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    Peach by LAZY TEENS CLUB

    Version: Final | Updated: 08/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DATE: 8-29-02
    VERSION: Omega
    NAME: Thomas Hostetler
    E-MAIL: SpaceCatsSoiree@juno.com
    This guide, written by SPACE CATS SOIREE, is meant for readers who don't want
    to waste any time. If you don't like to read someone yapping on and on about
    themself, or wasting time by going too deep into useless details, then this is
    the guide for you. No one is allowed to copy and paste this FAQ to another site
    or magazine without giving proper credit to SpaceCatsSoiree@Juno.com.
    8-28-02 Omega version of FAQ completed
    6-11-02 Final version of FAQ completed.
    2-1-02 I forgot to add some stuff before I sent in my faq. I'm now adding a new
    tactic, "Dodging Follow-ups." . I'm also adding a new tactic "Instant Float."
    Finally, I added a new section called "Secrets."
    2-1-02 Changed my theory on turnips. Read the new and altered turnip tacticts.
    I also added a new combo that is very effective.
    1-23-02 Added 2 more misc. tips.
    1-22-02 Rearranged the order of the faq to make it a step-by-step learning
    process. It's alot easier to find what you need. I also added more character
    specific strategies.
    1-21-02 Added a new tactic "Play Tricky." Added a second tactic, "Dodge and
    Roll." I also added a tip for playing against the Ice Climbers in section
    eight. The last thing I added was a brand new section called "Air Attacks."
    1-17-02 Added a new use for the Peach Bomber. I also added more ways to use the
    turnips and I modified a section that might have been offensive. Lastly, I made
    a lot of small changes here and there that will help you keep up with your
    opponents as people get progressively better.
    1-7-02 Added more tips to the "Other misc." section and added more combos in
    the "Combos" section
    1) Basic move list
    2) Attack statistics
    3) Combos
    4) Air attacks
    5) Tacticts
    6) Other misc.
    7) Weaknesses
    8) Character specific strategies
    9) Secrets
    10) Final word
    *~*~*~*~*BASIC MOVE LIST*~*~*~*~*
    A - Slap attack. Useful if you need to get a quick hit in when your opponent in
    pummeling you.
    Forward A - High angle kick. Useful when an opponent charges at you.
    Down A - Low slap. Aims low.
    Up A - Headbutt. Not too useful.
    Dashing A - Two-handed shove. Good for starting combos and getting quick shots
    Forward smash - Frying pan, tennis racket, and golf club attack. Good for
    edge-guarding and useful against charging opponents.
    Up smash - Uppercut. Needs to be precise to connect with but good for finishing
    off an opponent and starting some combos. This will send your opponent flying
    further if they're in the air when it connects.
    Down smash - Spinning cyclone attack. Very useful to clear out foes if you are
    ambushed. Also good if you and your opponent roll around a lot. This is also
    one of her strongest moves and should be used often.
    A (mid-air) - Spinning slap. Good for a quick mid-air hit. Your best attack
    when fighting ultra fast characters.
    Forward A (mid-air) - Glitter and smack. Great for finishing off an opponent
    with a high percent.
    Back A (mid-air) - Mid-air butt bump. Only useful if you are changing
    directions in mid-air.
    Up A (mid-air) - Upward kick. Tough to connect with but one of the better
    finishing moves.
    Down A (mid-air) - Pummel kick. Not incredibly useful but it's your only attack
    from above unless you're holding a turnip.
    B - Toad flail. Use this as your counter attack. Don't use it for projectiles
    because of its slowness.
    Forward B - Peach bomber. Not too useful. Useful only if you have a beat in
    your hand that you don't want to throw.
    Up B - Peach parasol. Very useful attack from below. Tacks on loads of damage
    to your opponent if used repeatedly and has great priority. Use often.
    Down B - Turnip/Beat (Press A or Z and any direction to throw) Toss a beat at
    your opponent.
    Throw forward - Slap. Great for finishing off your opponent.
    Throw back - Hip toss. Tosses your opponent to the other side of you.
    Throw up - Toss up. Send your opponent upwards.
    Throw down - Sit attack. Great for starting combos.
