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    Peach by DAnderson

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 09/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DATE:  09/25/03
    VERSION: 1.9
    AUTHOR:  Daniel Anderson
    EMAIL:  danders15@hotmail.com
    GAMEFAQ: Princess Peach Survival Guide
    Disclaimer - This guide assumes players are already familiar with the 
    basics of the game.  People who do not understand such fundamental 
    techniques as smashing opponents, dodging attacks and recovering from 
    falls should seek out a more general-information/walkthrough FAQ that 
    will explain these issues in greater depth.  Furthermore, this guide, 
    although containing information relevant to the single-payer modes, is 
    intended primarily to aid players in multi-player, versus battles.
    Many will inevitably ask why, of all the great characters in Hal 
    Laboratory's excellent Super Smash Brothers Melee, I chose to spend my 
    time writing up a FAQ on the fair and innocent Princess Peach.  Beyond 
    the beginner who chooses the Princess for her helpful recovery 
    abilities, most so-called "serious" players ignore Peach for other,
    more foreboding, manly, and easier to use (read: cheap) characters.  
    Being a former resident of a university dormitory, I experienced this 
    reality first hand when, during long afternoon and nightly droughts of 
    Smash Brothers, my college friends would regularly annihilate my poor 
    Peach with their brutal and frustratingly powerful Links, Marths, and 
    Captain Falcons.
    Hence this FAQ, which should help Smash Brother fans play better as the 
    hopeful Princess, especially when going up against the maiden's most 
    dangerous opponents.  And for those who scoff at even considering 
    playing as the delicate damsel, I encourage these players to give her a 
    try nevertheless, as with practice, she can prove herself as one of the
    best characters in the game (and her frilly, delicate appearance can 
    actually cause opponents to underestimate her abilities).
    1.  Princess Peach (Toadstool) - A Brief Biography and Character 
    2.  Peach - A Woman of Great Strengths. . .And a Few Weaknesses
        -Primary Strengths
        -Primary Weaknesses
    3.  That Pesky Princess - Attack List
        -'A' Attacks
        -'A' Smashes
        -'B' Attacks
        -Grabs and Throws
    4.  Princess Power - Tips, Strategies, and Warnings
        -Choosing an Arena
        -Brawl vs. Hit-and-Run
        -Multiple Smashes
        -Against the Computer
        -Defending Against Edge-Guarding Opponents
        -Edge-Guarding as Peach
        -Block and Grab Rules
        -Practicing as Other Characters
        -Frightening Flying
    5.  Peach in Peril - The Poor Princess' Most Dangerous Opponents
        -Marth and Roy
        -Captain Falcon
        -Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi
        -Zelda (Sheik)
    6.  Just Peachy - Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks
    7.  Playing Peach to Perfection - Alternative Strategies
    8.  Conclusion - Final Advice, Hopes, Rants, and Credits
    Princess Peach's first appearance was in the original Super Mario 
    Brothers game, during which the villainous Bowser, a giant 
    turtle-dragon (known as "Koopa" in Japan), is holding her captive in 
    his fortress.  Bowser, through black magic, has transformed much of the 
    denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom into bricks and stones, and only 
    Princess Peach has the power to reverse the spell.  Thanks to the 
    plucky Mario Brothers, Bowser is ultimately defeated, Princess Peach is 
    rescued, and the Kingdom is saved.
    Peach has reprised her role of damsel-in-distress in numerous other 
    Mario games.  In fact, Peach has been captured and rescued so many 
    times over the years, she has become the basic archetype for all 
    damsel-in-distress type characters (in video games or otherwise).  
    Despite her reputation, however, the Princess has appeared as a 
    playable character in several games, including Super Mario Brothers 2, 
    the three versions of Mario Kart (with a fourth one coming), Mario Golf 
    and Mario Tennis, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Mario and Wario (Japan 
    release only), Game and Watch Gallery 2 and 4, the Mario Party games, 
    and, obviously, Super Smash Brothers Melee.  
    Aesthetically, Peach has changed little over the years, although her 
    flaming red hair first seen in the original Super Mario Brothers (and 
    on the old Super Mario Super Show television program) has been 
    gradually lightened over time, transforming her into the pristine 
    blonde familiar to gamers today.  Likewise, her original American name, 
    Toadstool, has been replaced with "Peach" in recent years to correspond 
    with the Japanese version of her name, although "Toadstool" can still 
    be considered her unofficial last name.  Otherwise, Princess Peach is 
    almost indistinguishable from her original design conceived over 
    fifteen years ago.
    A symbol of virtue, grace and purity, Peach has little in common with 
    most modern video game women, who are generally portrayed as tough, 
    violent, sensual, and full of attitude.  Perhaps this is the key to the
    Princess' enduring popularity - unlike most contemporary female 
    characters, who are little more than men with huge breasts, Peach is 
    very much a true woman, and plays as such in the games she appears in.  
    Even in Super Smash Brothers Melee, where her presence often seems 
    inappropriate and contrary to her typically gentle nature, Peach 
    still plays and feels like a woman, from her dainty run and graceful 
    flying to her slap attacks and parasol glides across the playing field.
    With her cheerful attitude and bright spirit, Peach represents 
    traditional femininity, in which grace and innocence are valued over 
    aggression and self-advancement.  This fact, as mentioned earlier, 
    makes her presence in the rough and tough world of Smash Brothers
    a peculiar one, but a good player can have much fun experimenting with
    the character, mastering her moves, and then embarrassing opponents by
    smashing their more "manly" characters into oblivion.
    Before I provide an in-depth analysis of Peach's large assortment of 
    moves and abilities, another disclaimer must be made - Peach is not 
    necessarily the best character in the game!  No matter how proficient 
    one becomes with her, the sad truth is that a Peach player will always 
    be at a disadvantage playing against certain other characters; Peach 
    has natural weaknesses against weapon-wielding types, extremely fast 
    types, and large, powerful types - but more on this later.
    The damsel appeals primarily to the beginning Melee player who has not
    yet mastered the basic skills of the game, such as recovering from 
    falls or evading attacks.  Likewise, expert players also find her
    attractive (and I mean other than physically), as her potent smashes
    and flying techniques make her one of the top characters in the game.
    So why doesn't everyone play as the cute damsel, then?  Because 
    Peach requires much patience and practice to master successfully - a 
    fact any Peach player who has been annihilated for the hundreth time 
    by Sheik can attest to.  In other words, perfecting one's game as the 
    Princess can be very rewarding, but one has to be willing to work 
    for it.
    And why is she so challenging to master?  Put simply, Peach is unique
    in that nearly all her strong, effective moves and abilities are 
    counter-balanced by several weak, ineffectual ones.  The listing below 
    is a basic run-down of her primary strengths and weaknesses.  A more 
    in-depth look at her individual moves will follow thereafter.
    Note:  A couple of readers have sent me emails complaining about my 
    criticisms concerning some of Peach's attacks.  This is understandable, 
    as playing Smash Brothers is a very subjective experience, and players 
    are bound to disagree at times on which tactics and maneuvers they 
    think work best.  In other words, there really is not a "correct" way 
    to play the game.  My job as a FAQ writer is to simply offer advice 
    and tips concerning how I think the game is best played when using
    the comely lass.  Furthermore, I recommend that serious players 
    read the ENTIRE FAQ before determining its usefulness, as even 
    when I criticise aspects of Peach's abilities, I always mention 
    her attributes as well (either in the same section, or elsewhere in 
    the document).  Lastly, readers should remember that practice makes 
    perfect, and thus, Princess experts can use even her worst attacks and 
    abilities to their advantage.  For example, Peach's notorious 
    "Peach Bomber" maneuver is rather mediocre, but this does not mean 
    that an experienced player cannot find ways to use it effectively.
    That being said, because this FAQ is primarily targeted towards readers 
    wanting a quick reference to the damsel's best attacks and tricks, and
    also to beginners who may be having a hard time fighting effectively, 
    her weaker attacks (like the Peach Bomber) are inevitably overshadowed 
    by these more potent moves.  
    However, should anyone feel a specific attack or tactic was 
    neglected, misrepresented, or incorrectly documented, he or she may 
    submit their own strategies to me via email.  If I like what I see, 
    I'll add it to the "alternate strategies" section of the FAQ. (And this
    way, I don't have to spend the extra time writing up the new strategies
    myself in other sections of the FAQ). 
    Unparalleled Flight, Glide and Hover Abilities - Obviously, Peach's 
    amazing recovery abilities are what first attract people to the 
    character, as no other character in the game (even Kirby or Jigglypuff) 
    can quite match the Princess' prowess of returning to the arena after 
    being smashed long distances away.  Also useful, Her Highness can use
    her powers of flight to fake out opponents as she flies and falls 
    through the air, often providing herself with the opportunity to score
    a surprise hit.
