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    Mario by Luminous Carrot

    Version: 6.0 | Updated: 04/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario FAQ
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    By Luminous Carrot (luminous carrot@hotmail.com)
    Version 6.0
    2. Introduction
    4. General Tips
    5. Strategies
    	-Classic Mode
    	-Adventure Mode
    	-All-Star Mode
    	-Against other fighters
    	-Home run Contest
    	-Break The Targets
    	-Multi-man Melee
    6. Thanks
    7.Contact Me!
    8.Legal Info
    April 10, 2002
     Version 6.0
    	added new tips to the section
    "General Tips."
    March 24, 2002
     Version 5.0
    	Added All-Star Mode
    March 23, 2002
     Version 4.0
    	Strategy for Homerun Contest added.
    Came from Erik McLennan's (funkytoad) Homerun Contest Guide
    March 23, 2002
     Version 3.0
    	Modified my ratings for these attacks:
    A,A,A combo, Down A Smash, Forward Strong A,
    and Aerial Back A. These new ratings are from Mason
    March 20, 2002
     Version 2.0
    	Added strageties for the Multi-man Melee.
    Corrected Table of Contents.
    March 13, 2002
     Version 1.0
    	Started on this FAQ.
       Mario made his famous debut in the original arcade game "Donkey Kong"
    underthe name Jumpman.Then Mario got his very own game, a little gem we call
    "Super Mario Bros".This got him to where he is today and landed the title as
    Nintendo's mascot. Over the years Mario has appeared in a huge variety of
    games, which include him and his friends throwing parties, driving karts, and
    playing sports such as tennis and golf.
       In Super Smash Bros. Melee Mario is a very well balancedfighter.  He's
    fairly fast, has power, a good jumper, and a variety of moves.  He's the
    perfect fighter for beginners to learn the games with, but a skilled player
    with Mario can easily mop the floor against anyone. With this guide hopefully
    you can do just that ^_^.
    Standing A- Mario punches twice then kicks.  This attack is useful only
    for damage building and maybe keeping away your opponent. Don’t try to rely on
    this.Make sure you always hit A three times for the combo.
    Kim Doermann said: It's useful to keep your opponent from throwing you, and it
    cancels out many attacks.
    Rating: *
    Forward A- Mario performs a roundhouse kick.  This does more damage and when
    your opponent is damaged fairly well, it can knock them away a good distance.
    Mason Doermann said: It's one of Mario's fastest moves.
    Rating: ***
    Down A- Mario does a sweeping kick with one of his legs. I really don’t find
    any use of this.  Try to use his down A smash instead.
    Rating: *
    Up A- Mario swings his arm up in in the air.  The best way to use this move is
    to knock your opponent up in the air so you can maybe start a combo.
    Rating: **
    Running A- Mario slides into his opponent.  It does good damage and
    knocks your opponent off his feet. Just remember this puts your opponent behind
    your back.
    Rating: ***
    A- Mario performs a kick in the air.  Does decent damage and knock your
    opponent away. A good attack overall.
    Rating: **
    Back A- Mario puts both his legs behind him. Try not to use this often. Just
    hit him with the A attack.
    Mason Doermann said: Good range and damage, and knocks them away.
    Rating: **
    Forward A- Mario punches downward.  A very good attack as it does a lot of
    damage. This is also Mario’s meteor attack, meaning this will send your
    opponent downward at a great speed. Use this to intercept opponents trying to
    get back on the platform. But be careful not to miss because Mario doesn’t
    recover fast after using this.
    Rating: ****
    Down A- Mario performs a drill kick. Not very useful. Don’t bother with this.
    Rating: *
    Up A- Mario performs a back flip kicking anything above him. Does fair damage.
    With a lot of damage on your opponent, this can send them good ways.
    Rating: ***
    Forward A- Mario charges a short-ranged fireball then releases it. This is
    where it gets good.  In my opinion this is Mario’s best smash.  High damage,
    and it knocks them far away.
