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    Luigi by ChaosDemon / Drakker_c

    Version: 0.90 | Updated: 03/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              #####                      ###@#                   #####               
             @# @#                                               #####              
             ####          #####   ####  #@#       ##########                  
             ####          #####   ###   #@##    ############   #####       
             @@@@          @###   @###   #####  #@##@@@@@@##@   #@##@        
             @@%%      %%  %@@%   @%@@%  @####  %@@@@%%  @%@@  %%%%%          
             @%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%   %%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%             
              %%%%%%%%%%%   %%%%%%%%%%%   %%%%     %%%%%%%%%%  %%%%           
                            ....Out from his Mansion for a fight!
                                Super Smash Bros. Melee(GCN)
                                   Character Guide - Luigi
                          "The How to Use Luigi Like a Pro Guide"
                        Written by ChaosDemon(vampiro_07@hotmail.com) &
                                      Version 0.90
                                 Last Updated 2K2/03/21
                 Latest Revisions of this document may always be located at:
    = Legal Disclaimer =
    This document was _originally_ typed up in Vancouver B.C., Canada and posted by
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    reserved.  Nothing that appears in this document may be reproduced in whole or
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    drop me a line at: vampiro_07@hotmail.com, or AIM me at ChaosDemon007, OR MSN 
    me with the address vampiro_07@hotmail.com.  This FAQ may NOT be sold for 
    profit(s).  However, if you want to sell this guide _for_ me(meaning I get all 
    the profits) That is allowed.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the 
    >> We're back with _just_ another FAQ for Super Smash Bros. Melee! (Is it a 
    good thing?)
    =FAQ Notes=
    * This FAQ is rated "E" for Everyone
    * Maximum of 80 Characters per line
    =Thanks, Team Canada=
    Yep, thanks, Team Canada, for a well-played Olympic Tournament in Salt Lake
    City (And, Of course, the GOLD MEDAL!!!)
    =Table of Contents=
    How to unlock Luigi..II
    Move List...........III
    Vs. CPU Strategies...IV
    Target Test...........V
    Home Run Contest.....VI
    Multi-Man Melee.....VII
    Adventure Mode 
    Classic Move              |--Coming Soon!
                             H O W   T O  U N L O C K   L U I G I
          Luigi isn't that hard to unlock, but you should know how to unlock him,
    Method 1-
    Play VS. Mode 800 times
    Method 2-
    Now here's a more "difficult" way; but it shouldn't be any more harder than the
    other way.  Goto Adventure Mode.  On the first level, as you're about to cross
    into the checkered area, (the finish) look at the timer.  If the second number
    -- that's "second" -- as in sixty SECONDS to make a minute -- ends with
    a "2", Luigi will substitute Mario in the battle.  Heheh, it's actually a 
    pretty funny cut-scene; Luigi steps on Mario's head -- while they're jumping,
    and he comes into the fight.  Beat Luigi and Peach to unlock him.
                                    M O V E   L I S T
          Before we can tell you _how_ to fight with Luigi, you have to know how to
    execute the moves in the first place!  Well, you might not know everything. so
    Allow me to explain each of the moves, starting with the...
    -G E N E R A L   M O V E S-
          Forward: Walk
    [Tap] Forward: Run
    L or R button: Shield(Block)
             Down: Crouch
    Y or X button: Jump
         [Tap] Up: Jump
         A button: Grab Item and/or use item
     Double Jump*: Y or X button twice
    L or R button
          + Down*: Standing Dodge
    L or R button
    + Left/Right*: Rolling dodge
    *Double Jump--
    The Double Jump can save you from a hard fall if you time your jumps correctly.
    So, when you're falling down and you feel like nothing's going to help you,
    all you have to do is hit the Y button twice(timely) and if necessary, hit
    Forward + B for the Green Missle Jump.  
    *L or R button + Left/Right--
    This is the move that leads to so many possibilities.  If you're opponent takes
    a risk, and performs an attack that has slow recovery, dodge under him/her and
    answer back with a Shoryuu-Ken -- or any other attack of your choosing.
