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    Projectile Attack FAQ by bluepikachu252

    Version: 1.465 | Updated: 02/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Super Smash Bros. Melee Projectile Attack FAQ
                                      Version 1.465
                                    by bluepikachu252
    If you seek to use this guide, e-mail me at bluepikachu252@hotmail.com.  If I
    allow, I will add you to the "allowed to use" section and include you in the
    Update History (below "allowed to use"). You can also ask questions about data
    in this FAQ, which will be included under section IV, Frequently Asked
    This document is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.  Copyright
    2003 bluepikachu252.  All rights reserved.
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    Version 1.465 (2/12/04)--Added 1 question to the Frequently Asked Questions
         section and adjusted the Kirby shooter profile.
    Version 1.461 (10/21/03)--Neoseeker has authorization to use this FAQ.  Updated
         the thanks section to reflect.
    Version 1.46 (9/26/03)--Removed version 1.45 notes at IGN's request.  Once
         again allowed IGN to host the FAQ, and updated the thanks section again.
    Version 1.42 (9/10/03)-Renamed the FAQ and added "who's forbidden from using
         this FAQ".  Reflected in the thanks section.
    Version 1.41 (7/1/03)-Allowed IGN to host the FAQ. Updated the thanks section.
    Version 1.4 (6/6/03)-Reformatted the FAQ and adjusted the stats for Young
         Link's Fire Bow and Link's Bow.  Added one question to the new FAQs
    Version 1.001 (2/07/03)-Exactly the same as version 1.0, except Supercheats
         recieves this version.
    Version 1.0 (1/21/03)-First edition.  Included all characters and all shooter
         attacks, and shooter items.  (NOTE:  SuperCheats did not receive this
    Table of Contents
    I. Who Can Use This FAQ?/Update History
    II. Table of Contents
    III. The Shooters
         A. Mario
         B. Pikachu
         C. Bowser
         D. Peach
         E. Yoshi
         F. DK
         G. C. Falcon
         H. Fox
         I. Ness
         J. Ice Climbers
         K. Kirby
         L. Samus
         M. Zelda
         N. Link
         O. Luigi
         P. Jigglypuff
         Q. Mewtwo
         R. Mr. Game and Watch
         S. Marth
         T. Dr. Mario
         U. Ganondorf
         V. Falco
         W. Young Link
         X. Pichu
         Y. Roy
         Z. Ray Gun
        AA. Fire Flower
        AB. Super Scope
        AC. Star Rod
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions
    V. Conclusion
    III. The Shooters
    According to definition in the original Super Smash Bros. for N64, a "shooter"
    attack is a projectile attack.  Each projectile attack is different, even if
    they seem the same.  Even if you know how to attack from up close, you can't
    win unless you know how to attack from a distance.  This FAQ will cover those
    special attacks plus 4 items that can shoot projectiles.  I will cover first
    the starting characters, then non-clone unlock characters, then clone unlock
    characters, ending with items.
    A.  Mario
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Fireball (shooter), Cape, Super Jump Punch, Mario
         Fireball:  This attack sends out a ball of fire at your opponent.  It
              reacts to gravity and will bounce.  No matter what the range,
              this attack starts out at 6%.  The more consecutive times you
              use it, the damage will drop to 3% over time.  (These
              references will later be referred to as 3-6%.)
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    B.  Pikachu
         Available:  At start. Initially, Pikachu will be between Mario and Bowser.
              After unlocking Luigi (see III-O), Pikachu will move two rows down,
              to the leftmost ??? spot.
         Special Attacks:  Thunder Jolt (shooter), Skull Bash, Quick Attack,
         Thunder Jolt:  On the ground, it's a bolt of electricity that jumps, then
              hits an opponent.  In the air, it's a spark that goes down and the
              direction Pikachu is facing.  At close range, this attack will
              juggle and do 5-10%.  If you're farther away, the attack makes the
              opponent only slightly flinch and do 3-7%.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    C. Bowser
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Fire Breath (shooter), Koopa Claw, Whirling Fortress,
              Bowser Bomb
         Fire Breath:  An attack that spews fire at close range.  The attack will
              die after a short time.  While the attack is still useful, it does
              1-3% damage per hit.  This attack easily creates combos in Training
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    D.  Peach
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Toad, Peach Bomber, Peach Parasol, Vegetable
         Shooter:  None
    E.  Yoshi
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Egg Lay, Egg Roll, Egg Toss (shooter), Yoshi Bomb
         Egg Toss:  You would expect an Up-B move to be a triple jump, eh?