    Rating: *****
    Down A- Mario swings both his feet around him. A good attack. As with most down
    A smashes, he hits both sides around him, which you can
    use if you are being hit both sides around you.  Does good damage, too.
    Mason Doermann said: It's the fastest down A smash in the game.
    Rating: ****
    Up A- Mario brings his mighty fist down on his enemy.  The least useful of all
    of Mario’s smashes. Use it only when the enemy has high
    damage,or he or she isn’t going anywhere.
    Rating: **
    *Note- All of Mario special attacks can be used in the air. *
    Standing B: Fireball- Mario throws out a fireball.  Not very damaging, but
    useful in some cases.  Use it when you are far away from your enemy to annoy
    him or to draw him in. Also, the fireball is affected by gravity, meaning his
    fireball will float downward if used in the air or on a floating platform.
    Rating: **
    Forward B: Cape- Mario swings his cape front of him. An GREAT move. Learn to
    master Mario’s cape. It can reflect projectiles and flip enemies around.  Use
    this to edge guard. (More on this in the General Tips section.)
    Rating: *****
    Up B: Super Jump Punch- Mario jumps in the air with his fist raised in the air.
     A useful attack. Decent damage, and it knocked them away so Mario doesn’t face
    a counter attack. For best effect, get as close as you can to your opponent.
    This is also Mario’s recovering move. Be careful around corners as this attack
    nudges Mario forward a little.  This should be mastered if you hope to succeed
    in using Mario.
    Rating: *****
    Down B: Mario Tornado- Mario spins wildly with his fist out, and then finishes
    with a hit that knocks everyone away.  This move is a must to learn. Use it in
    the middle of a group for maximum effect.
    Rating: ****
    Up on the D-pad: Taunt- Mario grows as if he ate a super mushroom.  This is
    just here to make fun of your friend when you smash him to the stars ^_^.
    A: Head butt-  Mario head butts his enemy in his grasp. Does only a few points
    of damage, but you should always hit them once or twice before you throw them.
    Forward throw- Mario flings his enemy in front of him. An ok throw. Use it when
    throw backwards isn’t the best idea.
    Rating: ****
    Backward throw- Mario swings around his enemy around then throws him behind him
    a la Super Mario 64.In my opinion this is Mario’s best throw. Always use this
    throw when it’s optimal.
    Up throw- Mario tosses his victim straight up in the air. Use this only when
    you are at the top of the stage.
    Rating: ***
    Down throw- Mario slams his victim right into the ground. This is his worst
    throw. Your enemy doesn’t go far, only setting you up for an attack.
    Rating: *
    Shield- To perform: Hold L or R- Mario activates his impenetrable shield.  Get
    use to using this. This will be your main form of avoiding attack. But beware,
    your shield can break and leave you wide open  for an attack.
    Ground dodge- Mario sidesteps to the side. Master this. It is very important to
    be able to  avoid attacks.
    Air dodge-: To perform- hit L or R in the air.-  Mario swings to the side
    avoiding attacks.  This is your only way to avoid attacks in the air. Practice
    it. Remember, this counts as your recovery move, meaning you will free-fall
    until you hit the ground or someone hits you.
    Roll- To perform- with your shield activated, press down on your control stick.
    Your most important dodge. Use it to roll behind your enemy to avoid an attack
    and to deliver one of your own.
    Don’t rely on A attack exclusive for attacks. Learn the best time to use each
    and every one of Mario’s attacks.  When someone shoots something at you,
    reflect it with the cape. To start a combo uses the Super Jump Punch. When in
    the middle of a fight and getting bounced around a lot, try using the Mario
    Tornado. But you must also hold back sometimes, such as when Bowser is using
    the Bowser Bomb, it won’t win against the big lug if you go for the Super Jump
    Edge guarding is the act of trying to keep your enemy from coming back on the
    platform.  With Mario, you got two options: Using the cape and intercepting. 
