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    Jigglypuff by Novowels

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    @@ The JigglyFAQ   -   @@ A guide to teach you how to destroy your    @@
    @@    -   By: Novowels @@ friends with a small balloon-type POKeMON   @@
    @@ A Smash Bros. Melee @@ who fights by singing, rolling around, and  @@
    @@ Jigglypuff Guide    @@ falling asleep in the middle of the battle  @@ 
    @@  * Version 1.0 *    @@ Because it doesn't get any better than that @@
                        "Jigglypuff!  I choose you!"
    @@@@@                    Table of Contents                         @@@@@
    @@@@@  Sect. #  @@@@@   Section Name          @@@@@  Current Ver.  @@@@@
    @@@@@  << 1 >>  @@@@@   JIGGLYFAQ INTRODUCTION                     @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<1.1>>  @@@@@  -Who's that POKeMON?   @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<1.2>>  @@@@@  -Trophy Information    @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<1.3>>  @@@@@  -Purin                 @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  << 2 >>  @@@@@   PLAYING AS JIGGLYPUFF                      @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<2.1>>  @@@@@  -Regular Moves         @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<2.2>>  @@@@@  -Smash Attacks         @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<2.3>>  @@@@@  -Throws                @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<2.4>>  @@@@@  -Special Moves         @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<2.5>>  @@@@@  -Weapons               @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<2.6>>  @@@@@  -Taunting              @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  << 3 >>  @@@@@   JIGGLYPUFF MIND GAMES                      @@@@@
    @@@@@  <<3.1>>  @@@@@  -VS JP-Haters          @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  << 4 >>  @@@@@   FAQ CREDITS           @@@@@    Ver. 1.0    @@@@@
    @@@@@  << 1 >>  @@@@@  JigglyFAQ Introduction                      @@@@@
    Jigglypuff is a secret character in the crazy-fun fighting/party game
    Super Smash Bros: Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube.  The Author 
    (Novowels) is a big, big fan of the game and of the character Jiggly-
    puff.  Noticing there were currently no FAQs at the www.GameFAQs.com 
    site centered on this most awesome, yet hated character, he decided to
    write up a little something.  (Note: Halfway through writing this a JP
    FAQ appeared, but it claims that JP is a substandard character.  Which 
    is insane.)  Unfortunately the Author happens to be a little anal-
    retentive and is happily, psychopathically, detailed.  Therefore this
    turned into a monster of a guide that I hope will both entertain and 
    inform.  Otherwise, I just wasted about 2 weeks of my life.
    Everything in here was tested METICULOUSLY.  I have logged probably a 
    full weeks worth of time in Training mode testing every move out.  Of 
    course, this is Melee, where strange things can happen.  Just because 
    it worked once does not mean it will ALWAYS work exactly like that.  So
    if something doesn't work, don't flame me angrily that it didn't work 
    for you: Try it again, maybe a little slower, or a little higher up in
    the air, or try to it closer to the edge.  It WILL work.  Trust me.
    To unlock Jigglypuff you just have to beat Classic or Adventure mode 
    one time, it will challenge you and just beat it to unlock it.  Yay.
    Finally, I'd like to ask that this FAQ ONLY BE POSTED ON GAMEFAQS.COM
    I don't care if you use info on a Smash Bros. website, but please don't
    put the FAQ on there en masse.  And, of course, give me credit if you 
    quote me.  I'll probably change this when I get to the FINAL version of
    --Novowels (novowels@yahoo.com)
    @@@@@  <<1.1>>  @@@@@  Who's that POKeMON?                         @@@@@
    Everyone's favorite pink balloon first showed up in the smash hit that
    was Pokemon for the Gameboy.  In Japan, it soared in popularity, 
    arguably being the second-most popular Pokemon (behind Pikachu).  A 
    balloon-type Pokemon, it sang enemies to sleep so you could pound the
    crap out of them.  Fun fun fun.
    Naturally, it appeared in all of the subsequent Pokegames, and made 
    numerous appearances in the TV series.  (where it would put people to 
    sleep, then draw all over their faces with a magic marker.  haha!)  
    The Author discovered Jigglypuff in the original Smash Bros. for the 
    N64, and it sang its way up the favorite character ranks to become 
    his favorite character.  By the end of the old "Smash" days it was 
    nearly the only one the Author ever used.
    In Melee, the Author switched gears, after giving JP a test drive and 
    not being impressed.  The old insta-death combos were gone, and the new
    move seemed stupid and useless (ehehe, didn't even think to try 
    charging it that first try.)  Moving on to Peach, the Author held his 
    own, but wasn't really satisfied without his singing wonder.
    Eventually, the Author found his way to the www.SmashBoard.com website 
    and read up on what people were saying.  Lurking for a week or two, he
    finally put his two cents into an extremist anti-Jigglypuff thread was.  
    (being neutral towards JP in Melee, but not hating it) During the 
    "debate" that followed, the Author learned from the intelligent people
    of SmashBoards that although not quite as powerful as it's N64 version, 
    (which was unstoppable) the new Jigglypuff has more than what it takes
    to hang with the Elite of Melee.  After giving it another chance, the 
    little Balloon-Type once again ascended his ranks of favorites to 
    dethrone Peach as his favorite, and quickly became his most deadly 
    character in this game as well.
    However, even after that debate had been soundly won by Tifa's Knight, 
    The Author still found people bashing Jigglypuff consistently, even to
    the point of calling the lovable little 'puff the worst character in 
    the game!  Frightening what kids will think up these days.
