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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee
    E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
    Most Recent Update: July 5, 2006
    Originally Created: October 10, 2004
    Version: 1.1
    ------------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------
    Section 1*
    Section 2*
    Classic Match*
    Adventure Match*
    All-Star Match*
    Event Match*
    Target Test*
    Home-Run Contest*
    Multi-Man Melee*
    Secret Characters*
    Other Secrets*
    Section 3*
    VS. Mode*
    Move List*
    The Stages*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||--------------------------------Section 1*-------------------------------||
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    Hello one and all!  It is a great day to need help with video games because 
    you have a guide.  And I want you to read it.  So, if you've been reading my 
    past walkthroughs you know the drill, catchy opening sentence and then the 
    review.  I've got it covered right here.
    You see, it is rare for a person such as myself to even pick up a video game 
    about fighting, because usually they entail rapid punches and kicks that make 
    the opponent bleed more blood then they have in them.  It would seem that 
    these fighters have unusually low platelet counts.  However, this game has no 
    blood in it at all, although it is quite disturbing at times.  If you'd 
    rather not see large green dinosaurs lays eggs containing foxes with laser 
    guns, stop reading.  If not (I'm sure I lost no one there), continue scouring 
    my guide for whatever problem you have.  Hence, the title is walkthrough.  
    Get it?
    Now, I'm not a big fan of fighting games, but this is hardly a fighting game, 
    in the traditional sense of the phrase.  Basically, lots of popular Nintendo 
    characters duke it out to see who's the best, or something or other.  Okay, 
    it's just lots of Nintendo characters beating the living daylights out of 
    each other.  Doesn't get much better than that, now does it?  This is 
    remarkably similar to a game on the N64 called Super Smash Bros.  That is 
    because this is the sequel.  And as such, it has way better graphics.
    I'm not a stickler for graphics, but SSB looks like a bunch of unrealistic 
    polygonal puppets compared to this game.  It blows the original out of the 
    water.  Plus, there are many new characters.  The controls are easy to 
    master, the game is addictive, and most importantly, it is long.  This is 
    definitely worthy of buying, especially since it offers hours of 
    entertainment doing one of your favorite things - beating your friends up... 
    in multi-player, of course.  So, let's get to it.
    By the way, if you see any websites other than www.GameFaqs.com using this 
    guide, or any that I've done, please alert me right away.  With your help I 
    can put a stop to plagiarists.  This guide is protected by copyright and it 
    is illegal to violate said copyright.
    You're probably wondering what the asterisks (*) are for.  Yes, they provide 
    a certain decorative charm, but they also serve navigational purposes, as the 
    name of the section implies.  On your computer you can activate a document 
    search by pressing the keys (at the same time) CTRL + F.  Type in the name of 
    the section you need, with the asterisk, and click the find/search button.  
    If you have a Mac, it is the apple key + F.  This way you can get right to 
    the section you want with no trouble at all.
    This is the painfully long unnecessary section where I talk about the 
    characters in the game (not the secret ones).  Skip over it if you'd like; it 
    is just a little supplement to the walkthrough.  I should mention that I know 
    more about some characters than others, so a lot of this is extracted from 
    the trophies section.  But, as not to be too biased toward some, I have left 
    out the better part of what I know.
    Mario: I don't know if there's a single character who has been in as many 
    games as Mario.  He's gigantic; he's the mascot of Nintendo.  Mario debuted 
    in an arcade game called Donkey Kong where he had to rescue his girlfriend, 
    Pauline, from Donkey Kong.  But it was in the NES that he achieved true 
    stardom.  Mario and brother Luigi have fought against Bowser countless times 
    as Bowser kidnapped Princess Toadstool, later known as Princess Peach.  Time 
    and time again Mario's foiled Bowser (and many, many other big baddies), and 
    every time he's come out unscathed.  Over the years he's had loads of various 
    professions, but mainly he is a plumber, which is why he can use warp pipes.  