    The best time to use the cape is when your victim is below the platform you are
    currently on. When he tries to jump up, flick your cape to face him in the
    opposite direction so he can’t grab the ledge. To intercept, use Mario’s aerial
    up A attack. The best time to intercept is when your opponent high above the
    platform you are currently on.  Jump up, then let lose on your opponent. If you
    connect, your enemy will be send hurling downward to their doom. Keep in mind
    Mario needs a couple of seconds to be able to do anything again.
    Mario needs to stay on top of his enemies because of his lack of long-ranged
    attacks.  If they try to get away, just chase them down.  Don’t let long-range
    fighters like Link or Samus get away and start blasting you with projectiles
    from afar.  But of course, watch yourself when dealing with enemies like DK or
    Bowser, as you can’t let them touch you or you’ll go flying.
    Try to only use smash attacks when your enemy has high damage. In the mean
    while, use regular and special attacks, then use smashes.
    Mario has enough fitness to be able to jump around his enemy and avoid attacks.
     Use Mario’s speed to gain an advantage.
    Fireballs are very useful in keeping your opponent off-guard. At meduim range
    they can be deadly if you use them to stall your opponent then throw them.
    The cape is a very important move. You can use it to:
    1.Reflect prjectiles- A good defenvise move.
    2.Flips opponents- Good for egde guarding and rushing opponents
    3.Trips opponents up- Against a running opponent it can actually trip up your
    opponent which sets them up for a smash.
    4.Can help you get back on ledge- Maybe it's just me, but it seems in the air
    the cape nudges Mario forward a bit.
    The best time to use the Super is when your oppoent is:
    1. When your opponent is damaged.
    2. Above you.
    3. After an opponent error.
    4. Whenever you're close to your opponent.
    Using the Tornado is good when:
    1. You need to float down back to the stage.
    2. You need an ok attack from above.
    3. Whenever you're close to your opponent.
    4. When your opponent errors.
    *Note- I put the difficultly on normal with five lives with the Strategies
    Classical and Adventure mode.  On the strategies against fighters one-on-one I
    set it on a stock match with five lives with the CPU set on level  9. *
    This is the same 1 player mode in the original SSB but with a few change
    You  vs. 1 Random character
    This is no problem.  Just use basic strategies and it’s in the bag.
    You & ally vs. 2 CPU random characters
    Still pretty easy.  You can even let your partner do most of the fighting.
     Break the Targets
    Refer to the Break the Target strategy section.
    You vs. 1 random character
    Still fairly easy. The first time I did this match DK killed himself in less
    than 5 seconds ^_^.
    You & 2 allies vs. 1 giant random character.
    No problem.  He may be big, but it’s still 3-on-1. Keep hurting then smash him
    Snag The Trophies
    Nothing special here. If you want, try to hit the trophies that fall down into
    the rings to earn them.
    You vs. 1 random character.
    This is where it could get hard. Just  use basic strategy and no should get
    this without too much trouble .
    You vs. team of 8 of a random character
    There maybe a lot of them, but they’ve been toned down so it shouldn’t pose
    much of a threat.
    Race to The Finish
    Just a simple race against the clock. Try to reach the end for max coins. When
    you come to the fork, take the low road.
    You vs. 1 random metal character
    Same as the other 1-on-1’s you had only your enemy is metal. He’s harder to
    knock away, but once he’s off  the platform, he’ll fall like a rock.
    You vs. Master Hand
    This battle is different from the others as you need to inflict a certain
    amount of damage to Master Hand rather than knocking off the platform. What
    determines how much HP Master Hand has is by the difficulty. On Very Easy it’s
    150, Normal it’s 300.  Not only does Master Hand has doubled his HP he’s also
    joined by a new partner, Crazy Hand.  Crazy Hand appears randomly when the
    difficulty is on Normal or higher and when you have drained Master Hand of half
    his HP. For fighting tips refer to the section : Against other Fighters.
    You’ve done it! You have beat classic mode! You get treated to a small video
    and you get a shiny new Mario trophy .
