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    Food FAQ by Wraith10x

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 07/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Smash Bros: Melee
    Version 1.6
    Copyright 2002
    Wraith10 wraith_10_@hotmail.com
    Distribution Info
    You may use this FAQ for yourself personally, make copies for your friends, or
    host it on web pages provide NO MONEY is made off this FAQ.  If you choose to 
    post it in a public domain (webpage) please send me an email detailing the
    webpage location and a contact email for yourself so that I can ensure you will
    always have the most recent copy available.  I reserve the right to ask for the 
    removal of this FAQ from any page deemed offensive.
    The purpose of this guide is to explore the different food items available in
    Super Smash Bros: Melee.  The food items can be confusing to many people as
    each item of food restores a unique amount of health.  A common rule of thumb
    applied is that the larger the item in real life the more health it restores in
    the game.  This rule is largely true, but through experimentation I have been
    able to determine the exact amount of health restored by each item.  All the 
    items shown if the food picture in the guidebook have been accounted for.  I
    did not use a guidebook to obtain the percentages, I experimented myself.
    Your Job
    Your job is to enjoy this FAQ because it was written for gamers like you.
    Please let me know if you find any errors so these can be corrected. Also
    if you have any idea of what the foods with the question marks after them are
    please let me know. Or if I have improperly identified something.
    Food Trophy Description
    Trophy obtained by playing over 1000 vs. mode matches:
    "These food items will restore your health when you eat them. There are 28 
    different types of food, and the nutritional value and yumminess quotient 
    differs slightly with each type. Party Balls tend to hold the largest amount of
    food items. You may be vulnerable when gorging yourself, but you do need to eat
    to survive."
    Contact Me
    Let me know if you can identify any of the mystery foods, if you find any 
    mistakes in the guide, or if you have anything you want added or clarified.
    Please put "Smash Bros FAQ" or something similar in the subject line so I 
    don't think it's junk mail.  If you do not get a reply or see your changes 
    implemented within 2 weeks, and haven't gotten a reply your email may have been
    sent to my junk mail folder by mistake, feel free to try again.
    Questions, Comments, Corrections: wraith_10_@hotmail.com
    Version History
    1.0 - First Edition
    1.1 - Spell Checked and Submitted
    1.2 - 2 new items added at the bottom, 1 credit added
    1.3 - credit updated, percents added for 2 new items
    1.4 - credit updated, name changes for the following items: (credit: Shaft)
      Rice Snack = Rice Balls
      Beans = Sesame Chicken
      Hamburger = Burger (changed back after official translation see version 1.5)
      Shish Kabob = Shish Kabob? (changed in version 1.5 to sweet dumpling)
    1.5 - credit updated, name changes for the following itmes:(credit:TomatoThief)
      confirmed donut is a donut
      confirmed melon is a melon
      burger is a hambuger
      "noodle dish" is a beef bowl (beef soup)
      "dinner" tray is actually a noodle tray
      "bowl of food" is actually curry rice
      "gourmet plate" is actually an omelette
      "popsicle/shish kabob" is actually a sweet dumpling
      "wine" is acutally juice in a wine glass
      TomatoThief translated these from the Japanese Smash Bros Website
    1.6 - credit updated, name added Nick14578
    "pasta" is actually chinese rice
    Additional Information
    All of the information collected in this guide was obtained by me personally
    unless otherwise stated in the credits section of this FAQ directly following
    the food guide.  I have tried to make sure that all the information collected
    is completely accurate but mistakes can happen so please let me know if you   
    find one.  
    Food Guide 
    [note: items with question marks indicate that I am unsure as to what they are]
    Food Item     Description of Item                        Damage % it restores
    Cheese         yellow-orange wedge shape                             3
    Grapes         purple triangular clusters                            4
    Donut          donut shaped, half red-brown, half yellow             4
    Beef Bowl      white bowl, brown filled, with bits of red            7
    Watermelon     light/dark green striped                              6
    Ice Cream      beige cone with white ice cream                       3
    Pizza          brown/yellow/orange oval shaped                       8
    Melon          green circle w/ stem that forks in 2 directions       6
    Banana Bunch   bunch of yellow bananas (3)                           5
    Chinese rice   white/brown dish, white/green/yellow rice/sauce       7
    Sushi Platter  tray w/ green seaweed & different sushi               8
    Sweet Dumpling red, white, green balls on a stick                    3
    Rice Balls     white triangle w/ black square                        6
    Orange         orange circle                                         4
    Noodle Tray    square container of rice, drink, desert thing         5
    Hamburger      sesame seed bun w/ cheese, lettuce, meat              6
    Turkey         turkey on plate w/ greens                             7
    Curry Rice     white/red bowl, w/ greens, sliced meat/potatoes       7
    Cup of Coffee  white cup/saucer, coffee with cream                   2
    Milk Carton    blue/white milk carton                                5
    Spaghetti      white bowl, pasta, tomato sauce                       6
    Omelette       white plate, beige roll, red sauce, greens            7
    Strawberry     red triangle with green steam/leaves                  3
    Mushroom       dark brown with stem                                  5
    Juice          wine glass with yellow liquid                         3
    Sesame Chicken white bowl with brown lumps, seasame seeds            7
    Apple          red circle with stem                                  5
    Meatloaf       rectangular pan with brown filling                    9
    Additional Items (not technically food)
    Apples from the kirby dreamland stage with the tree (red apples)     8
    Some Chansey eggs (white/pink eggs)                                  7
    Nintendo: For making Super Smash Bros: Melee and the Gamecube
    GameFAQS: For posting this FAQ
    Wraith10: That's me! For writing this FAQ
    You: For reading this FAQ, and verifying its contents
    Alphagold123@aol.com: chansey eggs and apples in kirby dreamland, and % or them
    Shaft: name changes made in version 1.4 (see version history)
    TomatoThief: name changes made in version 1.5 (see version history)
    Nick14578: name change made in version 1.6 (see version history)
    *more to come as people send me information*
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