    *L or R button + Down--
    Here's the new move that may take some adjusments -- if you're used to the old
    Z button-->Right/Left, that is.  If you're not, then kudos to you!  Anyways,
    what do you do when quick jabs are coming your way?  No, you don't run like 
    hell -- you perform the dodge!  You can dodge for many hits so that gives you
    the upper hand.
    -P H Y S I C A L  A T T A C K S ;  G R O U N D-
          A button: Jab, Punch, Headbutt
     Aprox. Damage: 2%
     Can hurt upto: 8%
          The jab is for a quick attack on your opponent.  It isn't _that_ useful,
    so if you're going for a big move, this isn't going to be it.  However, I'm
    making this move sound pretty useless when it's actually not.  This Jab is
    probably most useful to start a combo, not END comboes.  Holy $%&^, imagine if
    you end a combo with _this_ move!  Wow.  Anyways, the jab is nothing but a 
    quick jab to the head -- depending how tall your opponent is.  If you don't 
    know what a jab is, it's a quick punch.  By the way, you can perform a quick
    combo with A button-->(Jab)A button(Punch)-->A button(Headbutt).
    Forward + A button: Roundhouse to Lower
         Aprox. Damage: 6%
         Can hurt upto: [Not sure]
          The Kick to lower is a move that shouldn't be really used.  Sure, the 
    first one hurts a little less, but it's quick, so that's good.  But _this_ 
    move, a "little" slow, a "little" weak and umm...a little too much of a "rant
    target."  Just remember that this is a Kick to the lower regions of the body
    (not where you think it is) Anyways, Luigi makes a 360* turn while having his
    leg out (making a kick) Let me give you a reason of why you shouldn't use this
    move: If you have a chance to perform _any_ move on your opponent, would you
    choose this one? No.  If yes...This move is pretty weak and not too quick.
    Back + A button: Roundhouse to lower
      Aprox. Damage: 6%
      Can hurt upto: [Not sure]
    (Same as above except hit to behind, or...)
          The Kick to lower is a move that shouldn't be really used.  Sure, the 
    first one hurts a little less, but it's quick, so that's good.  But _this_ 
    move, a "little" slow, a "little" weak and umm...a little too much of a "rant
    target."  Just remember that this is a Kick to the lower regions of the body
    (not where you think it is) Anyways, Luigi makes a 360* turn while having his
    leg out (making a kick) Let me give you a reason of why you shouldn't use this
    move: If you have a chance to perform _any_ move on your opponent, would you
    choose this one? No.  If yes...This move is pretty weak and not too quick.
    Down + A button: Crouching Kick
      Aprox. Damage: 6%
      Can hurt upto: [Not sure]
          Here's just another weak move that should not be used.  The Crouching 
    Kick can't really do any favours for you.  It can be used as a combo starter/
    filler, but other than that, I can't really find any real reasons to use this
    move.  Basically, I'm saying that you should not use any A attacks that aren't
    smashes. I mean, what's the point? These attacks can't deal any damage, it 
    can't be used for speed, and it can't even scare anybody!  So, that just about
    summed it up.  If you're still wondering how it looks like, it's just a light
    kick while crouching.  
    Up + A button: Uppercut
    Aprox. Damage: 7%
    Can hurt upto: [Not sure]
          A move that's a little more useful, but not by a lot, the uppercut is
    still a weak move that should be avoided.  There's really nothing good to this
    move except it's faster than the other non-smash attacks.  So, that just about
    told you everything you need know.  Umm...anyways, the uppercut is nothing but
    an uppercut.  If you don't know what an uppercut is, it's a punch that's 
    directed up.
    [Tap] Forward + A button: Power Punch
         Aprox. Damage: 15% 
         Can hurt upto: Not sure?
          The ideal move to knock people out, right?  Wrong.  Remember, this move 
    is probably one of the slower moves out there, so don't use it a lot.  The 
    Power Punch can be used as a move to counter opponents' mistakes; if they go 
    for a slow-recovery attack to hurt you, answer back with the Power Punch to 
    punish your opponent.  The Power Punch is basically a punch with Luigi's big 
    fist -- yes, there may be "performance enchancement drugs" used...
