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    Pikachu by Bkm1234567890

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 04/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pikachu Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee
    By Bkm1234567890 (e-mail questions, comments, and info that could help 
    this FAQ at bkm1234567890@aol.com)
    Version 2.5
    Last Updated: Sunday, April 28, 2002
    Table of Contents
     i. A Note
     ii. Updates
     iii. Updates That Will Be Worked On Soon
     I. Why Use Pikachu?
     II. How Do I Get Pikachu?
     IV. Move List
     V. Stage Guide
     VI. Classic Mode
     VII. Adventure Mode
     VIII. All-Star Mode
     IX. Event Matches
     X. Target Test
     XI. Home-Run Contest
     XII. Multi-Man Melee
     XIII. Vs. Mode
     XIV. Battling the Characters
     XV. Credits
     XVI. Copyrights
    i. A Note
    I am well aware that there are better strategies for some of the moves. 
    If you see something that you have a better strategy for, and it at 
    least half works, e-mail me. I'll put it on this guide.
    ii. Updates
    Version 2.5 - Made some improvements on the stratgies.
    Version 2.0 - Added Multi-Man Melee, Vs. Modes, and Battling the 
    Version 1.5 - Added Classic, Adventure, and All-Star modes.
    Version 1.0 - Started this guide.
    iii. Updates That Will Be Worked on Soon
    1-Nothing right now, but I'll think of something.
    I. Why Use Pikachu?
    Well, because with some work, Pikachu can be one of THE best characters 
    in SSB:M. With the exception that it's easy to knock off the arenas, 
    Pikachu is pretty well-rounded. It has a great comeback move. And if you 
    have any Pokemon hating friends that play SSB:M and dismiss the Pokemon 
    characters without thought, you can give them a lesson in Pikachu 101.
    II. How Do I Get Pikachu?
    If you can't get Pikachu, either: a) you're an idiot, or: b) your game 
    is defective, since Pikachu is a starting character (It's to the right 
    of Mario, that is, until you get Luigi, then it'll be under Ness).
    IV. Move List
    Here's the format for my Move List:
    Buttons Used to Use Attack: Name of Attack (Will be as accurate as I can 
    get it) (app. damage %), my thoughts on it. Now on to the move list!
    A: Headbutt (1-2%)
    Not useful. Stay away from this move whenever possible. Pikachu and 
    Pichu have far better moves.
    Walking + A: Forward Double Kick (3-4%)
    An improvement over the Headbutt, but still, there are better moves out 
    Dash + A: Running Tackle (6-8%)
    Not too bad, but not too great, either. If your opponent is expecting 
    something complex, use this attack. Otherwise, you might want to pass on 
    this one.
    Up + A: Upward Tail Whip (4-6%)
    This isn't too bad as a juggle starter. But if you aren't a fan of 
    juggling, take this move off your list.
    Down + A: Downward Tail Whip (4-5%)
    You can use this as an edge-guarding move if you aren't skilled with 
    Thunder or Smash attacks yet. It's not very useful otherwise.
    Smash + Forward + A: Spark (16-28%)
    Now we're getting to the good A attacks! This is something you should 
    use without shame. Fully charged, it can send characters like Fox flying 
    at as little as 70%. Make this move part of your arsenal without fail.
    Smash + Up + A: Upward Double Kick (12-18%)
    Once you get your opponent in the air for juggling, this is a pretty 
    good move to keep them there, so long as they're not already flying. If 
    you have a little time to spare, use this instead of the Upward Tail 
    Whip to start a juggle. This move is highly reccomended for jugglers.
    Smash + Down + A: Electric Spin (9-15%)
    If you need a clearout move and you can't use Thunder for whatever 
    reason, use this instead. There's not a whole lot more to say about this 
    (Note: You can substitute A with Z for the next five moves. They do a 
    little more damage than if you used A)
    Jump + A: Midair Spin (5-12%)
    The damage for this attack depends on when the attack hits; it does more 
    damage if it hits right when you start this attack. Your opponent will 
    probably be too smart to just jump casually near you (unless it's a low 
    level computer player) without attacking, so only use this when they're 
    stupid enough to do just that.
    Jump + Forward + A: Forward Electric Drill (1-6%)
    It would be more useful if lasted longer. Not too useful in my opinion.
    Jump + Back + A: Midair Whirl (8-12%)
    Kind of a horizontal version of the Midair Spin. Like the Midair Spin, 
    the damage depends on when the attack hits. It's a little more reliable, 
    though, since the minimum damage is about 8% instead of 5%. Recommended 
    over the Midair Spin.
    Jump + Up + A: Aerial Tail Whip (3-4%)
    If you're juggling and you don't want to run the chance of misaiming an 
    Upward Smash, use this, although it doesn't do nearly as much damage. 
    Still, juggling is all aboout racking up damage through repeated hits, 
    and this can get the job done.
    Jump + Down + A: Downward Electric Drill (9-12%)
    It's kinda hard to time, so use the Midair Whirl if you're not 
    comfortable with this one yet.
    B: Thunder Jolt (5-7%)
    A quicker version of Mario's Fireballs. However, it won't leave the 
    platform if it reaches the edge; it goes around the edge until it runs 
    out! If you use this in the air, Pikachu will send out a small spark. If 
    the spark hits the ground, it'll return to a normal Thunder Jolt.
    B + Forward: Skull Bash (8-24%)
    If you don't charge this (by holding B), Pikachu doesn't travel very 
    far, and does minimum damage. Fully charged, it sails across the arena, 
    doing pretty heavy damage to anyone in its way. If you can charge Skull 
    Bash so it'll hit your opponent without them knowing it, that's great, 
    use it. Especially when Pikachu goes "Piiii..." whenever it's charging.
    B + Up: Quick Attack (1-3%)
    Easily one of the best comeback moves in the game. Just tapping Up + B 
    won't get you too far, though. If you press the Control Stick in a 
    different direction, you'll go in that direction, getting you a lot of 
    recovery distance. All this, and you're invulnerable while you use this 
    attack (although it's very fast, so don't expect to be invulnerable for 
    very long). Master this move; you won't regret it.
    B + Down: Thunder (7-27%)
    This an AWESOME attack. It's THE most feared move in Pikachu's lineup. 
