    type: team stock 7
    link and fox vs mewtwo(level 9)
    items: food only very high!
    Link and Fox then give back all the food after mewtwo is destroyed and go
    back to getting some r and r when ness walks up to Link
    Ness: I have terrible news zeldas been kidnapped AGAIN!!
    Link: not again NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    THE END!
    >>> NAME: Fox's Escape!
    -CHARACTERS: Fox is 1st player... ALMOST the whole game
    -DAMAGE: always 1.0
    -EXTRA NOTES: Fox is trying to escape from the evil that is.... you've gotta
    wait and see!
    FIRST STAGE-Escape from Corneria
    no items
    3 stock each
    all human-Fox, (random villain)
    Falco didn't get time to get out of the Great Fox! Fox has to fend off
    (random villain) long enough to call in some help! (to call your teamates,
    press left and right rapidly on the d-pad)
    Falco comes out of the cockpit to avenge his dead leader!
    (all same, only replace Fox w/ Falco for the rest of the game)
    more evil comes, only Falco's here to help! (if you didn't make it in the
    last once, then you use falco alone)
    no items
    2 stock each
    Fox and Falco vs Mewtwo and (random villain) from last match
    what you gotta do-one of you has to call in some more help to get to the
    IF YOU FAIL-Fox/Falco (or just falco) are blasted off, as well as half of the
    GreatFox (if only falco). GAME OVER if only Falco, otherwise you get to try
    again as just the opposite as you chose to lose.
    You get to the gateway! your task here is to Fire Fox/Bird the spinning eye
    thingy below the gateway platform(battlefield)!
    no items
    Time-2 min.
    Fox/Falco/Fox & Falco vs Ice Climbers and Ice Climbers
    items-metal Box on high (only Ice Climbers can get these)
    The four guardians of the sacred gateway protect their domain! enter the eye
    to see the truth....
    IF YOU FAIL- you are launched into the abyss of the gateway, but find
    yourself back on your ship... back in time! *go back to stage one*
    IF YOU SUCCEED-You make it into the eye... you land on a platform!
    no items
    stock-1 each
    Falco Vs. Fox (you play as Falco)
    Your (possibly dead) leader has been (ressurected and) brainwashed by
    *UNKNOWN*! knock him off while the scenery is in the cybernetic faze!
    IF YOU FAIL-you are brainwashed as well... *GAME OVER*
    Fox returns to normal, and you meet who did this... MEGA GANONDORF!!!
    giant melee, final destination, super mushrooms on very high
    handicaps- Gannondorf-9 Fox & Falco-6
    5 stock each
    Fox & Falco vs MEGA GANONDORF
    IF YOU FAIL- Fox and Falco and blasted into oblivion, the only thing left is
    Fox's helmet... GAME OVER
    IF YOU SUCCEED-The Platform and Ganondorf slowly deteriorate, and you find
    yourself back on the Great Fox.... YOU WIN!
    >>> NAME: Gannondorf's Kid Problem: A Two Player Version
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Flubnugget
    If you lose any stage, Gannondorf is arrested, Ness is killed, and Roy blows
    up the whole world in rage.
    Stage 1: Onett
    Limit: 3 Stock
    Name: Bully Change
    Characters: Gannondorf(1P) and Ness(2P) VS Gannondorf and Gannondorf
    Computer level: 2
    Items: none
    Notes: Ness can't attack or lose a life.
    Story: Ness is going to school and is confronted by some bullies. One of them
    decides to protect Ness.
    Stage 2: Hyrule Temple
    Limit: Time 4 minutes.
    Name: No mice allowed!
    Characters:  Gannondorf(1P) and Ness(2P) VS Pikachu and Pichu
    Computer level: 5
    Items: Home run bat, Pokeball, Bunny hood
    Story: Ness likes Gannondorf, so he follows him to Hyrule. Pichu and Pikachu
    are already there, so they battle them for the temple.
    Notes: Must KO Pichu once before KOing Pikachu
    Stage 3: Corneria
    Limit: Stock 1 Time 1 minute
    Mode: Super sudden death
    Name: Bomb voyage!
    Computer level: 6
    Items: Bob-ombs, Motion sensor bombs on very high
    Characters: Gannondorf(1P) and Roy(2P) VS 2 Falcos
    Story: Ness is kidnapped after Fox and his father Roy come to pick him up. 2
    Falcos stays behind to fight. All of a sudden the ship starts to blow up. A
    bomb has been planted to weaken everyone.
    Stage 4: Battlefield
    Limit: Stock 5
    Name: Helloooo Nurse!
    Characters: Fox(1P) and Roy(2P) VS Dr. Mario and Peach.
    Computer level: 8
    Items: Parasol, Bunny hood
    Notes: Dr. Mario and Peach must hit each person with a B move.
    Story: Gannondorf gets blown off he ship into a portal, and Fox and Roy
    follow. What they find is very strange.
    Stage 5: Battlefield
    Limit: Stock 10
    Name: The End.
    Items: None
    Characters: Fox(1P) and Roy(2P) VS Gannondorf and Ness
    Computer level: 9
    Story: "You have to fight these two to release them!" A voice says. "Let's
    see how you do."
    Yay! You won!
    >>> NAME: The Hidden Events
    (Number of players: 1, all normal Melee unless specified)
    NOTE!: There will be several events that require you to play multiple "parts"
    of the events. If you lose in any of the "parts", then restart back at PART 1
    Event 52 - Masters of Evil
    PART 1
    Characters: Bowser(Hmn), Peach(Lv.3), Luigi(Lv.7), Mario(Lv.9)
    Arena: Princess Peach's Castle
    Items: Low
    Limits: Stock 3
    Teams: You vs. Peach+Luigi+Mario
    PART 2
    Characters: Mewtwo(Hmn), Pikachu(Lv.9), Pichu(Lv.7), Jigglypuff(Lv.8)
    Arena: Kanto Stadium
    Items: Pokeballs (High)
    Limits: Stock 3
    Teams: You(Mewtwo) vs. Pokemon
    PART 3
    Characters: Ganondorf(Hmn), Zelda(Lv.8), Y.Link(Lv.8), Link(Lv.9)
    Arena: Hyrule Temple or Final Destination
    Items: None
    Limits: Stock 1
    Teams: You vs. Zelda+Y.Link+Link
    Description: Be the masterminds of evil and defeat the good!
    Event 53 - Sibling Rivalry
    Characters: Mario(Hmn), Luigi(Lv.5), Link(Lv.9), Young Link(Lv.9)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: Fire Flower, Starmen, Super Mushroom, Bunny Hood (Normal)
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: Mario+Luigi vs. Link+Y.Link
    Description: The brothers of both clans fight to see who's the best!
    Event 54 - Trouble King(s) 3
    Characters: Peach(Hmn), Mario(Lv.2), Bowser(Lv.4), Bowser(Lv.9)
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: All(Low)
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: Peach+Mario vs. Bowser+Bowser
    Extra: Don't let Mario lose his life or else it's game over.
    Description: Bowser is at it again! Defend Mario in a twist of fate.
    Event 55 - Aye-aye Captain!
    Characters: Any(Hmn), C. Falcon(Lv.5), C. Falcon(Lv.7), C. Falcon(Lv.9)
    Arena: Mute City
    Items: Maximum Tomato, Food, Hearts, Bob-Ombs, Bunny Hood, Proximity Mine,
    Star Rod, Ray Gun, Fire Flower, Pokeballs (Normal)
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: You vs. C. Falcons.
    Descriptions: The captain is here!
    Event 56 - Pokemon Power
    Characters: Any(Hmn, Ganondorf(Lv.7), Jigglypuff(Lv.8), Ice Climbers(Lv.9)
    Arena: Random
    Items: Pokeballs only (Very High)
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Comps
    Description: You gotta catch em' all!
    Event 57 - The Vets
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Mario(Lv.9), Link(Lv.9), Samus(Lv.9)
    Arena: Random
    Items: None
    Limits: 5 minutes
    Teams: None
    Description: The well-known heroes rumble to find out who's the best!
    Event 58 - The Newcomers
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Peach(Lv.9), Falco(Lv.9), Pichu(Lv.1).
    Arena: Yoshi's Story
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 5 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Peach+Falco vs. Pichu
    Description: Earn a higher score than the newcomers to show them who's boss.
    Event 59 - Fire Emblem Pride 2
    Characters: Marth(Hmn), Roy(Lv.7), Link(Lv.9), Y.Link(Lv.8)
    Arena: Hyrule Temple
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock, 15 minutes.
    Teams: Marth+Roy vs. Links
    Description: Link has returned for some more swordplay!
    Event 60 - All Star Match: Classic Edition
    NOTE: Only defeat the character once in each part to advance to the next
    enemy, and carry on the same number of stock for the next part, just like All
    Star events. If you lose both your stock, start back at the first part)
    PART 1
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Link(Lv.9)
    Arena: Congo Jungle (Classic)
    Items: Bunny-Hood, Bob-Omb, Mr. Freezie, Hearts(Normal)
    Limits: Stock 2, 4 mins
    Teams: None
    PART 2
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Mario(Lv.9)
    Arena: Yoshi's Island(Classic)
    Items: Fire Flower, Bob-Omb, Starmen, Super Mushroom, Green Shell, Red Shell
    (Very High)
    Limits: Stock 1-2 (Depends if you lost one previously), 3 mins
    Teams: None
    PART 3
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Fox(Lv.9)
    Arena: Corneria
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scoper, Proxy Mine, Food, Pokeballs (Very Low)
    Limits: Stock 1-2(Depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: None
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Samus(Lv.9)
    Arena: Brinstar Depths
    Items: Screw Attack, Super Scope, Ray Gun, Proximity Mine, Pokeballs (Low)
    Limits: Stock 1-2 (Depends if you lost one previously), 2 mins
    Teams: None
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Mr. Game&Watch(Lv.9)
    Arena: Flat Zone
    Items: None
    Limits: Stock 1-2 (Depends if you lost one previously), 1 minute
    Teams: None
    Description: Duel each of the well known classics one-by-one!
    Event 61 - Rare Rumble
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Donkey Kong(Lv.9), Fox(Lv.8, Falco(Lv.9)
    Arena: Battlefield
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. DK vs. Fox+Falco
    Description: Take on the Rare characters in 10 minutes!
    Event 62 - Rampage: Ness Tour
    PART 1
    Characters: Ness(Hmn), Donkey Kong(Lv.8), Falco(Lv.9)
    Arena: Onett
    Items: Super Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms (Very Low)
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: Ness vs. Donkey Kong+Falco
    PART 2
    Characters: Ness(Hmn), Donkey Kong(Lv.6), Mewtwo(Lv.7), Bowser(Lv.9)
    Arena: Fourside
    Items: Super Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms (Very High)
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: Ness vs. DK+Mewtwo+Bowser
    Description: Ness must defend his hometown from the giant invaders!
    Event 63 - Fists of Fury
    Characters: Zelda(Hmn), C. Falcon(Lv.9), Fox(Lv.7), Kirby(Lv.8)
    Arena: Random
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock, 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. C. Falcon vs. Fox+Kirby
    Description: KO your opponents using your fists before they do!
    Event 64 - 64! 64! Nintendo 64!
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Luigi(Lv.9), Dr.Mario(Lv.9), Roy(Lv.9)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: Normal
    Limits: Stock 64, 64 minutes
    Teams: None
    Description: Relive this famous number one more time!
    Event 65 - Lord of the Jungle 2
    PART 1
    Characters: DK(Hmn), DK(Lv.1), DK(Lv.2), Ganondorf(Lv.8)
    Arena: Kongo Jungle
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: You+DKs vs. Ganondorf
    NOTE: Do not let any of your teammates die, or else reset
    PART 2
    Characters: DK (Hmn), Ganondorf(Lv.9)
    Arena: Jungle Japes
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: None
    Description: Prove that you are the lord of the jungle against Ganondorf!
    Event 66 - Pikachu and Pichu 2
    Characters: Pikachu(Hmn), Pichu(Lv.1), Pichu(Lv.1), Random(Lv.9)
    Arena: Dream Land (Classic)
    Items: None
    Limits: 5 minutes
    Teams: Pikachu+Pichus vs. Link
    Description: It's your turn to protect Pichu now! Good luck!
    *NOTE*: If any of the Pichus die once, restart. Only defeat the enemy 2 times
    to win, just like event 48 except your protecting now
    Event 67 - Who wants to be a millionaire?
    Characters: Jigglypuff(Hmn), Zelda(Lv.3), Yoshi(Lv.3), Ness(Lv.9)
    Arena: Mute City
    Items: Very Low
    Limits: 5 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Zelda+Yoshi+Ness
    Description: Swipe as many coins as you can in 5 minutes against a money-
    hungry team.
    Event 68 - Samus Showdown
    PART 1
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Samus(Lv.1)
    Arena: Brinstar
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 minute
    Teams: None
    PART 2
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Samus(Lv.9), Samus(Lv.7)
    Arena: Brinstar
    Items: High
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Samus+Samus
    PART 3
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Samus(Lv.4), Samus(Lv.4), Samus(Lv.4)
    Arena: Brinstar Depths
    Items: None
    Limits: Stock 3
    Teams: You vs. 3 Samus's
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Samus(Lv9), Samus(Lv.9, Samus(Lv.9)
    Arena: Brinstar Depths
    Items: High
    Limits: 3 minutes
    Teams: None
    Description: Fight Samus to the death!
    Event 69 - The Weakest Link
    PART 1
    Characters: Link(Hmn), Y.Link(Lv.7), Y.Link(Lv.8), Y.Link(Lv.9)
    Arena: Great Bay
    Items: None
    Limits: Stock 2
    Teams: You vs. Y.Links
    PART 2
    Characters: Y.Link(Hmn), Link(Lv.8), Link(Lv.8), Link(Lv.9)
    Arena: Hyrule Temple
    Items: None
    Limits: 1-2 (Depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: You vs. Links
    Description: Who do you think, is the weakest Link?
    Event 70 - All Star Match: Underdogs Edition
    PART 1
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Falco(Lv.9)
    Arena: Venom
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 2 Stock(Defeat Falco once to win this part)
    Teams: None
    PART 2
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Ness(Lv.9)
    Arena: Fourside
    Items: High
    Limits: 1-2 Stock(Depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: None
    PART 3
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Dr.Mario(Lv.9)
    Arena: Mushroom Kingdom II
    Items: None
    Limits: 1-2(Depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: None
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Mr. Game&Watch(Lv.9), Mr. Game&Watch(Lv.9), Mr.
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: None
    Limits: 1-2 (Depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: You vs. Mr.G&Ws
    Description: Just because you might not have remembered them, doesn't mean
    you can't defeat them!
    Event 71 - Green Greens
    Characters: Yoshi(Hmn), Mr.Game&Watch(Lv.9), Y.Link(lv.9), Luigi(Lv.9)
    Arena: Green Greens
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 3 Stock, 10 minutes
    Teams: None
    Extra: Make all the characters into their green outfits
    Description: The only way to get rid of your greens is to beat them!
    Event 72 - Race to the Finish!
    Characters: C.Falcon(Hmn), Falco(Lv.5), Dr. Mario(Lv.9)
    Arena: Big Blue
    Items: Food (Very Low)
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Falco+Dr.Mario
    Extra: If you die once, reset.
    Description: Defend yourself for 10 minutes as you reach the finish line!
    Event 73 - Link's Journey
    PART 1
    Characters: Y.Link(Hmn), Mewtwo(Lv.5), Mewtwo(Lv.9)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: Normal
    Limits: Stock 2
    Teams: You vs. Mewtwos
    PART 2
    Characters: Y.Link(Hmn), Bowser(Lv.7), Mewtwo(Lv.8)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: None
    Limits: Stock 1-2 (Depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: You vs. Mewtwo+Bowser
    PART 3
    Characters: Ganondorf(Hmn), Y.Link(Lv.9), Zelda(Lv.8)
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: None
    Limits: 1-2 Stock (Depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: You vs. Y.Link+Zelda
    (Ganondorf defeats Y.Link and captures Zelda!!! Looks like Y.Link will have
    to get bigger and stronger...)
    PART 4
    Characters: Y.Link(Hmn), Link(Lv.9 Pretend this guy is Shadow Link)
    Arena: Hyrule Temple
    Items: Metal Box (Very High - To help with the pretending)
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: None
    PART 5
    Characters: Link(Hmn), Mewtwo(Lv.8), Mewtwo(Lv.8), Mewtwo(Lv.9)
    Arena: Battlefield
    Items: High
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Mewtwos
    PART 6
    Characters: Link(Hmn), Bowser(lv.9), Mewtwo(Lv.9)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Bowser+Mewtwo
    PART 7
    Characters: Link(Hmn), Zelda(Lv.2), Ganondorf(Lv.9), Bowser(Lv.7)
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: None
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: You+Zelda vs. Ganondorf+Bowser
    Description: Walk Link's footsteps as he goes on a journey to defeat the evil
    Event 74 - The One
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Same as Hmn's(Lv.9), Same as Hmn's(Lv.9), Same as
    Arena: Randon
    Items: None
    Limits: 5 Stock
    Teams: None
    Description: Find out who will triumph as "The One".
    Event 75 - 10,000 leagues below Brinstar
    Characters: Samus(Hmn), Ganondorf(Lv.9), Mewtwo(Lv.9)
    Arena: Brinstar Depths
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Ganondorf+Mewtwo
    Description: What evil lurks below Binstar's surfaces?
    Event 76 - Ice Breaker 2
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Ice Climber(Lv.9)
    Arena: Rainbow Cruise
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: None
    Extra: Only kill the Pink Ice Climber(Nana). Defeating the purple one(Popo)
    will result in game over.
    Description: KO Nana if you can!
    Event 77 - Around the world in 92 minutes
    PART 1
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Peach(Lv.1), Luigi(Lv.9), Mario(Lv.9)
    Arena: Princess Peach's Castle
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock, 92 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Peach+Luigi+Mario
    PART 2
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Ness(Lv.9), Roy(Lv.5), Marth(Lv.7)
    Arena: Fourside
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock, 46 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Ness vs. Roy+Marth
    PART 3
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Pikachu(Lv.7), Pichu(Lv.9), Jigglypuff(Lv.9)
    Arena: Kanto Stadium
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock, 23 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Samus+Mr.G&W
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Link(Lv.7), Zelda(Lv.8), Ganondorf(Lv.9)
    Arena: Hyrule Temple
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock, 11 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Link+Zelda vs. Ganondorf
    PART 5
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Fox(Lv.1), Falco(Lv.8), C.Falcon(Lv.9)
    Arena: Mute City
    Items: None
    Limits: 1 Stock, 6 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Fox+Falco+C.Falcon
    PART 6
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Same as Human(Lv.9)
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock, 3 minutes
    Teams: None
    Extra: If you don't defeat your enemy's 3 lives in 3 minutes, then it's game
    over and back to start
    Description: Travel around the world and defeat the challengers waiting
    Event 78 - Fountain of KOs
    Characters: Kirby(Hmn), Mr.Game&Watch(Lv.7), Yoshi(Lv.9), Dr.Mario(Lv.9)
    Arena: Fountain of Dreams
    Items: Very High
    Limits: 2 Stock, 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Mr.G&W+Yoshi+Dr.M
    Description: Do dreams really come true?
    Event 79 - Luigi to the Rescue!
    Characters: Luigi(Hmn), Peach(Lv.1), Mario(Lv.1), Bowser(Lv.9)
    Arena: Yoshi's Island(New One)
    Items: Pokeballs, Proxy Mine, Bob-Omb, Home-run Bat, Super Scoper, Fire
    Flower, Poison Mushroom, Super Musroom, Lipsstick (Very Low)
    Limits: 1 Stock, 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Peach+Mario+Bowser
    Extra: Do not KO Mario or Peach, or else you lose the event.
    Description: Bowser has brain washed Peach and Mario! Defeat him to cure
    Event 80 - All Star Match: Clones Edition
    NOTE: Regular all star events rules do not apply from here on out, you will
    need to defeat the characters the required number of times to progress to the
    next part. Good luck)
    PART 1
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Ganondorf(Lv.8)
    Arena: Brinstar Depths
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: None
    PART 2
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Dr.Mario(Lv.8)
    Arena: Mushroom Kingdom II
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1-3 stock(depends if you lost one before. But you are still required
    to defeat D.Mario 3 times)
    Teams: None
    PART 3
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Y.Link(Lv.9)
    Arena: Great Bay
    Items: High
    Limits: 1-3 Stock (depends if you lost one previously)
    Teams: None
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Falco(Lv.4), Falco(Lv.5), Falco(Lv.8)
    Arena: Corneria
    Items: High
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Falcos
    Description: The clones unite! Can you take them all?
    Event 81 - Crowd Favourite
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Samus(Lv.1), Pichu(Lv.5), Luigi(Lv.9)
    Arena: Kongo Jungle
    Items: None
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Samus+Pichu+Luigi
    Extra: To win, get the crowd to cheer your name at least once before time
    runs out. And if you die once, restart.
    Description: Are you a crowd favourite? Find out if you can get the crowd
    cheering for you in 10 minutes!
    Event 82 - 3-on-1
    Characters: Marth(Hmn), Samus(Lv.9), Kirby(Lv.9), Fox(Lv.9)
    Arena: Yoshi's Island (Classic)
    Items: None
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Samus+Kirby+Fox
    Description: Can you handle all 3 enemies at once?
    Event 83 - Spare Change 2
    Characters: Mewtwo(Hmn), Pichu(Lv.9), Roy(Lv.3)
    Arena: Icicle Mountain
    Items: High
    Limits: 5 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Pichu+Roy
    Description: Collect the coins for 5 minutes!
    Event 84 - Mario Maniac
    Characters: Bowser(Hmn), Mario(Lv.8), Dr.Mario(Lv.8)
    Arena: Princess Peach's Castle
    Items: Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, Starmen(Very High)
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Mario+Dr.Mario
    Description: Will Bowser finally get revenge?
    Event 85 - Cold Armour 2
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Samus(Lv.5), Samus(Lv.8), Samus(Lv.9)
    Arena: Brinstar Depths
    Items: Metal Box(Very High)
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Samuses
    Description: Show Samus who's the boss one last time!
    Event 86 - Triforce Power
    Characters: Ganondorf(Hmn), Y.Link(Lv.3), Zelda(Lv.7), Link(Lv.9)
    Arena: Hyrule Temple
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Y.Link+Zelda+Link
    Description: Feel the power of the Triforce!
    Event 87 - Mewtwo Strikes Back!
    Characters: Pikachu(Hmn), Pichu(Lv.1), Jigglypuff(Lv.5), Mewtwo(Lv.9)
    Arena: Battlefield
    Items: Pokeballs(Very Low)
    Limits: 5 minutes
    Teams: You+Pichu+Jigglypuff vs. Mewtwo
    Description: Stop Mewtwo before he tries to take over the world!
    Event 88 - Ness's Pride
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Ness(Lv.9)
    Arena: Onett
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 minutes
    Teams: None
    Description: Duel Ness to see who has more style!
    Event 89 - Wireframe's Final Stand
    Characters: Mario(Hmn)
    Extra: Go into Endless Melee. You'll win this event when you defeat 250
    Description: The Wireframes are back! Don't stop until you defeated 250!
    Event 90 - All Star Match - Teams Edition
    PART 1
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Falco(Lv.9), Fox(Lv.9)
    Arena: Venom
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock(Defeat Fox and Falco once each to win)
    Teams: You vs. Falco+Fox
    PART 2
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Pikachu(Lv.5), Pichu(Lv.5), Mewtwo(Lv.9)
    Arena: Pokefloats
    Items: None
    Limits: 1-3 Stock(Depends how many you lost previously)
    Teams: You vs. Pokemon
    PART 3
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Peach(Lv.5), Luigi(Lv.7), Mario(Lv.7)
    Arena: Mushroom Kingdom II
    Items: None
    Limits: 1-3 Stock(Depends how many you lost previously)
    Teams: You vs. Mario Gang
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Zelda(Lv.6), Y.Link(Lv.6), Ganondorf(Lv.9)
    Arena: Great Bay
    Items: None
    Limits: 1-3(Depends how many you lost previously)
    Teams: You vs. Zelda Gang
    PART 5
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Marth(Lv.9), Roy(Lv.9)
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: None
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Fire Emblem Team
    Description: The teams gang up on you! Defend youself with honour!
    Event 91 - Prep Time
    Characters: Any(Hmn), C.Falcon(Lv.9), Falco(Lv.9), Bowser(Lv.9)
    Arena: Mute City
    Items: Very High
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: You vs. C.F+Falco+Bowser
    Description: Just warming you up for the last few events!
    Event 92 - Gargantuans 2
    Characters: Donkey Kong(Hmn), Bowser(Lv.9), Mr.G&W(Lv.9), Kirby(Lv.9)
    Arena: Fourside
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: None
    Desciption: Join in a free-for-all of giant preportions
    Event 93 - Galaxy Defenders
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Fox(Lv.9), Ness(Lv.9), Samus(Lv.9)
    Arena: Fountain of Dreams
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Fox vs. Ness+Samus
    Description: Get ready to rumble with the well-known protectors of the
    Event 94 - Ready 2 Rumble
    Characters: Mr.G&W(Hmn), Ice Climbers(Lv.9), Dr.Mario(Lv.9)
    Arena: Princess Peach's Castle
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Ice CLimbers+D.Mario
    Description: Attempt to score a KO with 2 steady opponents!
    Event 95 - Puffballs Unite!
    Characters: Mewtwo(Hmn), Kirby(Lv.9), Kirby(Lv.9), Jigglypuff(Lv.9)
    Arena: Green Greens
    Items: None
    Limits: 2 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Kirbies+Jigglypuff
    Description: Beating on a couple of puffballs...not as easy as it sounds!
    Event 96 - Mt. Everest
    Characters: Ice Climbers(Hmn), Zelda(Lv.9), Falco(Lv.9)
    Arena: Icicle Mountain
    Items: Very High
    Limits: 3 minutes
    Teams: You vs. Zelda+Falco
    Description: Defend your territory from the intruders!
    Event 97 - KO Fest!
    Characters: Ness(Hmn), DK(Lv.9), Pikachu(Lv.1), Ganondorf(Lv.1)
    Arena: Great Bay
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Teams: You vs. DK vs. Pikachu+Ganondorf
    Description: Can you KO more enemies then a gorilla?
    Event 98 - Almost There...
    Characters: DK(Hmn), Pichu(Lv.9), C.Falcon(Lv.6), Bowser(Lv.1)
    Arena: Mute City
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Pichu+C.Falcon+Bowser
    Description: Don't give up! You're almost near the end!
    Event 99 - All Star Match: Masters Edition
    PART 1
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Ganondorf(Lv.9), Marth(Lv.9), Zelda(Lv.9)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Handicap: Hmn-9, Ganondorf-2, Marth-2, Zelda-2
    Teams: You vs. Ganondorf+Marth+Zelda
    PART 2
    Characters: Same(Hmn), Link(Lv.9), Luigi(Lv.9), Fox(Lv.9)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: Normal
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Handicap: Hmn-9, Link-5, Luigi-3, Fox-5
    Teams: You vs. Link+Luigi+Fox
    PART 3
    Characters: Same(Hmn), C.Falcon(Lv.9), Roy(Lv.9), Mewtwo(Lv.9)
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: Very High
    Limits: 1 Stock
    Handicaps: None
    Teams: You vs. C.Falcon+Roy+Mewtwto
    PART 4
    Characters: Same(Hmn), SameAsHuman(Lv.9), SameAsHuman(Lv.9),
    Arena: BattleField
    Items: None
    Limits: 3 Stock
    Handicaps: Hmn-3, Comps-9
    Teams: None
    Description: It's the final All-Star Match! Are you sure you can handle it?!
    Event 100 - The Final Event
    Characters: Any(Hmn), Random(Lv.9), Random(Lv.9), SameAsHuman(Lv.9)
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: None
    Limits: 10 Stock
    Teams: You vs. Computers
    Notes: Get a higher score then the comps.
    Description: It's the final event! Good luck taking down 30 stocks!
    >>> NAME: Kidnapped!
    Level 1 Story: You (Luigi) are relaxing at your mansion, when your son,
    (Mario), says, "Daddy, I hear a banging noise on the roof." You go up to
    check, and you see 2 villains trying to steal your money!
    Level 1: Up on the Rooftop Clank, Crash, Boom!
    Humans: Luigi (Mario if you want more than 1 player)
    Computers: Mario, Ganondorf, Mewtwo (these can all be humans if you want a 4
    player Scenario.)
    Mode: Coin Battle for 5 min. Have at least 200 coins by the end.
    Teams: Mario and Luigi Green Team. Mario on level 1. Ganondorf and Mewtwo
    Blue Team. Villians on level 9.
    Items: Green Shells, Ray Guns, and Hammers on Very High.
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle.
    Win: Go to level 2.
    Lose: GAME OVER
    Level 2 Story: After the smoke clears, you discover that the villains stole
    $1,000,000! Worse than that, they also stole your son! You decide to go after
    them. Suddenly, two huge creatures come out of nowhere!
    Level 2: Monsters Inc. 2
    Humans: Luigi (the monsters can also be humans)
    Computers: Bowser, DK.
    Mode: Stock, 1 life.
    Teams: Luigi Green Team. Bowser and DK Red team on level 7.
    Items: Hammers and Green Shells on Very High.
    Stage: Jungle Japes
    Win: Go to level 3.
    Lose: GAME OVER
    Level 3 Story: You've spotted the villains in a huge, colorful parade. You
    spot a small sack that they are holding. In there, you assume, lies you son!
    You pick up a Ray Gun, and CHARGE!
    Level 3: Reality Float Parade
    Humans: Luigi (you can have all humans)
    Computers: Mewtwo, Ganondorf.
    Mode: 10:00 Battle.
    Teams: Luigi Green Team. Ganondorf and Mewtwo Blue Team on level 9.
    Items: Ray Guns, Green Shells, Hammers, Bob-oms, and Food on Very High. (The
    Food is supposed to be candy.)
    Stage: Poke Floats
    Win: Go to level 4.
    Lose: GAME OVER
    Level 4 Story: The villains escaped again! You jump off the float you're on,
    and land on an F-Zero Racer. A driver comes out and boy is he mad!
    Level 4: Battle of Big Blue
    Humans: Luigi (Capt. Falcon can be a human too.)
    Computers: Capt. Falcon. on level 8.
    Mode: Stock 1 life.
    Items: Ray Guns, Green Shells, and Bob-oms on Very High.
    Stage: Big Blue
    Win: Go to level 5.
    Lose: GAME OVER
    Level 5 Story: You climb Icicle Mountain, and spot the villains! They still
    are holding the sack, and they have the Ice Climbers to help them!
    Level 5: Climb Up Icicle Mountain
    Humans: Luigi (you can have all humans)
    Computers: Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Ice Climbers.
    Mode: 3:00 Battle.
    Teams: Luigi Green Team. Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Ice Climbers Blue Team. Mewtwo
    and Ganondorf on level 9. IC on level 2.
    Items: Freezies, Ray Guns, Green Shells, and Bob-oms on Very High.
    Stage: Icicle Mountain
    Win: Go to level 6.
    Lose: GAME OVER
    Level 6 Story: At the top, you jump onto Battlefield to fight for your life!