    So, to set everyone straight on this travesty, the Author decided to 
    write a guide to point out the murderous, uncontainable power in the
    savage balloon-beast that is JIGGLYPUFF.
    I mean, uh, "So here it is, please enjoy my FAQ."
    @@@@@  <<1.2>>  @@@@@  Trophy Information                          @@@@@
    A large part of Melee consists of collecting various trophiesl.  Since
    Jigglypuff is a playable character, it gets 3 trophies, and they're all
    easy to obtain:  Just beat each of the One-Player modes with JP to get 
    a trophy.  (Classic, Adventure, and All-Star)
    Beating Classic gets a basic trophy, with basic info, and Adventure and
    All-Star gets you the (SMASH) trophies, which deal with how to use the 
    character in-game, and the characters pros and cons.  All of Jiggly's 
    trophies are pretty cool, the Classic Trophy just has JP standing
    there, the Adventure Trophy is Jigglypuff sleeping (awww) and the All-
    Star Trophy....
    Has Jigglypuff squished down real low with a red flower-thing on his
    head?!  What the hell?
    It's wearing the alternate red costume and ducking.  I have no idea.  
    Still the utter coolness of the first two trophies make up for that 
    strange third one.  Here's the info written for Jiggly for each one, in
    case you're too lazy to go through the process yourself.  (It's not
    really difficult, JP is a great one-player character.)
            [Jigglypuff]                   [Jigglypuff (SMASH)]
     ===============(classic)===\    /=============(adventure)===
    |  This balloon pokemon     |    |  Jigglypuff's normal      |
    |  invites its opponents    |    |  attacks are weak, and    |
    |  in close with its big,   |    |  because of its light     |
    |  round eyes and then      |    |  weight it's easily sent  |
    |  puts them to sleep with  |    |  flying.  However, with   |
    |  a soothing lullaby.  It  |    |  its incredible midair    |
    |  puffs itself up when     |    |  agility, it seems to     |
    |  angry, and while it may  |    |  dance when airborne.     |
    |  look adorable, it's not  |    |  Rollout is a powerful    |
    |  to be trifled with: it   |    |  speed attack, but be     |
    |  knows several powerful   |    |  careful not to fly off   |
    |  techniques.  Jigglypuff  |    |  the edge.  Pound does    |
    |  evolves into Wigglytuff  |    |  serious damage, and      |
    |  after exposure to        |    |  it can also help as      |
    |  a Moon Stone.            |    |  a recovery move.         |
     ---------------------------+    +---------------------------
                              [Jigglypuff (SMASH)]
                        |  Jigglypuff can put its      |
                        |  enemies to sleep if they    |
                        |  are in range of its Sing    |
                        |  attack, although the        |
                        |  attack does not work on     |
                        |  airborne foes. Rest puts    |
                        |  Jigglypuff into a deep      |
                        |  sleep, but at the instant   |
                        |  it drops off, an intense    |
                        |  energy force radiates out   |
                        |  of the exact center of      |
                        |  its body.  If this force    |
                        |  comes in contact with       |
                        |  an enemy, look out! Rest    |
                        |  is Jigglypuff's wild card.  |
    HAL knew what they were talking about when they made these trophies.
    It lists everything you need to know, and nothing you don't.  But I'm
    going to get a little more in-depth.  :)  Here we go...
    @@@@@  <<1.3>>  @@@@@  Purin                                       @@@@@
    As some of you know, and for those of you don't, Jigglypuff's name in 
    Japan is actually "Purin."  (Pronounced "Pui-rin)  If you change the 
    language to Japanese (in the options section) it actually changes 
    Jigglypuff to Purin.  Jiggly's taunting, singing, in fact everything 
    that Jiggly says changes to "Purin" or pieces thereof (in true poke-
    style) if you thought Jigglypuff was cute, give Purin a try.  You'll 
    either love it or it'll give you a migraine.  Personally, I like Purin 
    just a little better than Jigglypuff, but then again, I feel that the 
    closer to the original language, the better.  Especially when it comes 
    to names, etc.  (why do they have to change names anyways?)
    It takes a while to relearn to navigate some of the menus, and my 
    friends won't put up with it in VS mode on the weekends, but I enjoy 
    taking Purin out for a whirl every once in a while.
    "Pui-ri Pui-rii!"
    Ok, on to the real meat of this FAQ, and the reason you came here:  
    How to play (and win) as Jigglypuff.
    @@@@@  << 2 >>  @@@@@   PLAYING AS JIGGLYPUFF                      @@@@@
    Jigglypuff is a unique character, even in a game like Smash Bros.  As
    its massive powers aren't readily noticeable, it doesn't get much play.
    Therefore people tend to be pretty ignorant of it.  Some even hate it
    because of it's so-called "weakness."
    Super Smash Bros. Melee itself is unlike any other game on the market.  
    Although it looks superficially similar to a fighting game it is unlike
    other fighting games as it is not dependant on depleting a life-bar.
    What is usually used to determine a KO, damage from attacks, merely 
    raises your "percentage" which makes a person fly farther when hit.  
    Because of this, dialing or "tap-out" comboes are both iffy and 
    unpredictable.  Not to mention short.
