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    Zelda/Sheik by JWagoner

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 09/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                /  \
               /    \                 /\  /\  /\
              /      \                \ \/  \/ /
             /        \               /  /--\  \
            /          \              \  \--/  /
           /____________\              \------/
          /\            /\                ||
         /  \          /  \              /  \ 
        /    \        /    \             \  / 
       /      \      /      \             \/
      /        \    /        \               
     /          \  /          \        
    /            \/            \
    ZZZZZ EEEEE L     DD     A     SSSS  H   H EEEEE I K  K
       Z  E     L     D D   A A   S      H   H E     I K K
     Z    E     L     D D A     A      S H   H E     I K K
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Update Status
    3. Zelda
     a. Standard attacks
     b. Smash attacks
     c. Aerial attacks
     d. Special attacks
     e. Throws
     f. Combo Strategies
    4. Sheik
     a. Standard attacks
     b. Smash attacks
     c. Aerial attacks
     d. Special attacks
     e. Throws
     f. Combo Strategies
    5. Target Test strategy
    6. Credits and Legal stuff
    7. Shouts & Respect
    1. Introduction
    Hi, and welcome to Josh's guide to Zelda/Sheik on Super Smash Bros. 
    Melee. This guide assumes you know how to play, what the different items 
    do, the different modes, and all that. I want to keep this FAQ fairly 
    small, y'see. This guide contains mild spoilers about the game; mentions 
    a couple of secret characters, but let's be honest, who doesn't know who 
    they all are. The object of Super Smash Bros. Melee is to knock your 
    opponent off the screen. Your opponents are obviously trying to knock 
    you off as well. With Zelda/Sheik, you have the option of being slow and 
    powerful, or fast and weak. There is no 'in-between'. The two characters 
    are evenly matched; any one advantage that one character has over 
    another is cancelled out by any other disadvantage. This guide will 
    describe how Zelda and Sheik handle, what each move accomplishes, and 
    when the best time is to use them. It also includes strategies for 
    making your own combos. This is primarily for Vs. mode, but you'll 
    quickly learn to apply these skills to 1-player mode as well. You'll 
    notice many of the moves hit 'on a line'. This means that they hit 
    opponents in a linear area in the direction given. It doesn't mean the 
    opponents have to be arranged in a perfect line; though they can be hit 
    that way, if they deviate slightly from the line, the attack will still 
    connect. Also, attacks that hit on a line work wonders in multiplayer 
    battles, because if your opponents are close enough together, that also 
    counts as a line. Think of it as the attacks in Chrono Trigger that hit 
    on a line. (what? you've never played it?) Some moves hit in a 
    semicircle - the same principle applies, just the range is shaped 
    differently. Questions/comments can be directed to poing@edgeemu.com or 
    djvizionz@aol.com, but read the FAQ all the way through first, I don't 
    respond to questions that are already included here.
    2. Update status: 
    6/21/2002: Version 1.0 completed.
    6/25/2002: V1.1: Fixed some formatting and grammatical errors, changed 
    some things here and there, and edited the copyright notice.
    7/1/2002: V1.2: Changed some more things here and there, added 
    NeoSeeker.com to list of authorized websites.
    7/16/2002: V1.3: Changed some more things here and there, added 
    Fiyer.com to list of authorized websites.
    8/2/2002: V1.4: Changed yet some more things here and there and edited 
    the copyright notice.
    8/17/02: V1.5: Added some stuff, like more info on jumping 'n schitt. 
    Seems as though fiyer.com has changed its format.
    9/04/02: V1.6: Changed some more things here and there. All email 
    addresses shown are valid. 
    3. Zelda
    If you hold A before a match starts, you'll turn into Sheik (or Zelda in 
    1-P mode when applicable).