    [Tap] Down + A button: Leg Sweep
        Aprox Damage: 14%
       Can hurt upto: 20%?
          Here's the move to attack the opponent out of the ring -- it's th
    Leg Sweep!  Okay, maybe there was a little _too_ much exageration involved, but
    anyways, the leg sweep isn't a really strong move, but it can't be countered
    easily, given _you_ the upper hand.  The beauty of this move is, you can attack
     withthis move without using a "setup," meaning, some moves -- like the Power 
    Punch, needs a move to set it up and/or the opponent to move first, so it's 
    harder to connect.  But the Leg Sweep...you can attack without thinking 
    about the consequences -- just attack as if this was the combo starter.  The 
    Leg Sweep looks like Luigi is performing a trip on the opponent.   
     [Tap] Up + A button: Headbutt
           Aprox. Damage: 18%
           Can hurt upto: 30%?
          The Headbutt is just another quick move to attack with.  It's a nice move
    to end comboes with, but otherwise, stick with the Leg Sweep, instead.  What is
    the Headbutt?  Let's see, it's Luigi using the top of his head to attack the 
    opponent, moments later, the target is sent into outer space.  (Well, almost.)
    -S P E C I A L   A T T A C K S-
         B button: Fireball
    Aprox. Damage: 5%
    Can hurt upto: 5%
          The Fireball is probably the most useless move there is.  Why, you say?
    Okay, here's why:  Its speed is very poor, and the damage -- well, it doesn't
    get any better.  There's only a couple of things I have to say about this 
    attack: Don't use it (you won't have any benifits) and umm...that's it.
    The Fireball could be called the Hadoken.  Before we go, there's one thing this
    Fireball can do: Annoy your friends.  Just attack from a distance and 
    everything will turn out fine.
         Up + B Button: Super Jump Punch (Shoryuu-Ken)
         Aprox. Damage: 28% 
         Can hurt upto: 28%
    >> "To properly execute the Shoryuu-Ken, you must be 'inside' the opponent."
    -Drakker_c, long time Luigi user
          This is correct. If you want to perform the Shoryuu-Ken properly, you'll
    have to jump into the opponent and hit Up + B.  What does "you must be inside
    the opponent." Mean?  It means, you have to be touching the opponent.  
          Let's talk about the Super Jump Punch's appearence.  Firstly, Luigi makes
    a big fist,(hmm...how does he makes his fist so big? Certain DRUGS involved?)
    then, he attacks with an uppercut (punch directed to the sky) while in the air.
          Down + B button: Luigi Cyclone
            Aprox. Damage: 16%
            Can hurt upto: 16%
          The Luigi Cyclone should be used as an all-purpose attack, (like a smash
    attack) because there is little recovery to this move; which wouldn't matter,
    because it attacks all angles, and there really is nobody that can attack
    you.  Basically, the Luigi Cyclone looks like Luigi spinning really, really
    fast, causing a white-in-the-air effect.
          Forward + B button: Green Missle
               Aprox. Damage: 18%
               Can hurt upto: Not sure; I just know it can go up to a LOT of 
          The Green Missle is a move that should only be used when getting back up.
    Why, you say?  Well, if you miss, you'll go right off the stage.  Personally
    speaking, (ChaosDemon) I don't use the Green Missle a lot, I don't like the
    fact that, if I miss, I'll go down in flames.  I only use it during special
    situations; when the opponent is against the wall, I'll use this, simply
    because of no possibility of me falling down.  Sometimes when you use the 
    Green Missle, you'll be ignited, causing a big explosion; when this happens,
    you'll be able deal a LOT of damage.  Now a note about the appearence.
    Luigi makes his head point at the opponent, then, he'll launch himself at him/
                                  Vs. CPU Strategy
    =General Strategy=
          CPU Level 9. The easiest way to kill a CPU level 9 for Luigi is to hold 
    up your smash attack and wait for the enemy to come and then hit it. The 
    secondest way is to hold your Forward+B until fully charged then hit the cpu 
    hard (if you're lucky, you may cause a misfire). A CPU Level 9 can dodge very 
    well and sheild impressively.