    Adventure Mode is a romp through the world of Nintendo.
    Mushroom Kingdom
    Easy level. Knock out the goombas and koopas for extra points.  About half way
    through, you’ll fight a team of Yoshi’s but they are easy enough to beat.
    Continue until you reach the goal.  In case you didn’t know, here’s your chance
    to unlock the secret character Luigi. To unlock him, make sure you cross the
    goal line with the seconds place on the timer is 2 (I.e. xx:x2:xx).  Now Luigi
    will take Mario’s place in the upcoming fight.
    Now you must fight Mario (or Luigi) and Peach.  Don’t worry they aren’t that
    tough and you should have them out for the count easily.
    Kongo Jungle
    Here your first bout will be against two miniature DK’s. They shouldn’t be that
    hard as they are easy to knock off.
    After those two you will fight one big DK. Of course, he will be much harder.
    He will definitely hurt you. On a good note, he’s so big he ends up falling
    into the river by himself quite a few times thereby killing himself.
    Underground Maze
    Here, you need to find the triforce in a limited amount of time.  I go about
    this first running to the right until I get to the big room. Then I drop down
    then head left. You will come to a room with either the Master Sword or the
    triforce. If you find the Master Sword, a battle with Link ignites. He’s not
    hard a t all, so finish him quickly. After that, head left until you come to a
    lake of magma.  Jump on the platform hovering above and continue to go up. Now
    head left to another room with the sword or triforce.  Keep going right until
    you reach a chasm. Now time your jumps carefully so you don’t fall back down
    and have to backtrack any.  Still heading right, you’ll come to another room.
    Do battle if you must, and continue with your path. Beware of the ReDead, try
    to knock them out.  Now head down and go left, you’ll come to another room.
    Now you need to fight Zelda. Beware when she transforms into Sheik, as she is
    more of a 1-on-1 fighter than Zelda is.  Just keep up with your attacks then of
    course smash her away.
    This time you need to fight Samus.  Attack with what you feel like, and then
    smash her. Also, try throwing her into the acid.
    After you defeat her,  you need to escape from Brinstar in under 45 seconds.
    Try to refrain from using Mario’s third jump as that waste a little time. 
    Shouldn’t be that hard to make it to the top.
    Green Gardens
    First you need to fight one lone Kirby, who shouldn’t give you much trouble. 
    Next, you need to fight a team of  Kirbys. Use throws and smashes to take care
    of them.  Now, if you were able to beat the Kirby team under a certain amount
    of time, a giant Kirby will appear.  He’s just like the first Kirby, only much,
    much bigger.
    This stage will have you pitted against Fox. He’s very fast, so beware.
    After you defeat him, you see that that the Star Fox team decides to help out
    Fox.  In the next round, the arwings will be shooting like crazy at you and
    Fox.  Also, if you have unlocked and *SPOLIERS* Falco, there’s a chance he
    might take Fox’s place.
    Pokemon Stadium
    Here you need to fight a team of pokemon (Pikachu, *SPOLIERS*, and if unlocked,
    Jiggypuff and Pichu).
    An extra number of poke ball drops here so be sure to use them.
    F-Zero Grand Prix
    The first part of this stage as you running towards a goal line. From the
    get-go, start running a don’t let up.  Once you see the Warning sign jump on
    the nearest platform to avoid being hit by racers. Just keep running to the
    Now you have to fight C. Falcon. He’s very dangerous, as he is fast and strong.
    Now you must fight three Nesses at the same time. They can be a pain, but they
    should go down in time.Try heading toward the end of the stage then throw them
    Icicle Mountain
    For the first part of the stage just keep with the scrolling stage. After a
    little while, two Ice Climbers will pop in to fight.  Try to separate them and
    try to knock out Nana first, this will make your life easier.
    Battlefield. This match pits you against twelve wire frames. They all are very
    easy to knock away, but they can surrounded and start pounding on you. Just
    keep your cool and smash them.Next you need to defeat Mario and Luigi BOTH who
    are metal. This is very difficult as they are strong and  double team you with
    great efficiency.  Keep smashing them and throwing them.