    Level 6: Battle on Battlefield
    Humans: Luigi (you can have all humans)
    Computers: Ganondorf, Mewtwo.
    Mode: Stock 1 life.
    Teams: Same as Level 5, just no Ice Climbers.
    Items: Ray Guns, Green Shells, and Bob-oms on Very High.
    Stage: Battlefield
    Win: Go to level 7.
    Lose: GAME OVER
    Level 7 Story: At Final Destination, you break open the sack and quickly hug
    your son. But the battle isn't over yet!
    Level 7: The Final Destination
    Humans: Luigi (you can have all humans)
    Computers: Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Mario.
    Mode: Stock 1 life.
    Teams: Luigi, Mario Green Team. Ganondorf, Mewtwo Blue Team. Mario on Level
    1. Mewtwo and Ganondorf on level 9.
    Items: Ray Guns, Hammers, Green Shells, Bob-oms, Cloaking Devices, and Metal
    Boxes on Very High.
    Stage: Final Destination
    Win: Go to Ending.
    Lose: GAME OVER (if Mairo is KOed you lose!)
    Ending: Back at home, Mario says, "Daddy, when we were pulling in, I saw a
    man with a sword, a lady with a cloak, and a dragon stealing our money."
    Luigi faints.
    THE END!
    >>> NAME: Klone Killer
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Tonguetied2001
    NOTE: If you are playing with computers, it doesn't matter what level the
    computers are at. Frankly, I don't care. Make them all stock battles at three
    Your character can be anyone except Link, Captain Falcon, Pichu, Marth, Roy,
    Young Link, Ganondorf, Pikachu, Mario, and Dr. Mario.
    PART 1- Time Paradox
    TEAMS: (you) and Marth vs. Link and Young Link
    STAGE: Great Bay
    ITEMS: Beam Swords, Bunny Hoods, Heart Containers, Very High
    (you), Marth, Link, Y. Link
    Your character has no fights to do and decides to relax and have a nice
    vacation at Great Bay. Suddenly, you encounter Marth. Marth tells you how six
    of the Smashers have betrayed the others by cloning themselves. Marth says
    he'll help you destroy the traitors and the clones. Suddenly you and Marth
    find one of the traitors...LINK! and his clone...YOUNG LINK! You and Marth
    must now fight Link and his clone. Fight until you win.
    Soon, Hyrule's hero and his younger clone are no more. Marth then tells how
    you and him must travel on a journey to kill the other traitors and their
    clones. Your journey begins.
    PART 2- He Forgot the Anesthetics
    TEAMS: (you) and Marth vs. Mario and Dr. Mario
    STAGE: Kingdom II
    ITEMS: Bob-ombs, Fire Flowers, Freezies, Green Shells, Hammers, Red Shells,
    Metal Boxes, Poison Mushrooms, Starmen, Super Mushrooms, Very High
    (you), Marth, Mario, Dr. Mario
    After a while, you and Marth have been traveling for a long time and you have
    finally reached the Mushroom Kingdom. Marth tells on how you and he shall
    rest there. You and Marth lie down and go to sleep. While you two are asleep,
    you astoundingly share a dream. But this dream turns into a nightmare as you
    encounter another traitor...MARIO! And his clone...DR. MARIO! There are
    pretty powerful items there though. Continue fighting them until you win.
    Killing Mario and Dr. Mario in your dream somehow kills them for real. You
    and Marth rejoice at killing another traitor and clone. Suddenly, two Kirbys
    and their Warp Stars crash. The Kirbys heard about the clones and decide to
    help you. The Kirbys say you can use their Warp Stars. Marth tells on how
    there is a dragon in Tokyo and he must slay it. Marth takes a Warp Star and
    flies to Tokyo. You take the other Warp Star, with a Kirby tagging along.
    PART 3, SUB-BOSS STAGE!- The Beast Within
    TEAMS: (you) and Kirby vs. Captain Falcon and Ganondorf
    STAGE: Big Blue (if not unlocked use Mute City)
    ITEMS: Beam Swords, Bunny Hoods, Heart Containers, Warp Stars, Star Rods,
    Parasols, Maxim Tomatoes, Very High
    (you), Kirby, C. Falcon, G-dorf
    The Warp Star takes you and Kirby right into the middle of the F-Zero Grand
    Prix. Unfortunately, guess who else is hanging out at the F-Zero Grand Prix?
    It's one of the traitors...CAPTAIN FALCON! And his clone...GANONDORF! You
    have heard stories of the evil villain Ganondorf. He terrorized Hyrule but
    who knew that he would be a clone? Apparently you must fight the F-Zero racer
    and the villain. Also, if Kirby dies you lose. AGAIN, fight 'til you win.
    Once the battle is over, Kirby flies on a Warp Star back to his peaceful home
    at Pop Star. Suddenly Marth comes down on his Warp Star, telling you that the
    dragon has been slayed. Marth also tells how one of the traitors is a
    Pokemon. A Pokeball falls down and an Abra come out. Abra then teleports you
    and Marth into the world of Pokemon.
    PART 4- Gotta KO 'em all!
    TEAMS: (you) and Marth vs. Pikachu and Pichu
    STAGE: Pokemon Stadium
    ITEMS: Pokeballs, Very High
    (you), Marth, Pikachu, Pichu
    It turns out the Abra took you to a Pokemon arena, right where professional
    Pokemon battles are held. And it turns out the Pokemon there right now are
    one of the traitors...PIKACHU! And his clone...PICHU! Fortunately, some
    stupid trainers are throwing their Pokemon at you. You and Marth can use
    those Pokemon to attack the electric mice. And I repeat myself, PLAY TIL YOU
    After the battle is over, Marth tells that he found out the clones are
    summoned at a temple. Marth says that he'll get to the temple by riding on
    Lugia's back. You shall get to the temple by smuggling on a spaceship called
    the Great Fox, which will be flying near the temple. Marth flies away on
    Lugia. You find the Great Fox and smuggle aboard. But you never know where a
    traitor and a clone might be...
    PART 5- Fight for the Fox
    TEAMS: (you) and Bowser vs. Fox and Falco
    STAGE: Venom
    ITEMS: Beam Swords, Cloaking Devices, Ray Guns, Very High
    (you), Bowser, Fox, Falco
    While on the Great Fox you notice that you're flying on a planet called
    Venom. Suddenly two ships called Arwings fly by and notice you. You've been
    discovered! And...you've been discovered by one of the traitors...FOX! And
    his clone...FALCO! You run away trying not to get noticed. You pass a dog, a
    hare, and a toad. You notice Bowser tied up. It says that he is an alien
    found on Solar eating Arwings. You think Bowser can help you and you set him
    free. You and Bowser climb outside the Great Fox where Fox and Falco have
    been waiting for you. Fight the two members of the Star Fox team. The toad
    notices your fighting and throws lightsabers, guns, and a device that makes
    you invisible. Also, while fighting Falcon and Ganondorf if Kirby died you
    lose. But here if Bowser dies it's OK. And quoth myself, play til you win.
    Once you defeat the fifth clone and traitor, Bowser goes off to fight
    Andross. He wants to prove he's a better villain. You notice a passage taking
    you to the temple. Quickly you jump through the passage and make it to the
    temple. You never believe who the final traitor is!
    PART 6, FINAL STAGE!- Fir Emblem Fighters
    TEAMS: (you) vs. Marth and Roy
    STAGE: Temple
    ITEMS: Heart Containers, Bunny Hoods, Beam Swords, Very High
    (you), Marth, Roy
    When entering the temple you find the final traitor...MARTH! And his
    clone...ROY! Marth tells how he was the leader all along and just tricking
    you with being your ally. Marth also tells how there is no dragon in Tokyo,
    he just made that up to send in Captain Falcon and Ganondorf. He also tells
    he had to get to the temple before you so he and Roy would be ready. You must
    now use your finest fighting skills to kill Marth and Roy and have the world
    rid of the clones and traitors once and for all. There are no allies. The
    main thing you have to do is (guess what I'm about to say) play til you win.
    Now that you've beaten Marth and Roy, congratulations! You're the Klone
    Killer! What do you mean what do you get? Where you expecting a trophy
    featuring the dead bodies of the traitors and clones? That's ridiculous. This
    is just a scenario I made up. However, I'm proud of it!
    >>> NAME: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: GigaGanondorf
    Be Link and Defeat the Evil Ganondorf
    Level 1: Fountain of Dreams Stock: 1
    Items Always Heart Container on very low
    You: Y. Link
    Opponent: Bowser Level 5
    The Deku Tree asks you for help to remove the curse that has been placed on
    it.  When you venture inside Queen Gohma {Bowser} Attacks you.  If you
    defeat him you will get the Kokiri's Emerald from the Deku Tree and you go
    to level two.
    Level 2: Brinstar. Stock 3
    You. Y. Link
    Opponent: Yoshi Level 5
    The Gorons need your help to get food from the cavern.  Inside the cavern
    is King Dodongo {Yoshi}. If you defeat him, the Gorons will give you the
    Goron's Ruby and tell you to go to the Zora's Domain.
    Level 3: Jungle Japes. Stock 5
    You: Y. Link
    Opponent: Jigglypuff {Blue} Level 5
    King Zora needs you to go inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly to find his
    daughter for him when you find her, Barinade {Jigglypuff} attacks.  If you
    defeat him, the Zora will give you the Zora's Sapphire.  When you go back
    to Hyrule, Zelda is riding escaping, and gives Y. Link the ocarina of time,
    and teaches him the Song of Time.  Link then goes to the temple of time
    when he plays the song the doors open, and Y. Link takes the Master Sword
    and becomes Link. Then Rauru gives him the Light Medallion.  Then Sheik
    appears and tells Link he needs to find 5 more medallions.
    Link then goes to the forest temple.
    Level 4: Green Greens. Stock 1
    You: Link
    1st Opponent: Jigglypuff x3  Each Level 3
    2nd Opponent: Jigglypuff Level 5
    3rd Opponent: Ganondorf Level 7
    When you get to the forest temple, Sheik tells you how the temple is full
    of monsters and four ghost sisters.  When you go inside three of the ghost
    sisters try and stop you.  If you defeat them the fourth appears to stop
    you. If you defeat her, Phantom Ganondorf will attack.  If you defeat him,
    Saria will give you the Forest Medallion, and tell you to go to the Fire
    Level 5: Brinstar Depth. Stock 3
    You: Link
    Opponent: Roy
    When you get to the fire temple, Shiek will tell you the Gorons have been
    captured and are held captive by Volvagia. When you go inside, you will
    find Volvagia {Roy} and he will attack you. If you defeat him, Darunia will
    give you the Fire Medallion, and tell you to go to the Water Temple.
    Level 6: Great Bay. Stock 3
    You: Link
    1st Opponent: Link {Black} Choose Level
    2nd Opponent: Kirby {pink} Level 1 and Kirby {Blue} Level 9
    When you get to the water temple, Shiek tells you the Zora's are frozen
    because of the evil creature Morpha  and his helper, Dark Link.  When you
    go inside the water temple Dark Link attacks. If you beat him Morpha {the
    Kirbys} will attack.  To win you only have to kill the nucleus {the pink
    Kirby}, but you can still kill the water {the blue Kirby}if you want. If
    you win, Ruto will give you the Water Medallion, and tell you to go to the
    Shadow Temple.
    Level 7: Battlefield. Stock 5
    You: Link
    Opponent: Mewtwo Level 7
    When you get to the shadow temple, Shiek tells you that the evil shadow,
    Bongo-Bongo, has escaped and you need to seal it up again. When you enter
    the shadow temple, Bongo-Bongo {Mewtwo} attacks. If you defeat him, Impa
    will give you the Shadow Medallion and tell you to go to the Spirit Temple.
    Level 8: Yoshi's Island {past}. Stock 1
    You: Link
    1st Opponent: Jigglypuff x2 {one red and one blue} Both Level 4
    2nd Opponent: Peach {white} Level 8
    When you get to the spirit temple, Shiek warns you of two sisters Koume and
    Kotake who can combined themselves when threatened. When you enter the
    spirit temple, Koume and Kotake {the two jigglypuff} attack! If you defeat
    them they will combine and make Twinrova {peach}. If you defeat her,
    Nabooru will give you the Spirit Medallion and tell you to go back to the
    Temple of Time.
    Level 9 Hyrule Temple Bonus: 5:00
    You: Link
    Opponent: Zelda/Shiek
    *NOTE: You do not have to win this battle, but if you do you will fight
    Ganondorf a second time*
    When you get back to the Temple of Time, Shiek will tell you that she is
    Zelda and wants to test you to see if you are ready.  When the battle is
    over, Ganondorf will warp you to his castle, and Challenge you.
    Level 10-1 Final Destination. Team Stock 3
    You: Link
    Helper: Zelda/Shiek Level 5
    Opponent: Ganondorf Level 9
    DO NOT LET ZELDA DIE. If You defeat him, his castle will fall and kills
    him....... or does it???
    *Note go to next level if you beat Zelda on level 9*
    Level 10-2 Final Destination. Giant Melee: Stock 10
    You: Link
    Opponent: Ganondorf Level 9
    Ganondorf comes back and traps Zelda in a crystal and attacks you. If you
    beat him Zelda breaks free and with the help of the Sages sends him to the
    void of the Evil Realm. Link goes back to being a kid and live happily ever
    >>> NAME: Life of Danger
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: indianajones2
    SCENE 1:  Disturbance
    Arena: Fourside
    Characters:  You and 3 level 5 Samus.
    Teams: You vs 3 comp opponents
    Items: None
    Stock: 5 each
    Mode: Reg. Melee
    Briefing: Three assasinbots have been located on the top of the presidents
    building.  Get up there and stop there advance!
    SCENE 2:  Something odd has been left...
    Arena: Fourside
    Characters: You and a Level 9 pichu
    Teams:  You vs Pichu
    Items: None
    Stock: 1
    Mode: Reg Melee
    Briefing: The three robots in there haste to get out left some type of
    annoying creature.  Capture it by throwing it off the building into are
    hands so we can poke it with stuff.
    SCENE 3:  A rude awakening
    Arena: Your characters homeworld
    Characters:  You  Fox (5) Falco (5) and Captain Falcon (5)
    Teams:  You vs Fox, Falco and Captain Falcon
    Items: None
    Mode: Stamina Melee
    Briefing:  During the night, three hitman invaded your private villa in an
    attempt to kill you.  This goes without saying, but beat them to it!
    SCENE 4:  Something very disturbing has came up.....
    Arena: Mushroom Kingdoom
    Characters: You Agent Roy(6) Pikachu (6) Jigglypuff (6)
    Teams:  You and Agent Roy vs Pikachu and Jigglypuff
    Items:  None
    Mode:  Reg Melee
    Stock: 1
    Briefing:  We've traced the origins of the thing (pichu) that was left
    behind after the robots attacked.  It seems that Dr. Mario has made some
    sort of bio-genetic Species.  You and Agent Roy will break through the guard
    gate and infiltrate Dr. Mario's hideout.  Agent Link will be awaiting you
    two once you break through the gate guards.
    SCENE 5: Confrontation
    Arena: Peach's Castle
    Characters:  You, Agent Link(8),Agent Roy(8)Agent Roy(8)Dr. Mario(9)
    Teams: You, Agent Roy and Agent Link vs Dr. Mario
    Items: None
    Mode: Reg Melee
    Stock: 1 each
    Briefing:  Confront and Kill Dr. Mario.  Take care NOT to lose any of the
    Scene 6:  HOLY !!!!!!!!!
    Arena: Final Destination
    Characters: You, and any of the agents that survived the last battle(5),
    Mewtwo (9)
    Teams: The Agents vs Mewtwo
    Items: None
    Mode: Reg Melee
    Stock: 1 each
    Briefing:  When Dr.Mario's lair collapsed, his possibly greatest creation
    broke through the rubble.  Kill it before it escapes.  It's strange
    though....The power reading that we're getting indicates millions of
    lifeforms still in the rubble of the castle.......
    SCENE 7: O..................God!
    Arena:  Final destination
    Characters: You, bowser (9)
    Teams: You vs Bowser
    Mode: Reg Melee
    Items: Metal Cap, Super Mushroom VERY HIGH
    Stock: 10
    Briefing: (Static) krrrrrrr....Agent (name)! krrrrr... Some kind of creature
    has broken through the rubble and killed Agent Roy and Agent Link!  Get out
    of there you can't kill that by the readings were gett
    krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......( Do not pick up the metal cap or the super
    mushroom.  Have fun trying to beat a giant, metal level 9 bowser, o and its
    not over)
    SCENE 8: Escape
    Arena: Venom (gives the escape type feel)
    Characters: You, Three Samuses (9)
    Teams:  You vs. Three Samuses
    Items: None
    Time: 2 minutes
    Mode: Reg
    Briefing:  Good to see you survived!  When are crusier was picking you up,
    it was attacked by three assasin bots.  KILL THEM! (if you finish with a
    score higher than them, you win)
    If you want to have true fun with these, whenever you fail, restart from the
    >>> NAME: Link and Marth's Quest
    NOTE: All CPUs must be at Lv. 9, unless specified
    Another NOTE: No items can be allowed during the whole mode.
    Stage 1: Attack at Temple
    Characters: Link (you) vs. Mewtwo
    Stage: Temple
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Scenario: The day begins with Link hearing news that a strange yet powerful
    creature is destroying a temple, so he goes to investigate.  There he sees
    Mewtwo, and a fight begins!
    Instructions: KO Mewtwo
    Stage 2: Revenge
    Characters: Link (you)-Green Team vs 3 Mewtwos- Red Team
    Stage: Temple
    Mode- Stock, 1 life
    Scenario: Mewtwo recovers from a harsh beating..
    Mewtwo: "What?  Did you not think I would attack unprepared for characters
    like you?  Hahahahaha..."
    Instructions: Do NOT win this match, but you can KO 2 Mewtwos.  At the matchs
    end, pay attention to each Mewtwo's damage meter, look at the tens digit, and
    subtract that number from 10.  You'll see why...
    Stage 3:  Help Arrives Late
    Characters: Marth (you)-Green Team vs. Mewtwo (however many were left from
    last match)-Red Team
    Stage: Temple (with Fire Emblem music, just hold down L or R while selecting
    Handicap: Marth- 9;  Mewtwos- number you come up with from last match (ex. 1
    Mewtwo with 137% damage, this one has a handicap of 1; another with 63%, 10-
    6=4, so Handicap of 4, and so on...)
    Scenario: Marth, one of Link's friends, also hears of the news, but arrives
    just in time to see the Mewtwos take away his friend's life.  Enrages he
    engages in combat.
    Instructions: KO however many Mewtwos you need to.
    Stage 4: Chance For Revival
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    Characters: Marth (you) vs. Kirby
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Scenario: Marth gets a telepathic message from Link, saying he can be
    teleported to where he currently resides for a chance to bring Link back to
    life.  Marth accepts.
    Instructions: KO Kirby, but you CANNOT take any damage.  Reset if you do.
    Stage 5:  Earn A Free Ride.
    Stage: Green Greens
    Characters: Marth and Link (you choose whomever you want to be)- Green Team
    vs. Fox and Falco- Red Team (both Fox and Falco at CPU LV. 8)
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Scenario: Marth has earned the right to revive Link, so he does.  Kirby says
    he'll contact some of his friends to give you 2 a ride back to Hyrule, so he
    sends you to Green Greens.  There, the 2 see Fox and Falco standing there.
    Fox says if you can beat them in combat, he'll let you ride the Great Fox.
    Instructions: Win match.
    Stage 6: New Friend, New Enemies
    Stage: Venom
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: Marth, Link, and Samus (you choose who you control)- Green Team
    vs. Yoshi- Red or Blue Team
    Scenario:  On the trip back to Hyrule, the foursome come across a bounty
    hunter named Samus.  She needs a ride since her ship has a malfunction in the
    engine, so they allow her to come.  During the trip, a dinosaur (Yoshi) drops
    in and attacks!
    Instructions: KO Yoshi
    Stage 7: More Attacks
    Stage: Venom
    Characters: same as above, but Bowser replaces Yoshi
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Scenario:  Yoshi falls off the ship, but as soon as he does, Bowser decides
    to pay you guys a visit....
    Instructions: KO Bowser
    Stage 8: Yet Another Attack
    Stage: Corneria
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: same as above, but now C. Falcon replaces Bowser
    Scenario: The Great Fox makes it into Earth and is now heading to Hyrule.
    But, out of nowhere, a bounty hunter drops in and decides to attack.
    Instructions: KO Falcon
    Stage 9:  Meet The Boss.
    Stage: Corneria
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: same, but Ganondorf replaces Falcon
    Scenario: Ganondorf decides to introduce himself, and says he started this
    whole thing.  He also says he's the one who sent those guys after you.  All 3
    of you go after him at once.
    Instructions: KO Ganondorf
    Stage 10: Trap!
    Stage: Great Bay
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: Marth vs. Link
    Scenario:  Fox and Falco arrive at Termina and say this is as far as they can
    get.  They leave you at the Great Bay, and Samus goes with them.  Zelda is
    standing there waiting for you two, but then Mewtwo comes out of hiding and
    brainwashes Link, making him attack the 2 of you.  Link goes after Zelda, but
    Marth strikes, interrupting the attack.
    Instructions: Dunk Link in the water.
    Stage 11: Trying To Break The Spell
    Stage: Great Bay
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: Zelda vs. Link
    Scenario: Marth gives Link a bath, but he swims back onto the platform.
    Seeing Marth's attempt fail, she decides to give it a shot to break the
    Instructions: same as above
    Stage 12: Revival Again
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: Marth vs. Kirby
    Scenario:  Zelda went a little too far, as she ends up killing her boyfriend.
    She realizes what she has done, and attempts to kill herself.  Marth stops
    her and asks her to teleport him back up to the Fountain of Dreams, telling
    her that he can bring Link back to life.  She does so, overjoyed.
    Instructions:  KO Kirby, taking no damage.
    Stage 13: Attack On The Fountain!
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: Link (you), Marth, Roy-Green Team vs. Mewtwo- Red Team
    Handicap: Link: 3, Marth: 5, Roy: 6, Mewtwo: 9
    Scenario: Link is revived once again, but Mewtwo hones in on their location
    and teleports to fight them!  Another swordsman, Roy, comes to fend off the
    creature, but Mewtwo sends out some kind of PSI waves, dramatically lowering
    your defense.
    Instructions: KO Mewtwo without letting Link die; Marth and Roy can, though.
    Stage 14: Familiar Faces
    Stage: same one
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: same as above, but Yoshi replaces Mewtwo, and you still control
    Handicap: everyone gets an increase of 1 in handicap
    Scenario: Mewtwo's PSI attack seems to weaken when you KOed him, and it's a
    good thing too, since Yoshi now descends upon the battlefield.
    Instructions: KO Yoshi without losing Link
    Stage 15: Another Attack.
    Stage: same one...
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: same ones, only Bowser instead of Yoshi, and you still control
    Handicap: everyone gets another increase of 1 in handicap
    Scenario: The PSI attack weakens even more with Yoshi's KO, but now Bowser
    Instructions: KO Bowser without losing Link
    Stage 16:  Ganondorf Has Had Enough!
    Stage: same as above....
    Mode: Stock, 1 life
    Characters: same, only Ganondorf instead of Bowser, and you still control
    Handicap: Link: 2, Marth: 4, Roy: 5, Ganondorf: 9
    Scenario:  Ganondorf appears, and the first thing he does is cast another
    defense-lowering attack that's more powerful than Mewtwo's was.
    Instructions: KO Ganondorf without losing Link
    Stage 17: Reunion At Hyrule
    Stage: Temple
    Mode: Bonus or Coin, 5 minutes
    Characters: Link, Marth, Roy, Zelda (you choose whichever character)
    Scenario: The 3 of you did such a good job defending the Fountain that Kirby
    revives Roy and sends all 3 of you back to the ruined Hyrulean temple.  Zelda
    is overjoyed that Link returns, but Roy decides to have a "friendly" match
    between the 4 of you.
    Instructions: Have fun :)
    Stage 18: Celebration Cut Short
    Mode: Stamina or 1-life Stock
    Stage: Final Destination (with other music)
    Characters: Link - Green Team vs. Ganondorf and Mewtwo- Red Team
    Scenario:  The friendly match ends, but as soon as it does, a blinding white
    light suddenly fires up, and Link is teleported away from the Temple.  The
    light fades, and Link finds himself on a platform suspended in the middle of
    space.  Ganondorf and Mewtwo appear from under the platform and give him a
    "warm welcome" to the Dark Realm.  Then, they advance to attack.
    Instructions: (Try to) Win.
    Stage 19: The Last Revolution
    Stage: For this match, go to Event Match 51
    Characters: Choose Link, the other 3 will be chosen (obviously...)
    Mode: Well, it's kind of a forced 3-life Stock Match...
    Scenario:  Once again, Link triumphs over Ganondorf and Mewtwo.  But even
    after the beating they receive, Ganondorf and Mewtwo get back up without a
    scratch.  Then, Bowser drops in, only except it's not exactly Bowser.....
    Link- "What the hell is that thing?!"
    Ganondorf- "You like?  Thanks to Mewtwo, we found out how to mutate Bowser
    and radically heighten his offensive and defensive skills as well."
    Mewtwo- "Now, you're finished!  Join us in death!!  Hahahahahaha....."
    Giga Bowser- (lets out an evil hiss)
    Link- "Oh great......I hate my life......."  (Takes his fighting stance)
    Instructions:  Just try to KO everyone once, or you can go for all 3 KOs.
    Whatever you do, you cannot be KOed once.  Reset if you do get KOed.
    Having struck down his opponents, Link finally stands victorious. With
    another sudden flash of light, he gets transported back to the temple. With
    Link safe and sound, he and his friends can finally celebrate...
    Hope you have fun with this Adventure.  I have also found out that this mode
    gives you quite a few coins, yet another reason to try out this Adventure.
    >>> NAME: Mario
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: fortknoxwv
    This scenario is played in the form of an action RPG, like Threads of Fate,
    The Bouncer, or (most recently) Kingdom Hearts. I'll explain how to play it:
    -With every 5 KO's Mario scores plus his current level, he gains a level. So
    to reach LV2, he needs to score 6; to reach LV3, he needs 7; to reach LV4, he
    needs 8, and so on and so forth.
    -The skill level of a CPU opponent is determined by taking the level I give
    for that opponent and subtracting it by Mario's level. (Ex. Mario is LV5 and
    his next opponent, Bowser, is LV10. 10-5=5, so Bowser's skill level is five.)
    If the answer is greater than nine, then the opponent's skill is 9; if the
    answer is lower than one, then your opponent's skill is 1.
    -Mario's strength is determined by the handicap level before each battle the
    same way you determine an opponent's skill level. Mario has a Strength
    statistic as well as an overall Level. (Ex. Mario has a Strength of 4 and
    Bowser has a Strength of 8. 8-4=4, so Bowser's handicap level is four.)
    -Mario's handicap level is determined by averaging all three opponents'. (Ex.
    Mario's Strength is 1 while each of his opponent's is 7. 7+7+7=21. 21divided
    by 3 is 7, so Mario's handicap level is 7.)
    Erase your VS high score records and use all of your coins to keep track of
    your money and EXP.
    -You may upgrade your Strength at any town for 200 coins a point.
    At the end of each battle, count the coins you've earned. The little ones are
    worth 10, while the large ones are worth 100.
    -Turn off all items during this scenario. You'll be using your coins to buy
    them back in towns. (Frequency of item appearance is your decision.)
    -Choose as many lives as you want. It all depends on how prepared you want to
    -As for the world map, you may move to any place you wish, provided you've
    cleared the stage.
    -You may participate in Coin battles in towns to earn money quickly, but you
    won't gain EXP. (Keep track of the coins you earn both during and after
    -In Boss fights, all opponents are on the same team unless I say otherwise.
    -In battles taking place in open fields (for training) and Coin battles, the
    style of the fight is Melee.
    -Be sure to keep track of everything I've shown you up until now.
    One more thing: Mario's beginning stats are as follows: Str-1, LV1, 0coins.
    And now, without further ado, I give you the story...
    Two years have passed since the events in Paper Mario. The Mario Brothers
    have followed Princess Peach to her castle by the lake, the one depicted in
    Super Mario 64 . Before long, they had established their own residence a mile
    or so outside the castle. And for two years, it was peaceful. They would just
    simply relax, one party visiting the other from time to time to share a cake
    or pizza, go fishing, or even play a nice game of golf.
    Until one day...
    (Toadsworth, Peach's right hand man, comes to the Mario Bros.' house, panting
    in exhaust and banging furiously on the door. Mario answers it.)
    Toadsworth: "Help! Help! The castle is under attack! The princess is in
    danger! Come quickly!"
    Before you can say, "Warp pipe," Mario and Luigi are out of the door and
    rushing as fast as they can to the castle.
    Stage 1
    Upon reaching the castle, our heroes are suddenly all ears to an endangered-
    feminine shriek from above.
    Mario & Luigi: "The roof!!!"
    When they reach the rooftop, they come face to face with their old arch-
    nemesis, Bowser!!
    Bowser: "Late as always, I see. Still, I can't wait to see the looks on your
    faces when I show you my unlocked power!!! Ha, Ha, Ha!!"
    !Ally: Luigi (Str:1 LV1) !Opponent: Bowser (Str:11 LV10)! !Stage: Peach's
    !Note: Set Lives to 1, and don't worry about winning.!
    (You're not meant to win, so just try your best.)
    Stage 2
    Bowser: "Pathetic fools! You're not even worth killing!"
    By harnessing powerful forces of darkness, Bowser causes Mario and Luigi to
    levitate and hurls them far away in separate directions.
    Mario awakens to find himself lying on a tallest hill of the Dreaming Plains.
    Still not entirely well, so to speak, he spots the city of Fourside off in
    the distance. He immediately begins his journey, anxious to ask for
    directions to the castle...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Dream Land (N64)
    Kirby 1 2
    Pichu 1 1
    Yoshi 2 1
    Young Link 1 3
    Stage 3
    Mario arrives at the city of Fourside to find it deserted. Suddenly, a mass
    of Gamenwatches appears out of nowhere. They are completely silent, but if
    their eyes were visible, Mario could see, as well as he could sense, that
    evil glare...
    Boss fight!: Gamenwatch army!! (You must fight all three kinds at once.)
    Character Level Strength Stage: Fourside
    Gamenwatch Div.1 2 2
    Gamenwatch Div.2 1 3
    Gamenwatch Div.3 3 1
    Stage 4
    When Mario is through, only one Gamenwatch remains: the leader. He cannot
    speak, so he holds up signs showing one letter at a time.
    Corporal Gamenwatch:
    Boss fight!: Corporal Gamenwatch!!
    Character Level Strength Stage: Fourside
    Mr. Game and Watch 4 4
    Upon his defeat, the corporal struggles to continue holding up the signs,
    weakly forming his sentence.
    Corporal Gamenwatch: "C.U.R.S.E.Y.O.U.I.W.I.L.L.B.E.B.A.C.K."
    He shrinks and shrinks until he is invisible to the human eye and then flies
    away at super-sonic speed. Mario then feels a powerful energy eminating right
    below him. He looks down to find a star-shaped ruby at his feet! (I'm so
    surprised.) He places it in his bag, thinking that it might come in handy...
