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    Trophy FAQ by Sergeant_Slaughter

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                     ____     __    __    _______     ______    _______
                    /----\   |--|  |--|  |-------\   |------|  |-------\
                   /  /\__\  |  |  |  |  |  |--\  \  |   ___|  |  |--\  \
                  /  /____   |  |  |  |  |  |__|  |  |  |___   |  |__|  |
                  \  \----\  |  |  |  |  |  |--/  |  |  |---|  |  |--|  |
                   \___   \  |  |  |  |  |   ____/   |   ___|  |   ___  \
                    ___\  |  |  |__|  |  |  |        |  |___   |  |   \  \
                   |---/  |  |  |--|  |  |  |        |  |---|  |  |    \  \
                   |_____/   |________|  |__|        |______|  |__|     \__\
                   ____     ____      ___   ________      ____     __     __
                  /----\   |---\\    //--| |--------|    /----\   |--|   |--|
                 /  /\__\  |    \\  //   | |   __   |   /  /\__\  |  |   |  |
                /  /____   |     \\//    | |  |__|  |  /  /____   |  |___|  |
                \  \----\  |  |\     /|  | |  |--|  |  \  \----\  |  |---|  |
                 \___   \  |  | \   / |  | |   __   |   \___   \  |   ___   |
                  ___\  |  |  |  \_/  |  | |  |  |  |    ___\  |  |  |   |  |
                 |---/  |  |  |       |  | |  |  |  |   |---/  |  |  |   |  |
                 |_____/   |__|       |__| |__|  |__|   |_____/   |__|   |__|
                         _____     _______        ____       ____
                        |-----\   |-------\      /----\     /----\
                        |   _  \  |  |--\  \    /      \   /  /\__\
                        |  |_\  \ |  |__|  |   |   /\   | /  /____
                        |  |-/  / |  |--|  |   |  |  |  | \  \----\
                        |   _  |  |   ___  \   |  |  |  |  \___   \
                        |  |_\  \ |  |   \  \  |  |\/|  |   ___\  |
                        |  |-/  / |  |    \  \  \  \/  /   |---/  | _
                        |______/  |__|     \__\  \____/    |_____/ |_|
                          _  _  __    _____  | |   _____    _____
                         | |/ \/  \  / __  \ | |  / __  \  / __  \
                         |  /\_/\ | | |__| | | | | |__| | | |__| |
                         | |    | | |  ____/ | | |  ____/ |  ____/
                         | |    | |  \ \___  | |  \ \___   \ \___
                         |_|    |_|   \____| |_|   \____|   \____|
                                    Trophy Strategy Guide
                                       GameFAQs Edition
                                         Version 2.2
                                 Wednesday, November 27, 2002
    This is the GameFAQs edition of this FAQ. At the request of keeping the size of this FAQ
    to a minimum, I removed the Trophy list and the Bonus list. If you would like a copy of
    these lists (perfect for printing!), you can go to a normal version of my FAQ. A place
    you can find a normal version of my FAQ is at http://faqs.ign.com. So, if you'd like to
    see the Trophy and/or the Bonus list, head on over there. Thanks.
    So you want to earn every trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee? Well, let me tell you, it
    is no easy task. Through all my many gaming experiences, there is almost no task that
    is as challenging as this one. This is not because of the amount of trophies you must
    collect (there are tons, don't get me wrong!), rather it's because some of the trophies'
    requirements are a lot to ask of any gamer. This challenge is not for the weak of heart.
    If you do earn every trophy, there is no secret extra character, no new game modes, no
    new power-ups; this is for pride and pride only. If you do end up earning every trophy,
    you definitely earn my respect as an elite gamer, and so should everyone else upon this
    planet. Unfortunately, most will not be able to comprehend and appreciate the work you
    will have to go through to obtain every last one. This FAQ will help you earn the more
    difficult trophies out there, since some of the easier ones can be detailed upon in other
    guides such as IGN's totally free SSBM guide. (i.e. will not cover character trophies
    such as Mario, Link, etc.) So, without further ado, let's begin the trophy hunt.
    i. Foreword
    A. Version History
    B. General Trophy Strategies
    C. Specific Trophy Strategies
    D. Bonus Help
    E. Special Messages
    F. FAQs and Answers
    G. Acknowledgements
    H. Copyright Information
    July 9, 2002 - v. 0.1 - Created title and wrote Introduction. Started preliminary work
    on Trophy list.
    July 10, 2002 - v. 0.2 - Finished Trophy List. Added Table of Contents and Version
    History. Started preliminary work on the Bonus List.
    July 12, 2002 - v. 1.0 - Release to public (IGN). Added General Trophy Strategies.
    Started work on Specific Trophy Strategies. Added Copyright Info.
    July 13, 2002 - v. 1.1 - Added more to Specific Trophy Strategies (Finished Trophy
    July 14, 2002 - v. 1.2 - Added more to Specific Trophy Strategies.
    July 15, 2002 - v. 1.3 - Finished Specific Trophy Strategies.
    July 16, 2002 - v. 1.4 - Added two more trophies (Mario riding Yoshi and Samus w/o
    helmet) to the trophy list and added them to the specific trophy strategies. Other
    various additions and fixes.
    July 17, 2002 - v. 1.5 - Finished the Bonus List. Started preliminary work on Bonus
    July 18, 2002 - v. 1.6 - Finished Bonus Help - and more importantly, finished everything
    I set out to do in this guide!
    July 19, 2002 - v. 1.7 - Added the Special Messages section because I felt no other
    guide has covered this before.
    July 21, 2002 - v. 1.8 - Added the Acknowledgements section. Various corrections and
    fixes. This should be the final version (until more information about the two new
    trophies or any other unknown trophies is revealed).
    July 31, 2002 - v. 1.9 - Added the FAQs and Answers section. This section includes
    questions and answers that weren't mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ.
    September 3, 2002 - v. 2.0 - Various updates. Added info about the two secret trophies.
    September 10, 2002 - GameFAQs Edition - removed the Trophy and Bonus lists at the request
    of GameFAQs.
    September 27, 2002 - v. 2.1 - updated the Special Message list - credit to Billy
    Chlochaisri for that.
    November 27, 2002 - v. 2.2 - Various updates. This should really be the final version,
    unless new information is revealed about the two Japan-only trophies. It seems highly
    doubtful, however. I can annoucne that this FAQ is fully complete, and it's been fun!
    Until next time...
    The majority of the trophies you are going to find will be either in the Lottery or
    they will appear randomly in 1-P Regular modes. If you go out and try to get all
    these trophies in the single player modes, I believe you'll spend more time rather than
    just cumulating many coins and spending them at the lottery. The reason for this is
    because many of the trophies in the 1-P modes tend to repeat themselves, and some are
    pretty rare. However, if you go to the Lottery, the first thing you should do is take
    out your memory card (be sure the yellow saving icon is not in the upper right hand
    corner of the screen when you do this!), press "OK" to continue without saving, and
    then see how you do at the lottery. Give yourself at least a 50% chance of getting a
    new trophy, and if you do well, then put the memory card back in and "Overwrite" your
    last save. If you don't do well, reset, put your memory card back in, and repeat the
    same thing over. You will find yourself saving a lot of time rather than looking for
    them in 1-P modes, trust me. You will know when you have all the Lottery/Random
    Appearance trophies when the chance of getting a new trophy is 0.00% no matter how much
    money you put into the machine.
    But if you want to use the lottery (and you should), you will need quite a few coins to
    do this. I'll give you a couple quick tips on how to get some coins fast and easy. In
    SSBM, the way the game determines how many coins you get is how many times you press
    the control stick left or right like you would to do a smash attack. So in other words,
    the more times you press the control stick hard left and hard right, the more coins you
    get. You don't have to do a smash attack for it to work. So go out and press left and
    right on the control stick as fast as you can to get gameplay, it will work quite
    nicely. If you're by yourself, I wouldn't recommend going to Vs. Mode to this, however.
    Do this in 1-P Adventure. You will get far more coins this way than in Vs. Mode. Some
    good places where you won't be bothered while doing this is in the first part of the
    Mushroom Kingdom level, the Underground Maze, and the F-Zero X Big Blue level (On top
    of a platform). You will rack up a lot of coins this way. Playing Classic with a
    character that can make it to the last exit in the "Race to the Finish" Stage will give
    you five coins as well.
    However, if you've got four friends with you, then all of their movements will be
    tallied to your coin count as well. So, if you've got some friends over, tell them the
    situation, and have them all move hard left to right as fast as they can. You will rack
    up many many coins this way. Some characters differ on how fast they can turn left to
    right. Captain Falcon is the best direction changer (Fox is pretty good, too.) You can
    get Falcon going in the motion that is really fast in changing from left to right if
    you're quick enough. Good luck getting the coins and getting the trophies.
    In the end, I wouldn't bother going to the Lottery until you have all other non-
    Lottery/Random appearance trophies. That way you can save your coins for tasks such as
    beating Classic, Adventure, and All-Star on Very-Hard. By the time you've earned all
    the other trophies, you'll should have enough money to nab whatever remaining Lottery/
    Random Appearance trophies you have left. If you don't have enough money, then you can
    just spend some time getting coins using the strategies above and then you should be
    set to finish the trophy hunt for good.
    Let it also be of note that certain Lottery/Random Appearance trophies are not
    available until certain perquisites are met. (i.e. single player modes cleared,
    Characters unlocked, # of trophies you have, etc.)
    This section will help cover all the trophies that do not appear in the Lottery/Random
    Appearance. It will cover them in the order that they are displayed in the default
    order in the trophy gallery list.
    1-78. Character Trophies - Beat Classic/Adventure/All-Star with character.
    Or: Clear 101 Vs. Matches with character for Classic Trophy
        Clear 201 Vs. Matches with character for Adventure Trophy
        Clear 301 Vs. Matches with character for All-Star Trophy
    Since this stuff is covered in every other SSBM Guide out there, there is no need in me
    covering this.
    79. Male Wire Frame - Beat 100-Man Melee in four minutes (240 seconds) or less.
    This trophy isn't too difficult to get, especially if you're already good enough to
    beat the 100-Man Melee. Just use Donkey Kong, get underneath one of the two lower
    platforms, and use DK's Hand Slap (press Down+B over and over again). As soon as and
    enemies come close, they will be eradicated. Be sure not to get too close to the middle
    or the edge, as sometimes they can get in the occasional kick or two as they are
    dropping down. You will find that you will have to reposition yourself often as Donkey
    Kong naturally slightly moves as you are using his Hand Slap. If you see some good
    items appear (such as a PokeBall or Hammer) be sure to grab them so your opponents do
    not. Sometimes when you are close to the end the only wire frames left do not come to
    you - in this case just go and take care of them yourself.
    80. Female Wire Frame - Beat at least 100 opponents in Endless Melee.
    Really simple. If you can beat the 100-Man Melee, then this trophy will be easy to
    acquire. I suggest using Donkey Kong and use the same strategy outlined above (79.) You
    can use plenty of other characters as well. As soon as you kill a hundred kill yourself
    or keep going to see how many you can get.
    81. Fighting Wire Frames - Beat 15-Minute Melee.
    This is a little bit more difficult than the hundred-man melee, but using the same
    strategy outlined in trophy 79 with DK will get you through. I believe the biggest
    thing here is luck, as you have to hope no deadly items such as Bob-ombs appear right
    next to you while you are doing the Hand Slap. If the item selection treats you well,
    you should make it through alright.
    82. Giga Bowser - Beat Giga Bowser in Adventure.
    This trophy is rather difficult to get, but not too bad. To make Giga Bowser appear in
    Adventure mode, first you have to be playing on the Normal Difficulty or higher, you
    cannot use a single continue, and you have to beat everything else in Adventure in 18
    minutes or less of total game time (not total time overall). If you lose all your lives
    against Giga Bowser then you have to redo the adventure mode again. Now I really
    suggest only trying to do this on Normal (it's near impossible on Hard, and I don't
    believe anyone could do it on Very Hard). The right strategies (and good enough skills
    ^_-) should allow you to make it to the first regular Bowser without losing a single
    life. I will detail these strategies below for trophy 84 (Crazy Hand) for every single
    stage throughout the adventure. The same strategies (written for Hard mode) will apply
    very well in Normal Mode. If you can get the Crazy Hand trophy, this trophy will seem
    like a piece of cake.
    One piece of advice while going through the adventure is to not beat the Kirby team in
    under 30 seconds. If you do, you'll have to fight Giant Kirby, who can be a real pain
    and can cost a life.
    For the fight against Giga Bowser, don't be intimidated by his looks and size (they
    caught me by surprise the first time I saw him). He's not that much more difficult than
    the regular Bowser. But be prepared to lose a life or two. The biggest strengths that
    he has over the first Bowser is that his range is humongous (though if your character
    is short enough some of his attacks will miss you) and you need to damage him tons
    (near 400%) if you want to knock him off. Although sometimes you can get lucky and he
    will kill himself (such as when his back is too close to the edge and he starts falling
    off right when he starts breathing fire - he won't have enough time to recover), I
    wouldn't bet on this happening. As soon as the battle begins, immediately use one of
    your projectile attacks against him (if your character has one) as he's coming towards
    you. Just make sure your attack will stun him a little bit (Fox's laser gun does NOT).