    =Character Strategy=
    Dr. Mario...............i
    Donkey Kong...........vii
    Captain Falcon.......viii
    Ice Climbers.........xiii
    Young Link...........xvii
    Mr. Game & Watch.....xvii
    Master Hand...........xvi
    Crazy Hand...........xvii
    Both Hands..........xviii
    Giga Bowser...........xiv
          Dr.Mario(reminder no "Steroids"). Your best chance of hitting him is 
    when he tries to grab you. Dodge roll backwards or forwards and Smash Down+A 
    him. Whatever smash move Luigi do on someone, that someone mostly goes 
    upward so thats just a tip of advantage. If he knockes you off, DO NOT try 
    the Up+B move, use the Forward+B move. If you don't follow what I said, 
    you'll be dead. His most powerful move is the Forward+A move in midair, or 
    as Chaosdemon calls it, "THE STEROIDS", dodge it by pressing the R button 
    aiming down. When you land and he lands at the same time, do the Up+B or 
    known as SHOYRUU KEN!!! to really show whats power (has to be beside him or 
    under him).
          Mario. He's the same as Dr.Mario but much faster. His most annoying 
    move is the Forward+B attack. So don't use the B button unless you know what 
    you're doing. His Forward+A is also very powerful so beware. Mario will 
    mostly run to you, jumps, and hit you in any way. What you can do to avoid 
    that is jump with him and do the Forward+A move. Yours is much faster. What 
    I do mostly is Luigi's Forward+B, it's really useful once you master it(and 
    sometimes there's a misfire, THATS really useful). Oh and before I end this, 
    I must remind you that, THERE'S NO SUCH THINGS AS STEROIDS.
          Luigi. Ok this guy's impossible to kill because he is the best. Nah 
    I'm kidding, just "Dodge" when he does the green missle but I'm garentee 
    you'll probably get hit(unless you're an expert like me, hee hee). His moves 
    are quite quick, escpecially when he does the Forward+A in mid air, but you 
    can always copy him because, well, you're him. His powerful move is his Up+B 
    or SHOYRUU KEN!!!! but don't worry he'll probably never do that. Make sure 
    not to keep yourself open at all times, just tap A and every direction to 
    get him away when your close. Do that because if you don't, he'll consantly 
    hit you creating an annoying fight. Good luck beating this dude.
          Bowser. This is pretty easy to outsmart, but watch is power. He's 
    really slow, like, the slowest, actually he's the only guy that's slow. His 
    power may be strong but what does power do if he can't touch you right? 
    Right. But don't let that make you overconfident. If he does hits you, it 
    will cause seroius damage. He's also tough to knock off so, just remember 
    that. The easiest way kill him is to hit him off the screen since he is that 
    heavy so he'll fly far. Just try to throw him to the edge then in midair 
    press Forward+A(if you can). If he does any moves on you, dodge it by 
    rolling backwards away from him and Tap Foward+A. Then when he goes upwards 
    jump up and press any A attack.
          Peach. Now this can be annoying, she can be so very tough even for a 
    girl. The Forward+B move is very powerful so stay far distance. Her Up+B is 
    very cheap because she can float, also she can combolize you with it. What 
    you can do though is run to her and dodge to her back and Tap Down+A. Don't 
    go jumping chasing her, just wait until she falls, then dodge to her back 
    and do the same thing. When you think she's high enough to hit, hit her with 
    Forward+A in mid air. And always hit her when she's not facing you, you 
    might think that's a cowards way but remember she got the B move, so just 
    call that smart not hitting her when she's facing you. Try not to think that 
    boy's won't hit girls because that will just mess up my faq.
          Yoshi. Seems pretty easy but don't let that get to you. It can get 
    hard once you let youself open. If you try to kill it upfront, you better be 
    experienced because Yoshi has a thing about doing the B attack constanly to 
    annoy you. Do not go on top of it a lot because it can just do the Up+B move 
    on you. Running to it may be a good idea but do it quick, press A to hit it. 