    In short time, the villagers return, and business continues. At the local
    pub, he hears that a powerful army has laid siege to the town of Termina,
    located east of Fourside. Mario makes that very trek his next move...
    (Now that you have freed Onett, you may now use your coins to unlock items
    and gain Strength, and you may also take part in Coin battles with local
    Item Price
    Food 300
    Mr. Saturn 100
    Lip's Stick 400
    Flipper 200
    Bob-omb 600
    Coin battles
    Character Level Strength
    Ness 4 5
    Yoshi 6 5
    Samus 6 6
    Stage 5
    Character Level Strength Stage: Yoshi's Story
    Yoshi 6 6
    Ness 5 7
    Pikachu 3 8
    DK 2 9
    Stage 6
    Mario arrives and sees that Termina is completely abandoned, much like
    Fourside was. While exploring the town, he encounters two strange swordsmen...
    Roy: "I can't believe that foolish townsman thought he could possibly hope to
    kill us with a simple pitchfork."
    Marth: "I'm not sure whether he was just scared or overconfident. All I know
    is that Commander Link asked us to wipe out any remaining citizens. Speaking
    of which..."
    (The swordsmen are aware of Mario's presense. They prepare to attack...)
    Boss fight: Swordsmen-henchmen
    Character Level Strength Stage: Termina
    Marth 9 12
    Roy 7 15
    After the fight
    Marth: "Amazing!! A true match for our master, wouldn't you say, Roy?"
    Roy: "I think he just got lucky!!"
    Marth: "I say we take him to our leader, that is, if you would like to speak
    with him, stranger."
    Mario reluctantly agrees, and follows them to their base of operations...
    Stage 7
    The commander is curious about the odd-looking stranger who arrives at HQ
    with Marth and Roy...
    Young Link: "Who's the new guy? An eager recruit?"
    Marth: "No sir. We found him among the surviving people of Termina. By your
    orders, we drew our swords on him, but he was too strong. We're sorry, sir."
    Young Link: "Don't worry about it. There will be plenty of time for training
    later on. Well then, stranger, seeing from the puzzled look on your face, I'd
    say that you have no idea of the events at hand. It's quite simple: MY
    Boss fight: Holy Swordsman Link
    Character Level Strength Stage: Hyrule Temple
    Y. Link 10 16
    After the fight
    Young Link: "You're good... but I play to win! Marth! Roy! How about earning
    your keep by getting your lazy selves over here and giving me a hand!"
    Stage 8
    Boss fight: Blade Trinity
    Character Level Strength Stage: Hyrule Temple
    Y. Link 10 16
    Marth 9 12
    Roy 7 15
    After the fight
    Marth and Roy die. Link is barely hanging on to his life...
    Young Link: "Don't think that just because I'm dying that this is the last
    time you'll face me!! I'll be back, and when we fight again, you shall
    Link falls to the ground with a lifeless "thump." His body then disintegrates
    leaving behind a gemstone that is exactly identical to the one Mario found in
    Onett. There must be a purpose for these gems, but what?
    (You may now buy items and Strength in Termina.)
    Item Price
    Beam Sword 1000
    Screw Attack 800
    Motion-Sensor Bomb 1200
    Bunny Hood 800
    Metal Box 900
    Coin battles
    Character Level Strength
    Link 11 13
    Mr. Game & Watch 12 12
    Falco 14 13
    Young Link 10 10
    Upon returning to the now-occupied Termina, Mario bumps into a most peculiar
    elf named Tingle...
    Tingle: "Thanks a lot, buddy. Now I have to sort through my maps all over
    again! I should have listened to my mother. She said, 'You ought to be a
    knight like your father,' but I just had to go and say, 'No, mother, I want
    to be a map-maker. I want to see new things everyday, and besides, I hate the
    sight of blood.'"
    Mario then apologizes and asks Tingle if he is familiar with this land. He
    then proceeded to explain his predicament.
    Tingle: "I see. You seem like a nice guy, so I'll do you this favor, but only
    this favor. The Mushroom Kingdom lies to the east of this continent. The only
    way there is by airship. The docks are located just north of this town."
    Mario thanks Tingle and proceeds north to the airship dock, only to find it
    under heavy guard by a powerful fighter known as Ganondorf...
    Stage 9
    Ganondorf: "Hello there, sir. Do you intend to ride the airship? I'm afraid
    that cannot happen, sir. By orders of Lord Bowser, I am to stay here and see
    to it that nobody escapes this continent during our army's siege. However, I
    shall be more than willing to let you pass if you can defeat me in battle."
    Boss fight: Gatekeeper
    Character Level Strength Stage: Yoshi's Story
    Ganondorf 99 99
    (Just try your best; you're not supposed to win.)
    After the fight
    Ganondorf: "Not bad. You have perfect form, but you still need more training.
    I sense you carry two rubies with you at this moment. They are called
    Bloodstones and, being a collector of beautiful gems, I'll anything to obtain
    them. I'll make you a deal. If you bring me every one of them on this
    continent, there being seven in all, I shall grant you passage on the
    airship. What do you say?"
    Mario reluctantly agrees.
    Ganondorf: "I appreciate this. Being able to easily sense the other five, I'd
    go and retreive them myself, but I can't disobey my master. He'd literally
    kill me. As a gesture of good sportsmanship, I'll help you get started on the
    third stone. On the edge of the continent, just north of here, there lies a
    summit so high that it has never seen the face of the sun. You'll find the
    Bloodstone there, but be careful. That very mountain is the base of our 11th
    Hierophant battalion, led by the powerful Lieutenant Zelda and her
    counterpart, Sheik. They are both very dangerous, but I'm sure they're
    nothing you can't handle..."
    Stage 10
    And so Mario began his climb up the vicious Aurora Mountains, completely
    unaware that he was being watched...
    (Lt. Zelda and Corp. Gamenwatch observe Mario by means of a magic mirror.)
    Gamenwatch: "I.T.S.H.I.M.T.H.A.T.S.T.H.E.G.U.Y.F.R.O.M.F.O.U.R.S.I.D.E."
    Zelda: "Nothing to worry about, Corporal. Even if by some blessed twist of
    luck, he makes it past my army, he is still no match for my magic. Let him
    Boss fight: Same old song and dance
    Character Level Strength Stage: Infinite Glacier
    Mr. Game & Watch 13 14
    (Pick two of the following, but you must fight Mr. Game & Watch.)
    Samus 12 12
    Ice Climbers 12 16
    Mewtwo 15 10
    Kirby 13 12
    After the fight
    All of the minions lie lifeless as a result of and testament to Mario's rage.
    Corp. Gamenwatch is furious.
    Gamenwatch: "W.H.Y.!.!.!.!"
    He shrinks and runs away, just like last time. Mario resumes his quest.
    Stage 11
    As Mario reaches the summit, Zelda is waiting for him.
    Zelda: "You are the one who liberated Fourside and killed Link, are you not?
    That makes you our enemy. We kill enemies. We do so because it is war that we
    wage on this foreign land. If I am not mistaken, you hail from a foreign land
    yourself. You can't hide anything from us. We can read your mind."
    (Zelda is in constant mental battle to keep Sheik under control.)
    Sheik: "Let's just kill him!"
    Zelda: "Sure. I'm sorry, Mario. That is your name, isn't it? I'm afraid it's
    time to die. I SUMMON THE TWIN ANGELS!!!!"
    Boss fight: 4 for the price of 3
    Character Level Strength Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    Zelda 17 20
    Pichu 20 23
    Kirby 20 23
    After the fight
    Unable to sustain their presence any longer, the angels vanish into thin air.
    Zelda is astonished.
    Zelda: "Inconceivable! How could a mere..."
    (She cuts herself off in mid-sentence. The shock on her face is replaced by a
    simple grin.)
    (She immediately splits into three Zeldas!)
    Stage 12
    Boss fight: It could happen...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    Zelda 17 20
    Zelda 17 20
    Zelda 17 20
    (Turn on the Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Starman, and Freezie. Set items
    on "Very High.")
    After the fight
    The three Zeldas merge into one.
    Zelda: "I can't believe it. I didn't even stand a chance on the plains of
    She dies, and Mario retreives his third Bloodstone.
    (You may now use the Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Starman, and Freezie.
    Change the frequency of the items back to whatever you like.)
    On the summit, Mario looks to the west to find a new town off in the
    distance. He decides to make his way down and head to the west in search of
    Stage 13
    Character Level Strength Stage: Infinite Glacier
    Samus 15 13
    Ice Climbers 14 16
    Jigglypuff 18 11
    DK 11 17
    Stage 14
    Character Level Strength Stage:Yoshi's Island (Gamecube)
    Yoshi 17 17
    Pikachu 18 16
    Ness 15 22
    Fox 20 13
    Stage 15
    Mario makes his way to Kanto City, home of the Daily Tournament of the Ages.
    When he eventually makes his way to the stadium, he wears a strange voice
    from behind him.
    Mewtwo: "You must be that pest who's been causing so much trouble for us
    lately. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mewtwo, leader of the Army of Lord
    Bowser, 17th Division. I was created for the sake of controlling the minds of
    the weak, and I assure you, that gives me a great multitude of advocates. If
    I may demonstrate..."
    Boss fight: 17th Division
    Character Level Strength Stage: Pokemon Stadium
    Pikachu 15 15
    Pichu 14 14
    Jigglypuff 13 13
    (Set the number of lives to 99 for this battle.)
    After the fight
    Stage 16
    Mewtwo: "I see that you shall serve as a worthy opponent. Why don't we play
    by my rules? I assure you, it will be a lot more interesting..."
    Mario reluctantly agrees.
    Mewtwo: "Good. Come with me to the Dimension of the Titans!"
    Boss fight: Poke Galore
    Character Level Strength Stage: Poke Floats
    Mewtwo 26 32
    (Set Poke Balls on at Very High, for this fight only.)
    After the fight
    Mario and Mewtwo are ripped back into our home dimension.
    Mewtwo says nothing as his body slowly turns to dust. He accepts death as he
    feels he should, surrendered the fourth Bloodstone...
    (You may not return to the Poke Floats after this fight.)
    (Now that you have freed Kanto City, the following items are for sale.)
    Item Price
    Maxim Tomato 1800
    Green Shell 1400
    Red Shell 1700
    Ray Gun 2000
    Fire Flower 1600
    (The following characters serve as opponents in the Coin battles at Pokemon
    Character Level Strength
    Pichu 24 17
    Pikachu 20 22
    Jigglypuff 30 10
    Yoshi 25 20
    Mario searches the entire city for clues as to where to go next, but he comes
    up empty. So he spends his days in Kanto City, meditating, attuning his
    senses to the energy of the Bloodstones. Two weeks pass, and then one day...
    Mario detects the fifth gem located up above. He looks up to find a massive
    cargo ship flying over his head. He senses that the gem is inside the ship.
    Our hero sets off in hot pursuit, going westward to the city of Corneria...
    Stage 17
    Character Level Strength Stage: Green Greens
    Captain Falcon 28 35
    Ganondorf 35 28
    Marth 30 29
    Roy 29 30
    Stage 18
    In time, Mario reaches Corneria. He makes his way to the aerial docks, where
    the cargo ship has landed. Mario sneaks on board. However, the ship
    immediately takes off shortly after Mario gets on. On the bridge, he
    encounters the captain of the ship, a man known only as Falco.
    Falco: "You fell for it! I can't believe anyone could have been so stupid!
    All I need is your head and that reward is as good as mine!"
    Mario prepares for battle.
    Falco: "By the way, don't bother to raise your defenses. After all, why
    should you try to defend yourself against something you can't see?"
    Boss fight: Seeing isn't believing...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Corneria
    Falco 36 47
    (You may now use Cloaking Devices for the rest of the game.)
    Stage 19
    Falco: "Darn. Now I'm glad I called for backup."
    (Fox appears after a brilliant flash of flame.)
    Falco: "This is my teammate, Fox of the House of McCloud. He has harnessed
    the essence of fire."
    Fox: "Darn right. Check this one out, stranger! MEGIDDO BLAST!!!"
    (In an instantaneous inferno lasting only a minute or two, the city of
    Corneria is transformed into a lifeless, barren desert.)
    Falco: "You're in our web now, Mr. Fly. There's no way out!"
    Boss fight: Clash of Demons
    Character Level Strength Stage: Venom
    Falco 36 47
    Fox 30 53
    (You may not return to Corneria/Venom after this fight.)
    After the fight
    (Severely weakened, Falco loses his balance and falls off of the ship to his
    death. Fox is enraged.)
    (In another brilliant display of fire, Fox disappears.)
    Mario searches the ship, finding the fifth Bloodstone and a special bazooka
    which may come in handy...
    (You may now use the Super Scope.)
    He then detects an energy reading to the south. In a short amount of time, he
    figures out how to run the ship and is on his way.
    Stage 20
    The next day, Mario arrives at Mute City. When he reaches the city limits, he
    is immediately bombarded by laser beams. He must eject. He lands the race
    track, where he runs face to face with the notorious mercenary, Captain
    Falcon, who has been provided with an army of Bowser look-alikes by his
    Capt. Falcon: "It would seem that Lady Luck smiles at me today. Now, give me
    those gems you're carrying. My client wants them. He is paying me a lot of
    coins to retrieve them, so I don't mind playing the executioner to get my
    Boss fight: Birds of a Feather
    Character Level Strength Stage: Mute City
    Capt. Falcon 42 60
    Bowser 30 25
    Bowser 30 25
    After the fight
    Two fighters remain after the skirmish, Capt. Falcon and Mario...
    Capt. Falcon: "Playtime is over. Lemme show you how strong I really am."
    The mercenary unleashes his full potential. A split second later, he delivers
    a punch that sends our hero flying into the Big Blue, where the race track
    continues onward to the finish line...
    Stage 21
    Fortunately, Mario lands right on the track and regains consiousness just as
    Capt. Falcon arrives to finish the job...
    Boss fight: Revision
    Character Level Strength Stage: Big Blue
    Capt. Falcon 50 65
    After the fight
    Mario delivers a finishing blow so powerful that the hired killer is sent
    flying right into one of the vehicles behind them with such velocity, that
    the vehicle explodes upon impact with the body.
    At the finish line, Mario is awarded the sixth Bloodstone for his reckless
    courage on the track...
    (You may now purchase the following items at Mute City.)
    Item Price
    Star Rod 2400
    Fan 2100
    Hammer 3000
    Barrel Cannon 2800
    Parasol 2000
    (Coin battles may now take place in both Mute City and the Big Blue.)
    Mute City Big Blue
    Char./LV/STR Char./LV/STR
    Samus/51/60 Yoshi/47/55
    C.Falcon/52/61 Kirby/50/60
    Fox/50/55 Pichu/45/65
    Ganondorf/60/49 Jigglypuff/40/40
    According to the map presented to Mario by Tingle of Termina, the closest
    unexplored area lies east of the city. Mario is well on his way...
    Stage 22
    Mario detects an energy reading from the last Bloodstone as he makes his way
    east. Shortly upon entrance of the jungle, he encounters a suspicious-looking
    character who looks just like him!!! (Super Mario Sunshine)...
    Boss fight: Evil mirror
    Character Level Strength Stage: Kongo Jungle (Gamecube)
    Dr. Mario 60 60
    After the fight
    The mirror image is so enraged at his defeat that he uses his impure energies
    to create a powerful earthquake which sends our hero and his adversary
    plummeting to the core of the jungle, where their fall disturbs the sleep of
    the mighty dragon...
    Stage 23
    The mimic then proceeds to split into three separate entities. They prepare
    to fight our hero, their confidence reborn...
    Boss fight: Three heads ain't better than one.
    Character Level Strength Stage: Brinstar Depths
    Dr.Mario 60 60
    Mario 50 70
    Luigi 70 50
    After the fight
    The dragon is caught off guard by Mario's superior strength. As a peace
    offering, it presents Mario with a gift: the final Bloodstone!
    Very important: You have freed every town but one in the game! If you're
    looking to unlock the items I haven't listed in the shops, you'll need to do
    a few side-quests. It's your choice, but once you board that airship to the
    Mushroom Kingdom, you can't come back to this continent. And as an extra
    incentive, I'm going to make Bowser (the Final Boss) the toughest opponent in
    the game! So choose wisely...
    (Making his way down the underground corridors of Brinstar, Mario finds a set
    of five gigantic statues. They speak to him simultaneouly.)
    Statues: "We shall see if you are worthy of our Arts."
    (You may play these stages in any order you see fit.)
    1st Test: Never name a friend as an enemy...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Mushroom Kingdom II
    Bowser 50 30
    Luigi 70 70
    Peach 75 69
    (All three are against you, but don't kill Luigi or Peach.)
    Prize: Heart Container
    2nd Test: Always consider every possibility...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Green Greens (Gamecube)
    Kirby 75 75
    Kirby 75 75
    Kirby 75 75
    (Use only Poke Balls, Bob-ombs, Motion-Sensor Bombs, and Hammers for this
    Prize: Warp Star
    3rd Test: Sometimes, only sheer strength is required...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Kongo Jungle (N64)
    DK 60 90
    Ganondorf 50 85
    Bowser 40 95
    (Don't use any items in this fight.)
    Prize: Hammer
    4th Test: Live life to the fullest...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Peach's Castle
    Luigi 80 80
    Yoshi 90 75
    Peach 75 95
    (Use only Super Mushrooms and Poison Mushrooms for this fight.)
    Prize: Party Ball
    5th Test: Be ready to use extreme power when you need it...
    Character Level Strength Stage: Poke Floats
    Mewtwo 100 100
    Pichu 95 95
    Pichu 95 95
    (Use only Poke Balls on HIGH for this fight.)
    Prize: Poke Balls
    The tests end
    Statues: "You have learned all we can teach you. Go. Your fight to determine
    everything awaits."
    Stage 24
    Mario returns to the airship dock and gives the gems to Ganondorf. A man of
    his word, the gatekeeper allows our hero to board. Within a few moments, the
    ship departs for the Mushroom Kingdom. Shortly afterwards, however, a sort of
    magic from out of nowhere catches hold of the ship and sends it through a
    very strange loop.
    Mario then hears an odd laugh, maniacal, yet familiar. He looks up to see
    that the source of the chuckle as well as the mysterious magician are one and
    the same! The mage is none other than Luigi!
    Luigi: "How are things, O brother? It would seem as if you have become as
    useful as you'll ever be. Before you die, I'd like to thank you for handing
    us the Bloodstones, even if I had a bit of a hard time annihilating that
    selfish traitor Ganondorf. PREPARE FOR THE END!"
    Boss fight: Mario Bros. Ultimate!!!
    Character Level Strength Stage: Rainbow Cruise
    Luigi 110 105
    After the fight
    Luigi loses consciousness, but comes to in about a minute or two.
    Luigi: "Where am I?"
    Mario: "What happened to you? I'm sitting here, minding my own business, and
    all of a sudden, you come and attack me? Are you feeling alright?"
    The Mario Bros. shared their separate stories. Apparently, Luigi had been
    blasted to a remote island located south of the kingdom. There, he befriended
    one of the inhabitants, a Yoshi, who guided him back to the castle. The
    newly-assembled duo tried to take back the Princess single-handedly, but they
    were captured.
    Luigi: "...and that's all I could remember. Since we're back together again
    like old times, let's go and save the Princess!"
    (Luigi has joined you as a "non-playable character", or NPC. His level and
    strength will start out equal to Mario's at this moment, but from here on
    out, they will increase in level separately. Simply count the KO's Luigi
    scores to determine his EXP. Unfortunatly, he doesn't have any coins.)
    Stage 25
    Having finally reached the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario Bros. must now make
    their way through the enemy-infested countryside in order to get to the
    Character Level Strength Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
    Mewtwo 120 130
    Ganondorf 105 140
    Samus 140 100
    (Mario fights alone this time; Luigi is busy fighting enemies in another part
    of the battlefield. Mario and Luigi both earn the same amount of EXP for this
    Stage 26
    Our heroes return to the Toads' province to find it under siege by a pair of
    enraged apes!
    Boss fight: Monkey see, monkey two
    Character Level Strength
    DK 100 150
    DK 100 150
    Ally: Luigi Stage: Onett
    After the fight
    Within a few hours, the Toads return to Onett. Unfortunately, a majority of
    the town is in ruins. The only shop that is open sells Strength, if you have
    some extra money. However, there are no Coin battles being held in Onett for
    the rest of the game.
    It's time to finish this!!!
    Stage 27
    The interior of the castle has been abandoned. They make their way to the
    rooftop, where Princess Peach and Yoshi are waiting to fight Mario and Luigi
    Boss fight: Orders are orders
    Character Level Strength Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    Peach 150 125
    Yoshi 110 160
    Ally: Luigi
    After the fight
    Peach and Yoshi are released from the mind-control spell. However, both they
    and Luigi are now injured moderately from the fight. Before Mario can proceed
    to heal them, a gigantic prismatic vortex appears and swallows Mario whole,
    carrying him to the liar of the transporter's master...
    Stage 28
    Mario awakens to find himself alone once more, so he thinks...
    A swordsman in green appears slowly before the plumber. It's Link, only he's
    grown-up now!
    Link: "Surprised to see me? I told you I'd be back! Time travel merely one of
    the many advantages of the undead!"
    Suddenly, a small black dot appears next to Link. Slowly, it grows and
    transforms into progressively humanoid shapes until it's that slimeball we
    all know and love: Corp. Gamenwatch.
    Corp. Gamenwatch:
    A second later, powerful tails of flame gather from all around and begin to
    swirl and unite in one single point. That very spot explodes! Fox of the
    House of McCloud has returned and he intends to avenge Falco!
    Boss fight: Reunion
    Character Level Strength Stage: Battlefield
    Mr. Game and Watch 175 130
    Link 125 175
    Fox 180 180
    (You fight alone.)
    After the fight
    All three opponents die, rendered forever unable to return for a rematch.
    Shortly after, Mario is shocked to see that he is being slowly disassembled
    at the molecular level. Before long, all that remains is a cluster of atoms
    which is carried elsewhere in this strange new dimension...
    Stage 29
    Mario arrives (and is reassembled) at an odd platform overlooking an infinite
    display of stars. This is the stage set for the final battle with Bowser!
    Bowser: "Nice to see you again. Was there something you wanted to ask me?"
    Mario: "How did you get so powerful in our last fight, and why you want the
    Bowser: "It's simple. They're called Bloodstones because each one of 21
    contains the spirit of the greatest hero of their age. When a fighter
    acquires a Bloodstone, he may use it to amplify his strength. Of course, just
    holding them won't work; you have to know a special incantation to activate
    the gems. By the way, I appreciate you finding seven of the stones for me.
    This rounds my collection to twenty. And to make it even sweeter, I know
    (Bowser recites a short incantation and prepares to fight.)
    Boss fight: Playing with fire
    Character Level Strength Stage: Final Destination
    Bowser 300 300
    (You fight alone and you're not supposed to win, so just try your best.)
    After the fight
    Bowser: "Weak as ever, I see. How pathetic..."
    Bowser raises his claw and begins an ominous chant. Mario feels himself
    slowly losing all the strength in his body. But before Bowser can finish the
    ritual, he is pelted on the head by a gigantic egg! He turns around. Luigi,
    Peach, and Yoshi have come to the rescue!
    Peach creates a sphere of light from her hands and flicks it at the tyrant.
    The ball makes its way into Bowser's mouth. In a flash, the twenty
    Bloodstones disappear from Bowser's grasp, leaving him very weak.
    Boss fight: The End?
    (Pick Luigi, Peach, or Yoshi as your character. The other two are your allies
    with a CPU skill level of 9 and a high handicap for each. Your opponent is
    Bowser with CPU skill level of 1 and a low handicap. The stage is the Final
    Destination. Now let that creep have it!)
    After the fight
    The energy that was already drained from the gemstones escapes Bowser's body
    in the fight and returns to the gems. Mario has regained some of his
    strength. Both he and Bowser are frantically chanting the same verses,
    drawing power from the Bloodstones at an alarming rate! They tap the energy
    so much that all the gemstones burst into dust!
    Bowser blasts everybody but Mario away.
    Bowser: (thinking to himself) "Shoot! He's still there! If I use my secret
    weapon, I can beat him for sure! (saying out loud) FLUCTUATOR ACTIVATE!"
    Boss fight: Chances
    Character Level Strength Stage: Final Destination
    Bowser 225 225
    (This is the final battle. Set items on Very High and turn off everything
    except Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Poke Ball, Metal Box, Bunny Hood,
    Freezie, and Cloaking Device. Good luck!)
    After the fight
    Bowser is sent flying off the platform, but due to his great mass, he isn't
    thrown outside the gravitational barrier. Instead of floating amongst the
    stars, he plummets and burns to a crisp in the atmosphere of the planet.
    Mario has saved the world...again!
    Mario returns home to the Mushroom Kingdom and organizes a search party.
    Within half a day, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi are found and rescued. A week
    later, the Princess throws a huge party with a cake the size of the castle.
    She had invited quite a lot of guests, you know!
    The End
    >>> NAME: Mario and Luigi's Adventure
    You are Mario with Luigi as your ally.  The stock can be up to 5.  After
    KOing an enemy once, just exit and set up the next stage.
    Stage 1
    Princess Peach's Castle
    Enemy: Pikachu
    Stage 2a
    Enemy: Samus
    Stage 2b
    Brinstar Depths
    Enemies: Samusx2
    Stage 3a
    Enemy: Fox
    Stage 3b
    Enemies: Fox and Falco
    Stage 4a
    Enemies: Nessx2
    Stage 4b
    Enemies: Nessx2
    Stage 5
    Dream Land
    Enemy: Kirby
    Stage 6
    Yoshi's Island
    Enemy: Yoshix2
    Stage 7
    Mushroom Kingdom II
    Enemy: Dr.Mario
    Stage 8a
    Hyrule Temple
    Enemies: Gannondorf and Zelda
    Stage 8b
    Hyrule Temple
    Enemies: Link and Young Link
    Stage 9
    Flat Zone
    Enemy: Mr.Game and Watchx2
    Stage 10
    Mushroom Kingdom
    Ally: Peach Lv.3
    Enemy: Bowser Lv.9
    There should be every Item in every Stage.  Luigi can be Human but if CPU,
    then he's Lv.3.
    >>> NAME: Mario Murder Mystery
    NOTE: The story blurbs are just examples. Your game may turn out differently.
    Characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy
    Arena: Peach's Castle
    Items: Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms, HIGH
    Stock: One
    Story: Peach has invited all of her friends to the castle for an outdoor tea
    party! All is well until one of the mushroom hors d'ourves gives one of them
    a bad case of food poisoning...
    Instructons: Everybody keep eating mushrooms until someone gets a Poison
    Mushroom. That person then runs into the castle (jumps off the roof) to lie
    down. That person will be Dr. Mario in Part Two.
    Characters: The same, except Dr. Mario replaces whoever got sick
    Arena: Peach's Castle
    Items: NONE
    Stock: One
    Story: "Mamma Mia, I dont-a feel so good," said Mario, suddenly becoming
    "Oh, dear!" Peach exclaimed, jumping up to get him into the castle. Daisy and
    Luigi also leapt up to help.
    Peach quickly called a doctor to check on him. In a few minutes, Dr. Mario
    was sadly telling them that Mario was comatose, possibly dead, from food
    "But...but I don't understand," Peach said, sobbing. "My cooks are the finest
    in the kingdom. They'd never do something like this! YOU!" she screamed,
    turning to Luigi. "You've been seething in his shadow for years! YOU killed
    my Mario!"
    "He'd never do that to his own brother!" Daisy sputtered. Having nothing else
    to say, she yelled out, "YOU SKANK!!!"
    So began the biggest catfight in history...
    Instructons: FIGHT!!! Daisy and/or Luigi are on the green team , Peach and/or
    Mario red, and Dr. Mario blue, trying to restrain the others.
    >>> NAME: Mario's Time-Space Machine
    Notes: All CPU levels are suggested. Feel free to tweak them to your
    benefit. Also, this scenario uses a LOT of secret characters/stage,
    so don't say I didn't warn you...
    Intro: You grumble awake at the sound of the alarm clock next to your bed.
    You glance over at your brother, Luigi. He's still sleeping. He always was
    a heavy sleeper. You decide to let him sleep awhile longer, while you get on
    your best shirt and overalls. You look in the mirror. Mario, the ladies are
    all over you, you think to yourself. Then you head off to your appointment
    with Princess Peach. When you pipe over there, you are surprised to see
    Bowser waiting to meet you! Aw man... should have known when Peach said she
    baked a cake for you...
    STAGE 1: The Daily Grind
    3 Stock Match
    Mario (You) vs. Bowser (lvl 6)
    Peach's Castle
    Items: Metal Box, Fire Flower, Starman, both Mushrooms, and Bob-ombs
    No special requirements here. Just give Bowser his scheduled whoopin'.
        When you down Bowser for the third time, he runs into to the castle.
    As you enter the door, you find a monstrous machine inside! "Mama Mia!
    What's that?" you yelp. Bowser laughs. "You like? It's my newest invention.
    I call it the Thorn Displacer 9000(TM)!" "That's nice, but where's the
    you reply. "By thorn," grins Bowser, "I mean the constant thorn in my side
    since I step foot in the Mushroom Kingdom. I mean... you!" "Yeah," you shoot
    back bravely, "what does it do? Attack me in a predictable pattern until I
    find it's weak point and attack it?" "No," replies Bowser, "It's much more
    ingenious than that. It will shoot you out of your body and into another one
    in a different time and dimension. And I just fired it." His voice trails
    off as everything around you gets wavy and faint. You feel a lifting
    then finally pass out.
        You awake on a small green platform. You feel very disoreinted. You
    gradually pick up that you are in some sort of stadium, and you are in the
    center. You look around and find that you have become some sort of fuzzy
    yellow creature. Then the thoughts of the creature fill your head. Its name
    is Pikachu, and it does battle with other creatures like itself, called
    Pokemon. And the battle is about to begin...
    Stage 2: The Obligatory Pokemon Stage
    Stamina Mode
    Pikachu (You, handicap 5) vs. Mewtwo (lvl 6, handicap 7)
    Pokemon Stadium
    No Items
    To slightly simulate the power of Mewtwo, you have been given a slight
    handicap disadvantage. Also, in Pokemon fashion, you have HPs instead of
        As your opponent falls down, the audience goes wild! Your victory must
    have been a huge upset. But that has no meaning now. You have no idea what
    you can do, or how to get home. Your trainer calls you into your Pokeball,
    but before you do, the feeling happens again... and you are in another
        You are at some ruins with strange markings on them. You find yourself in
    a human body again, and a very strong one at that. Now the memories come
    in... you inhabit Ganondorf, an evildoer, a villian! Yikes! Your...
    enemies... are the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, and the hero of time, Link. And
    now they've found you. Not wanting to impede the forces of good, but not
    wanting to DIE either, you decide to avoid them until the next leap...
    Stage 3: The Other Side of the Table
    1 Stock with 5 minute limit and special victory conditions
    Blue Team [Ganondorf (You)] vs. Green Team [Link (lvl 8) and Zelda (lvl 4)]
    Hyrule Temple
    Items: Bunny Hood (High)
    In this match, you may not attack your opponents. You must dodge them and
    survive until time runs out in order to win. Sudden Death has no meaning,
    so feel free to kick their butts then.