    And with good reason. Thunder knocks your adversary far away, especially 
    if you're next to them. It's one of the best clearout attacks in the 
    entire game. The only downside to this move is that it CAN'T go through 
    platforms. So be sure to choose an arena without any platforms, like 
    Corneria. Nonetheless, don't ever, EVER forget about this move. One last 
    note: I'd recommend jumping before using this. You're not as likely to 
    get hit, especially if there are three other fighters right below you 
    already preoccupied with each other.
    Z: Grab (0%)
    Since Pikachu has short arms, you need to be fairly close to the 
    opponent to grab them.
    Dash + Z: Running Grab (0%)
    Like a regular grab, but you're running towards your opponent.
    Grab + A: Slight Shock (2-3%)
    Use this to add a few damage % before throwing. Don't do this too much 
    before throwing, though, since your opponent can escape your grab.
    Grab + Forward: Shock Throw (6-8%)
    Pikachu puts the opponent on its back, shocks 'em, and lets the 
    electricity throw their foe. You can use this to rack up damage a 
    little, but don't use this throw to knock your foes very far.
    Grab + Back: Rolling Throw (6-9%)
    This is more of a throw to throw your opponents off. It's not a good 
    damage racker, as it sends the opponent too far. 
    Grab + Up: Headbutt Throw (3-4%)
    To see the use for this, see the info on Upward Tail Whip (Up + A).
    Grab + Down: Body Slam Throw (3-4%)
    If you can repeatedly execute this VERY quickly, it's a useful damage 
    racker. Otherwise, pass on this throw.
    Hold R/Missed grab: Shield
    With this, you can defend against other character's attacks. Holding R 
    will create a small, but powerful shield. A missed grab (remember to 
    hold Z) will create a weak, but large shield. Don't hold it overly long, 
    though; using it too long, or if your opponent attacks you a lot, can 
    make the shield break, making you susceptable to anything your opponent 
    can think of.
    Shield + Left or Right: Roll
    If your opponent is clobbering you to the point where you can't attack, 
    use this to make your getaway.
    Shield + Down: Sidestep Dodge
    Useful against dash attacks. Not overly useful otherwise, though.
    R in air: Aerial Dodge
    Like the Sidestep Dodge, but in the air. Useful for dodging aerial 
    Up on D-Pad: Taunt
    Taunts don't do any damage, but it can REALLY aggrivate your friends (if 
    you have any that also play SSB:M).
    Pikachu gets on its tiptoes, and says "Pika Pika!" while waving.
    V. Stage Guide
    Now that you know the moves, you'll need somewhere to use them. I've 
    unlocked all the stages now, so there are descriptions for all of them.
    Icicle Mountain
    No!!! You can't use Thunder!!! Pikachu's aerial attacks are nothing 
    great, which is bad, because you'll be using them a lot. At least it's 
    got a good comeback move. The key here is to dodge your opponent 
    attacks, and slowly rack up their damage. Then, when the screen is 
    still, use a smash attack to finish them. This isn't a great stage for 
    Pikachu, so try to avoid this one.
    Princess Peach's Castle
    Not a bad stage. You can keep your distance with Thunder Jolt if you 
    want, or you can get up close and personal with smash attacks or 
    Thunder. Watch out for any Banzai Bills (those bullets that drill into 
    the castle and explode) that come by, and you'll be fine.
    Rainbow Cruise
    Although it looks inviting, while you're on the ship, there are points 
    where you CAN'T use Thunder. Again, Pikachu's lack of good aerial moves 
    hurts it. My strategy is to do what you can on the ship, and avoid 
    getting attacked while off it. Don't use this stage if you can help it.
    Kongo Jungle
    You'll need to prepare yourself for this stage; either get some 
    earplugs, or press the MUTE button. Because the music here (especially 
    towards the end) is just plain hazardous to your health. Anyway, stay 
    towards the middle here, or, if you really want to head out to the 
    sides, stay on top, so you can use Thunder. Also, watch out out for any 
    Klaptrap (crocodiles) that come by.
    Jungle Japes
    If you have the hang of Quick Attack/Agility, you should have the hang 
    of this stage. The moment you're completely in water, you're KOed. But 
    since Pikachu has a comeback move well suited to squeezing through 
    stuff, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Stay on the top center, 
    and everything will be all right.
    Great Bay
    You can use Thunder just about anywhere on this stage, which is good. 
    Keep away from the turtle as much as possible, since it'll occasionally 
    sinnk to the ocean floor, bringing you with it. Stay near the lab, which 
    is the building with the hook on it, and there shouldn't be too much 
    This stage is HUGE!!! It's so big, I have no true stategy for it except 
    for this: if you're high on damage, and want to stay alive, head for the 
    bottom. You can reach over 250% before getting KOed.
    Yoshi's Story
    It's a pretty basic stage, with no hazards or anything. There's no real 
    strategy for this stage. Although be sure to hit the Fly Guys (the red 
    things with masks) that occasionally drop by, since they'll leave behind 
    Yoshi's Island
    The key here, unlike some of the other stages, is to stay away from the 
    middle. Why? Those spinning blocks covering a bottomless pit. If you 
    want to, try and lure someone towards the middle, the make the blocks 
    spin, making the other character fall to their doom. But unless you're 
    doing that, stay away from the middle.
    Green Greens
    There are a couple of things to watch out for here. First, are the 
    blocks between the platforms. Sometimes, a Bomb Block will come by. Try 
    to lure your opponent there, get away, and quickly use Thunder Jolt to 
    make the block explode. The other thing is the apples that Whispy Woods 
    sometimes drops. Pick them up and throw them at adversaries. I think you 
    can eat them and recover a little bit of %, but I'm not sure.
    Fountain of Dreams
    The only thing to note here is that the two side platforms sometimes go 
    down, making them inaccessable. Otherwise, it's all out fighting.
    This is a GREAT stage for Pikachu. There are NO overhead platforms 
    unless an Arwing (the ship that fires lasers) is nearby, and there's 
    plenty of room. Definitely use this stage whenever possible.
    Just try to stay towards the middle and to the top, and remember to 
    avoid any Arwings firing at you, and that you can hit through the fin 
    thing in the middle. Oh, yeah, also avoid any incoming debris.
    Flat Zone
    (get by getting Mr. Game & Watch, and beating Classic Mode with him)
    This stage is small, but dangerous. Sometimes tools and buckets will 
    drop and damage you, and sometimes this guy comes and drops a bucket of 
    oil onto the stage, making it all slippery. On top of that, there are 
    platforms above you that constantly change location,. Stay away from 
    here at all costs.