    I'm not going to list combos in this FAQ like I would for, say, a Marvel
    vs Capcom FAQ.  Combos are usually a combination of moves chained 
    together that an opponent cannot escape from once the combo starts- This
    game doesn't really have that. What is usually referred to as "combos" is 
    just simple juggling.  Juggling will be very dependant on the environ-
    ment, the percentage of the opponent, and if you're holding certain 
    items.  Listing every single possible juggle-combo would be a huge 
    undertaking.  Maybe even impossible.  In any case, juggling isn't hard, 
    as soon as you have the basics of the game down you should be able to do
    it without any troubles.
    I'm just going to tell you all of the moves, what they do, and when and
    how to best utilize them.  You're the one that has to implement them.  
    But when you do...  YOU WILL BE DAMN NEAR UNSTOPPABLE.  Seriously.  A
    mastered Jigglypuff is insanely powerful.  But you should master the 
    regular game mechanics before you tackle a character like Jigglypuff.  
    If you want more info on the game mechanics, go read a full game FAQ.
    (I suggest the Nintendorks FAQ at www.GameFAQs.com)  Or better yet, 
    just play the game.  Nothing helps like real experience.
    @@@@@  <<2.1>>  @@@@@  Regular Moves                               @@@@@
     Note:  Damage and KO levels were tested on Mario on Final Destination 
      in training mode.  As he is the average of size, weight, and height, 
      all numbers should be pretty "average" for all characters.  Smaller, 
      lighter, characters will be knocked away and KOed easier, and the 
      opposite holds true for big, heavy characters.  Etc, etc.
     Note2:  While testing this I noticed that every time I used a move, a
      subsequent use did less damage.  I'm not sure how this works, whether
      it's every use or just using it many times in a row.  All damage 
      listed will be the first or second use.  Therefore it CAN do less 
      damage, if you use the move many times in a row.  It seemed to stop 
      going down at 7% or 6% for everything, though, so you should be able
      to count on at least that.  A 1-3% difference is pretty negligible in
      this game in any case, so I wouldn't worry too much about this.
    Jigglypuff's standing animation is pretty unremarkable.  It bounces 
    lightly on it's little feet-things, occasionally turning to face the 
    back of the screen and blinking once in a while.  Still, it's so cute 
    it just pretty much has to BE there to be cool.  So there it is.  
    Ducking causes it to squash itself down nearly flat- many projectiles
    will fly right over JP's head when ducking.  Running speed is not very
    fast, but it's no Ganondorf either.
    Jigglypuff's standing attacks are pretty unremarkable, it's real 
    power is in its special moves and aeriel majesty.  Although not the
    best moves in it's arsenal, the standing attacks are still useful
    for something.  There are many situations where it's smarter to be
    on the ground, so learn to utilize these attacks for those situations.
    * NEUTRAL ATTACK:  [Damage: 2%-4% per hit]
    Jigglypuff whacks its opponent with its little flap/arm thing.  It hits
    fast, has basically no reach, and leads into a comboed second hit if 
    you press A again quickly.  You can use this to rack up some damage 
    quickly, but it's not exactly a chaingun damage-wise.  Still, it's fast
    enough to snuff a few attacks, and get some damage besides.  You can 
    jam on it and get quite a few hits before they can get away, but almost
    everyone has more reach than JP so it's not the safest thing in the 
    world to do for great lengths of time.
    * TILTED FORWARD ATTACK:  [Damage: 9%]
    Jigglypuff spins around quickly and kicks its opponent.  Moves pretty
    quick and has decent reach (for a puffball) but it does have a little
    bit of lag on the end as JP does a little twirl.  This move is the
    farthest reaching of the non-smash Regular Attacks.  You don't move
    any while doing the move.
    * DUCKING ATTACK:  [Damage: 9%]
    A simple sweep kick, has decent reach.  (its' foot stretches to nearly
    twice its' regular length.  Freaky.)  Hits low, so it probably won't hit 
    characters in the air.  Use it primarily to snuff your opponent's dash
    attacks, or to hit opponents lying on the ground.
    * TILTED UP ATTACK:  [Damage: 6%]
    The tilted up A is an odd move for most characters, and Jigglypuff is 
    no exception there.  The little PKMN does a high-reaching back kick
    that only hits an opponent behind it.  The kick pops them up in the 
    air if it hits, which is a great set up move for quite a few tricks.  
    It's not a very easy move to land, for one its only going to hit someone
    directly behind Jigglypuff and for another holding up will often cause
    a jump (and holding up will just have JP exhaust all of its midair jumps)
    A good trick I've found is to do a rolling dodge (hold R+direction) so
    that instead of rolling through the opponent, you roll to right in front
    of him.  Hold up while rolling and you should be able to land and hit the
    button to tag them with the back kick.  Then follow with the juggle of
    your choice.  Learn how far Jigglypuff rolls and you should be able to 
    do this with comparative ease.  It's a great tactic that should take
    people by surprise.
    * RUNNING ATTACK:  [Damage: 12%]
    Jigglypuff does a running headbutt, driving it's forehead into it's 
    opponent.  It hops a good character length and then some forward, then
    falls flat on its face.  It's not going to KO anybody until around 140%
    though, and if you're playing Jigglypuff right they really shouldn't be
    reaching 140%.