    Zelda is slow to move, slow to attack, and generally slow overall, 
    except in the air. On a relative scale, she's faster than Bowser, but 
    slower than Ganondorf. Her attacks are powerful, they last a long time 
    (which is your friend in multiplayer battles, and can only be your 
    friend in a one-on-one if used as counterattacks), and some of them 
    juggle. All of her attacks leave her open in some way, but she's very 
    good at keeping opponents away. They also cover a very wide range around 
    her, making her better to use in multiplayer battles. That having been 
    said, a lot of them need to be aimed and timed correctly in order to 
    work properly, such as her lightning kick. Most of her attacks have 
    awful recovery time, because they last so long. For these reasons, it's 
    better to focus on waiting for the opponent(s) to approach you and 
    counterattacking, and luring your opponent(s) into your attacks, rather 
    than going in for the kill. If they know better than to do that, turn 
    into Sheik and go on the offensive, or if possible, use Din's Fire. 
    Zelda can go on the offensive, but only if her opponent(s) are within 
    range of her dash attack, which can be difficult to set up due to her 
    slow foot speed. She can jump fairly high but VERY quickly, making her 
    an excellent aerial character. She doesn't jump nearly as high as Sheik, 
    but she can travel further horizontally, and Farore's Wind more than 
    compensates for it. There is a slight delay before she actually leaves 
    the ground, but once she's off the ground she's just behind Jigglypuff 
    in terms of aerial maneuverability. When moving, keep Zelda off the 
    ground and focus on knocking opponents away, and when on the ground, 
    stay within a general area and cover yourself as best as you can. Her 
    roll dodge is much quicker than her regular foot speed, but make sure 
    you're familiar with how far it carries her. Her sidestep dodge lasts 
    slightly longer than Sheik's, which can be both a blessing and burden. 
    She is very light and can be knocked away easily, so make sure you have 
    good stamina before undertaking a battle with Zelda. Her reach with the 
    Beam Sword is among the best; so don't pass it up (It's even better with 
    Sheik, though).
    A button: Forward Flash
    Zelda extends her arm and a blast of magical energy issues from her 
    hand. It's rather slow, so it's best used as a counterattack. Watch for 
    the dreadful recovery time. It hits in the range of the sparks causing 
    lightning-elemental damage, leaving her lower body and back open. The 
    opponent(s) are stopped in their tracks - use this as an opportunity to 
    grab or follow up with a more powerful smash.
    Tilt forward+A: Forward Slap
    Zelda swings her arm around and to her side in a chopping motion leaving 
    a trail of magical energy. This comes out slightly, but not noticeably, 
    quicker than her regular A, so it's good to use in a combo, but again 
    it's best as a counterattack. It hits in the range of the magical energy 
    causing physical damage and knocking the opponent away, leaving her 
    lower body and back open.
    Tilt up+A: Upward Sweep
    Zelda sweeps her arm upward in a circular motion. It covers her upper 
    body. This is one of Zelda's wildcards - it doesn't deal too much 
    damage, but it knocks the enemy very far and comes out quicker than most 
    of her other attacks. It's best used when the enemy is directly above 
    rather than on the side, because they'll be able to hit Zelda below the 
    range of the attack. It also works to cover her upper body when multiple 
    opponents are approaching from above. It hits on both sides and above 
    causing physical damage, leaving her lower body open.
    Tilt down+a: Trip kick
    Zelda kicks along the ground. It comes out quite quickly, but has a 
    moderately small recovery time. A relatively good juggling move when 
    used on angled surfaces such as Hyrule Temple or Corneria. It hits on a 
    stupidly short forward line (but a line nonetheless) along the ground 
    and causes physical damage, but leaves her upper body and back open. 
    Don't mash the button - wait until the opponent's feet are back on the 
    ground before you kick again.
    Dash+A: Dash attack
    Zelda dashes forward with her arms out. It's an excellent reversal move; 
    it comes out very fast and does heavy damage with much quicker recovery 
    time than most of her other attacks. It's also good to start a combo, 
    since it knocks the enemy straight up. Follow this one up with her 
    upward sweep. It hits on a short forward line causing lightning-
    elemental damage, leaving her lower body and back open. You'll quickly 
    catch on to how far she dashes. This is Zelda's only effective offensive 
    maneuver. It works wonders in multiplayer battles, so don't pass it up, 
    but again, make sure they're within range of it. 
    Up+A: Electric Juggle
    Zelda extends her arm upward and makes a circular motion leaving a trail 
    of magical energy. If an enemy is caught in it, they are juggled for a 
    while, and if they're still inside, the last hit knocks them upward. 