    As he gets closer he will start breathing his Fire at you. Keep on throwing your best
    attack at him and he will keep approaching you. If he's close enough, use your -> + A
    Smash attack against him, and if you're positioned right, keep on using it. Otherwise,
    run to the other side of the stage and repeat the same procedure. When his damage gets
    high enough, you can be more aggressive with him and hopefully send him down once and
    for all.
    If your character does not have a good projectile attack, the fight will be a little
    more tricky, but it can be done (especially if you've got enough lives). Try and come
    at him from above and at an angle and use one of you're characters good aerial attacks
    to get at him and up close (such as C. Falcon's Falcon Kick (Down+B) or Fox's Fire Fox
    (Up+B, then the direction you want to go). Then when you're in close, use your smash
    attacks. It will be harder when he isn't as damaged much, because you're character's
    aerial attack will not stun him long enough to get off any good attacks on the ground.
    In this case, run away and repeat the procedure until he is damaged enough to get some
    good attacks off up close. If your character doesn't have a good attack to get up close
    to Giga Bowser, just use avoiding tactics and wait for an item to come along so you can
    use that to get up close and get your smash attacks in. Overall, though, if you've got
    4 or 5 lives, it won't be very difficult. It is possible to kill him only with one life
    as well. Just try to do your best during the rest of the adventure to try and not lose
    as many lives as possible and the Giga Bowser trophy will be yours.
    83. Master Hand - Beat Classic on Hard or Very Hard without using a continue.
    This trophy isn't too difficult to get on Hard, and it is possible on Very Hard (but
    not likely). Pick a character that you do well with and fights the Master Hand good
    too. Some good characters to use are Gannondorf (his Up+A Smash Attack will decimate
    the hand) and Captain Falcon (who has the same, weaker, move.) Captain Falcon is
    probably a little more balanced for the 2v2 and team battles, however. Both are good
    choices. The biggest factors involved are: the opponents in the 2v2 battle (some teams
    can be very difficult, others are easier), the character the team fight is based off of
    (fighting a team of C. Falcon's on his stage is rather difficult while a bunch of
    Jigglypuffs are a lot easier), and how fast you go through the adventure. (if you make
    it to the Master Hand in under 10 minutes, you're going to have to face the Crazy Hand
    as well.) So most of it depends on luck but try not to zip through the levels as
    fighting the Crazy Hand in addition to the Master Hand will make things a lot more
    difficult. Overall, you should be able to make it to the Master Hand with all five
    lives remaining (if you're playing on Hard), and even if you do have to fight the Crazy
    Hand you should be able to do it with all your five lives. That's about all the help I
    can think of.
    84. Crazy Hand - Beat Adventure on Hard or Very Hard without using a continue.
    This trophy, in terms of gaming skills difficulty, is the mother of all trophies to
    get. Some trophies will require lots of more tedious work, but no trophy will demand
    more playa skills out of a person than this one. If you get this trophy, consider
    yourself a great gamer. Justice isn't served by having the Crazy Hand trophy as the
    reward. It should be a whole new character, a new level, and a "I am the Ruler of the
    Whole Friggin' Universe!" trophy. This trophy will leave many in despair and have them
    quitting the whole trophy hunt altogether. There was about a three month gap of time
    where I could not get this trophy and I ended up not playing SSBM much anymore except
    every once in a while when I would fail again. You will walk away extremely frustrated
    at your failures, trust me. I believe there is a certain point where your gaming skills
    can only help you so much, and then beyond that it's mostly luck. What items you or
    your opponents get (or Bob-ombs that appear right in your face) will be a big
    determining factor whether or not you will be able to complete this task. So in other
    words, luck is a big factor. As I failed more and more, I began to realize another
    factor that would help increase your chances, and that was the strategies you used in
    every particular level. I have found that the best character to use to complete this
    task is Link. He is a great one on one player and also has good multi-enemy attacks as
    well. And you will need a character that can fight well one on one and against teams.
    Young Link, one would think, is another good choice. He is, but I believe Link is a
    little bit better since he has greater range than his young counterpart, he can throw
    his boomerang a little bit farther and faster, and the first part of his -> + A Smash
    Attack is much stronger than the youngster's (Remember that they can perform two Smash
    attacks from just hitting -> + A once; you just have to press A again after the first
    Smash attack is completed. This gives them unprecedented range in terms of a -> + A
    Smash Attack.) The strategies below will outline every single stage, and they will be
    written in the perspective of Link, so I recommend trying to accomplish this task with
    this Hylian hero.
    One foreword before I get going is that Giga Bowser will appear at the end if you beat
    the rest of the adventure in 18 minutes or less. Let me tell you, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS
    TO HAPPEN. So, take your time. Some good areas to do this are the first part of the
    Mushroom Kingdom Stage, the Underground Maze, and the Big Blue level. When you get near
    the finish, just let some time tick off, because you don't want to be moving too
    quickly. Remember it's 18 minutes of game time, not total time from start to finish. So
    pray that you do not have to fight Giga Bowser at the end and take it slowly.
    Another thing that I would seriously consider is looking at your unlocked list of
    secret characters. If you have Luigi and Pichu unlocked, I would highly recommend
    erasing just your secret character data (Under Options, Erase Data). This will only
    keep you from playing as them; all of their battle stats and high scores will remain.
    Of course, you'll have to unlock them all again, but that task is like turning on a
    light compared to the trophy hunt. So, why, do you ask, should I delete my character
    data if I have Luigi and Pichu unlocked? Well, because if you don't, it will make the
    adventure all the more tougher. Luigi is the biggest concern here, as if you have him
    unlocked, you'll have to face Metal Mario AND his metal brother in the Battlefield level.
    It'll be very easy to lose a life when you have to fight the Metal Bros., while fighting
    just Metal Mario is a piece of cake. Remember, beating adventure on hard without a
    continue is mostly a thing of chance IMO, so you want to do anything to raise your
    chances of winning. If you have Pichu unlocked, you'll have to face him in the Pokemon
    Stadium level, where he is much more of a nuisance then his other yellow counterpart.
    Trust me, it'll be easier if you don't have to deal with Pichu and Metal Luigi. If you do
    decide to erase your character data, be sure to unlock Jigglypuff afterwards, as she'll
    appear in Pokemon Stadium level. And Jigglypuff is a character that you actually want to
    fight as two Pikachus and a Jigglypuff are a lot easier to deal with than three Pikas.
    This isn't too difficult, and if you screw up, just start over again. Just try to avoid
    the Goombas and Koopas Troopas, and you should make it to the Yoshi battle just fine.
    The Yoshi fight isn't too bad as long as you don't let them gang up on you. Try to
    keep the Yoshi's apart from each other, and try to keep them all on one side of you
    (don't get surrounded). So you should stay on one side of the big platform, underneath
    one of the two smaller platforms above you. The two small ones will give you
    protection. The plan is that the Yoshis will all land on top of the smaller platforms
    where you can get them with some of your attacks. When they're up there, the best
    attack to use is your Up+A Smash Attack. The first swipe of it will hit the Yoshis
    pretty good, though it won't put them to rest. The second swipe is weak, and won't do
    much. The third and final swipe is by far the strongest, so try and time it so that
    when the Yoshis land on the platform, you hit them with your final swipe. That third
    swipe will put the Yoshis out of commission. If there are a bunch of Yoshi's all around
    on the ground with you, however, try to do your Spin (Up+A) Attack to fend them off.
    If you can't, run away from them and go to the other side of the platform. If the
    Yoshis are approaching you from the ground at a distance, use your boomerang (-> + B)
    to send them up in the air. If they get to close, just use your -> + A Smash Attack
    instead. If the Yoshis knock you up into the air, come back down on them with your
    aerial Down + A Attack. If you use this strategy, the fight shouldn't be too tough.
    Again, you can restart if you lose a life. In fact, you probably should restart if you
    lose a life anywhere before the Brinstar level. At the end of the level, don't quite go
    and finish the level; let some time tick away. If you're too quick completing this
    adventure, you'll have to fight Giga Bowser at the end!
    PART 2
    This fight can be one of the most difficult in the whole adventure. First off, choose
    who you fight against better; Mario or Luigi. Luigi will sometimes kill himself (more
    often than Mario), but I think it's overall tougher to fight him. So I choose to fight
    Mario. If you do wish to fight Luigi, then finish Part 1 of the stage with 2 seconds
    remaining in the "seconds" holder (not overall time remaining - i.e. 4:12:54 works).
    Otherwise, get ready for Mario. Again, the biggest thing here is for you not to let
    them gang up on you. Having your back to the wall of the middle tower while both Mario
    and Peach are right there in front of you will be murder. If you can separate the two,
    however, you can take advantage of them with your -> + A Smash Attacks. If you do start
    to get gangbeated, try and get the hell out of there to the other side of the castle as
    soon as possible (sometimes easier said than done). So basically, you should be doing a
    lot of running away. It's somewhat cowardly, but you're trying to get this trophy
    anyway you can. Hope that a good item will pop up to take advantage of them with. If a
    Bullet Bill comes, they will run away to the opposite side of where he's coming to.
    This is a prime opportunity to take advantage of them with an item, almost any item. As
    soon as they're damage is higher, you can be a little bit more aggressive, and then you
    can hopefully send them to Timbuktu.
    You can make mash out of two little DKs. Get on one side of the lower deck of the
    plank, charge your -> + A Smash Attacks, and when the two DK's get close, let 'em have
    it. If they get on both sides of you, use your Spin (Up+A) attack. Repeat, Repeat.
    Simple. This is one of the easiest levels in the adventure.
    PART 2
    Giant DK can be tough if you don't use the right strategy. But he can be easy if you do
    use the right strategy. First, go to the main middle plank. Throw your boomerang at DK
    on the way there to make sure he doesn't get you. The plan is to keep him on the
    platform above you while you attack him with your up+A Smash Attack. He'll keep landing
    on his back above you while you keep hitting him. It'll get him every time. You can
    inflict major Damage on him this way. If he does fall down to your level, hit him with
    your -> + A Smash Attacks. If he's too far away, hit him with your boomerang, then run
    over to him and get him with the smash attacks. Try to get him back up on the platform
    above you, where you can damage him seriously. When enough damage is dealt, deal him
    the final blow with an -> + A Smash Attack. Sometimes you will get lucky and DK will
    kill himself right away (or Klap Trap will).
    This level is probably the easiest in the whole adventure. You should know where the
    possible locations of the exit are; if it's a Master Sword, you can just jump over the
    whole room and not even have to fight Link at all. When you find the exit, remember to
    let some time tick off, and then finish.
    PART 2
    The Fight with Zelda is rather easy. Stay in the main area where you are to play it
    safe. and throw boomerangs and arrows at her from a distance. When she gets close, lay
    the smackdown with your Smash Attacks. It won't take long before she'll fly away. Be
    careful, though; If you get careless Zelda can pose a threat. Sheik is a tougher fight
    than Zelda, too, in my opinion.
    The fight with Samus can be pretty tough. There's no real cheap strategy you can use;
    you just have to stay on top of things and try to anticipate what she's going to do. A
    good plan of attack is to throw your boomerang at her and charge her immediately after
    then laying her with some smash attacks. When the lava starts rising, she'll go and
    stay up on the high platform; a prime chance to take advantage of her. Just don't let
    the lava get you. If you're on top of the high platform and she's below, jump way up,
    and wait for her to jump up to the platform. When you're coming down, use your Down+A
    aerial attack. This is rather devastating and will often end the match. Hope that you
    don't lose a life against her as she can be pretty tough. If you do lose a life, you
    may want to consider restarting (though when I beat the adventure for the first time I
    lost a life against her).
    PART 2
    Because this part doesn't change with difficulty settings, and it's covered in every
    other SSBM guide, I don't need to explain this.
    The one on one fight with Kirby shouldn't be tough, though sometimes you can find he
    can get you pretty good. Again, general strategies with Link say that you should throw
    your boomerang at your target and then charge and Smash attack while it's stunned. It's
    basically up to your fighting skills. Try to put yourself in a position where you are
    coming down onto Kirby from the air. You can then nail him with your aerial Down+A
    attack, which will often kill him. It's not acceptable to lose a life here as you're
    most likely going to lose one in the one on fifteen fight against Kirby.
    PART 2
    This is one of the toughest and most critical points in the Adventure. Be prepared to
    lose a life, though it's very possible to not lose one. The two main areas you should
    stay at are right underneath the two small platforms above the main platform (next to
    the star and bomb blocks). The strategy here is similar to the Yoshi fight strategy.
    Hit the Kirbys when they are on the platforms above you with your Up+A Smash Attack.