    Impressive Juggling Abilities - Although not immediately apparent, many 
    of Peach's stronger moves have the tendency to propel opponents upward 
    in the air, allowing for some effective combos.  An accomplished Peach 
    player can be devastating to an airborne adversary.
    Good Horizontal Air Attacks - Peach's mid-air crown slap, along with 
    her butt bounce and twirl maneuvers, are great for knocking enemies 
    away in various directions.
    Effective Upward and Downward Smashes - Surprisingly, Peach's upward 
    smash in incredibly powerful, and is often the only practical way of 
    ejecting an opponent from the arena quickly.  Likewise, Peach's 
    downward smash is also impressive, as it can instantly damage enemies 
    on all sides of her, and better, can sometimes score multiple hits with 
    only a single use.
    Useful Upward and Downward B attacks - The Princess' upward B attack 
    allows her to spear enemies with her parasol, and thus is an effective 
    way to counter opponents' downward air attacks.  Her downward B move 
    provides her with an unlimited amount of vegetables to hurl at her 
    opponents, and is a useful way to keep aggressive enemies at bay.
    Satisfactory Upward and Long-Distance Throw - Peach's upward throw is 
    great for setting up an opponent for an upward smash or series of 
    combos.  Likewise, she can throw high-damaged opponents long-distances 
    to the left or right of her.  Just remember, do not throw a low-damage 
    opponent forward horizontally!  He/she will rise and most likely hit
    Peach in return before she can react.
    Average Speed - Whether running or jumping, Peach is not exactly a 
    swift player to control.  This, however, can be an advantage, as her 
    modest speed allows her to aim and adjust her attacks more accurately 
    than other, quicker characters, especially when moving through the air.
    Vulnerable While Flying - While Peach's flying ability can be 
    a lifesaver, it also makes her extremely vulnerable to other 
    characters' air and upward B attacks.  Worse yet, the poor Princess 
    cannot air-dodge while in flight.  With practice, however, players
    can use many of her potent aerial attacks to ward off relentless 
    Poor Vertical Air Attacks - The Princess' up + A attack, an awkward 
    jump-kick of sorts, is often difficult to time and aim correctly, while 
    her downward rapid air-kick technique is weak and easily countered.
    Ineffective Horizontal Smashes - Being the gentle, delicate flower that 
    she is, Peach has a difficult time expelling opponents out of the arena 
    with her left and right smashes.  Put simply, her smashes simply do not 
    knock opponents very far away, forcing Peach players to devise 
    alternative strategies to ensure victory.  On the plus side, however,
    her weaker smashes often allow her to score multiple hits on her
    pursuers (and thus rack-up a lot of damage).
    Mostly Useless Horizontal B Attacks - Disappointingly, Peach's basic B 
    attack, the infamous Toad Counter, requires much practice to be used 
    successfully, and can be considered a contender for the worst basic B 
    attacks in the game (Ness' basic B attack is also pretty awful).
    Similarly, the Princess' Peach Bomber technique is slow, lacks range,
    has awful recovery, and is easily preempted by opponents. 
    Unsatisfactory Horizontal Throws (low-damage opponents) - Peach's grab 
    and throw moves (primarily her forward toss) are not particularly 
    effective on low-damage opponents, who, after being thrown, will still 
    be close enough to respond with an attack of their own.  Fortunately, 
    Peach can actually throw an opponent clear across the arena if his/her 
    damage is great enough.
    Limited Long-Range Attacks - As nonsensical as it may seem, Peach is 
    mostly an offensive fighter is Super Smash Brothers Melee, meaning that 
    she has to get in close to her enemies in order to effectively attack 
    them.  This, of course, means she has greater vulnerability than 
    characters who can attack from afar (think Link or Samus).  Her 
    vegetables help balance this weakness somewhat, but to deal serious 
    damage, players will have to attack their opponents directly.
    Average Speed - In most fighting games, the women are generally the 
    weaker but faster characters, but in Melee, all the females are rather 
    slow (with the exception of Sheik, the male form of Zelda).  Peach is 
    no exception, as, at best, she moves at average speed, both on foot and 
    when jumping through the air.  Her flying abilities compensate for this 
    a little, but Peach is still extremely vulnerable against quick 
    opponents, namely Sheik, Fox, Marth, Roy and Captain Falcon.  
    Peach has an eclectic repertoire of moves, some good and some bad, with 
    the worst being nearly useless.  The following list is divided between 
    her A and B attacks, respectively.
    'A' ATTACKS - Peach players will rely primarily on the maiden's 'A' 
    button techniques.
    Basic Slap Two-Hit Combo - Press A repeatedly - Like most characters, 
    Peach boasts a quick, basic attack good for setting up enemies for a 
    stronger blow, and also for preventing enemies from attacking 
    immediately in return.  Beware, however, that Peach will regularly be 
    overpowered in "basic A" battles against characters armed with swords 
    (Link, Marth and Roy), and those with extremely rapid basic attacks, 
    such as Fox, Kirby, and Captain Falcon.  Also notable, Peach's slap
    can be used to deflect or counter a number of enemy attacks, from
    Mario's fireballs to Sheik's lightning-fast dash attack.
    Crouching Slap - Down + A - One of Peach's better moves, this easy to 
    execute maneuver can really rack up the damage on opponents if used 
    in quick succession. It is also a good move to use immediately after 
    emerging from a dodge, as the alternative, using Peach's grab, is not 
    always effective on quick-witted opponents.
    Upwards Head Butt - Up + A - Peach's head butt is a decent, quick way 
    to attack an opponent approaching her from above, as it can propel an 
    opponent directly back into the air.  Unfortunately, a good opponent 
    might strike at the same time Peach does, causing damage to both 
    characters.  Worse still, an opponent might attack an instant sooner, 
    thus out-prioritizing the Princess' attack and causing her serious 
    damage.  In other words, the head butt is a risky maneuver that is 
    often best discarded for another attack, such as Peach's upward parasol 
    or upward smash technique.
    High Kick - Left/Right + A - On low-damage opponents, Peach's high-kick 
    is not particularly effective, but as their damage level rises, the 
    kick will propel them increasingly higher into the air, thus making 
    them vulnerable to other attacks.  The maneuver is especially effective 
    at setting up combos.
    Dash Attack - Dash(run) Left/Right + A - Surprisingly, Peach has one of 
    the best dash attacks in the game, as she possesses the uncanny ability 
    of sending opponents skyward upon landing a strong, direct hit.  In 
    fact, Peach is one of the few characters who can actually juggle 
    opponents by simply dashing into them repeatedly as they fall towards 
    the ground.  The dash is one of Peach's best, most important moves, and 
    should be practiced and experimented with often.
    Mid-air Twirl - Jump + A - Peach's basic jump attack has decent power, 
    and can knock an unwary foe a substantial distance away if used 
    properly.  The maneuver does not require the precise timing as Peach's 
    crown slap, but conversely, it is a slower, less aggressive move that 
    can be countered by an alert opponent.
    Air Crown Slap - Jump + Left/Right(forward) + A - Peach has some 
    good horizontal air attacks, and her forward slap is no exception; 
    although it takes practice to master the timing of the technique, a 
    successful hit can send an opponent flying across the screen.  Why is 
    it so powerful?  Many players never notice it, but Peach actually uses 
    her crown before delivering the blow.  Playing the game in slow motion 
    (choose one/fouth speed in training mode, and select the zoom camera 
    option) will reveal the clever maiden pulling the crown off the top of 
    her head.
    Air Butt-Bounce Attack - Jump + Left/Right(backwards) + A 
    - In many ways, Peach's air-butt attack is a weaker, but more easily 
    timed, version of her crown slap.  Peach players will often choose to 
    hit an opponent with a butt bounce if the circumstances do not allow 
    for a more powerful type of blow.  Unfortunately, a skilled opponent 
    will often counter or block it.
    Upwards Jump Kick - Jump + Up + A - Peach's jump kick, although 
    relatively powerful, is difficult to use effectively, and many opt to 
    use her other air attacks instead.  Nevertheless, a successfully 
    delivered jump kick can be a satisfying blow, and it can be a 
    serviceable way of defending Peach as she floats in the air.  Keep in 
    mind, however, that using the control stick is the best way to perform 
    the maneuver, rather than with the normally preferred X or Y buttons 
    (the primary, and best, means to jump).  A word of caution, however - 
    Peach's upward kick can often be countered by an opponent's downward
    aerial attack, so players should use it only on clearly incapacitated
    Downwards Rapid Kick - Jump + Down + A - Probably one of the Princess' 
    most lackluster moves, Peach players should think seriously before 
    using this attack, especially against experienced opponents.  The move 
    is weak and easily countered by most enemies' up + B attacks and 
    smashes, and a direct hit will not even knock an opponent away as Her 
    Highness lands, leaving her vulnerable to a returning blow.