    The air is Jigglypuff's domain.  Only two other characters come even 
    CLOSE to the 'Puff's abilities.  Those two are Peach and Kirby.  The 
    Author's old nemesis in the original SB was a Kirby, but thanks to the
    addition of the midair dodge (making JP's air domination COMPLETE), and
    the still all-mighty Pound move, Kirby is nothing more than a lame 
    wannabe-Jigglypuff.  Peach is a good new contender for JP, she does 
    match JP in distance, but she doesn't even come near sizing up to the 
    Balloon-type's manueverability, damage, or speed in the air.
    Jigglypuff can jump up to 5 times in midair.  (A jump off the ground 
    doesn't count, making a total of 6 jumps if you jump off the ground)
    When it does a midair jump, it puffs itself up, making a slightly larger
    target, but this shouldn't really affect your gameplay.  If something
    hits you, chances are it would have hit you un-puffed as well.
    Jigglypuff's midair regular attacks are quite good, thankfully.  They
    come out fast, they cover a lot of space, and most of them knock the 
    foe for a loop,  With as much time as you should be spending in the 
    air, you'll end up depending on them a lot.
    * NEUTRAL ATTACK  [Damage: 7%]
    Jiggly kicks out with one leg while falling.  This move is blindingly 
    fast, but it doesn't have much reach.  It only hits on the side JP is
    facing, too.
    * FORWARD ATTACK  [Damage: 13%]
    Jigglypuff drop-kicks its opponent with both feet. It will really send
    your foes flying, and it has rather good reach.  It won't KO until 
    above 150% though. Once again, Jiggly's amazing stretching feet (!?!)
    make their appearance.
    * DOWNWARD ATTACK  [Damage: Variable 1%-14%]
    The drill kick was once the stuff of legends, now it is simply a single
    damaging move.  It has horrible, horrible lag time at the end, making
    it damn near impossible to chain into anything afterwords.  Still, you
    can rack up about 14% damage with the sucker and it has really good 
    priority if you use it from above.  It will not KO, and it doesn't seem
    to link into anything anymore.  I used to call the move "Kirbysbane"
    since in the original Smash, one landing of this move insured a death
    for Kirby.  The Kirby player still cringes when I land this, even though
    it's basically useless now.  I would kill for JP to have a "spike" move
    like Mario and Ganondorf instead of this watered down move from the
    original game, but oh well.
    * UPWARD ATTACK [Damage: 11%]
    Jigglypuff swings its arm in an upward arc.  The enemy flies upward.  
    It's very nice for juggling after your foe has exhausted all of his 
    jumps.  It's not invincible, though.  You can be hit out of it fairly
    easily.  Still, it's fast and is a good setup move.
    @@@@@  <<2.2>>  @@@@@  Smash Attacks                               @@@@@ 
    The meat of many characters in the game are their Smash Attacks.  
    Although Jiggly does not have the greatest Smash Attacks personally, 
    overall the Smashes themselves have increased dramatically in both KO-
    ability and usefulness.  The new ability to charge the Smash Attacks
    is invaluable, and makes timing Juggles even easier.  Jigglypuff does
    not have any overkill, super powerful, Smash Attacks (comparatively 
    speaking *cough*anyonewithasword*cough*) but they are damaging enough
    to make your hits matter.  A smart Jigglypuff player will learn to use
    their Smashes to harass the opponent and (most importantly) set up the 
    Rest Special.
    Note: Damage listed is Uncharged--Fully Charged.
    * FORWARD SMASH  [Damage: 15%--19%]
    Jigglypuff performs a short hopping-kick.  It travels approximately 1 
    1/2 character lengths over, and hits with it's foot.  Can KO people in
    their mid-80's.  It's the most powerful regular attack JP has.
    * DOWNWARD SMASH  [Damage: 8%--15%]
    Jigglypuff squashes itself down and hits on both sides with it's feet.
    It's a great move to use when you're being clustered and want some 
    breathing room, as it hits on both sides.  It's not much of a KOer 
    though.  Only hits really low, so your foes pretty much have to be on
    the ground.  More sideways reach than the upwards smash, though.  This
    move has the interesting property of sending a person skidding along 
    the ground, so perform it near an edge to shoot them off a far ways- 
    unless it's Peach, Kirby, or another Jigglypuff, they will have a 
    pretty hard time getting back at high percentages.  JP does a little
    twirl after doing the move- you're left open for a second or so during
    that, so be wary.
    * UPWARDS SMASH  [Damage: 9%--14%]
    Jigglypuff bounces upwards and does a thrusting-upwards headbutt.  This
    is probably the most useful of Jiggly's smashes.  It's great for 
    juggling people in the air, sets up nearly everything Jiggly has, and
    it moves and recovers fast.  It can KO people in the upper 90's as well.
    This is an all-around great attack in JP's movelist.  You should learn
    to use it well, and often.
    @@@@@  <<2.3>>  @@@@@  Throws                                      @@@@@
    Jigglypuff has two notable throws, one is notable purely for amusement
    value, the other is for the great set-up potential it has.  The
    other two throws are decent, if not fantastic.  Jigglypuff's throws 
    will not kill until near 200%, so throwing will not be a big KOer. 
    However, thanks to the setup potentials and simple damage instilled by
    throwing, it can and is an important part of JP's offensive game.  
    Practice them, you should learn what the throws do and when to do 
    which ones.  
    * GRAB AND SMACK [damage: 2%-3% for each hit]
    Jigglypuff does not have extreme reach when making its grab attempt.
    After grabbing you can get a few hits in by tapping the regular attack
    button, Jigglypuff will hit its foe with that little curl thingy on its
    forehead!  The higher the opponents damage, the longer JP holds the foe,
    and the more hits you can tack on before throwing.