    Again, try to time it so that the third swipe of the attack hit the Kirbys. The first
    two swipes won't do much. Often times the Kirby's will be in their Stone (Down+B) form
    because you are below them and they don't realize there's a platform in the way. They
    will stay in this form for a second or two (it's constant; they always stay in that
    form for the same amount of time when the hit the ground), so try and time it that when
    they come out of it, your third swipe will be right there to meet them, sending them to
    oblivion. Similar to the Yoshi strategy as well, if they're surrounding you, use your
    Spin (Up+A) Attack. If they're approaching you on you're level from a distance, use
    your boomerang (-> + B) to send them back above you. And if they're approaching you on
    the level you are but are too close, use your -> + A Smash Attacks. If the Kirbys drop
    down in their Stone form, but don't land on the platform above you (re: right next to
    you), use your hookshot (Z or R + A) to immediately grab them and then press up to send
    them back above you. If you find yourself in a position where you get knocked way up
    into the air, come back at the Kirbys with a vengeance with your aerial Down + A
    Attack, which will send them flying for good. Be wary when the tree starts blowing wind
    that you're in the middle of an attack and you slide over some to hit a bomb block.
    That could instantly kill you. And try to avoid the apples until they've stopped
    moving; they seem to really knock you up good. It's gonna be tough, but you can do it.
    Just don't lose more than a life if you hope to make it to the end.
    PART 3
    If, for some otherworldly reason, you can make it to Part 3, then I can't help you. In
    other words, if you can waste all 15 of those Kirbys in less then 30 seconds, you are
    one special person. I suppose it could be done if a hammer appeared right next to you
    from the beginning and another one after the first runs out, but I've never done it.
    I'd imagine Giant Kirby would be a lot tougher on Hard than on Normal. Don't worry
    though, you won't be confronting Giant Kirby even if you tried.
    The first part is easy even on Hard. Fox is still a pushover and will run away from you
    and stand at one end of the Great Fox. Just approach him and use your smash attacks to
    deal him in for another rematch (or perhaps Falco, who's IMO, a bit tougher).
    PART 2
    The second part of the stage can be pretty tricky, and often times if you're doing good
    and havn't lost a life yet you'll lose one here. You really shouldn't, though. Fox or
    Falco will be much more aggressive and will come after you this time. But you should
    focus on avoiding the laser fire instead of focusing on chasing your opponent. Because
    you had to be aggressive in the previous part, you're often still aggressive here. If
    the enemy gets to close let him have it, or if you're in a sticky situation, avoid him
    altogether. In any case, you should be rolling out of the way of laser fire. You can
    become pretty good at dodging all the lasers; there is a split second where you can see
    the laser before it hits you. Hopefully, the so-called Star Fox "Team" will do all the
    work for you.
    Oooh, this level. This is THE level. I suppose since HAL only included one Part to the
    Pokemon Stage, they thought they should make it a little tougher. It's my belief that
    HAL made the Pokemon just a little too tough, as you'll need to seriously damage the
    Pokemon before you can actually kill them unless you have some Pokeballs with some good
    Pokemon inside (on Hard, that's usually not the case). I mentioned above that if you
    have Pichu unlocked, you'll have to fight him here. So I suggested deleting him from
    your character data and then unlocking Jigglypuff afterwards. You DO NOT want to deal
    with Pichu. Well, the strategy here is to go for the Pokeballs and hope something good
    is inside. Unfortunately, the harder the difficulty setting, the fewer Pokeballs that
    appear. While your waiting for some, wait on one of the arena underneath one of the two
    smaller platform. The pokemon will almost always approach you from the ground, so try
    to jump as quickly overhead and get to the other side of the level, and then repeat the
    procedure. It's risky to jump over them because Pikachu's Thunder (Down+B) move can be
    a killer. But the alternative is not an option. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, try to roll
    past the pokemon as they'll murder you. When a PokeBall appears run and grab it, and be
    sure to be conscious of which direction your facing so you don't throw if off the stage
    (it happens). If it's a good pokemon, stand right by it and let the little yellow
    bastards have it. If it's not, run away and hope for a good PokeBall to come along.
    Unless Pokemon are attacking you're enemy, it seems the Pikachus will always be in a
    group. This is deadly, so don't bother trying to attack them. If some good Pokemon are
    keeping other Pikachus preoccupied and say, like, one Pikachu is coming for you, you
    can attack him with your smash attacks. Just be careful that while you're charging
    "Pika" doesn't get you with his Skull Bash (-> + B) or his Thunder Jolt (B). But the
    key isn't your own fighting skills, it's the type of Pokemon you get and your avoiding
    skills. Be prepared to lose a life or two, and actually expect to lose at least one
    life. It's possible to make it through here without losing a life, but extremely
    unlikely (I've been close, but I've lost at least one every time). It's gonna be tough
    but if you make it past here with three lives left you're in great shape. Every time
    I've successfully beaten the Adventure I've only had two lives left after this level.
    Like Part two of the Brinstar Level, this part doesn't change with difficulty settings.
    As it's covered in every other SSBM Guide, I don't need to be covering this. Be sure,
    however, to take your time and chop off a couple of minutes before you complete this
    level. You don't want to make it through this adventure too quickly and find Giga
    Bowser waiting for you, do you?
    PART 2
    The fight with Captain Falcon can be really easy or kind of difficult. More often than
    not, he'll kill himself. If you see that he's going to do his Raptor Boost (-> + B) Try
    to dodge or jump out of the way as often times he'll be too close to the edge, thus
    having him fall off without him being able to perform any recovery jumps. That will end
    the match very quickly. Otherwise, you're going to have to be on top of your feet, as
    he's a very quick and devastating fighter. Use your smarts and put yourself into
    situations where he's got the disadvantage and you should make it through alright. It's
    all up to your fighting skills and how aware you are in this hazardous level.
    I've always viewed this as a tough stage, yet every time that I've tried to complete
    this task (many, many times), I've never lost a life at this stage. I've been extremely
    close, but it's never happened. I still view this level as a tough one however. I think
    because I've always been on the alert because I've hype it up so much to myself in the
    past is one reason why I've never lost a life here. And that's what you have to do, is
    be alert. You can't become careless now. A good strategy that I find for this level is
    to stand off away and let the little kids come to you. Stand on the house to the right
    underneath that little canopy (or whatever it is). Stand right in the middle of the
    roof, facing to the left. The Nesses will spend their time collecting Mr. Saturns and
    throwing them. Take some potshots at them with your arrows and boomerangs and bombs. If
    a Mr. Saturn comes right next to you, chuck it at the Nesses. You would think that you
    would run out of time pursuing this strategy, but if the Nesses come close enough to
    you, they'll decide to engage in some combat. If they're on the canopy above, use your
    Up+A Smash Attacks to get them, or if they drop down from there use your Spin Attack.
    If they jump up onto the roof with you (they'll always be to your left) hit them
    immediately with your -> + A Smash Attacks (or in this case,<- + A). This is where the
    majority of their damage will come from. As soon as they're damaged enough, you're
    smash attacks will send them to a different town. But the basic strategy here is let
    them come to you and you will be alright. Don't plan on losing a life now unless you've
    got at least 3.
    This is a really simple stage, but one time I actually lost a life here on one of my
    failed attempts to get the Crazy Hand trophy. Just be careful during the jumping part
    not to hit and Topis or Polar Bears as they damage you a lot. When it comes to the Ice
    Climbers, stay in the middle of the stage as much as possible. That's how I lost my
    life, when I got too careless and they nailed me with a moderate attack when I wasn't
    in the center. Use your Spin and your Smash Attacks to keep the Ice Climbers at a
    distance. It won't take much damage to send them packing. If you notice that they are
    really low down on the screen, push as hard as you can to jump upwards and sometimes
    they won't be able to keep up. They key here is not to get careless and you'll beat the
    Ice Climbers easy.
    This part is pretty tough and I used to believe that you had to lose a life here to
    progress. But every time I've successfully completed the adventure, I never died here
    once (though extremely close with some high damage). I realized it's the strategy that
    you use that's the key here. Immediately when the battle begins, the wire frames will
    drop down to meet you. Meet them with a spin attack. This should take care of some of
    them. From there on out, stay underneath one of the two lower platforms that are on
    each side of the level. If a bunch of frames are above you, use your Up+A Smash Attack;
    if they're above you and on your level, use your spin attack; if they're approaching
    you from a distance on your level, use your boomerang; if they're next to you on your
    level use your -> + A Smash Attack; if you're getting overwhelmed by them, take to the
    air with your spin attack and then go to the other side of the level and repeat this
    procedure. If you see some excellent items, grab them to prevent your foes from using
    them against you. PokeBalls can be a big help here. It's tough, but you should be able
    to make it through without losing a life. If you do, you probably only have one left or
    game over for you.
    PART 2
    If you followed my advice above and made sure Luigi isn't on the active roster, this
    will be easy. If you didn't, you'll have to fight both Metal Luigi and Metal Mario.
    This will make for a tough fight where your almost certain to lose a life (unless Luigi
    kills himself - it happens, but don't bet on it). When you first start fighting Metal
    Mario one on one, pick either your -> + A Smash Attacks or your Spin Attack, then quick
    get away. You need to get away because when his damage is low, it won't faze him very
    much and he'll quickly retaliate on you. Use your projectile attacks to plunk away at
    him too. As soon as his damage gets high enough and you can use your smash attacks to
    send him backwards a little bit, the battle is won. Just keep hitting him with your ->
    + A Smash Attacks and eventually he'll fall. It's pretty easy one on one. If you do
    have to fight both, try and keep them together and hit them at the same time with your
    smash attacks and spin attack. If they're not together, hope that they're far apart so
    you can take one out or else they'll start gangbeating on you. It's possible to not
    lose a life vs. both of them, but you do have to get somewhat lucky. You shouldn't lose
    a life if you only fight Metal Mario.
    This is what it all comes down to, right here. On the Normal Difficulty and higher,
    Bowser is just a little bit bigger and juicier than on the other settings. He's pretty
    tough too. You'd better hope that you make it to him with two lives or more. It's
    possible to do it with one, but I've lost every time I've made it to him with one
    because it seems Bowser will always find some way to get you (although one time when I
    got to him with two lives, I never lost a life against him - that's probably because of
    a little less conservative fighting style that I was exhibiting because I had a backup
    life). For a specific strategy against Bowser check out my Giga Bowser strategy up
    above at trophy 82. The same strategy will apply, only that regular Bowser is easier
    than Giga Bowser. If you've been playing on Hard and you haven't used a continue, then
    you will have earned the Crazy Hand trophy! ... that is, if you have taken longer than
    18 minutes. If you've taken less time then that, then suit up for Giga Bowser. Or, suit
    up for a miserable defeat (Unless, somehow, you are a god and didn't lose a life
    throughout the rest of the adventure). So I hope that you took your time on levels such
    as Mushroom Kingdom, Underground Maze, and Big Blue.
    That's it! If you've completed this task, consider yourself one of the best in the
    world - or at least, in your town ;) But seriously, I doubt that many people have
    completed this task and hopefully this guide has been helping you all out. There is no
    challenge tougher than this - there are just ones that are more tedious. So, on we
    85. Food - Play 1000 Vs. Matches.
    This isn't difficult, just tedious. My advice, get some friends over and have a night
    of Super Smashing.  I'd also recommend doing this in conjunction with trophy 119, where
    you have to play 100 coin matches. Playing one-minute or one stock matches help, too.
    If you're desperate, I found a good way to end matches the quickest way while adding to
    your total. Set up a one-stock match with the damage ratios at 2.0. Select Yoshi. Have
    one CPU (or otherwise) opponent with the A.I. level at 1. Have the Stage Select option
    off (to avoid time loading up the level select screen). If you have the Random Stage
    Select option unlocked, you can choose to exclude the larger levels. As soon as the
    match begins, walk to your opponent, and use Yoshi's down+A non-smash move next to your
    opponent. If the level is small enough, it will kill him every time. Often times the
    amount of time that your opponent survived against you will say 0:00 on the Results
    screen after the match. In other, words, you ended the match in less then a second.
    This is the fastest way to rack up the matches quickly. If you're terribly bored, a
    good scenario setup would be to have every character Vs. every other character at least
    once, including the same character. So, start with Dr. Mario (You) Vs. Dr. Mario, then
    Dr. Mario (You) Vs. Mario, and so on. After Dr. Mario (You) has had a match with
    everyone, move on to Mario (You) Vs. Dr. Mario, Mario (You) Vs. Mario.... and so on.
    That's 25 matches per character. 25 x 25 = 625. If you still do not have enough matches
    after that repeat this scenario again and only after 15 characters you'll have your
    1000 Vs. Matches. So in total, you need 40 characters to play in 25 matches each. Have
    fun and Good Luck.
    86. Maxim Tomato - Play 10 Vs. Matches.
    If you're reading this guide then you should already have this trophy.
    87. Heart Container - Play 100 Vs. Matches.
    This shouldn't take too long - you probably already have this trophy.
    92. Lip's Stick - Complete 20 combos in Training.
    This isn't difficult, you just might need to figure some things out. A variety of
    characters can accomplish this, including: Captain Falcon, Falco, Fox, Kirby, Sheik,
    Link, Young Link, Pichu, Pikachu, and Mewtwo. Kirby is the Combo King, though. My
    advice: pick one of these characters, pick Bowser as your opponent, and go to the
    Temple Stage. Leave Bowser in his starting spot, and go and beat up on him against the
    wall he's facing with your character's normal A attack as fast as you can. You'll have
    no problems.