    Although Peach's four basic smash techniques are fun to use, they often 
    lack the sheer strength to fulfill their very purpose - to send 
    adversaries flying from the arena.
    Left/Right Smashes - If nothing else, Peach at least has among the most 
    entertaining horizontal smashes in the game, as she will randomly pull 
    out three different instruments - a tennis racquet, golf club and 
    frying pan - with which to bludgeon her attackers.  Of the three tools, 
    the tennis racquet knocks opponents the farthest away, the golf club 
    sends opponents into the air at a more or less forty-five degree angle, 
    and the frying pan inflicts the most damage while generally sending 
    enemies skyward.  Of course, the more an opponent is damaged, the 
    further away a clean hit will send him.  Unfortunately, as fun as it is 
    to clunk an opponent on the head with a frying pan, the sad truth is 
    that Peach's horizontal smashes are among the weakest in the game, and 
    heavier opponents often have to be beyond 150% damage before they can 
    be easily expunged from the screen.  On the flipside, her 
    smashes do not require exact accuracy to be effective attacks, can 
    be useful in keeping aggressors at bay, and can sometimes be used to
    score multiple hits, thus inflicting massive damage.
    Upward and Downward Smashes - While Peach's regular smashes might be 
    lacking, her excellent vertical smashes largely compensate for this.  
    Her upward smash is especially potent, as it can sometimes expel even 
    relatively low-damage opponents from the arena.  Thus, it serves as a 
    great follow-up move on opponents tumbling downward in midair.  Peach's 
    downward smash is also a fantastic maneuver, as it can instantly clear 
    away opponents on either side of her, and sometimes, even score 
    multiple hits.  On rare occasions, a Peach player can inflict over 
    forty-percent of damage on unfortunate rivals.  The downward smash is 
    also useful against opponents attacking from below, often knocking them 
    away effortlessly, and it can be especially brutal against unfortunate 
    rivals who happen to be crouching. 
    'B' ATTACKS - Disappointingly, half of Peach's 'B' attacks are more 
    entertaining to watch than to use, but her parasol and vegetable 
    techniques are indeed useful.
    Toad Counter - Press B - Put bluntly, Peach's Toad attack is among the 
    most useless, and difficult to master, basic B attacks in the game.  
    Unlike Mario's fireballs or Zelda's Nayru's Love technique, which are 
    more intuitive and dependable moves, the Toad attack cannot even damage 
    an opponent unless he/she strikes first.  Once an enemy strikes the 
    hapless guardian, he will immediately retaliate with a spray of spores, 
    incurring multiple hits on Peach's attacker.  The problem, however, is 
    the move must be perfectly timed, is slow, has little range, and is 
    only effective against direct, close-range physical attacks.  In other 
    words, Peach players using the technique to block projectiles are 
    wasting their time, as Toad's counteractive spore spray does not extend 
    far enough to damage long-range attackers.  Peculiarly, the move is 
    also defenseless against grabs and throws, and even more frustrating, 
    opponents actually hit by the attack often recover before Peach can 
    return Toad to her pocket, leaving her open for a free hit!  Players 
    should use the Toad Counter sparingly - primarily against dashing 
    attacks and airborne, horizontal blows.
    Peach Bomber - Left/Right + B - The usually graceful and mild-mannered 
    Peach has a not-so-dignified maneuver in the Peach Bomber, where she 
    literally thrusts her hind-end into opponents, setting them afire in a 
    flurry of flames.  The move, by Peach standards, is rather powerful,
    but it is also slow and easily pre-empted by alert and aggressive foes.
    In fact, even a basic A attack can cancel the maneuver.  Peach players 
    should use the technique sparingly - particularly to surprise unwary 
    opponents or those distracted by other fighters.
    Peach Parasol - Up + B - One of Peach's most useful moves, the parasol 
    allows Peach to skewer enemies lurking above her, and is a great way to 
    counter normally-devastating downward attacks, such as Bowser's and 
    Yoshi's super butt-stomps.  Better yet, the Her Grace can use the 
    umbrella to glide daintily around the arena, making it a terrific 
    recovery move.  On the downside, Peach is extremely vulnerable while 
    gliding, so players not needing or wanting the extra airtime should 
    land quickly by pulling down sharply on the control stick.
    Vegetable Toss - Down + B + B, or Down + B + A - The vegetable is an 
    invaluable move in Peach's repertoire, as it is her only long-distance 
    attack.  Peach can pluck these handy foodstuffs from any surface and 
    immediately hurl them at her opponents, often knocking them off-guard 
    and keeping them at bay.  In fact, because the vegetables are throwable 
    in four directions, their uses are almost limitless; smart Peach 
    players will use them for everything, from countering air-attacks and 
    blocking projectiles to frustrating opponents' attempts to return to 
    the playing field after a fall or smash.  Peach can even fly over a 
    group of fighters and drop a vegetable on them as she passes by, 
    contributing to the chaos below without any risk to herself.  Also 
    noteworthy, vegetables do different levels of damage depending on their 
    expressions, with the rare, sickly looking ones being the most powerful 
    (capable of 34% damage).  Smart players should attempt to recatch and 
    reuse these valuable veggies once they bounce off unfortunate rivals.
    The Princess is not limited to just produce, however, as she will 
    occasionally pull a bomb, Mr. Saturn or beamsword from the ground as 
    well, allowing her an element of surprise to execute on her enemy.  The 
    bomb and beamsword, obviously, are especially handy (especially on 
    no-item melees), and can occasionally change the tide of battle.
    Despite its advantages, however, the vegetable also has some weaknesses 
    - Peach throws the item rather slowly, making it an easy object for 
    advanced opponents to catch and use themselves.  Thus, Peach players 
    over-using the veggies will soon find their enemies adapting to, and 
    overcoming, the technique.  
    Update: For more elaborate information on vegetables and their eclectic 
    uses, check-out Sanzang's tip list in the "Alternative Strategies"
    section of this FAQ.
    Many regard Peach as having among the more ineffective grab and throw
    techniques in the game.  That said, an expert player can be brutal 
    with Her Highness' throwing abilities, especially on already 
    high-damage opponents.
    Forward/Backward Throws - At first blush, Peach's forward throw 
    might seem rather worthless, as she cannot toss low-damage opponents 
    more than a few feet away - a weakness that leaves her vulnerable to a 
    return blow.  Fortunately, high-damage opponents are extremely 
    vulnerable to Her Highness' throws, and can be sent literally soaring 
    from the arena if their damage is high enough.  Once an opponent moves 
    beyond 75% damage, Peach players should try to throw whenever the 
    opportunity presents itself, while enemies below 50% are best attacked 
    with simpler, more reliable moves.
    Should a player grab a low-damage opponent (below 50%), choosing to do
    a backwards throw - the one in which Peach bumps her aggressor away 
    with her hip - is often a wiser choice than the former, as the foe 
    will be knocked farther away, and thus, less likely to hit the damsel 
    with a return strike.
    Downward Throw - Peach's down toss is little more than her sitting 
    herself down forcibly on her poor opponent's backside.  Unfortunately, 
    the maneuver is not particularly strong, so players should simply
    reserve this technique for embarrassing opponents.  Update:  Thanks to
    a tip submitted by Mister Boo, it seems Peach's downward throw is not
    as worthless as it first appears.  Upon executing the maneuver, 
    players should immediately attempt a high-kick, which will often send
    incapacitated opponents skyward for a handy juggle.
    Upward Throw - A potentially devastating throw, Peach will actually 
    hurl an opponent upwards, leaving him/her vulnerable to a follow-up
    blow.  In other words, the move is great for combos, but is most
    effective against opponents above 50% damage (as they will be tossed
    higher and thus juggled more easily). 
    Despite her surprisingly impressive abilities in Super Smash Brothers 
    Melee, Peach is still very much the damsel-in-distress against certain 
    opponents, and within certain arenas.  The following is a listing of 
    tips and tactics that will help the determined Peach player win, even 
    if the odds are against her.
    Juggling - Probably the greatest tactic a Peach player can use, the 
    effective juggling of opponents is sometimes the only hope the damsel 
    has in surviving a battle.  In fact, Peach is one of the best jugglers 
    in the game, and the number of combo chains a player can execute as the 
    damsel is only limited by his/her imagination.  There are three basic 
    combos, however, that should always be remembered:
    A.  Dash Attack Combo - Although the computer does not consider this 
    type of technique a true combo, the truth is that players can 
    repeatedly hit an opponent simply by dashing back and forth as he/she 
    falls from the sky.  This move is especially potent against high-damage 
    victims, as they will remain stunned longer after every hit, and thus 
    be less likely to defend themselves.  Despite its simplicity, however, 
    the maneuver still takes practice to master, as properly timing the 
    dashes, especially on opponents who are weaving through the air at odd 
    angles, can be tricky.  Also, players should strive to hit their 
    enemies as directly as possible with their dashes, as doing so propels 
    foes higher, and more vertically, into the air.