    * FORWARD THROW  [damage: 7%]
    Jigglypuff puffs itself up, knocking the opponent up and away.  This is
    not very powerful, but it's pretty cool looking.  You always get 
    applause from the "crowd" when you do this move.  :)  Guess there's JP
    fans in the crowd!  Additionally, any opponent touching JP when it puffs
    up is hit, so use it in a crowded melee to clear the area.
    * BACKWARDS THROW  [Damage: 7%]
    Jigglypuff rolls backwards and slams the opponent on the ground behind
    it.  They bounce of the ground up and away.  Throws the opponent farther
    than the forward throw, otherwise it's pretty unremarkable.
    * UPWARD THROW  [Damage: 9%]
    The most useful of JP's throws is the upwards throw, as it's basically
    the old throw from Smash Bros.  They ALWAYS are thrown at least 3 jump
    lengths high (the opponent will emit sparks to show this limit) of 
    course, higher damaged characters will fly even higher.  This move is a
    fantastic set-up for the Rest move or any mid-air juggling.
    * DOWNWARDS THROW  [Damage: Variable 6%-10%]
    The downwards throw is one of the funnier throws in the game.  JP knocks
    its opponent face down on the ground, and rolls around on their back.
    After the rolling ends (3-4 times) they go flying up and at an angle.  
    Jigglypuff looks indecently pleased with itself while it does this.
    @@@@@  <<2.4>>  @@@@@  Special Moves                               @@@@@
    Jigglypuff's special moves are all extremely unique.  Nobody has moves
    like Jigglypuff (no clones!) which means that unless you're facing 
    someone that knows how JP works, they have no idea what to expect.
    While this is an added bonus, it is NOT the best thing JP has going for
    it.  The moves, although powerful and useful, are only useful in the 
    right situation.  They either have absolutely horrid recovery and/or
    charging times, strange situational requirements, and one even does no
    damage at all.  Knowing when to use the moves, and EXACTLY what each 
    move does is an absolute must if you want to become a Jigglypuff 
    Killing Machine.  Luckily, you have me.
    * Rollout [NEUTRAL B]  [Damage: Uncharged - none(doesn't even hit!)
                                    Fully Charged - 14% - KO's at 50%-60%
    This is Jigglypuff's new move in the Smash Bros. series, and it's both
    powerful and unique in the game. While charged attacks aren't new in
    this game (many of the "new moves" are a charged flying headbutt attack)
    the Rollout attack has some notable differences from the others.  
    When you press the B button, Jigglypuff will let out a little giggle 
    and start spinning in place.  Release, and JP will roll forward at high
    speed, hitting any obstacle in its path, after which it will bounce off.
    If you don't hit anything, you will keep rolling along.  It's very easy
    to roll right off the edge and to your death, especially when someone
    blocks or dodges you.  If you press in the direction opposite of the
    way you're moving, JP will rapidly spin the other way, and take off in
    the opposite direction, losing approximately 1/4 of its momentum.  You
    can shift direction up to 4 times, but each time you lose 1/4 of your
    speed and damage.  If you manage to charge up in midair and release,
    you will fly at a downward angle, unable to change direction until you
    touch the ground.  This move is not exactly a surprise hit:  It takes
    time to charge up, and once you've committed to charging, you have to
    either release or take a hit.  Bob-ombs popping up in front of you are
    the things to dread after starting to charge Rollout.
    Personally, I've found Rollout to be a great attack.  It hits really
    hard, and even if it doesn't KO it knocks the foe a good distance.  It
    will probably add to your SD total, I've had a few occasions where I've
    tried to switch directions at an edge, and the speed went down to 
    nothing right beforehand, causing me to not switch, fall off, and SD.
    You will also roll through people that have their block shield up, but
    if you hit a box or a barrel item you will bounce off just like you hit
    a person.
    A good tactic to use is to charge up the attack while you have a 
    Pokemon like Cyndaquill or Charizard covering you.
    * Pound  [FORWARD B]  [Damage: 13%]
    Jigglypuff's Pound has been upped in how far it moves and how hard it
    hits now making it a more powerful offensive move.  Its other use- that
    of recovery- is unchanged, not that that is in any way a bad thing.  
    The combination of Jigglypuff's multiple jumps, Pound, and the new 
    mid-air dodge makes Jigglypuff the undisputed Master of the Air.  No
    matter the distance out vertically, simply alternating between Pound
    and jumps will get you safely back to the stage.  Once again, Pound is
    a Jigglypuff exclusive, nobody has a move even remotely like it.  Its 
    uses are many.
    Ok, it's uses are basically three.  1. Recovery.  2. Quick Damage.  
    and 3. Juggle Combos.
    The move itself isn't much to look at, Jiggly darts forward and punches,
    and it looks pretty much like a regular attack.  However, when this
    move connects the opponent is thrown a fair distance up and back from
    Jigglypuff.  Or, if you hit it at point-blank range it throws the 
    opponent straight up.  The punch itself does hefty damage for such a 
    quick attack and at low percentages, you can turn around, pound again,
    and juggle the opponent off the ground for a few quick hits.  It makes
    a sound like the paper fan when you hit, and in fact it acts a lot like
    a Smash hit with the fan.