    104. Motion-Sensor Bomb - Beat Event Match 3
    Real Simple. You should have this trophy already. If you can fight at all then you can
    hand Link's and Samus's weak bombs.
    110. Metal Box - Complete 10 combos in training.
    Refer to Trophy 92 above.
    111. Bunny Hood - Complete 125 combined combos in Training.
    If you can get trophy 92, this will be easy. I've listed 10 characters that can get 20
    combos or more. 10 x 20 = 200 = plenty over limit. I know Kirby can get at least 38
    combos as well. Just follow the strategy outlined in trophy 92 for all those characters
    119. Smash Coins - Play Coin Battle 100 times.
    This can be fun - just play with some friends. If you don't have any, tough it out and
    play 100 1-minute coin matches and the trophy will be yours.
    135. Mew - Beat All-Star on Hard or Very Hard.
    Obviously, beating All-Star on Hard is going to be easier than beating it on Very-Hard.
    But why are you in this trophy hunt again? If your sane, it's for pride. And if you
    beat All-Star on Very Hard, you get a message that appears in the special menu (under
    Data, Special) that says you have beaten All-Star on Very Hard. This message gives you
    more bragging rights and says that you have accomplished just a little bit more than
    everyone else. So I suggest beating this on Very Hard.
    The only difference between the two difficulties is the amount of coins you need. For
    Very Hard, I would say that you would want about 500 coins or so. You really don't need
    this many, but sometimes a certain combination of characters on a certain level can
    prove to be almost unbeatable. You're doing good if you only lose about a 100 coins or so
    when you finally beat it. In fact, what I would do is before you begin All-Star is take
    out your memory card. Continue without saving, and then see how you do. If you had,
    say, 800 coins and you only have 45 left, I would consider restarting and doing it
    over again. It's just unnecessary to lose that many coins. There's always the poss-
    ibility that you use up all your coins and then end up not even beating All-Star on
    Very Hard. That would suck very much. That did in fact happen to me, but luckily I did
    take out my Memory Card. If you feel you've done well in the amount of coins you spent
    then put your memory card back in and overwrite. This is the safest way to go.
    To complete this task I would pick a character that has a good multi-opponent attack.
    Link, again, is the character I used. His Spin (Up+B) Attack proved invaluable in the
    last fight with the Mr. Game & Watches. That fight will be pretty tough, as they can
    gang up on you quicker than Houdini, and their Bug Spray (A repeatedly) attack will
    mount up damage upon you like no other attack there is. If they get under you, run away
    to a safer place and then take them on with your Spin Attack or similar move. Another
    thing you should do is not wait for the Mr's to come to you. Right away, when the match
    begins, use your spin attack on the ground, and if you kill three or more of the Mr's,
    then quick jump up and intercept the incoming Mr's with your Spin attack to quickly
    kill them. If you can get it so that you kill all five at once, then you've won the
    match just by repeating this procedure. Actually, if you just wait on the ground for
    the Mr's to come to you, I don't believe the fight is possible. You MUST put yourself
    into a situation where you can jump up and hit the Mr's with your Spin attack, killing
    them instantly. Otherwise, they will get you. Overall, though, this fight won't be as
    tough as some of the one on three battles, unless you get some good combos of
    characters and levels, so if you make it here you should feel the worst is over.
    Remember to ration your heart containers, as their essentially worth 10 smash coins
    each. Dieing and continuing won't bring them back, either. So only use them when you
    know your going to die immediately in the next match.
    I can't provide too many specifics on the other matches since they're random. Just hope
    you don't get a bad combination of characters on your one on three matches, and that
    characters that are good team supporters get dealt with right away in the one on one
    matches (such as Peach.) One time when I was going through I had to fight Link, DK, and
    Peach on the Great Bay level. Easily the toughest fight I had seen yet. I wasted
    probably 250 coins before I beat them, and then I didn't have enough to make it to the
    end. Good thing I had my memory card out as I just reseted and the next time the
    combination of foes were much better as I spent many less coins and I beat the whole
    mode. So when you go to the area with the heart containers, check the order of the foes
    you have to fight. If you know it doesn't look good at all, then just reset and hope
    for some better combos next time.
    If you do end up fighting at the Great Bay, the best strategy is to wait underneath the
    main high platform either on the little float or on the lower platform next to the
    Giant turtle. This way, all your opponents will come to you from one direction (they
    won't jump the water gap between you). When they drop down, use your Spin attack right
    away. If things get to messy, jump the water gap and go to the other platform. Your
    opponents will jump up on the high platform and walk over. When they drop down, ... you
    know the drill. Always make good use of your Spin attack, as it's your best friend in
    All-Star. Another good level that this strategy works good in is the Onett level. Just
    be on the side of either house where you are closest to the map edge and wait for your
    opponents to come and drop down on you. When they do, nail them with the Spin. When you
    see the "!" symbol come, just use your shield and press down; the car will not effect
    you, hopefully it will kill your friends. If things get to dicey - remember that you
    are close to death, literally - then try to get out of there and then go to the other
    house on the side closest to the map edge and repeat the procedure.
    In the end, the amount of coins, the selection of characters, the items that appear,
    your fighting skills, and the quick strategies you devise for certain character
    combinations and levels are what will get you through. The biggest of these is the
    coins, however. If you feel you've got enough to make it through Very-Hard, then go for
    that. Otherwise go for it on Hard. But remember, you won't get the added message in
    the Special menu to add to your bragging rights if you don't beat it on Very-Hard. In
    any case, be sure to take out your memory card before you begin.
    141. Sudowoodo - Unlock Poke Floats Stage.
    In other words, complete 200 Vs. Matches. Get some friends or tough it out by yourself.
    This isn't a lot of matches.
    142. Unown - Hit a combined total of 16,503 feet or more in the Home Run Contest.
    This isn't very difficult. It's much easier if you have all 25 characters unlocked.
    Then you only have to average about 660 ft per character. With some characters, such as
    Yoshi, being able to hit more than 2000 feet, this shouldn't be difficult at all. I
    have a combined total of over 26,000 ft, and I'm sure some can get over 30,000, which
    is almost double the requirement. All you have to do is figure out what moves that your
    character has gives the sandbag the most damage. For specific strategies on every
    character, there are other guides out there that will help you on this such as IGN's
    totally free SSBM guide.
    147. Entei - Beat Event Match 26.
    You will be fighting on top of a Giant-sized Entei. This isn't very tough to get. Just
    use your melee fighting skills and smash attacks and you should be alright. The enemies
    you fight are different every time you select this match as well (unless you hit start
    then Z during the match). If you get the right combination of characters, this will be
    151. Celebi - Find Celebi in a Poke Ball in Single Player mode (1 in 251 chance) after
    you've unlocked everything else in the game.
    By "unlocked everything else in the game" you need not every other trophy, but stages,
    options, characters, etc. The biggest milestone you should look for is if you've have
    5000 Total KOs (Score Display). This is usually the last thing that a player unlocks.
    You also have to beat Event Match 51 to get the Final Destination Stage - which is
    usually the last stage one unlocks. I'll cover how to beat Event Match 51 down below at
    trophy # 192. You need to unlock all stages and characters to unlock the Sound Test.
    After you've unlocked everything your best bet is to just keep trying to get the
    Pokeball with Celebi in it. The best way to do this is to play a Vs. Match with only
    human players (as if CPU players get the Pokeball with Celebi inside it won't count for
    you), Items on Very High, and the only Items being Pokeballs. I played a 15-minute
    match and found Celebi within that time. I'm not sure whether or not the 1 in 251
    chance only applies to 1-P modes or not. Either way, it shouldn't take too long if you
    use the Vs. Match strategy I just described. Be sure that if you do find Celebi that
    you finish whatever you were doing (don't use pause reset) or it won't count what
    you've accomplished. If you're having problems unlocking certain things in the game I
    can give you some help. For a strategy to unlock Kongo Jungle (Beat 15-Minute Melee),
    check out trophy 81 above. Check out trophy 190 for a strategy to unlock Yoshi's Island
    (Hit Sandbag 1,323 feet or more). Other SSBM guides will detail how to unlock the
    other stages as well as all the characters.
    155. Lon Lon Milk - Beat Target Test with all characters in less than 25 minutes
    (1,500 seconds) total.
    This isn't hard at all. It's also covered in many other SSBM guides. Check IGN's
    totally free one for specific strategies for every character.
    159. Kirby Hat 4 - Unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Mewtwo, and Mr. Game & Watch.
    Again, it's covered in every other SSBM guide out there. Check those out.
    160. Kirby Hat 5 - Unlock Ganondorf, Young Link, Roy, Pichu, Dr. Mario, and Falco.
    Ditto 159.
    175. Falcon Flyer - Unlock Big Blue Stage.
    Play 150 Vs. Matches.
    176. F-Zero Racers - Earn all primary (Adventure) Smash trophies.
    Check out some other guides how to unlock every character and how to beat Adventure.
    You can also check out my strategy for trophy 84, even though it's written for Hard
    Mode. The same strategy will carry over, and much, much, more.
    177. Mute City - Walk a distance of 3,300 feet or more.
    Come on, this isn't even a mile. You can do this in 10 minutes, right (In real life)?
    Seriously, it will come over time. Running and jumping doesn't count, which is why you
    don't see this trophy right away. If you beat Classic or Adventure or both with every
    character, then you'll easily have this trophy.
    182. Kraid - Unlock Brinstar Depths Stage.
    Play 50 Vs. Matches.
    186. UFO - Unlock Fourside Stage.
    Play 100 Vs. Matches.
    188. Game & Watch - Beat Event Match 45.
    This is the easiest of the latter Event Matches. I actually beat it without losing a
    life and without taking any damage! Plus, you have three lives to spare. Do your up+A
    Smash Attack when the Mr. Game & Watches are close to send them to oblivion. If you get
    surrounded, roll ( R or L + -> or <-) out of the way. Repeat the procedure. All too
    189. Target - Beat Target Test with all characters.
    Look to other SSBM guides for this (Am I repeating myself?)
    190. Sandbag Hit 990 feet or more in Home Run Contest
    There many characters that can do this. The easiest way: Use Yoshi, grab the bat, do
    his aerial down+A attack on the sandbag until you only have time left to hit it with
    the homerun bat and you'll easily get this distance.
    191. Battlefield - Beat All-Star Mode
    To get All-Star Mode, you have to unlock all 25 characters. To figure out how to do
    this, check out some other SSBM guides. All-Star isn't tough, you just fight all
    characters in the game once. Five of the matches are one-on-one, four are one-on-two,
    four are one-on-three, and one is one-on-twenty-five (which is always 25 Mr. Game &
    Watches.) The rest of the matches, besides the last, are always random. You only have
    one life and damage is cumulated through each match, but you have three heart
    containers at your disposal to take away some of the pain. A really cool mode, but also
    pretty easy. You'll find the hardest part (on Very Easy) is the huge amount of items
    that are always being dropped down. It's very likely that an explosive crate or capsule
    will appear right in the middle of one of your attacks. So on very Easy, Items are your
    worst enemy.
    192. Final Destination - Beat Event Match 51.
    To get to Event Match 51, you have to clear all previous event matches (which means to
    get Event matches 40 - 50 you are going to have to unlock all characters).
    There are a variety of characters and strategies you can use to beat this. One is using
    Jigglypuff's sleep move when your close to your enemies. Another is trying to hoax your
    enemies into falling off by jumping around the outside of the platform. It is possible
    however, to just plain fight them and win, even without one cheap kill. The only
    character that I can do this with is Link. His double -> + A Smash Attack proves
    invaluable in this fight. In fact, being as aggressive as possible is what will get you
    through. Sure, you're going to fail plenty of times, but it really isn't that hard. If
    your using Link, immediately start going with Link's -> + A Smash Attacks, and keep
    that up. If you get surrounded, use Link's Spin (Up+B) Move. This will clear every body
    out. The key is to keep everyone on one side of you, and then smashing them all with
    your Smash attacks. If you get catapulted into the air, come down onto your foes with
    Link's Down+A aerial attack. This move really hurts them a lot. You'll find your
    biggest menace here to be Ganondorf, not Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser has been tweaked down
    considerably and it take virtually no damage to start tossing him around. Of course,
    unless you can completely knock him off the stage, he will be able to get back from any
    point, so you will need to damage him good to get rid of him. But you'll his and
    Mewtwo's attacks (except for Giga's -> + A Smash Attack) to be pretty weak. Besides
    stunning and throwing you back, these attacks don't do much. You'll hardly get any
    damage inflicted. But Ganondorf is the big opportunist. As he's often in the back,
    doesn't usually get the brunt of your attacks, and is constantly doing his Warlock
    Punch (B). This seriously hurts and throws you back. If he's not doing that then he's
    either doing his Wizard's Foot (Down+B), which can often kill you, or his Dark Dive
    (Up+B), which he rarely misses and is also a huge killer. Gannondorf will usually get
    the most KOs, and he's usually the last enemy left. So I believe the toughest opponent
    here is him. However, that doesn't mean Giga Bowser is a huge nuisance. You are often
    impaired from doing any attacks because Giga Bowser is on top of you. If you get rid of
    him right away, it's easier to tell what's going on and you have more reaction time to
    Mewtwo and Ganondorf. That's about all I can tell you. It is difficult, but at least
    it's only one match. Just keep trying and you'll eventually come through.