    *~*~*~*~*ATTACK STATISTICS*~*~*~*~*
    YOU MUST PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE: Some attacks send your opponent flying
    TWICE AS FAR when your opponent is in mid-air. Not all attacks do that so I
    wrote which attacks work best for this. Keep this in mind. The first number is
    the amount of damage the attack will inflict. The second number is the percent
    that the move will KO the foe in. I used Mario as the standard. Lighter
    characters will be KO'd at lower percents. Also, some moves KO opponents off
    the sides of the stage. This will show how much percent will KO them if they
    are about 5 character lengths away from the edge.
    A - 3%Damage 490%KO
    Forward A - 13%Damage 160%KO (3rd rate KO move)
    Down A - 10%Damage 170%KO (2nd rate KO move)
    Up A - 12%Damage 190%KO
    Dashing A - 9%Damage 165%KO (3rd rate KO move)
    Forward smash - 15%Damage 160%KO (pan) 190% (golf club/racket) (The pan is a
    3rd rate KO move)
    Up smash - 7%Damage 220%KO (1st rate KO move)
    Down smash - 8-25%Damage 130%KO (2nd rate KO move)
    A (mid-air) - 9%Damage 160%KO (1st/2nd rate KO move)
    Forward A (mid-air) - 15%Damage 125%KO (1st rate KO move)
    Back A (mid-air) - 10%Damage 185%KO (3rd rate KO move)
    Up A (mid-air) - 11%Damage 145%KO (2nd rate KO move)
    Down A (mid-air) - 3-11%Damage
    B - Depends on closeness and type of attack it's countering.
    Forward B - 16%Damage 270%KO
    Up B - 1-11%Damage
    Down B - Depends on the face of the beat
    Throw forward - 10%Damage 125%KO (1st rate KO move)
    Throw back - 11%Damage 290%KO
    Throw up - 8%Damage 350%KO
    Throw down - 7%Damage 745%KO
    Keep all these types of combos in mind. If you'll notice, many of these combos
    can be combined with each other. Peach is, in my opinion, one of the best
    comboers in the game. Just remember which attacks will send your opponent where
    and what can be used after that to add on more attacks.
    COMBO 1
    A + A + forward smash- Mostly useful for low percent opponents but also good if
    you're cornered and need to attack a foe quickly to escape. Sometimes the
    forward smash can be replaced with a forward A attack but this is very
    difficult to pull off.
    COMBO 2
    Toss a beat at your opponent, then dash at them with A to do a two-handed
    shove, then, if they fly above you, depending how high, do either a parasol
    attack or an up smash followed by a parasol attack. If, after the two-handed
    shove, they fly behind you, run in that direction and do another two-handed
    COMBO 3
    Send them up either with an up smash or a running A attack. When they're in the
    air, jump and do a mid-air forward A attack. If the timing is too difficult,
    then do a mid-air A attack instead of forward A. Also try a mid-air up A
    COMBO 4
    Grab them, throw them down and immediately follow with a down smash. Will work
    unless they roll.
    COMBO 5
    Like combo 4, throw them down. If they fly too far to use the down smash,
    either do a forward smash, a forward A attack, or a dash attack. A dash attack
    works best because then you can combo it into other attacks.
    COMBO 6 (Difficult)
    This one is difficult to pull off. First toss a beat straight up and stand
    there. If opponent approaches you, grab them and toss them upwards. When they
    hit the beat, do one of the next 4 moves of your choice: mid-air forward A,
    mid-air A, mid-air up A, or use the parasol.
    COMBO 7 (Juggle)
    I recently discovered how well Peach can juggle opponents. Send them up with a
    throw or an up smash then follow up with a mid-air A attack. Next, do your 2nd
    jump and use another mid-air A attack. Float and do it again. Land, run towards
    them, jump, and do it again. IT'S INSANE!
    *~*~*~*~*~AIR ATTACKS*~*~*~*~*~
    I felt that this section needed to be added in order to help people become true
    Peach masters. A lot of characters in the game have certain attributes that
    give them advantages over other characters in the game. Most of them require
    very little thinking. Peach's advantage is her variety of air attacks. This
    advantage requires a lot of thinking and will probably make Peach one of the
    most difficult characters to master. I'm listing several techniques of air
    attacks that Peach can use. Keep all these techniques in mind and mix up your
    variety to keep your opponent guessing. This is what seperates the Peach
    masters from everyone else.
    Jump above your opponent and toss a turnip down. This keeps your distance from
    your opponent to safeguard you from an attack from below.