    B.  Air-Assault Combos - After sending an opponent soaring into the 
    air, often with a dash, smash, or high-kick, players can keep their 
    opponents airborne with a mix of jump-kicks, mid-air twirls, butt-
    bounces, parasol attacks, and the aforementioned dash and high-kick.  
    After banging an enemy around a few times, an upward smash, 
    if possible, is always a satisfying way to end the chain.
    C.  Crouching Slap Magic - Once Peach sends an opponent airborne with 
    her mighty crouch-slap, the aggressor often can be kept aloft with a 
    series of high-kicks.  After a few hits, players can opt to finish the 
    juggle with a smash of some kind, or simply choose to grab their 
    opponent and toss him away.  In the event that the chain is broken 
    accidentally by a misplaced kick, a downward smash or another crouching 
    slap can compensate nicely.
    Note: For more information on combos, check out Lazy Teens Club's 
    excellent Peach FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com.
    Choosing an Arena - Peach's flying abilities, coupled by her relatively 
    slow speed, makes her a better choice for large environments where she 
    has room to float around and calculate attacks.  Hyrule Temple, Peach's 
    Castle, and Corneria are among her better arenas.  Obviously, her 
    powers of flight also make her ideal for Poke Floats, Big Blue, and 
    Rainbow Cruise.  If possible, players should avoid small levels and 
    those with short KO horizons (instant off-screen deaths), especially 
    Icy Peaks, Final Destination, Brinstar and Mute City.  Note:  Remember,
    level size is relative to the number of opponents playing.  For 
    example, a one-on-one fight in Final Destination does not pose nearly
    as large of a problem for Her Highness as a four-player free-for-all
    would.  In other words, bigger arenas are best for multiple opponents.
    Brawl Versus Hit-and-Run - Although one might think Peach would be best 
    suited for hit-and-run style tactics, Peach is actually more of a 
    close-range fighter.  Fortunately, on one-on-one battles, Peach can 
    usually hold her own at the hands of an experienced player, but in 
    multi-player free-for-alls, players should attack more conservatively 
    if they expect to survive.  Players should attack only one opponent at 
    a time, or else find themselves battered mercilessly like a ping-pong 
    ball between their attackers.  This is due to Peach's lack of sheer 
    bullying power.
    Multiple Smashes - Peach's weak horizontal smashes have one advantage 
    in that she can sometimes smash an opponent two or three consecutive 
    times with proper timing.  Although difficult to do with her racquet 
    attack (as it knocks opponents too far away), both her golf club and 
    frying pan smashes can send an opponent flying just over the Princess' 
    head, rendering them vulnerable to a second, and on certain occasions, 
    even a third hit (should they be bludgeoned upwards again).
    Against the Computer - Computer controlled opponents are relatively 
    easy to defeat until they are played on CPU level seven or higher - 
    then they become tough.  The key to the computer's success is that it 
    plays cheap, plain and simple, for it will relentlessly follow players 
    around the arena like a hound after a rabbit.  In addition, it has an 
    advantage over human players in that it immediately recognizes every 
    move a player has initiated before it even appears on the screen 
    (making tricking the computer absurdly difficult), and it can also 
    detect the appearance of off-screen items.  Thankfully, the computer 
    also has a few faults in its AI programming that players can use to 
    their advantage.  First, computer adversaries will always drop through 
    a platform to attack a player waiting directly below, making them 
    extremely vulnerable to upward smashes.  Second, AI opponents will 
    often jump blindly towards the platform a player is perched on, leaving 
    themselves susceptible to repeated horizontal smashes.  Lastly, 
    computer opponents will almost never use certain items, such as the 
    motion-sensor mine or bob-omb, but will regularly allow themselves to 
    be KOed by such objects.  
    A Word of Warning: Players must remember to use caution when blocking 
    against a high-level computer opponent, as activating one's shield will 
    immediately cause the computer to attempt a grab on poor Peach.
    Defending Against Edge-Guarding Opponents - Proficient edge-guarders 
    can be especially dangerous on one-on-one battles, as they can 
    concentrate solely on preventing their opponent from returning to the 
    arena without worry of another player attacking them from behind.  
    Either way, Peach is quite vulnerable to edge-guarders, especially 
    sword-wielding types who can simply swing their weapons repeatedly at 
    the edge of a level to swat their enemies effortlessly away. 
    So what can a cute princess do about this problem?  Obviously, Peach's 
    flight abilities are a great help, and often times players can simply 
    fly over their enemies as they return to the battlefield.  If players 
    cannot gain enough height over their persecutors, Peach's Parasol 
    maneuver will often provide the necessary lift to return safely.
    Of course, a high-damage Princess will not always be able to return so 
    easily, as opponents will often send Peach soaring off the stage in a 
    helpless air-tumble of sorts.  Peach can be revived from this 
    predicament by pressing A, but by this time she is often already near 
    the bottom-half of the screen.  Once this occurs, several options are 
    available:  First, players can intentionally guide Peach to the side of 
    the playing field where she will automatically grab the ledge.  Players 
    can then press R (shield button) to allow Peach to pull herself up and 
    roll past her opponent to safety (presuming the enemy is near the 
    edge), or press A and have Peach pull herself up and immediately hit 
    her opponent (again, presuming her opponent is near the edge).  If her 
    attacker is farther away, simply hitting up on the control stick to 
    allow Peach to pull herself straight up is often the best tactic to 
    take (but expect to be attacked immediately upon doing so).  Second, 
    those who are feeling lucky can guide Peach just below the edge of the 
    arena, where they can then perform a parasol attack, skewering the foe 
    above.  Those who choose this maneuver - and succeed - should expect a 
    return strike from the enemy.  Third, in another risky maneuver, a 
    player can fall towards their opponent and use the Peach bomber just 
    before they come within their foe's striking range, ideally surprising 
    the hapless adversary with a great hit.  Likewise, players can perform 
    a similar technique with the Toad Counter, but one should only do this 
    if an immediate attack is expected.  Fifth, skilled players can attempt 
    a crown slap, which sometimes works well on weaponless opponents (those 
    without swords).  Lastly, Peach players can simply opt to use an air-
    dodge to return to the playing field.  
    Caution: Unfortunately, once an air-dodge or upward B attack is 
    performed, a player cannot attack or jump again until he/she lands.
    Edge-Guarding as Peach - Her Highness' best edge-guarding tactics 
    involve her horizontal smashes, downward smash, and those pesky veggies 
    of hers.  As an opponent struggles to return to the playing field, 
    Peach players should be waiting near the edge to swat them away with a 
    powered smash.  If the enemy manages to land outside the range of a 
    frontal smash, a dash or downward smash can compensate.  Adversaries 
    still a distance from the arena can be knocked back repeatedly by a 
    continuous stream of the Princess' prized vegetables, which players can 
    pluck and toss quickly by holding down and rapidly pressing B.  If the 
    opponent still manages to near the playing field, players should 
    quickly change tactics and execute a smash.  Update:  According to 
    Cahphoenix, a downward smash is effective against opponents jumping
    back to a ledge after falling.  Furthermore, the damsel's mid-air twirl
    can be an effective means to launch returning opponents (victims?) back
    into oblivion.
    Block and Grab Rules - Although this is true when playing as any 
    character, Peach cannot simultaneously generate her shield and grab an 
    opponent while said enemy is striking her shield.  Attempting to do so 
    will only leave the poor Princess susceptible to being grabbed and 
    thrown herself.
    Practice With Other Characters - Remember, one of the best ways to 
    improve one's skills is to play as the other characters, learn their 
    moves, and then use that knowledge in constructing a potent strategy 
    for Peach.
    Frightening Flying - Peach's flying ability can be used for more than
    just recovering from falls.  Smart players will use her abilities to
    move irregularly in the air, faking out adversaries by her erratic
    movements.  By doing this, the damsel can often score extra hits on
    her aggressors.  Experimentation is the key. 
    A good Peach player can handle over half the contestants in Super Smash 
    Brothers Melee with little trouble, but several will give all but the
    best players a hard time.  This is due to the game's sometimes 
    unbalanced, over-powered or quick characters.  Fortunately, these 
    difficulties can be (mostly) overcome with some determination and 
    effort.  The following is a list of the characters the fair damsel is 
    generally most vulnerable to, with tips on how to defeat them 
    Link - Link can be a struggle to defeat, especially for the beginner. 