    Mario was named after the landlord of the Nintendo of America building, Mario 
    Segali.  Mario is a good beginner's character because he has all-around 
    Bowser: Bowser is the King of the Koopa, incessantly stealing Princess Peach 
    and waiting for Mario to just try and stop him.  He has many children, eight 
    in total, and he breathes fire.  In the original Super Mario Bros., Mario 
    destroys the bridge the two fight on so Bowser falls in the lava below, but 
    lately Mario's been seeking out more unorthodox means of defeating Bowser, 
    such as tossing him into bombs.  But Bowser is a steadfast titan who will 
    never give up, no matter how humiliating his roles have become.  Needless to 
    say, Bowser and Mario will probably be spending many happy years pummeling 
    each other in the future.  As for his abilities, I find Bowser to be hard to 
    use.  He is a heavyweight, which makes his jump lower, and he is pretty easy 
    to beat.  It takes a good character to use Bowser with success.
    Peach: Princess Peach, her first name "Peach" popularized in Super Mario 64, 
    is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.  She is new at fighting, but she is 
    no stranger to Bowser and Mario, the antagonist and protagonist of her life.  
    The only time you got to play as her was in Super Mario Bros. 2, and she 
    sports her hovering trick from it.  Peach has many royal servants, called 
    Toads, who help her in the game as well.  Over time she's began to partake in 
    tennis, golf, and racing.  She's even been a nurse.  Because, if there is a 
    Mario game, there's a place for Peach in it, whether it's the tennis court or 
    the prisoner's chambers.  Since she is such a lightweight character, she gets 
    knocked around easily.  Her attacks can pack a wallop, however, and having 
    vegetables thrown at you is annoying for all.
    Yoshi: Yoshi is my favorite fighter.  He's a green dinosaur-like creature who 
    made his debut in Super Mario World, the launch game of the SNES.  Yoshi can 
    lay eggs, which has led some to question his ambiguous gender, and came in 
    four varieties, though Yoshi colors have expanded since Super Mario World.  
    The favorite, that is, the kind Yoshi is, is green.  They tend to travel in 
    herds and have served as the horse for Mario, Luigi, and even Peach.  Yoshi 
    finally returned as a mountable character in Super Mario Sunshine.  Yoshi has 
    all sorts of special abilities that vary depending on what he eats and what 
    color he is.  To put it quite simply, Yoshi is awesome.  He has a long double 
    jump, but no third jump, and offers lots of powerful attacks, regardless of 
    his status as a lightweight.
    Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong, a member of the Kong family, was the enemy of Mario 
    way back in the day.  They've made amends and have left each other alone 
    since, and Donkey Kong fell into a long period of obscurity after "Donkey 
    Kong 3".  It was much later on the SNES that DK reappeared in Donkey Kong 
    Country.  It was instantly popular, and a trilogy was made for the series, 
    each introducing new relatives.  But, there's speculation that the Donkey 
    Kong from "Donkey Kong," the arcade game, is actually DK's grandfather 
    (father in some games), Cranky Kong.  So, did Cranky pass down the family 
    moniker?  Most likely.  The current DK might be the Donkey Kong Jr. of old.  
    But, there are other little tykes in the Kong family.  DK's little 
    buddy/nephew, depending on which game you're playing, is Diddy Kong, who has 
    gone to rescue him once.  Also, DK is an ape, making him surprisingly fast 
    with somewhat slow, but very powerful, attacks.  Mario's lucky he quit 
    fighting him when he did.
    Captain Falcon: Captain Falcon was made for speed.  He is a bounty hunter who 
    races in the F - Zero Grand Prix with a slew of competitors.  His racer is 
    called the Blue Falcon.  Captain Falcon's attacks are a bit too slow for my 
    taste, but he moves like lightning and I've seen plenty of people who kick 
    butt with him.  Capt. Falcon is thirty-six years old.  He starred in his 
    first game in 1991, called F - Zero.  From impersonators to just plain scum, 
    you'll find that the captain can actually dress as one of his impersonators.  
    So, that would mean he's impersonating the impersonator impersonating him...  
    Who's doing the impersonating again?