    Jump above your opponent and toss a turnip straight up. This one leaves tons of
    room open for your next move. You can follow this one up with almost anything.
    For example, you can glide in place or get extra height with the parasol or do
    a mid-air evasion, or you can follow with an attack.
    Jump over your opponent and toss a turnip at them from behind.
    Jump and toss a turnip at your opponent. Distance air attack. It was worth
    Jump over your opponent and do a down A attack as you fly past them. This will
    protect you if they try to jump at you from below while you're in the air.
    Jump past your opponent and do a mid-air A attack. This covers lots of space
    and works best against fast characters.
    Jump directly at your opponent and do a mid-air forward A attack.
    Jump past your opponent and hit them with a backward A attack.
    Jump past your opponent and turn around and hit them with a Peach Bomber. You
    know, that useless move.
    Hover just above the ground and float towards your opponent and use a mid-air A
    attack, mid-air forward A attack, or mid-air backward A attack. You can also
    use a mid-air down A attack but it gets little damage.
    Float just above the ground and do any of the above attacks as you float past
    them but then come back in the opposite direction and hit them again. Play
    tricky and don't always do this or they'll expect it.
    Parasol attack. It's very accurate but won't do much damage.
    Mid-air A attack. It's less accurate but will do more damage and send them
    flying a little.
    Mid-air up A. Very inaccurate but will send your opponent flying. Of these 3,
    it's your call.
    As I'll mention a lot later, you need to play defensively and counter a lot so
    you can jump past your opponent and do a mid-air evasion to set them up.
    This is the strategy for Peach. It is under the assumption that you are playing
    one vs. one with no handicaps, no items, and no special rules.
    The turnips are probably Peach's best defensive attack. They can usually get
    you out of a jam if your opponent beats on you. Sometimes, if you're holding a
    turnip and an enemy beats on you hand-to-hand, the turnip may fly out of your
    hands and bump your opponent away from you. This will save you in a jam but the
    best way to use the turnips to get you out of a jam is to toss them straight
    up. If your opponent stupidly charges at you trying to fight hand to hand, the
    turnip will protect you. If they know better, try tossing it up and dancing
    around it. Try to stay in the area of the turnip but move around so your
    opponent will think they can get you when you're not near it. Then as they
    close in on you, move back in the path of the turnip and BuMp, there they go
    flying again. You may need to use that incredible jump of yours to give the
    turnip more hang time. Also, try tossing the turnip up and follow with a
    parasol attack. Your opponent will try to attack you as you land and end up
    coming face to face with a turnip.
    I changed my theory on turnips after a lot of practice. If you abuse the
    turnips too much, people will always be expecting it and will be ready to
    counter you and take you out. Try to use the turnips more sparingly and only
    pull one up if you have time. If your opponent is too close, they can knock it
    out of your hand as you're pulling it up. Mainly use your air attacks as your
    primary attack and your turnips as a secondary attack. This works much better.
    You can read about the deadly turnip in the misc. section of this faq. If you
    come across this turnip, make sure you hit your opponent with it. It's a very
    valuable turnip. Catch it after it connects so you can use it again. Pressing A
    will catch it. If it's in the air, pressing Z will catch it. You can usually
    reuse it two more times and then it will disappear. Imagine a turnip that can
    do 90% damage for you!
    Although this isn't the most effective tactic Peach has, it can be devastating
    if it's used sparingly to surprise your opponent. When you hold a turnip, you
    can't use any of your A attacks or throws. This means that the majority of your
    attacks are disabled. So here's what you can do to make use of what little
    moves you have left. Pick a beat and run at your opponent with it. They will
    think to themselves, "Here comes another beat. I can either try to catch it,
    block/dodge it, or hit Peach before she can toss it." If they block or dodge
    it, then they did the smartest move. If they try to catch it or try to hit you
    before you toss it, then here's where you can finally make use of that peach
    bomber (Forward B). As you're running with the turnip in your hand, right when
    you're in range and they expect you to toss it, do a peach bomber instead. If
    it connects, OUCH! If they block or dodge it, then press R in mid-air to do an
    evasion in case they try to counter you.
    The Peach Bomber ranks in one of my most useless moves category. However, there
    are a couple places where you can extend the range of the attack. You'll have
    to play all over the stages to find these places. Wherever there is an upward
    slope, the Peach Bomber will slide up with it and fly a further distance. Try
    to do this on the steps of the Hyrule Castle stage for an example.