              BZZZZZZZZZ!  Yoshi has no Triple Jump (unless you count the Air 
              Dodge).  Egg Toss is Yoshi's shooter attack, located at an awkward
              position.  You can aim the egg with your Control Stick.  The egg's
              burst should do 6-12% damage.
         Tested At:  Battlefield
    F.  DK
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Giant Punch, Headbutt, Spinning Kong, Hand Slap
         Shooter:  None
    G.  C. Falcon
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Falcon Punch, Raptor Boost, Falcon Kick, Falcon Dive
         Shooter:  None
    H. Fox
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Blaster (shooter), Fox Illusion, Fire Fox, Deflector
         Blaster:  Can be fired fast, and does not make the opponent flinch.  Each
              hit does 1-2% damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
         999%, Execution Style:  Have two human players. Choose Fourside or Temple.
              Have one player be Fox.  Do not use items.  Pin the person who isn't
              Fox to a wall and start using the Blaster.  You should be able to
              rack up major damage, even get up to the maximum 999%, without your
              opponent even moving.  I inserted this scenario to tell you of the
              uniqueness of Fox's Blaster.
    I.  Ness
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  PK Flash, PK Fire (shooter), PK Thunder (shooter), PSI
         PK Fire:  Using the Smash-B attack, Ness shoots out fire that burns the
              opponent and easily creates combos.  To increase the combo, simply
              keep repeating the move.  Each hit does 1-4% damage, and each 8
              combo does up to 10%.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
         PK Thunder:  The move that created an infamous glitch involving Samus (see
              III-L) in the original Super Smash Bros., Ness's triple jump allows
              a projectile to be moved, then hits Ness to put him back on screen.
              You can use this attack for more than that, though.  You can aim it
              at someone else and do 4-8% damage with it.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    J. Ice Climbers
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Ice Shot (shooter), Squall Hammer, Belay, Blizzard
         Ice Shot:  If both Popo and Nana are together, two blocks are shot out. 
              If Popo is alone, or if Nana spontaneously performs the move, only
              one block is shot out.  If both Popo and Nana contribute, the attack
              does 5-14% for the 2-combo that is created.  One ice block should
              create 3-5%.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
         Blizzard:  Easier to test than Ice Shot, since Popo and Nana do it in
              opposite directions if done together, all we had to do is measure
              one stream.  Each it is worth 1-2% damage, and a 7-hit combo does up
              to 12%.  This move can also act like the Freezie item and freeze the
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    K. Kirby
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Copy, Hammer, Final Cutter (shooter), Stone
         Copy Shooter(s):  If you use Copy to take the powers of someone with a B 
              shooter attack, Kirby can use that attack as a Shooter for the same
              power.  This principle was not tested, though.
         Final Cutter:  This attack lets out a projectile upon landing on the
              ground.  If this projectile hits an enemy, it does 3%-6% damage to
              the foe.  It can do up to two strikes, the second strike is 0%-1%
              more powerful than the first, for a total combo of 6%-12%.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    L. Samus
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Charge Shot (shooter), Missile (shooter), Screw Attack,
         Charge Shot:  You can let a shot out weakly in the air, or make it
              stronger by charging it.  A weak shot is worth only 1-3% damage, but
              if you charge it up, you can do 13-25% for a fully charged shot.
         Tested At:  Battlefield, Final Destination
         Missile:  You can use the Control Stick to aim this projectile attack. 
              The attack does about 6-12% damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    M.  Zelda
         Available:  Both Zelda and her alter ego, Sheik, can be used from the very
              start.  To access Sheik, use Zelda's Down-B move.  Use Down-B again
              to change back.  You can also change at the very start by holding A
              as a level begins.
         Special Attacks (Zelda):  Nayru's Love, Din's Fire (shooter), Farore's
              Wind, Transform
         Special Attacks (Sheik):  Needle Storm (shooter), Chain, Vanish, Transform
         Din's Fire:  This attack of Zelda's can be guided with the Control Stick.