        After a long and strenuous chase, you warp again.  Now you are in an
    auditorium in some sort of complex. From the memories, you surmise that this
    is the Falcon organization, dedicated to keeping the order of time-space. You
    are at the center of attention. The leader speaks to you. "So, you are Mario,
    the unfortunate victim in Sector 7G? We pulled you here because the machine
    has made a rift in space-time. Adjacent sectors are reporting mixed universes
    due to the rift. The only way to stop it and repair the damage is to defeat
    the one who started it. Fortunately, you are familiar with him, but the
    energy from the rift is making him stronger all the time. We can only attract
    you here with our technology, but you will leap to him just before the rift
    fully envelops the sector. In the meantime, you must survive and train."
        He refers you to the training room. Your opponent, so your host's memory
    recalls, is undefeated so far, and it's getting to his head. He's starting to
    act more arrogant, and if this keeps up, he might have to be expelled from
    Falcon. With that in mind, you begin your match...
    Bonus Stage 1: One Must Fall
    4:00 Bonus Point Match
    C. Falcon (you) vs. C. Falcon (lvl 9)
    No Items
    In a Bonus Stage, you only get one shot. If you win, you get some help or
    goodies in the final stage. If you lose, you simply go on. Remember which
    bonus stages you have beaten.
    If you win, your opponent is shaken, and goes off to rethink the way he's
    been treating others. If you lose, you feel certain that he is going to be
    expelled soon.
        The leader wishes you luck as you jump to your next destination. As you
    'land' in your new body, things are looking quite familiar... holy
    discomfort, Batman! You've landed in your brother's body! Ewww.... As the
    memories come, you find that Luigi has noticed your disappearance and set off
    with Yoshi to get Bowser. However, Bowser had more tricks up his sleeve. As
    you were warned, he is pumped up with energy,  glowing red hot. And he's
    hypnotized Peach to fight against you!
    Stage 4: Burning Ambitions
    5 Stock Match
    Green Team [Luigi (you, handicap 5) and Yoshi (lvl 6, handicap 5)] vs.
      Red Team [Bowser (lvl 8, handicap 7) and Peach (lvl 4, handicap 5)]
    Mushroom Kingdom I
    Items: Starman, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, both Shells (Medium)
    No special rules, just a knock down fight. Don't let Bowser overwhelm you.
        With Yoshi's help, you break the spell on Peach and fend Bowser off for
    now. Then you leap. You arrive in a small, round, pink form. Your name is
    Kirby, and you at the Fountain of Dreams, where the Star Rod produces dreams
    that float like a mist over the land. Just now, a sort of hole appears over
    the Star Rod. The Star Rod is duplicating, raining all over! And through the
    hole, little people wearing parkas come out and attack!
    Stage 5: Sweet Dreams Aren't Made of These
    5 Stock Match
    Kirby (you) vs. Ice Climbers (lvl 7) vs. Ice Climbers (lvl 7)
    Fountain of Dreams
    Items: Star Rod (Very High)
    Well, now you know what was meant by universe mixing. Things are getting bad,
    and you better fight hard, as there's lots more to come.
        The hole closes for now, but the duplicate Star Rods remain, and will
    remain until you defeat Bowser. But the leap begins again. You now find
    yourself covered head to toe in an armored, high-tech suit. You are Samus, a
    bounty hunter who uses the ancient Power suits to clear planets of parasitic
    Metroids. But that's not what's happening now. The sky here on the planet is
    raining creatures who look like Kirby, only with ears and bigger eyes. Some
    are landing in the acid below, making it rise, while others are attacking
    Stage 6: Gettin' Jiggly With It
    10 Minute Match with special victory conditions
    Red Team [Samus (you, handicap 8)] vs. Blue Team [3 Jigglypuffs (lvl 5,
    handicap 1)]
    Items: Screw Attack (Low)
    In order to clear this battle, you must not die before time runs out, and you
    must kill at least 20 Jigglys. You'll have to endure in order to win.
        The creatures are still coming as you warp away. Now you find yourself in
    a city. The people are humans who have developed their latent psychic powers
    considerably. Also, the kids (of whom you are one) all look alike, and don't
    grow distinctive features until later. You are outside a small store that
    advertises rare crystals that are supposed to have powers when taken outside
    of any universe. They cost 400 coins, but you have none. Some other kids walk
    up to you and tell you to give them your loot. You reply that you have none,
    but they start attacking you and coins fly out! Maybe you can do it to them
    Bonus Stage 2: Money Makes the World Go 'Round
    4 Minute Coin Match with special victory conditions
    Ness (you) vs. Ness vs. Ness vs. Ness (all lvl 6)
    No Items
    To get the bonus, you must end the match with at least 400 coins or more. If
    you win, you buy the crystal and pump the rest into a pinball machine as you
    wait to leap. If you lose, all you can do is twidle your thumbs until the
        Now you find yourself as Link, only younger, exploring a world called
    Termina. But the rift strikes again, as two swordsman appear to attack you.
    And you without any items or magic!
    Stage 7: They're Just Really Big Knives
    5 Stock Battle in Single Button Mode
    Green Team [Young Link (you)] vs. Blue Team [Marth (lvl 6) and Roy (lvl 7)]
    No Items
    This one might be tricky. Remember that both Links can press A after forward
    smashing to do another, slightly different smash, and this one will send them
    flying, unlike Young Link's first smash.
        You now find yourself as an anthropomorphic fox named Fox (how original),
    on the top of your starship with teammate, Falco (guess what he is!). Now,
    the rift appears above you! Weird peach but harmless creatures pop out, but
    you feel yourself splitting! Now there are two of both of you! Fortunately,
    they have different colored clothes, but as they attack you, the rift closes
    in a flash, making all of you invisible!
    Stage 8: Seeing Isn't Believing
    5 Stock Battle in Invisible Mode and with Friendly Fire on!
    Blue Team [Fox (you) and Falco (lvl 8)] vs. Red Team [Fox and Falco (both lvl
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scope, Mr. Saturn (medium)
    Yes, I am evil, aren't I. Muwhahahahahaha *cough* *wheeze* *ahem*... Darn,
    there goes my cliche alert...
        After many bruises, not all from the enemy, the originals are left
    standing, and you can be seen again. And there's the leap...
        Now you are a giant ape called King Kong, and you are on the top of
    several skyscrapers. And out of the rift comes some really wierd opponents: a
    totally flat rounded dude, and a copy of the real you in a doctors outfit,
    both as big as you and attacking anybody in the way. I hope these weirdos
    mean it's almost time for the finish...
    Stage 9: Yet Another Giant Melee on Fourside
    1 Stock Battle in Giant Mode
    DK (you) vs. G&W (lvl 8) vs. Dr. Mario (lvl 8)
    No Items
    FIGHGT 4 YOR'E LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
    Ack! It's the newbie virus! ;)
        Your prediction came true, as you find yourself on a platform, the only
    remnants of your world, at least if you fail. You are floating outside of
    universes, going every which way and that. And to your right is Bowser,
    looking powerful indeed. And you? Stuck in a form like that of Pikachu, only
    smaller and weaker...
    FINAL STAGE: Can You Stop Time-Space? I'd Like to Get Off
    ***Elements Below May Be Modified by Bonuses***
    3 Stock Battle with 4 minute limit and special victory conditions
    Blue Team [Pichu (you, handicap 4)] vs. Red Team [Bowser (lvl 9, handicap 9)]
    Final Destination
    All Items (Medium)
    If you won Bonus 1: A member of the Falcon organization teleports in. He
    tells you that he was your opponent, and thanks you for setting him on the
    right track by helping out!
    *Add teammate C. Falcon (lvl 7, handicap 7)*
    If you won Bonus 2: Your crystal starts glowing, and envelops you in bright
    light! You grow stronger, and find you can change your form before the
    battle! *You can pick your character and your handicap is 7.*
    You must win the battle before time runs out. Victory by lives or sudden
    death does not count! I really hope you picked up your bonuses...
        As you throw Bowser down the final time, everything slows down to a halt.
    It gets fainter and fainter...
        Brrrrrinnng! The alarm clock? You awake to find yourself as you again, in
    your bed at your house! Was it all a dream, or did it really happen? You look
    at your calendar, and find that the day before this started is not crossed
    off. Is that because time reset back to this morning, or you never started at
    all? You rush over to Peach's castle to see what will happen...
        When you get there, Peach, Yoshi, Luigi and some of the Toads of the
    kingdom are all there to greet you for a surprise birthday party! That's why
    she baked a cake! Shaking off the events, you settle down for a nice morning.
    Then you see a Pikachu in the corner! AAAAAH! You faint. A young Toad runs up
    to it as everybody stares at you, and then the Pikachu. "What? It's just a
    stuffed animal from that new show!"
                                        THE END
    >>> NAME: Mario Turns Evil!
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Lieutenant Wario
    (For every part, set everything but the characters and stages in your favor)
    Stage 1 - Fountain of Dreams
    Characters: Yoshi and Zelda vs. Mario and Ice Climbers
    Story: Yoshi is on a vacation in Dream Land, and he's just walking along,
    then all of the sudden, he runs into Ganondorf and the Ice Climbers, who have
    just kidnapped Zelda. Zelda manages to break free from Ganondorf's grip,
    though, and kicks him in the face, which turns out to be a mask, and Mario is
    underneath it!
    Stage 2 - N64 Dream Land
    Characters: Yoshi vs. Marth and Young Link
    Story: Yoshi is now trying to return Zelda to her home. But on the way, he
    runs into Marth and... Young Link!? They take Zelda away from Yoshi, but he
    tries to get her back.
    Stage 3 - Hyrule Temple
    Characters: Yoshi vs. Zelda
    Story: Yoshi has finally gotten Zelda back to Hyrule, but then she turns out
    to be evil, and attacks him!
    Stage 4 - Pokemon Stadium
    Characters: Yoshi and Ganondorf vs. Pikachu and
    Story: Right before Zelda is about to kill Yoshi, Mario comes and finishes
    Zelda off. Yoshi complains about how he was just about to win, and kicks
    Mario, who turns out to be Ganondorf. According to him, they need to travel
    to Brinstar to defeat the evil Falco Lombardi. On the way, they get attacked
    by two disgustingly cute creatures.
    Stage 5 - Brinstar Depths
    Characters: Two Yoshis vs. Falco
    Story: Yoshi and Ganondorf have gotten to Brinstar, where Falco attacks them.
    He kills Ganondorf and clones Yoshi. The clones attack Falco.
    Stage 6 - Yoshi's Island
    Characters: Yoshi vs. Captain Falcon and Mario
    Story: Falco's death has caused the cloner to become unstable, and Yoshi's
    clone disappears. Then Brinstar blows up and Yoshi finds himself back on his
    own island. However, Mario is back with a new friend, and he attacks Yoshi.
    Stage 7 - N64 Yoshi's Island
    Characters: Yoshi and Bowser vs. Roy
    Story: Mario has sent Yoshi back in time, where he meets Bowser. He convinces
    Bowser to join him. Together, they attack Bowser's rival, Roy.
    Stage 8 - Onett
    Characters: Yoshi and Jigglypuff vs. Samus
    Story: After an intense battle, Mario's time machine blows up, and Yoshi ends
    up back in the present time, and he wakes up in the town of Onett. Jigglypuff
    comes and apologizes for attacking Yoshi, but Samus, Jigglypuff's trainer,
    won't let Jigglypuff apologize, so they attack her.
    Stage 9 - Mushroom Kingdom II
    Characters: Yoshi and Jigglypuff vs. Samus and
    Story: They are all sent back in time by an unknown force. Samus finds
    another Jigglypuff and captures it. Then they attack Yoshi.
    Stage 10 - Green Greens
    Characters: Yoshi and Samus vs. Dr. Mario
    Story: Both Jigglypuffs are killed in the battle between Yoshi and Samus.
    Mario can't take it anymore, so he teleports them to his lab. But because
    he's teleporting them from another time period, the range of the
    teleportation not only causes his teleporter to blow up, but the whole lab
    goes crashing down with it. Mario is mad. He puts on his lab coat and attacks
    Yoshi and Samus. They realize that they need to work together to defeat
    >>> NAME: Mewtwo Strikes Back!
    Part 1: Pokemon parade
    -PLAYERS: 3 VS 1
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Any pokemon but Mewtwo
    -LIMIT: Stock: 1
    -HANDICAP: Single player must be slightly more powerful than average.
    -TEAMS: 3 pokemon VS a brainwashed one
    -ITEMS: Poke balls, very high.
    -STAGE: Poke floats
    The annual Pokemon league tournament is about to start and a pokemon parade
    opens the festivities... But a mad pokemon hops in and tries to wreak havoc.
    Trainers send in their pokemon to try and tame the little mischief maker.
    Part 2-1: "I wanna be the very best"
    -PLAYERS: 1 VS 1 (Make 1 computer controlled if only 2 or 3 humans are
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Any pokemon but Mewtwo
    -LIMIT: Stock: 1
    -HANDICAP: If one is computer controlled, make him level 4
    -ITEMS: Off
    -STAGE: Pokemon stadium
    Two trainers have made it to the semifinals... Who will succeed and make it
    to the finals??
    Part 2-2: "Train 'em is my cause"
    -PLAYERS: 1 VS 1 (Make 1 computer controlled if only 2 humans are available)
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Any pokemon but Mewtwo
    -LIMIT: Stock: 1
    -HANDICAP: If one is computer controlled, make him level 4
    -ITEMS: Off
    -STAGE: Pokemon stadium
    Two trainers have made it to the semifinals... Who will succeed and make it
    to the finals??
    Part 3: "So you wanna be the master?"
    -PLAYERS: Winner of 2-1 VS winner of 2-2
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Same character the player used in the previous event in which
    they played.
    -LIMIT: Stock: 1
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Pokemon stadium, alternate theme
    The ultimate battle will begin... who will be the Pokemon master?
    Part 4: Mewtwo attacks!
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Winner of part 3 VS Mewtwo
    -LIMIT: Stock: 1
    -HANDICAP: Mewtwo must be (only slightly) more powerful than the other
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Pokemon stadium, alternate theme (I know, you must be sick of
    Pokemon stadium)
    Mewtwo, the ultimate pokemon, challenges the Pokemon master!! The prize to
    the winner? Deciding of the fate of the world!
    (If the good guy wins, go to event 5-1. If Mewtwo wins, go to event 5-2)
    Part 5-1: Mewtwo's last stand
    -PLAYERS: 2 VS 2
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Mewtwo + Pokemon reinforcement VS Pokemon master + Other
    pokemon reinforcement
    -LIMIT: Stock: 1
    -HANDICAP: Mewtwo's team is A LOT stronger than the other one
    -TEAMS: Mewtwo's team: Red, Heroes' team: Green or blue
    -ITEMS: Pokeballs, recovery items, medium (Can only be used by heroes' team)
    -STAGE: Pokemon stadium (Again??!), alternate theme if you want
    Mewtwo recovers all his strength and summons one of his super-clones to back
    him up! Our hero doesn't stand a chance! But, another pokemon hops in and
    tries to help as much as he/she can! And fellow trainers throw in their
    pokemon and recovery items as reinforcement for our heroes! Maybe the earth
    stands a chance after all? (If Mewtwo wins, go to event 5-2. If he loses,
    Tada-da-daaaaaa! The planet is saved! Congrats!)
    Part 5-2: Revolution!
    -PLAYERS: 2 VS 2
    -MODE: Stamina
    -CHARACTERS: Pokemon master + pokemon backup VS Mewtwo VS pokemon backup
    -LIMIT: Stock: 1
    -HANDICAP: Mewtwo's team is A LOT stronger than the other!
    -TEAMS: Mewtwo's team: Red, Heroes' team: Blue or green
    -ITEMS: ALL, medium (Can only be used by the heroes' team)
    -STAGE: Brinstar depths
    That's it... Mewtwo has turned the world into a complete waste land... but
    the last remaining survivors decide to strike against him one last time!
    Reinforced with the world's finest items, will the Pokemon master save hat
    remains of it? (If Mewtwo wins, then the world is screwed up! Sorry! If the
    heroes win, Tada-da-daaaaa! You saved the world!)
    If you're not pleased by the ending of this adventure, I won't barge into
    your house and stop you from trying to find a way for it to end differently!
    Mewtwo cloning himself to plague the earth he wants so much? The heroes tag
    teaming against Mewtwo when he attacks Onett? It's all up to you!
    >>> NAME: Mewtwo's Struggle
    In this scenario, Mewtwo struggles to find his place in the world, for he
    was created by the evil Dr.Mario and Gannondorf.
    Stage 1: A confused and enraged Mewtwo has escaped from Dr.Mario's lab in
    Fourside, but Bowser, another creation of Dr.Mario, is on his tail. Mewtwo
    must destroy Bowser if he wishes to learn more about the world around him.
    Characters: (you) Mewtwo, (enemy) Bowser
    Level: Fourside
    Stage 2: After smiting Bowser, Mewtwo has reached Green Greens, where Young
    Link and Pichu are playing. However, a robot called Samus is ready to
    destroy anything it sees. Mewtwo feels some strange feeling for the two
    youngsters and so he must protect Young Link and Pichu at all costs!
    Characters: (You, in red) Mewtwo, Young Link, Pichu (enemy in blue) Samus
    Level: Green Greens
    Stage 3: Mewtwo and his new friends, Young Link and Pichu, are exploring an
    old castle, where they find an evil general of Gannondorf's.
    Characters: (You, in red) Mewtwo, Young Link, Pichu (enemy in blue) Falco
    Level: Hyrule Castle
    Stage 4: Mewtwo finds the source of all his pain and confusion, Gannondorf.
    Mewtwo tells Young Link and Pichu to stay out of the fight, and attacks
    Gannondorf in a rage.
    Characters: (you) Mewtwo, (enemy) Gannondorf
    Level: Hyrule Castle
    Stage 5: It has been seven years since Gannondorf escaped Mewtwo; Young Link
    had grown up and married a woman named Zelda, and Pichu has evolved into a
    Pikachu. However, when Mewtwo, Link, and Zelda go to the car races for some
    entertainment, Dr.Mario is there, and he wants Mewtwo under his control
    Characters: (you in red) Mewtwo, Link, Zelda (enemy in blue) Dr.Mario
    Level: Mute City
    Note: Let Link get defeated in the match.
    Stage 6: Mewtwo is starting to feel his old anger again after his best
    friend had been killed, and he had killed Dr.Mario in a rage. Zelda has been
    injured during the fight, so Mewtwo, Pikachu, and Link's and Zelda's kid,
    Ness, climb Icicle Mountain to Gannondorf's fortress. His Puff monster is
    Characters: (you in red) Mewtwo, Ness, Pikachu (enemy in blue) Kirby
    Level: Icicle Mountain
    Stage 7: Mewtwo finds Gannondorf escaped to the cyber world, where he and
    his virus, Mr. Game and Watch, tend to destroy the world. Luckily, Zelda is
    here to help Mewtwo.
    Characters: (you in red) Mewtwo, Zelda (enemy in blue) Gannondorf, Mr. Game
    and Watch.
    Congratulations! Mewtwo has saved the world, and learned it was love he was
    feeling. He finally found his place in the world.
    >>> NAME: The Mutant Revenge
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: art fareak
    Mode: 1-stock
    Part I: The adventure starts.
    Match 1:
    Players: Y. Link (you) vs. Marth (Miu, the villain)
    Stage: Brinstar
    Items: None
    Mode extras: 2 minute time limit.
    Story: Miu has just finished making a chemical he will use to turn the
    people of the world into mutants in order to conquer them, but Link, a young
    boy, and Roy, his friend are there to stop him. Link and Miu start a
    one-on-one battle while Roy guards the entrance.
    Directions: KO Miu into the chemicals (lava)
    Match 2:
    Players: Pichu (you), Roy.
    Stage: Corneria
    Items: None
    Story: Right before Miu falls through a pipe he splashes some chemicals on
    Link which mutates him into a monster. Link exits the room and Roy tries to
    attack him, thinking he is a real monster.
    Directions: KO Roy.
    Match 3:
    Players: Pichu (you), Roy (Teammate) vs. Team Falco (x2).
    Stage: Rainbow Cruise
    Items: None
    Story: Roy realises it was actually you he fought. He tells you of a
    fighting teacher that allows all creatures to enter his dojo to train, and
    since Link and Roy would like to prevent any evil which tries to do any more
    evil things. They go there via flying ship, but they hit a flock of birds on
    the way.
    Directions: KO birds.
    Part II: Training with Master Puff
    Match 4:
    Players: Pichu (you) vs. Kirby, Fox, and Yoshi
    Stage: Green Greens
    Items: None
    Story: Link and Roy have reached the dojo. Now they must defeat the master's
    Directions: KO the students.
    Match 5:
    Players: Pichu (you) vs. Jigglypuff (Master Puff) (High CPU or handicap).
    Stage: Green Greens (or Kirby's classic stage)
    Items: None
    Mode extras: Stock time: 2:30
    Story: After defeating the master's students you must face the master
    Directions: Survive for 2.5 minutes. If you do you win.
    Optional Training
    Chars selectable in TMR training as P1: Pichu(If red)/Pikachu (If blue or
    green) (As link), Roy and Fox.
    Stage: Pokemon stadium, unless otherwise specified in the description.
    Lesson 1: The basics of items.
    Mode: 1-stock, 1-minute.
    Human Players: 1-2
    Items: Food, Fan, Mr. Saturn, Metal Box, Ray Gun. (Medium)
    Characters: You (Red) vs. Yoshi (Red)
    Defeat Yoshi using items only. Yoshi may use his attack if he is a CPU.
    Lesson 2: Using limited space.
    Mode: 2-stock, 4-players.
    Human Players: 1-4
    Items: Super Mushrooms (Very High)
    Characters: You (Red) vs. Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby (All Kirbies are blue.)
    Defeat the kirbies without touching the bottommost level. The only exception
    is while the stage transforms. CPU kirbies can touch the ground.
    Lesson 3: Catching a speedy opponent.
    Mode: 2 minute melee, tiny.
    Human Players: 2 (Four optional)
    Stage: Hyrule Temple.
    Items: Bunny hood (Very High)
    Characters: You (Blue) vs. Ganondorf (Red)
    Catch Ganondorf. Ganondorf gets a 15 second head start and may use bunny
    hoods. You may not. If you grab Ganondorf in time you win. (Two more may
    stand at the edges of the stage to get a fixed camera effect.
    Lesson 4:
    Mode: Event, Hide n' Sheik.
    Char color: Blue.
    Lesson 5: Resisting items.
    Mode: Stamina
    Human Players: 1-2
    Items: All items you can pick up.
    Characters: You (Blue) vs. Samus (Blue)
    Use healing items only. All containers must be thrown at the floor. Samus may
    use other items if CPU.
    Lesson 6: Sticking with one attack.
    Mode: 1 stock
    Human Players: 1
    Items: None
    Characters: You (Green) vs. (GD, Zelda, Samus (blue), Yoshi, Kirby, one of
    the other two playable characters (Green))
    KO the other student using only 1 special move.
    Match 6:
    Players: Pikachu (you) vs. Roy vs. Fox vs. Kirby.
    Stage: Yoshi's island
    Items: None
    Story: After 7 long years of training you must face 3 other students. As a
    regular training session. You have matured, of course.
    Directions: KO Others.
    Match 7:
    Players: Pikachu (you) vs. Mario (Half Bowser's level), Bowser, Luigi (Like
    Stage: Green Greens
    Items: None
    Mode extras: Coin match, 5:00
    Story: The dojo is raided by a group who call themselves the Turtle Trio.
    Stop them!
    Directions: Get 100 coins.
    Match 8:
    Players: Pikachu (you) vs. Mario and Bowser with an increase in CPU level.
    Stage: Kingdom II (Or I)
    Items: None
    Mode extras: Coin match, 5:00
    Story: You caught up with one, but the others have escaped! You feel you
    must stop them, but you don't know why.
    Directions: Get 200 coins.
    Match 9:
    Players: Pikachu (you) vs. Bowser, again, with an increase of level.
    Stage: Onett
    Items: None
    Mode extras: Coin match, 5:00
    Story: You've cornered another, but the leader escaped. He reached their
    home town.
    Directions: Get 400 coins.
    Part IV: Old friends, New enemies
    Match 10:
    Players: Pikachu (you), Roy, Fox vs. Ness (Black, handicapped enough to take
    on 3)
    Stage: Onett
    Items: None
    Story: After your victory Roy and Fox run up to you and present you with a
    goodbye gift from the master: a diploma. Suddenly, a young boy leaps off one
    of the buildings and starts fighting you.
    Directions: KO Ness.
    Match 11:
    Players: Pikachu (you), Fox vs. DK (Black, x2)
    Stage: Kongo Jungle
    Items: None
    Story: In the way back to the school Roy has been taken hostage by a pair of
    apes, and Link and Fox must save him.
    Directions: KO the apes.
    Match 12:
    Players: Pikachu (you), Roy, Fox vs. Peach (Since Peach doesn't have a black
    dress, I'll let you figure out what color to use.)
    Stage: Peach's castle
    Items: None
    Mode extras: Stock time: 4:00
    Story: You've won, but the logs under your feet collapse and you fall down a
    waterfall and float downstream. You end up in a moat aroun a castle. You
    climb to the roof to dry your clothes, but the lady who lives in the
    castle attacks you, probably because she thinks you are intruders.
    Directions: Survive for 4:00 minutes. Do not let any partner get KO'd.
    Part IV.5: This is what made those people dressed in black attack you.
    Match 13:
    Players: Pikachu (you) vs. Dr. Mario (Black)(As Dr. Marie-O) (Tougher than
    Stage: Flatzone (Or Yoshi's island)
    Items: None
    Story: You defeat the lady, and Link is transported to a room. A doctor
    named Dr. Marie-O tells you he is the one who hypnotized the people dressed
    in black and you must fight him in order to save the world.
    Directions: KO the doctor.
    Part V: This is the end.
    Match 14:
    Players: Pikachu (you), Roy vs. 2 sets of ice climbers (In
    Stage: Venom
    Items: None
    Story: The moment you win the doctor disappears and leaves behind a map of
    an are with a point marked with a big black circle, then you are transported
    back to the castle where the lady, now dressed in pink, agrees to give you a
    ride on her flying ship to the big circle. When you reach that spot you find
    a giant ship, identical to the one you fought Miu on 7 years before. You
    board the ship and Fox decides to fly back to the dojo. The moment you board
    the wing of the ship you are attacked by 4 guards.
    Directions: KO the guards.
    Match 15:
    Players: Pikachu (you), Roy vs. C. Falcon
    Stage: Venom
    Items: None
    Story: The moment you defeat the guards another emerges.
    Directions: KO the guard.
    Match 12:
    Players: Pikachu (you), Roy vs. Bowser and Dr. Mario (as strong as the last
    time you beat them)
    Stage: Battlefield (Or Venom)
    Items: None
    Voice: You may have defeated the guards, but you will never defeat us!
    *The Turtle Boss and Dr. Marie-O run out the door*
    Roy: Boy, what a surprise.
    Directions: Win.
    Part V,5: No, wait, this is the end.
    Match 16:
    Players: Pikachu (you), Roy vs. Mr. G&W (As shadow)
    Stage: Final destination, battlefield, Pokemon stadium.
    Items: None
    Story: After you defeat the turtle and the mad scientist a door opens into
    the inside of the ship where a mysterious voice greets you. You walk in and
    find a shadow.
    Directions: KO the shadow.
    Part v.5.5: No, wait, this is really the end.
    Story: The shadow turned out to be a monster.
    Monster: Do you remember Miu?
    Link: Yes. 7 years ago I dropped him into a big vat of chemicals.
    Monster: Well, I am Miu, but a new Miu, but nontheless, I am Miu, too.
    Roy: Could you at least be a little original?
    Miutoo: Could you?
    Roy: I see your point.
    Miutoo: For 7 years I have worked on the antidote, but only lately have I
    realised I don't need it. I have special powers now. You'll see what I can
    do in our next battle. I know you got special powers, too, so...
    Miutoo throws the antidote at link. The container breaks and the potion
    covers Link.
    Match 17:
    Players: Link (you) vs. Mewtwo (Miutoo)
    Stage: Same as before
    Items: None
    Mode extras: Special battle instead of stock battle.
    Story: You turn back into a human. Miutoo decides that Roy should not help
    you, so he creates a shadowball twice the normal size and hurls it at roy,
    pushing him out the door.
    Directions: Get more bonus points than Miutoo.
    In case you win:
    Miutoo: I see you are a better fighter than me, and therefore you must be
    Miutoo triggers the auto-selfdestruct and teleports out of the ship. You
    escape just in time and jump off onto Master Puff's flying ship, which
    returns to the dojo at full speed. The master wants to be sure you're really
    you, so he challanges you to a rematch of battle 5. He's trained, of course,
    so he'll be tougher. This battle is considered part VI, match 18, and is
    In case you lose: Try again as roy. If you win you rescue Link and the Link
    victory ending happens.
    In case you lose as Roy: GAME OVER.
    >>> NAME: Ness To The Sharks
    Kirby & Young Link Are The Main Characters. Player 1 Gets To Be Either Kirby
    Or Young Link. If There Is Only 1 Player, Make Kirby Or Young Link Be A CPU
    Level 5.
    Chapter #1
    Kirby & Young Link Are Traveling Into Onett During The Town Gang, Sharks'
    Crime Onslaught. Which Our Heroes Don't Know.
    Kirby: Hey Link! Look It's A Woman! And She's Crying.
    Y Link: Who Is She?
    Kirby: I Dunno.
    Y Link: Let's Go Find Out.
    Kirby: O.K.
    Y Link: E-Exscuse M-Me Miss? What's Wrong?
    Woman: My Son Ness Has Joined The Town Gang After He Went To The Arcade One
    Ness's Mom: AAAHHH!!!!
    Ness's Mom: Oh My God It's Mr. Gang & Watch
    Young Link & Kirby (Green) <VS> Mr. Gang & Watch (Blue) (Mr. Game & Watch)
    LVL 4
    Specifications>>> Just Mr. Saturns On Very High.
    Stage: Eagleland Onett
    Chapter #2
    Kirby: Yo! What Gives!!!
    Y Link: Where's Ness!!!
    Mr. G & W: N-Ness Who???
    Y Link: Suck Em' Up!
    Kirby: (Sucking Noises)
    Mr G & W: AAAAHHHH I'll Tell!!! I'll Tell!!!
    Y Link: Let Em' Out!!!
    Mr G & W: He's In Fourside......(Cough...)
    Chapter #3
    Kirby: I'll Fly Us There!!!
    Kirby: Hang On My Feet Link!!!
    Y Link: Is It Safe??
    Kirby: (Stares)
    Kirby & Young Link Reach Fourside. But Then The Pokemon Parade Is Coming
    Kirby: What The Hell Is That!?
    Pikachu: KAAAAA!!!!!
    Kirby & Y Link: AAAAHHHH!!!!
    Y Link: Get Him NOW!!!!!
    Kirby: Target Sighted!!!!
    Young Link & Kirby (Green) <VS> Pikachu X2 (Blue) LVL 5
    Specification>>> Just Pokeballs Nothing Else.
    Stage: Kanto Skies Poke Floats
    Kirby: I Did'nt Know They Could Scream.....
    Y Link: Beats Me.
    Kirby: Let's Go!
    Young Link & Kirby Finnaly Reach Fourside And Only To See....
    Y Link: Ness!!