    It is a great air move especially when coming back from a smash hit, 
    if you hit someone else that's trying to come back you'll throw them
    backwards- farther from the edge than you.  And if they hit you coming
    back, well they'll just throw you forward anyways.  Heh.  It is very 
    very fast, and it does a damn good amount of damage, so I usually hit
    it twice and look for Rest opportunies.  It isn't going to KO until 
    extreme damage, but it is a good and safe move for just dishing out
    * Sing [UP B]  [Damage: none]
    The real "signature" move of Jigglypuff is definately Sing.  Jigglypuff
    closes its eyes, sways to a beat only it can hear, and sings "Jig-a-
    li-puff."  Multicolored circles surround it at a little over shield
    distance, and anyone touching that falls into a deep sleep.  It only 
    works on opponents on the ground, and the higher their percentage, the
    longer the foe sleeps.  You aren't going to want to use this move until
    your opponent is at around 50%.  At 50%, you can usually make a grab or
    a smash attack easily before they wake up.  At 70% JP can put them to
    sleep and perform a fully-charged Smash Attack.  Of course, learning to
    combine the Sing and Rest moves makes for the most mind-blowingly cool 
    KO in the entire game.  The Sing move does absolutely no damage, and 
    unlike most UP-B moves, it does not help you in coming back to the 
    stage.  In fact, if you use it in midair you'll probably fall to your
    death while singing.
    This move will only hit opponents on the ground, in the air they will
    just jump through the circles.  It also seems to take a while to dish
    out it's effect, so a nimble opponent can leap out of the way quickly.
    As far as I know it's not blockable- it doesn't do damage so it should
    just put them to sleep whether they're in the bubble or not.  It's not
    really a great move, but it is useful for set-ups.  Against a smart 
    opponent, it's probably best not to use Sing, since as long as they 
    keep moving it will take some luck for it to land.  You are also a
    sitting duck for any projectiles, and even the bat has more reach than
    the move.  (as I found out the hard way)
    * Rest [DOWN B]  [Damage: 28%]
    Ah, Rest.  This move is THE reason to play as Jigglypuff.
    When you use the Rest move Jigglypuff yawns, closes its eyes, and falls
    asleep, leaving you completely immobile and open to attack for almost 5
    whole seconds.
    Isn't that just too %#@$ing cool?
    Even if it did nothing else, I would think this move is one of the
    greatest things in the whole game.  But then it gets mind-bogglingly 
    better.  It KOs your opponent.  It KOs your opponent dead.  I personally
    think it is the most powerful move in the game when you weigh the Pros
    and Cons.
    Now of course, all you G&Wers and Roy-boys will be going "Nuh-uh!  What
    about Oil Panic and Flare Blade?  They can instantly KO!  Rest still
    needs some damage before it's an instant kill!"  Well, let me point it
    out:  Unless you're fighting Samus, Mewtwo, or a complete and utter
    idiot with a Super Scope, Oil Panic is going to do 3x Blaster damage,
    tops.  And Flare Blade?  I scoff at Flare Blade.  For one thing, it 
    only KO's at max charge, which is something like 7 seconds of standing
    there, glowing and grunting.  I have never, ever seen anyone get hit by
    a fully charged Flare Blade outside of training mode.  Ever.  I don't
    even think Bellossom will leave someone at risk for this.  Although
    that might just do it at extreme damage levels.  (and at that extreme
    a level, who needs a max Flare Blade to KO?  Just poke 'em.)
    The Rest move comes out instantly, and can KO Mario at **15%** damage.
    That's 2 attacks worth of damage.  Even if it doesn't KO instantly, it
    sends them flying extremely far, on fire, and does pretty hefty damage
    to them besides.
    Of course, it does have major drawbacks.  This is not a CHEAP move.  It
    is just a very very POWERFUL one.  The first drawback is the extreme 
    difficulty in actually landing it.  The center of Jigglypuff's body 
    must overlap the opponents body at the EXACT MOMENT you start the Rest
    move.  Secondly, there is the 4 seconds of immobility as Jiggly finishes
    its nap.  It does this whether you land the hit or not, so even if you
    do kill the opponent, you are open to retaliation from someone else, or
    even from the reincarnated person (if they die/respawn fast enough)
    Hitting with Rest move should be on your mind as you perform every move
    you make as Jigglypuff.  The All-Star trophy calls Rest Jigglypuff's 
    "Wild Card" for a reason.  This is the move that should net you WELL
    over 1/2 of your KO's.  The sheer thought of you thinking it could be
    "naptime" should strike terror into the hearts of your opponents.
    It IS possible to hit multiple opponents with this, although it won't
    happen very often.  Once, I have hit three people at once.  That was
    very, very cool.  It got the crowd going too.  :)
    @@@@@  <<2.5>>  @@@@@  Weapons                                     @@@@@
    Weapons are an important part of the game.  Learn to use them, or face
    the receiving end.  Every weapon increases your offensive ability, 
    even if it's just so much as having something to throw at the guy 
    trying to come back from a major hit.
    All of the characters swing the Striking weapons differently, and of
    course there's four different versions of striking.  The neutral attack,
    the tilted attack, the running attack, and the Smash Attack.  Also,
    certain weapons have special use for Jigglypuff, so we'll deal with 
    that here.  I'd like to note also that I try not to pick up the 
    character altering items very much (metal box/bunny hood/etc) it's not
    because these items aren't useful, so much as they throw my timing off
    when it comes to nailing Rest in midair.  As this is a VERY big part 
    of my game, the powers of the items don't really justify themselves, so
    I avoid them.  This doesn't mean Jigglypuff shouldn't use these items 
    at all- by all means, if the Metal Cap doesn't affect your timing in 
    the slightest, pick it up!  And, though it is nigh-impossible, landing
    an invisible Rest is just too awesome.