    Fox: The leader of Star Fox, fully named Fox McCloud, is a bounty hunter in 
    the Lylat system.  Himself, as well as Peppy, Slippy, and Falco, pilot the 
    Great Fox and often their favorite ship, the Arwing.  In a timeless quest for 
    revenge, Fox McCloud searches for Andross, the evil (and weird looking) 
    scientist who killed his father.  Fox is a good fighter when it comes down to 
    it, having a mix of speed and power, more of that being speed.  He has an 
    arsenal of futuristic weapons, such as a blaster, a jet pack, and a reflector 
    that sends energy blasts back at their source.  He's a lighter character than 
    he was in the N64 Super Smash Bros.
    Ness: Ness is a very interesting character.  He boasts psychic powers, a bat, 
    and a yo-yo.  His unique third jump has him hit himself with his own attack.  
    Ness is a lightweight character, not spectacular, who has some slow but 
    debilitating moves.  Most of his attacks keep him stationary for a few 
    seconds, so use Ness with caution.  He is from the game Earthbound, and his 
    manipulation of PSI powers makes him a great hero.
    Ice Climbers: Popo (the blue) and Nana (the pink) comprise the Ice Climbers, 
    two mountain hikers who starred in a game of there own of the same name in 
    1985.  Really, I found it a stretch to include these seemingly peaceful 
    characters.  Really, all they ever did was chase eggplants and attack 
    condors.  They're good together, essential for certain missions, but they are 
    worthless when they're split up.  Popo is the main character, so Nana can be 
    KO'd separately.  Unfortunately, when this happens, Popo has almost no jump 
    and his attack strength is halved.  Together, they are a formidable pair.
    Kirby: Lots of cheap players use Kirby, or so I've heard.  Kirby is a highly 
    versatile character in that he can copy the abilities of his enemies.  As you 
    may have saeen, my e-mail is Kirby0215@aol.com, so as you might guess, Kirby 
    was one of my favorite characters about six years ago when I made the e-mail 
    address.  Kirby hails from Dream Land where he is often thwarting the evil 
    King Dedede or Dark Matter.  His home planet is Pop Star and Kirby is 
    apparently only eight inches tall.  If we use his body as a scale that makes 
    plenty of other tall characters very short.  So, Nintendo must have made him 
    a bit larger.  Because he's so small he easily knocked around.
    Samus: Samus Aran is a bounty hunter who first appeared in Metroid, a game of 
    1989.  She wears a constant Power Suit made by the Chozo race.  She comes 
    from a space colony called K-21 and leads a very troubled past.  Some of her 
    main enemies are the Mother Brain and Ridley.  Of course, more common enemies 
    are the infinite Metroids, which once populated the planet Zebes.  Samus is a 
    good character, especially if you master some of her rolling techniques.
    Zelda: Princess Zelda of Hyrule bears the Triforce part of Wisdom.  
    Ironically, the series, The Legend of Zelda, is named after her, when Link is 
    truly the main character.  Zelda and Link must involve themselves in the epic 
    struggle to seal away the evil Ganon, but time and again he breaks loose or 
    is revived.  Zelda's alter ego, Sheik, was used as an alias so that Ganondorf 
    could not locate her and the Triforce part of Wisdom, during the seven years 
    in Ocarina of Time that Link's body was dormant in the Temple of Time.  Zelda 
    appeared first, with a sort of brown hair at the time, in The Legend of 
    Zelda.  Sheik appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 1998.  I 
    really didn't expect her to be in the game, and Zelda isn't that good.  Sheik 
    is a very fast and strong fighter, however.  Zelda can make use of a few 
    items Link used, such as Din's Fire and Farore's Wind.  This Zelda is modeled 
    after her Ocarina of Time self.
    Link: Link is the legendary Hero of Time (or Hero of Winds) whose destiny it 
    is to restore peace to Hyrule.  Link, who is the savior of many other lands 
    as well, was chosen to keep the Triforce part of Courage within him by the 
    Triforce's essence, and his fate is bound to that of Zelda and Ganon.  Link 
    made his debut in 1986 in The Legend of Zelda.  Link hardly ever talks, but 
    it may be that short screams are how you speak the language.  Link often 
    appears in his youth, and appeared this way in most games.  In only two (soon 
    to be three) games so far has Link been "old", which is around sixteen, but 
    this is how Link appears in this game.  Link has the extraordinary ability to 
    carry an arsenal with him, which is why he is a very slow character and a 
    heavyweight.  I don't recommend him as he is now.  Maybe if he was a bit 
    Pikachu: There is no denying that there was a time and age when Pokemon was 
    the best game out there.  It was revolutionary, and has many sequels.  