    Chapter #4
    Kirby: It Is!!!
    Ness1: No We Are Clones! Dummy.
    Ness2: Yeah! Dummy!
    Ness1: Bite Me!
    Ness2: Yeah! Dummy!
    Kirby: Bite You! Where?!
    (Silence From Ness Clones)
    Y Link: I'll Kick Your Both Yo Asses!!!
    Ness 1 & 2: Bring It Jabronie!!!
    Y Link: DIEEEEEEE!!!!!!
    Young Link & Kirby (Green) <VS>  Ness Clones X2 (Blue) LVL 6
    Specifications: Every Weapon!!! All Out Carnage!!!
    Stage>>> Eagle Land Fourside
    Ness1: Oh Crap!!!
    Ness2: You Really Did Kick Our Asses!!!
    Kirby: No Really!!!!
    Y Link: Where Is The Origanal Ness!?!?
    Ness1: In Onett!
    Ness2: Duh!!!
    Kirby: Mr. Gang & Watch Lied To Us!!! That B#$^*(!
    (Blank Stares From Everyone)
    Kirby: C'mon Link Let's Go To Super Flat World!
    Y Link: But....
    Kirby: SUPER FLAT WORLD!!!!!
    Y Link:..................
    Chapter #5
    Kirby: Flat World Huh???
    Y Link: There He Is!!!
    Kirby: Where!!!
    Y Link: There!!
    Kirby: Where!!
    Mr G & W: Oh My God!!! Shut Up!!!
    Kirby: That's Cool How You Can Turn Sideways......
    Mr G & W: AAAHHH!!!!!! DIEEEEEE!!!!!
    Y Link: Let's Get Him!!!
    Young Link & Kirby (Green) <VS> Mr. Gang & Watch (Blue) (Mr. Game & Watch)
    LVL 9
    Specifications:Same As 1st  Battle!!!
    Mr. G & W Dies And Only To Leave A Letter....
     Kirby: It Says...... "Dear Mr Gang & Watch, I'm Leaving Back To Onett To
    Deystroy Every Solitary Creature!!!!!!"
    Kirby: Oh My God!! We Have To Get Back To Onett!!!
    Y Link: Yeah!!!
    Chapter #6
    Kirby & Young Link Find Ness And He's.......
    Kirby: Making Out!!!
    Y Link: Hey Lover Boy!!!!
    Kirby: Sir Kissalot!!!!!
    Ness: You....You Deystroyed My Creation.!!!!!!!
    Kirby: Face Me!!!!
    Kirby & Young Link (Green) <VS> Ness (Blue) LVL 9
    Specifications: No Weapons!!! Hand To Hand Combat!!!
    Stage: Onett
    Ness's Mom: Oh My God!! My Poor Baby!!! Why Did You Do That!?
    Kirby: Well It Was Very Simple I Took My Fist And I Slammed It Into......
    Ness's Mom: Damn You!!!
    (Door Slams)
    Kirby: Where Were We?
    Y Link: Oh Yeah? To Peaches Castle!
    Kirby: Yeah!!!!
    >>> NAME: Never a Moment's Peace
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Michael Florian
    Stage 1
    Players:  One Player, One Computer Player (not to exceed difficulty 5)
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Samus Aran (Computer)
    Limit:  Two Stocks Each
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  None
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Rainbow Cruise
    Extra Notes:  None
    Story:  It wasn't as if he had done anything wrong...lately.  Between
    attempts to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser enjoyed kicking
    back...avoiding his kids...and taking long cruises.  But this time was
    a little different as a smartass little firebrand named Samus was
    sticking a missile launcher in his face.  She spouted some
    jurisdictional jibberish, listed an number of crimes he didn't commit
    (or remember committing...hey, it's been a long week), and demanded his
    surrender.  To make matters worse, she had disabled his yacht so it
    started to sink into the clouds.  What was a Koopa Dictator supposed to
    Stage 2
    Players:  One Player, Three Computer Players (not to exceed difficulty
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Mario (Computer), Luigi (Computer), Peach
    Limit:  Two Stocks Each
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  Bowser (Green), All Three Computer Players (Red)
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Princess Peach's Castle
    Extra Notes:  None
    Story:  It was business as usual in the Mushroom Kingdom, with Bowser
    mounting another attempt to conquer the Mario Bros. and ... well ... he
    had never really thought that far ahead.  But Bowser was sure it had
    something to do with the Princess and/or a plate of muffins.  However,
    there was no elaborate plans or gadgets around this time.  Usually at
    this time, he would have the princess stashed away somewhere and guards
    all along the path to his place.  Instead, Bowser was hitting the place
    straight on.  But why?  This whole situation with Samus really stuck in
    his craw.  Galactic Bounty Hunters usually don't attack him out of the
    blue like that.  Hopefully it wouldn't distract him TOO much during the
    Stage 3
    Players:  One Player, One Computer Player (not to exceed difficulty 5)
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Bowser (Computer)
    Limit:  Two Stocks for Player, Five Stocks for Computer Player
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  None
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Mushroom Kingdom
    Extra Notes:  None
    Story:  He would be proud of himself today if he wasn't so distracted.
    Bowser's surprise attack brought him victory against all his
    opponents...but he didn't stick around to capture them or take over the
    castle.  He was just too distracted.  Then, on the way home, he saw
    "it".  It was...him!  A Bowser copy was running around, tearing up the
    scenery.  Despite the guy's handsome face and shiny shell, the King of
    the Koopas felt just a tad insulted that he was getting blamed for
    something he didn't do.  It was time to make an example out of this
    Stage 4
    Players:  One Player, Two Computer Players (not to exceed difficulty 5)
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Fox McCloud (Computer), Falco Lombardi
    Limit:  Two Stocks Each
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  Bowser (Green), Both Computer Players (Blue)
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Corneria
    Extra Notes:  If you Win, go to Stage 6.  If you Lose, go to Stage 5.
    Story:  A Koopa just can't catch an even break.  It seemed the imposter
    had damaged his good (sorta) name more than he thought.  Instead of
    bounty hunters, this time he had members of the military on his tail.
    The ship he was hitching a ride on just happened to be the mother ship
    of Team Fox.  It's getting so you can't get in a spaceship with a
    stranger anymore.  What's this world coming to?  Well, specially
    trained or not, these goons had no idea what they were getting
    themselves into.  It'll take more than a pair of hotshot pilots to take
    this big lizard down.
    Stage 5
    Players:  One Player, Two Computer Players (not to exceed difficulty 4)
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Falco Lombardi (Computer), Samus Aran
    Limit:  Two Stocks Each
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  Bowser (Green), Both Computer Players (Red)
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Venom
    Extra Notes:  Only play this stage if you lost Stage 4.  After this,
    continue to Stage 7.
    Story:  Bowser had seriously underestimated the power of the Arwing
    Jockeys.  After his sound thrashing, he had been tossed into the brig.
    Easily bending the bars after waking, Bowser started to make his way
    towards the front of the ship.  Along the way, he heard a communication
    between Team Fox and Samus Aran.  It seems that damn bounty hunter was
    coming to claim him for the sizeable reward on his head.  Strangely,
    she mentioned new crimes to Team Fox.  Bowser was sure he beat his
    copy, so what was all this about?  He was on top of the mother ship
    when Samus arrived.  She and Falco noticed him and rushed to intercept
    him before he could jump ship.  Time to clean up some space trash.
    Stage 6
    Players:  One Player, One Computer Player (not to exceed difficulty 6)
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Captain Falcon (Computer)
    Limit:  Two Stocks Each
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  None
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  F-Zero: Big Blue
    Extra Notes:  Only play this stage if you beat Stage 4.  After this,
    continue to Stage 7.
    Story:  Bowser really had to learn to stop accepting rides from
    strangers.  This is the second time a bounty hunter had picked him up
    while he was hitchhiking.  Captain Falcon was, if it was possible, even
    worse than Samus!  He not only listed new crimes, which confused Bowser
    since he thought he took down his copy, but did lots of flexing and
    posing.  Not to mention this guy was a star on the hot rod circuit.  It
    was all Bowser could do to avoid glancing around for the cameras that
    should be filming this guy and filling in Scooby Doo later.  Still,
    Bowser was not in the mood to argue his diplomatic immunity status with
    this bozo.
    Stage 7
    Players:  One Player, Three Computer Players (not to exceed difficulty
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Pikachu (Computer), Jigglypuff
    (Computer), Pichu (Computer)
    Limit:  Two Stocks for Player, Four Stocks for All Computer Players
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  Bowser (Green), All Computer Players (Blue)
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Pokemon Stadium
    Extra Notes:  None
    Story:  After learning that maybe his copy wasn't the only copy, Bowser
    decided it was time to clear his name and track down whoever was behind
    all this.  Using his master detective skills (well, forcing some Koopa
    Troopas to do it for him), Bowser was able to determine the next place
    a copy would attack was the Pokemon Stadium.  Unfortunately, a wrong
    turn at the gate brought him to the stage, where a confused announcer
    declared him something from the new Crystal edition.  If he wanted to
    continue his investigation, Bowser would have to carve a path through
    the hordes of cute animals trying to flatten him like a pancake.
    Stage 8
    Players:  One Player, One Computer Player (not to exceed difficulty 6)
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Samus Aran (Computer)
    Limit:  Two Stocks Each
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  None
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Brinstar
    Extra Notes:  None
    Story:  Jury-rigging the technology in the Stadium, Bowser was able to
    determine where the signals controlling the copies were coming from.
    Outer Space.  Specifically, the Planet Zebes.  After a long trip,
    Bowser managed to make his way into the underground levels, where he
    was confronted by Samus Aran.  Now she accused him of breaking into a
    galactic prison planet, which just made Bowser's day.  Tired of having
    to listen again and again to false accusations, he decided to ignore
    her.  No such luck, as Samus wasn't about to let him proceed.
    Determined to put an end to this in time for Happy Hour, Bowser was
    ready to fight.
    Stage 9
    Players:  One Player, Three Computer Players (not to exceed difficulty
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Bowser (Computer), Bowser (Computer),
    Bowser (Computer)
    Limit:  Two Stocks for Player, One Stock for All Computer Players
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Teams:  Bowser (Green), All Computer Players (Red)
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Kanto Skies
    Extra Notes:  None
    Story:  After a disorienting journey through some dark tunnels, Bowser
    suddenly found himself in a bright world of color and light.  As far as
    the eye could see was clear skies, gigantic pokemon, and three copies
    of himself.  The copies were the toughest in the bunch, but were the
    least developed so far.  A really good hit would put them out of
    condition, but the same could be said for the battle-weary Bowser.
    What's worse, Bowser discovered that the colorful world he found
    himself in was really an illusion.  A powerful force was creating a
    whole world to confuse and disorient him.  He couldn't tell what was
    real and was not.  He ran into a few brick walls before realizing he
    had to trust his other senses.  Bowser wasn't about to give up now and
    challenged his copies to a fight.
    Stage 10
    Players:  One Player, One Computer Player (not to exceed difficulty 9)
    Mode:  Normal
    Characters:  Bowser (Player), Mewtwo (Computer)
    Limit:  Three Stocks Each
    Damage:  1.0
    Handicap:  None
    Tams:  None
    Items:  All Items on
    Stage:  Final Destination
    Extra Notes:  This is the Final Battle!
    Story:  With the defeat of the copies, the whole imaginary world seemed
    to fade back into the world of Zebes.  However, this time there was a
    glowing portal ahead of him.  Weary, but not beaten, Bowser leapt into
    the swirling vortex.  He didn't know how long he fell...or even if he
    was falling to begin with...but he knew that he finally landed as he
    crashed down on a strange platform.  This platform was hanging in the
    middle of an empty void.  At the end of the long stretch was an
    unusual-looking Pokemon that Bowser remembered hearing about.  Mewtwo
    didn't even have to open his mouth, letting his telepathy do the
    talking for him.  After attempting to cause destruction on a global
    scale, Earth authorities had called upon the galactic police to put a
    stop to him.  Samus Aran had captured him and, because he could escape
    a conventional jail, he was imprisoned in a pocket dimension...not in
    really "anywhere" in particular.  During his imprisonment, other
    villains had become bolder and were stretching out their Empires in
    order to fill the void of his absence.  So in order to pave the way for
    the time he could break free, Mewtwo had been creating copies of
    villains outside the vortex with his immense psychic powers.  These
    copies caused all kinds of havoc on Earth in order to get them the same
    kind of attention that Mewtwo had in the past.  Hopefully, with the
    other villains gone, he could return with no competition in his way.
    But the King of the Koopas had proven harder to defeat than he had been
    lead to believe.  So now it was time to do in person what the galactic
    police, bounty hunters and clones couldn't...KILL BOWSER!
    Epilogue:  By the time Samus Aran woke from yet another beating at
    Bowser's hands, the battle was all over.  Mewtwo had been beaten and
    Bowser was waiting to be sprung from the Vortex.  Samus personally
    escorted Bowser back to Earth, ripping up the warrants for his arrest
    and apologized for the horrible, horrible mix-up.  As she was pulling
    away in her ship, she shouted down at him not to pull anything funny or
    she'd be back.  Bowser was tempted to give her a rude gesture, but he
    was far too tired for the effort.  The next few weeks were a bit of a
    bother for Bowser, as newspapers and television reports across the
    globe were proclaiming him a hero for defeating the intergalactic
    menace.  They even started working on a Made-For-TV Movie and A&E
    portrayed him in Biography (Of course, Mario and Luigi still had nasty
    things to say about him on the show, and that was the only thing that
    made him smile).  On a crudely patched yacht, Bowser began to wonder if
    he should have just kept his snout of things...ah, sweet regret.  What
    would life be without it?
    >>> NAME: Nintendo Chronology...
    MATCH 1: vs. Mr. Game and Watch in the flat zone
    (Game and watch)
    2: with Teammate Peach(Pauline, Lv 1 handicap 1)VS donkey kong on Kongo
    Jungle(hammers & barrels on high).
    (Donkey Kong)
    3: VS Mario and Luigi in battlefield(freezies on high)
    Mario Bros. Arcade
    4:VS Ice climbers on infinite glacier. hum the ice climber music to yourself.
    Ice Climber
    5: VS Bowser in Mushroom Kingdom 1. (Super mushrooms, starman, fire flower)
    Super Mario Bros.
    6: VS link
    The Legend of Zelda
    7: VS Dr. Mario
    Etc. it's pretty lame but hey, if you're that bored.
    >>>NAME: Pichu's Story
    Story: The pikachu family are champion battlers the only
    two people to ever defeat mewtwo, after his defeat
    he killed 1000 pokemon and was exiled
    Stage 1-1
    the pikachu family want to train thier kid, (you),
    so they book the stadium and televise it.
    TEAMS- BLUE-Pichu(you) GREEN or RED- 2 pikachus
    HANDICAPS-(you) 1. both pikachus CPU Lv9 HDCP-5
    STAGE- Pokemon stadium
    MODE- Stock 3 (all matches are under this rule)
    ITEMS- None (always the same)
    EXTRA NOTES- By the last stage you will have Lv9 but f or every
    10 stars you get ad an extra lv)
    Stage 1-2
    The pika family congratulate (you) but to thier surprice mewtwo
    apeirs 'Pichu, Pika & Chu you may be champions but can you take on me?
    TEAMS- BLUE-Pichu,Pikach,Pikachu RED-mewtwo
    HANDICAPS- (No change) Mewtwo-lv9 hdcp-9
    EXTRA NOTES- You can lose this match\
    Stage 1-3
    mewtwo kills your parents and flees atop the celbration ballooons
    HANDICAPS- same
    Extra notes-you can lose this match
    Stage 2-1
    (you) decicides to enlist the help of king/queen jiggly
    HANDICAPS-(raise your handicap by 1) Jiggly- same as yours
    EXTRA NOTES-you can lose, have jigglys lv same as its handicap
                and its handicap same as yours (a freind can play
                as jiggly if they want or if you cant stand pichu
                you can be jiggly
    Stage 2-2
    Jiggly tells you about bowser who lives on brinstar you head out on
    his ship but two Samus robots land on your ship 'mewtwo sent us to
    stop you!'
    HANDICAPS- Samus' 1 lv higher than you. CPU Lv is one lower than
               your HDCP
    EXTRA NOTES-Lose and its game over man!
    >>>NAME: The Road to the SMASH Championship!
    The story: Simply put, you are a young fighter, but you are eager to become
    the new Super SMASH Bros. Melee Champion of the world! Here are ALL the
    Dr. Mario - a renowned veterinarian, he has many ferocious pets
    Mario - the reigning Super SMASH Brothers Melee Champion
    Luigi - wants to be champion, but something isn't quite right...
    Bowser - not the smartest of all people, he is a used person for tough jobs
    Peach - she can't fight, so she's a backstage interviewer
    Yoshi - wants to be champion
    Donkey Kong - will do whatever it takes to become the champion
    C.Falcon - one of your rivals, he is also competing for the gold
    Ganondorf - one of your rivals, he is also competing for the gold
    Falco - he can't fight, so he's a backstage interviewer
    Fox - a real charm with the ladies, he does whatever feels right
    Ness - the announcer/commentator for every match
    Ice Climbers - usually fights in street fights, since they're always together
    Kirby - one of Dr. Mario's pets
    Samus - one of your rivals, she is also competing for the gold
    Zelda - a great technical fighter, she doesn't use her special attacks often
    Link - a VERY dangerous opponent, nobody ever dares to cross paths with Link
    Young Link - appeals to the fans a lot; claims to be "Too Cool" for the
    Pichu - one of Dr. Mario's pets
    Pikachu - wants to be champion
    Jigglypuff - doesn't fight much, but it knows almost every language in the
    Mewtwo - very short-tempered, he will fight anybody for money
    Mr. Game & Watch (Mr. G&W) - the chairman of the SSBM corporation
    Marth - teamed with Roy, they are an unbeatable tag team
    Roy - teamed with Marth, they are an unbeatable tag team
    [you] - insert your character's name here! You can be anybody you want!
                           New Contender    Already Champ
                                   \           /
                                    \_       _/
    Chapter 1                    /--|_|     |_|--\
                                /     \     /     \
                               W       L   W       L
                             _/      _/     \_      \_
    Chapter 2               |_|     |_|     |_|     |_|     <Chapter 2(D)>
                              \       \       \     /              \
                               \       \   /---\---/                \
                                \_      \_/     \_                   \
    Chapter 3                   |_|     |_|     |_|           <Chapter 3(B)>
                                / \       \       \
                               W   L       \       W
                             _/     \_      \_      \_
    Chapter 4            /--|_|     |_|--\  |_|--\  |_|--\
                        /     \     /     \   \   \       \
                       W       L   W       L   L   W       W
                     _/      _/     \_      \_/     \_      \_
    Chapter 5       |_|     |_|     |_|     |_|     |_|     |_|
                     \       \       \       /       /       /
                      \       \       \     /       /       /
                     _/      _/      _/     \_      \_      \_
    Chapter 6       |_|     |_|     |_|     |_|     |_|     |_|
    The lines are the different paths where the following rules apply:
    W: indicates that a success must be made to follow that path. A success means
    that you successfully fill the goals that counts as a success. If you don't
    do this, then it'll be considered a loss
    L: indicates that the goal must not be met to follow the path
     : An unbroken line mean that that is the only path available; usually you
    must win.
    If you are a new contender, follow Chapter 1(A); if you are the champion,
    follow chapter 1(B).
    CHAPTER 1(A): Qualifying Match To Be No.1 Contender
    Mario will come out and cut a promo.
    Mario: Someone will compete tonight to become the number one contender
           for the SMASH Championship. Who will it be?
    Since we have four Superstars competing for the No.1 contender spot, we will
    have a 4 way match. One of these 4 Superstars will be you!!
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], C.Falcon, Ganondorf, Samus, all lv.2
    -LIMIT: Stock 1
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom I
    -EXTRA NOTES: Remember who was the first and second person to die.
     If you die, remember who killed you.
    Win: Chapter 2(A)
    Lose: Chapter 2(B)
    CHAPTER 1(B): Title Shot Part 1
    Falco is interviewing [you].
    Falco: [you], you are the new SMASH champion!! How does it feel?
    [you]: I don't care who the No.1 contender is, because I am the best SMASH
           champion of all time!! Who wants to step up and challenge me?!?
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Yoshi lv.2
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Your home stage, top of the two (i.e. Corneria, not Venom; Fountain
     of Dreams, not Green Greens)
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill Yoshi, you lose
    Win: Chapter 2(C)
    Lose: Chapter 2(D)
    CHAPTER 2(A): No.1 Contender
    [you] comes out, then Mario comes out, and cuts a promo.
    Mario: So you are the No.1 contender and you want a shot at this title? I
           got two words for you. Anytime! Anywhere!
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Mario lv.4, <read below, attacker1> lv.2
    -LIMIT: Time 2:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: [you] vs. Mario & <attacker1>
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Either C.Falcon, Ganondorf, or Samus will interfere against
    you. They
     can't really interrupt a match, so pretend they do
     (The person who was killed first in the previous battle will interfere
     His/Her partner in later chapters will be <attacker2>, the second person
     You do NOT have to kill <attacker1>, but you need to kill Mario
     If you use an item to kill Mario, you lose
    Win: Read Below
    Lose: Chapter 3(A)
    Ness will appear in the arena and make an announcement.
    Ness: This match is ruled a no contest due to the interference on
          <attacker1>. Therefore the Super SMASH Bros. Melee Champion
          is still Mario!
    Go to Chapter 3(A).
    CHAPTER 2(B): Tournament Part 1
    Link will come out, and cut a promo.
    Link: Who in the hell do you think you are? You had a title shot without
          asking me? I should take away your belt!! In fact, you know what?
          Leave that belt with me and get the hell out of here!!
    Link took away the belt. The SMASH title has been vacated. And...
    Link: Since there is no SMASH Champion right now, there will be a
          tournament to decide who the next champion will be. Who will
          compete for the vacated title?
    Then, the tournament ordered by Link begins. [you]'s first opponent in the
    tournament is...
    Mario comes out.
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Mario lv.3
    -LIMIT: Time 2:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: All set to nine
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Rainbow Cruise
    -EXTRA NOTES: The damage you get will carry over to the next chapter.
     For every time you die, subtract one from your handicap.
     Once you reach handicap lv.1, you cannot go back up
     If you use an item to kill Mario, you lose
    Win: Chapter 3(B)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 2(C): Title Shot Part 2
    Pikachu is in a locker room with [you].
    Pikachu: 1kai bouei shitakaratte iikini narunayo! tsugiwa orega aiteda!
    Japanjin wo namerunayo!
    Japanese for ("Don't be cocky!! You've only defended your title once! I will
    prove my SAMURAI spirit! I will be the next champion!")
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Pikachu lv.3
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Pokemon Stadium
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill Pikachu, you lose
    Win: Chapter 3(C)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 2(D): Tournament Part 1
    Link will come out and cut a promo.
    Link: [you]! Who in the hell do you think you are? You had a title shot
          without asking me? I should take away your belt!! In fact, you know
          what? Leave it in front of me and get the hell out of here!!
    Link is too powerful to oppose. [you] had no choice and returned the title
    against his own will. The SMASH Title has been vacated. And...
    Link: Since there is no SMASH champion right now, there will be a tournament
          to decide the champion. Who will compete for the vacated title? [you]!
          I'll give you a chance to regain your title. But you will have to
          enter and win this tournament!!
    Then, the tournament ordered by Link begins. [you]'s first opponent in the
    tournament is...
    Yoshi will come out.
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Yoshi lv.3
    -LIMIT: Time 2:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: All set to nine
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Yoshi's Story
    -EXTRA NOTES: The damage you get will carry over to the next chapter.
     For every time you die, subtract one from your handicap.
     Once you reach handicap lv.1, you cannot go back up
     If you use a weapon to kill Yoshi, you lose
    Win: Chapter 3(B)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 3(A): Counter Attack Part 1
    <attacker1> and <attacker2>, who interfered in the last match, are conspiring
    in some sort of way with the champion, Mario. [you] found out and is ready
    for some payback.
    [you] finds <attacker1> on the street calling for a taxi.
    <attacker1>: What are you doing here? What the hell do you want? I see,
    you're looking for revenge. So you've betrayed me, right? Well, say
    [you] attacks <attacker1>.
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], <attacker1> lv.4
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: High, SMASH weapons (i.e. Beam-Swords, Fans, etc.)
    -STAGE: Onett
    -EXTRA NOTES: Use a weapon to kill the opponent twice.
    Win: Chapter 4(A)
    Lose: Chapter 4(B)
    CHAPTER 3(B): Tournament Part 2
    Opponents will vary in this chapter.
    If you came from Chapter 2(B):
    Remember who killed you back in the first match? That person will be
    If you came from Chapter 2(D), you will fight Pikachu.
    [you] is in a locker room with <insert person>.
    <insert person>: 1kai bouei shitakaratte iikini narunayo! tsugiwa orega
    aiteda! Japanjin wo namerunayo!
    Japanese for ("Don't be cocky!! You've only defended your title once! I will
    prove my SAMURAI spirit! I will be the next champion!")
    [you] paid no attention to what <insert person> said. <insert person>
    probably got mad that he/she has to fight you again. [you] walks out of the
    dressing room, then...
    [you] bumps into Mewtwo in the hall, and walks off without saying anything.
    As [you] walks away, Mewtwo turns and gives a menacing glare at [you].
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], <insert person> lv.5
    -LIMIT: Time 2:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: [you] depends on # of TKOs in previous battle; <insert person>
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Home stage, choose top stage of the two; for Pikachu, Pokemon Stadium
    -EXTRA NOTES: The damage you get will carry over to the next chapter.
     For every time you die, subtract one from your handicap.
     Once you reach handicap lv.1, you cannot go back up
     If you use an item to kill <insert person>, you lose
    Win: Chapter 4(C)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 3(C): Title Shot Part 3
    One day, [you] bumps into Mewtwo in the hall, and walks off without saying
    anything. As [you] walks away, Mewtwo turns and gives a menacing glare at
    Young Link comes out to the arena and cuts a promo.
    Young Link: You've had your title for long enough! I will be the next
    challenger and become the new champion! If you can beat me, then you can be
    Cool with me as well!!
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Young Link lv.5
    -LIMIT: Stock 1
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Normal, items that hurt only (no hearts, bunny hoods, etc.)
    -STAGE: Great Bay
    -EXTRA NOTES: Weapons are allowed; to be "Cool," kill Young Link in the water
     between the two side slabs (i.e. the water under the main platform)
    Win: Chapter 4(D)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 4(A): Counter Attack Part 2
    [you] could get revenge, but that wouldn't be enough. He wants to search out
    another victim to inflict pain upon. That victim will be Mario's tag team
    partner. He seems to be in a downtown sports lounge.
    [you] attacks <attacker2>
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], <attacker2> lv.5
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: High, SMASH weapons (i.e. Beam-Swords, Fans, etc.)
    -STAGE: Fourside
    -EXTRA NOTES: Use a weapon to kill the opponent twice.
    Win: Chapter 5(A)
    Lose: Chapter 5(B)
    CHAPTER 4(B): New Tag Team
    [you] failed to get revenge and is resting in the dression room. Luigi walks
    Luigi: How about teaming up with me to get the Tag Team titles? Trust me, we
           can do it! I won't let you down!
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Luigi lv.6, Marth & Roy lv.5
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: [you] & Luigi vs. Marth & Roy
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill an opponent, you lose
    Win: Chapter 5(C)
    Lose: Chapter 5(D)
    CHAPTER 4(C): Quarter Final
    [you] is in a locker room with Fox.
    Fox: Hey, I am the quickest Superstar in the World Wrestling Federation! We
         will put on a good match for our fans in this arena.
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Fox lv.6
    -LIMIT: Time 2:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: [you] depends on # of TKOs in previous battle; Fox hc.7
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Corneria
    -EXTRA NOTES: The damage you get will carry over to the next chapter.
     For every time you die, subtract one from your handicap.
     Once you reach handicap lv.1, you cannot go back up
     If you use an item to kill Fox, you lose
    Win: Chapter 5(E)
    Lose: Chapter 5(D)
    CHAPTER 4(D): They're Hardcore
    [you] comes out, then the Ice Climbers comes out.
    Popo: We're not interested in the SMASH title. But we are interested in
    facing you because of your record!
    Nana: We challenge you to a Hardcore match! Do you accept our challenge?
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Ice Climbers lv.6
    -LIMIT: Stock 1
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very High, all items on
    -STAGE: Icicle Mountain
    -EXTRA NOTES: Kill Nana first to win
    Win: Chapter 5(F)
    Lose: Chapter 5(D)
    CHAPTER 5(A): Advantage
    Mario comes out and cuts a promo.
    Mario: [you]! It seems that your next target is me. Just bring it!!
    [you] comes out.
    Mario: You are really stupid! You came all the way out here just to be
           beaten? Well, here is a little surprise for you! Hey guys, come on
           down here and greet our friend!
    <attacker1> comes out, then <attacker2> comes out.
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], <attacker1> & <attacker2> lv.7
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Battlefield
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill an opponent, you lose
    Win: Chapter 6(A)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 5(B): Last Chance
    [you] will come out, then Mario will come out.
    Mario: Hahaha, it seems your plan backfired on you again!! You will face
           a Heavyweight Superstar tonight. You must win in less than a minute!
           Then you will get your title shot!
    Bowser will come out.
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Bowser lv.7
    -LIMIT: Time 1:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Battlefield
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill Bowser, you lose
    Win: Chapter 6(B)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 5(C): Fake Friendship
    Since [you] and Luigi have teamed up, they keep scoring impressive victories.
    A few weeks after teaming up, they face their rivals Mario and <attacker1>.
    [you] is ready to fight with them and is looking for revenge. But...
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Luigi lv.6, Mario & <attacker1> lv.7
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: [you] & Luigi vs. Mario & <attacker1>
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill an opponent, you lose
    Win: Read Below
    Lose: Mission Failure
    [you] is in the ring with Luigi.
    Luigi: You've paid me back enough! And here is the change...
    Luigi attacks [you]. Mario appears in the ring.
    Mario: Hahaha! We have been planning this all along, stupid! What an
           idiot! You completely believed him! How do you feel knowing that
           the man you believed screwed you?
    Go To Chapter 6(C).
    CHAPTER 5(D): Pretext
    [you] lost the last match. Everything has been going wrong for [you].
    Mewtwo walks up to you in the hallway.
    Mewwo: Last time I saw you, you didn't have much to say! You will be the next
    one to be beaten by the Human Wrecking Machine!! Just give me a minute
    to kick your ass. The mood is about to change!! I'm gonna rip you
    Mewtwo attacks you in the hallway.
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Mewtwo lv.8
    -LIMIT: Time 1:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very High, all items on
    -STAGE: Flat Zone
    -EXTRA NOTES: Make Mewtwo die by going over the top of the screen (i.e. use a
     Smash Up+A attack)
    Win: Chapter 6(D)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 5(E): Semifinal
    [you] is in a locker room with Donkey Kong and Jigglypuff.
    Jigglypuff: DK says, "If I defeat you in our next match, there are no more
    excuses! I will beat your butt!! Any time you are ready, step
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Donkey Kong lv.7
    -LIMIT: Time 2:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: [you] depends on # of TKOs in previous battle; Donkey Kong hc.6
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Kongo Jungle
    -EXTRA NOTES: The damage you get will carry over to the next chapter.