              Let go of B to stop the attack and have the attack explode where
              placed.  Used as a projectile attack, this attack does 4-7% damage
             (not bad for a princess).
         Tested At:  Final Destination
         Needle Storm:  When Zelda harnesses the Transform power and becomes Sheik,
              she can use this move.  Up to 6 needles can be shot using this move.
              One needle alone does 1-3% damage.  A fully charged attack of 6
              needles does 9-17% damage.  This projectile is not easily seen, so
              this attack can surprise your foes.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    N.  Link
         Available:  At start
         Special Attacks:  Bow (shooter), Boomerang (shooter), Spin Attack, Bomb
         Bow:  Charge up the Bow by holding B down longer.  Let go right away close
              and you do about 3-6%.  But let the arrow fly farther and the attack
              does 9-18% damage.  The arrows are affected by gravity.  If you let
              it go very quickly and stand ultra-close to your opponent, the attack
              does 1% or less damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
         Boomerang:  At close range, facing the opponent, this attack will do 11-
              16% damage.  If you stand farther, the attack only does 3-6% damage.
              If you stand close to your opponent, but with your back to the
              opponent, jump, and 1-2% damage will be done.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    O.  Luigi
         Available:  Complete the first part of the first stage in Adventure Mode
              (Mushroom Kingdom) with a 2 in the seconds place (XX:X2:XX).  Luigi
              will replace Mario in the next battle.  Defeat Luigi quickly.  Then
              finish Adventure Mode.  At the end, face Luigi again.  Defeat him
              and he?s yours.  Or, you can play 800 VS. Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Fireball (shooter), Green Missile, Super Jump Punch,
              Luigi Cyclone
         Fireball:  This Fireball is green and is not affected by gravity.  Other
              than that, this attack is the same as Mario's Fireball.  3-6% damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    P. Jigglypuff
         Available:  Complete either Classic Mode or Adventure Mode once under any
              condition at all, or play 50 VS. Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Rollout, Pound, Sing, Rest
         Shooter:  None.
    Q.  Mewtwo
         Available:  Play 20 combined hours of VS. Mode (the more human players
              there are, the faster the time racks up).  Or, play 700 VS. Mode
         Special Attacks:  Shadow Ball (shooter), Confusion, Teleport, Disable
         Shadow Ball:  It starts out just like Samus's Charge Shot in that it does
              1-3% for a weak shot and 13-25% for a fully charged shot.  But,
              unlike Charge Shot, it doesn't end there.  Mewtwo has the ability to
              hurt opponents with the charge.  If a foe hits the charge, a single
              hit will do 1-2%, and a 4-combo done this way does 5-6%.
         Tested At:  Battlefield, Final Destination
    R.  Mr. Game and Watch
         Available:  Clear one of the following with all 24 other characters:
              Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, Target Test.  Or, play 1000 VS. Mode
         Special Attacks:  Chef (shooter), Judgement Hammer, Fire, Oil Panic
         Chef:  Launches sausages from a frying pan.  They are flung at a random
              angle from an opponent.  A single sausage would do about 2-4%
              damage.  A 2-sausage combo does about 5-9%.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    S. Marth
         Available:  Use all 14 of the "available at start" characters at least
              once in VS. Mode.  Or, you could clear Classic or Adventure Mode
              with those characters.  Or, you could play 400 VS. Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Shield Breaker, Dancing Blade, Dolphin Slash, Counter
         Shooter:  None
    T.  Dr. Mario
         Available:  Clear Classic or Adventure Mode with Mario, or play 100 VS.
              Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Megavitamins (shooter), Super Sheet, Super Jump Punch,
              Dr. Tornado
         Megavitamins:  Exactly similar to Mario's fireballs except for the
              multicolored pills and the fact that the attack does 4-8% damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    U.  Ganondorf
         Available:  Clear Event Match 29, or play 600 VS. Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Warlock Punch, Gerudo Dragon, Dark Dive, Wizard?s Foot
         Shooter:  None
    V.  Falco
         Available:  Clear the 100-Man Melee, or play 300 VS. Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Blaster (shooter), Falco Phantasm, Fire Bird, Deflector
         Blaster:  Unlike Fox's Blaster, Falco's Blaster makes the foe flinch.
