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    Special Messages FAQ by Mem010

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 07/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =         S U P E R   S M A S H   B R O T H E R S  M E L E E          =
    =                                                                     =
    =              S P E C I A L   M E S S A G E S   F A Q                =
    =                                                                     =
    =                                                                     =
    =                      By: Chris Memolo (Mem010)                      =
    =                        E-Mail: See Section 7                        =
    =                        Last Update: 07/18/03                        =
    =                             Version 1.8                             =
    =                        0. Table of Contents                         =
    0. Table of Contents
    1. Update History
    2. Legal Information
    3. Introduction
    4. Master List
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
         1.  How many Special Messages are there?
         2.  Do I get anything for getting all the Special Messages?
         3.  What are the codes for the 2 'lost' trophies?
    6. Credits / Special Thanks
    7. Contact Information
    =                          1. Update History                          =
    02/03/02 (Version 1.0):     *MAJOR UPDATE*
    First version of FAQ.  Added everything.
    02/07/02 (Version 1.1):
    Added new special message and fixed FAQ question.
    02/09/02 (Version 1.2):
    Added notation for messages where continues are allowed.  Changed to new 
    e-mail address.
    03/19/02 (Version 1.3):
    Fixed one of the messages (Adventure, Very Hard, 1 stock) which was 
    wrong.  Surprisingly it took over a month for anyone to point it out.  
    Also added an FAQ.
    04/13/02 (Version 1.4):
    Added two new special messages.
    08/03/02 (Version 1.5):
    Added two new special messages and updated the FAQ section.
    08/06/02 (Version 1.6):
    Fixed an error in an FAQ.
    12/29/02 (Version 1.7):
    Added the 60th special message.
    07/18/03 (Version 1.8):
    Added a few messages not normally attainable.
    =                        2. Legal Information                         =
    This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced 
    in any way, shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise). It 
    cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money would be made 
    from selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in printed 
    or electronic media in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, 
    reference, or inclusion).  This FAQ was created and is owned by me, 
    Chris Memolo. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and 
    respected that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
    This FAQ was written for GameFAQs (URL: www.gamefaqs.com) only. 
    If this document is found on any site besides GameFAQs (URL: 
    www.gamefaqs.com) please contact me immediately!  Do not e-mail me 
    asking to use this document on your website or to publish it because the 
    answer will be NO!
    =                           3. Introduction                           =
    Welcome to my Super Smash Brothers Melee Special Messages FAQ.  Here I 
    have compiled a list of all the special messages in the game.  I hope 
    this FAQ useful to you!
    The game gives you a message, along with the date and time, whenever you 
    accomplish something, unlock a character/level, etc.  You can see the 
    messages that you have by going to Data, then Special.  They are listed 
    by the date, which is also the order that you first got them.
    If you have contributed to the guide, you will be credited in Section 6 
    (Credits / Special Thanks).
    =                           4. Master List                            =
    Here are all the Special Messages, listed alphabetically.  There is no 
    set order for how you get these, so I decided to alphabetize them.  The 
    message pretty much tells you how to get it, so splitting the guide up 
    should not be necessary.  The list:
    * = continues allowed
    - 1-P All-Star mode is now open! Better practice up!
    - 1,000,000 VS. mode matches! Never thought you'd see this!
    - A blast from the past! Dream Land is yours to use.
    - A great evil walks the earth...Ganondorf has been unlocked!
    - Access to Flat Zone has been granted. Time to get retro!
    - All stages are now open!
    - Check out smashing sounds! Find Sound Test under Data.
    - Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P Adventure!
    - Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P Classic!
    - Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P All-Star!
    - Cute, cuddly...and a threat to itself and others! It's Pichu!
    - Direct from Fire Emblem, it's Marth, the swordsman supreme!
    - Dr. Mario is in the house! His prescription? KOs.
    - Fast, nimble, and ready to roll, Young Link awaits you!
    - For the first time, you've survived 15-Minute Melee!
    - It's a flotilla of Pokemon! You've unlocked Poke Floats!
    - Mewtwo's mental powers are now yours to command!
    - Mr. Game & Watch is ready to rock, old-school style!
    - Mushroom Kingdom II is open: it's the dream world, Subcon!
    - Random Stage Select is now available in Additional Rules!
    - Roy from Fire Emblem has unsheathed his sword!
    - Side-scrolling madness awaits on F-Zero's Big Blue!