     For every time you die, subtract one from your handicap.
     Once you reach handicap lv.1, you cannot go back up
     If you use an item to kill Donkey Kong, you lose
    Win: Chapter 6(E)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 5(F): Smash Master
    [you] is in a locker room with Zelda.
    Zelda: I must admit that I didn't know you could wrestle in a Hardcore match.
    You're tougher than I expected! Now you will face me in a Single-
    Button match! Do you still think you can beat me?
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Single-Button Mode
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Zelda lv.7
    -LIMIT: Time 3:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: None
    -STAGE: Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: Get at least three kills
    Win: Chapter 6(F)
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 6(A): Last Battle
    [you] comes out, then Mario comes out.
    Mario: OK, so you've defeated two opponents...You've got your title
           shot!! But this match will be by my rules. We will have a Lightning
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Lightning Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Mario lv.9
    -LIMIT: Stock 3
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill Mario, you lose
    Win: The End
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 6(B): Last 4 Way
    [Mario] will come out, then Mario will come out.
    Mario: You've beaten a Heavyweight Superstar, but we will see if you can
           keep up with me!
    <attacker1> will come out.
    <attacker1>: Hey!! I was promised a title shot!! Why is someone else the No.1
                 contender? I am the real No.1 contender! I should have the next
                 title shot!
    <attacker2> will come out.
    <attacker2>: Hold on, hold on just a second!! You also promised to give me a
                 shot!! I am the real No.1 contender!!
    As a result of the chaos over the No.1 contendership, a 4 Way has been
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], <attacker1> & <attacker2> lv.8, Mario lv.9
    -LIMIT: Stock 3
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Rainbow Cruise
    -EXTRA NOTES: Win before two full loops (i.e. see the ship fall three times
    Win: The End
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 6(C): Handicap Title Match
    [you] will come out, and cut a promo.
    [you]: Hey Mario and Luigi! You screwed me! I'm gonna kick both of your
           asses!! Come on!!
    MArio will come out, and respond to [you]'s claims.
    Mario: Haha, it was your own fault that you got screwed. Your carelessness
           is your greatest enemy. OK, if you insist that you want to face two
           opponents, I will put the title on the line! If you can defeat both
           of us, I will give you the title! Hey, Luigi! Come here!
    Luigi will come out.
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Luigi lv.8, Mario lv.9
    -LIMIT: Time 5:00
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: [you] vs. Mario & Luigi
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Peach's Castle
    -EXTRA NOTES: Have the big Bullet Bill kill an opponent once
     If you use an item to kill an opponent, you lose
    Win: The End
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 6(D): Final Battle
    If you came from Chapter 4(C), replace Mario with Fox
    Mr. Game & Watch will come out, and cut a promo.
    Mr. G&W: Last week in Flat Zone, there was an excellent match. It started out
    as a match, but quickly turned into a street brawl. [you] showed
    his/her true skill as he defeated Mewtwo!! [you]!! I know you're
    backstage! Out of respect, I would like to present you with a
    special gift. Mario! Come on down here with your belt!
    Mario will come out.
    Mr. G&W: Mario, tonight in this very ring, you'll defend the Super SMASH
    Bros. Melee title against [you]! [you], you've earned your shot at
    the title. There is nothing to worry about as long as you win.
    -PLAYERS: 2
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Mario (or Fox) lv.9
    -LIMIT: Stock 2
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: None
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Mushroom Kingdom II
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill Mario, you lose
    Win: The End
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 6(E): Final
    [you] is in a locker room with Dr. Mario.
    Dr. Mario: So both of us made it to the final! You are lucky to be here! This	
    	     is my tournament! I own it! You are finished! This is the end of	
    	     the line for you! Hahaha!!
    -PLAYERS: 4
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Dr. Mario lv.8, Kirby & Pichu lv.6
    -LIMIT: Stock 3
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: [you] depends on # of TKOs in previous battle; Dr. Mario hc.5,
     Kirby & Pichu's handicap is one less than yours, but it can't be less than
    -TEAMS: [you] vs. Dr. Mario, Kirby & Pichu
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Yoshi's Island
    -EXTRA NOTES: Once you reach handicap lv.1, you cannot go back up
     Kirby and Pichu will interfere against you. They can't really interrupt a
      match, so pretend they do
     If you use an item to kill Dr. Mario, you lose
     You do NOT have to kill the pets, but you need to kill Dr. Mario
    Win: The End
    Lose: Mission Failure
    CHAPTER 6(F): Out Of The Mouth Comes Evil
    Peach is interviewing [you].
    Peach: [you]! You have already defended your title 5 times. How long do you
           think you can keep it? Is there anybody that can take the title away
           from you?
    [you]: Are you crazy? Of course there isn't!! I'm sure that nobody can give
            me a good match in the world of Smash Melee!! There is just one way
           to make this a fair match! This is a Handicap match!
    Peach: How about a handicap match for the championship?
    [you]: Sure, I'll take that stipulation! I don't care who the challengers
    This outraged the other Superstars. Marth and Roy became especially
    angered!! So they offered a handicap match against [you]!
    -PLAYERS: 3
    -MODE: Regular Melee
    -CHARACTERS: [you], Marth & Roy lv.8
    -LIMIT: Stock 3
    -DAMAGE: 0.5 Damage
    -HANDICAP: None, or set all equal
    -TEAMS: [you] vs. Marth & Roy
    -ITEMS: Very low, doesn't matter which ones are on
    -STAGE: Temple
    -EXTRA NOTES: If you use an item to kill an opponent, you lose
    Win: The End
    Lose: Mission Failure
    >>> NAME: Revenge
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Juunanagou
    Characters: Roy, Pichu  vs you
    Arena: Final Destination
    Items: Regular
    Stock: 2
    Roy, "Tell me is he on the job."
    Pichu, "Ummm..."
    Roy, "ANSWER ME!!!"
    Pichu, "No"
    Roy, "I'll do it myself then."
    Instructions: Destroy Roy and Pichu
    Revenge pt2
    Characters: Marth vs you and Mewtwo
    Arena: Poke Floats
    Items: Beam Swords on low
    Stock: 1
    *Roy flees*
    Marth, "Mewtwo, why don't you listen?"
    Mewtwo, "Because you bribed me but now I will join ___(you) because he/she is
    much better than your crew."
    Marth, "How dare you talk to me like that.
    Instructions: Survive until you see the Squirtle float the next time.
    Revenge pt3
    Characters: Roy vs Mewtwo, Pichu, you
    Arena: Temple
    Special: Stamina
    Stock: 1
    Mewtwo, "He fell to his death.*starts laughing*"
    Instructions: Don't let Mewtwo and Pichu run out of health and destroy Roy.
    somewhere else
    Revenge pt4
    Characters: Ganondorf vs Link(you)
    Arena: Termina
    Stock: 3
    Ganondorf, "What is that strange rumbling?"
    *Link runs up to Ganondorf*
    Instructions: Cause 250 damage to Ganondorf.
    back to other place
    Revenge pt5
    Characters you vs you and Roy
    Arena: Battlefield
    Roy, "I have cloned you."
    you, "How did you do that."
    Roy, "I collected dna from you and used it to clone you."
    you, "But why??"
    Roy, "My mission is to destroy everyone so I would have the fame and stuff
    like that."
    Instructions: Wait 10 seconds then destroy everyone.
    Revenge pt6
    Characters: Link you vs Roy
    Arena: Battlefield
    *Link teleports here*
    Roy, "*sees everyone*I don't care even if I have to take you all on."
    Instructions: Defeat Roy.
    Revenge pt7
    same as above except with Mewtwo and Pichu on your team instead of Link
    Roy, "That wasn't even painful."
    Revenge pt8
    you vs Roy
    Arena: Temple
    Stock:5 with only 6 minutes
    Roy, "I have set up a bomb to blow everything to bits. IF I GO DOWN I'M
    Instructions: Finish off Roy
    Revenge pt9
    you vs 3 level 9 anybody
    Arena: Temple
    Time: 3 minutes
    Roy, "One of these superclones have the bomb."*faints*
    Instructions: You must get 100 damage on each character.
    Everyone celebrates the defeat of Roy
    Everyone except you, "Hip Hip HORRAY!!!"
    >>> NAME: The Royal Family
    Stage: Great Bay
    Characters: (blue team) Zelda, Roy, Peach (red team) marth.
    Time: Doesnt Matter, 2 minutes works the best
    Items: Doesnt Matter, Parasol on high would work nicely....
    Ok, Zelda is a young princess(NO transforming into Sheik until later)who cant
    fight worth beans. Her father (Roy) and mother (Peach) fight the evil Marth,
    who wants to marry zelda. Zelda talks to the turtle and seeks refuge on
    tingle's balloon often. Roy is killed and with his last breath he tells Zelda
    and Peach to go to Hyrule Castle, which they do. As the run, Zelda's father
    is stabbed through the skull by Marth in a horrible plass of blood(dont ask
    me what plass is, just some word I thought of)
    Zelda - The DID (Damsel In Distress, works best if you control her)
    Peach - The loving mother
    Roy - The Loyal Father
    Same as before, only at Hyrule Temple.
    Since Zelda's former father is dead, Link agrees to marry peach and be her
    father. Zelda doesnt know this, however, and is told to wait in the small
    building to the far east and stay there. Zelda wants to, but Sheik doesnt.
    You can transform as sheik 3 times, but on the winner screen you must be
    zelda. As Marth is defeated, He rises in anger and curses the family
    Characters: Yoshi(Zelda), 2 Bowsers, Marth as DK
    Stage: Brinstar Depths or Fourside(works best)
    Marth has cursed the family trying to beat them. Zelda is now permanetly
    sheik and goes nuts, trying to kill marth. As marth is defeated, the curse
    lifts, and the 3 head for the fountain of dreams, but link is killed by
    either Kraid or the aliens in the UFO (depends on which stage).
    Characters: Zelda, Peach, Roy, Marth
    Stage: Fountain of dreams
    Since Roy is now a dream, he materializes here. The battle ensues, but zelda
    cannot fight, just use items and her B move. At the end, Try to nail Marth to
    show your hatred. As Marth falls off the edge, some mysterious craft catches
    Characters: (blue)Zelda,Peach,(red) Marth, Fox
    Stage: Fox's ship, venom one works best
    It turns out Marth was working with Fox the whole time. Battle the two. Once
    your done, remove Peach.
    THE ROYAL FAMILY 6 - Falco
    Characters: Same as above, only Falco instead of Peach
    Falco has a deep hatred for Fox. Put him on a high level if you wanna be a
    DID again(if your zelda).They duke it out. When Zelda grows older, she gets
    married. But marth doesnt like this......
    THE ROYAL FAMILY 7 - Marriage
    Characters: (blue) Zelda, Link(red) Fox, Marth
    Stage: Peach's Castle
    Peach is deceased, Roy is only a dream, so Zelda is getting married to link
    (a different one from before). Marth is extremely mad and battles. You MUST
    battle as Zelda.
    THE ROYAL FAMILY 8 - Childhood
    same As Above, only at great bay, only Y. Link instead of Link
    Marth cursed link into a child, and Zelda is extremely mad. Turn into Sheik
    and go nutz.
    THE ROYAL FAMILY 9 - Offspring
    Characters: (Blue) Zelda, Link, Ness(red) Marth
    Stage: Onett
    Zelda had a kid, Ness, with Link. They moved to Onett. Still, Marth is
    furious and goes on a rampage. Protect Ness!!!
    THE ROYAL FAMILY 10 - The End?
    Characters: Same As Above
    Stage: Brinstar (the acid one thing....)
    Make sure you win. Try to throw Marth in the acid as much as possible. As his
    lifeless body floats down through the acid, you slowly appear at the Fountain
    of Dreams....
    THE ROYAL FAMILY 11 - Death
    Characters: Only you(zelda) and Marth, Marth on level one
    Stage: Fountain Of Dreams.
    Items: Hammer (on low)
    Roy is not here out of respect. Marth is dying. He tells you a long story.
    Try to avoid him for a while. Once its almost over, pretend to "kiss" him (by
    walking against him, he should let you do that on lvl 1). He will tell you to
    put him out of his misery. Grab a hammer and hit him with it until he dies. 1
    stock works best. Now Marth is gone, and you can live HEA (Happily Ever
    >>> NAME: Samus' Escape
    Level: Fourside
    Characters: Samus, C.Falcon, Falco and Fox
    Setting: Tiny Melee
    Items: Raygun, Super Scope, Beamsword, all on very high
    Samus has smuggeled a metroid on the earth and The Planetary Police are after
    him. Guide samus from the crane area to the helicopter pad brown building on
    the far-right. Falco, Fox and Falcon try to stop samus before he gets off the
    planet and sets the metroid free! If Samus suceeds they move on to part 2. If
    she fails it's over
    Samus' Escape Part 2
    Level: Rainbow Cruise
    Characters: Samus, C.Falcon, Falco and Fox
    Setting: Tiny Melee
    Items: Raygun, Super Scope, Beamsword, all on very high
    Samus has made it to her ship and is now trying to get to warp to Brinstar.
    Stop samus before she gets to the blue swinging thingy at the top of the
    level and warps to brinstar. If succesfull The last ranking Policeman dies
    and you go to brinstar depths.
    Samus' Escape Part 3
    Time: 1:20
    Level: Brinstar Depths (I think it's name is that)
    Characters: Samus, Mewtwo(Brinstar)-lvl 9 comp), And two Planetary policemen
    (Falcon, Fox, Falco
    Setting: Giant Melee
    Items: Raygun, Super Scope, Beamsword, all on very high
    Damage: 0.5
    Teams: Red: Samus and Mewtwo Blue: Planetary police
    Samus realeases the metroid and wrecks havoc on the Planetary Police. Metroid
    (Mewtwo) helps Samus fight the policemen. Kill Metroid within the time limit
    and win. If not Metroid heads for earth and creates an offspring, begining
    our next saga.
    >>> NAME: "Shaken, Not Stirred"
    MISSION ONE: Infiltration
    Mission Briefing-
    You are Link, an agent for the Hyrulian Intelligence Agency (HIA). You and
    your partner, Ganondorf, have been assigned to infiltrate the Rushin Base
    located under Yoshi's Island and to retrieve the Geothermal Device in the
    base's central Research and Development office. Be sure to eliminate all who
    might pose a security risk. Also take care to avoid the Starman-class
    guardbots patrolling the inner portions of the base. Good luck.
    Mission One, Part One: Exterior
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Ganondorf (LV9) vs. Yoshi (LV5) & Yoshi (LV5)
    Arena: Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World)
    Rules: If you or Ganondorf dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: Yoshi's Island is inhabited by miniature dinosaurs known as
    Yoshis. Yoshis are known to be very protective of their territory, so it is
    likely that they will attack immediately upon sight of intruders.
    Mission One, Part Two: Breach
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Ganondorf (LV9) vs. Capt. Falcon (LV6) & Capt. Falcon
    Arena: Brinstar
    Rules: If you or Ganondorf dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: Underneath Yoshi's Island, you will find the Rushin base. After
    infiltrating the compound through the diagonal pipe, you will need to find
    and enter the R&D office. Your breach will probably trigger the security
    system, which seals the innermost chambers and floods the main hallway with
    acid. Beware of the security task force which will pursue you.
    Mission One, Part Three: Extraction
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Ganondorf (LV9) vs. Samus (LV7) & Samus (LV7)
    Arena: Brinstar Depths
    Rules: If you or Ganondorf dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: After deactivating the security system, head into the lower
    offices. Once inside Research and Development, enter the Geothermal Room,
    which consists of a large lava pit orbited by a sphere of rock. Take care not
    to activate the security system, which will summon a pair of Starmen-class
    guardbots onto the scene, as well as the Killer Robot of Annihilation,
    Incineration, and Destruction (the KRAID).
    MISSION TWO: Emissary
    Mission Briefing-
    Welcome back from your vacation, Link. We send our condolences for the loss
    of your partner in your escape from the Rushin guardbots. However, we are in
    need of a skilled agent to protect the delegates to the Embassy. Intel has
    received reports of strange activity in the Back Door of the Embassy. We need
    you to investigate. Good luck.
    Mission Two, Part One: Ascent
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) vs. Ice Climbers (LV2) & Ice Climbers (LV3) & Ice
    Climbers (LV3)
    Arena: Icicle Mountain
    Rules: If you die, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: There are two ways into the Embassy: the main entrance and the
    Back Door. The Back Door is a treacherous path up the mountain on which the
    Embassy was built. It is used mostly by supply vehicles that have flight
    capability and can bypass the icy slopes. However, today there has been some
    unusual activity in the region. Be warned that there have been attempts to
    access the Embassy illegally via the Back Door before, and this could quite
    probably be the case here.
    Mission Two, Part Two: Assassin
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Peach (LV1) & Bowser (LV1) vs. Kirby (LV7)
    Arena: Hyrule Temple
    Rules: If you, Peach, or Bowser dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: It turns out that the Ice Climbers you arrested were merely a
    distraction, allowing a known assassin to enter the Embassy and take it
    hostage. Apparently, he is a renegade Dreamlander opposed to the peace treaty
    about to be signed between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Klan, both of
    whose rulers are here, in person, to sign the treaty. The safety of the
    delegates is paramount!
    MISSION THREE: Invasion
    Mission Briefing-
    The attack on the Embassy by the Dreamlander seems not to be the work of a
    mere renegade, but of an organized crime ring. We'll continue investigation
    on that subject. In the mean time, we've received unsettling reports from the
    small Eagleland town of Onett describing the appearance of unidentified
    flying objects (UFO's) that are disrupting communications in the sector. We
    need you to check it out. We're assigning you a new partner. He's a resident
    of Onett who'll show you around. His name is Ness. Good luck.
    Mission Three, Part One: Duplication
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Ness (LV5) vs. Link (LV5) & Ness (LV3)
    Arena: Onett
    Rules: If you die, then the mission is a failure. If Ness dies, he may not be
    used in any future missions.
    Background: It seems the supposed UFO's are creating clones of Onett
    inhabitants, who are subsequently replacing said citizens of Onett. We need
    you and Ness to put a stop to these clonings, immediately!
    Mission Three, Part Two: Rampage
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Ness (LV5) & Zelda (LV1) vs. Donkey Kong (LV9)
    Arena: Fourside
    Rules: If you die, then the mission is a failure. If Ness dies, he may not be
    used in any future missions.
    Background: In the capital of Eagleland, Fourside, a multitude of UFO's have
    been sighted. A gorilla fossil from the Fourside Museum has been revitalized
    by these UFO's, and the rampaging giant gorilla has taken a woman to the top
    of the Monotoli building. Rescue the woman and put her on the helicopter we
    are sending to Monotoli's helipad.
    Mission Three, Part Three: Starmen
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Ness (LV5) vs. Samus (LV4) & Samus (LV5)
    Arena: Fourside
    Rules: If you die, then the mission is a failure. If Ness dies, he may not be
    used in any future missions.
    Background: After you fly the woman off to safety, the apparent masterminds
    behind the invasion land their spacecraft and come out. They appear to be
    alien lifeforms inside metallic armor suits. Without hesitation, they attack
    Mission Three, Part Four: Imposters
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Ness (LV5) vs. Fox (LV4) & Falco (LV5)
    Arena: Corneria
    Rules: If you die, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: The alien lifeforms' suits begin to malfunction and disintegrate
    after you give the extraterrestrials a good beating. When they finally fall
    off, you see that they are not starmen at all, but they are really Fox
    McCloud and Falco Lombardi, two infamous galactic mercenaries. They flee to
    their ship, the Great Fox, and you tail them. As they lift off, they call for
    backup from their wingmen and begin to attack you.
    MISSION FOUR: Headquarters
    Mission Briefing-
    The two mercenaries you managed to capture refuse to talk, but the assassin
    Dreamlander appears to be willing to give us what we want in exchange for a
    cushy plea bargain. Also, Zelda, the woman we flew in from Fourside, is in
    actuality one of our agents in training. She's completed her classroom study,
    and now she needs a field assignment. We're giving her to you. Good luck.
    Mission Four, Part One: Siege
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Zelda (LV3) vs. Mario (LV5) & Luigi (LV5)
    Arena: Peach's Castle
    Rules: If you or Zelda dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: Since we've captured the Dreamlander and the Starfox team, we've
    received threats from an unknown source. We need you and Zelda to protect the
    HQ from any intruders that may attack.
    MISSION FIVE: Assault
    Mission Briefing-
    The Dreamlander has given us the information we needed- he says that the base
    housing the leader of the Doom's League crime syndicate is at the bottom of
    the ocean of Aqualiss, a planet in the Popstar system. You and Zelda will go
    there and put a stop to the crime ring. Good luck.
    Mission Five, Part One: Orbit
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Zelda (LV5) vs. Capt. Falcon (LV8)
    Arena: Big Blue
    Rules: If you or Zelda dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: We are sending you to Aqualiss in the guise of F-Zero racers, who
    are going to compete at the Aqualiss circuit. When you reach the scheduled
    drop point, you will leap off and parachute to the selected island. Beware of
    the racers, however, as some may be members of Doom's League out to stop you.
    Mission Five, Part Two: Surface
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Zelda (LV5) vs. Dr. Mario (LV8) & Bowser (LV6)
    Arena: Great Bay
    Rules: If you or Zelda dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: At the drop point, locate the HIA agent posing as a scientist and
    use his submarine to reach the Doom's League Base.
    Mission Five, Part Three: Revelation
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Fighters: Young Link (HMN) & Zelda (LV5) vs. Ganondorf (LV9)
    Arena: Fountain of Dreams
    Rules: If you or Zelda dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: After the mad scientist debacle, you locate the real HIA agent
    and are sent on your way to the Doom's League headquarters. Upon reaching the
    base, you find yourself teleported out of the submarine and into the Aqualiss
    Fountain of Dreams to meet your old partner- Ganondorf. He explains how he
    faked his own death in a scheme to take over the world from his undersea
    base, then he casts a spell upon you, transforming you into Young Link.
    Ganondorf then proceeds to attack you.
    MISSION SIX: Betrayal
    Mission Briefing-
    While we are appalled at the betrayal of one of our best former agents, we
    must not lose sight of our main mission- to protect the universe from evil.
    We have word that Ganondorf is planning to launch a terror attack at the next
    Pokelympics event in Kanto's Pokemon Stadium. We need you to go and protect
    the people. Good luck.
    Mission Six, Part One: Conspiracy
    Stock: 1
    Items: Ray Gun, Pokeball, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Cloaking Device- High
    Fighters: Link (HMN) & Zelda (LV7) vs. Ganondorf (LV9) & Mewtwo (LV5)
    Arena: Pokemon Stadium
    Rules: If you or Zelda dies, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: Ganondorf, entered in the tournament under the alias Frodnonag,
    will use his Mewtwo to brainwash the whole of the attending population. Stop
    him before it's too late!
    Mission Six, Part Two: Revenge
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Fighters: Link (HMN) vs. Ganondorf (LV9)
    Arena: Pokefloats
    Rules: If you die, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: Now that Ganondorf's plan is dead in the water, I'm sure we can
    turn a blind eye to any... unauthorized missions you wish to undertake. Just
    come back in one piece, Link.
    Mission Briefing-
    With Ganondorf's last breath, he utters his most deadly curse. You are sucked
    into the Shadow Realm to face your worst enemy- yourself. Good luck.
    Mission Seven, Part One: Duel
    Stock: 1
    Items: None
    Fighters: Link (HMN) vs. Dark Link (LV9)
    Handicaps: Link- 1
               Dark Link- 9
    Arena: Final Destination
    Rules: If you die, then the mission is a failure.
    Background: The Curse of the Shadows can only be broken by defeating your own
    shadow in a one-on-one duel. You are physically weakened, able to be knocked
    away in the slightest of blows, while your dark half has full strength. This
    is Ganon's last stand- defeat your shadow and you win the game!
    >>> NAME: SSBM Adventure
    Stage 1
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
    Stock: 2
    Enemy: Bowser Lv.1
    Items: All Mario Items
    Stage 2
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    Stock: 2
    Enemies: Dr.Mario and Peach Lv.1
    Items: Both Mushrooms, Starman
    Stage 3
    Stage: Hyrule Temple
    Stock: 1
    Enemy: Link Lv.2
    Ally: Zelda Lv.2
    Items: Heart Container and Beam Sword
    Don't let Zelda get KO'd!
    Stage 4
    Stage: Termina
    Stock: 2
    Enemy: Young Link Lv.2
    Items: Any
    Stage 5
    Stage: Green Greens
    Stock: 3
    Enemies: 3 Kirbys Lv.1
    Item: Warp Star
    Stage 6
    Stage: Corneria
    Stock: 1
    Enemy: Fox Lv.2
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scope
    Stage 7
    Stage: Venom
    Stock: 2
    Enemy: Falco Lv.3
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scope
    Stage 8
    Stage: Pokemon Stadium
    Stock: 2
    Enemies: Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff Lv.1
    Item: PokeBall
    Stage 9
    Stage: Brinstar Depths or Mute City
    Stock: 2
    Enemies: Samus and Capt.Falcon Lv.3
    Ally: Fox or Falco Lv.2
    Items: Ray Gun, Super Scope, Motion Sensor Bomb, and Bob-omb
    Stage 10
    Stage: Onett or Fourside
    Stock: 1
    Enemy: Ness Lv.2
    Item: Mr.Saturn
    Stage 11
    Stage: Yoshi's Story or Yoshi's Island
    Stock: 2
    Enemies: 2 Yoshis Lv.3
    Ally: Yoshi Lv.3
    Items: Food and both Mushrooms
    Stage 12
    Stage: Battlefield(if you don't have it, just skip this stage)
    Stock: 2
    Enemies: Any 3 that are the same Lv.1
    Items: Any
    Stage 13
    Stage: Poke Floats(if you don't have it, just skip this stage)
    Stock: 2
    Enemy: Mewtwo Lv.3
    Ally: Pikachu Lv.2
    Items: PokeBall, Metal Box, and Bunny Hood
    Stage 14
    Stage: Flat Zone(if you don't have it, just skip this stage)
    Stock: 2
    Enemies: 3 Mr.Game and Watchs Lv.1
    Items: Any
    Stage 15
    Stage: Hyrule Temple
    Stock: 2
    Enemy: DK Lv.3
    Ally: Peach Lv.3
    Items: Hammer and Starman
    Stage 16
    Stage: Battlefield, Final Destination, or Mushroom Kingdom
    Stock: 3
    Enemy: Bowser Lv.5
    Allies: Luigi and Peach Lv.3
    Items: All Mario Items
    These Computer levels are for Easy Mode.  Add a level for Normal or 2 levels
    for Hard.  On Stages 9, 11, 13, 15, and 16, your ally(ies) may be Human.
    >>> NAME: Adventure:
     _____   _____   ____               _____          _____   _____  _____
    |_____  |_____  |____/  |\  /|     |     | |    | |_____  |_____    |
     _____|  _____| |____\  | \/ |     |___\_| |____| |_____   _____|   |
    - SCENARIO CREATED BY: alberto331
    *NOTE* You cannot change characters between stages, the character you start
    with, is the character you must use the whole adventure.
    Stage 1 "Mario Bash!"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Mario Lv.4
    1 stock, no time
    Rainbow Cruise
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 2 "Mario Cast"
    All items, very high
    VS Mario, Luigi, Peach Lv.3
    Mushroom Kingdom 1
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 3 "Koopa Problem!"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Bowser Lv.5
    1 stock, no time
    Princess Peach's Castle
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 4 "Treasure hunters"
    All items, very high
    You, Ness Lv.5 Vs. Samus, C.Falcon Lv.7
    Coin, 2 min
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 5 "Psychic Duel"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Ness Lv.6
    1 stock, no time
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 6 "Bodyguard"
    All items, very high
    You Hncp.7, Zelda Lv.1 Hncp.2 Vs. Ganondorf Lv.9 Hncp.6
    1 stock, 1 min
    *If you, Zelda or Ganondorf get Ko'd, you lose.
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 7 "Hyrule Champion"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Link Lv.5
    Great Bay
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 8 "Death Race"
    All items, very high
    Vs. C.Falcon, C.Falcon, C.Falcon Lv.4
    time none
    Mute City
    Survive until you land the go! for the 2nd time (as soon as the battle
    begins, thats your first land, so its practically one lap), if you get KO'd,
    you lose
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 9 "Sword battle"
    Beamsword, very high
    Vs. Marth, Roy Lv.5
    1 stock, no time
    Temple (Fire Emblem music)
    You can only attack if you have a beamsword
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 10 "Mario cameo"
    All items, very high
    Free for all  You, Yoshi, Dr.Mario, DK Lv.7
    Bonus, 2 min
    Mushroom Kingdom 2
    Win by having 17500 points or more
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 11 "Kopykat"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Kirby Lv.6
    time, 1 min
    Green Greens
    When time runs out, kirby must not have your power copied
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 12 "Egg crusher"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Yoshi Lv. 6
    Yoshi's Story
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 13 "Kidnappin' Peach"
    All items, very high
    You, Bowser Lv.5 Vs. Mario Lv.7, Peach Lv.9
    1 stock, 1 min
    Princess Peach's Castle
    Help Bowser kidnap Peach before the Toad Guards arrive, if you, Bowser or
    Mario get KO'd, you lose, KO ONLY Peach
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 14 "Nanny"
    All items, very high
    You Hncp.9, Ness, Young Link Lv.1 Hncp.1 Vs. DK Lv.9 Hncp.9
    1 stock, 1 min
    Jungle Japes
    If either you or one of the kids get KO'd, you lose
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 15 "Metroid Trouble"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Samus Lv.7
    1 stock, no time
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 16 "Star Fox Blast"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Falco, Fox Lv.6
    Lighting melee, 1 stock, no time
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 17 "Treasure Hunters 2"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Samus, C.Falcon Lv.7
    Coin, 2 min
    Brinstar Depths
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 18 "Pokebattle 1"
    Pokeball, very high
    Vs. Pikachu, Jigglypuff Lv.5
    Pokemon Stadium
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 19 "Pokebattle 2"
    Pokeball, very high
    Vs. Pichu, Pichu, Pichu Lv.3
    Time none
    Poke Floats
    Survive until you ride Squirtle again, if you get KO'd you lose
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 20 "Pokebattle 3"
    Pokeball, very high
    Vs. Mewtwo Lv.8
    1 stock, no time
    Final Destination
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 21 "Happy Climbing"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Ice Climbers, Ice Climbers, Ice Climbers Lv.5
    1 stock, no time
    Icicle Mountain
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 22 "Psychic Trio"
    All items, very high
    Free for all  You, Ness, Zelda, Mewtwo Lv.8
    Bonus, 2 min
    Fountain of Dreams
    Win by having 23000 points or more
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 23 "Past Battle 1"
    Maxim tomato, heart, ray gun, fire flower, star rod, beamsword, home-run bat,
    fan, hammer, green shell, red shell, pokeball, bob-omb, motion-sensor bomb,
    starman, very high
    Vs. Kirby Lv.8
    1 stock, no time
    N64 Dreamland
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 24 "Past battle 2"
    Maxim tomato, heart, ray gun, fire flower, star rod, beamsword, home-run bat,
    fan, hammer, green shell, red shell, pokeball, bob-omb, motion-sensor bomb,
    starman, very high
    Vs. Yoshi Lv.8
    1 stock, no time
    N64 Yoshi's Island
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 25 "Past battle 3"
    Maxim tomato, heart, ray gun, fire flower, star rod, beam sword, home-run
    bat, fan, hammer, green shell, red shell, pokeball, bob-omb, motion-sensor
    bomb, starman, very high
    Vs. DK Lv. 8
    1 stock, no time
    N64 Kongo Jungle
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 26 "Past battle 4"
    All items, very high
    Vs. Mr.Game&Watch
    1 stock, no time
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    Stage 27 "Mirror Match"
    Items none
    You Hncp.5 Vs. Yourself Lv.9 Hncp.9
    1 stock, no time
    Battle field
    Have fun!!!