    Doing the Down+B move and going towards it is also a good idea because it's 
    quick enough to hit it. Yoshi's smartest move is probably the Down+B while 
    your charging for a Smash Attack, just so u know. The powerfulest is 
    probably Smash+A for Yoshi, but you can outsmart that! Can't you?
          Donkey Kong. He's huge, so he must be slow, next to Bowser. Now he may 
    be large for size but as they say, "Size doesn't matter", and I'll prove 
    that. He's really dumb so you can just stay in one place, charge for your 
    smash and wait until he comes to you, and smack him!!! You may want to stay 
    far away from because his Smash+A can reach pretty far while yours can't. 
    All you can do for "smartness" is just wait for him to come. What you might 
    want to avoid is his DK Punch, because if it connects, you might as way 
    pause and reset the game. To dodge it, you go on top of him, thats where he 
    can't get you, or you might what to Forward+B him, fully charged if you know 
    what I mean. If you knock him off, try really hard to keep him in mid-air as 
    long as you can, because he's pretty heavy so he'll fall faster if you make 
    him stay away from the edge.
          Captian Falcon. This is going to be tough. He's really quick on ground 
    and can even jump high. His best way of killing you is by constanly doing 
    his A combo until your damage is high, then knock you off by doing the 
    Smash+A attacks. The only easy way I can think of killing him is get him to 
    mid-air and hit him with Any+A attack. His most powerfulest move is his 
    Falcon Punch. To avoid that, you should be able to see him charge for it, 
    and when you do, roll dodge to his back and Up+B him. If you stay at the 
    edge he might do the Raptor Boost and fall off and die. Try not to stay on 
    top of this guy because he can do his Falcon Dive and it can get pretty 
    annoying. If you're far away from him, make sure he comes to you, then when 
    you think he's close enough, you can run to him and Press A just to annoy 
          Ganondorf. This guy is just like Captian Falcon, but heavier and 
    slower. He's also really strong, just to let you know. His B attack charges 
    slower so you can attack him quickly instead of slowly. You know he's heavy, 
    so try your best to keep him off the edge and kill him when ever he tries to 
    come back to the stage. Even though he is slow, his power is incredible. 
    Watch out for his Wizard's Foot because it's faster than you think and it 
    has the ability to hurt you a lot. Trying to go on top of him and hitting 
    him is a bad idea because he can do the Dark Dive, which is very strong, and 
    Ganondorf does it a lot to annoy you. The best way of killing him is to wait 
    for him to come to you, then when you think he's close enough, Foward+B him!
          Falco. This seems hard but it's easy. He will always combo you with 
    kicks and it is very annoying. His Fire Falco's charge up won't hurt you, so 
    when he charges up for it, hit him. Run to him always because he just stands 
    there and wastes time. Your best chance of killing him is to throw him down 
    then a A attack. The relecting thing is usless and the gun is also pretty 
    useless too. Try to never let him land and keep him off the edge. When he 
    uses the Fire Falco to comeback on the stage, always intercept it, but don't 
    jump with him. Try not to let him hit you upwards because it's hard to get 
    down with him there.
          Fox is better and faster and more annoying than Falco. His gun won't 
    faze you but it will still hurt you. His Fire Fox's charge up will hurt you, 
    so run away and when he lands, smash him! He's has a thing about being a 
    coward so you must go to him. His combo is throwing you down and doing the 
    reflection thing. When ever he goes on top of you, don't bother jumping up, 
    just charge upwards and hit him. The Fox Illusion is used often so stay 
    away. Hitting him off and not letting him comeback on is a good idea. But 
    beware, stay at the center so he won't do the smae thing.
          Ness. He's pretty easy to kill. He will always come to you to attack 
    so stay back and hit him when he comes. Always get near the edge so you can 
    knock him off faster. Ness has a hard time to get back, especailly when he 
    goes down a narrow hole. Watch out for the PK Pulse because it's powerful. 
    His PK Fire is the most annoying so stay on top of him a lot. Always charge 
    up your smash because he'll always come for you so when he is near. hit him. 
    When he is in the air, hurt him with and A attack. His most powerfullest 
    attack is the baseball bat so go on top of him to kill him.