    Although catching them all again, and again, and again, has been fun, # 25 
    has always been the most popular.  Generally, Pikachu does not fight real 
    people, but that has changed since the N64.  This is its second appearance in 
    a Super Smash title and it is sporting a new move and a new wave of fans.  
    Pikachu is an electrically charged rodent whose vocabulary is limited to its 
    own name.  That was the formula for instant success.  Although Pikachu is 
    powerful, it is lightweight and susceptible to strong attacks.  Also, its 
    teleport move is hard to control.
    Those are all of the standard characters, but there are twenty-five 
    characters in total.  So, can you unlock the other eleven?
    Here's a list of the items and which series they're from.  In fact, I'll even 
    throw in what they do.
                                 |    Item List    |
    Food: This is from Kirby.  It replenishes your health very slightly and 
    usually comes in mass quantities.
    Maxim Tomato: Also comes from Kirby.  It replenishes some, not always all, of 
    your health.  It restores 50 % points of your health.
    Heart Container: From the Legend of Zelda series, it restores 100 % of your 
    damage (that is, 100 points, not all of it).
    Warp Star: From Kirby games, it takes you up and brings you crashing down, 
    more than likely into another character.  In Kirby games, though, this was 
    strictly a means of transportation.
    Ray Gun: From the Star Fox series, it is a powerful laser blaster that can be 
    shot to do critical damage to your opponent.
    Super Scope: The name comes from Super Scope, a game made in 1992, but the 
    idea goes back to games like Duck Hunt on the NES.  These wireless guns shoot 
    infrared light to a receiver so you can "shoot" things on the screen.  In 
    Super Smash Bros. Melee, it is a heavily loaded gun with three charged shots.
    Fire Flower: From the Super Mario series, these emit flames at your enemies 
    until it runs out of fire.  Of course, Mario and Luigi did not lose their 
    fiery status until they were hit in the originals.
    Lip's Stick: This causes so much confusion (lipstick).  Hit your opponent 
    with it for a lasting effect.  So, wonder where there is from?  It has roots 
    in a "Mario" game.  A Japanese game called "Panel du Pon" was released with a 
    fairy named Lip in it.  For American release, the characters were changed to 
    Yoshi and other Mario characters (also, the title was changed to "Tetris 
    Attack,") and we never heard of Lip.  So, this is a very small reference to 
    that character.
    Star Rod: Holding 16 shots, it is the power source of the Fountain of Dreams 
    from the Kirby series.  It can be used to fire stars or like a crowbar.  If 
    you smash the item, a star is launches.  Otherwise, you just slam it into 
    Beam Sword: My favorite weapon, from the original Super Smash Bros. for the 
    N64, it is a lightsaber, so to speak, only made into a sword.
    Home-Run Bat: Also from the original Super Smash Bros., the Home-Run Bat acts 
    as a bludgeon and is very damaging when thrown.  It could be a reference to 
    Ness's bat.
    Fan: From the original SSB, this is a weak item that, as the game puts it, 
    can disrupt your opponent's equilibrium.  Yeah right.  It's a quick, 
    repetitive close-range weapon.
    Hammer: From the arcade game Donkey Kong.  When you get it special music from 
    the 1981 game plays and you run around mindlessly swinging it back and forth.  
    Its only shortcoming is that the mallet head may fall off, leaving you 
    defenseless.  The mallet head does make for a good projectile, however.
    Green Shell: The shell of a Koopa from Super Mario Bros.  It can be thrown 
    and it will roll along any surface straight into an enemy.
    Red Shell: Red shells home into your opponents, but also yourself.  I suggest 
    you throw it from above or somewhere so that you can get away from it.  