    STRIKING WEAPONS:  [Lip's Stick, Beam Sword, Home-Run Bat, Fan, Star 
                        Rod, Parasol]
    Jigglypuff makes a little hop and swings the weapon overhead in an arc.
    Jigglypuff swings just like the neutral attack, only a little farther
    and with more force.
    Jigglypuff jumps forward with the weapon held out in front like a spear
    and drives the weapon into anyone in front of it.  Then faceplants.  Heh.
    Jigglypuff makes a little hop and smashes the weapon into the ground,
    hitting the opponent on the swing down while yelling "JIGGLY!"  A power-
    ful hit, that covers the top and in front of it very nicely.
    Some weapons have other uses for Jigglypuff- Mostly involving a good
    set-up of the Rest move.  There are also some special moves that set
    up weapons, for instance the most glaringly obvious one:  A sleeping
    opponent = A Free KO.
      [conditions: Have Home-Run Bat, opponent at 35%+]
    When you have a bat, and your opponent is above 35% damage, you have
    a free kill if you manage to land the sleep attack.  There's just 
    barely enough time to smash that bat and kill them at 35, but at 
    around 75% you have enough time to put them to sleep, taunt, and land
    a home-run.  So of course, you should do this every chance you get.
      [conditions: Have Screw Attack item]
    The Screw Attack item, although useful for some easy damage, can also
    be thrown.  Generally, most people don't like to do this since when it
    hits the opponent they automatically do a screw attack.  The nice 
    thing about that is they can't attack on the way down from it.  If you
    do it close enough (just out of range to be hit by the screw attack
    itself) you can jump up underneath them and use the Rest move for 
    pretty much an instant kill (since getting hit by the Screw Attack
    item does around 20% damage) It also goes up the exact same height each
    time, so there's no guessing about how high they're going to go.  Once
    you get the timing down for this, it is an assured KO.
      [conditions: Have Fan item]
    An old staple from Smash Bros. returns as a combo similar to the last
    one.  The paper fan, when hit from a throw, knocks the opponent straight
    up in the air.  As a note- for Jigglypuff only- the fan doesn't fly any
    length at all when thrown from the ground, but from the air it works
    fine.  Similar to the screw attack combo, but they CAN attack you on
    the way down, and the height they fly to is determined by their damage.
    You'll want them to be at around 50% for an easy hit.  The higher the
    damage, the higher they fly, the longer you have to jump up into 
    position.  Of course, the longer it takes the more time they have to
    recover and attack you.
      [conditions:  Have Pokeball, enemy at very high percentage]
    Naturally, putting someone at a really high percent to sleep and 
    dropping a pokeball right in front of them pretty much guarantees a 
    fun time.  Especially when you get Porygon2.  Woooo.  Porygon2 is loads
    of fun.  Or any Legendary.  Ho-oh is fantastic.  In any case, there's 
    very few times when you don't get at least SOMETHING useful out
    of a pokeball.  WOBUU-WOBUU!  (Wobuffet ruleZ)
    @@@@@  <<2.6>>  @@@@@  Taunting                                    @@@@@
    Taunting is a very important part of my game.  Why?  Because it's fun!
    Isn't that why you play this game too?  I taunt at every available 
    chance, and a few that aren't so available.  Now, Jigglypuff possesses
    many many things that can be used for taunting.  Aside from the regular
    taunt, all of its special moves are full of tauntinicity.  (I can make
    up words if I want to.   Shut up.)  Here's some of my favorites.
    This has no tactical advantage, it's just there to look cool.  That's
    another reason I play this game and this character.  :)
    * THE OFFICIAL TAUNT  [Control Pad UP]
    Jigglypuff spins around, winks, puffs up, and says "JIGGLYPUFF!"  Cute,
    eh.  You should use this at every chance, just to point out to everyone
    that you are JIGGLYPUFF.  And they should FEAR YOU.
    Technically, these aren't taunts, but they serve little purpose 
    otherwise.  Firstly, there's the Sing attack at a very low percentage
    (less than 30 or so) They will recover at the same time as you, so
    technically, you accomplished nothing.  But it looks pretty funny!
    Secondly, and my personal favorite, is using a completely uncharged
    Rollout.  You roll forward, verrrrrry slowly and even if you touch 
    your opponent you do no damage!  It's so cool, it hurts.  You can also
    change direction quickly back and forth a few times, which accomplishes
    even less than nothing.  Ahh.  Negative-Nothingness.
    Then, finally, there is the ultimate taunt.  Performing the Rest move
    while NOT trying to KO someone.  My favorite is falling asleep while
    someone has the Hammer.  Because really, what the hell can you do to
    someone with a hammer? (actually, I'll probably put a section about that
    later.) Anyways, I prefer to die in my sleep, eh?  But just remember,
    performing the rest move during a 4-player melee just shows everyone
    that you are SO BORED by their "fighting" that you have fallen asleep
    in the middle of the match!  It doesn't get any tauntier than that.