    <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> (>^_^<) <(^_^)>
    >>> NAME: SSB:M RPG:
    Character: Pick a character that will keep the storyline fresh, like Pichu,
    who is working hard to evolve to Pikachu. Or Young Link who is trying to
    become a knight(Link).
    Leveling up: Set handicap to on and put your character to handicap level one.
    Then make a goal that you level up at, like 2 ko's for level 2(by leveling up
    i mean uping your handicap to 2 or 3 and so on) The little stars at character
    select show how many Ko's you have.
    Abilities(optional): Limit yourself to the buttons your aloud to press. You
    could start off, with only the "A" button available, but as you build up
    Ko's, you learn new abilities and buttons.
    Pick level lineup: Try and pick a level that would realistically lead to the
    next, for example: Start in the congo as young link and work your way up to
    the Hyrule Temple, where you must recieve knighthood, then continue on your
    adventure as Link, where you must protect, and carry out tasks for Zelda.
    Enemies: Pick a good common enemy that you encounter throughout your
    adventure, like the pokemon posing as monsters. Also have a Big boss, like
    bowser as a dragon. And of course an arch enemy, like Ganondorf.
    Thats it. Have fun, I do!
    >>> NAME: Star Fox Adventures
    Notes: Always have items on Super Scope, Food, Max Tomato, Bom-omb, Ray Gun,
    Beam Sword, Cloaking Device, Motion Sensor Bomb, Metal Box, and Heart
    Container. Put it on any level of appearance you want (Very High, Medium,
    Low, etc.). Oh, and you must win every battle, unless stated otherwise. If
    you lose a match at any time, you can just simply start again on that
    battle. But you can only do this 3 times throughout the whole story, kind of
    like extra lives. The only way to gain a life, is to get a score of
    or higher at the end of a match. And you can only have 9 lives at one time.
    if you run out of lives, you MUST start over. Also, these lives do not
    affect the stock # during battle. That stock is always 3, unless stated
    otherwise. =20
    Stage 1- Betrayal: Part 1
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. Falco (lv. 2)
    BATTLE: Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Venom
    Fox McCloud is part of the Star Fox Team, consisting of Falco Lombardi,
    Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad. They have just received a notice about trouble
    on the planet Corneria. So they take their ship, the Great Fox, and head
    towards Coneria, from the planet Venom.
    Falco: Fox, come outside onto the ship, I want to show you something.
    Fox: What ?
    Falco: You=B9ll see
    (Falco attacks Fox. Start battle)
    Fox: Why are you doing this, Lombardi?
    Falco: I=B9m angry at you for always being better than me.
    Fox: That=B9s a stupid reason, because I=B9m still better than you
    Falco: But that=B9s not the only reason.
    Stage 2- Betrayal: Part 2
    CHARACTERS: Same as last battle.
    BATTLE: Same as last battle.
    LEVEL: Corneria
    Fox: Well I don=B9t know about you, but I=B9m going back inside.
    Falco: No. We=B9re not finished.
    (Start battle)
    (Fox holds Falco over the edge of the ship)
    Falco: Go ahead and kill me.
    Fox: You know I will. It will do a lot of good for everyone else.....
    but..... I can=B9t.
    Falco: Thank you.
    (Falco punches Fox and jumps of the edge into a forest.)
    Falco: You will regret this.
    Stage 3- Landing On Corneria
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. Mewtwo (lv. 3)
    BATTLE: Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Jungle Japes
    The Great Fox lands in the Corneria/Big Blue docking station, and Fox sets
    out to see what the problem is, ignoring the search for Falco. He is
    immediately greeted by Mewtwo, near a cozy house and a river.
    Mewtwo: You must leave here. I can=B9t let you go any further.
    Fox: I guess I=B9ll just have to kill you.
    Mewtwo: I=B9d like to see you try.
    (Start battle)=20
    (Just as Mewtwo is about to die, he pushes Fox into the river with his mind=
    Stage 4- Battle Over A Waterfall
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. 3 Mewtwo (all lv.2)
    BATTLE: Team Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Kongo Jungle
    Fox is washed down the river until he comes to a waterfall. He quickly jump=
    onto a rock that protrudes from the waterfall. As soon as he jumps onto the
    wooden platforms next to him, he goes unconscious. He wakes up again in the
    daytime, surrounded by 3 Mewtwos, colored differently than the one he
    already fought. They attack him.
    (Start battle)
    Fox: Geez, I hope there aren=B9t too many more of those.
    (Fox jumps off the waterfall and lands safely in the water below)
    Stage 5- Meeting Ganondorf
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. Mewtwo (lv.3) and Ganondorf (lv.4)
    BATTLE: Team Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Great Bay
    Fox continues to swim down the river until he comes to a lake, and the shor=
    nearby. He spots two figures standing on a giant turtle, next to some sort
    of laboratory. He swims closer to it and climbs onto the platform.
    Ganondorf: So you are the Great Fox.
    Fox: Actually that=B9s the name of my ship. My name is Fox McCloud.
    Ganondorf: I know. I=B9ve heard horrible things about you.
    Fox: Oh really. What else is new.
    Ganondorf: Nothing. I=B9m not going to let you spoil my plans.
    Fox: So you are the one who=B9s been creating these monsters!
    (Start battle) (Make sure you try to kill Mewtwo first)
    Ganondorf: I had a feeling you would come here and try to stop me.
    (Peppy calls Fox on his transmitter)
    Peppy: Fox! Slippy has been kidnapped by some sort of bounty hunter, by the
    name of Captain Falcon. He is still here, so I might be captured too. Oh no=
    Here he is! Help!!!!!
    C. Falcon: Hello Fox, I=B9m Captain Falcon. I=B9ve captured your friends and
    your ship. Meet me in Mute City!!
    Fox: You can=B9t do this!!!
    (C. Falcon turns off his transmitter. Fox puts his own away, and realizes
    that Ganondorf is gone)
    Stage 6- Saving Your Crew
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. C. Falcon (lv.4)
    BATTLE: Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Mute City
    It has taken two days, but Fox has finally reached Mute City and finds that
    there is an F-Zero race going on. He walks onto a platform, which flies ont=
    the racetrack.
    Fox: These cars will surely kill me if I stay on here too long.
    (A group of cars fly towards him, while the flying platform hovers over
    them. A strange looking racer jumps out of his car and onto the track. It=B9s
    Captain Falcon.)
    C. Falcon: Hello Fox.
    (Start battle)
    Fox: Where are Peppy and Slippy!?!
    C. Falcon: They are in your stupid ship, docked in Big Blue, the area where
    the final race of the F-Zero Grand Prix is taking place. And the only way
    I=B9ll give them back, is if you beat me in the race.
    Fox: That=B9s stupid. I don=B9t even now how to race.
    C. Falcon: Exactly.
    Stage 7- The Race
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. C. Falcon (lv.5)
    BATTLE: Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Big Blue
    In order to get his friends back, Fox steals Dr. Stuart=B9s car, and enters
    the race as the Golden Fox.
    Fox: I just hope I don=B9t die trying to win.
    (Fox gets into place for the start of the race.)
    Announcer: Ready, Set, GO!!!
    (Fox starts the race, and tries not to bump into too many people. As he
    comes up into 5th place, C. Falcon gets out of his car and jumps onto the
    Golden Fox. Fox is startled, and decides to jump out of the car and fight
    him. As he does this, Stuart=B9s car is destroyed and pushed off the edge of
    the track.)
    Fox: What are you doing out here!!
    C. Falcon: I didn=B9t want you to win, so I=B9d thought I=B9d kill you
    (Start battle)
    (C. Falcon falls onto the track and is run over by an oncoming car. Fox has
    to wait for the race to be over, so he can jump off the car and land safely=
    He runs toward the nearby docking station where his ship and friends are.)
    Stage 8- Fanatics: Part 1
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. 3 C. Falcons (lv. 2)
    BATTLE: Team Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Corneria
    Fox reaches his ship, and unties Peppy and Slippy.
    Slippy: Where=B9s Falco? Didn=B9t you find him?
    Fox: No. If I did, he would only try to kill me.
    Slippy: Oh.
    Peppy: Fox! Captain Falcon is on top of the Great Fox, and he is trying to
    break in.
    Fox: But Captain Falcon is dead!
    (Fox climbs onto the top of the ship and find not one, but three C. Falcons=
    Fox: Who are you guys?
    C. Falcon Fan #1: We are official members of the Captain Falcon Fan Club
    C. Falcon Fan #3: We dress up as him and worship his fighting style.
    C. Falcon Fan #2:And because you have killed him, we want to avenge his
    (Start battle)
    Fox: If you get off my ship, I won=B9t kill you.
    C. Falcon Fan #3: Fair enough
    (Fox goes back into the ship)
    Peppy: It seems Ganondorf, the one you already met, has landed on the Plane=
    Fox: Then lets head there.
    Peppy: You got it.
    Stage 9- Fanatics: Part 2
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. 3 C. Falcons (lv. 3)
    BATTLE: Team Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Venom (Just pretend its Zebes)
    The Great Fox enters the Planet Zebes, when he suddenly realizes that the
    three C. Falcon Fans were still on the ship. So he climbs up to get rid of
    (Start battle)
    Fox: Sorry I have to kill you guys.
    C. Falcon Fan #2: It=B9s okay, we have no lives anyway.
    (Fox kills losers)
    Stage 10- Brinstar, Planet Zebes
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. 3 Mewtwos (lv.5)
    BATTLE: Team Stock (5)
    LEVEL: Brinstar
    Fox lands the Great Fox, and walks out onto Brinstar, where he is greeted b=
    Ganondorf=B9s creations.
    Fox: Not you guys again.
    (Start battle)
    Fox: Whew. Now I can go down into the Brinstar Depths, and kill Ganondorf.
    Stage 11- The Return of Falco
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. Falco (lv. 7)
    BATTLE: Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Brinstar
    Before Fox can go down to the depths, Falco attacks him.
    Fox: Falco!
    Falco: Yes Fox, I=B9m back.
    Fox: What are you doing here?
    Falco: Helping Ganondorf kill you.
    Fox: Why?
    Falco: Because I=B9ve been helping him this whole time. When I jumped off
    ship, I met him, and told him about you. He decided that I was valuable to
    him, and asked me to join him. While his creations fought you, I traveled t=
    Captain Falcon, and helped him capture Peppy and Slippy. That=B9s when I
    followed you to the F-Zero race, and drove Captain Falcon=B9s car while he
    attacked you. I even told CFFC that you killed him. Then I went with
    Ganondorf here, where I will kill you now.
    (Start battle)
    Falco: You may have won this one.
    (Falco runs away. Fox jumps down to the Brinstar Depths)
    Stage 12- The Final Battle
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. Ganondorf (lv.8)
    BATTLE: Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Brinstar Depths
    When Fox reaches Brinstar Depths, he finds a humongous dinosaur like
    Ganondorf: Do you like him? His name is Kraid.
    Fox: No, and he obviously doesn=B9t like me.
    (Start battle)
    (Fox holds Ganondorf over the edge, and shoots him through the chest. With
    his final breath, he says.)
    Ganondorf: It doesn=B9t matter that you=B9ve killed me. I=B9ve done what
    wanted to do in the first place.
    Fox: What=B9s that?
    Ganondorf: Kill you and your crew.
    (Ganondorf falls to the ground, dead.)
    Fox: Huh?
    Stage 13- The Death of the Star Fox Team
    CHARACTERS: Fox (you) vs. Falco (lv. 9)
    BATTLE: Stock (3)
    LEVEL: Venom (Again, pretend it=B9s Zebes)
    Fox, wondering what Ganondorf said, climbs back to the Great Fox and finds
    Falco: Hello Fox. I=B9ve taken the pleasure of killing Peppy and Slippy
    (Fox looks and finds Peppy and Slippy dead on the floor)
    (Start battle)
    (Again, Fox holds Falco over the edge, and wastes no time, killing him in a
    brutal and bloody shootout)
    Fox: I should have killed him a long time ago. Man, I regret that.
    (Suddenly, because of the giant monster Kraid inside Zebes, the entire
    planet is destroyed, killing Fox.)
                        The End
    Extra Notes: The levels of your opponents and the extra life score, can be
    changed, depending on how good of a player you are.
    >>> NAME: Star Wars
    Star Wars- Episode 1
    Part 1- Battle for Naboo.
    Characters- Team 1- Young Link, (Annikan) any ADULT partner(other Naboo
    fighter dude). Team 2- Lightest color of Samus (Battle droids)
    Place- Corneria
    Items- high on all ray guns.
    Stock- one life
    Extra: it's the battle against the ship that controls the battle druids (kind
    of). Simply get rid of the battle droids to move on.
    Part 2- lightsaber duel .
    Characters- Team 1- Link, Mario, Team 2-  Ganondorf , Roy, or Marth.
    Items- very low on all lightsabers.
    Stock- 1 life
    Place- I would say Brinstar would work best, but any place with cool music or
    large area is cool.
    Extra notes- Link is Obi-wan, and Mario is Qui-gon. The other guy (whoever
    you choose) is Darth Maul. Simply wait for a lightsaber for every one. Then
    you fight. If Obi-wan dies, you lose, do not continue.(Qui-gon can die)
    Star Wars- Episode Four
    Part 1- Battle in the Death Star
    Characters-team 1- Link (luke). C. Falcon (Han), Peach(Leia). Team two- Dr.
    Mario (stormtrooper(s))
    Items- all ray guns on high.
    Place- somewhere dark with lots of places to duck and hide and stuff.
    Stock- 20 or so.
    Extra- Leia sits on one side doing nothing until luke comes and touches
    her(while stormtroopers hinder him and Han) Then the battle begins. Get the
    20 storm troopers to go on.
    Part 2-  Lightsaber duel.
    Characters- Luigi (obi-wan), Ganondorf (Darth Vader)
    Items-Very low on lightsabers.
    Stock- 3 lives
    Place- final destination
    Extra- When obi-wan is at one life, he gives himself up to Vader. Continue.
    Part 3- X-wing battle
    Team 1-Red Link (Luke), C.F.- (Han) Team two- Black Samus(TIE pilot)
    Ganondorf (Darth Vader)
    Place- anywhere with a moving background and is dark.
    Items- high on ray guns.
    Limit- 5 minutes
    Extra-First, Luke and the tie fighter are fighting. When there's only one
    minute left, Han and Darth Vader can join in. Continue with the story if you
    Star Wars- Episode 5
    Part 1- Battle of Hoth
    Team 1- link (Luke), Marth (Dak), Team2- Yoshi (When gets metal box- AT-AT.)
    Place- ice glacier
    Items- very high on metal boxes and ray guns
    Time- 4 minutes.
    Extra- You can only Attack the AT-AT when it's metal. Dak must always stand
    right by luke.
    Part 2- lightsaber battle
    Link vs. ganondorf (luke and vader)
    Place- Fourside
    Items- low on lightsabers.
    One life
    Extra- this is just for fun. Whoever loses, is doesn't matter
    Star wars- episode 6
    Part 1-Rancor Battle
    Link (luke) vs. Bowser (Rancor)
    Place- temple
    Items- high on Mr. Saturn ( rocks)
    One life
    Extra- Luke has to get past the Rancor to be able to destroy it. You don't
    have your saber, and you can only attack by throwing rocks. The rancor stands
    in the middle while Luke tries to get past it so he can then attack it.
    Part 2- Endor battle.
    Team 1- C. falcon (Han), peach (Leia). Team 2- light color of Samus X
    Place- Yoshi Island
    Items- Very high on ray guns
    20 lives
    Extra- The battle to destroy the shield generator is on! Beat the storm
    troopers to get inside!
    Part 3- lightsaber duel.
    Place- final destination.
    Three different teams- link (luke) ganondorf (Vader) Mewtwo(Palpatine)
    Low on lightsabers
    Two lives
    Extra- Palpatine sits on one side watching while Vader and Luke battle it
    out. Once Luke defeats Vader, the emperor attacks. Luke and Vader team up on
    him to finish.
    >>> NAME: Star Wars- Episode Two
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Herooftime000
    Part 1: Race through Coruscant
    Characters-team 1 Link (Anakin), Luigi (Obi-wan) team 2 Shiek (Zam Wesell)
    team 3 Samus (Jango Fett) til 10 seconds left
    Items- Lightsabers and Guns
    Place- Big BlueTime 5 minutes
    Handicap- 9 for Zam
    Extra- the jedis have found out that wants to kill the Senator, and you must
    injure Zam badly for Jango to kill her.
    Part 2: Bounty Hunter vs. Jedi Knight
    Characters- team 1 Luigi (Obi-wan) team 2 Young Link (Boba Fett) Samus (Jango
    Items- Lightsabers and Guns
    Time- 5 minutes
    Level- Termina : Great Bay
    Extra- Obi-wan has found Jango leaving and wants to put a tracker beam on his
    ship, but he has a surprise coming.  Boba Fett must stand still and fire the
    super scope and the laser
    Part 3: Creatures Vs. Senator and Jedis
    Characters- Zelda (Senator Amidala) Link (Anakin) Luigi (Obi-wan)
    Creatures Bowser
    Level- Pokemon Stadium
    Stock- 3
    Extra- Padme, Anakin, and Obi-wan have been captured and have to fight to the
    death against 3 creatures.
    Part 4-1: Jedi Help
    Characters- team 1 Mario (Mace Windu) Link (the guy with the weird head thats
    head looks like Links hat) team 2 Samus (Jango Fett) Mr. Game and Watch
    (Super battle droid)
    Level- Pokemon Stadium
    Items- Laser Super Scope and Beamswords
    Time- 10 minutes
    Teams- Jedis vs. Bounty Hunter and  Super Battle Droid
    Part 4-2: Clone Trooper Help
    Characters- Samus * 2 (Clone Trooper) Mr. Game and Watch (Super battle droid
    and Battle Droids)
    Level- Venom
    Items- Lasers and Superscopes
    Teams- Clone Troopers vs. Super Battle Droid and Battle Droid
    Stock- 99
    Part 5: Count Dooku Strikes
    Characters- team 1 Obiwan Luigi, Anakin Link, Yoda Pichu team 2 Ganondorf
    Count Dooku
    Level- Corneria
    Items- Beamswords
    Stock- 1, 3 minutes
    Extra- Obiwan First attacks then loses, then Anakin and Loses, then Yoda
    comes and Time must run out
    >>> NAME: SuperQuest
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Dysfunction22
    -PLAYERS: Any #
    -MODE: Melee
    -CHARACTERS: Any(must be the same for whole adventure
    -LIMIT: 3 stocks(you can change it)
    -ITEMS: Only pokeballs, very high
    -CPU levels-any
    STORY: Ganondorf is taking over your planet. He has created mutant creatures
    called pokemon. You have been blessed with a special gift, which makes the
    pokemon help you when you throw a pokeball. You must save your planet.
    STAGE 1: Hyrule
    Characters: You, Zelda-red team Ganondorf, Bowser-green team
    Level-Hyrule Temple
           You have crash landed on a strange planet. On top of a floating
    island, you see a young girl being attacked by Ganondorf and his pet dragon.
    You team up with Zelda and beat Ganondorf and Bowser. If you lose; GAME OVER.
    If you win, you find that it was only Ganondorfs clone and you get back on
    your ship. Before you leave he laughs about some secret mutant he's working
    on. Uh Oh!
    STAGE 2: Hijacked!
    Characters: You, Friend(any CPU)-red team Falco, Fox-Green team
    Level-Corneria or Venom
           You're going home when suddenly two guys(Fox and Falco) come and try
    to steal your ship. You and your teammate have to beat them. If you win, go
    straight to Rainbow Cruise and skip a paragraph. If you lose read the next
    STAGE 3: Alien Invasion
    Characters: You vs. Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu-green team(Preferably L4)
    Level-PKMN Stadium
           After losing your ship, three pokemon come and attack you. Kill them,
    win the level and go to Cruise. If you lose; GAME OVER
    STAGE 4: Cruise
    Characters: You vs. C.Falcon
    Level-Rainbow Cruise
           You find another ship and try to get home, but another hijacker comes
    and tries to take it. Again, if you win-next level. If you lose; GAME OVER
    STAGE 5: Home
    Characters: You vs. D.K.
    Level: Fourside City
           You're finally home but a big monkey controlled by Ganondorf is
    attacking your city. Beat the monkey and skip down to Ice Mountain. Lose and
    fall down to Onett.
    STAGE 6: Betrayal
    Characters: You vs. Friend
           Remember the "friend" that helped you on Corneria/Venom? Well he's
    been brainwashed and he has to fight you. Beat him and go to Ice Mountain.
    Lose and; GAME OVER. If you win he is your friend again.
    STAGE 7: Deadly Climb
    Characters: You-red team vs. IceClimbers(3)-green team
    Level-Ice Mountain
           You have found out that Ganondorf's base is on top of the mountain.
    Ganondorf has sent 6 mutant IceClimbers to stop you. If you beat them go on
    to Bowser. If you lose, prepare to Face Off With Guards!
    STAGE 8 :Face Off With Guards
    Characters: You and Friend(lower level than guards if CPU)-red team
    Mario, Luigi(guards)-green team
           After you fell down the mountain, two guards have noticed you. Friend
    comes and helps you beat them. If you win you go to Bowser and tell friend to
    stay behind. If you lose; GAME OVER
    STAGE 9: Bowser
    Characters: You vs. Bowser
           Now Ganondorf makes his dragon go fight you. To win just beat Bowser,
    and go to Ganondorf. If you lose; GAME OVER.
    STAGE 10:Ganondorf
    Characters: You vs. Ganondorf
    Level-Final Dest. or BattleField
           It's the battle you've been waiting for. You vs. the guy who tried to
    take over your planet. Beat him and advance to the next level. Lose and ;GAME
    STAGE 11:Final Showdown
    Characters: You, Friend-red team Mewtwo(L9)-green team
    Level-Final Dest. or Battlefield
           Remember Ganondorf mentioning the "secret mutant"? Here he is, in the
    flesh. At least Friend is here to help. Although he won't help much, if this
    is to easy you can add an extra L9 Mewtwo to make it more challenging. After
    you win all the pokeballs are destroyed and everyones happy.
    THE END(part 2 coming soon)
    >>> NAME: Super Mario Bros. 4 (The Journey Back at Subcon)
    Note 1: Human player will always be Mario (or Dr. Mario under special
    Note 2: Unless an ^ and a list of items appears, items will always
    include: Bob-ombs, Super Mushrooms, Food, Starman, and Red Koopa Shells.
    (R)= Alternate music.
    Note 3: Computer can be any level.
    Level 1 (Back to Subcon)
    Battle Setting: Coin Match, 5 min.
    Match-up: Mario vs. Bowser
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom 2 (Subcon)
    Story line: Mario is invited to a party and the directions where written
    on the back of the invitation.  When Mario appeared at Subcon, he checked the
    map again.  "I followed all the directions," he said, "where did I go wrong?"
    Birdo appeared and told him he was back at Subcon.  "Where I will have your
    Head off!" Bowser finished.
    	"I hid Peach and you will never find her." Bowser said.  "I will find
    Peach if it's the last thing I do," said Mario.  "You'll have to look in all
    the places we battled, even Peach's castle because I randomly hid her
    somewhere in a transporter device," Bowser said.  Pidgit then came down and
    said, "I'll help you."
    Level 2 (Samus's Bounty)
    Battle Setting: Stamina Mode
    Match-up: Mario vs. Samus
    Stage: Battlefield
    Story line: As Mario and Pidgit fly in the skies of Subcon, Mario finds a
    door to none other than Subspace.  Mario tells Pidgit to fly down to the door
    and they find themselves in Subspace.  Mario then finds the beautiful bounty
    hunter Samus Aran aiming at Pidgit.  "Why are you shooting at Pidgit?" Mario
    asked. Samus tells Mario about the million dollar bounty on Pidgit.  "If you
    want to kill him, you're gonna have to fight me first!"
    	"Thanks, that was close, but do you think we should have a look around
    Subspace?" Pidgit told the plumber.  "Good idea," Mario told Pidgit, "Why
    don't we check out the Lylat System?"
    Level 3 (Lylat's Special Stew)
    Battle Setting: Team Bonus, 10 min. (Peppy and Slippy as judges)
    Match-up: Mario Bros. vs. Falco and Fox
    Stage: Corneria
    ^: Ray Gun, Maxim Tomato, Super Scope
    Story line: Fox was tending to some kind of stew when the little plumber
    Came aboard the ship.  "Have you seen my Peach?" he asked.  "No, but your
    Little brother came in asking for her," said Fox.  "Where is Luigi?" Mario
    asked suspiciously, "and what are you cooking?"  Falco then drew his blaster
    and said, "I'll let him go, but we'll fight in a decision battle.  If you
    win, your brother's free. If we win, we eat him!"
    Level 4 (Dream Land)
    Battle Setting: Team Battle, 7 min.
    Match-up: Mario Bros. vs. "Evil" Kirby and Bowser
    ^: Warp Star, Star Rod
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    Story line: Back at Subspace, Pidgit and the Mario Bros. found a planet
    shaped like a star known as: Dream Land!  They landed at the Fountain of
    Dreams to visit Kirby when even greater problems occurred.  "Bowser!" The
    Mario Bros. yelled.  Bowser smiled, "Yes, I had some Shy Guys put a spell on
    Kirby and made him my servant."
    	"Thanks you guys," Kirby said, "I thought I was a goner. Can I ride the
    carpet."  "First things first," Mario said, "Where's Peach?"  "I thought
    she was at her castle," Kirby said, "but then you wouldn't be here if she
    was, so I don't know."
    Level 5 (Luigi's Grudge)
    Battle Setting: Coin Battle, 3 min.
    Match-up: Mario vs. Luigi
    ^: Freezie
    Stage: Green Greens
    Story line: Kirby asks The Mario Bros. and Pidgit to stop at Green
    Greens.  Mario refused to, but Luigi agreed to.  So Pidgit decided to stop at
    Green Greens. "Now I can let out something that I couldn't at Peach's castle:
    I HATE PEACH!" Luigi told Mario, "and all you do is stick up for her! Now we
    	Mario looked down at Luigi shocked.  "I found it!" Kirby said, "It's a
    letter from the Ice Climbers."  Kirby looked down at Luigi and asked, "What
    happened to him?"  "I beat him up and took his coins," Mario said, "Let's go,
    Level 6 (The Setup of the Ice Climbers)
    Battle Setting: Time Battle, 5 min.
    Match-up: Dr. Mario vs. Ice Climbers and Kirby
    ^: Freezie
    Stage: Icicle Mountain (R)
    Story line: Mario read the letter.  "This looks like a job for Dr.
    Mario," he said. Pidgit landed at the glaciers of Subcon where he found two
    coats, one blue and one pink.  The Ice Climbers were kissing and touching
    each other when Dr. Mario arrived.  "Popo's disease may be highly
    contagious," Dr. Mario said, "I must ask you not to touch him."  "What are
    you talking about?" Nana asked.  Dr. Mario turned to talk to Kirby, but he
    was whomped with a big hammer.
    	"We're sorry," the Ice Climbers said, "We just wanted to fight Dr.
    Mario."  "We're a bit behind schedule," Pidgit said, "Why don't we check out
    your world, Earth?"  "Great idea," Mario said.
    Level 7 (Yoshi's Island)
    Battle Setting: Coin Battle, 5 min.
    Match-up: Mario vs. Daisy or Peach's Yellow costume
    Stage: Yoshi's Island (R)
    Story line: Daisy has had enough of Luigi's failing to beat Mario so she
    throws vegetables at Mario.  Mario sighs and gives in to her challenge.
    Level 8 (Mach Ridin')
    Battle Setting: Stamina Melee
    Match-up: Mario vs. Capt. Falcon
    Stage: Big Blue (R)
    Story line: Landing on Capt. Falcon's ship, Mario hoped to find Peach.
    When Falcon appeared, he said, "I haven't seen Peach, but my fighting skills
    are a bit rusty.  Could we fight?"
    Level 9 (The Errors of Ganondorf's Spell)
    Battle Setting: Tiny Melee, 4 min.
    Match-up: Mario, Link, and Zelda vs. Ganondorf
    Stage: Hyrule Temple
    Story line: Pidgit finds Link and lands feeling a bit uneasy.  "Hello
    Link," said Mario.  "Hello Mario," Link said.  Ganondorf then came and
    performed a spell on Mario and Link.  "What happened to us?" Mario asked.
    "We have shrunken," Zelda answered.  "All of us except for that bird,"
    Ganondorf explained, "We'll fight, but I'll tell you where Peach is and break
    the spell if you win."
    	Everyone grows back to normal and Ganondorf said, "To find Peach go
    back to the first place your adventure started."  "Well Pidgit we're off
    to Subcon!" Mario said.
    Level 10 (The Third visit to Subcon)
    Battle Setting: Super Sudden Death, 1 stock
    Match-up: Mario vs. Bowser
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom 2 (Subcon)
    Story line Mario lands at Subcon yet again to look for Bowser.  "Where's
    Peach?" Mario yells to Bowser.  "Birdo has her captive and she let her go
    after we've fought a Super Sudden Death Match," Bowser answered.
    	Mario rounded up on Bowser with one thing in mind, "Any last words,
    Bowser?"  "Yeah.  SURPRISE!!!" Mario turned around seeing all the
    Nintendo stars and Peach, but there was one person missing.
    Level 11 (Like, totally retro with Mr. Game and Watch)
    Battle Setting: Slow-Mo melee or Fixed Camera, 3 stock, Damage ratio @
    Match-up: Mario vs. Mr. Game and Watch
    Stage: Flat Zone
    Story line "I busted my ass for Nintendo and now you've taken over, but
    I'm gonna fight one more time."
    	"You may have brought the worldwide boom to Nintendo but you have
    never had a series quite like mine," Mario said.  Then the party
    >>> NAME: Super Smash Brothers Melee RPG : Legend of the Silver Blade
    Choose either Marth or Link as your main characer (this edition will be
    Link's quest) and your friend (or computer) can be the other one.
    Act 1 : Birth
    Quest 1 : Childhood Dreams
    Time : 1:00
    Stage (Green Greens)
    Characters : Y. Link (Human, in black outfit)
    And a level 1, or human controller (for more rpg flava)
    Y. Link : 7 years, at that time, why why I could join the acadamey and become
    the greatest war hero of this time!
    Marth : Yeah, well, i've always been better then you at swords play
    Y. Link : Let's see how good you are
    (Quit match, make a new game same settings, instead Stamina mode, no stock no
    time, still in green greens, marth level 7 or below, you fighting him with Y.