    Why?  Here's a brief list of his strengths: He is fairly powerful, has 
    cheap attacks (beware his dreaded sword spin), has a number of long-range 
    moves, has good reach with his "short-range" moves (thanks to his sword), 
    has a long-range throw (that can even penetrate shields), has overly 
    powerful downward and upward A attacks (his down-thrust is a killer), and 
    he can even block projectiles without generating his shield, as his 
    Hyrulian shield is capable of blocking most long-range attacks.  Perhaps 
    his only weakness is that his upward and downward smashes are not 
    particularly effective, but such is little consolation.
    So what is a princess to do against such might?  Pray for good items, 
    for starters, as an expert Link player may trounce the poor Princess 
    otherwise.  But if decent items are not at hand, or worse, are being 
    used by the competition, players will have to play craftily to win.  
    -If Link is approaching from a distance, toss a vegetable or two in his 
    direction to slow him down.
    -Be extremely careful when blocking and dodging, as his annoying hook-
    shot throw can unfairly penetrate a shield.  Fortunately, should Peach 
    avoid the weapon, players will have a second of opportunity to strike 
    back as the elf reels in his weapon.  Using a dash in these situations 
    is generally best, as it is easy to pull off and sets Link up for a 
    juggle.  Knowing this, Peach players would be wise to intentionally 
    lure a Link opponent into using his hook-shot so that he can be left 
    vulnerable for a quick counterattack.
    -Be careful when using air-attacks, as Link, thanks to his sword, has 
    an easier time countering such maneuvers than most other characters.
    -On the larger levels, fly Peach around often to entice Link into 
    chasing her.  By forcing Link to pursue her, Peach has a greater chance 
    of countering his attacks.
    -Link's downward sword thrust is among the most powerful downward A 
    moves in the game, and can be likened to a smash attack.  If Link 
    attempts this maneuver on Peach, block it and grab him immediately as 
    he lands.  At this point, one can either throw him upwards (good for 
    double hits) or to the side (sometimes a safer choice).  His downward 
    sword attack can also be countered with an upward smash, but the timing 
    must be perfect.  Many players prefer using Peach's Parasol to preempt 
    the attack, and some simply dodge the move, and then hit Link with a 
    dash or smash as he recovers from the miss.
    -Link is left vulnerable after completing his sword-spin technique, 
    allowing Peach a good opportunity for an air, dash or smash attack.
    -Do not stand on a platform directly above Link, as a good player will 
    immediately use a jump spin, or worse, an upward sword thrust.
    -Link, amazingly, also has a rapid sword attack to compliment all his 
    other overly powerful moves.  In other words, do not take him head on 
    with basic attacks, as Peach's dainty hands with be no match for the 
    elfin warrior's Master Sword.
    -Some Peach players simply rush in on Link, sometimes hopping around as 
    they do so, hoping to eventually land a good hit and propel him upwards 
    for a devastating juggle.  This strategy does indeed work - sometimes -
    but, for obvious reasons, it also puts Peach at great risk.
    -As with most opponents, Peach players should focus on smashing 
    Link upward out of the arena more so than towards the left or right.
    Marth and Roy - Although they lack Link's variety of short and long-
    range moves, their sword attacks are quick and powerful enough to 
    instill dread in many a Peach player.
    -As with Link, Peach's dainty slap-attack is no match for Marth's and 
    Roy's longer-ranged, more powerful sword swipes.  Generally, only 
    quick, more powerful direct attacks, such as Peach's high kick or dash 
    moves, should be used (however, the risk of being beaten away by their 
    swords, or grabbed, is still a possibility).
    -Marth and Roy are superb edge-guarders due to their over-arching sword 
    blows.  A Marth player, for instance, can stand at the edge of the 
    playing field and simply swipe repeatedly with his sword, continuously 
    knocking even the most determined opponents back into the void.  To 
    survive this injustice, players should try returning by flying over 
    their opponents, using, if needed, Peach's parasol for added lift, for 
    both characters sport strong upward B attacks.  Refer to the previous 
    "Princess Power" section for further instruction.
    -As with any opponent, juggle tactics are crucial for victory.  Once an 
    enemy is rendered helpless and airborne, try to juggle him as many 
    times as possible, for once he lands or revives in the air, he will be 
    ready for revenge.  Dash combos are often the most effective, and 
    safest, tactic to use against the two swordsmen.
    -Interestingly, Marth's and Roy's sword-based attacks make them more 
    vulnerable to Peach's Toad Counter than most, especially when they are 
    running towards the Princess in preparation for a dashing blow.  Keep 
    in mind, however, that even after being blasted by Toad, both 
    characters are often able to recover fast enough for a return strike, 
    for Peach is a tad slow when returning her mushroom companion back into 
    her pocket. 
    -Peach players can often keep the swordsmen at bay by well-placed 
    smashes, especially when they are jumping towards her on a ledge.  
    Likewise, downward smashes can be effective against opponents jumping 
    to reach her from below.
    -The effective use of vegetables can sometimes unnerve a persistent 
    Marth or Roy player enough to allow Peach a safe retreat, or serve as 
    the means for setting-up a more powerful attack.
    -The Peach Bomber, although easily countered by the pair, can 
    nevertheless be effective if used sparingly and wisely.  Marth/Roy 
    players just recovering from a fall or jump are especially vulnerable 
    to the move (if timed properly).
    Captain Falcon - The muscle-bound bounty hunter is both heinously 
    powerful and an extraordinarily fast runner, making him a lethal 
    adversary to the slower, weaker Peach.
    -The Captain might be fast on foot, but many of his moves are slow, 
    making him one of the easier opponents to employ the Toad Counter on.  
    If he is nearby, and shouts "Falcon Punch," be sure to introduce him to 
    the little guy.
    -Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick can be devastating, for, unlike some of 
    his other moves, the attack provides no warning before its execution.  
    To avoid being trampled repeatedly, never stand idle in front of the 
    vigilante for more than an instant.  
    -Players should try to use the Captain's moves against him.  If he 
    charges, block the attack and grab him, use the Toad Counter, or smash 
    him (this, however, takes good timing).  Vegetables are another good 
    way to preempt his attacks, but beware, the veggies will not always 
    stop him during his most powerful techniques.  Anticipating his moves 
    is the best way to ensure victory.
    -Fly, fly, fly.  Flight is often Peach's only recourse in avoiding 
    being beat-down by the barbarian's ruthless tactics.  Use it often to 
    annoy Falcon players, and to set them up for particular moves.
    -Using air attacks is risky against Falcon, as most of his moves can 
    counter or preempt any blow the poor Princess can deliver.  Worst, good 
    Captain players will grab Peach, throw her into the air, and then hit 
    her with his upward B attack - a very frustrating combo to be ensnared 
    by.  Of course, against Falcon, using any close-ranged attack is risky 
    without planning a tactic beforehand.
    -The Captain has a Peach-paralyzing rapid-kick that often traps 
    unwitting princesses within a fury of blows.  If caught on the ground 
    with this attack, try dodging away, or, if up close, try to use a basic 
    slap, or a crouching slap, to disable the attack.  If caught in the 
    air, try air-dodging away.  None of the strategies is foolproof, 
    however, and it is simply best to avoid being ensnared by the attack in 
    the first place.
    -Because many of Falcon's moves are slow, Peach will occasionally have 
    an opening to attack right as he finishes a technique.  Dare to execute 
    a dash attack or something that will propel him upwards, as successful 
    juggling is again the primary means to win.  Even the boldest Peach 
    players who prefer to take Falcon on directly still spend much of their 
    time dodging, blocking, and evading his attacks until he makes himself 
    vulnerable to a counterblow.  Only then can the best combo chains be 
    -Remember, grabs and throws can be an effective tactic to use on Falcon 
    opponents who are inaccurate with their attacks, but players are 
    cautioned against using throws until their opponent has surpassed 50% 
    -According to contributor Rong Li, Peach's downward smash is the perfect
    attack against "fast-falling" characters such as Falcon, as his rapid
    descent makes him much more vulnerable to the maneuver.
    Ganondorf - An unlikely clone of Captain Falcon (a good thing, 
    actually, as Peach would have a difficult time if Ganon used that sword 
    of his), most of the techniques that work against Falcon also work 
    against the Gerudo thief.  Because of his slower speed, however, a few 
    other tactics are useful.
    -Believe it or not, Ganon is one of the few characters Peach can 
    outrun, so players should definitely use this to their advantage.  If 
    Ganon is brutalizing Peach with his absurdly powerful attacks, a swift 
    retreat is probably in order.
    -Not only is he slow, Ganondorf is also not particularly agile, 
    allowing Peach many opportunities for escape, thanks to her recovery 
    powers.  Smart players will use the stages' environments in order to 
    escape, throw vegetables, and use items.  Smashes can also work well if 
    used precisely at the moment Ganon comes within range.
