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    Coin Mode FAQ by Galaway

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          Smash Bros. Melee
            COIN MODE FAQ
    By Galaway (galawaynosora@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.4
    Last Update: 02/11/02
    NOTE: If you experience redundance at any time during the course of this
          FAQ, please let me know.
       (1): Opening
    1.0) Legal stuff
    1.1) Credits
    1.2) Updates?
       (2): About Coin Mode
    2.0) Intro to Coin Mode
    2.1) What is Coin Mode?
    2.2) Where can I find it?
    2.3) How do you play?
       (3): Other Stuff You Should Know
    3.0) General Info
    3.1) Who to Coin with?
       (4): The Secrets
    4.0) The Coin Catacombs & The Secret Spot
    4.1) Flying
    4.2) Deathtraps
       (5): FAQ
       (6): Anything Else?
    $$$ -(1): Opening- $$$
    1.0): Legal Stuff
         You'd be a moron if you said I was claiming credit for creating SSB. SSB:
    Melee and all related characters, items, etc. are the property of HAL
    Laboratories and Nintendo, all rights reserved, trademark, copyright,
    1.1): Credits
    Me <galawaynosora@hotmail.com>
    King Deathlock <king_deathlock@yahoo.com>
    Alain <eirelav@sympatico.ca>
    1.2): Updates?
    >01/09/02: Began Faq! Corrected some serious redundance.
    >01/10/02: Corrected some stuff; added a Queastion to FAQ!
    >01/15/02: Added "Deathtraps" section and another question.
    >02/04/02: Long time, no update! Check out all the shiny newness!
    >12/11/02: I'm getting friggin' tired of you people sending me mail asking
    "Where are the Coin Catacombs?" It's quite simple. I won't be accepting any
    more mails about this. If you do mail me on this subject, bad things will
    happen to you. ><
    $$$ -(2): About Coin Mode- $$$
    2.0): Intro to Coin Mode
         Super Smash Bros. Melee presents a new mode of Versus play; The Coin Mode.
    In this, you desperately knock the stuffing out of your opponents to get pocket
    change for that Snack machine in the lobby. You can choose to rob Ness or Young
    Link of their Lunch Money, or free Zelda or Peach of the riches that have
    burdened them for far too long. Either way, it's a great deal of fun and stress
    2.1): What is Coin Mode?
         In Coin Mode, you mercilessly wail on your opponents in order to get them
    to relenquish the money they've built up on their franchises over the years.
    The harder you hit, the more coins pop out. Collect the most to win.
    2.2): Where can I find it?
         You can access Coin Mode by going to the Character select screen in any
    Versus Melee Mode. Click on the banner on the top of the screen, or simply go
    to the "Custom Rules" Menu. You can select Time mode, Stock Mode, Coin Mode, or
    Bonus Mode. Set it to Coin Mode and select your amount of time below that (The
    default is 2 minutes).
         There's an event in 1-Player Event Match Mode (#5) where you play as Ness
    and must play a Coin Match against Captain Falcon. You only have to get 200
    Coins, so it shouldn't be a problem after a bit of practice.
    2.3): How do you play?
         Coin Mode plays just like any normal match in SSB Melee, except that it's
    not about the last person standing or how many KO's you get, but rather how
    many coins you collect over the course of the fight.
         To get coins, all you have to do is fight. They'll pop out after you land
    a hit. To grab the coins, all you need to do is touch them. You can view your
    Coin Total at any time; it's sitting right on top of the damage counter.
         You'll notice three distinctly different coins. They are:
    Bronze Coins: Worth 1 Coin. Common, and in melees they'll fly up like
    Silver Coins: Worth 5 Coins. You won't see these as often as the Bronze
                  ones. They're larger and easier to spot than the others.
    Gold Coins: Worth 10 Coins. These'll pop out usually after smash attacks,
                power hits, and meteor smashes. They're bigger than the silver
                ones, and sometimes appear mysteriously after a KO.
         In Coin Mode, you have limitless stock. However, when you fall off the
    screen, you'll lose HALF of the coins you've collected! This can be
    devestating, especially after getting a large total. But that isn't all. If you
    get KOed off the left or right of the screen, your hard earned coins that you
    LOST will flood back onto the screen from the side which you died on. It isn't
    easy to reach them, but your opponents will have no problems, usually. If you
    fall off the screen and your coin total is odd, the computer adds one coin to
    it and divides that total in half.
         Also, here's a common misconception; YOU DON'T LOSE YOUR COINS WHEN YOU'RE
    HIT. You simply produce other coins for your opponents to grab. If possible, I
    urge you to grab your own coins. It's a great way to increase your total and
    prevent the others' from rising.
    $$$ -(3): Other Stuff You Should Know- $$$
    3.0): General Info
         The harder you smash, the more coins you get. Try using Meteor Smashes to
    the best of your ability, such as Mario's jumping FORWARD + A attack. Smash
    attacks may get you a couple of Gold coins per hit, or a flurry of Silver and
    Bronze ones.
         Stay in the fray! Because you don't lose coins when you're hit and you'll
    probably acquire a quarter of them from yourself and half accidentally, it's
    necessary to not just wait to be a vulture and grab straying coins.
         Vulturism will get you nowhere, unless you want to go down to last place.
         Some special techniques should not be used, like Samus's Screw Attack. It
    gets very, very few coins, and since that's what matters, other aspects simply
    don't cover that loss of cash and time.
         Some characters get more coins than others with their attacks, namely
    Smash attacks.
         Projectiles are a bit of a waste of time, unless powerful and/or at close
    range. Samus's Charge Shot is a good one to use.
    3.1): Who to Coin With?
    Ness: The Bat Smash attack will get you 3-4 gold coins a hit!