    If you knock someone off the edge and they're in range to return, toss a turnip
    straight at them and knock them back again. You can sometimes hit them like 7
    times with this move. If they return above you, simply toss a beat straight up.
    If they're below you and returning upward, Try to hit them with a forward
    smash, preferably charged. If they grab the edge, keep your eye on them. They
    will either jump, roll, or attack on their way up. When they're hanging on the
    edge, step back so you can smash them immediately if they roll. If they jump,
    step back and use that parasol of yours or possibly a forward A mid-air move.
    If they attack on their way up, bring out Toad. Also, if your opponent isn't
    hanging off the edge and returning and you don't have time to pull out a
    turnip, then bring out Toad instead. It'll damage your opponent but will enable
    them to make it back to land.
    If you're the one who ends up knocked off the edge and needs to return to land,
    then feel secure because Peach probably has the best return of all characters
    in the game. As you know, holding up or X/Y will allow you to glide. This
    should get you back from anything. As you return, try to fly over your opponent
    and find a safe place to land. If, when you're flying over your opponent, they
    try to hit you in the air, simply use your umbrella attack right as they try to
    attack you. It will give you extra height over their attempted attack and bring
    you to safety. If your opponent is edge-guarding you, try to position yourself
    under them at the edge and use your umbrella to attack them on the edge. This
    should move them out of the way for you.  A better thing you can do is use your
    umbrella right at the point where it won't attack them, but barely position you
    high enough to grab the edge without being attacked. This last technique almost
    never works but if you must try it, you can position yourself right next to
    your opponent as they edge guard and use a mid-air peach bomber on them to give
    you a small amount of a horizontal distance and possibly get a lucky hit in.
    Don't forget to use a mid-air evasion if you need to.
    Very simple, if you want to tack on small amounts of damage here and there to
    get their percent high, then use the umbrella as much as possible. Try to get
    under your opponent as much as possible and stick an umbrella up their butt.
    You'll be surprised how often this works. It even has priority over some great
    moves like Links mid-air down A attack and Yoshi's down B mid-air attack. If
    they see you positioning yourself under them and they jump in another
    direction, then do your best to anticipate where they will jump and nail 'em!
    Also, if they fall in mid-air, try to get your open umbrella under them and
    make them land on it as much as possible.
    This should apply to every character, not just Peach. If you've noticed, a
    great majority of moves in the game can be easily, and quickly countered if
    blocked or missed. That means that playing defensively plays a major role in
    mastering this game. If you block an opponent's move, immediately grab them and
    use a throw of your choice. If you did only this, you could be as strong as any
    master. What you need to do is to attack your opponent up close only if you are
    100% sure your attack will not be blocked. Otherwise, prepare to be grabbed,
    punched twice, and thrown.
    Sometimes to learn new ideas and strategies, you need to play as other
    characters, find their strengths, and relate them to your character. Because
    Jigglypuff has a lot of small and quick jumps, you can play extremely tricky.
    With Jigglypuff, I jump at my opponent, and a split second before I reach them,
    I jump backwards and then forwards immediately and hit them with a jump kick.
    Switching directions in mid-air can really fool your opponent and is one of the
    smartest tactics in the game. However, few players can do it like Jigglypuff.
    Peach can't do it as well, but comes the closest because of her floating
    abilities. You can jump at them, pause in mid-air (by floating), and then
    attack them when they flinch. You can also jump past them and use the Peach
    Bomber. They see you jumping one way and then you turn around and go the other
    way. You can jump past them and do a mid-air evasion by rolling in the opposite
    direction you were jumping to trick them.  You can also run towards them, jump
    backwards, do a mid-air jump and jump back at them, and then attack them or
    pause in mid-air then attack them. Finally, you can float at them, then a split
    second before you reach them, float back a tad so if they attack, they'll miss,
    then float towards them again and attack.
    Floating enables you to play tricky. However, to float, you have to jump first
    and this may position you too high. There is a way you can float just above the
    ground without jumping too high. Press and hold X/Y. The very split second
    after you press it, press down hard as if you were using a smash move. You'll
    float just above the ground. Perfect! While floating, you can use your mid-air
    attacks even while holding a turnip. Goodie!
    When I played the original Smash Bros. I discovered the roll and grab tactic
    before my friends did and I'd say this was what made me as strong as I was.