    It's best used as a counterattack - try using it slightly early so the 
    last hit connects. It hits on a short horizontal line directly above 
    causing lightning-elemental damage, leaving her entire body open. This 
    means you must never use it to hit on the side, except at point-blank 
    range, and Nayru's Love is much better. For best results, catch the 
    opponent in the dead center of the line; if they're off to the side it's 
    easier to escape it, and when she moves her arm the other way, they're 
    out of it automatically. Not good.
    Forward+A: Energy Blast
    Zelda casts a magic spell in front of her leaving a burst of sparkles. 
    It lasts fairly long and reaches fairly far, but if an enemy is caught 
    in it at close range, it juggles the longest with lightning-elemental 
    damage before knocking them away. This is Zelda's fastest attack, but it 
    has a slight delay while powering up and a horrible recovery time, and 
    it leaves her lower body and back open. (notice a pattern yet?)
    Down+A: Low Roundhouse
    Zelda twirls around on one foot with the other extended in front. This 
    one also comes out a bit quicker than most of her other attacks, but at 
    the cost of a lower damage percentile. It's best used when an opponent 
    is jumping towards you at an angle from below. It covers both sides of 
    her lower body and hits directly below causing physical damage, but it 
    leaves her open from behind when she turns around.
    Up+A: Explosion
    Zelda casts an explosion above her. This attack is dreadfully slow, but 
    if it connects, it is capable of massive damage. It is best used after 
    an opponent's third jump, or when they're standing on a platform 
    directly above. Also due to the delay when coming out, a good time to 
    use this is on your way up in the jump rather than falling. It has a 
    wide range, so also try it if the enemy is falling towards you at an 
    angle as well. It hits in a semicircle directly above causing fire-
    elemental damage, leaving her horribly open to upward attacks and 
    attacks from the sides, so be alert. The recovery time isn't all that 
    bad but it's not all that good either.
    Forward or Back +A: Lightning kick
    Zelda kicks her foot out in front of her with a powerful magic spark 
    emanating from it. This is another Zelda wildcard. The downside to this 
    attack is if it doesn't connect properly it won't do as much damage. The 
    key is to strike with the ball of her foot in the actual kicking motion, 
    so timing is EXTREMELY important. The spark that comes out is a hair's 
    breadth above her foot, and that will also hit with the more powerful 
    strike. It is best used as a back attack - i.e. jump over the enemy and 
    attack them from behind. It's also good in multiplayer battles - fall 
    into a group of enemies and do it. It will connect on at least one of 
    them. If the opponent is on the ground, use it at the last possible 
    second before you land, but make sure they're within range. This attack 
    hits on a line in the direction she falls afterward, with the tip being 
    the hardest hit and causing lightning-elemental damage, leaving a small 
    area of her upper body open. I recommend playing in training mode and 
    setting the CPU to Jump, Evade or Attack to develop use of this move - 
    particularly Jump, because that way you'll be able to time the attacks 
    better on vertically moving targets.
    Down+A: Stomp
    Zelda stomps down on the enemy. This move is Zelda's dud because it's 
    slow to come out, doesn't do much damage, doesn't knock the enemy far 
    away at all, doesn't last long, and leaves her terribly open to upward 
    attacks. It hits directly below on a short line causing physical damage. 
    It's best used when you're just about to land on an opponent from above, 
    but most likely by then they'll have hit you with an upward attack. Use 
    her spin strike instead.
    A: Spin strike
    Zelda spins around with her arms extended leaving trails of magical 
    energy behind. It comes out at a medium speed, can juggle if timed and 
    aimed correctly, and causes minimal damage, however if the last hit 
    connects, it will send them flying. This one hits on both sides on a 
    longer line within her jump causing physical damage, leaving her open 
    from directly above and below. It's excellent when used on the way up in 
    her jump, but you must be quick.