    Fairly basic, not inclding the acid that rises constantly. The only 
    place that's safe from the acid is the very top platform. This is a good 
    thing, since you can get there, and if someone comes by, Thunder away. 
    So long as you stay on the very top platform, this is a pretty easy 
    Brinstar Depths
    (get by playing 50 Vs. Matches)
    If you're bad at this stage, don't worry. it's not you. It's the stage. 
    Nobody likes this stage, so you won't play here too often. But when you 
    do, just remember that Thunder Jolt is your friend against an opponent 
    stranded in certain spots on the stage.
    Stay to the top as usual, but this time, stay to the right. The awnings 
    in the center fall, and if that happens as a car comes by...The left 
    isn't too safe, either, as the tree tops keep you from using Thunder 
    very effectively. The right side is Pikachu's only safe haven here. So 
    get there and stay there.
    (Play 100 Vs. Matches)
    This is a great stage as long as there are no UFOs. If one appears, 
    quickly head for the other side. Watch out for the narrow gaps between 
    the buildings. But don't be afraid to lure someone with a bad comeback 
    move down there, then use Quick Attack/Agility to get back up, while the 
    other one falls haplessly to a KO.
    Mute City
    This place is pretty hectic, and there's a lot of stops through the 
    track. There's no really good strategy here because of that, just beat 
    up your opponents and send 'em flying.
    Big Blue
    (Play 150 Vs. Matches)
    At least there's a little strategy here: you stay high, and get your 
    opponents low. Down to the actual track. Because if you hit the 
    pavement, you're dragged VERY quickly to the left, and you'll be KOed 
    before you know it.
    Pokemon Stadium
    All right! We're on our home turf now. There are four modes of the 
    stadium, so there's no real single strategy here. On the Rock and Fire 
    modes, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies to hide and Thunder 
    Jolt. The Water and Grass modes are your enemies because of all of the 
    platforms above you. However, you can at least get to the far left of 
    the Grass Mode so you won't lose Thunder. Normal Mode is your friend 
    because all there is above you is two small platforms near the edges. 
    All in all, not a bad stage.
    Poke Floats
    (Play 200 Vs. Matches)
    More home turf. This stage is all right in places without overhead 
    platforms, like at the beginning. At the end, though, it's just plain 
    hectic; so hectic, you won't think of attacking. Don't worry, neither 
    will your opponents. Keep moving, and you won't encounter too many 
    Mushroom Kingdom
    Darn blocks. Staying on top isn't required, though, as long as you keep 
    Thundering in the sameplace. Why? The blocks are breakable, and it won't 
    take but a Thunder or two to temporarily break them. However, I 
    reccommend staying towards one of the edges of the stage, and if an 
    opponent comes close, throw them off the stage.
    Mushroom Kingdom II (Subcon)
    (Get the Birdo trophy)
    No overhead platforms (unless there's a Pidgit, the bird on the magic 
    carpet, over you), narrow gaps...what a great stage. If you don't mind 
    the pathetic graphics for this stage, it's pretty good for Pikachu.
    (Complete All-Star Mode)
    One of the most basic arenas in the game, there's no solid strategy. 
    Play this like you would Yoshi's Story or Fountain of Dreams.
    Final Destination
    (Beat all 51 events)
    No overhead platforms, and the one platform is completely flat. What 
    should we do? Right, Thunder. Nothing can stop that here. Use smashes to 
    keep them a little off balance, and you'll win just about every time 
    Dream Land (Past)
    (Complete Target Test with all 25 charcacters)
    Basic. Aside from Whispy Woods blowing you to either side, there aren't 
    any hazards. See Battlefield for strategy.
    Yoshi's Island (Past)
    (Hit over ???? feet in the Home-Run Contest, I know it's over 1,000 ft, 
    but below 1,500 feet)
    Kinda basic, but there is a difference. The side clouds. They disappear 
    after you stand on them for a few seconds, so don't start a battle 
    there. Also, the platforms, except for the top, are slightly slanted, 
    but that shouldn't change any strategy you might have thought of.
    Kongo Jungle (Past)
    (Beat 15 Minute Melee)
    Darn it, they had to bring back this one? This is not a good stage. The 
    over head platforms constantly mess up Thunder, and since the main 
    platform is slanted, you smashes can miss, too. At least there's Thunder 
    Jolt. It's not affected by slants in platforms, so at least it's not 
    VI. Classic Mode
    Rounds 1, 4, and 7 - 1 on 1 match
    These matches are just regular 1 on 1 matches with a randomly selected 
    character. No particular strategy here.
    Round 2 - 2 on 2 match
    In this event, you're given a random partner to help you, and you defeat 
    two other opponents. Let your partner do some of the work, but not every 
    bit of it - on more difficult levels, your partner will probably get 
    KOed before either opponent ends up like that.
    Round 3 - Break the Targets
    See section IX to see how to beat this round.
    Round 5 - 3 on 1 match
    You get two partners to defeat one enemy. The catch? The one is giant! 
    Let your partners do the work here, even on higher difficulties Once 
    they're both KOed, finsih the job yourself.
    Round 6 - Snag the Trophies
    Try to get all the trophies even if you have them already: you'll get 
    30,000 points at the end if you do. The Walk + A attack is good here. 
    Don't ever use the regular A attack, though. It'll just knock the trophy 
    Stage 8 - 1 on 10 battle
    It's you versus a team of 10 of a random character. Don't worry, one 
    good hit will usually send them flying. They're more aggressive in 
    higher difficulties, so use your clearout moves more often.
    Stage 9 - Race to the Finish
    You've got 44 seconds to reach a door. Getting further will get you more 
    coins and points, though. When you reach the part where the path goes 
    three different ways, take lowest one; it's the fastest. Also, there's a 
    trophy somewhere, but unless you don't have it AND it's directly on the 
    path you're taking, pass it.
    Stage 10 - 1 on 1 match
    Here you take on one randomly selected character. However, they're 
    permanently metal. Use the backwards throw until they're off the edge, 
    edge guard if necessary, and they're toast.
    Stage 11 - You vs. Master Hand
    It's you versus a hand. A giant, gloved hand. Here, you don't throw the 
    hand off, you have to deplete its HP. Don't use smash attacks, they're 
    too low. Thunder works wonders here; abuse it like crazy. You can get 
    the Dedicated Specialist award here, as long as you only use Thunder. 