    193. Goomba - Beat Event Match 14.
    This is really easy, especially if you have the right combination of opponents. Just
    stand in the middle and use your up+A smash attacks on your opponents until you send
    them flying.
    203. Paper Mario - Hit 1,485 feet or more in Home Run Contest.
    Use the same strategy outlined as in trophy 190. You're just gonna have to be more
    accurate in Yoshi's down+A aerial attacks. Yoshi can hit the sandbag more than 2,000
    204. Wario - Beat All-Star without using a continue.
    This is easy; in fact, I would never suggest using a continue on All-Star (Unless your
    trying to beat it on Very Hard or get the Mew trophy) as it wastes 10 coins per
    continue. Just try doing it on Very Easy. If you get unlucky, try, try again.
    220. Marin - Beat a 1-P mode after unlocking Sound Test.
    You need to unlock all characters and stages to unlock the Sound Test. In order to
    unlock the Final Destination stage, you're going to need to beat Event Match 51. Check
    out my strategy for trophy 192 on how to beat this tough Event Match. For tips on how
    to unlock all the characters in the game, check out some other SSBM guides. For a
    strategy to unlock Kongo Jungle (Beat 15-Minute Melee), check out trophy 81 above.
    Check out trophy 190 for a strategy to unlock Yoshi's Island (Hit Sandbag 1,323 feet
    with Yoshi). Other SSBM guides will detail quite well how to unlock the other stages.
    221. Majora's Mask - Beat Event Match 47.
    This Event Match can be very annoying and difficult. Pick a character that has good
    multi-opponent attacks. I chose Young Link. The biggest key here is the combination of
    enemies you get. Some good enemies to fight are: Kirby, Jigglypuff, Luigi, Mario,
    Captain Falcon, and Mewtwo. Some bad enemies are: Falco/Fox, Zelda (It's actually Sheik
    that's the problem), Ganondorf, Marth/Roy, Pichu/Pikachu, Samus, and Donkey Kong.
    Kirby is the best enemy to have because it is very easy to get him to kill himself. All
    he has to do is his Stone (Down+B) move outside the two horns of Majora's Mask and he
    will kill himself. When he hits the ground, he'll just slide right on down. So if you
    have him as an opponent, start fighting out side of the horns and get Kirby above you
    so he does his stone attack. Jigglypuff is a good enemy because she's lightweight and
    easy to kill. Mewtwo doesn't have enough gravity so it's easy to send him flying. Luigi
    will often kill himself if you fight outside the two horns as will Captain Falcon.
    Often times if you are on the outside of one horn and C. Falcon is on the other, he
    will only double jump to try to get to you. Unfortunately for him, that's not enough
    vertical to get over the horn. He will keep on doing this, allowing you to avoid him
    for the time being and have the luxury of having to only deal with two opponents.
    Bowser will also do this same thing. Other than to kill the aforementioned good
    enemies, however, you should do most of your fighting inside the two horns. It's rather
    safe until you get mega damage; just keep doing your melee attack to damage your
    opponents. Hopefully some good items will appear in your hands, as well. As soon as
    your opponents have enough damage, take the fight outside the two horns to send them
    off for good. Kill all opponents three times and then you will have the Majora's Mask
    226. Landmaster Tank - Get a combined total of 1,000 KOs
    It'll take some time to get this trophy, but not that long. Some good ideas are to play
    a couple 99 minute matches with the damage ratio at 2.0. If you play against some lower
    level computer players, you'll rack up KOs very quickly.
    227. Wolfen - Beat Adventure in 1,100 seconds or less
    This trophy isn't hard to get. You'll often get it not knowing why. Just beat Adventure
    on Very Easy with your best character try to go as quickly as possible. Captain Falcon
    and Fox are good choices since they move very quickly.
    230. Samus's Starship - Beat the Brinstar escape mode in adventure.
    Wow - is this easy. This is usually one of the first trophies a person gets. I don't
    think I need to explain this. If you seriously can't beat this, try a different
    character. If you suck so much that it doesn't matter which character you use, look at
    any other SSBM guide - although I seriously doubt any words are going to help you.
    255. Meowth - Earn every alternate (All-Star) Smash trophy.
    First, you're going to need to unlock All-Star, which is done by unlocking every
    character. Check out some other SSBM guides to figure out how to do that. All-Star is
    pretty easy on Very Easy, no matter which character you use. Just beat it with every
    character and this trophy is yours.
    267. Tom Nook - Collect more than 1,000 Smash Coins.
    This will take some time - a lot of time. You'll get this trophy around when you get
    trophy 85 (Food) and when you unlock the Score Display (5000 Total KOs). For some tips
    how to get quick coins, check out section C (General Trophy Strategies).
    269. Mr. Resetti - KO five player or more in the Cruel Melee.
    This can be rather tricky, but using the right strategies will make it easier. The way
    I originally accomplished this was with Roy's Blazer (Up+B) Attack. When the battle
    first begins, get underneath one of the two lower platforms. Then, if only one or two
    opponents get close, nail them with Roy's Non-Smash Down+A Low Stab. When a bunch get
    around and above you, have at them with the Blazer and it will send them flying.
    Depending on how close to the enemy you are will determine whether or not you actually
    KO them. Usually, you'll get two KOs per Blazer slash. Repeat the procedure and you
    should be able to get five KOs. I can get 8 KOs this way. Another strategy that works
    is Jigglypuff's Rest (Down+B) move. When the enemies get close enough so they're
    touching you, use this to KO them instantly. You're left terribly vulnerable a second
    or two later, though - and it doesn't take much to KO Jigglypuff. This strategy works,
    but I think the strategy with Roy is the best. Either way you're going to fail a couple
    of times before you succeed.
    274. Captain Olimar - Must have a Pikmin saved game on the same Memory Card as your
    SSBM save.
    You can either go out and rent or buy this game, but I suggest buying it. It is an
    excellent game that is really overlooked by most. If you're using a Memory Card 59 and
    you have no space for the Pikmin, go out and buy a Memory Card 251 or sacrifice one of
    your other saved games for the Pikmin. What is more important: having every trophy or
    $20/other saved games? I leave that up to you. Also, if you live in Japan, you can obtain
    this trophy the same way you can trophies 292 and 293. Check out those trophies below...
    276. Donkey Kong Jr. - Earn all Normal (Classic) character trophies.
    First you're going to need to unlock all characters. You can find out how to do that in
    some every other SSBM guide. The rest is clockwork. Beating Classic on Very Easy
    shouldn't be a challenge no matter what character you're using.
    280. Mach Rider - Beat Classic in 300 seconds or less.
    This doesn't sound like much time, but remember it is total game time, not total time
    overall. This means that only the time that ticks off the timer at the top of the
    screen counts. Plus, the bonus stages don't add to your time, either. Just beat it as
    fast as you can on Very Easy with your best character and you shouldn't have any
    problemos. Captain Falcon is an excellent choice, IMO.
    288. Sheriff - Beat Target Test with every character in 750 seconds or less
    This isn't too difficult. I can do this in about 100 seconds less. Just set a standard
    for yourself that no character should have a time over a half-minute. 25 x 30 seconds =
    750 seconds. Some characters, such as Ganondorf, can have times as low as 10 seconds,
    which will really bring your second count down. For specific strategies for every
    character for Target Test, check out some other SSBM guides, such as IGN's free one.
    289. Diskun - Get points at least once in every bonus category.
    This is one heck of a trophy to earn, especially when you don't know what type of
    bonuses you have left to get. Some of the requirements for some of these bonuses are
    very difficult. This trophy has two whole sections devoted to it. Which brings us to
    section E...
    291. (292 Japan) - Mario + Yoshi - Method unknown (for Non-Japanese version). In Japan,
    must bring Memory Card with SSBM save to a participating vendor that will write data on
    Memory Card to unlock trophy.
    It is not known if this is actually trophy 291, but I would bet plenty that it's not.
    It's also probably not the real name of the trophy. I should've known better than to
    think I had completed the trophy hunt - it's never-ending! It was originally speculated
    that you could obtain this trophy by having a Super Mario Sunshine save on the same
    Memory Card as a SSBM save. This proved to be false. Right now, there is little hope for
    getting this trophy out of Japan...Don't give up, though!
    292. (293 Japan) - Samus Without Mask - Method unknown (for Non-Japanese version). In
    Japan, must bring Memory Card with SSBM save to a participating vendor that will write
    data on Memory Card to unlock trophy.
    It is not known if this is actually trophy 292, but I would bet plenty that it's not.
    It's also probably not the real name of the trophy.  It was widely speculated that you
    could unlock this trophy (in the Non-Japanese version) by having a Metroid Prime save the
    same memory card as a SSBM save. However, this has now proven not to be the case. It
    would appear that Non-Japanese users have been left to bite the dust. I wouldn't be
    suprised if these are the only two trophies HAL has made secret. I always thought 290 was
    an odd number. It would be cool if there's actually 300 trophies. That would be bad,
    though, if there was only 300 in the Japanese version, as that would leave the rest of
    the world with 299! Unless, of course, there is a non-Japanese exclusive trophy not yet
    This section will be dedicated towards advice for some of the more difficult bonuses to
    obtain. Some of the bonuses can be tough to get, and some of the descriptions to earn
    them don't help much either. Hopefully, the right words here can help you out. If there
    are any bonuses not covered here that you would like help with, e-mail me and I'll see
    what I can do.
    7. Meteor Smash - KO'd a foe with a Meteor Attack.
    The trickiest thing about these Meteor Attacks is knowing exactly what one is. A Meteor
    Attack is (usually) an aerial attack that will send a player downward (again, usually)
    to the bottom edge of the screen at a pace where there is usually no chance for
    recovery. This speed determined by the game is unknown, but it's pretty fast. Some
    examples of Meteor Attacks are Link's Down+A aerial attack, Mario's ->+A aerial attack,
    and Luigi's Taunt (If enemy is holding on to ledge). Usually before your character
    delivers his Meteor Attack, there is a little sparkle by his hand or sword or foot or
    whatever body part is delivering the attack. It doesn't matter if you hit an enemy or
    not; when using this move, you will always see this little sparkle. Not all Meteor
    attacks have this sparkle, and I'm not 100% sure if all attacks with the sparkle are
    meteor attacks. My instincts, however, tell me that if there's a sparkle, it's a Meteor
    attack. You must  KO an enemy that you hit with a meteor attack for it to be counted as
    a Meteor Smash.
    8. Meteor Clear - Cleared the level with a Meteor Attack.
    This is easy, just do a Meteor Smash on the last enemy that must be KO'd.
    9. Meteor Master - Every Meteor Attack KO'd an opponent. (Minimum of 2)
    Well it says there must be a minimum of two, so that's what you should do. It's not
    that difficult to hit two Meteor Smashes, is it?
    10. Meteor Survivor - Succeeded in recovering from a Meteor Attack.
    This one is very tricky to get, but usually if you've played long enough you'll get it.
    For one, since Luigi's taunt is a Meteor Attack (if target is hanging on ledge), and it
    doesn't send you down at too fast a rate, you would think this would be a good attack
    to simulate to try and get this bonus. But for some reason, it seems this taunt is only
    considered a Meteor Attack if it KO's the enemy. If you do survive, it doesn't count,
    and you don't get the bonus. The only way I know that you can get this bonus is for an
    enemy to hit you with a Meteor attack that, by all other circumstances, would KO you.
    But your downward momentum must be stopped by something - another enemy's weak attack
    is a perfect example. Then you must make it back onto the stage to get this bonus. So
    in other words, you must survive a Meteor Attack that you would not be able to recover
    from by your own means. And the only way to do that is for your downward travel to be
    interrupted. It's complicated, but usually one gets it not even knowing it. It's also
    hard to simulate, and I wouldn't try doing that. Just play with a bunch of higher level
    CPU opponents over and over again, and eventually, you'll (hopefully) get this bonus.
    11. Flying Meteor - Hit a flying enemy with a Meteor Attack.
    This one is also tricky to understand. But by "flying," this means that your opponent
    is flying at a rate that will KO him a moment later. This is sort of similar to the
    Meteor Survivor Bonus, only that you are the one doing the interrupting. And you're
    interrupting your opponent with a Meteor Attack. The only difference is that the flying
    enemy did not have to be just hit with a Meteor Attack - he could have been hit with
    any attack that will KO him. Confused? Let me just give you a quick example that's easy
    to simulate. Play on Super Sudden Death. Go to the Brinstar Level with the lava. Be
    Link or Young Link. Have your opponent as a human player - Kirby or Jigglypuff is a
    good choice. When the lava is high enough, have your opponent go down into it. Just be
    sure so that when he comes back up, you nail him with your Meteor Attack - in Link's
    instance his aerial down+A move. If you connect, you'll KO your opponent and you'll
    have the bonus. Though I don't believe you need to KO your opponent with your Meteor
    Attack to get the bonus. You just need to hit him with a Meteor Attack when he's flying
    at a rate that will KO him. I'm not 100% sure about this, though, so my advice is to
    use Link or Young Link as their Meteor Attack sends the opponent upward, KOing him. (If
    you used another character's Meteor attack that sent them downward, you could not KO
    them on the Brinstar level unless, by some magic, that you timed it perfectly right so
    that the opponent hit the lava at the last moment, then you hit him with the meteor
    attack, then sent him back down when the lava was low enough.) It sounds tricky but
    this simulation of it is really easy. Just hit Kirby, who just got nailed off some lava
    and is flying at a pace to KO him, with Link's or Young Link's Meteor Attack (aerial
    down+A) and you should have this bonus.