    @@@@@  << 3 >>  @@@@@   JIGGLYPUFF MIND GAMES                      @@@@@
    Mind games can be very important in Smash Bros.  Generally speaking, it
    affects every move you make.  You only do things because you think 
    they will kill your opponent, and will not get you killed.  As you
    play people more and more they will learn what you can do as Jigglypuff
    and will begin to develop strategies to use against you, just as you
    will develop strategies against them.  After you are "familiar" with
    people is when the matches can get really interesting.  They know what
    you can do and you know what they can do- and it really becomes a
    match of skill and luck.  For instance, my friends know that when I 
    get KOed with Jigglypuff, to stay away from the center of the area-
    that few seconds if invulnerability is all I need to jump through an
    attack and land a Rest.  Now, when I am KOed a three-person truce ensues
    just so they can crowd the edges so I cannot reach anyone in time.  
    Because of this our matches last longer.  :)
    This is a type of mind game Jigglypuff uses against people.  Many of its 
    moves are "terror" moves that people just absolutely HATE to be hit by.  
    (Rest, Rollout, Sing) additionally, they know that to KO the 'Puff, they
    have to completely KO- JP can always come back if not killed.
    The last time I played, somoene made the amusing observation to the
    current match- Myself(JP) vs a Link.  The match, which included the
    both of us on our last lives in a stock match, had degenerated into
    myself trying to land that final Rest attack on Link.  He had given
    up on actually trying (and failing) to attack me head-on and was running
    around waiting for a good weapon to pop up for him to use.  A spectator
    pointed out to imagine how somebody who didn't know anything about the
    game would see it- A guy with a sword being chased around by a balloon.
    Which was both funny and entirely true.  :)  Seconds later, my opponent
    stopped to pick up a motion sensor bomb. "Yawn...  *ping!*" -- The match
    was over, and I danced a victory jig with my kick-ass plushie Jigglypuff,
    which I have named Puri.
    I love being me.
    @@@@@  <<3.1>>  @@@@@   VS Jigglypuff-Haters                       @@@@@
    Imagine a fight where someone never learns that Jigglypuff can kill
    people with extreme ease.  Now imagine that person goes into a mindless
    rage every time Jigglypuff does something cute.  It can't get any
    easier than this without permanent invincibility.  Make sure you taunt
    often.  :)
    There is an astoundingly strange amount of Jigglypuff-Haters on the
    internet.  I find this phenomena pretty curious, since it's such a bad-
    ass on the games and on the TV show.  But, some people are pretty
    strange.  If you're lucky enough to meet any JP-haters, give them a
    good thwomping.  I personally don't know any, so my matches are mostly
    pretty tame in the "foaming at the mouth hatred for JP department."  I
    would like to fight a JP hater at least once.  Hopefully Smash or one of
    its sequels will include online play in some form in the future.
    I look forward to that day.
    @@@@@   FAQ Credits                                                @@@@@
    Okey Dokey!  Here's where I thank everyone for helping me out in 
    researching and making this.
    Firstly, I'd like to thank myself, Novowels, for writing this thing
    and working really hard at mastering Jigglypuff.  For logging countless
    hours on the game and staying up well past 4am every night for weeks.
    I'd like to put out a bulk "thanks" to everyone that I've played Melee
    with on the weekends, and to those that I will have matches with in 
    the coming weeks.  I'll just throw the list out here:
    Martin, Morgan, Rommy, Dave, Ryan, Kenny, Kevin, Andy(GOAT!), Tim, and
    Amish.  And a big thanks to Wes, simply because he kicks ass with
    Mewtwo.  He gave me the best match I've ever had.  Ryan gave me the
    hardest, but he just sucks.  (heh, just kidding dude.  kind of.  ;)
    A big thanks to Karl, my roomate who helped me test some of this crap
    out, and is also my partner during 2 player Team Bouts.  You da man.
    Big-happy-thank you to Nintendo, for making a kick-ass system.  I worship
    the Gamecube.  As you all should.
    Big props to Hal Lab for making such a fun game, and to Game Freak for
    thinking up the ultimate KICKASS character.
    Thanks to everyone at www.SmashBoards.com especially Tifa's Knight,
    Gilgamesh, LordSpikeo, and uh, I can't remember anyone else.  But
    everyone that told off Spikey.  It was great fun.  I still lurk in
    there, but I don't post often.  PM me about this FAQ if you liked it.
    I'll get it.  Sometime.  Maybe.
    Thanks to Pokemopolis (www.pokemopolis.topcities.com) for making me
    laugh, and getting me somewhat into Pokemon.  It's a funny site, check
    it out.
    Thanks to CJayC and www.GameFAQs.com for hosting this FAQ.  (assuming they
    do.  heh.)
    Thanks to my plushie Jigglypuff for being both round and cool, and
    for freaking all my friends out.  Puri-Purii!
    And finally, Thank You (yes, You) for reading this.  Hope it helps.  :)
     * JigglyFAQ Version History
    Version 1.0 [1/29/02]
       I finished the first version.
       Yay me!
    Plan for next update:
       Next I plan a small guide
       for playing Jigglypuff on
       each of the VS stages.
    Coming soon to a monitor near
    you.  (soon being relative to
    my free time for testing stuff)
    Feel free to email me comments
    and criticisms, but I'd really
    rather not receive 32532532532
    flames about how much Jigglypuff
    "sucks."  Appreciate it, kids.
    This FAQ and all of its inane ramblings (C) 2002
    Novowels (novowels@yahoo.com)  Don't be an idiot
    with this information.  Feel free to ask if you
    want to re-use any of it, but ask first.  Awright?

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