    However, that's not all to it. If you're playing on Normal difficulty or 
    higher, haven't continued, and have taken off about half of Master 
    hand's HP quickly, Crazy Hand appears! This one's harder, and has a 
    couple of new attacks. Don't worry, you don't have to beat it to win; 
    Master Hand's all you need to beat. Although the bonus from beating 
    Crazy Hand IS kinda tempting...
    VII. Adventure Mode
    Note: a * by the stage name indicates that it's a platform game-like 
    1-1 - Mushroom Kingdom*
    Not hard. Just proceed through the stage, and if you need some trophies, 
    there's one lying somewhere in the stage, and a certain Goomba will 
    produce one if you jump on it. When you reach a platform with a picture 
    of a Super Mushroom on it, a whole bunch if Yoshis will battle you, 
    three at a time. They're no big deal, just keep using Thunder.
    1-2 - Princess Peach's Castle
    You're double teamed in this event. Peach, and either of the Mario 
    Brothers. If you cleared 1-1 with a 2 in the seconds column (like 
    5:32:14), you'll face Luigi. If not, you'll face Mario. There's no real 
    change in strategy regardless of who you face. However, if you haven't 
    already unlocked Luigi, and you beat him and the rest of Adventure Mode, 
    you can face Luigi for the rights to use him!
    2-1 - Kongo Jungle
    Here, you're facing two small Donkey Kongs. Thunder and smashes will 
    take care of them in two seconds flat.
    2-2 - Jungle Japes
    Now you're facing a giant Donkey Kong! Get on either side of the center 
    platform, and keep using your back throw. He'll end up in the raging 
    river below after a few tries.
    3-1 - Underground Maze*
    The object here is to find the Triforce (the three golden triangles). 
    It's in one of six places. What's in the other five? Master Swords. If 
    you get near them, you fight Link (you'll only fight if you're on the 
    ground, so Quick Attack to the other side if you don't feel like 
    battling Link). If you beat all five, you get the Link Master bonus, and 
    30,000 points. Also, in addition the the other one lying around, a 
    trophy will appear if you beat a randomly predetermined Redead (zombie 
    thing), Octorok (purple octopus), or Like Like (the thing not previously 
    3-2 - Temple
    Now you've got to face Zelda in the Temple Stage. Not too dangerous as 
    Zelda, since she's slow and is knocked away pretty far, but watch out 
    when she turns into Sheik, as she loses those two disadvantages.
    4-1 - Brinstar
    Here, you do battle with Samus. On easier modes, this will be so easy, 
    it's not funny. On harder modes, this is difficult to the point where 
    it's not funny. Regardless of difficuly (except on Very Easy), remember 
    to stay on the very top platform; it's the only that's safe from the 
    incoming acid.
    4-2 - Escape from Brinstar*
    You have 40 seconds to reach the top platform. If you can control Quick 
    Attack well, this is a piece of cake. Also, there's a trophy somewhere, 
    so grab it if you want.
    5-1 - Green Greens
    It's you against one regular Kirby. Even on harder modes, this is a 
    cinch. I don't need to tell you what to do.
    5-2 - Green Greens: Invasion of the Kirbys
    Now you must face not one, but 15 Kirbys, three at a time! Plus, they're 
    all wearing ability hats! Don't worry, they're relatively easy to knock 
    off. So just smash and Thunder, and this won't be too hard.
    5-3 - Green Greens: The Giant Kirby
    Aaah! Giant Kirby! Actually, you can only face Giant Kirby if you 
    finished stage 5-2 in under or BARELY over 30 seconds (I once finished 
    5-2 with a time of 4:29:72 and still fought Giant Kirby, if I remember 
    correctly). As long as he doesn't use his Stone attack, he's easy. Just 
    attack until he's 100%+, then knock him off stage. You get an extra 
    10,000 points for this, but finishing 5-2 in over 30 seconds isn't a bad 
    idea if you want to see something special...
    6-1 - Corneria
    It's you versus Fox. Just keep pounding away, he's not difficult.
    6-2 - Corneria: Arwing Attack
    Now things get interesting. You'll usually face Fox (although Falco 
    might appear if you've unlocked him), but regardless of who, the rest of 
    the Starfox team is there, trying to help their pal! Luckily for you, 
    they'll hit Fox/Falco just as much as you. So just avoid any Arwing 
    fire. It's hard, but it is possible to get a Pacifist or even a 
    Switzerland award here.
    7-1 - Pokemon Stadium
    It's a homecoming party for Pikachu! You have to defeat 12 Pikachu, but 
    some will be replaced by Pichu and Jigglypuff as you unlock them. Grab 
    as many Poke Balls as you can to make life easier.
    8-1 - Big Blue*
    You have to get across the Big Blue racetrack! The catch? There's a race 
    aleady in progress! When the '!' warning appears, get to the nearest 
    pink platform and stay there until all the racers go by. For point 
    purposes, don't use Quick Attack (or any attack for that matter) unless 
    you'll fall into the ocean if you don't, and always do a double jump 
    instead of a single jump: it's an easy way to earn both the Switzerland 
    and Acrobat awards.
    8-2 - Mute City
    It's you versus Captain Falcon on the Mute City racetrack. Watch out for 
    Captain Falcon's Raptor Boost; it can really catch you off guard. 
    Remember to stay in the middle, so when the platform rises, you don't 
    become roadkill at higher damage % (literally) or fall into empty space.
    9-1 - Onett
    You versus three Nesses. Not hard, considering that the computer can't 
    control Ness very well. Just do the regular stuff, and you'll knock them 
    clear to Fourside!
    10-1 - Icicle Mountain*
    Bad news, platform fans: this is the last of the platform stages. After 
    about 50 seconds of avoiding the bottom, two pairs of Ice Climbers will 
    attack. Knock them off the side instead of the top whenever possible.
    11-1 - Battlefield
    It's you against 15 fighting wire frames. Not hard on any mode, just use 
    clearout moves.
    11-2 - Battlefield: Metal Mania
    After beating the fighting frames, Metal Mario will appear, and if 
    you've unlocked Luigi, he'll be there in metal form, too. Get them off 
    the side as soon as possible, edge guard, and they're history.
    12-1 - Final Destination
    Whew, the last stage! It's you against Bowser. Bowser's pretty tricky at 
    higher difficulties, so attack swiftly, and remember to use Pikachu's 
    speed to your advantage. After that, Bowser's trophy will fall, and 
    Pikachu will do a victory dance. Congratulations, you've beaten 
    Adventure Mode! Or have you...?