    -Because of his increased strength, Ganondorf can be even more deadly 
    than Captain Falcon.  Conversely, because of his reduced speed, the 
    thief is often easier to send airborne than his F-Zero counterpart.  
    Put simply, hit-and-run tactics work well within reason, put Peach 
    players will ultimately have to attack the villain directly.  Remember, 
    expert juggling can quickly incapacitate him.
    -Beware his upward B attack, which is even more brutal than Captain 
    Falcon's version (it is so powerful, in fact, it can even counter 
    Kirby's Falling Rock attack).
    Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi - The Star Fox duo is much alike, but 
    Fox is the faster of the two.  Either way, both characters are adept
    at running down hapless princesses with their cheap, hit-and-run
    -The duo is quick, but like Peach, they are semi-lightweight types who 
    lack any over-powered, brutal attack.  This is good news for Her 
    Highness, who can thus charge into the fray without the worry of 
    possibly being annihilated off the screen (still watch out for smash 
    attacks, however).  As always, Peach players should try to propel 
    Fox/Falco skyward in attempt to start a combo chain of attacks.
    -Fox (and Falco to a lesser extent) can easily outrun Peach, but wise 
    use of her flying abilities should allow the Princess to avoid her 
    pursuers with minimal trouble.
    -The duo's Fox/Falco Illusion technique is a frustrating attack to 
    detect and avoid, as neither character provides much warning when 
    executing the maneuver.  Worse, shrewd souls often use the attacks to 
    trample their disoriented opponents back and forth repeatedly.  If 
    caught in this attack, try generating Peach's shield to block the next 
    hit, and then fight back or run away.
    -Peach can actually bully Fox and Falco around in close quarters if she 
    strikes first, as her dash attack, crouching-slap and high-kick can be 
    temporarily incapacitating on opponents.  Unfortunately, should Fox or 
    Falco strike first, the pair's annoying rapid kick often ensnares and 
    renders players helpless.  Breaking free is not always easy, but if a 
    Peach player realizes the move is about to be executed, a good 
    crouching slap can often prevent the maneuver from continuing.  If not, 
    however, one can try dodging away, or fighting back with Peach's basic 
    -Vegetables are not as effective against the Star Fox team as it is 
    against other opponents, for their speed makes them difficult opponents 
    to hit (especially Fox).  Furthermore, each character has a secondary, 
    deflective shield used to block enemy projectiles.  Peach players 
    should rely more on direct, physical attacks when facing the them.
    -Fox/Falco players enjoy retreating from opponents and then blasting 
    them from afar with their rapid-fire blasters.  Peach players can often 
    use this to their advantage, however, by flying over the stream of fire 
    and coming down on their persecutors with a well-placed crown-slap.  Of 
    course, cowardly opponents may simply flee to the other side of the 
    arena and resume fire.  If this happens, find better friends to play 
    -Fox and Falco are vulnerable immediately after completing their Fire Fox 
    (rocket) maneuver, and thus, should be grabbed, smashed, dashed, shaken 
    but not stirred.
    -Again, according to contributor Rong Li, the maiden's downward smash is
    a great attack to use against the duo when they are falling or jumping
    down towards her, as the rapid descent of their falls make them extra
    susceptible to damage.
    Zelda(Sheik) - As the other fair maiden in Nintendo mythology, the 
    refined and becoming Princess Zelda's presence in a chaotic game like 
    Super Smash Brothers Melee is as peculiar as, well, the sweet and 
    gentle Princess Peach's presence in the game.  In any case, Zelda is a 
    mostly a defensive character, who, frankly, is not much of a match for 
    an experienced Peach player.  Once she transforms into Sheik, however, 
    her composed and melancholy disposition suddenly gives way to that of a 
    feisty and zealous young man armed with a blinding repertoire of moves 
    - putting Peach players at a significant disadvantage.
    -Sheik's main advantage is his awesome speed.  Even beginners can 
    choose Sheik, and by hammering the A button, send opponents reeling.  
    Peach has an especially difficult time against the She-Man, as her slow 
    speed makes her an easy target for Sheik's rampages.  Fortunately, 
    Sheik is a lightweight opponent who can be battered around effectively 
    with strong hits.  Peach players may want to risk some damage and 
    attempt to dash attack Sheik into the air for a combo.  Alternatively, 
    players can bait Sheik into dashing towards them, block his attack, 
    grab and throw him upward, and then start a combo chain.
    -Although Sheik is generally too quick to be hit accurately by 
    vegetables, the projectiles can be useful in slowing him down during 
    his sprints across the screen.
    -If Sheik is lunging towards Peach, an occasional, well-timed Peach 
    Bomber attack can send the Princess' shocked pursuer promptly flying in 
    the other direction.
    -Like Link, Fox, and Falcon, Sheik as a rapid attack that can paralyze 
    Peach within a flurry of jabs.  Escape is not always immediate, but 
    players can try dodging away, crouch slapping or basic slapping their 
    attacker to break free.
    -Should Sheik return to her female body, Peach players should increase 
    the aggressiveness of their attacks to prevent Zelda from returning to 
    her Sheikan form.  Beware, however, that the seemingly passive princess 
    is hardly defenseless; indeed, Zelda's horizontal smashes can knock an 
    opponent quite far when timed correctly.  Also, watch out for her jump 
    kicks, as they can deal up to 20% damage with a single hit.
    -Some players have a difficult time dealing with Sheik's devastating
    dash attack which, like Peach's, can send opponents flying straight
    into the air.  The only difference is that it is far faster than 
    Peach's version of the move.  Fortunately, the situation is not as
    bad as it seems.  First, Peach can counter the move by merely slapping
    in the scoundrel's direction.  Second, effective blocking, grabbing 
    and throwing can upset the Sheikan's relentless attacks.  Lastly,
    the frequent tossing of vegetables will often discourage his 
    advances - so carry them often.  See?  It's as easy as getting a
    pedicure. . .well, maybe not.
    Note:  Other characters to watch out for are Bowser, Mr. Game and Watch 
    and the Ice Climbers.  Peach is not as naturally weak against these 
    opponents as the aforementioned ones, but they can still prove to be 
    extremely dangerous at the hands of skilled players.  Bowser is often 
    difficult to approach without being smacked away by his powerful blows, 
    the Ice Climbers employ devastating bully tactics, and Mr. Game and 
    Watch has a variety of surprisingly powerful, and easy to perform, 
    attacks.  In other words - play smart!
    quick list of other tricks players can use with their favorite Princess 
    in Pink.
    Giant Vegetable - Upon enlarging with a Super Mushroom, Peach can begin 
    unearthing sheep-size vegetables to hurl at her pursuers.  Should she 
    shrink while carrying one of these monstrosities, the giant vegetable 
    will nevertheless remain in her hand, and still be usable.
    Quick Float - By holding down + X or Y at the same time, Peach can 
    float across the ground without actually having to jump.  To attack, 
    players can hit the Z (grab) button to crown-slap their opponents while 
    moving forward.  Ultimately, this maneuver is not always helpful, 
    but it occasionally allows for a good blow if executed correctly;
    Peach masters have been known to use this maneuver for some satisfying
    Valuable Veggies - Once Peach plucks a vegetable from the ground, she 
    does not necessarily have to throw it immediately - Peach can execute 
    any of her B attacks and remain holding the projectile.  Players can 
    use this technique to conserve uncommonly powerful veggies, or fake out 
    opponents by plucking one from the ground and then using a different 
    attack (and then, perhaps, throw the veggie afterward).  Update: Thanks
    to a tip contributed by Blissless Serenity, Peach can also execute her
    aerial A attacks while remaining hold of her vegetable.  To do this, all
    players have to do is tap the Z button while Peach is hovering or 
    flying in the air.  The catch is that Her Highness must be FLOATING - 
    hitting Z while she is simply jumping will merely cause her to toss the
    veggie as she normally would.
    Crouch Steady - Interestingly, powerful moves that would normally send 
    Peach reeling backwards are not as potent when she is crouching.  For 
    example, many of Captain Falcon moves bowl Peach right over, but if it 
    connects while she is crouching, a low-damage Princess will not be 
    knocked as far, if at all.  Of course, she will still take the full 
    amount of damage, but she will at least be in the position to 
    immediately counterattack.
    Hammer Neutralizer - Looking for any redeemable qualities in Peach's
    Toad Counter move?  Try using it against an opponent armed with a big
    hammer and laugh at the result. 
    following is a list of tips and tactics submitted to me by other Peach
    aficionados.  I do not necessarily endorse these "bonus" strategies,
    but many have merit and have the potential to really improve one's
    Mister Boo has several interesting tips to share.  He writes: 
    -Peach's aerial down-A is good if you do the insta-hover, and just 
    float towards your opponent, then do either a neutral-A or a backward-A
    attack to get them away from you. Also, just doing a simple jump, the
    a down-A attack can put a little hurt on a foe, and when it's done, 
    you'll be back on the ground.