    Clearly, this is a reference to the fact that red Koopa Troopas did not walk 
    off cliffs in the original Super Mario Bros.
    Flipper: From Balloon Fight, these are just annoying and often cause you 
    problems.  They just flail back and forth.  So, they act as obstacles just 
    like in their appearance game.
    Freezie: From the 1983 Mario Bros. arcade game comes this item.  It envelops 
    anyone it comes into contact with in a sheer coat of ice.
    Mr. Saturn: From the Ness game, EarthBound, this strange creature can be 
    tossed at foes for minimal damage.
    Poke Ball: Unleashes a random Pokemon that can make or break you.  Some 
    Pokemon do nothing, while others can KO your opponents.  In the Pokemon 
    series, these housed and captured pocket monsters.
    Bob-omb: One of the strongest items, this hails from Doki Doki Panic and thus 
    Super Mario Bros. 2.  It is a bomb that detonates when it hits anyone, 
    including you.  If left alone it will walk around and search for a target.
    Motion-Sensor Bomb: From SSB, these are clever land mines that are nearly 
    invisible, especially when you're not looking for them.  However, they aren't 
    picky about their prey and may take you out with them.  Oddly, this item 
    changed its appearance from the beta version to the final product of this 
    game.  Originally, it was called a Proximity Mine.
    Super Mushroom: From Super Mario Bros., this trademark meal made Mario grow 
    twice as large and take two hits to lose a life.  In this game they make you 
    gargantuan.  With more mass comes more power and it is harder to KO you.
    Poison Mushroom: From a Japanese only game we call Super Mario Bros. 2 
    (Japan), these black mushrooms shrink you, making you weaker.  The only 
    difference is that in this game they are identical to Super Mushrooms.  There 
    are slight differences in color, but you can't really tell in the heat of 
    Starman: Another awesome throwback from Super Mario Bros., these made Mario 
    or Luigi invincible for a short time, and will do the same for you.
    Parasol: From the 1992 classic Kirby's Dream Land, this can be used as a club 
    or you can make a slow descent downwards.  Peach has one as her third jump.
    Screw Attack: These items, which actually seem to benefit your opponent, let 
    you roll like Samus.  Although my friends and I have always thrown this item 
    at enemies, it might just come in handy to use for yourself as an attack 
    Metal Box: From one of the greatest games of all time, Super Mario 64, comes 
    the Metal Box.  It turns any character who jumps into it into metal.  With 
    more weight comes more power and slower movement.  Since you're sleeker, 
    though, you fall much faster than you normally would.
    Bunny Hood: From Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, this mask item makes you 
    jump faster, run faster, and fall faster.  Use it wisely.
    Cloaking Device: This from Star Fox.  It bends light rays to make you 
    transparent, although a camouflaged character isn't totally invisible.  You 
    also take no damage while under its cover.  Apparently, Slippy, Fox's frog 
    friend, invented it.
    Barrel Cannon: From Donkey Kong Country (1994).  These barrels shoot you in a 
    certain direction depending on how you shoot out of it.
    Crate: Sometimes it will explode when you hit it, while more often it 
    contains other items.  Because it bears the symbol of Super Smash Bros., it 
    is from the game itself, not a series.
    Barrel: Just like a crate.  Try throwing both onto opponents.  This is from 
    "Donkey Kong," the game, in which DK tossed a steady stream of them at 
    Jumpman, a.k.a. Mario.
    Capsule: These items explode approximately 12.5% of the time, and so it is a 
    good idea to toss them at opponents.  Other times they'll contain items.  
    This is another SSB item.
    Egg: Just like a capsule.  Its content varies with the stage.  This is thrown 
    by the Pokemon Chancey.
    Party Ball: Who knows what will fall out?  They are from the Super Smash 
    Bros. series.
    Those are all of the colorful and very diverse items in the game.  Now to the 
    playing of the game!
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    ||--------------------------------Section 2*-------------------------------||
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    ===============================Classic Match*================================
    Classic Match is a series of fights with an event between each two fights 
    that ends with a fight with the "boss" of the game.