    12-2 - Final Destination: Very Big, Very Ugly, Very Hard Bowser
    If you beat Adventure Mode quickly enough on Normal difficuly or higher 
    without continuing, then beating 12-1 is not the end. Bowser's trophy 
    floats back up, and is hit by a bolt of lightning. Then, Bowser breaks 
    out of the trophy, a lot bigger, a lot badder, and a lot uglier! 
    Congratulations, you're going to battle Giga Bowser! I've actually 
    battled Giga Bowser before, but sadly, it wasn't with Pikachu. I've got 
    a strategy now. Always start with Skull Bash; Giga Bowser isn't bright 
    enough to see it coming. Dodge and evade whenever possible, or you'll 
    run out of lives in a heartbeat. Pick up items like Poke Balls, Home-Run 
    Bats, and explosives. Don't despair if you want to beat Giga Bowser and 
    run out of lives; continue and beat Bowser again, and you can face him 
    XIII. All-Star Mode
    (To unlock this mode, unlock all secret characters)
    There's actually no true strategy for this one: expect for the last 
    match (which is against 25 Mr. Game & Watches), the opponents are in a 
    random order. Do your best. Also, don't grab any of the Heart Containers 
    until you're at least at 100%, and try to save one for the encounter 
    with the Mr. Game & Watch team on the harder modes.
    IX. Event Matches
    This section covers all of the events you can use Pikachu in.
    Lv. 3 - Bomb-fest
    Opponents: Link and Samus (1 life each)
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    You: 1 life
    When they said Bomb-fest, they weren't kidding. This isn't too hard if 
    you're careful, just keep dodging and throwing items. Watch out for 
    Banzai Bills, though. If you win this event you're rewarded with an 
    explosive trophy, the Motion Sensor Bomb.
    Lv. 4 - Dino-Wrangling
    Opponents: Giant Yoshi (1 life)
    Stage: Yoshi's Story
    You: 3 lives
    Be sure to keep Yoshi higher than you, so a) you can Thunder him like 
    crazy, and b) he won't use Egg Lay on you. With his size, Yoshi's Egg 
    Lay is instant death for you. If Yoshi ends up on the same platform as 
    you, Roll Throw him. As long as Yoshi doesn't Egg Lay you three times, 
    this shouldn't be very hard.
    Lv. 6 - Kirbys on Parade
    Opponents: 3 Tiny Kirbys (2 lives)
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    You: 1 life
    Couldn't be easier. Just backwards throw them (or use any of Pikachu 
    power attacks) once, and they'll fly off the screen. There's no real 
    excuse for not completing this one.
    Lv. 7 - Pokemon Battle
    Opponents: Pikachu (2 lives)
    Stage: Pokemon Stadium
    You: 2 lives
    There's a catch in this event: you can only damage each other through 
    the Pokemon in the many Poke Balls that appear. Outrun the other Pikachu 
    to the Poke Balls, and you shouldn't have any problems.
    Lv 8 - Hot Date on Brinstar
    Opponents: Samus (3 lives)
    Stage: Brinstar
    You: 3 lives
    You start out at 102% damage (even if you get KOed), but don't worry, 
    Samus starts at 130%! The forward smash is the only move you'll need 
    here, since it just takes one or two to send Samus flying. Pretty easy 
    if you stay away from the acid.
    Lv. 9 - Hide n' Sheik
    Opponents: 2 Zelda (1 life each)
    Stage: Great Bay
    You: 1 life
    This is a pretty frustrating event. Not only are you outnumbered, you 
    can only KO them for good when they're in Sheik form! Rack up their 
    damage while they're Zelda with moves like Thunder Jolt, or any ones 
    that don't knock them very far. When they become Sheik, use the forward 
    smash and Thunder to knock them clear out of Termina! Whatever you do, 
    though, DON'T KO them as Zelda, they'll just return without any damage!
    Lv. 10 - All-Star Match 1
    Opponents: Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser (1 life each)
    Stage: Yoshi's Island, Jungle Japes, Yoshi's Story, Princess Peach's 
    Castle, Rainbow Cruise
    You: 2 lives
    This is just regular fighting. You only fight one at a time, which is 
    good. Any damage you accumulate in a previous battle carries on to the 
    next one, so don't be surprised if you start a later battle at a high 
    damage %. There's no single strategy here, so just do your best!
    Lv. 11 - King of the Mountain
    Opponents: 2 Ice Climbers (infinite lives)
    Stage: Icicle Mountain
    You: 1 life
    Just evade their attacks for 62 seconds. This isn't hard as long as you 
    stay alert.
    Lv. 12 - Seconds, Anyone?
    Opponents: Captain Falcon (1 life)
    Stage: Mute City
    You: 1 life
    This isn't nearly as hard as it sounds, since both characters start at 
    100%. Just use a forward smash as soon as the battle starts, and he'll 
    go flying.
    Lv. 14 - Trophy Tussle 1
    Opponents: 3 random characters (2 lives each)
    Stage: On top of a Goomba trophy
    You: 2 lives
    This isn't too hard. Once they surround you, just jump and start a 
    Thunder so it hits right in the middle of the crowd. Keep doing that 
    until you're down to one, then use regular battle techniques. Do your 
    best: winning this event yields the arena, a Goomba trophy.
    Lv. 15 - Girl Power
    Opponents: Peach, Zelda, Samus (2 lives each)
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    You: 2 lives (Small)
    You're outnumbered three to one, and you're pretty much hit with a 
    permanent Poison Mushroom. Sounds hard, right? Wrong. Thunder frequently 
    in the right places, and this is a breeze.
    Lv. 20 - All Star Match 2
    Opponents: Samus, Link, Zelda, Captain Falcon, Fox (1 life each)
    Stages: Brinstar, Great Bay, Temple, Mute City, Corneria
    You: 2 lives
    No single strategy here, just do your best, like the first one.
    Lv. 21 - Ice Breakers
    Opponents: 2 Ice Climbers (1 life)
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    You: 1 life
    (Screams) This has got to be one of the most annoying events in the 
    history of events! The good news: Normally, the Ice Climbers won't 
    attack you. The bad news: You have to KO both Nanas WITHOUT KOing either 
    of the Popos! To make things worse, you've only got one single minute to 
    do it! Don't worry, there is a strategy to this one. Seperate Nana from 
    Popo, throw her off the egde, and do some edge-guarding with the forward 
    smash until she's too far. This one can and probably will take several 
    tries, but you'll eventually get the hang of it.