    14. All Ground - Used all standard ground attacks against enemies.
    This one isn't hard, you just need to remember all your ground attacks while your
    simulating this. You have your weak jab (A), your A repeatedly move, your ->+A,
    diagonally up/down -> + A, up+A, down+A, running + A, ->+A Smash attack, Up+A Smash
    attack, Down+A Smash attack, down+B, ->+B, B, Up+B, and grab (Z) and pummel (A) plus
    throw in all four directions. So, if you add that all up, that's up to 24 different
    attacks. Just pick a human player as your opponent, set damage ratios to 0.5, and play
    a stock match with a stock of one. Mario is a good player to be, with Bowser as your
    opponent. Make a conscious effort of every attack you're doing and it'll be easy.
    15. All Aerial - Used all standard aerial attacks against enemies.
    This one is just like All Ground, except, well, you get the picture. If you count them
    up there are a total of five different aerial attacks. Sometimes, however, your special
    (B) moves might be considered aerial as well. I know that Peach's ->+B Peach Bomber is
    considered an aerial move. So, just to be safe, do all your special moves - that's four
    - and your ->+A aerial, your <-+A aerial, your Down+A aerial, your Up+A aerial, and
    your A aerial attacks. So that's a total of nine different attacks attacks. Be sure
    that if your character has a multi-hit aerial attack that he hits your target with
    every part. A good example of this is Mario's or Yoshi's Down+A aerial attack. You can
    hit your target with the same moves as many times as you want, just as long as you do
    hit him with every aerial attack. Overall this one's easier then All Ground - they're
    both pretty easy if your simulating it.
    16. All Variations - Used all attacks except finishing blows on enemies.
    This one is just All Ground and All Aerial combined. So, if you add the previous number
    of attacks in each one (not including overlaps) there is a total of up to 29 different
    attacks you must do. Be sure that if you're simulating this, you have two targets to
    work with. If you do hit all attacks on one target, you'll get the All in One bonus. So
    divide your attacks between two opponents and follow the steps above for bonuses 14 and
    15 and you'll be fine.
    17. All on One - Used all attacks except finishing blows on one enemy.
    This one is the same as All Variations, now it is just on one enemy. So follow the
    steps out lined there in All Variations to get this bonus.
    18. Lethal Weapon - Hit with a wide variety of attacks.
    The description of this bonus is by far the most vague of any description out there.
    This one just doesn't make sense. "a wide variety of attacks"?!? What the heck is that
    supposed to mean? Well, one way (and I do believe the only way?) you can get this is to
    hit your opponent with only your 3 smash attacks, your five aerial attacks, and your
    four special moves. You cannot hit your opponent any more, any less. So that's 12
    attacks that you must connect on with every single one. Note that misses (I think) do
    not apply - just the one's that connect. So if a character has a multi-hit attack, be
    sure that every part of the attack hits your target. If that's not possible with the
    character your using, use someone else. I did it with Mario. After you hit those 12
    moves, there is nothing else you can do to attack your opponent. So, to avoid going
    into sudden death, I'd suggest playing a coin match as you'll get more coins than your
    opponent while you hit him with these 12 moves. It's not difficult, but how you could
    make up with this bonus is a little miffy.
    60. Power Shielder - Used the Power Shield often. (3 or more times in one minute)
    The most difficult part of this bonus is, again, knowing what exactly what it is. More
    specifically, what exactly is the "Power Shield." The Power Shield is a shield, much
    like the original shield, that is activated if the regular shield is activated right
    when an attack is hitting you - but it hasn't hit you yet. So it's the last possible
    moment before the attack hits you. The shield will be a little bit bigger, and make a
    slightly different sound if it's a Power Shield. Also, if the attack is a projectile
    attack, the shield will send the attack back at the opponent. So, if Falco shoots his
    Blaster (B) at you and you use the power shield against it, it will send the laser beam
    back at Falco. It's best to simulate this match between two human players. Just have
    one controller in one hand - doing the shooting or punching - and have the other hand
    pressing the R or L button on the other controller. Your right and left hands are the
    best team to work with when it comes to timing.
    72. Poser Power - Attacked someone with a taunt.
    Luigi is the only player that can do this.
    81. Twinkle Toes - Succeeded on every attempt to absorb damage.
    I'm not quite sure what the description means, but if you press the L or R buttons
    right before you hit the ground or other surface when you've just been hit by a strong
    attack and are sent tumbling, you'll do a quick recovery in getting up. This is opposed
    to waiting to be completely flat, then taking your time getting up. If you don't use
    this technique you'll be left extremely vulnerable - especially in battle with many
    82. Floor Diver - Dropped through floors often. (12 times in one minute)
    Be sure that you actually land on a floor, then go through it. In other words, don't go
    through multiple floors by holding down the control stick. The times that you do go
    straight through the floors and don't land on them first won't count.
    84. Climatic Clash - Hit same enemy with progressively stronger blows.
    I'm not sure on the specifics of this bonus, but I got it without even knowing it. Try
    doing your weak attacks (A repeatedly) on an enemy, then some regular ->+A attacks,
    then your smash attack. If that doesn't work, use only one weak attack, then a regular
    attack, then a smash attack. I don't think too many of you will have problems getting
    this, though, if you just play the game normally. If you've played SSBM long enough
    then you should have this bonus. If anybody else knows the specifics to this, please
    tell me.
    91. Lost in Space - Frequently magnified. (1/4 of time in a magnifying glass)
    Let it be known what exactly the magnifying glass is. For the longest time I didn't
    know. The magnifying glass is the little circle that encompasses you when you are off
    the screen edge, but not yet far enough to be KO'd. I always knew that this would
    happen, but for some reason I never put it together that that little circle was a
    magnifying glass. Does it look like a magnifying glass to you? Anyway, this bonus is
    easy to get. Just do as it says.
    114. Poser KO - KO'd an enemy with a taunt.
    This is really easy. You can only do it with Luigi. But you need to do it right. Even
    if your enemy has 999% damage, Luigi's taunt won't send your opponent any farther than
    if he had 0%. So to do this, just have your enemy hanging on a ledge, then hit him with
    your taunt. Your target will actually fall down at a pretty fast rate.
    116. Bank-Shot KO - KO'd an enemy with a deflected item.
    You could theoretically use your Power Shield on an item such as a Green Shell, which
    would send the Shell back at your opponent. If he had enough damage, it would KO him
    and you'd get the bonus. But a much easier way is to use Falco's or Fox's own Power
    Shield - also called their Reflector (Down+B). Use the strategy mentioned above -
    deflect a green shell back at your opponent with Fox's or Falco's Reflector. Play on
    Super Sudden Death to be sure that when the shell hits your opponent, it KOs him.
    122. Sacrificial KO - The same attack KO'd both you and your enemy.
    This one is easy. There are various ways to do this, but just grab an opponent with DK
    and go off the edge of the screen. Be sure that you are not on your last life and that
    you do not have only one opponent, or you'll die first, and then match will be over. No
    Bonus then.
    126. Quadruple KO - KO'd four enemies at once.
    This can only be done in 1-P modes. The last fight of All-Star mode with the Mr. Game &
    Watches is a good place to get this bonus. Or the fight with the Fighting Wire Frames
    in Adventure mode is another good spot.
    127. Quintuple KO - KO'd five enemies at once.
    Same as Bonus 126.
    139. Angelic - Was standing on revival platform when match ended.
    The revival platform is the small platform you are lowered down onto the stage with
    immediately after you are KO'd.
    143. Shooting Star - Ended match as a star.
    By ending the match as a star, that means that you are floating off way above the field
    and are about to become KO'd. When you get smashed upward so high that you can't come
    back - you'll see a tiny version of yourself floating away. Be sure that you don't hit
    the front of the screen when you get KO'd this way, though, otherwise it doesn't count.
    The trick, though, is that you need to actually be a "star" when the match ends. Right
    after you're done floating way above the stage for a while, you float off into oblivion
    and turn into a little star for a short amount of time. Then you come back onto the stage
    - unless the match is over. It won't work on a stock match, from my experience. So you'll
    need to play on a Time/Coin/Bonus Match, and it's best if you're playing with human
    opponents. You (or your friends) will need to be that "star" when you get KO'd for a
    split second when the match ends. It's hard to simulate - my suggestion would to play a
    bunch of two or one-minute matches with a bunch of friends and eventually you should get
    this. It's hard to say though, as I had no problems getting it; I had gotten it without
    even knowing it. If you try to simulate it I'm sure it will be tough
    156. Item Catcher - Caught an item thrown at you.
    You can catch items; you just have to have precise timing to do it. You have to press A
    while not walking or running right when the item is going to hit you to do this.
    166. Battering Ram - Used only battering items. (3 or more)
    Set the only item in the Item Switch as hammers and you'll have a blast getting this
    167. Straight Shooter - Used only shooting items. (3 or more)
    Star Rods do not count - only Super Scopes and Ray Guns.
    169. Shape Shifter - Used only transformation items. (3 or more)
    Use Cloaking Devices to get this bonus.
    172. Gardener Finish - Put a flower on an enemy's head at match's end.
    For this Bonus, you can't just put a flower on an opponent's head throughout the match
    and keep it getting bigger until the match ends - you have to use the Lip's Stick at
    the last second. Stand next to your opponent, make sure there is no flower already on
    his head, and right after the announcer says "ONE!", hit him with the Lip's Stick and
    you'll have this bonus.
    199. Hammer Throw - Threw the Hammer away.
    This bonus is pretty tricky to get, and I don't understand why the game won't let you
    get rid of it more easily. First, you have to be stunned while you're holding on to the
    hammer so that you stop your swinging motion. Having opponents do this is not very
    easy. So I'd suggest going to the Brinstar or Mute City levels. Get a Hammer, fall onto
    the damaging floor, and when you're getting catapulted upward, press Z right before you
    start going back into your swinging motion. The only thing is that pressing Z at the
    right time is easier said then done. You must have to have super precise timing.
    Perhaps you must also press the control stick hard in a particular direction (as if you
    were going to do a Smash attack) at the same time you press Z. I'm not sure, but I've
    only actually done it once. I was Mario on the Brinstar level, and after trying to
    throw the Hammer like any other item failed, I resorted to madly pressing L, R, Z, A,
    and the control stick hard in any direction. Eventually, after many tries, Mario just
    did his air dodge, then died. The Hammer then slowly fell down. The air dodge probably
    happened after I actually "threw" the Hammer, though. You should also note that if you
    lose the Hammer when you hit the damaging floor that this does not count, as the floor
    is making you lose the Hammer, not yourself.
    203. Bob-omb Squad - Grabbed a Bob-omb just before it exploded, and wasn't hurt.
    This bonus isn't too tough, but it can be a bit frustrating. Have your opponents as
    humans, and have them on a platform above where the Bob-omb is. When the Bob-omb starts
    walking, you can sort of estimate where it will end up when it's ready to explode. When
    it stops walking and starts glowing red, hurry! You don't have much time to quick grab
    it and then throw it. Remember that you cannot be hurt in the process. Practice will
    make perfect to get this bonus.
    205. Mew Catcher - Mew appeared.
    Mew doesn't appear very often - I only remember seeing him twice. (though I'm not the
    only one who plays my game...) I saw him once in 1-P mode and once in Vs. Mode. I saw
    him first in 1-P mode (Classic), except that I didn't throw the Pokeball that had Mew
    inside. When I finished the mode, a Special Message came up saying I had my first
    encounter with Mew, but I did not get the bonus for it. To get the bonus, you (or any
    other human) need to throw the Pokeball that contains Mew. After I saw that I did not
    get the Bonus, I played a 99-minute match with only Pokeballs with the Item settings on
    Very High. I also didn't have any CPU opponents playing (to make sure they didn't get a
    Pokeball with Mew inside). After about 15 minutes, I had gotten a Pokeball with Mew
    inside. I had thrown A TON of Pokeballs, though. I didn't play for the rest of the
    match, but I made sure that the match ended the correct way by letting the timer run
    out. Had I used the Pause Reset (Start: then L,R,A,Start) after I had gotten Mew, no
    bonuses would have been recorded. Thus, I would not have gotten the Mew Catcher bonus.