    B: Nayru's Love
    Zelda spins around forming a diamond-shaped crystal.  It lasts a short 
    while, and is followed by smaller crystals all around. Any projectiles 
    are reflected. Both the crystal and the waves reflect attacks, but only 
    the waves cause damage. If used at close range, the waves juggle for a 
    short while. Out of all of her attacks this one covers her body the 
    most, and it is the quickest to come out. In addition to reflecting 
    attacks in the range of the crystal, if used as a close-range attack, 
    it's an excellent move to surprise opponents. Never EVER pass up the 
    chance to knock a projectile back at the enemy. (Fully charged Super 
    Scope shots, Samus' Charge shots, and Mewtwo's Shadow Balls in 
    particular.) If used in the air, it slows her fall while she spins, but 
    she'll fall at her normal speed afterward. It won't cancel her third 
    jump, so don't pass up the chance to throw in a hit (e.g. spin strike) 
    afterward. It's very good for knocking multiple enemies away. Nayru's 
    Love hits all around causing physical damage, leaving her open from 
    directly above and below. If used on a Pokeball, it becomes yours, so 
    don't pass that up either. All six of Sheik's needles can be reflected 
    if you time it right, so stick with Sheik if you're fighting Kirby, 
    until he inhales you (if he does.)
    Forward+B: Din's Fire
    Zelda throws a ball in front of her, which bursts into flame shortly 
    afterward. Another Zelda wildcard, it can be controlled vertically to a 
    certain degree if the button is held down. Once you choose which 
    direction it travels vertically you can't change it. When it initially 
    leaves Zelda's hand it moves slow, but it speeds up the further away it 
    travels. When the button is released, it disappears for about a 1/4 of a 
    second, bursts into flame and burns the enemy. If the ball touches the 
    ground, it is cancelled. The ball itself does not cause damage; the 
    burst of flame does. With practice you'll be able to lure enemies into 
    it. One of the better ways to do this is to release the button just in 
    front of the opponent when they're approaching. Beware though, because 
    she can't move while Din's Fire is in the air (this includes the burst 
    of flame), and it cancels her third jump if used as an aerial attack, 
    because it carries her forward. If she's hit while it's in the air, 
    depending on how long she's on the ground afterward, it may or may not 
    burst into flame. Use it in the air only if you're sure you're going to 
    land on the platform. This one hits where you release the button causing 
    fire-elemental damage. If it's too far away, it cancels automatically. 
    For these reasons, it's best used as a long-range attack.
    Up+B: Farore's Wind
    Zelda spins around in a green glow, disappears, and reappears in another 
    area of the screen. The waves that form around her also cause slight 
    damage. Depending on which direction you push the control stick after 
    executing Farore's Wind, Zelda will move in that direction. It's great 
    as a recovery move, but it is imperative that you know where you'll end 
    up, because if you reappear underneath a platform, you'll fall. It's 
    easier to use when you have the arrow pointing above your character, but 
    don't use that as a crutch; learn how long it lasts instead. Tips: Her 
    total jump height and lateral length are _ever-so-slightly_ longer than 
    Sheik's, and she can only move upward through droppable terrain, i.e. 
    ground that you can press downward to fall through. Hits on all sides if 
    timed correctly.
    Down+B: Transform
    Zelda turns into Sheik. It can be cancelled if she's hit while 
    transforming, so either do it in the air or far enough away from your 
    opponent so they can't reach you. Also try it straight off the revival 
    platform. It does not cause damage.
    3e. THROWS:
    When Zelda is holding an enemy, she swings her arms around casting 
    magical energy into the enemy as her Z button attack.
    Downward: Zelda floats above the enemy, casting magical energy below 
    herself onto the enemy on the ground. It racks up damage and is 
    excellent when followed up with Nayru's Love.
    Forward: Zelda's more powerful throw, tossing the enemy forward in a 
    blast of magic.
    Backward: Zelda casts the enemy behind her, again in a blast of magic.
    Upward: Zelda throws the enemy straight up. Add her upward explosion to 
    this throw - you must be quick but it can be done.