    Lv. 22 - Super Mario 128
    Opponents: 128 Tiny Marios (1 life each)
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom II
    You: 1 life
    Don't make me laugh. This is insanely easy. Your first instinct is 
    Thunder, but don't use it: it takes a moment to charge, and it won't hit 
    if a Pidgit is flying above you. Instead use the faster to execute down 
    smash. A piece of cake compared to events like Ice Breakers, and the 
    upcoming event.
    Lv. 23 - Slippy's Invention
    Opponents: Fox, Falco (2 lives each, invisible)
    Stage: Venom
    You: 2 lives
    Not easy. Although they're supposed to be invisible, you can still kinda 
    see them. If you're gtting kicked around, any you don't know where it's 
    coming from, don't be afraid to momentarily pause and see where they 
    are. They're hard to spot, but you'll know when you've seen them. When 
    they start double teaming you, use Thunder to clear them out of the way. 
    Do smash them sometimes, though: they can and will use Deflector on the 
    kinda deflectable Thunder. Also, try to take on one before facing the 
    other, it'll make life a lot easier. Like Ice Breakers, it's annoying, 
    but you can beat it with some practice.
    Lv. 24 - The Yoshi Herd
    Opponents: 29 Yoshi, Giant Yoshi (1 life each)
    Stage: Yoshi's Island
    You: 1 life
    The only real difficulty in this stage is the two minute time limit. The 
    Yoshis, even the giant one, can be sent flying with any decent attack. 
    So just give 'em everything you've got, and you'll come out on top.
    Lv. 26 - Trophy Tussle 2
    Opponents: 3 random opponents (2 lives each)
    Stage: On top of an Entei trophy
    You: 2 lives
    Good news, you won't be triple teamed; one character will go to the side 
    and won't attack unless you come by. There's no consistent strategy 
    here, since the opponents are random, so give it your all! Beating this 
    event will reward you with the stage, an Entei trophy.
    Lv. 28 - Puffballs Unite!
    Opponents: 14 Kirbys (one life, each wearing a random ability hat)
    Stage: Green Greens
    You: 1 life
    This isn't going to be easy. The Kirbys QUINTUPLE you, they don't get 
    knocked away too easily, and you only have one life. Thunder when you 
    can, and balance that with some well timed smash attacks. Don't try this 
    one when you're in a bad mood; you'll probably destroy your Gamecube in 
    a rage, and we don't want that to happen, now do we?
    Lv. 30 - All Star Match 3
    Opponents: Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, Ice Climbers
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams, Pokemon Stadium, Onett, Icicle Mountain
    You: 2 lives
    Like the other two, there's no single strategy that works, as you're 
    facing several opponents, so just try your best!
    Lv. 31 - Mario Bros. Madness
    Opponents: Mario, Luigi (infinite lives)
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
    You: infinite lives
    This is just like a time battle from Vs. mode. The object here to is to 
    have the highest score. You'll gain a point for each KO, and lose one 
    for being KOed, or if you self destruct. To win here, just lure the 
    Bros. to the edges, and try to throw them out. You might get KOed a 
    couple times yourself, but if you did well enough, you KOed them enough 
    to get the victory.
    Lv. 37 - Legendary Pokemon
    Opponents: 2 Giant Male Fighting Frames, 2 Giant Female Fighting Frames, 
    Jigglypuff (2 lives each)
    Stage: Battlefield
    You: 1 life
    Be sure to KO Jigglypuff first, since it's the only one besides you that 
    throws the Poke Balls. Speaking of Poke Balls, all the Pokemon inside 
    them are legendary, except for the retaliating Wobbuffet (the blue 
    punching bag like thing). Just keep beating Jigglypuff to the Poke 
    Balls, and this is pretty easy. Also, if you beat this event, you'll get 
    a chance to earn a secret character, which is Pichu, Pikachu's SSB:M 
    Lv. 38 - Super Mario Bros. 2
    Opponents: Mario, Peach, Luigi (2 lives each)
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom II
    You: 2 lives
    Thank goodness for Thunder and the down smash. Stay in the middle, and 
    use those two moves (preferably Thunder). With some luck, you won't take 
    too much damage yourself, and you'll KO those three before they KO you.
    Lv. 40 - All Star Match 4
    Opponents: Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch (1 life 
    Stages: Temple, Mushroom Kingdom II, Poke Floats, Final Destination, 
    Flat Zone
    You: 2 lives
    Another All Star Match. Just use regular techniques, and you'll do fine.
    Lv. 44 - Mewtwo Strikes!
    Opponents: Zelda, Mewtwo (1 life each)
    Stage: Battlefield
    You: 1 life
    This is no fun at all. You've got to wait 15 seconds for Mewtwo to 
    appear, and you have to KO it WITHOUT KOing Zelda. As if this wasn't bad 
    enough, the computer's intelligence is pretty darn high in this event. 
    If you're lucky, Mewtwo might charge up for a Shadow Ball - while 
    plummeting to its death! This might be the only way you'll win this 
    event. Either that, or a LOT of practice, because this is one of THE 
    hardest events.
    Lv. 46 - Fire Emblem Pride
    Opponents: Marth, Roy (3 lives each)
    Stage: Temple
    You: 3 lives
    It's a good thing Pikach has a decent double jump, and a great comeback 
    move in Quick Attack, as you'll be using them a lot to evade some 
    serious swordplay. Still, this won't be easy, becuase when Pikachu's 
    hit, it flies. Stay away, and use items and Thunder Jolt until their 
    damage is pretty high, then knock them off stage.
    Lv. 47 - Trophy Tussle 3
    Opponents: 3 random characters (2 lives each)
    Stage: On top of a Majora's Mask trophy
    You: 2 lives
    Your only help here is that friendly fire is unfriendly to all. 
    Hopefully you'll get easy to knock away characters like Jigglypuff and 
    Mr. Game & Watch: in fact, you probably won't win if you don't.
    Lv. 48 - Pikachu and Pichu
    Opponents: Pikachu (infinite lives), 2 Pichu (1 life each)
    Stage: Dream Land (Past)
    You: 2 lives
    The goal here is to KO the Pichu, KOing Pikachu won't have any effect. 