          Ice Climbers. Not that hard to kill. Always go for the main one 
    because thats the one that will actually kill it. They can get annoying and 
    chuck ice picks at you. Or they use ice powers. Always hit the main one away 
    and keep the other one alive, so the main one will have a hard time getting 
    back to the stage. The most powerful attack for them is the Forward+A. So 
    always attack fast and hard. They can't hurt you much just to tell you. The 
    best way to kill them is to seperate them and then kill them with a 
          Kirby. It's light and very easy to knock off. When ever he does the 
    Rock Drop, grab him and throw him off. Never get near him because he can 
    suck you in and that will be a problem. Kirby's grab can sometimes sacrifice 
    himself to kill you, so struggle hard to get off. Be agressive and don't 
    fall back. Always attack him head on and do it quick. You should always hit 
    him very hard to knock him off because he has the ability to jump a lot. 
    When he is jumping, intercept him by pressing Down+A. When he comes for you, 
    dodge to his back and press Up+B or throw him. If you hit him and he goes 
    upwards, hit him by pressing Down+A in midair. Try to attack him mostly in 
          Samus. It's very hard to hurt her because of her chain grab. To dodge 
    that, wait until she releases and dodge to her back and Up+B her. Her most 
    powerful move is the Down+A in midair. To dodge that stay in the air a lot 
    but hit her fast because she hits you very quickly. If she hits you and you 
    go upwards, let yourself fall on top of her and when you think you are close 
    enough, press Down+A. Always watch out for her Blast and Missles because it 
    might knock you off. To dodge that you must stay far away so you can see it 
    and then reflect it by pressing R when it is about to hit you. Don't try the 
    Forward+B on her because she is fast enough to hit you so it will be just a 
    waste of time. Do not hesitate to attack her head on. The best way to kill 
    her is wait until she goes on top of you and Tap Up+A.
          Link. It's difficult but you can do it. Link is hard because he has 
    the Spin attack which is powerful. I say his most powerful move is the Spin 
    attack. Your best chance is to run and dodge to his back. His hook shot is 
    also cheap but then it's slow so you can dodge and hit him. His sword attack 
    can reach far out to you and not let his body invovled in it. So you should 
    wait for him to come to you or run to him constanly until you hit him . Hold 
    your Forward+B to hit him for sure and never let him back on the stage 
    because it will be hard enough to kill him in air. The best way to kill him 
    is to jump and hit him in midair. But don't go on top of him while he is 
    standing because he can hit you slashing his sword upwards and it will hurt. 
    If he tries the bomb attack, you can jump over it or dodge it, then hit him.
          Young Link. It's the same as Link exept the arrow is fire and the Up+B 
    is a combo. It's easier to kill Young Link because the Up+B can't kill you. 
    He's very small so he can dodge your moves a lot. He can hit you with his 
    sword constanly to make an annoying fight. To dodge that you must stay far 
    away and when he tries to hit you, you dodge and hit him back. He never 
    jumps so you must jump and hit him hard. Don't run to him because he can 
    make that annoying fight by hitting you constanly. But you can run to him 
    and dodge to his back and Up+B him. the best way though is jumping and 
    hitting him or throwing. Try not to think "Don't pick on little kids" 
    because it's not school and it will really mess up my faq!
          Pichu. It is not that easy and not that hard to kill it. It's best way 
    to kill you is probably to Skull Bash you. Try to dodge it, but it's very 
    tough because it's fast. Never go on top of it because it can use Thunder 
    Jolt and hurt you a lot. The dumb thing about Pichu is that any lighting 
    attack it uses, it will damage itself. Pichu will try it's best to keep you 
    off the edge at all times. Then when you come back on, it will grab you and 
    throw you forward. To avoid all those things, stay near the center of the 
    stage so you won't be knocked off that easily. It's most often move is the 
    Thunder Bolt. It can get really annoying so jump over the Bolt all the time 
    and wait until it get closer and closer, then hit it. Try hard not to get 
    grab by it because Pichu will do comboes with lots of damage.