    The only really effective way to combo with Zelda is to start with a 
    counterattack, because that's the best way to use Zelda. When you have 
    an opponent caught in a combo, vary the direction of the control stick 
    during your attacks. If you hit an opponent and (s)he is knocked towards 
    you, use Nayru's Love to juggle. Her upward sweep is a good finishing 
    move - it covers her upper body, and it's even better when followed up 
    with her upward explosion. Another way is to hit with progressively 
    stronger attacks in the same direction; hit with her regular A, then her 
    forward+A, follow up with her dash or forward smash, and end with a 
    lightning kick. Also make use of her low kick if you're on an angled 
    4. Sheik
    Sheik is one of the most versatile characters. On a relative scale, 
    she's faster than Roy but slower than Marth. Her attacks come out fast, 
    (which can be a blessing in one-on-one battles and a burden in 
    multiplayer battles, so be alert), she can juggle her opponent very 
    well, and she works well as an offensive character and an opportunist. 
    Her disadvantages are that her attacks are very weak and don't cover as 
    wide of a range as Zelda's, but since she can unleash numerous attacks 
    in a row with very little recovery time in between, and since they don't 
    leave her as open as Zelda's hits, that makes up for this. Because her 
    attacks cover a much narrower range and are much quicker than Zelda's, 
    use caution in multiplayer battles; concentrate on using the linear and 
    longer hits as much as possible, and time your short hits very carefully 
    so as to knock your opponents into each other. This isn't as much of a 
    problem in one-on-one battles, so go nuts with her normal hits. She 
    jumps quite high and very quickly and is excellent in the air. Her jumps 
    don't carry her as far horizontally as Zelda's, but there's no delay 
    before she leaves the ground, and she can still travel as far if you use 
    her whole jump. She can wall-jump; abuse this as if it were a lifeline. 
    She is also great for hit-and-run tactics, due to her quick attacks and 
    foot speed. A good time to turn into Zelda is after a hit-and-run. Like 
    Zelda, she is also very light and can be knocked away easily, so make 
    sure you have good stamina. She is excellent with swinging weapons (bat, 
    beam sword, star rod(!!), etc) because if they are used as smash attacks 
    they hit twice, with the second hit knocking the opponent far. I almost 
    always find myself turning into Sheik if I pick up one of these as 
    Zelda. Don't rule Zelda out with these, though. Sheik is also excellent 
    for confusing opponents, because when she moves, she turns around and 
    walks backwards in the direction she is actually moving, except when 
    running. Her sidestep dodge is much too quick to successfully avoid a 
    full-on multiplayer attack, whereas her roll dodge can get her out of 
    just about anything. (I say Sheik is female, 'cos she sounds like a 
    deep-voiced woman rather than a high-voiced man, the game refers to her 
    as female, and she's just Zelda passing herself off as a Sheikah, but I 
    agree, it is questionable, because of the references in Ocarina of 
    A: Slap
    Sheik quickly chops forward. If used repeatedly, it turns into a 
    juggling attack similar to that of Captain Falcon or Fox. Never use the 
    juggling attack at long range, because the recovery time is most long. 
    Excellent against larger characters like Donkey Kong. Hits in a small 
    semicircle directly in front, leaving a small part of her lower body and 
    back open.
    Tilt forward+A: Roundhouse
    Sheik performs a traditional roundhouse kick. It's an excellent reversal 
    move, it comes out very quick, and it's good to use in a combo. It can 
    also be a good ledge-guarding move if timed correctly. Hits in a 
    semicircle in front, leaving her back open.
    Tilt up+A: Up kick
    Sheik kicks straight up, and then sweeps her foot downward in front of 
    her. It's a good attack to confuse an enemy - they'll think you're only 
    hitting upward, and then they'll get caught in the forward hit. Hits in 
    a semicircle on both sides and above, then in a narrow semicircle in 
    front, leaving her open to attacks from directly below.
    Tilt down+A: Foot sweep
    Sheik spins along the ground with her leg extended slightly into the 
    air. Best used as a counterattack against aerial moves. Hits on both 
    sides, leaving her open to attacks from directly above or below. It is 
    excellent when followed up with her down+A smash.
    Dash+A: Dash attack
    Sheik dashes forward blindingly fast, damaging everything in her wake. 
    If you time it right, you can juggle an enemy easily using this attack 
    alone - dash back and forth in the same general area. You'll quickly 
    catch on to how far Sheik can dash. Hits on a short forward line, 
    leaving her open during the ever-so-slight recovery time. It's excellent 
    when followed up with her up kick or roundhouse.