    Final Destination
    What? All that and Bowser is your final enemy?  Sure he’s big and strong , but
    weren’t you expecting a little bit more?  To beat Boswer, don’t open yourself
    for an attack and keep on him. The Mario Tornado does wonders here, and so does
    the uppercut.  When he’s at about 150 damage, start smashing him off the screen
    to get rid of Bowser for good.
    Congrat!  You beat Adventure Mode! Or did you?
    Meet Giga Bowser, He’s three times as big and three times as strong.  He truly
    is a very tough opponent. You must keep at him in order to win. Try using the
    Tornado and uppercut.  He’s so big, you’ll need to get him to at least 250-300
    damage before you can even think of knocking him anywhere.
    This time you really did beat Adventure Mode!  You get another video and a new
    Smash Mario Trophy!
    All-Star Mode
     You unlock this by unlocking all of the secret characters. All this is you
    facing off with opponent after opponent. But the trick is that you retain any
    damage after each match nad you only have three hearts to use to heal yourself
    between battles.  At the start of the mode, you only face one opponent. Then
    after that the numbers go to two and then three at a time.  The final battle
    involes a fight against a team of Mr. Game and Watch.
    Tips: Refer to the section below for help. Don't use your hearts until you have
    about 100-150 damage for best effect. Check for trophies between battles.
    Remember, you only have one life.
    * Note- I fought all of these level 9 CPU characters at Final Destination in a
    3-life stock match. *
    He’s just about the same as Mario.  He uses the Tornado and pills a lot. He
    also  will use the upper cut every now and then. If you get knocked off expect
    him to try to intercept you.  Avoid his Tornado then deliver a counter attack
    in the form of a smash.
    See above Dr. Mario
    Almost the same as Mario but still different. He uses his Green Missile and
    fireballs a lot.  Keep in mind he never uses is Super Jump Punch, even if he’s
    below the stage trying to get back on.  Try to use the cape to flip him around
    when he comes flying at you. Avoid the Green Missile at all costs.
    Bowser will use his fire breath a lot, but being a CPU he taps the B button
    rather than holds it down. You can also interrupt his fire breath by throwing
    fireballs. With Bowser being so big. He’s a prime target for the Tornado and
    the Super Jump Punch. I must remind you that Bowser can knock you out with good
    smash very easily.  Keep pressing him and at about 150 damage smash him away.
    Beware of the Bowser Bomb.
    She uses her vegetables and her forward B (forgot the name) a lot.  Luckily,
    she never floats nor does she uses toad, making your job easier.  Again, smash
    and throw her  when she’s at a high damage.
    No doubt about, this dinosaur is hard to knock off.  He’ll use his throw more
    than half the time and he‘ll use his egg roll attack on occasions.  Try not to
    get directly above, as he’ll use his eggs with precise aim.  But once you get a
    hold of him, he’s not that hard.
    He’s a bit faster than Bowser and also more annoying.  Most of his attacks
    aren’t that great, except his Giant Punch and all of his smashes.  Like Bowser,
    try using the Tornado and Super Jump Punch on him.  It’s takes about 150 damage
    to knock him out.  Just beware of the beware of the attacks I mentioned and
    smash him away.
    This guy is about speed and power. His main attacks is the Falcon Dive, The
    uppercut, and the flurry of punches. When he uppercuts you can easily counter
    that with a forward A or a smash.  Try to not get over him, as the Falcon Dive
    is very strong.
    A clone of C. Falcon, but he’s much slower and stronger.  Use the strategy for
    C. Falcon.
    A very tough opponent.  Unlike most CPU’s, Fox can use all of is moves to the
    fullest effect.  But, he is weak and easy to knock off. Use your attacks and
    smashes a try to knock him out the side of the stage( With Fox being such a
    fast faller, it’s hard to knock him out to the top of the stage.