    The problem is that Pikachu is pretty aggressive, and the Pichu can go 
    above 150% and STILL get back without a problem. The key attack here is 
    the forward smash, since it knocks them all far away, and it's one of 
    Pikachu's best damage dealers.
    Lv. 49 - All Star Match Deluxe
    Opponents: Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Young Link, Roy, Ganondorf
    Stages: Mushroom Kingdom, Venom, Pokemon Stadium, Great Bay, Temple, 
    Final Destination
    You: 2 lives
    Watch out for Ganondorf, he's slow, but he packs a REALLY big wallop. 
    With that said, do keep an eye on the timer on this one; if you take too 
    long, you just might have less than a minute to KO the hard to KO 
    Lv. 50 - Final Destination Match
    Opponents: Master Hand, Crazy Hand (300 HP each)
    Stage: Final Destination
    You: 1 life
    Be sure you know how to air dodge before even thinking about trying this 
    event. Play very defensively, and when you do attack, be sure you use 
    Thunder or an aerial attack (preferably Thunder). Work on one hand 
    before the other; I prefer going with the more dangerous Crazy Hand 
    first, but you can try beating Master Hand first if you want. Good luck 
    beating this event; you're gonna need it.
    Lv. 51 - The Showdown
    Opponents: Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo (3 lives each)
    Stage: Final Destination
    You: 3 lives
    Finally, THE last event. None of these guys are easy. Pn the good side, 
    all three have a move they can Self Destruct with: Giga Bowser's Bowser 
    Bomb, Ganondorf's Dark Dive, and Mewtwo's Shadow Ball (while it's 
    charging). Try tricking them into using those moves off the edge. Be 
    sure also to get lots of Poke Balls, Home-Run Bats, and explosive items, 
    although Warp Stars, Freezies, ans shells aren't bad ideas when they're 
    at higher damage %. This can take a while, so be ready. Also, do well, 
    because you'll reveal the Events' ultimate prize for beating this event; 
    the Final Destination stage for Vs. Mode!
    X. Target Test
    Here's what I do for Pikachu in the Target Test.
    1-Jump straight up and attack.
    2-Double jump to the right and attack.
    3-Head right, jump, and while in the air, use Thunder Jolt.
    4-Jump onto the platform, then double jump and attack.
    5-Fall into the nearby pit and attack.
    6&7-Double onto the platform to the left, and use Quick Attack.
    8-Fall underneath the two upper targets, and use Thunder Jolt.
    9-Double jump onto the 'C' looking platform and attack.
    10-Get atop the 'C' platform, double jump into the backwards C platform, 
    and attack.
    Using that method should take around 22 seconds when done correctly.
    XI. Home-Run Contest
    Again, I'll tell you what I personally do to get what I get.
    Pikachu - Get the bat, and Thunder Jolt until Sandbag is around 35%. 
    Then, use a forward Smash Attack. If it's done right, you should get 
    around 700 ft.
    XII. Multi-Man Melee
    10 Man Melee
    If you have trouble here, quit this game, you'll never do well in it. 
    Seriously. Pound away, this is a piece of cake.
    100 Man Melee
    I've beaten this one. Unfortunately, I just haven't beaten this with 
    Pikachu. So I have nothing here.
    3 Minute Melee
    Two words. Don't attack. The only techniques you should use are dodges 
    and Quick Attack. You don't need to KO anyone to win, so just evade to 
    the best of your ability.
    15 Minute Melee
    This isn't so much as difficult, but more that it's long. I say do the 
    same as 3 minute melee, but it's 5 times longer, so it's a lot trickier. 
    Do try to get it so that that there are only Female Wire Frames; they 
    seem to not attack as much.
    Endless Melee
    Use your best attacks, and try to KO as much wire frames as possible.
    Cruel Melee
    All the Multi-Man Melees are worthy of their name. This one's no 
    exception. I've never been able to KO anyone as Pikachu, so there's no 
    strategy here yet.
    XIII. Vs. Mode
    The Modes
    Time Mode
    Probably Pikachu's worst Vs. match. It's a good thing Pikachu has two 
    good clearout moves moves, as you'll constantly use them to keep it out 
    of the fray. Don't forget Pikachu's other smashes, they'll be useful 
    here too.
    Stock Mode
    This is Pikachu's best Vs. match, as long as there are three or four 
    characters. Just dodge until there's only one character left, then pound 
    Bonus Mode
    Here, you have to have the most points from end of match bonuses (like 
    Merciful Master and Butterfingers), so try to attack as accurately, as 
    consistently, and in as many ways as possible.
    Coin Mode
    Smash, smash, Thunder. Kinda the story of Pikachu's SSB:M life. Apply 
    that here. Stay on the offensive as much as possible, and grab all coins 
    that come out.
    XIV. Battling the Characters
    The good news: you're faster, and can keep your opponents away from you. 
    The bad news: Mario has no weak points you can hammer on. Watch out for 
    his smashes, the Mario Tornado, and Super Jump Punch. Using Thunder Jolt 
    is not recomended; he can use his Cape to reflect it back. At least he 
    can't counter Thunder.
    Dr. Mario
    He's a little more powerful than the regular Mario, but a little slower. 
    Still, you should basically use the same strategy against Mario against 
    Dr. Mario, since the difference isn't too noticable.
    Kinda like Mario, but he is different in a couple of ways. First, Unless 
    he hits you with it at the moment it starts, Super Jump Punch will only 
    do 1% (if you do get hit at that moment, you take 25%, burst into 
    flames, and go flying). Also, Cape has been replaced with the Green 
    Missile, which is like your Skull Bash, but it can misfire, sending 
    Luigi much further, and doing much more damage than normal. Slightly 
    easier than Mario and Dr. Mario, but still not a walk in the park.
    Bowser can knock you off at insanely low damage %. Don't worry, you 
    really can run circles around him. Don't get him either right over you 
    or right near you: the Bowser Bomb and his forward smash really, REALLY 
    hurt. Thunder Jolt is highly recommended here: Bowser can't hit long 
    range without items.
    She can go flying off stage in a hurry, but she can go flying back onto 
    a stage in a hurry, too. Watch out for her countering Toad; he's fast, 
    and he hurts. Thunder away, she can't attack well downwards.