    Forward+A: Double jumpkick
    Sheik spins moving forward kicking twice. The first kick racks up 
    damage; the second kick knocks the enemy away. If timed correctly, both 
    kicks will connect. Don't be fooled by its quickness - it's best used as 
    a counterattack, because the second kick is the better of the two hits. 
    It can be used as an offensive maneuver, but only if you're able to keep 
    the enemy at a distance enough to hit both times, or at least on the 
    second only. Also, watch for the slight delay before the first kick. 
    This one can hit on a short forward line if timed correctly. Between the 
    two kicks there's a very short recovery time leaving her open from 
    directly above and below. If you're wielding the Beam sword, the range 
    is much longer.
    Up+A: Sheik's Secret Weapon
    One of Sheik's wildcards. Sheik puts her arms upward, and then swings 
    them to her side in a quick motion. It hits on both sides and directly 
    above. If it hits directly above, it will hit twice. Since it attacks on 
    both sides, it's good to use in multiplayer battles. It leaves her open 
    to attacks from directly below.
    Down+A: Windmill kick
    Another Sheik wildcard. Sheik extends her legs in the front split, spins 
    around, turns upside down, spins again, and kicks upward. It lasts a 
    long time, is quick to come out, and hits in a semicircle during the 
    upward kick. It leaves her upper body open to attacks while she's 
    turning, but since it reaches far enough in front of and behind her, 
    this shouldn't be much of a problem. It's excellent in multiplayer 
    battles, because it hits on all sides. It's also excellent against 
    characters of high weight as well(bonus if they're metal), because if at 
    close enough range and timed correctly, it can hit up to five times.
    A: Jumpkick
    Sheik extends her legs in the traditional jumpkick style with one arm 
    out in front and the other with her elbow extended behind. Good for 
    knocking enemies away in all directions. It hits all around on a line in 
    the direction she falls afterward, with the actual strike being slightly 
    more powerful. Also good as a finishing move if the enemy has high 
    damage. It has a slow recovery time, so don't use it near an edge.
    Forward+A: Sideswipe
    Sheik slaps forward. This move has a very slight delay before it comes 
    out, so try using it a little early. It doesn't do too much damage but 
    it will knock the enemy very far horizontally. It hits in a semicircle 
    in front, leaving her open from the back. It works wonders as a 
    finishing move, so save it for that purpose whenever possible.
    Back+A: Back kick
    Sheik kicks one foot out behind her. This move is also excellent for 
    knocking multiple opponents away, because the foot behind her does 
    damage as well as the foot below her. Also good as an offensive 
    maneuver. It leaves her open from the front, though.
    Down+A: Stomp
    Sheik stomps downward. It hits on a line. Much MUCH better than Zelda's 
    stomp, it knocks the enemy straight up, leaving them open to upward 
    attacks. Watch for the slight delay before it comes out and the rather 
    long recovery time. It's also excellent as a spike, knocking an aerial 
    enemy straight down at a ridiculous speed.
    Up+A: Upward stomp
    Another Sheik wildcard, this one only hits once but it knocks the enemy 
    far. Excellent as a finishing move. Hits on a line. If timed correctly 
    during her jump, she'll move upward in the stomping motion. It can also 
    be used when falling laterally to counter approaching opponents from the 
    B: Needle Storm
    Sheik throws needles at the enemy. Hold down the button to prepare more, 
    and press the L or R button to store them. She can hold up to six. 
    Release the button to unleash the needles. An excellent counterattack, 
    because if the enemy is running towards you, they will be stopped in 
    their tracks for a moment, giving you time to attack. Even if they block 
    it, that still opens them up for a frontal assault or grab afterward. If 
    thrown in the air, they travel at a downward angle. Watch for the ever-
    so-slight delay before they come out and the slight recovery delay 
    Forward+B: Chain
    Sheik throws a chain out in front of her. The tip of the chain shocks 
    the opponent, and the rest of the chain inflicts damage. Rotate the 
    control stick to move the chain around, and release B to retract the 
    chain. Each stroke with the chain causes damage. Don't keep the chain 
    out too long, or else they will figure out what you're doing. It's 
    excellent as a counterattack and edge-guarding move. It will block most 
    projectiles. If used in the air, it will slow her fall, but once the 
    chain is fully extended, she falls at her normal speed.