    - Star Fox's surly pilot Falco is now prepped for combat!
    - Take a step back in time to lovely Yoshi's Island!
    - The gateway to Final Destination has now been opened!
    - The man in green, Luigi, is ready for action!
    - The special stage, Battlefield, has now been unlocked!
    - Welcome back to DK's first locale, Kongo Jungle!
    - Welcome to Brinstar Depths! Kraid's been waiting for you!
    - Wow! You've cleared 1-P Classic with every character!
    - You can now set up the score display in Additional Rules!
    - You beat Event Match 51, The Showdown, with no falls!
    - You have all the trophies!!
    - You have over 50 trophies!
    - You have over 100 trophies!
    - You have over 150 trophies!
    - You have over 200 trophies!
    - You've cleared 100-Man Melee for the first time!
    - You've cleared 1-P Adventure with every character! Great!
    - You've cleared 1-P All-Star with every character! Sweet!
    - You've cleared 30 1-P Event Matches!
    - You've cleared Adventure mode on Very Hard! *
    - You beat Adventure mode on Very Hard with a stock of one! *
    - You've cleared all 1-P Event Matches!
    - You've cleared All-Star mode on Very Hard! *
    - You've cleared Classic mode on Very Hard! *
    - You've cleared Classic mode on Very Hard with a stock of one! *
    - You've cleared Target Test with all characters! Great!
    - You've collected more than 250 trophies!
    - You've encountered Celebi for the first time!
    - You've encountered Mew for the first time!
    - You've fought 100 VS. mode matches!
    - You've fought 1,000 VS. mode matches!
    - You've fought 10,000 VS. mode matches!
    - You've fought 100,000 VS. mode matches! Go outside!
    - You've played 4,995 VS. bouts! That's about a cent per bout!
    - You've played 50,000 VS. bouts! Enough! Take a break!
    - You've unlocked all playable characters! Get to fighting!
    - You've unlocked an alien invasion! It's Fourside!!
    - You've unlocked the singing wonder, Jigglypuff!
    PAL Only
    - You have all trophies, including gift trophies!
    GameShark/Action Replay/Similar Devices
    - You got the Samus Unmasked trophy! Lucky you!
    - You got the Mario and Yoshi trophy! They're pals again!
    =                    5. Frequently Asked Questions                    =
    This is where I'll answer some frequently asked questions.  Please read 
    this section to see if a question you're E-Mailing me has been answered.
    1.  How many Special Messages are there?
    2.  Do I get anything for getting all the Special Messages?
    3.  What are the codes for the 2 'lost' trophies?
    1.  How many Special Messages are there?
     As of right now, there are 60 known messages.  As we have seen, there
     are probably more to be found.  As of now, we can only assume there are a
     total of 60 messages.
    2.  Do I get anything for getting all the Special Messages?
     Nope.  You only get the satisfaction of having all of them.
    3.  What are the codes for the 2 'lost' trophies?
     Look them up on the website of your cheating device.
    =                     6. Credits / Special Thanks                     =
    I'd like to thank the following:
    - GameFAQs <www.GameFAQs.com> for publishing my In-Depth FAQ
    - Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc. for making this AWESOME game
    From the GameFAQ Message Boards:
    - Samus86 for finding and kirbystillontop for confirming the 54th and 
      55th message.
    - Prince Poo for discovering the 56th and 57th messages.
    - Mingy Jongo and OniLink5000 for confirming the 56th message.
    - JMX2280 for confirming the 58th and 59th message.
    - NISMOJOE for confirming the 60th message.
    - Christopher Acosta (manoftark@yahoo.com) for pointing out an error in 
      one of the messages listed.
    - TheyCallMeBigD@aol.com for pointing out an error in the 1st FAQ.
    - Rory Michael Skrent for the messages for the 2 'lost' trophies.
    - Ben Turner for the PAL message.
    =                       7. Contact Information                        =
    If you would like to contact me with any e-mail regarding corrections, 
    questions, comments, and/or clarifications, please send it to:
    Make sure to include "SSBM" somewhere in the topic, so I don't mistake 
    it for junk mail.  You can also include the subject the e-mail is 
    relating to if you want.
    If you are asking a question, *please* check to see if it has been 
    answered in the FAQ section or the actual guide before sending me any e-
    mail.  Don't ask me for help in getting any of these messages, just use 
    the Message Boards.
    ====      This document is copyrighted (c) 2002 Chris Memolo       ====

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