    So if you do ever catch Mew yourself (or any other human), be sure to finish whatever
    you are doing and don't use the Pause Reset! (Or more importantly, the Power Button or
    the Reset Button on the GCN!!!) I am not sure whether or not certain perquisites need
    to be met before you can encounter Mew. When I first did, though, I had all characters
    unlocked, All-Star/Adventure/Classic cleared with every character, All-Star/Adventure/
    Classic cleared on Very-Hard, over 250 trophies collected, all Event Matches Cleared,
    all Stages Unlocked, all Multi-Man Melee's completed (At least 5 on Cruel and at least
    100 on Endless), all trophies related to the Home-Run Contest earned (And had at least
    tried hitting with every character), Target Test completed with every character and all
    trophies related to that earned, all trophies related to Combos in Training earned
    (including trying to get as many combos as possible with every character), Random Stage
    Selection unlocked, and Sound Test unlocked. So if you can't get Mew, make sure all of
    those perquistes above have been met. Note that at that time I did not have the Score
    Display (5000 KOs) unlocked, and I hadn't even come close to playing in 1000 Vs.
    Matches (over 300, though.) Sure, this won't matter if you do have these unlocked, but
    what I'm saying is that you don't need to have them completed to meet Mew. I don't even
    know if you need all (or any) of the other perquistites I listed met to get Mew,
    either. So what I'm saying is that if you can't get Mew, try unlocking the stuff above
    first and then you should have no problems unlocking him.
    206. Celebi Catcher - Celebi Appeared.
    This bonus will be similar to the Mew Catcher bonus. Be sure that you have every
    perquistite met that I mentioned above for the Mew Catcher Bonus plus the Score Display
    Option (5000 KOs) unlocked. You will need all of those unlocked before you can meet
    Celebi. After that, there is supposedly a 1 in 251 chance that Celebi will appear in a
    PokeBall (I'm not sure if this is only in 1-P or not, perhaps someone could clarify?)
    But you can catch Celebi in Vs. Mode, and this is what I would suggest trying. Just put
    the items on Very High and with only Pokeballs. Make sure there are only human
    opponents, as if a CPU player gets the bonus, it won't count for you. I played a 15-
    minute match and got Celebi this way. Celebi is a small, green Pokemon if this helps
    you identify him. At the end of the match, press A three times, look at the list of all
    your bonuses, and if you've got Celebi Catcher, then you'll get the Celebi trophy (if
    this is your first time getting the bonus), you'll get a special message, and you'll
    probably get the Diskun trophy! This is usually the last bonus that one gets, so that
    is why I say that. The Diskun is usually the last trophy you'll get, so you just may
    have completed the trophy hunt as well! At least for now...
    208. Koopa KO - KO'd a Koopa.
    This can be puzzling since you matter how hard you hit a Koopa, they will only go into
    their shell and then spin around. But it's easy. You can do this two ways. 1) Grab (Z)
    the Koopa while he isn't in his shell (you can't grab him when he is) and then throw
    him. When he lands, he dies. 2) Swallow (B) him up with Kirby and press Down to eat
    him. Pretty simple, eh?
    209. Paratroopa KO - KO'd a Paratroopa
    Use the same method as for the Koopa KO, just make sure that the Paratroopa still has
    his wings (don't jump on him or attack him to make his wings fall off). Note that I've
    only done this on the red Paratroopa in the middle of the first Mushroom Kingdom level
    in Adventure mode. I'm not sure if it works on the other green ones or not. (Probably
    233. Collector - Snagged all trophies that appeared!
    This is easiest in All-Star mode, as you can't really miss any trophies that appear.
    They all appear every four matches in the area inbetween battles where the Heart
    Containers and the Warp to next battle are.
    234. No-Damage Clear - Cleared all levels without taking any damage.
    This might be the toughest bonus to get, in terms of gaming skills needed. Or maybe not
    skills, but smarts. You need to know where to put yourself, and at the right times. You
    can attempt to get this bonus on all three 1-P modes, but I don't think it's very
    possible on Adventure. You can get this bonus on Classic, but it is pretty tough. I
    believe All-Star is the easiest way to get this bonus. Either way, they're both going
    to be pretty frustrating. The most frustrating part, you'll find, is not that you
    always take some damage to some nit-wit weak punch (although that will happen), but
    some bad bad item always seems to find his way next to you. Whether it be explosive
    crates or capsules, Bob-ombs, crates hitting you as the slide down slopes, the list of
    cheap things that will give you damage is a long one. So you'll find items as your
    worst enemy when trying to achieve this bonus. Quite simply, there are just too many
    items. Of course, this is implying that you are playing on Very Easy - any other
    difficulty just isn't possible. If only you could have the amount of items that you get
    on Very Hard be on Very Easy instead. Ah well, not going to happen. I think you'll find
    that there is even more items on All-Star than on Classic, but I believe your roll of
    the dice will come out better on All-Star. Why? Quite simply, because you don't have to
    fight the Master Hand.
    You might think you're pretty good against the Master Hand, but I think you have to be
    pretty lucky if you beat him without sustaining any damage. You have to be lucky
    because the attacks The Masta dealt out to you must have been very easy to predict and
    easy to avoid. Usually, it seems, there is just one attack that he throws at you that
    will give you minimal damage. It's tough, but I'm not saying it's impossible. I've done
    it before. But the final fight of All-Star - 25 Mr. Game & Watches - is a lot easier to
    deal with than the Hand. Another reason why is because of the character you're probably
    going to have to fight Master Hand with. If you're playing on Very Easy, you might have
    figured out that a good strategy to use against your enemies is DK's Hand Slap (Down+
    B). It works like a charm against those Very-Easy enemies. So, naturally, a good idea
    would be to use DK as he probably won't sustain any damage against enemies when he's
    doing his Hand Slap. But, unfortunately, you can't use the Hand Slap against the Master
    Hand.  And DK is not the best Master Hand fighter. In fact, because his body is so big,
    his shield does not adequately cover him, meaning that little shield degeneration will
    leave you vulnerable for attack. What I'm saying is, that DK sucks against the Master
    Hand. I believe it would be tough to beat the Hand without taking some damage. But, who
    else are you going to use to get to the Master Hand? Almost every other character will
    have a tough time getting to him because they don't have a constant attack like DK
    does to keep them from absorbing damage. I have gotten the No-Damage Bonus once - with
    Captain Falcon. The fight with Master Hand was easy. It was getting to him that was
    tough, though.
    But if you go and try on All-Star as I suggest, DK is the perfect choice. There are no
    cons to using him, as in Classic. His Hand Slap will work on everyone. The biggest
    thing here is luck. You have to get lucky and hope that no explosive crates and what-
    have-you appear right next you while your doing your Slap. You'll fail many times
    just because of items. But if you keep trying, you'll eventually get lucky enough.
    Another good piece of advice is to not always use the Hand Slap. It usually will not
    kill everyone right away, and the more time you waste, the more likely a bad item is
    going to pop up in your face. Remember, you're fighting on Very-Easy. If you see a good
    opportunity to get in a Smash attack and a KO, do it. You probably will be fine. Just
    don't go out on the prowl all the time - your Hand Slap is your best friend. Remember
    that, be prepared to move over for walking Bob-ombs, and with a grain of salt, you'll
    be able to get this bonus. It's just going to take some time.
    235. No-Miss Clear - Cleared without losing a single life.
    This one's easy, you should be setting your sights on No-Damage Clear or else you'll
    never get all the trophies.
    238. Speed Demon - Cleared all levels very quickly.
    You don't have to be that quick. If you have the Mach Rider or Wolfen trophies, then
    you'll easily get this bonus.
    239. Melee Master - Cleared All-Star mode without recovering damage even once.
    You'll get this bonus if you get the No-Damage Clear bonus (If you're playing on All-
    Star), so check out bonus 234 above for my best advice on getting this bonus. Just
    Remember you can only get the bonus on All-Star, not Classic or Adventure.
    243. Very-Hard Clear - Cleared the Very-Hard mode.
    This is by far the easiest to do on Classic. So, make sure you have a bunch of coins,
    and have at it. For a strategy (as best I can) check out trophy 83 above.
    244. Crazy Hand KO - Defeated Crazy Hand in Classic mode.
    Again, check out trophy 83 above. Remember that you can meet the Crazy Hand the Normal
    Difficulty - you don't have to play on Hard or Very Hard. This one isn't too difficult.
    Check back in the coming days for more help with the bonuses.
    249. Giga Bowser KO - Defeated Giga Bowser in Adventure mode.
    This one isn't too bad - for specific strategies against Giga Bowser, check out trophy
    82 above. For a strategy on how to get through the Adventure, check out trophy 84
    above. Remember that you meet Giga Bowser on Normal - you don't have to play on Hard or
    This has absolutely nothing to do with the trophies, but my whole inspiration for
    writing this guide was because there wasn't any in-depth help out there for getting all
    the trophies. From what I've seen, there is nothing out there about the Special
    Messages, as well. Plus, the trophy hunt is really only about pride - and that's
    exactly what these messages are about. I don't know if I have all the Special Messages,
    but I'm going to list all the ones I have here in the order I got them. Please tell me
    if there's more out there that I'm missing.
    The Special Messages are located from the Main Menu: Data, Special.
    Credit to Billy Chlochaisri for informing me of the latest Special Messages. He even put
    the list in alphabetical order and noted which bonuses could be earned with continues.
    * = Continues allowed
    1. 1-P All-Star mode is now open! Better practice up!
    2. A blast from the past! Dream Land is yours to use.
    3. A great evil walks the earth...Ganondorf has been unlocked!
    4. Access to Flat Zone has been granted. Time to get retro!
    5. All stages are now open!
    6. Check out smashing sounds! Find Sound Test under Data.
    7. Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P Adventure!
    8. Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P Classic!
    9. Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P All-Star!
    10. Cute, cuddly...and a threat to itself and others! It's Pichu!
    11. Direct from Fire Emblem, it's Marth, the swordsman supreme!
    12. Dr. Mario is in the house! His prescription? KOs.
    13. Fast, nimble, and ready to roll, Young Link awaits you!
    14. For the first time, you've survived 15-Minute Melee!
    15. It's a flotilla of Pokemon! You've unlocked Poke Floats!
    16. Mewtwo's mental powers are now yours to command!
    17. Mr. Game & Watch is ready to rock, old-school style!
    18. Mushroom Kingdom II is open: it's the dream world, Subcon!
    19. Random Stage Select is now available in Additional Rules!
    20. Roy from Fire Emblem has unsheathed his sword!
    21. Side-scrolling madness awaits on F-Zero's Big Blue!
    22. Star Fox's surly pilot Falco is now prepped for combat!
    23. Take a step back in time to lovely Yoshi's Island!
    24. The gateway to Final Destination has now been opened!
    25. The man in green, Luigi, is ready for action!
    26. The special stage, Battlefield, has now been unlocked!
    27. Welcome back to DK's first locale, Kongo Jungle!
    28. Welcome to Brinstar Depths! Kraid's been waiting for you!
    29. Wow! You've cleared 1-P Classic with every character!
    30. You can now set up the score display in Additional Rules!
    31. You beat Event Match 51, The Showdown, with no falls!
    32. You have all the trophies!!
    33. You have over 50 trophies!
    34. You have over 100 trophies!
    35. You have over 150 trophies!
    36. You have over 200 trophies!
    37. You've cleared 100-Man Melee for the first time!
    38. You've cleared 1-P Adventure with every character! Great!
    39. You've cleared 1-P All-Star with every character! Sweet!
    40. You've cleared 30 1-P Event Matches!
    41. You've cleared Adventure mode on Very Hard! *
    42. You beat Adventure mode on Very Hard with a stock of one! *
    43. You've cleared all 1-P Event Matches!
    44. You've cleared All-Star mode on Very Hard! *
    45. You've cleared Classic mode on Very Hard! *
    46. You've cleared Classic mode on Very Hard with a stock of one! *
    47. You've cleared Target Test with all characters! Great!
    48. You've collected more than 250 trophies!
    49. You've encountered Celebi for the first time!
    50. You've encountered Mew for the first time!
    51. You've fought 100 VS. mode matches!
    52. You've fought 1,000 VS. mode matches!
    53. You've fought 10,000 VS. mode matches!
    54. You've fought 100,000 VS. mode matches! Go outside!
    55. You've played 4,995 VS. bouts! That's about a cent per bout!
    56. You've played 50,000 VS. bouts! Enough! Take a break!
    57. You've unlocked all playable characters! Get to fighting!
    58. You've unlocked an alien invasion! It's Fourside!!
    59. You've unlocked the singing wonder, Jigglypuff!
    This section will deal with questions and answers that have arisen because there was no
    answer to them elsewhere in the FAQ. This section will only deal with info that has not
    been aforementioned above.
    1. Q: How do you get the secret Mario + Yoshi Trophy?
    A: It was originally thought to be obtained by having a Super Mario Sunshine saved game
    on the same memory card as your SSBM save. However, since the release of SMS we have all
    found out that this method does not work. There currently is no known way to get the
    trophy for the Non-Japanese version, though it may work if you go to Japan. Japanese
    players (and their Japanese version of SSBM) can get the trophy by playing in the SSBM
    Japanese tournaments (Toys 'R Us and other software vendors supposedly write the data on
    to the memory card with a SSBM save owned by consumers.) From what I've heard, nobody
    knows if this would work with a Non-Japanese save on the memory card. So, as of right
    now, the only guarantee is if you go over to Japan, buy a Japanese version of SSBM, save
    it on a Japanese memory card, and bring it to a Toys 'R Us or other sponsored vendor over
    there. Sorry :( It's a bummer. But don't give up hope! I personally think that there will
    be a way for Non-Japanese gamers to snag this trophy without traveling to Nintendo's
    homeland; let's just wait and see. When the GCN version of Gameshark is released, I'm
    sure some clever individuals will find a way to unlock the trophy as well. That is,
    unless the trophy was ommitted from the Non-Japanese version. (Nobody knows that, as
    2. From <cheeselweasel>:
    Q: "On super smash bros melee, i dont have all the trophies for the lottery, but it says
    chance of getting a new trophy- 0.00 no matter how many coins i put in. do you know why?"