    --Y. Link Wins--
    Y. Link : *coughting* Ugh nice battle, but i've always been better
    Marth : *grins*...*walks off into the night*
    --Marth Wins--
    Marth : Hahahahaa...stupid Link, i've always been the better swordsman
    Y. Link : (Passes out)
    Act 1 : Birth
    Quest 2 : 7 Years
    Time : 2:00
    Stage (Hyrule Temple)
    Characters : Link (Human, in black outfit)
    And a level 1, or human controller (for more rpg flava)
    Falco, and Marth
    General Falco : So, you 2 want to join the Military, then you have to beat
    are trainning robots!
    (Stamina Mode, (9/human) Marth and (9/human) Link on your team
    Fighting 2 level 3 Samus's
    --You Win--
    Good job Initiate's wait at the base for further instructions
    (i'll post more later)
    >>> NAME:
      T   E     C     H   H NN  N O   O
      T   EEEE  C     HHHHH N N N O   O
      T   E     C     H   H N  NN O   O
      T   EEEEE  CCCC H   H N   N  OOO
    B   B O   O W W W S     E     R   R
    B   B O   O W W W     S E     R  R
    The items and characters in this are designed to be part of the plot, so I
    found that the best way to do this was to have someone else set up the match,
    and then call the person in right before it starts.
    I also tried to be a bit innovative and made up my own difficulty levels!
    Easy isn't that terribly tough, and medium isn't impossible, but is pretty
    hard. hard is probably impossible, but I haven't tried it myself yet!
    Next to the characters I put something like this: (ahx, bhy, chz). This means
    on easy, level a handicap x, medium: level b handicap y, and hard: level c
    handicap z. Sometimes I'll put handicap numbers in this format next to human
    players, but without a, b, and c. anyway, hope you enjoy it!
    All was going peacefully until Bowser arrived in his smiley ship again! "I'm
    gonna beat you with technology now, Mario!"
    Level 1:
    You + Mario (3, 2, 1) vs Bowser (3, 5, 7)
    Items (Medium): Cloaking Device, Ray Gun, Beam Sword, Super Scope
    3 Stock, Peach's Castle
    "It's a sinister plot!" says Mario. Then Bowser says, "I've used technology
    to turn your friends against you!"
    Level 2:
    You vs Luigi (1, 2, 3) + Peach (1, 2, 3) + Bowser (3, 5, 7)
    Items (Medium): Cloaking Device, Raygun, Beam Sword, Super Scope
    Stock: 3 lives, Peach's Castle
    "Whew. That was close. Are you okay, Peach and Luigi?" says Mario. "Yeah,"
    says Luigi. "I'm fine, Mario. Here, I'll treat you all to some tea. You step
    outside for some fresh air, and see a shadow. You look up to see... THE
    MENACING FACE OF BOWSER!!! He takes out a ray gun, and shoots Mario! "For
    your evil schemes, I grant you... A PhD in Alchemy!"
    Level 3:
    You vs. Dr. Mario (Black) (5, 7, 9)
    Items (Medium) Cloaking Device, Raygun, Beam Sword, Super Scope, Food
    5 Stock, Peach's Castle
    Then Mario drank some of Peach's tea and was cured! But Bowser was still
    there... "Now it is time to finish you! And I'll show you how I poisoned
    BOSS Level 4:
    You (X, X, h7) vs Bowser (7, 9, 9h9)
    Items (Very High): Lip's Stick
    5 Stock, Peach's Castle
    You escape on your ship and enjoy a peaceful ride, but are still sore after
    that fight with Bowser. But all good things must come to an end...
    Level 5 (FORCED LOSS)
    You (h1, h1, h1) vs Falco (9h9, 9h9, 9h9) + Fox (9h9, 9h9, 9h9)
    No items, Rainbow Cruise, 1 life, Damage Ratio: 2.0%
    You have been taken as a prisoner, but the other prisoner in your cell is a
    bit feisty!
    Level 6
    You vs. Ness (5, 7, 9)
    No Items, Corneria, 3 stock
    You and Ness decide to join forces to escape, but there are some who think
    BOSS Level 7
    You + Ness (7, 5, 3) vs. Fox (5, 6, 8) + Falco (5, 6, 8)
    No items, 3 stock, Venom
    >>> NAME:
    /\/\ Triforce Gathering 2
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: plasmaboy6
    For this you can be either Link or Ganondorf, but you must stay with him the
    rest of the story,
    for this I'll use Link as the default player, so if i say:
    CP level: Ganondorf:5 Mario:7 Bowser:6
    But you're playing as Ganondorf, you should see it like this:
    CP level: Link:5 Bowser:7 Mario:6
    Note: The things in ( ) are the story parts
    (Link and Zelda are trying to recover the stolen Triforce part)
    Play Event 29-Triforce Gathering
    (Triforce now rest peacefully in the Hyrule temple)
    (Mario:-Hey Bowser, if we could have the Triforce we would be invincible, so
    lets ally and go and
    get it.)
    Link:-Damn, did you heard that Ganon, if they got the Triforce they will
    kill us and take control
    of our world, lets ally.)
    Part I:
    Characters:Link, Ganondorf, Mario, Bowser
    Teams:Link/Ganondorf, Mario/Bowser
    CP level:Ganondorf:5 Mario:7 Bowser:6
    Items:Heart, Bunny hood
    Stage:Hyrule temple
    (Link:-That's a chance that we could protect the Tri...HUH IT'S NOT AT IT'S
    Ganon:-I saw Bowser fell in the jungle I will go and interrogate him.)
    Part II:
    Characters:Ganondorf, Bowser
    CP level: Ganondorf:5 Bowser:7
    Items:Food, Fan(put at a Very low)
    Stage:Jungle japes
    Additional info:This game is made in Stamina mode(If you're playing as Link
    close your slot and
    let only Ganon playing.)
    Bowser:-P..Pea...Peach as stealed it when we were distracting you.
    Then Mario arrives and punch Ganon behind the head, Ganon felt in a subcon)
    Part III:
    Charcters:Ganondorf, Capt. Falcon, Fox
    Teams:Ganon, Capt. Falcon/Fox
    CP: Ganondorf:6 Capt. Falcon:4 Fox:3
    (Ganon awake and says:-Peach stealed the Triforce and they are surely gone
    to her castle)
    Part IV:
    Characters:Link, Ganondorf, Mario, Bowser
    Teams:Link/Ganondorf, Mario/Bowser
    CP: Ganondorf:6 Mario:8 Bowser:7
    Items:Fire flower, Green and red shells, Starman, Super and poison
    mushrooms, Bob-omb
    Stage:Mushroom kingdom
    (Link:-Damn, Peach as once again time to escape we must go to her castle
    Part V:
    Characters:Link, Ganondorf, Mario, Bowser
    Teams:Link/Ganondorf, Mario/Bowser
    CP:<see Part IV>
    Items:Fire flower, Green and red shells, Starman, Super and poison
    mushrooms, Bob-omb, Metal box
    Stage:Rainbow cruise
    (Link:-Now we finally caught back Peach she will be powerful because she has
    the Triforce)
    Part VI:
    Characters:Link, Ganondorf, Peach
    Teams:Link/Ganondorf, Peach
    CP:Peach:9(be sure to let her with a good handicap, that she can stand
    between two persons)
    Items:Same as the precedent ones
    Stage:Peach's castle
    (Link:Now I'm will bring back the Triforce at his place.
    Mario:-Yoshi, can you bring me there faster than Link.)
    Part VII:
    Characters:Link, Mario, Yoshi
    Teams:Link, Mario/Yoshi
    CP:Link:9(if you weren't playin as him) Mario:5 Yoshi:3
    Items:Heart, Bunny hood
    Stage:Hyrule temple
    (The Triforce now rest once again in peace, sealed in the Sacred Realm...)
    If you lose this part, go to the next part:
    **Last chance Part
    (When Mario and Yoshi were coming back, then Zelda encounter them, she then
    sense that
    they posseed the Triforce)
    Characters:Zelda, Mario, Yoshi
    Teams:Zelda, Mario/Yoshi
    CP:9(Mario) 3(Yoshi)
    Items:Warp star, Star rod, Maximum tomatoes
    Stage:Green greens
    >>> NAME: Truth or Dare?
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Katsarephat
    PLAYERS: At least three humans and at most one CPU
    MODE: Fixed Camera or Camera
    LIMIT: No time limit, As much stock as you want
    DAMAGE: Doesn't matter
    HANDICAP: None
    TEAMS: If you have four human players, you can put two on
           each team but this is optional. Otherwise, no teams.
    ITEMS: Preferably none but you can choose (for instance you
           might play Bob-omb catching)
    STAGE: Preferably something big or full of cool features (ex.
           Hyrule Temple) but you can choose
    EXTRA NOTES: If you have no CPU and no teams:
                 Pick someone to have first turn. (If you can't pick, then have a
    preliminary regular Melee battle with no CPUs, free-for-all, no items, and
    anywhere and the winner goes first in T or D). After that, avoid the CPU
    while asking someone "Truth or Dare?" Then after they pick ask them a
    question (anything goes) if they choose "Truth" or make them do something on
    Melee if they choose "Dare." If they back out they have to kill themself. If
    they fail the dare then they must kill themself. Keep going until there is
    one person left or when you get tired. Person with least SD's wins. Make sure
    to include everyone and DON'T KILL PEOPLE!
    Also if you have camera, you can dare someone to "kiss" another character
    (grab the person and take a close-up pic).
    If you have one CPU and Three players:
    See above except if you have to get from one place to another fast the CPU
    can get in the way for example
    Also make sure to avoid the computer if he attacks you
    If you have four players and teams:
    See above again except don't attack own teammate, SD's are team, and you can
    also dare someone to be beaten up or something and then make them try to
    survive while the darer's team plows in
    The possibilities are endless!
    Send me dare suggestions at Katsarephat@aol.com!
    >>> NAME: -=The Two Swordsmen=-
    First Battle
    Marth vs Roy, opponent level 9, no handicap, (choose either marth or roy),
    level-Fountain of Dreams
    Bonus match... 3 minute time limit
    Story-Marth and Roy are two youths that are experts with a sword, after long
    training the two decide to test their skills against each other...
    whoever loses becomes the player's main character and the other character
    becomes the enemy character, if you end up with roy you must always use his
    normal 'blue' outfit (and in team battle's be the blue team) until said
    otherwise, with marth he must be black in normal battles and be team green
    in team battles. (and same when you face your rival.. marth be black/green,
    roy is normal/blue)
    the winner is your 'rival' and must always be level 9 CPU and level 9
    handicap (if this is easy for you to defeat perhaps give yourself a handicap
    or find somebody that can play as your rival that has a skill level far
    exceeding your own.)
    Second Match
    Player vs Strange Ape (DK), CPU level 6, handicap 9, player handicap 5
    level-Jungle Japes
    Stock match, 1 life
    Story-Having lost to your rival, you decide to find yourself a new sword,
    but on the way you encounter an aggressive ape.
    KO DK and avoid being KOed
    Lose-GAME OVER
    Third Match
    Player vs Bounty Hunters (Falcon and Samus), CPU level 7, handicap 9, no
    player handicap
    level-the other DK one
    Coin Battle-2 minute time limit
    Story-Two Bounty hunters, desperate for some cash... are trying to rob you
    of your money for a new sword... stop them!
    Must have at least 200 coins by the end of the match
    Win-Continue to Fifth Match
    Lose-Continue to Fourth Match
    Fourth Match
    Player vs Children (Ness and Ice Climbers), CPU level 5, handicap 5, no
    player handicap
    Coin Battle-2 minute time limit
    Story-Having no money you must resort to stealing from small children.
    Must have at least 200 coins by end of match
    Win-Continue to Fifth Match
    Lose-Game Over
    Fifth Match
    Player vs Rival, CPU level and handicap as defined
    level-Green Greens
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-With your new sword in hand you meet your rival in the woods.. you
    challenge him to a battle.
    Defeat your rival
    Win-Continue to Sixth Match
    Lose-Game Over
    Sixth Match
    Player vs Rival and Dragon (Bowser), rival handicap and level as defined,
    bowser level 6, handicap 6, no player handicap
    level-Green Greens
    Stock Match-1 Life-2 Minute Time Limit
    Story-You can't believe it.. you defeated your Rival... but he has turned to
    the dark side... he tells you he will perfect a way to defeat you... or
    perhaps he can do it now. He then calls his dragon to help him defeat you...
    you must survive!
    Either Defeat your Rival and his Dragon or survive for 2 minutes
    Survive (Win)-Continue to Seventh Match
    Lose-GAME OVER
    Seventh Match
    Player and Link vs Rival and Dragon, (same handicaps as before)
    level-Green Greens
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-Link, a wandering swordsmen has noticed your plight and has come to
    Defeat the enemy team
    Win-Continue to Eighth Match
    Lose-Game Over
    Eighth Match
    Link vs Strange Creatures (Jigglypuff, Pichu, and Pikachu), CPU level 6,
    handicap 6, no player handicap
    level-Ice Mountain
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-Deciding to climb the extremely dangerous Ice Mountain to become a
    paladin.. you become separated from Link... Link is then attacked by very
    hostile creatures that inhabit Ice Mountain
    Defeat Enemies
    Lose-Game Over
    Ninth Match
    Link vs Ganondorf, handicaps and levels same as normal 'rival' levels
    level-Ice Mountain
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-In a blowing snow storm... Link encounters HIS rival Ganondorf!!
    Defeat Ganondorf
    Lose-Game Over
    Tenth Match
    You and Link vs Shadows (Mr. Game and watch x2), Enemy CPU lvl9, Ally CPU
    lv7, Enemy Hndcp 8, Ally hndcp 8, No player handicap.
    level-Ice Mountain
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-Ganondorf was not real.. it was actually two shadow creatures that
    inhabit Ice Mountain, You found Link just in time to help him defeat the
    Defeat Shadows
    Lose-Game Over
    Eleventh Match
    You and Link vs Castle Inhabitants (Mario, Peach), CPU Handicap 7 level 9,
    no player handicap
    level-Peach's Castle
    Coin Match-3 minutes
    Story-At the top of the mountain is a luscious green field housing a
    beautiful castle, you ask the queen of the castle to sponsor your quest with
    the money needed to become a paladin... but instead she calls her guards and
    When the match ends you must have at least 500 coins by combining you and
    Link's coins
    Win-Continue to match 13
    Lose-Goto Match 12
    Twelfth Match
    You vs Dungeon Guards (Red Ganondorf x3), CPU Handicap 6, level 6, no player
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-You lost to the castle inhabitants... now you must escape the dungeon
    Defeat the Guards
    Win-Go back to match 11
    Lose-Game Over
    Thirteenth Match
    Now put on your Blue suit for marth and play as blue team and gold suit for
    Roy, while being red team
    You vs Old You (Black Marth or Blue Roy), CPU lv9, No CPU handicap, Player
    handicap 7
    Stock Match-1 Life-1:00 Time Limit
    Story-Defeat your old Self! Or survive for 1 minute
    Lose-Try Again
    Fourteenth Match
    You and Link vs Bounty Hunters (samus and capt. Falcon), all CPUs lv9 no
    handicap, no player handicap
    level-The Rainbow Ship one.
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-The bounty hunters now are after YOU.. defend yourself!
    Lose-Game Over
    Fifteenth Match
    You and Link vs Ship's crew (Falco and Fox), same handicap as above
    level-Corneria or Venom
    Stock match-1 life
    Story-Your ship is ruined.. you jump onto a passing ship and are attacked by
    the crew.
    Defeat the Crew
    Win-Goto Match17
    Lose-Goto Match16
    Sixteenth Match
    Link vs Yoshi Horde (3 Yoshis on a team), CPU level 7, Handicap 9, No player
    level-Yoshi's Island (the one with the idiot blocks)
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-Kicked off of the ship, and separated (again) from you, your ally is
    attacked by territorial Yoshis.
    Defeat Yoshis
    Lose-Game Over
    Seventeenth and Eighteenth
    You vs Guard 1 (Mario or Luigi), CPU level 9, Handicap 7, No player handicap
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-Inside the caves your rival has created... you must face his guards.
    Defeat Guard
    Lose-Game Over
    Nineteenth Match
    You vs Dragon (Bowser), CPU level 9, handicap 9, No player handicap
    level-Brinstar Depths
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-Going ever deeper into the caves... you are grabbed by a huge lizard
    and thrown onto a four sided rock... your rival's dragon then flies down and
    attacks you.
    Defeat Dragon
    LOse-Game Over
    Twentieth Match
    Link vs Puffball Team (Kirby and Jigglypuff), CPU level 9, Handicap 8, No
    player handicap
    level-Mushroom Kingdom 2
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-Waiting outside Link is attacked by hungry puffballs.
    Defeat puffballs
    Lose-Game Over
    Twenty-First Match
    You vs Shadow Team (Mr G&W x3), CPU lv7, handicap 5, No player handicap
    Stock Match-1 Life
    Story-You must now defeat the rest of the shadow clan before you can face
    your rival
    Lose-Game Over
    Twenty-Second Match
    You vs Rival, Handicaps and level as decided
    level-Final Destination with Alternate Music
    Stock Match-10 Lives
    Story-The Final Showdown.. You must defeat your rival to stop him from
    creating the ultimate weapon.
    Lose-Game Over
    Final Match
    You and Ally vs Rival and Weapon (Mewtwo), Rival CPU level 9, handicap 9,
    Mewtwo Level9, Handicap 9.
    level-Final Destination or Hyrule Temple with Alternate Music
    Stamina Match
    Story-Ok ok so THIS is the final Showdown... Defeat your rival and his
    creation for good.
    >>> NAME: Who Wants to be a Meleeionaire (Millionaire. Get it?)
    -SCENARIO CREATED BY: Robotopenguin
    -PLAYERS: Optimally 4 Human players [1 host 3 contestants/security guards
    (you'll see the importance of "security guards" in a moment).] although
    works with three (1 host, 2 contestant/guards). I have created a 2-player
    mode (Host, 1 contestant (no guards!) (see "variations" in extra notes)
    although that lacks the excitement of the 3 and 4 player modes. Also, due to
    its game showy nature it cannot be played with CPUs.
    -MODE: Coin mode!
    -CHARACTERS: You can appoint anybody you wish as the host or
    contestant/guards, but my custom setting is as follows: Host: Weegish
    Dustbin (Luigi), Contestants/security guards: Alfonzo Plumber from Brooklyn,
    NY (Mario), Marshmallow Addict from Philadelphia, PA (Kirby), and Sword
    Connoisseur from the wilderness of Maine (Link)
    -LIMIT: Time should be set at 60:00 minutes (actual show length, if I
    remember correctly), but you can change it to suit your needs
    -HANDICAP: Weegish is a bit lazy and doesn't get enough exercise (he's a TV
    gameshow host for cryin' out loud!) so set his handicap to the 5-6-7 area
    (not too low!), the contestants are in top shape so they have handicaps of
    -ITEMS: Home-run bats, ray guns , super scopes (*snicker* you'll see why
    later), food, (dropped by the audience), Maxim tomatoes (Host ONLY, except
    in special circumstances explained later!) flipper (crowd-control security
    barriers), Medium to Very High (your choice, although personally I really
    like lots and lots of items!)
    -TEAMS: None, it's a free-for-all as roles may change
    -STAGE: Battlefield (for its three platforms and no distractions) although
    any stage with three platforms relatively close to each other will work.
    -EXTRA NOTES: "Let's play... Who wants to be a meleeionaire!"
    Before you dive right in to this scenario, I must lay down the numerous
    rules of this gameshow.
    Play is carried out as follows (I'll do this for the four player mode, from
    that you can easily modify it for three. As for two players, I'll go into
    that later...):
    The Host takes their position underneath the center elevated platform and
    the players place themselves on the three elevated platforms (Don't grab any
    items until instructed to do so). The host then proceeds to introduce the
    players (using their Smash names above their heads and their home stage as
    their location, if none than just use their real names and actual location).
    They then proceed to explain the rules of the Fastest Fist question if the
    players are new to this scenario which are as follows "It's time for the
    fastest fist question! I will list 4 items and you must place them in
    (insert order you want to arrange the items in) order. You may not move from
    your original positions until the final item has been given out. The only
    thing is, to buzz in and answer you must strike me, the host, not an easy
    task indeed! If you get it wrong you may NOT answer again until the next
    round (after the contestant has missed a question and gotten out or won).
    Thus the name fastest fist! (end rules, the following must be said
    regardless of experience) The 4 items you must order for the fastest fist
    are as follows to order are as follows: (list 4 items here)". (end host
    dialogue) As soon as the last item has been announced, the players then
    chase the host (note: you may NOT attack another player to get coins, only
    the host) and attempt to hit them ONCE (they may pick up the coins).
    Whoever strikes the host first and answers correctly is now in the hot seat,
    facing the host on the bottommost platform. The other contestants, now
    security guards, may move about the arena, collecting weapons (but not
    attacking the host, contestant or fellow guards) and food if needed (but only
    after asking the host first if they want it. They also may not pick up Maxim
    tomatoes, which are for the host only). They may NOT pick up flippers until
    instructed to later on (no reason to set up barriers. Back at the hot seat
    the host explains the rules of play if necessary. "Rules are as follows: I
    will ask you a series of multiple choice questions with four possible answers
    in increasing difficulty ($1 coin, $3 coins, $5 coins, $10 coins, $15 coins,
    $20 coins, $40 coins, $50 coins, $60 coins, $80 coins, and finally $100
    coins! Yeah, I changed them so you wouldn't spend  ALL the time beating up
    the host to get the coins. You may modify the coin values as wanted) at
    varying monetary values up to one hundred coins. You may walk at any time
    with your money at no cost (if this happens start the round anew the same
    way the game began minus the intro. To receive your coins after every round
    you may beat up me, the host, without any resistance whatsoever. You may NOT
    kill me though (for coins during gameplay), if that happens you are
    disqualified for 5 rounds (additionally, no-one must touch the defeated
    host's coins besides the host or risk disqualification also). If you get too
    many coins you will simply get less next correct answer until the values are
    equalized. At any time I may call for a commercial break to recharge health
    (he may eat maxims or food). Miss one question and you must jump off the
    platform (leave the stage with the coins left behind collected divided among
    the host and guards). If you refuse to do so my security staff will "escort"
    you off the platform
    [if the contestant wishes to will resist, as will most likely happen as they
    want to fight to the finish for coins, he does not say anything to the staff
    or host, he simply attacks them for coins! As the host flees for safety, the
    security staff put their weapons to good use guarding the host. They may now
    use the flippers to block off the crowd and to capacitate the attacker. The
    contestant is allowed to pick up weapons and items too, including the host's
    maxims! The guards must quell the attacker by throwing him off the stage
    (throwing him out! You don't necessarily have to do this but I think it's
    funny in a way) to earn their salaries (money beaten out of the attacker), as
    the attacker tries to KO them and the host (earning airfare home). If the
    security guards triumph and the attacker is KO'ed (and the host is not) a new
    round starts as the coins "dropped" by the attacker (golden ones) are
    collected by the host as his hefty salary (the only way the host can earn
    money, but he gets to be safe and protected!).
    Former guards return to their platforms as contestants and will be those
    participating in the next fastest fist, whereas the attacker cannot until
    the next round (they are an automatic security guard for that round and may
    proceed to collect weapons immediately). At this point the host may opt to
    give his position away to a guard and take part in the action, although he
    is not required to. If the attacker manages to KO the host (he doesn't have
    to KO the guards, if he does the coins of the fallen guard are fair game for
    anyone), things change drastically. The attacker receives the coins dropped
    by host and BECOMES the new host, starting a new round. The old host may
    participate in the new round's fastest fist. Play continues as normal] .
    There are no 'save points' along the way, the only way to earn money is to
    walk (or have some left when you are presumably defeated and lose half your
    To help you along the way you are given three strife lines. They
    consist of Poll the Audience (self explanatory), Phone a friend (You can!
    Really!), or 50/50 ("Computer, please remove two wrong answers"). Oh yes, if
    you manage to make it to $100 coins you are a meleeionaire and take my place
    as host (old host may participate in next round's fastest fist).
    Now that you know the tedious rules, let's play who wants to be a
    Thus ends my anything-but-brief rule definition. It may have been confusing
    and tedious but trust me, it will pay off in 60 minutes of fun. For added
    convenience the abridged round is listed below
    1)Introduction if beginning (not needed in rounds 2+)
    2)Fastest Fist (Defined above)
    3)$1-100 coin questions (defined above)
    3a If contestant makes it to $100 coins he is a meleeionaire and becomes the
    new host for next round
    3b If contestant walks, he keeps his money and round starts anew with same
    3c If contestant misses a question and goes quietly, his coins dropped are
    distributed among the guards and host
    3d If contestant rebels and is thrown out, coins are given to host and round
    starts anew with the defeated attacker an automatic guard
    3e If contestant rebels and manages to KO host, he becomes new host and
    receives host's dropped coins.
    4)Go back to step two and repeat.
    Please test out this scenario of mine and tell me how it (at
    robotopenguin@hotmail.com) went as well as comments about it, possible
    mistakes I made, or ways you think it could be better. I'd be glad to hear
    some suggestions. If there are even a few messages in my mailbox I will
    modify the scenario as suggested (if it's a good suggestion) and post the
    sequel (it's much different and NOT a gameshow, although it has some
    gameshowy aspects), Who wants to BEAT a meleeionaire (physically)?.
    VARATION: 2-player mode. It's basically the same thing as the 3-4 player
    mode, only without handicaps, fastest fist, or a security crew. Host just
    asks questions for coins and dukes it out when attacked (weapons and items
    still on). Pretty boring in my opinion, but you gotta please everyone these
    days... I might consider jazzing it up into a mini-game show if I get a
    comment e-mail about Meleeionaire *hint, hint*
    >>> NAME: The Wrong Villain
    Story: mario is relaxing at his new home in onett and notices somethng
    strange, he goes to check it out. He finds a strange rodent trying to break
    through the walls of his house.
    Mario: what are you?
    It attacks when it sees him.
    Stage: onett
    Characters: mario (hmn) vs pikachu lv 1
    1 stock, no time limit
    items: food on very low
    if you win continue, if you lose, do it again.
    Pikachu runs away.
    Pikachu: I've got to tell boss I failed.
    Mario follows and ends up in the city where he sees the rodent run into a
    bar. He runs in and sees it talking to some big monkeys. They look at him.
    Monkey 1: is that him?
    Pikachu: yup
    Monkey 2: lets get im'
    Stage: Fourside
    Team battle
    Characters: Mario (hmn) vs pikachu lv 1 and 2 DK's level 2
    2 stock, time limit 5 min.
    items: food, maxim tomato on very low.
    If you win, continue. If you lose, game over.
    Monkey 1: no wonder you lost, he's really strong, lets get outta here!
    They run away.
    Mario: Maybe bowser has something to do with this.
    Mario runs to the castle to find it in ruins and bowser is there laughing his
    head off. Mario feel a great rage rise inside him and attacks.
    Stage: Hyrule temple, alternate music
    Characters: Mario (hmn) vs Bowser lv 5
    5 stock, no time limit
    items: none
    if win, continue, if lose, game over
    Mario is at bowser's neck.
    Mario: where is peach?
    Bowser: I don't know, I came to visit and give her a Mr. Saturn and she was
    gone the castle in ruins, at first I was sad, but then I thought, hey! The
    castle is gone! I can take over the kingdom now! I eventually discovered that
    the person who did it was...
    But then by a mysterious force, Bowser suddenly has a heart attack and dies.
    Mario: Oh great. That's really great.
    So Mario goes to search for peach the first stop is the Great Bay, where he
    meets link. Mario starts talking to Zelda about Peach's whereabouts and Link
    gets jealous.
    Stage: Great Bay
    Characters: Mario (hmn) vs Zelda lv 1 vs Link lv 4
    3 stock no time limit
    items: bunny hood
    if win, continue, if lose, retry
    Mario decides he needs work on his abilities. He decides to go to school.
    Optional battle
    Stage: Battlefield
    Characters: Mario (hmn) vs Dr. Mario lv 4
    1 stock, limit 2 min.
    items: none
    if chose to do the battle: if win, become Doctor Mario, if lose, stay Mario
    if chose not to battle: stay Mario
    Mario decides to check inside the Earth, so he goes to the depths and meets
    Samus trying to subdue Kraid. She attacks, thinking mario has come to steal
    her bounty.
    Stage: Brinstar Depths
    Characters: Mario/Dr. Mario (hmn) vs Samus lv 9
    3 stock no time limit
    items: screw attack
    if win, take the win path, if lose, take the lose path. both paths are below.
    Win Path
    You go to the fields to look for peach and get attacked by kirby.
    Stage: Green Greens
    Characters: Mario/Dr. Mario (hmn) vs kirby lv 6
    3 stock no time limit
    Items: maxim tomato, food
    if win, continue, if lose, continue
    Lose path
    you fall deeper to where there is acid that has killed many.
    Stage: Brinstar
    Characters: Mario/Dr. Mario (hmn) vs GaW lv 2
    2 stock with 2 min. time limit
    Items: none
    If win, continue, if lose, try again.
    Mario finally learns where peach is, he starts to head towards the place by
    hitch hiking, unfourtunately, no one will pick him up. So he hops on the cars
    instead. Some angry drivers come out to attack.
    Stage: Big Blue
    Team battle
    Characters: Mario/Dr. Mario (hmn) vs 3 Cpt. Falcons lv 3
    2 stock 4 min. time limit
    items: anything you thing looks high tech on very high
    if win, continue, if lose, try again
    Mario arrives at the place, its final destination. And who does he spot but...
    Ganondorf: hahahahahahahaha! I thought putting Bowser at the castle would
    lead you off my trail.
    Mario: you wish!
    Ganondorf: Prepare for battle!
    Stage: Final Destination
    Characters: Mario/Dr. Mario (hmn) vs Ganondorf lv 9 vs Peach lv 1
    10 stock no time limit
    Items: none
    Don't KO Peach or Game over.
    If win, get ending, if lose, game over
    Mario defeats Ganondorf and saves peach. They live happily ever after.
    The End
    6. CREDITS
    Because of the huge inflation of names, it would be a lengthy process of
    listing all the contributors, and plus it would make this section bigger than
    it needs to be. So:
    -Special Thanks to the people that submitted Battle Scenarios, and especially
    an Ultra-Special Thanks to the creative people that submitted Adventure
    -Thanks to Jonathan Leung for allowing me to use his Battle Scenarios thread
    and incorporate it into this FAQ, even though I actually never got the chance
    to do it. (Nevertheless I feel the need of thanking him.)
    -Thanks to JackTekaik for pointing out the Battle Scenarios in the
    instruction booklet.
    -Special Thanks to CJayC for hosting such a great site like GameFAQs, and for
    posting my FAQ.
    Did I miss you in the Credits? E-mail me ASAP if I did.
    290 Scenarios! 266 Pages!! (I wouldn't print the WHOLE document if I was
    you!) Wow. This FAQ has gotten more famous than I thought...
    I've had a blast. You guys are extremely creative, and my E-Mail has been
    full of very worthy Scenarios!
    Now after more than a year, this FAQ is at it's final update. Thanks to all
    of you who submitted your creative Scenarios!!
    I hope these scenarios will help to lengthen the fun of SSBM.
    Most importantly, have fun!!     -Max817
    Questions? Comments? Mistakes in the FAQ? Well, then, send them in!
    E-Mail: Max817@cs.com
    Thank you for reading my FAQ!!

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