    Not terribly hard. He had no comeback move besides his double jump, so 
    edge guard mercilessly. His Egg Roll can be dangerous, but a single well 
    timed hit can stop it. The Yoshi Bomb and Egg Throw are the only two 
    moves you should really watch out for. They're both quick, and hard to 
    Donkey Kong
    He's a little less powerful than Bowser, but has better speed. He has 
    better range too, since his arms are so long. Try to attack from behind, 
    but watch out for a smash or the Hand Slap. And don't forget the Giant 
    Punch; you never, EVER want to receive one of those.
    Captain Falcon
    He's the fastest character in the game, but you CAN be too fast. Watch 
    out for all of his B attacks (Falcon Punch, Falcon Kick, Falcon Dive, 
    and Raptor Boost), and his A attacks aren't too bad either. Use Thunder 
    Jolt as much as possible, since he has no projectiles.
    He's basically Captain Falcon who gave up a lot of speed for a lot more 
    power. Watch out for this guy. One false move, and you're toast. It's a 
    good thing he's slow and has no projectiles; capitalize on those 
    weaknesses like nobody's business. It might be your only chance. 
    Fast, but no power. Don't be afraid to get into the fray with this guy, 
    since you're better than him as far as power goes. Don't use Thunder 
    Jolt, since he has that Deflector attack, and Blaster, although it 
    doesn't do much with each shot and you don't flinch, all those shots can 
    really add up fast.
    A little slower, and maybe a little more powerful than Fox, but in 
    esscence they're similar enough to be treated the same way.
    Ness has several moves to be wary off. PK Flash takes a while, but when 
    it's fully charged, it's devestating. PK Fire can be comboed if timed 
    right. And don't forget the Home-Run Bat, Ness's forward smash. Never, 
    EVER use Thunder Jolt on Ness, because then he can use his PK Magnet and 
    Thunder Jolt will actually HELP Ness. Watch out for Ness, he's tricky.
    Ice Climbers
    The basic strategy for these two can be summed up in three words: Dodge 
    the hammers. They hurt. Badly. Especially when there's two of them. At 
    least they aren't very good from long range since their only projectile 
    is the weak Ice Shot, so you can Thunder Jolt them if you want. Just 
    don't get in the way of their hammers.
    Not too hard, since Pikachu's Thunder rarely knocks the victim sraight 
    up. Don't let him get right over you, since he's got that incredibly 
    annoying Stone attack. If he uses that and misses, grab him. He flies at 
    low damage %, so you'll be all right.
    This is probably THE cheapest character in the game. Watch out for her 
    Charge Shot, it does a whopping 25% fully charged. Screw Attack is one 
    of those attacks that drives you crazy, so watch out for that one, too. 
    Her smashes aren't fun to be on the receiving end on. On top of all 
    this, she's hard to knock off, and isn't all that slow. Definitely a 
    hard character to beat.
    Zelda is no problem so long as you can dodge her powerful magic attacks. 
    She's lightweight, and is really slow. Sheik is completely different. 
    She might not have one really powerfull attack, but is fast and is a bit 
    harder to knock off than Zelda. The key is to not let Zelda become 
    Sheik. If she starts to Transform, hit her, and the transformation will 
    Samus's main competition for the title of 'Game's Cheapest Character'. 
    His sword can do a lot of damage while you're close up, and if you try 
    to attack from a distance, Link has his Bow, Bommerang, AND Bombs, all 
    three should be treated with caution. Al least you have one edge: speed. 
    Remember to use that to your advantage as much as possible.
    Young Link
    Like Link, but his sword has less range, and you lose some of your speed 
    advantage. Treat him like a smaller, faster Link, because that's exactly 
    what he is.
    Pikachu's probably one of the few characters where battling yourself 
    actually makes sense (as compared to Samus vs. Samus, Mario vs. Mario, 
    etc.). Aside from that, beating yourself will not be easy, because, 
    well, Pikachu's got everything you do. This will come down to who's the 
    better Pikachu player. That, and some Bob-ombs won't hurt, either.
    As Young Link is smaller and faster than Link, so is Pichu compared to 
    Pichu. Pichu's THE easiest character to knock off in the game, and some 
    of it's attacks hurt itself, but it's still basically you. Use a 
    strategy similar to Pikachu.
    Pretty easy. Watch out for Pound and Rollout, and you're set. Since 
    juggling is Jigglypuff's main weapnon, and Pikachu can escape from one 
    of those pretty easily, Jigglypuff's toast. Probably the easiest 
    character to beat, but don't let your guard down...
    Watch out for Mewtwo's Shadow Ball, Confusion, smashes, and throws. 
    Shadow Ball is a lot like Samus's Charge Shot, Confusion can repeatedly 
    flip you like a pancake if timed right, the smashes hurt, and the throws 
    send you far, far away. Don't worry, he's pretty slow, and if you get 
    him in the air, you've got it made.
    Mr. Game & Watch
    Undoubtedly the strangest character in the game. Watch out, his smashes 
    can be lethal, and so can his aerial attacks. Avoid Thunder Jolt at all 
    costs; he can use Oil Panic to get three Thunder Jolts, and then dump 
    them on you for INCREDIBLE damage. He's pretty easy to send fying, 
    though. Still, if you're not careful, you'll be the one sent flying.
    His sword does the most damage at the tip of the sword, so you can get 
    up in his face while you're at a low damage %. Once you get higher in 
    damage, though, stay away and use Thunder Jolt, since he can't counter 
    that. You don't really have a speed edge, though, so do be careful.
    There are a couple of key differences that make Roy different enough 
    from Marth to play him differently. First, his sword does the most 
    damage in the middle, so don't ever get in his face. Second, he's more 
    powerful, so don't even try to get near him unless he's at a high damage 
    %. Finally, Roy is slower than Marth, so you can outrun him. Still, he's 
    not going to go easily...
    XV. Credits
    Me - for making this guide
    Nintendo - for making the Gamecube
    HAL Laboratories - for making SSB:M
    my mom - for buying Super Smash Bros. Melee for me
    all the Character FAQs for SSB:M on GameFAQs - for inspiring me to make 
    my own Character FAQ
    ATFzone (AIM) - for contributing info on Events 50, 51, and Giga Bowser
    XVI. Copyrights
    These are sites I have granted permission to place this on their sites:
    If you by some chance want to put this on your site, just e-mail me. 
    Unless I have some REALLY big problem with it, I'll probably let you put 
    it on there. If you see this this on any site other than those above, 
    tell me, so I can make them take it off.
    This Document Copyright 2002 Bkm1234567890
    Do Not Use Without Permission From Bkm1234567890

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