    Marth, Roy: Power and speed to pick up those coins. Why not?
    Peach: She's got those nice recovery techniques. Prevents her from getting
           killed as easy, and that's going to save half her coins.
    DK, Bowser, Gannondorf: Heavy, damaging, BIG (Catch more coins!), but not
                            too fast...
    Ice Climbers: Double attack! and double coins when they get pummeled; The
                  CPU Nana gives coins, too! Thanks to everyone who pointed this   
               out to me...Even though I had already tested it after the last      
    Young Link: He gets multiple hits with his spin attack (UP + B). That can be
                an unpleasant surprise to opponents if used correctly.
    Link: So he doesn't get multi-hits on his spin- So what? A little slower
          than Marth and Roy, but has different attacks. Put them to a different
    Kirby: His Inhale/Copy gets quite a few coins.
    Jigglypuff: Rest (DOWN + B), when connecting with an opponent, is an
                almost-instant kill. Halve their coins. ^^
    Zelda: Not Sheik, Zelda. She's got quite a few nice meteor strikes and
           combat techniques.
    Samus: She excells in both her charge shot and in hand to hand; the morphing
           ball roll is compact and hard to hit.
    Mewtwo: He plays like a cross between Ness, Zelda, and Samus. What's not to
    $$$ -(4): The Secrets- $$$
    NOTE: Not conditional secrets, like those unlocked in the game!
    4.0): The Coin Catacombs & The Secret Spot
         These involve the Hyrule Temple stage, the largest in the game.
         There's a tunnel area which leads out into a little room on the left side
    of the stage, known among my friends as the "Coin Catacombs" when we're playing
    can sustain serious damage, around 460 if you're good, in hand to hand combat.
    This produces an exceptional amount of coins. Don't be surprised if you break
    the 2000 mark fighting down there, even within 10 minutes!
         On the floor of the little room, there's a path leading down another
    tunnel and out onto a little platform. In the opposite direction, there's a
    sheer drop off the edge, but with tiled bricks. This is where the secret spot
    comes into play. Imagine a square box with sides about the width of the brick
    platform with your character standing in the center. Position this box right at
    the edge of where the soil trail meets the bricks.
    NOT THIS, which is above that (Thanks to King Deathlock for this illustration
    to clear confusion):
           |           |
           |           |
           |           |
           |________   |
    This, which is below that. This represents the **floor**.
                 |             /                  /
              BRICKS           \                  \
                 |             /                  /
                 |     BOX     \       SOIL       \
                 |    (YOU)    /                  /
                 |             \                  \
                 |             /                  /
                 |             \                  \
         When standing RIGHT THERE, you can intercept almost anyone who comes down
    there by facing the respective direction and placing a smash attack right in
    their face. Hence, the only almost completely safe spot in the game. The
    computer just loves to jump down there and let you get the upper hand on it.
    I've found, though, that some characters need to be standing with the opposite
    side of the box to the line, on the soil. Adjust as necessary.
         By backing up a bit, you can send your opponents flying out that tunnel
    with some high percentages and a nice smash attack. Sometimes they may even
    curve around and drop down through the platforms so you can hit them off in a
    painless manner.
    4.1): Flying
         Peach can float, and the parasol lets you parachute, but there IS a way to
         You'll have to be down in the lower room of Hyrule temple with a high
    abount of damage, 400% or above, for this to work.
         You know how some up-smash attacks and up-throws send you wailing into the
    fore/background? If you're attacked like that (just right) down in Hyrule
    Temple in that Underground Room, something in the physics of the game says that
    you have to keep going; but you can't because there's a ceiling. You just fly
    up there like a released baloon. If you go up the tunnel before the effect
    wears off, you'll still cling to the ceiling. Sometimes this same effect will
    occur and other zany things may happen, such as uncontrollable sliding around
    the walls of the stage. Confuse your friends and enemies alike!
    4.2): Deathtraps
         There are several areas of the game that can be considered Deathtraps,
    that if your opponent is at low-moderate damage (Around 50%-75%), you can kill
    them almost instantly. It's devilish!
         #1: Great Bay
             Get by the turtle's head (Where it is at the beginning of the stage)
    at the edge of that platform. When you use a forward smash attack when facing
    the central platform on the lower-right one, the opponent will bounce off the
    upper-central main platform and ricochet to their doom.
         #2: Hyrule Temple
             Has the same effect as the Great Bay. In that little tunnel leading
    down from the underground room, do a forward smash attack; they'll bounce off
    the ceiling and, if they don't hit that platform that's there, plummet to their
         #3: Icicle Mountian
             Any platform that you can't drop/jump through on this stage becomes a
    deathtrap. Rules to scrolling stages; Survive first, fight later. Prioritize!
         #4: Fourside
             Hitting a character while they're over one of the spaces inbetween the
    buildings will cause a lack of recovery ability. Especially on characters like
    $$$ -(5): FAQ- $$$
    Q: Where is the Secret Spot?
    A: See section 4.0 for details on this.
    Q: I get over 200 coins in coin mode, yet when I go to the lottery, I only     
    have a few. Why?
    A: The amount of coins you get for lotto is based on how many times you      
    SMASH the control stick during a match. Kind of a bummer. Keep at it!
    Q: Coin Trophy?
    A: If you play 100 Coin Matches, you get the Smash Coins trophy. Thanks to   
    Alain for forcing me to point this out. ;)
    $$$ -(6): Anything Else?- $$$
    Thank you, Reader, for reading my FAQ. If you're not reading this at Gamefaqs,
    something is seriously wrong! Contact me immediately. Peace out!
    What, you're still reading this?!
    This document Copyright 2002 Matthew A. Hoover

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