    The first fight is always against one character.  The second is always you 
    and an ally versus a team comprised of two opposing characters.  The third 
    item is an event (Break the Targets) where you must destroy all the targets 
    by using any move.  The fourth match is a one-on-one match.  Then comes a 
    really easy battle against a giant character where you have two allies.  Then 
    comes the bonus stage where you collect trophies, and then you face off 
    against a single opponent.  Then you fight a team of ten of a certain 
    character.  They're miniature so they can be easily defeated.  Then you have 
    to play Race to the Finish where you run from a starting point to the 
    furthest door you can in a maze for extra points.  Then you face a metal 
    The boss of the game, I guess, is Master Hand.  It is a huge hand with 
    strange attacks.  It is easy enough to defeat.  It is the only fighter in the 
    game whose HP goes down (you can set Vs. Mode to this.  It is called "Stamina 
    Mode").  Generally, when it uses a laser attack, is charging up an attack, or 
    is standing idle, attack it with anything.  Jump or run to avoid its 
    punching/swiping attacks and you've got it made.  Depending on what level of 
    difficulty you play on the HP varies for Master Hand.  When you defeat Master 
    Hand the credits play and you get a trophy of the character you used.  
    Zelda's trophy comes with Sheik's trophy.
    Now, for all you point fanatics out there, I will list all the ways to earn 
    points.  Psyche!  Seriously, it is like a mile long list.  To access it, 
    however, go to Data on the main screen, Melee Records, and then Bonus 
    Records.  It lists how to get points in all their glory, so long as you have 
    gotten them already.
    ==============================Adventure Match*===============================
    This variation of play is slightly more interesting.  You go through 
    different stages of battle.
                                |    The Stages    |
    Mushroom Kingdom: This is stage one.  Head to the right and you'll encounter 
    some Goombas.  Defeat them and hop over the brick wall.  These enemies are 
    Koopas.  Continue going right until you reach a Paratroopa, a flying red 
    Koopa.  Stick to the platforms and eventually you'll reach a platform with a 
    Toad on it branded with a mushroom.  You must defeat ten weak Yoshis.  When 
    you do continue to the finish line, directly to the right.  At this point 
    you'll fight either Mario and Peach or Luigi and Peach, depending on your 
    time for the first round.  Defeat them as you would normally, watch out for 
    Bullet Bills, the exploding missiles, and you'll have conquered the course.
    Kongo Jungle: Now you must defeat two tiny Donkey Kongs.  In the preceding 
    fight you must battle one giant Donkey Kong.  Both matches are very easy and 
    should give you no trouble at all.
    Underground Maze: This "maze" is supposed to be somewhere in Hyrule and is 
    very easy.  The end location changes sometimes, but head right and fall down 
    all the way.  You'll see the Master Sword and Link will come and fight you.  
    Note that all of these supposed Link battles could mark the end point for 
    you, depending on your random selection.  To the left is a lava room with 
    several platforms.  Jump your way up and head right to another Link battle.  
    Now head right across some pits and jump over platforms to another tunnel.  
    For me, this is where the Triforce end mark always is.  After the maze you 
    must fight Zelda.
    Brinstar: First you fight Samus.  After that short skirmish you must escape 
    the planet.  Use the platforms to jump up to the end point, getting trophies 
    on the side, within forty seconds.  Then the planet explodes.
    Green Greens: First you fight Kirby, then many Kirby warriors with copied 
    abilities, and then one giant Kirby.  None of these matches should pose much  
    of a threat to you.
    Corneria: The Star Fox battles ensue.  First you fight Fox, and then Falco or 
    Fox.  The whole while Arwings are trying to shoot you down.  Really, quite 
    Pokemon Stadium: First you fight lots of varying Pokemon; either Pichu, 
    Pikachu, or Jigglypuff.  Then you leave...
    F-Zero Grand Prix: First you run through the track in four minutes trying to 
    avoid the racers.  Always heed the warnings as the racers can KO you.  Just 
    head right the whole way through, jumping to platforms when the warning comes 
    up.  Then you fight Captain Falcon, which is quite simple.