    A clone of Fox.  A tad stronger than Fox, Falco is deemed the hardest CPU in
    the game. DO to Falco what you would do to Fox.
    He’s not too dangerous.  The only attacks to watch for are his PK Fire and his
    bat.  He does float a little so it may take a little extra to knock him away.
    They can be tough. The key is to separate them then pound on one of them.
    Remember that Popo( the one in the darker parka) is the only one you can hurt.
    If you attack Nana, the Ice Climbers as a whole won’t take damage.
    In the beginning of the fight. Usually the first thing he tries to do is to
    suck you up and take your power, then he’ll use it repeatedly against you. He’s
    a big user of his cutter and he’ll turn into stone if you’re right under him. 
    Since he a float for a while, It’ll take a good smash to take him out.
    The first thing she tries to do is to charge up her Charge Shot. She will also
    use missiles if she is far away. If you keep close to her she won’t be able to
    do her best.  She’s a bit on the heavy side so she doesn’t go that far unless
    she has high damage.  Again, the best idea is smashes and special attacks.
    As Zelda- she has strong attacks. When she is far away, she’ll start throwing
    Din’s fire at you. She’s more suited for dealing with a group of character so
    just you vs. her shouldn't be a big problem.
    As Sheik- She’s fast and weak. Sheik will use her speed to her advantage as she
    will hit you many times ending with a smash.  She a light lightweight, so keep
    hitting her until she’s at 100 damage then start smashing.
    He’s can be one of your harder opponents.  He can stay afar and shoot arrows at
    you or can come close and start dealing punishments with his sword.  As a CPU,
    Link tends to stick with his sword attacks. As with all swordsmen, his weapon
    gives him extra reach, making him hard to get to.  One bad thing about is his
    speed, somewhat slower than Mario.  Use quick attacks against him and then
    smash him off to the side.
    Y. LINK
    A clone of Link.  He’s much faster, but has a shorter sword a less power behind
    his attacks.  He’s also lighter, making easier to knock out.  Use the same
    strategies as for Link.
    Pikachu can surprise you in how tough he can be. It will use the chain lighting
    and skull bash and with you’re above it, thunder too.  I’ve noticed he never
    charges skull bash and so won’t go very far. The is the perfect time to strike.
    Just hit him with your best attacks.
    A clone of Pikachu.  Very easy. Some say he’s the most worthless character in
    the game.  Just fight him like you would Pikachu.
    A joke.  She isn’t such of a challenge as compared to all the others.  Just do
    Feels right for you and she’ll go down quickly.
    Mewtwo is a very powerful character.  Why he does use Dark Ball (luckily he
    never charges) and Teleport, he mostly sticks to A attacks, which can rack up
    damage quick.. Using the Tornado and uppercut is good here.
    He can actually be a hard opponent.  Strong attacks, and is fairly fast.  His
    one big downfall is his size, he can go flying easily. Soften him up, then
    going for your best throw or smash.
    He mainly uses the bug spray thing and his helmet, both which can put a lot of
    damage on you.
    Marth is one of those annoying swordsmen.  Don’t try to attack from the front,
    you’ll only get hurt.  Instead, wait for him to come to you and roll behind
    him, where he’s wide open.
    Roy is like Marth only much stronger. Beware of his Fire sword and Up B Attack,
    both which will put a lot of hurt on you. Since he fights the same as Marth,
    fight him like he was.
    He really can be a pain on the harder difficulty levels.  Two words will help
    you here : AIR DODGE.  This really important to avoid attacks.  Since Mario
    doesn’t have any good aerial attacks, I find myself using his aerial forward A
    attack most of the time.  Also, if you’re playing on normal or harder, there is
    a chance that Crazy Hand will appear.  He’s the same as Master Hand, only
    stronger and with a few more attacks. If he does appear, finish off Master Hand
    as he is already weakened, then go after Crazy Hand.