          Pikachu. Pretty much the same thing as Pichu. A little bit stronger, 
    faster and heavier. Pikachu's lightning attacks won't hurt itself and the 
    Agility move hurts you. If Pikachu grabs you when you're in the center of 
    the stage, it'll mostly hit you upwards and do the Thunder Bolt on you. If 
    it does the Skull Bash on you, hit it with Forward+A or Forward+B. When ever 
    Pikachu flies off, try to keep it off the edge at all times. Stay on air 
    mostly because you can air attack it and your air attack will mostly hit 
    Pikachu than your ground attacks. When ever you are able to grab it, always 
    throw left or right, then chase it and hit it.
          Jigglypuff. The easiest to defeat. Jigglypuff is very easy to defeat 
    because her Up+B does not bring her back up the stage. The circle, bubbly 
    shape makes her very light so it's easy to knock her off. Since she is easy 
    to defeat, she got some powerful moves. Like her Sleep attack, if she hits 
    you with it, it will cause great damage. And her lullaby, You might fall 
    asleep and hit you with her Sleep attack. The Roll move is also pretty 
    powerful, but if you dodge it, Jigglypuff will die flying off. If you have 
    lots of damage, she can grab you and throw you up and you will die. The best 
    way to kill her is to hold up your Smash attack and hit her when she's near. 
    The Up+B move will also kill her, just roll to her back and do it. Another 
    best way is to throw her off, chase her and hit her while in midair. Don't 
    need luck this time.
          Mewtwo. This is also very difficult to defeat. Some players consider 
    him as the hardest character to defeat. I don't think so. You just have to 
    keep an eye for his sneak attacks and run to him every time. Mewtwo most 
    powerful attack is the Shadow Ball. Just jump over it, but don't dodge. 
    Mewtwo can teleport so that might be a problem. The best way to kill him is 
    to jump and hit him in midair with Down+A. That he can't dodge. Try your 
    best to keep him off the edge. Stand near the edge and when ever he comes 
    near, do a Smash attack. Using Forward+B is ok once you can hit him with it. 
    Do it quick and charge as little as you can because he can get ready and 
    hurt you. His best way of killing you is to weaken you a lot with his Shadow 
    Ball and then he'll come for you to throw you off. Hit him as much as you 
    can and you'll be fine.
          Mr.Game&Watch. It's not that hard to defeat him. He has weak powers 
    but could move around quickly. He may seem kind of weak but he's harder than 
    you think. Just pretend it's something really hard and try your best so that 
    way you'll know you'll beat him. The easiest way is to hold your smash 
    attack and wait till he comes. Hit him when you think he is close enough to 
    hit. Your best way to kill him is to hit him in the face. Some of his 
    attacks executes slowly so that gives you a good chance to hit him. His most 
    painful attack is his Smash+A attack. Hit uses flame and hits you directly 
    to the edge. Never hesitate to attack him upfront. You can always stay back 
    and hit him when he's near, but I suggest you run to him and hit him hard. 
    When ever he is in the air, you must combolize him in midair and destroy him 
    in an annoying way.
          Marth. He's really quick and intends to hurt you a lot. His B attack
    (whatever it's called) should not be fully charged but you never know. His 
    Dancing Blade(combo) is always complete so watch out for that. His most 
    annoying move is his A attack. he can go on forever, but he won't. He will 
    mostly come to you, grab you and kill you. Always dodge back and back away 
    from him then hit him with your Forward+B. Don't oftenly try the "jump-to-
    him-and-hit-him". Marth can counter that and it won't be nice. Hitting him 
    in idair is better than hitting him on the ground. It's better since he got 
    that Down+B move which counters your attack. In midair he wouldn't be able 
    to do that. The only way to hit him on the ground, risk-free, is to grab 
    him. Make sure you run and not walk. If he does the Up+B move on you, you'll 
    be hit slightly and it will give you a chance to strike him back.