    Now, it's way more difficult to use this tactic (Well, only for Peach because
    of her poor grab). The mid-air evasion may have made a new frontier for this
    tactic. First thing's first. When you and your opponent begin to roll around,
    use your down smash when they get behind you or close enough where you can't
    grab them. That's your only advantage with rolling. Now we will talk about
    mid-air evasions. This is mainly to fool your opponent. First run at your
    opponent and jump over them and do a mid-air A attack or a mid-air down A
    attack. Choose which attack to use based on the positioning of your opponent.
    Now, your opponent may get smart and discover one tinny little move that can
    get past that and stop you in mid-air. So now what you need to do when your
    opponent discovers that move is to run at them, jump, and instead of doing one
    of these 2 attacks, do a mid-air evasion and roll right past them. This should
    give you enough time to hit them from behind when you land. Like I said, this
    game is very counter-orientated and if you can force your opponent to miss an
    attack, and you are in range, you can come in for the kill and nail 'em!
    If you've noticed, a good amount of characters can throw you down and follow-up
    with another move. For example, Fox can throw you down and follow-up with his
    reflector shield, his up smash, down smash, and down A move. A lot of
    characters have these follow-up moves. I recently discovered a way to evade
    them. As your opponent throws you down, immediately hold your joystick to the
    side and keep pressing R repeatedly. You'll roll out of the way of their
    follow-up attack. This works for everyone and not just Peach.
    Lastly, Peach has a good keep away game. When you got two people double-teaming
    you, or if you are in a bad section of the level where you are getting
    thrashed, then use that amazing jump of yours and glide away to a safer
    location. This is extremely frustrating to your opponent. When playing someone
    of equal skill, then whoever wins the psychological game has the advantage. So
    frustrate them if you need to. Also, as I said earlier, if you use the peach
    bomber (Forward B) immediately follow up with a mid-air evasion (R in mid-air).
    Attack, and bring yourself to safety. Also, when you're up high and hit someone
    with the parasol attack, glide away from them after connection. You'll be
    surprised how fast you can glide horizontally. They'll try to chase you, and be
    frustrated that they can't catch you.
    Because the equal balance of characters was tossed out in this game, it is
    important to know that no matter how good you get with Peach, she just can't
    compete with stronger characters when used by a player of equal skill. If you
    face problems like this repeatedly, then follow my example and quit playing the
    game. There's nothing worse than a game where people only use the strong
    characters and no one has fun because they can't use their favorite character
    without losing.
    *~*~*~*~*OTHER MISCELLANEOUS*~*~*~*~*
    This may sound a little funny but it is very worth mentioning. When you have
    the time, play the game by yourself and turn only one item on: the beam sword.
    Play against a level 9 computer and practice using the sword effectively. As
    you know, Peach will randomly pull a sword out of the ground even when the
    items are turned off. If you master your sword techniques, then the next time
    you play and you just happen to find a sword, you will be ready to thrash and
    destroy your opponent.
    When playing on the Great Bay stage, you can float from one of the two lower
    platforms to the other. Do this casually and quickly to confuse your opponent.
    Also use this as an escape or as a way the attack from a different angle.
    If playing in stamina mode, use her down smash a lot. Because there are no
    percents in stamina mode, your opponent won't go flying out of the attack. This
    attack does serious damage in stamina mode. Roll around and use it. Corner your
    opponent and use. Just use it!
    When playing on the Ice Climbers stage, the stage will begin to scroll upward
    very fast. When it does, hover by holding X or Y after your jumps and you will
    keep up with the stage perfectly. In time, you will fall. When this happens,
    land as quickly as possible and begin to hover again. Your opponents will be
    struggling to jump up and up and up while you're there sitting pretty. Oh, and
    try to nail 'em with an umbrella if they get above you.
    When playing on the Rainbow Cruise level, try to make it to a flying carpet
    that's off screen. When there, pick and toss turnips and watch as your opponent
    struggles to jump from platform to platform as it's raining turnips on their
    When playing on the Donkey Kong level, the one with the funny music, float
    UNDER the stage and surprise your opponents with a parasol attack. You'll be
    surprised how often they'll fall for it. This is the one technique people still
    fall for even when they are aware of it.