    Onett: The Ness zone is easy.  Defeat three Nesses and you've won.  Well, the 
    difficulty really depends on the setting.  They can be quite resilient.  I 
    suggest singling them out if possible.
    Icicle Mountain: Just ascend the mountain by jumping.  Don't go too quickly, 
    though, or you'll collide with Topis and Polar Bears.  At the end you must 
    face the Ice Climbers doubled.  That is, two sets of them.  So there are 
    four.  It's pretty easy on this stage.
    Battlefield: The first battle is between you and the wire frames.  After 
    defeating those wimps, you fight the Metal Mario Bros., or a solo version.  
    If you've unlocked Luigi, there are two.  See?  Unlocking Luigi is bad!  It 
    changes the entire battle.
    Final Destination: The "boss" is giant Bowser.  He looks tough, but he's all 
    talk.  Beat him like any other opponent.  If you're playing Normal or above 
    difficulty you may face Giga Bowser.  After that you get a SMASH trophy of 
    your character.  Like in classic mode, the Zelda trophy is accompanied by the 
    Sheik one.  Also, notice the credits.  Fun, huh?
    Giga Bowser: A lot of people were having trouble on him, so I thought I'd 
    input a bit.  First off, you want to be a character with projectiles and a 
    good jump.  When Giga Bowser starts coming toward you, bombard him with all 
    the projectiles you have without going near him.  When he starts threatening 
    you, jump over him and do it from the other side.  Continue this until he has 
    about 400% damage.  At this point, beating him is much easier than trying to 
    be in his face.  I recommend you go slowly if you're not playing for the Giga 
    Bowser trophy because otherwise you'll have to fight Giga Bowser.  Also, 
    Jigglypuff is ideal for this battle.  Try using her Down + B move.
    ===============================All-Star Match*===============================
    We're moving right along, aren't we?  This is the first challenging mode of 
    play and requires you unlock all twenty-five characters.  This means that you 
    should read the secret character section for further detail.  In any case, 
    All-Star mode is the hardest.  It involves beating opponents with one life 
    and hardly any recovery items.  In short, you must survive major thrashings 
    to get to a Heart Container (these heal all damage, not just 100 %).  
    Actually, they give you three throughout the matches and you must choose when 
    you take one.  Generally, if you have more than 100% damage, you should take 
    one unless you are the master of dodging smash attacks.  Throughout the 
    fights you may get trophies.  The final "boss" is always Mr. Game & Watch and 
    nineteen of his closest friends.  Defeat them and you've won.  I suggest 
    using repetitive moves and watching out for falling tools.  You get a SMASH 
    trophy of your character afterwards.
    Here's a chart of all the stages you fight certain characters on.
                 |Character                                  Stage|
                 |Dr. Mario                    Mushroom Kingdom II|
                 |Mario                             Rainbow Cruise|
                 |Luigi                           Mushroom Kingdom|
                 |Bowser                            Yoshi's Island|
                 |Peach                    Princess Peach's Castle|
                 |Yoshi                              Yoshi's Story|
                 |DK                                  Kongo Jungle|
                 |Captain Falcon                         Mute City|
                 |Ganondorf                        Brinstar Depths|
                 |Falco                                      Venom|
                 |Fox                                     Corneria|
                 |Ness                                       Onett|
                 |Ice Climbers                     Icicle Mountain|
                 |Kirby                               Green Greens|
                 |Samus                                   Brinstar|
                 |Zelda                                     Temple|
                 |Link                                   Great Bay|
                 |Young Link                          Jungle Japes|
                 |Pichu                                   Fourside|
                 |Pikachu                          Pokemon Stadium|
                 |Jigglypuff                           Poke Floats|
                 |Mewtwo                               Battlefield|
                 |Mr. Game & Watch                       Flat Zone|
                 |Marth                         Fountain of Dreams|
                 |Roy                            Final Destination|
    ================================Event Match*=================================
    This is my favorite part of 1P.  You must fight through various scenarios as 
    certain characters to unlock more events.  Event matches even unlock most 
    characters.  So, with great pleasure, I will walk you through the event 
    matches, all 51 one of them.