    -Marth and Roy are no problem either, you just have to get in their 
    faces. There are two types of Marth/Roy players--those who just use 
    their side smashes (no problem) and those who use Marth's speed, and 
    Roy's power. I've never played a good Marth player (I'm pretty good 
    with Marth myself) but Roy's never a problem for me when my brother 
    plays as him. Keep him at bay with the veggies, then roll around him 
    when he tries to smash/dancing blade you.
    -Watch out for that stupid electric knee of Falcon. I hate that thing.
    -Ganondorf is dangerous usually only when the computer is playing him. 
    Most human players don't have his timing right to outclass other moves 
    with his more powerful ones. (I'm also pretty good with Ganondorf)
    -Fox is sort of a pain. I was getting killed by my friend's upward 
    smash all the time, until I just realized that I could float right
    before I got into range, he would do the kick, then I'd come down 
    while he was recovering and whip him good. Falco's just a slower
    fox to me.
    -Sheik is the biggest pain to me, but certianly not unbeatable. The 
    biggest thing here is to STAY OUT OF THE AIR! Calmly advance toward 
    Sheik, blocking the 10000 needles that most Sheik players will throw at 
    you, and simply out power Zelda's counterpart. Sheik's strongest 
    attacks are her upward smash, and her forward aerial-A. If you can 
    avoid those two moves, you should be fine.
    -If a player likes to get in close and use a lot of down-A attacks,
    have Peach's downward smash ready. When a character is ducking and 
    gets hit by Peach's downward smash, they get sucked in and can't
    escape. This caused around 75% of damage to Fox fully charged.
    Blissless Serenity also has a few techniques to recommend.  He writes:
    -I think only the characters' mobility/moves/recovery time from 
    moves/power really distinguishes any of them.  Rolling/dodging/throwing 
    is basically universal.  Only Fox/Samus have significantly different 
    rolling speeds than everyone else.  For example, I can 
    out-roll/out-grab someone with Ganondorf just as well as with Sheik.  
    -In a typical game, I dash/hit/smash a lot if I see someone approaching
    me, and if I fail to hit them, I block/roll immediately after the move,
    unless I know there's no chance in hell they'll hit me.  My opponent 
    would have to predict exactly what move I was going to make in order
    to grab me before I roll away or do another move.
    -I also found the up-A aerial to be very useful for KOs against people 
    that like to avoid you at high damage.  Therefore, I don't use it to
    juggle, but to finish high-flying opponents.  For instance if they're
    at 130+% and you've sent them up higher than a jump distance but it 
    isn't lethal, jump up, float, and if they try to land away from you, 
    float after them and catch them with the up-A, even if they try to 
    jump away.  That takes timing/practice but it's very satisfying to 
    know they can't escape you in the air.  If they air-dodge, immediately 
    land and throw/dash attack.
    -A final note about aerials: neutral aerial is your savior against 
    speedsters.  It's like Mario's neutral A: it is THE anti-juggler, 
    especially against Falcon dives and Fox's rising aerials.
    Ruffy Zarookian has a tip to offer.  He writes:
    -. . .the power behind the side and b attack. . . is predictable and 
    unwieldy but it is quite powerful and can easily knock opponents off 
    the screen.
    Cahphoenix has developed some useful strategies:
    -Peach's ability to float can be used to limit almost every 
    characters' standing attacks and smashes.  The exception being taller 
    characters like Samus.  Make Peach float just above the horizontal 
    plane of an enemy's attacks.  This will allow Peach to float in and 
    use her neutral A attack or butt attack if facing backwards.  
    The enemy almost always thinks they can hit Peach, but if done 
    correctly the side attacks and dashes will miss--giving a free hit to 
    Peach.  This can also be used to get away from projectiles from Sheik, 
    Samus, etc...  Just hover above the plane of the projectile and your 
    shield will stay fully charged.  The enemy may start using their up 
    attacks, but this can be easily avoided when floating as you should 
    never be directly over the other player.  It is especially useful when 
    opponents are getting up from the ground.  You can hover over their 
    recovery attack and get a free hit in, and if the opponent rolls away 
    you can usually float over to them before they get up to score a free 
    -As already expressed in the alternative strats, Peach's Down A smash
    is a very effective move.  It is basically the cheapest move in the 
    game because it can deal an insane amount of damage if a) the other 
    player is pressing down; or b) the smash is used to counter another 
    player's move.  I spam the move every chance I get as the move has an 
    area of effect and lasts a good amount of time. So dodging and rolling 
    is virtually useless against Peach. Also, it has almost no recovery time
    and can be followed up with a dash or dodge if it missed. Try using it 
    to counter dash attacks and a clever enemy's attempts to get back on. 
    -Peach is probably the best edge guarder in the game.  The down A 
    smash can hit unsuspecting characters trying to reach the edge from a 
    horizontal or downward position as it can counter many attacks used to 
    get back on.  Her floating ability can also be used here.  She can 
    float just to the side of the edge.  If the other player uses a jump 
    to get back on Peach is right in the way and can neutral A them off.  
    A roll will result in a back butt attack and any attack when getting 
    back on will miss resulting in a hit for Peach.  She can also just 
    float out away from the stage to get a last hit on the opponent, then 
    float back using her parasol.
    -As you stated, she is not particularly fast, but her dash attack 
    will propel her much faster for the last couple feet to the enemy, so 
    the opponent has a hard time figuring out when to block or counter the
    attack.  If they block too early just do a run grab instead of 
    the attack.
    -Peach is one of the hardest characters to hit if used properly.  
    Very few characters can perform combos on her due to her floating 
    ability. Of everyone, I have only found Samus to be able to effectively
    combo her.  Use her block+down dodge, not the side dodge, continuously
    as she has one of the fastest recovery times for it.  This is probably 
    her best attribute as she can perform combos while others can't.
    -Her turnips can be used as an effective stunning weapon.  You can 
    throw the turnip while in the air or on the ground and quickly follow 
    up with a neutral air attack or a dash.  If opponent tries to catch the
    turnip, which most do, then the quick attack will get them right after
    they catch the turnip or after they miss the catch and hit the turnip 
    away.  The only danger to this is the quick block grab.
    -Her neutral air move is an attack that can out prioritize many moves
    while also being a very quick attack that can do good damage and knock 
    opponents away.  This is also true of her back air move, though it 
    doesn't hit for as much power or distance.
    Galaxysong 9 has an interesting strategy:
    If you are fighting in a place where there is a lower level that isn't 
    a platform you can go through (such as Corneria), stand below  
    the wing but not under it.  Dig up a turnip and when your opponent 
    comes down, hurl it up at them.  If they know how, (CPU level 7 is 
    what I usually play at) they will air dodge it, leaving them 
    vulnerable for a fairly charged up A Smash or a parasol.  If they don't
    air dodge it, they at least get hit by the turnip. Sometimes, if you 
    can hit them up high enough, they'll get hit with the turnip anyway!  
    It's a win-win situation.  I have also recaught the turnip occasionally.
    It stops Bowser's/Yoshi's Down B's, or Link's Down A, and it's got a 
    very high accuracy too!  If they have a high enough damage, you can also
    catch them, and forward throw them off the stage!  Also, in this 
    position (or even closer in, directly under the wing), you have to have 
    about 200% damage before they can knock you off.  You bounce off the 
    wing, wall-kick off, and land perfectly with a Crown Slap.  And I have 
    also been hit straight up, had Peach scream like she was knocked out 
    like a star, and just had her bounce off the over-hanging wing.  
    Corneria+Peach=Death to opponents! 
    Sanzang Hoshi Sama has a lot of tips and opinions to share:
    Her [Peach's] downward rapid kick is only remotely useful when using
    the down+jump trick on a flat stage and the upwards aerial kick is 
    easy to land on someone, that is if you time it right. 
    Peach Bomber is an ok move that doesn't have any real advantage to it
    but in some instances its good just to catch someone off guard with 
    it (since you probably rarely use it). 
    Toad Counter is almost completely useless in my opinion - the 
    recovery after it is as pathetic as you say, and a simple dodge then 
    counter-attack beats using Toad any day as it won't leave you open. 
    The one use for that move is if you are in the air and someone attacks
    you from the front. 
    The Turnips are awesome. There are 4 outcomes of you throwing a turnip
    at someone and because they have to react in one of these ways it 
    means you can always catch them - IT DOESN'T HAVE TO ACTUALLY HIT FOR 
    IT TO BE EFFECTIVE - hardly anyone gets hit by the turnips unless you 
    are using them as a edge guarding tool. She can attack almost 
    immediately attack after throwing a turnip so.... 