    Tips- All CPU character will constantly grab and throw you. Dodge this and
    counter-attack.  Also, make full use of the items that dropdown, as they are a
    lifesaver.  Dealing with humans, of course, is much harder, but the general way
    to fight them is the same. Just remeber that no character is "weak" in the
    hands of a master. Remember don’t over use one attack, be versatile. Remember,
    your key attacks with Mario is the Mario Tornado and the Super Jump Punch and
    all his smashes.
    Grab the bat, then run up to the bag. Jump above it, and press Z to let go of
    the bat. Immediately hit down+a to do a drill kick. Do one more of these
    drop/down+a combos, keeping in mind that after the first one, you need to grab
    the bat in mid-air for the second one. Now grab the bat, jump up above the bag,
    and press Z to drop it. Now quickly do a forward+a attack. You'll spike the bag
    down. Now grab the bat, and do four Cape Counters. The bag should be at 110-114
    if you did everything right. Now smash the bag with the very end of the bag.
    *Note- I designed this strategy  not for speed, but just to be able to do it. *
    1. Hit the target that’s right in front of you.
    2. Drop down, hitting a target on the way down.
    3. Launch a fireball to the left to hit the target that’s boxed in.
    4. To hit the target that’s over the water, stand on the edge and throw a
    5. Now jump straight up  and hit the next target.
    6. Now you need to jump to the very top red platform. Now, go to its right edge
    and jump off, then uppercut into the target. Hold left and you should make it
    back on the platform.
    7.Next, jump on the lifts and keep going up until you reach the next target.
    8. Let the lift take you down until you see a target can only be reached by
    throwing a fireball down the narrow passage.
    9. Now just let the lift take you down the target  that’s right below you.
    10. This is tricky and you only have one shot at it.  From the lift, jump as
    far right as you can.  Don’t double jump right away. When you are under it 
    Super Jump Punch the target.
    Multi-man Melee
    10 man Melee
    Easy. If you can't do this, play another game.
    100 man Melee
    This is where it gets hard.  They will come at you in waves of two, three, or
    four.  During the last 50 it can get rough.  If they gang up on you use the
    down a smash to knock them off.  The super Jump Punch works well here.
    3-minute Melee
    Same as 100 man melle only the battle ends in three mintues (duh).  They can be
    strong and you'll be hurting by the last minute or so.
    10 minute Melee
    A longer 3 mintue Melee. Mario is definitly not the best character for this.
    Just use quick smashes and good luck.
    Endless Melee
    NO limit. This is just to see how good you are. The only reason to do this is
    for the reward which you get when you kill 100 of the wireframes.
    Cruel Melee
    Extremely hard. This is the same as end-less melee only they are very fast and
    strong ( I've once been knocked out with 14 damage.).  The only reason to do
    this is to get the trophy after 5 kills ( thanks to TIBERIO for reminding me.)
    *Note- Killing 20 wireframes in Cruel Melee will NOT result in unlocking Sonic
    and Tail as they are not in the game. *
    My mom who got me this game.  My dad who had to endure me being in my room at
    hours at a time.  My friends for being great opponents and partners.
    To Mason Doermann who help me in my ratings.
    To Erik McLennan for the Homerun Contest strategy.
    To TIBERIO for the tip in Creul Melee.
    Did I miss anything?  Need me to correct something?  Want me to add something? 
    If you do, please contact me by luminous_carrot@hotmail.com
    This document is copyright of 2002 Gary M. Mann Jr. (Luminous Carrot). This FAQ
    may only be posted  at GameFAQs.com (www.gamefaqs.com) If I see it anywhere
    else I can easily sue you to get money form you.  This may not be Printed and
    sold, printed in a magazine, or burned to a compact disc. Also, plagiarism is a
    crime.  You may not copy anything from this FAQ without letting me know and
    then giving me credit for it. You see this FAQ anywhere else, please contact me
    so I can shut them down.
    Super Smash Bros. Melee Copyright 2001 Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc.
    Characters Copyright Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc./Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK
    inc./ APE inc.

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