              Falco's Blaster does 1-3% damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    W.  Young Link
         Available:  Clear Classic or Adventure mode with at least 10 characters,
              including Link and Zelda.  Or play up to 500 VS. Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Fire Bow (shooter), Boomerang (shooter), Spin Attack,
         Fire Bow:  Unlike Link's Bow, Young Link has arrows that catch flame.  The
              Fire Bow does 4-8% damage with a weak shot, and 8-15% damage with a
              strong shot.  If you stand too close and let it go early, the attack
              does 1% or less damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination, Yoshi's Story
         Boomerang:  Young Link has a stronger Boomerang than Link (3-7% at farther
              distances, 12-19% at closer distances).  Young Link also has the
              return capability of jumping over a returning boomerang for 1-2%
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    X. Pichu
         Available:  Clear Event Match 37, or play 200 VS. Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Thunder Jolt (shooter), Skull Bash, Agility, Thunder
         Thunder Jolt:  Essentially the same as Pikachu's (5-10% at close distance,
              3-7% farther away).  However, Pichu does damage to itself when it
              launches Thunder Jolt (1% to itself).
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    Y.  Roy
         Available:  Clear Classic or Adventure Mode with Marth, or play 900 VS.
              Mode matches.
         Special Attacks:  Flare Blade, Double-Edge Dance, Blazer, Counter
         Shooter:  None
    Z.  Ray Gun
         The Ray Gun is an item that contains 16 shots, and can be shot at any
         distance.  Each shot does 2-4% damage.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    AA.  Fire Flower
         The Fire Flower is an item that shoots flame, like Bowser's Fire Breath.
         It contains enough fire to last for 6 seconds.  Each 3-combo tap does 3-4%
         damage.  So far, the Fire Flower is known to contain enough to do 49%
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    AB.  Super Scope
         The Super Scope can be used two ways:  shooting light shots, or charging
         it up like Samus's Charge Shot and Mewtwo's Shadow Ball.  If you release
         weak shots, it launches 3 at a time, and does 2% damage.  Fully charged
         shots do 15-25% damage.  The Super Scope can launch 48 weak shots, 3 fully
         charged shots, or the shot types can be combined.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    AC.  Star Rod
         The Star Rod can be used as both a clobbering item and a shooter.  If you
         simply clobber, you do about 5-10% damage per.  Smash clobbers (I call
         them star clobbers, since it presumably combines both the clobber and the
         shot) does 20-34% damage in a 2-combo.  Or, you can launch a star from a
         distance and do 6-10% damage per hit.  The Star Rod contains 16 shots.
         Captain Falcon and Sheik launch multiple shots per swing.
         Tested At:  Final Destination
    IV.  Frequently Asked Questions
    Q.  I've played over 20 hours of VS mode, and I still don't have Mewtwo.  What
         should I do?
    A.  Make sure your "combined VS time" is at least 20 hours.  If that checks
         out, and you still don't have Mewtwo, try playing another VS mode match
         in full.  Mewtwo should challenge you in the end (you have to defeat him
         to unlock him).  If that still doesn't work, then play the number of VS
         mode matches that is an alternate to the usual method.  If that doesn't
         work, then you've either got a bad disc or a bad Memory Card.
    Q.  Hey, would you tell me how to reflect a projectile attack? One time I was
         Mewtwo and I threw a Shadow Ball at Pikachu and he rose his shield and
         reflected it back at me.  Could u tell me how?  (DarkMagician7272@aol.com
         asked this)
    A.  It's all in the timing.  Put up the shield quick enough and the projectile
         may reflect.  Trust me, I've gotten a few surprises while battling myself.
         (Of course, Fox and Falco don't need this fast-shield technique.)
    V.  Conclusion
    Well, I hope you learned how to attack from a distance using this FAQ.  If you
    have any questions (no, Sonic and Tails are NOT in the game), I will put them
    into the FAQ section.  Happy shooting!
    Thanks to the hard-working staff at GameFAQs, SuperCheats, IGN, and Neoseeker,
    as well as David Simonds, for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to anyone who promises to keep this FAQ away from Cheat Code Central.
    Thanks to you for reading this FAQ.
    Copyright 2003 bluepikachu252.  All rights reserved.

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