    1. They get hit by it = you dash attack them (they'll be stunned so 
    it's a 100% hit). 
    2. They dodge it = you dash attack them (you should time dash so you 
    can see which way they are dodging, and then it's pretty easy to hit 
    3. They catch it = you dash attack them (turnips should be used in 
    close-ish range to an opponent which is why it doesn't matter so much 
    about them not having range, because if they grab it your dash attack 
    will hit 100% ... yes that is how fast you can attack after throwing 
    a turnip). 
    4. They use an attack to knock it away = you dash attack them 
    (basically if they have to move or block to stop the turnip you can 
    hit them, that is why the turnips are peach's ultimate trump card and
    i love them so much). 
    Yeah, yeah i love the turnips :D 
    As for Marth and Roy, most of Peach's attacks can stop the sword 
    swipes from happening, you know, cancel them out, and then Peach can 
    use a faster move like just tapping A to hit them. A Flat stage means 
    you can use her aerial moves on the ground (on Final Destination 
    press jump while holding down and you'll understand) and the aerial 
    back attack is great for hitting them, the front one is good for 
    knocking them out but is difficult to connect if your opponent is 
    good. Either way, because of Peach's turnips and hovering ability she
    can run these 2 into the ground in seconds. (Especially if you can hit
    them properly with the highly damaging down smash, it deals 40% damage.)
    Rong Li also has a few (somewhat critical) words to share:
    1. You said that Fox and Falco were some of Peach's most dangerous
    opponents.  This is completely untrue.  Peach actually counters the 
    space animals because (a)their fastfall makes them take huge damage 
    from Peach's down smash and (b)many of Peach's attacks send the space
    animals at a downward angle due to their fast falling rates.  Same for 
    Captain Falcon and just about anyone that falls fast.  Currently, Marth
    and Sheik are probably the only characters that have considered to 
    counter Peach.  [Author's note:  I still hold that Fox and Falco 
    (especially Fox) are among Peach's tougher adversaries.  While advanced
    players will perhaps have the necessary experience to properly handle 
    these two, novice and intermediate players will likely have a difficult
    2. You underestimated the power of Peach's down smash.  If the opponent
    is crouching while you do the down smash on them, that's 66% damage 
    right there when uncharged.  When Peach is standing on a slope like in 
    Yoshi's island and does down smash to an opponent below her, that's 
    30-66% damage, and it doesn't even require the opponent to crouch.  And
    if you're standing on a platform and you're opponent is under it, you 
    can do 3 or so hits with the down smash in that position.
    Note:  This is the most significant of the information I have received
    from Melee players thus far.  However, this section may continue to 
    grow if Peach supporters continue emailing me their strategies.  Also,
    for you nitpickers out there, one of the reasons for this section is 
    for me to have a quick and convenient way of receiving and listing new, 
    important tactics without having to go through the trouble of 
    researching and writing up the strategies myself.  So don't complain
    if what is listed in this section cannot be found in the rest of the 
    FAQ. . .if it's listed here, that should be good enough.
    I hope this FAQ will help Peach players perform more formidably on the 
    battlefield, but remember, the Princess was not designed to be the best 
    character in Smash Brothers Melee (nor should she be, considering who 
    she is), and so will always be at a disadvantage against certain 
    notorious opponents.  The most any Peach player can do is practice 
    regularly against both human and high-level computer opponents.  With 
    skill, strategy, and some luck, Peach can be a scary woman indeed at 
    the hands of an accomplished player.
    Many will probably note that I excluded information concerning the
    single player modes of the game.  Even so, much of the strategies
    listed herein are relevant to those modes as well, and thus, listing 
    strategies for the single-player experience would have been redundant.  
    Besides, Peach is not exactly the best choice for the single-player 
    modes, particularly on the higher difficulties.  Remember, she lacks 
    strong horizontal smashes and is susceptible to bully tactics, making 
    her an easy target in team and multi-battle stages.  The Adventure and 
    All-Star modes can be especially brutal to even the most ardent of
    Peach fans.  Nonetheless, players determined to beat these modes on
    the higher difficulties should learn the AI's style of fighting, and
    use this knowledge to their advantage.  Peach's Parasol Attack can be
    handy in multi-battles, as are certain items, especially beamswords 
    and pokeballs.  Succeeding in these modes is certainly not impossible,
    but again, practice and persistence is the key.
    In the next Smash Brothers game, I hope for a few improvements.  For 
    Peach, one can only hope Hal Laboratory improves her Toad Counter, or 
    replaces it altogether with a better defensive move.  A slight upgrade 
    in speed would do the Princess wonders as well.
    As for the game itself, I hope Hal Laboratory will improve the balance 
    of the characters.  Yes, the fact that some characters have advantages 
    over others makes sense, for Peach surely would be no match against 
    Link or Marth in a real-world setting, but some characters simply have 
    too many overpowered and cheap attacks.  I also hope the camera is 
    improved in the next edition, for the camera in Melee does not always 
    pan and zoom properly when obstacles and dangerous items appear on-
    screen.  For instance, I have been KOed several times by the giant 
    Bullet Bills on Peach's Castle stage simply because the camera did not 
    zoom out, even a little, to show me that it was coming.  Other 
    improvements would include a better, less redundant Adventure Mode, 
    bigger arenas (strategic four-player battles are impossible on some 
    stages), more characters (where's Wario, Toad and Pitt?), on-line play 
    (oh please!), a tag-team mode (a la MvsC), and finally, less emphasis 
    on items.  The last is a major pet peeve of mine, as items, especially 
    the explosive kind, are too powerful, making quick and cheap deaths far 
    too common.  Oh, and one more thing:  How about a story mode for each
    of the characters?  Each character could have his/her own quest and
    reason for being in the game, with their own respective endings.  That
    would be cool, would it not?
    And here's my thoughts on the tier debate: Yes, they do exist, as some 
    characters have obvious advantages over others.  However, the wise 
    should remember that tiering is a largely subjective exercise 
    and, at best, is a mere approximation of each character's overall 
    potential.  Also misleading is that, while certain characters such as 
    Fox and Sheik are usually ranked near the top, they are also among the 
    most difficult to master.  Casual gamers may be better off choosing 
    more user-friendly characters such as Mario or Samus, whom, while 
    rarely placed in the top tier, are still very potent and flexible 
    characters to master. And where does our favorite princess place in 
    the ranks?  It depends on who's doing the ranking, of course; at 
    best, Peach is rated as high as third place (meaning she's more or 
    less the third best character in the game).  At worse, she places in 
    the second tier, around seventh or eighth.  For practical reasons, 
    however, players can assume Peach falls along the threshold between 
    the first and second tiers (around the fourth or fifth position).
    For gamers looking for more information on Princess Peach, 
    www.gamefaqs.com has two other useful FAQs, with Lazy Teens Club's 
    being the more comprehensive of the two.  In fact, I gleaned a couple 
    of tips myself from this particular one, and I thank the FAQ's author 
    Mr. Thomas Hostetler for the help.  I also thank Ruffy Zarookian, 
    Blissless Serenity, Mister Boo, Cahphoenix, Galaxysong9, Sanzang Hoshi
    Sama and Rong Li for their feedback, and, of course, GameFAQs for 
    publishing this work.
    Anyone interested in using this FAQ on his or her web site should ask 
    for my permission first.  I can be reached at danders15@hotmail.com.
    Also, I've been considering adding more sections to this FAQ--primarily
    a level strategy section.  But, considering that this work is already 
    rather extensive, and due to limited time on my part, I have 
    been hesitant to include such a feature.  However, if there are any 
    readers who would like me to continue updating this FAQ, let me know
    and I probably will.  I will gladly accept reader submissions as well
    (if they're good enough, of course).
    In conclusion, the characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee are best 
    divided into three categories - those who are innately great fighters, 
    those who are not so formidable, but are fun to play as, and those who 
    are neither fun nor particularly effective.  Peach falls best somewhere
    in-between the first and middle categories--even a kitten has its bite.
    Again, unlike Lara Croft, Joanna Dark, and numerous other tough video 
    game femmes fatales', Peach is a truly feminine woman who fights and 
    acts as such; and in the end, that is the beauty of her character.
    Final Note:  Those interested in other games with a more traditional, 
    less masculine take on female game characters may want to check out 
    the PSX game RPG Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure and the GBC 
    action-platformer Shantae (GBC).  Both games feature spunky, warm, 
    and well-meaning female characters who lack the cocky, combative, and 
    cold exteriors that define most game-women today.  Likewise, some of 
    the Final Fantasy games depict women in a more traditional manner 
    (despite the absurd, Lara Croftian update given to Yuna in the 
    upcoming Final Fantasy X-2).

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