    Up+B: Vanish
    In the air, Sheik maneuvers in a manner similar to air-dodging in the 
    direction you hit, explodes, then reappears in another area of the 
    screen. Depending on which direction you hold after executing Vanish, 
    you'll move in that direction. Be warned - it will not take you as far 
    as Farore's Wind, but if an enemy touches the explosion, it causes fire-
    elemental damage and will knock them away. If you use it on the ground, 
    watch for the slight delay before the explosion, and use it as a 
    counterattack. Hits on all sides. The explosion when she reappears 
    doesn't inflict damage, so be alert for it.
    Down+B: Transform
    Sheik transforms into Zelda. It can be cancelled if she's hit while 
    transforming, so try it in the air or far enough away from your opponent 
    so it can be completed. Also try it straight off the revival platform.
    4e. THROWS:
    When Sheik is holding the enemy, her Z button attack elbows them in the 
    face. Ouch!
    Downward: Sheik throws the enemy on the ground and falls on top of them, 
    knocking them straight up. Start a combo with this one.
    Backward: Sheik kicks the opponent behind her.
    Forward: Sheik elbows the opponent in front of her.
    Upward: Sheik throws the enemy up then does a handstand right underneath 
    to add to the damage.
    Sheik's attacks come out fast with little recovery time in between, and 
    although they aren't terribly powerful, she can unleash a lot of them in 
    a short time. Try starting a combo with a downward or upward throw. As 
    with Zelda, fighting geographically can perform good Sheik combos - i.e. 
    varying the direction you hold the control stick during attacks. A 
    personal favourite of mine starts out with her dash, into her 
    roundhouse, her windmill kick, dash again, her up kick, and finish with 
    her upward stomp. 
    5. Target Test
    I find it's best to do this as Sheik. Hit the one directly in front, 
    then jump to the left and hit that target. Now jump to the right side of 
    the area and hit the two targets (on a line!) with her jumpkick. Jump 
    back to the top, guide her to the upper targets with Vanish, hitting the 
    target under the platform with the explosion and slap the one above. 
    Jump to the upper left of the area, get on the very edge of the platform 
    above the target, throw the chain out and guide it downward. Now jump to 
    the right and go down to the lower area, and use the chain to hit the 
    two targets there. Now you have two options for the last target. You can 
    either turn into Zelda and hit it with Din's Fire, or stay as Sheik and 
    jump off and kick it. Presto!
    6. Credits and Legal stuff
    I am not affiliated with Nintendo of America, HAL Laboratories or 
    Squaresoft in any way, shape or form. All references contained herein 
    are trademarks of their respective owners. All information here is 
    copyright & (c) 2002 Joshua Wagoner. Some information is taken from Atom 
    Edge's Zelda/Sheik guide, and from funkytoad's character speed FAQ, both 
    at GameFAQs.com. Any reproduction, rebroadcast, reanimation or 
    revivifation is strictly prohibited and grounds for complete 
    dismemberment. Do please contact me regarding use of this guide at 
    either xdunex@world-of-nintendo.com or djvizionz@aol.com. I'll usually 
    give permission to post this, but I must be credited, and the FAQ must 
    be posted in its original, unaltered form. The most recent update of 
    this guide can always be found on GameFAQs.com. 
    7. Shouts & Respect to:
    Ryan, Jon, Fat, Dustin, Brittani, Betsy & Betty, Eric, Yoly, Brenda, 
    Mari, Nicole, Nickole, Nycole, Toni, Danielle, Shay, Candi, Jen, Foxy, 
    Sabrina, Michal, Gwen, Lori, Lindsey, April, Julia, Ron, Carol, Mark, 
    Karla, Mark, Misty, Sarah R., Sarah C., Sarah S., Sarah D., Alyxx, 
    Shohn, Darrell, Mike, Adrianna, Tom, Lacey, Jon, Miguel, Andy, Erin, 
    Ben, Corby, Michael, Daniel, Manny, Zach, G-bo, and Mary Jane.

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