    Different faced turnips do different amounts of damage. Try to find the one
    that does about 30%Damage and can KO an opponent around 70%. The eyes look like
    two lines with two other lines under them (wrinkles?). It looks like it's
    closing its eyes in disgust. Also, if you zoom in while the game is paused, you
    will see the turnip's mouth looks like stitches.
    When you use Peach's down B move, she'll randomly pull out a bob-omb, Mr.
    Saturn, or a sword. If your opponent grabs you a lot, then when you get the
    sword, drop it and let your opponent pick it up. It may sound crazy but this
    will disable their ability to grab. Now you can make better use of her Toad
    attack since you won't get grabbed while using it.
    If playing a 4-player mode and there is a riot going on, jump in and bring out
    Toad. Watch as the spores break everyone apart.
    For most projectiles, you can deplete them with certain attacks, rendering them
    useless. When standing, you can simply destroy an incoming projectile by
    pressing the A button. In the air, a mid-air A attack will do the trick. This
    will take some stress off your shield. MAKE SURE THE PROJECTILE HITS EXACTLY
    the projectiles this will work against: Mario's fireballs, Dr. Mario's
    medicine, Pikachu's bolts, Samus' bombs, Samus' missles, Link's arrows, Link's
    boomerang, Yoshi's eggs, and I think Kirby's final cutter. Here are some moves
    it will not work against: Fox's lasers, Falco's lasers, Samus' charged shot,
    Mewtwo's charged shot, Link's bombs,  Ness' PK thunder, Shiek's darts, and
    Zelda's fire.
    Peach is not good at sending your opponent flying. Therefore, you'll need to
    rack up a lot of damage on your opponent to get their percent high enough to
    kill them easily. Her forward throw and mid-air forward A are the 2 moves that
    seem to work best.
    Her Toad move kinda bites. If your opponent uses multiple projectiles, this
    move won't do much, if anything, for you. Mostly use this move like Marth's
    Her turnips can be caught. That makes it a less useful projectile.
    Her forward B move has few uses.
    Her grab isn't the best. In fact, it's one of the worst.
    After connecting with a move, her recovery time is slow. Fast characters like
    Fox and Shiek can sometimes get up fast enough after being hit and then hit you
    back even worse. Where's the balance in that?
    Because there are so many characters is the game, it is extremely difficult to
    write a complete strategy guide for each character. I haven't come across any
    Kirby masters or Gannondorf masters and many others so its a huge task for me
    to write down a strategy for every character. I wrote down everything that I
    came across though and need to warn others about. You'll find that a lot of
    these strategies disable your opponents attacks and will make them feel
    useless. This is great because it'll make them lose confidence in themselves,
    and it will give your opponent a smaller range of attacks to use.
    Link has virtually no weaknesses. With 3 different projectiles, you won't win a
    projectile war with him so leave those turnips in the ground. Also, don't fight
    him hand to hand because his sword will chop your pretty little hands off.
    Don't even try to roll and grab him because he's got a hookshot. Play
    defensively.  If your opponent is projectile happy, try air attacks on him.
    Frustrate your opponent into doing something stupid and use those tricky
    tactics to make him miss with a move with slow recovery time. Link has the
    fewest weaknesses of all characters and the most strengths making him the
    strongest character.
    Mario's cape is the cheapest move in the game. If your opponent uses this move
    a lot, time your turnips so they hit after he pulls out his cape. Don't try
    dashing in on him either. Deplete his fireballs and don't let him spike you.
    Try to play on a large level because Mario has the best edge-guarding
    abilities. Because Mario is the favorite character of the Nintendo company, he
    was designed to handle each and every character in the game and was probably
    made to be stronger than everyone else intentionally.
    Roy and Marth are dangerous foes! They are probably Peach's worst opponents.
    The best thing to do is have an all-out turnip war against them. They both lack
    projectiles and this is your only advantage over them. Just make sure you keep
    your distance from them. Your jumping abilities should help out a lot. Run away
    as much as you need to and throw turnips. Do not fight them hand to hand. If
    you do, I promise you'll lose. These guys were made waaaaay too powerful,
    taking away the balance of characters.  All you can do is throw turnips making
    the match last an hour, taking all the fun out of the game.
    Fox, Shiek, and Captain Falcon are too fast for you to handle. Try your mid-air
    A attack A LOT when playing against these two. It's your last hope. Other than
    that, pray. In a perfectly balanced world, characters should be slow but
    strong, or fast but weak. Fox was made fast and powerful taking away the
    balance of characters in this game.