    A: Well, the most probable answer is that your total number of trophies isn't large
    enough. In SSBM, there are actually certain "classes" of Lottery/Random Appearance
    trophies. These classes are unlocked by having a certain number of total trophies. For
    example, when you start out the game, the default class of random trophies are the only
    random trophies that you can obtain. As soon as you get a total of 50 trophies, a new
    class of random trophies appear. The same thing happens when you obtain 100 trophies, and
    150, 200, with the final class being unlocked when you have collected at least 250
    trophies. So in otherwords, you are going to have to get at least a couple of unique
    trophies before you are allowed to collect more random trophies. I probably should have
    explained this above, but I never paid much attention to this detail since I never found
    the problem of running out of random trophies before all the random trophy classes were
    all unlocked. I'm not sure which trophies are in which class, and frankly, I'm not going
    to find out. It's unnecessary and rather easy to unlock all the classes of lottery/random
    appearance trophies. If you want to figure out which trophies are in which class, go
    ahead; you can let me know and I'll find a way to update it into here.
    You shouldn't need too many of the non-random trophies; I never knew about the whole
    random trophy class deal the first time I played through the game and I was missing a lot
    of unique trophies, but I still had all of the random trophy classes unlocked. I would
    imagine that if you do have random trophy classes left to unlock that you are close to
    one of the milestones of number of trophies listed above. After you do achieve one of
    those milestones, a special message will appear saying that you have over 50 trophies, or
    that you have over 250 trophies, etc. You'll know then that you have enough trophies for
    the next class of random trophy classes to be unlocked. This should solve your problem.
    The easiest way to gain some unique trophies would be to beat the 1-P regular modes with
    all of the characters. You'll get two if you beat Adventure or Classic with Zelda/Sheik.
    So, if you don't have All-Star unlocked, there's a total of 52 trophies to be gained; 78
    with All-Star unlocked. If you get all of these trophies, you should easily have a large
    enough number of total trophies to unlock all of the random trophy classes.
    3. From <samnieves1>:
    Q: Hang-man KO bonus - how do I get this against the computer?
    A: Well, it's not too hard against the computer...when the comp is hanging from the edge
    just attack him with anything - say down+A - and after your attack connects the comp must
    be KO'd by that attack. Play the comp on Vs. Mode and set his difficulty setting to 1.
    That's the easiest way against a comp...otherwise, it's reallly easy if you have another
    controller. Just start hanging from the edge, grab the other controller, and attack!
    4. From <Hugo Heemskerk>:
    Q: hey, you wrote the faq for smash bros melee didnt you? but ive read it and ehhhm i
    dont know what some bonuses are. 11 flying meteor: the description didnt work. Maybe its
    because ive got the Europan version. but the floored bonus:85 I dont know what it
    means... what floor... and the bonus wimp(168). what are recovery items??? and ehhhm what
    is your best player? ive got quite a stupid one but if you mail me back i'll tell who it
    is. A Melee fan.
    A: Ok, getting the flying meteor bonus is going to be tricky, but I can't offer you much
    more advice than what is in the FAQ. Read the FAQ, study the FAQ, memorize the FAQ... Ok,
    so you don't have to memorize it, but try and follow what it says as best you can.
    Remember that you're going to have to be extremely lucky if you don't have two
    controllers hooked up; trying to get this bonus against the CPU is rather difficult and
    virtually impossible to simulate. So, you need an extra controller hooked up. And no, it
    has nothing to do with you having the European version. Here, perhaps me rewriting it a
    little bit more short and different will help you:
    Go to the Brinstar level with the lava on Super Sudden Death with one stock. Be Young
    Link. Have the other HUMAN player Kirby. You can be that other human player if you have
    no friends. Make kirby fall down towards the lava (make sure the lava ins't too low so
    Kirby dies without bouncing back up.) As soon as kirby starts falling down, take control
    of Young Link. Jump over the area where Kirby is falling and press down and A in the
    middle of the air. When Kirby comes flying back up (he'll come flying very, very fast!!),
    You must hit Kirby with your down+A move after he has bounced off the lava. If you do
    this, Kirby will then fly upwards and die. You should then have the bonus.
    That is the best I can help you; the rest is up to you.
    For the floored bonus, a floor is a damaging ground. There are only two inthe game - on
    the Mute City F-Zero level (where all the cars race by), and on the Brinstar level with
    lava. The best level to do this is on the F-Zero level. When you are on the floating
    platform and fall down onto the race track and you will take damage. Take over 50% damage
    and then you have the bonus.
    And for wimp, recovery items are items that restore your health. Hearts, Maxim Tomatoes,
    Food, etc. They're pretty easy to find. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you
    need some help and can check some other FAQ out there.
    For 1 on 1 matches, my best player is Captain Dougless James Falcon. For multi-man
    matches, it's gotta be Link.
    5. From <Mikey S.>:
    Q: Have you really played 100,000 vs. bouts in smash bros. melee?
    A: Absolutely not. But some people have. Believe it or not, 100,000 matches isn't the
    biggest special message; 1,000,000 is. At least, that's what some believe. Nobody has
    done that to date, but they figure there to be a special message for that because of who
    knows what. I think it's just a myth. Last time I checked one person had over 200,000
    matches fought. He should be well beyond that by now if keeps going at his current rate
    (he's been playing for a very, very long time).
    People have even devised methods for fighting matches as quickly as possible!! For
    example, one way you could keep playing through matches without paying attention is with
    a 'turbo' type controller. You would set the start button to auto-repeat, and then lock
    the analog sticks neutral position all the way over to the left or right (so that if the
    controller is really in the neutral position, the cursor or character will move all the
    way over to the left or right). You'd have to set matches to 2 players, one stock, and
    random stage select on. The 'turbo' start button would automatically commence matches,
    and the analog stick would kill the player immediately if the neutral position had been
    reset to all the way over to the left or right (the character would walk off the
    arena)!!! So, you could do that, turn off your tv but leave your cube on, go to bed, and
    matches would automatically be added to your total! People have even calculated rates of
    how many matches per day are possible, and how long it will take for a person to get to 1
    million! It's quite crazy, and it's a pursuit I'm not up for taking.
    UPDATE: Apparently, somebody has claimed to have obtained this message. There has been
    pics of the shot, but some believe that it has been photoshopped. It says, "1,000,000 Vs.
    Mode Matches! Didn't expect to see this, did you?" or something of the sort. I don't
    know, I personally think it's not true.
    6. From <Robert Erlings>:
    Q: could you please tell me how to get the poser ko and the pounded bonus thank you very
    A: You're lucky I even opened your message; there was no subject. First of all, I already
    explained how to get the poser KO bonus in my FAQ; I can't explain it any better than
    what's there. The only thing I can say is that it would be hard to simulate against the
    computer; you're going to need an extra controller to do this easily. So actually read my
    FAQ if you want to figure it out. Secondly, there is no bonus called "pounded." There is
    a Ground Pounded bonus, however, so I'm assuming you're talking about that. All you need
    to do to get this bonus is get KO'd by a damaging floor. There are only two in the game -
    the Brinstar level with Lava and the F-Zero Mute City level. The easiest way? Go to the
    Brinstar Level with acid. Get killed by the lava. Then you have the bonus.
    7. From <RacquetKing12>:
    Q: I am having trouble getting the diskun tropy because i cant get the pacifist bonus. It
    says to get it u should never attack once. I do this but never earn the bonus? Can you
    tell me how i can earn this bonus. THANK YOU!
    A: Well, I'm not completely sure whether or not you can get this bonus in Vs. Mode. I've
    tried myself, and I can't get it to appear. I can only get it in 1-P modes. I don't know
    if that means it's impossible to get it in Vs. mode, however. Let me tell you a strategy
    that works well when in doubt: Just play the game. Play the game for fun, or with other
    objectives in mind besides the one you have. You'll stumble upon a bonus that way.
    But, I do know that you can get this bonus in 1-P modes. The description there will work.
    Be sure you take some damage, though. So, try to get the bonus in 1-P modes; you should
    be able to do it.
    8. From <Jolts>:
    Q: I read in a Tips & Tricks magazine about those Mario Riding Yoshi and Helmetless Samus
    trophies too, and they had a good idea about somehow having to get those trophies using
    one of the Game Boy Advance games (Super Mario Advance 1, 2, or3, and the new Metroid
    Fusion) connected to the Game Cube using the new link cables to use the GBA as a
    controller. I would check this out myself, but I don't have the proper equipment or the
    money for it. I just thought that you might be able to check, but if not that's okay
    since I'm really not too worried about those damned trophies anyway. :)
    A: Well, I do have SMA 1, 2, 3, Metroid Prime, Fusion, and a link cable, and I don't have
    a new trophy. There's an old saying, "There's nothing under the sun that already hasn't
    been done." In other words, somebody else has already tried, and there is no new word
    whether or not the trophies are ascertainable. So, as of this point, there is no way to
    get the two trophies outside of Japan.
    9. From <Ted Raymond>:
    Q: Though I'm not sure exactly what you mean by specifics to the "Climactic Clash" bonus,
    I have found that whenever I play as Marth or Roy, I tend to get it at the end of a vs.
    match (similarily, I almost always get Berserker as Ice Climbers).
    The easiest way to do it would be to use their respective forward+B specials(Dancing
    Blade and Flare Dance or something). Each hit, I believe, is progressively stronger.
    You need an enemy with low life, and make sure you use forward every time. Roy's Up
    motion on the third strike is a spike, so it may make you miss the last hit. A human
    player who continually presses towards you as you're attacking might come in handy.
    But other than that, there's not much more for me to say. Your FAQ was very helpful, by
    the way. I have been training for the Crazy Hand Trophy as Link(who is my favourite) for
    a while now, but I figured you had to go through Classic on hard or very hard. Ugh!
    Advernture is so much harder!
    Oh well, wish me luck anyway, and thanks for the help from the FAQ!
    A: Your description would definitely make sense, since that is true about Marth and Roy's
    Yeah, that Crazy Hand trophy is pretty damn difficult, isn't it? You could only consider
    the Diskun trophy more difficult simply because it's requirements take much, much more
    time, but... In terms of gameplaying ability, the Crazy Hand trophy has to be the one to
    Some people have emailed me saying it's easier for them to do it with Roy; I said that's
    fine - there are other FAQs out there that cover how to get that trophy with Roy. Mine
    was focused on a character that there wasn't a FAQ for - Link. You might want to try some
    others; I still feel Link is the best choice, however.
    Once you beat the it once, you can do it again and again (although it has been a while
    since I've played...)
    10. From <AMerIcAnAthLEeT>:
    Q: Is it true that if you have saved memory on your card of mario sunshine and metroid
    prime you will recieve trophies? because i just mario sunshine and saved it , but no
    trophy appeared?
    A: Yeah, no one was quite sure how that would work, but most assumed that the saved game
    on the same memory card would trigger the unlocking of the hidden trophy where Mario was
    riding Yoshi. However, there was no proof of this. It was known that this wasn't the way
    it worked for the Japanese. What it said on Nintendo's Company's (Japan) website is that
    you could take your memory card with your SSBM save on it to a local vendor and they
    would write the data onto the memory card enabling you the two secret trophies plus the
    Captain Olimar trophy if you hadn't already earned that one. But, this method has neither
    been announced or is practical overseas.
    For the most part, everything in this guide has all come from me. But, I do need to
    thank some people whose words they've written has helped me in completing the trophy
    quest. I thank IGN for writing their guide as I used that to find out the specific
    names of character moves. I also used their trophy list as a reference guide when I was
    in the hunt - again, thank you. I must also thank Daniel Engel with his Bonuses FAQ for
    helping me figure out how to get some of those tricky bonuses. Thanks Billy Chlochaisri
    for informing me of eight special messages that I didn't know about. Other than that,
    everything else in this guide came completely from me.
    (Cliche) Oh, and most importantly, I need to thank Nintendo for making such a great
    game and gaming system! (End Cliche)
    (c) 2002 Sergeant_Slaughter
    This guide may only be displayed at GameFAQs.com. If you found this guide anywhere else,
    please e-mail me at hanne_dog@hotmail.com. You may print this guide off for your own
    personal use. This guide may not be used for profit. If you wish to display this on your
    site, please ask me for permission. If you use any information from this guide, you must
    give me full credit and make no alterations in any way, shape, or form. If you have any
    questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at hanne_dog@hotmail.com. If you
    would like me to go in-depth into other areas dealing with the trophies, or if you notice
    any errors, please e-mail me as well.

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