          Roy. Same thing as Marth but stronger and slower. I think he is also 
    smarter. He will attempt his grabs on you more often than Marth. Always 
    watch out for his B attack, because you'll die from fully charged ONE HIT 
    KO! He will run to you a lot so you must dodge to his back and grab him. His 
    Dancing Blade is stronger but more obvious. Your best way of killing him is 
    to run to him, dodge to his back and Up+B him. Or you can grab him and throw 
    him. Keeping him off the edge is a very good idea because thats the easiest 
    way to kill him. If you are scared to fight him upfront, then you can wait 
    for him and then you him. If you are not scared then can jump on top of him 
    and hurt him with Down+A. Again, hit him in midair very often because of his 
          MASTER HAND! He is tough, but not that tough to experts(like me hee 
    hee). If he does attacks from the top to bottom, jump and dodge in midair. 
    When he stands still, Up+B him continously and a lot. If he does the gun 
    move, you just jump alot. If he does a move that involves moving right to 
    left, you just jump over him. If he does a move going from far away to the 
    screen, you just jump and dodge. If he does a homing move, you must run from 
    one side to the other and hope you don't die.
          CRAZY HAND! He is a lot tougher and powerfuller than MASTER HAND. He 
    got the Crawler, The Poison Poke, Purple Bombs, (made up names by me). He 
    will hurt you faster and stands higher of the ground making it harder to 
    hit. Do the same thing as MASTER HAND and you'll be fine, just be quicker.
          BOTH HANDS! This is really hard. Now you must face BOTH HANDS at the 
    same time. The new moves is the double punch and super slap. When both hands 
    homes in on you, you should see who wanted you first. When you figure that 
    out, you run away from THAT hand then run away from the other hand. Go for 
    one hand first and kill that. Then go for the other hand. Doing this will 
    make your life better and more succesful.
          GIGA BOWSER. Meet Mr.Ultra-Hard-To-Kill. I think it's harder than BOTH 
    HANDS!!! The good news is that he can't block, the bad news is you can't 
    throw him. He can be annoying by using his flame breath. He uses it so 
    often, it's like there's no point in killing him. If he tries the Bowser 
    Bomb, you roll dodge and then you Up+B him. The best way to kill him is to 
    jump, and hit him. Or you can Forward+B him. You can annoying him to by 
    using the B button. Keep hitting him with every thing you got until he's 
    over 150%, then you can jump to him and hit him. Always keep him off the 
    edge. When ever he tries to come back, you just use you smash attack.
                                        Target Test
               #       0          0  #1
               #                     #2
               #            I        #3
               #   0      _  I       #4
               #         |_|         #5
               #                     #6
               #     0 I             #7
               #0         0    00   0#8
               ########### ###########9
    (Use Numbers and Letters to find Targets)
                                      Home Run Contest
          Home Run Contest. You can't beat the Home Run Contest, but you can beat 
    your friends at it. This stragety will get the sandbag over 1000 feet with 
    Luigi. When you start, get the bat then go infront of the sandbag and Smash 
    Down+A. While it is falling, hold the Smash Down+A, and then immediately hit 
    it when it hits the floor. Do this about 4 times. At the forth time, the 
    sandbag should be falling and it will be the last 2 seconds. When it is at 
    "1", wait for half a second, then swing your bat and it should go over 1000 
                                     Multi-Man Melee
          Multi Man Melee. I will only tell you how to beat "100 Man" and "15min 
    Man". In 100 Man, the easiest way to kill all the wired people is to Luigi 
    tornado left and right. If you want some fun, then you can jump around and 
    use the A attack. Don't jump a lot too much because even though the wired 
    people are weak, they still have the powers to kill you. What I suggest is 
    to stay on the ground all the time. 15min Man. This is the same thing but 
    harder. If your percent goes over 120, then you better RUN!!! and hope a 
    recovery items pop out. It doesn't matter how much you kill, it's if you 
    beat it. Don't act like you are the master and jump a lot, because you never 
    know, they might kill you. Sometimes what I do is at the last ten seconds, I 
    will run around (being cautious of course) and don't even bother killing the 
    rest of them.
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasy: 
          For posting this [good] FAQ!!!
          For reading this [good] FAQ!!
          For creating Metapad for me to do FAQs on!!
          For developing good games.  Heck, for making games.  Period.  

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