    How in the world are you supposed to be able to fight a match when it's 2 vs.
    1? The Ice Climbers are two of your toughest foes when you're playing someone
    who has mastered them. Try to seperate Nana from Popo and KO her asap. Your
    opponent will be greatly weakened by this. Next, toss Popo off the edge and
    without Nana, his 3rd jump will not work. Other than that, when they are
    together, try to stay in the air where their projectiles won't hit you. Float
    around if you have to. Also, if you read the section in Misc. about depleting
    projectiles, you'll notice that I didn't include the Ice Climber's projectile.
    It's the most unique projectile and needs to be depleted a different way. Use a
    down smash to deplete both of them at once.
    When fighting Yoshi, he can jump and use his tongue in mid-air. It's like a
    mid-air grab since you can't block it. When you see Yoshi approaching you from
    the air, step back and expect his tongue and counter it properly. Also, if you
    send Yoshi off the edge and he jumps back, jump out at him and hit him back and
    he'll free fall to his death. Turnips work good too. Deplete his eggs.
    Samus can charge her shot and then fire a zillion missles at you and when you
    least expect it, fire its charged shot. For Samus, you really need to keep your
    concentration and use your tricky jump tactics to avoid her attacks. Try
    multiple jumps, parasol attacks to dodge, and mid-air evasions. When your
    opponent can't connect with any of their projectiles, they will feel useless
    and lose confidence in themselves and lose. Remember, play the psychological
    Bowser and Yoshi have sit attacks. If they try to use it on you, your up smash
    will out-prioritize them if you time it perfectly. An umbrella is an
    alternative if you can't get the timing right. Boswer is a big target and easy
    to hit with turnips. Hint hint.
    If playing against Pikachu on the Hyrule Castle stage, your opponent may get
    desperate when they're losing. They'll try to go in the cave below so they
    won't die and if you don't follow them in, they'll repeatedly use the thunder
    attack and hit you while they have cover. If your opponent is a coward like
    this, go to the right edge of the stage where his thunder won't hit you and sit
    there. Don't give in to cowardness. If your friends are watching you play,
    they'll get mad at him for being a coward and wasting time. Now everyone is
    against them and they lose confidence in themself. They come out, screw up, and
    I haven't played a Jigglypuff master but I've mastered him so I don't know if
    this works for sure but if Jigglypuff begins to charge its rollout attack, pull
    out Toad once it releases its attack to counter it. Distance and timing is
    Peach has a terrible grab and Mewtwo has a great grab. Don't get caught in a
    roll and throw match with Mewtwo. Focus  on one of Mewtwo's 10,000 weaknesses
    and you should be fine.
    Some characters have secret taunts, secret voices, and secret moves. Many
    people believe every character has one that needs to be discovered. This
    section is my attempt to uncover possible secrets for Peach.
    Peach Monroe - To get Princess Peach to do a little Marilyn Monroe pose, go to
    the Ice Climber's stage and wait for the level to scroll up at the fastest or
    second fastest speed. When it does, simply taunt.
    Big turnip - When Peach grows from eating a super mushroom, her turnips will be
    super sized too. When she shrinks back to normal, her turnip stays big.
    Glitch - Sometimes when you throw a lot of turnips, one will get stuck in
    mid-air. You can even grab it again while it's stuck. This RARELY happens.
    *~*~*~*~*FINAL WORD*~*~*~*~*
    Credit goes to Gamefaqs.com for posting this faq.
    Credit also goes to me, Thomas Hostetler for taking the time to discover all
    these strategies.
    And finally, credit goes to my friend Clinton for always kicking my butt and
    making me a better player. Also, more credit goes to Clinton for using nothing
    but the strongest characters and making me quit playing and going on to enjoy a
    better life.
    If you wish to  ask for permission to use this faq or parts of it, e-mail me at
    SpaceCatsSoiree@Juno.com. Please note: I sold my Gamecube with this game so
    there will be no more updates. Please don't e-mail me with tips. I appreciate
    everyone's effort who tried to help me.
    (One more site but I forgot their name)
    Why is this faq discontinued? Everyone began to use the strong characters
    exclusively and that took the fun out of the game for me. Also, this faq was
    designed to help Peach users to be able to beat the best of any opponent but
    now I realize that it's not possible.

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