    Note: esalovaara sent me a useful tip for event 49, but it can be applied to 
    numerous events.  If you play as Kirby, you can suck enemies in using B and 
    jump off the edge of a little to KO both of you at once.  Using DK may be 
    more effective; grab someone and Kong will carry them.  Walk over to the edge 
    and jump down, but throw them just before you fall off the screen so that 
    they fall before you.  With practice, you can even recover from such a fall 
    without having to sacrifice yourself.  Try this for any event that gives you 
    trouble and lets you choose your fighter.
    1) Trouble King
    "Fight Bowser in a classic Mushroom Kingdom clash!"
    You must be Mario in this event.  It is a very easy battle because Bowser 
    just stands there most of the time.  Use a few weak attacks to rough him up 
    and then use a smash attack.  Make good use of the items and you'll take out 
    Bowser's two lives in no time at all.
    2) Lord of the Jungle
    "A duel of epic proportions!  Which ape is top primate?"
    You are giant Donkey Kong and you must face a smaller Donkey Kong.  This is 
    tough because you can hardly hit him, but nowhere near hard.  Use your Up + B 
    move to get him onto a platform and then punch him out of the stage.  The 
    smaller DK has two lives, as do you.  This shouldn't pose much of a problem 
    for you.
    3) Bomb-fest
    "Bombs are everywhere in this explosive battle."
    Basically, you fight to the finish with bombs all over the place.  You get to 
    select your character; anyone will do well.  Your objective is to defeat Link 
    and Samus, both of whom constantly use their bomb attacks.  This should be 
    exceedingly easy.  There are Bob-ombs everywhere, as well as Pokeballs with 
    Electrodes inside.
    4) Dino-wrangling
    "A giant Yoshi is on the loose!  Somebody stop it!"
    Choose a character and fight a huge Yoshi in a small arena.  You can quite 
    easily trick it into jumping off the platform, or you can do a really cheap 
    move.  Select Yoshi as your character and stand on the edge.  Use the B move 
    to make the large Yoshi an egg and it will fall off the platform.
    5) Spare Change
    "Don't stop until you get 200 coins!"
    You're Ness and you must fight Captain Falcon.  Every hit is worth a few 
    coins and your goal is to get 200.  This is easy enough.  Don't try to use 
    special moves; Captain Falcon is too fast to let you perform them.  Just use 
    a series of A attacks, preferably smash attacks, and try to lure C. Falcon to 
    the cars.  This is a fairly easy mission.
    6) Kirbys on Parade
    "Look out!  A rainbow of Kirbys is after you!"
    Choose a character you want to be and fight three Kirbys, one white, one 
    pink, and one yellow.  Each has two stocks (lives).  You have one.  However, 
    no matter what character you choose, you can whoop these Kirbys like there's 
    no tomorrow.  Use a series of well-rounded smash attacks and they'll go 
    flying.  Also, throwing the Star Rods is a good idea.
    7) Pokemon Battle
    "Use Poke Balls to duel with Pikachu."
    You can only hurt Pikachu by the effects of Poke Balls.  Race it to the balls 
    and release them.  Pikachu is surprisingly stupid and falls victim to almost 
    all of the ill effects of Pokemon.
    8) Hot Date on Brinstar
    "You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid!"
    You fight Samus as any character you want and you start out with heavy 
    damage.  If you die, you start back with 130% damage.  Samus has three lives 
    so it won't be too difficult, although she does make good use of her dodging 
    9) Hide 'n' Sheik
    "Only Sheik KOs count!  Wait for the change..."
    Be any character you want and fight a pair of Zeldas.  However, it only 
    counts that you beat them when they are KO'd as Sheik.  Pound them in either 
    form, but don't deliver the finishing blow unless you're facing Sheik.  Be 
    careful not to fall in the water, by the way.
    10) All-Star Match 1
    "It's the Mario Stars: Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach and Bowser."
    This is a series of bouts with each of the above-mentioned characters.  You 
    can choose to be any character you'd like.  Remember to beat them each within 
    the four minutes provided.  When fighting Mario avoid falling through the 
    blocks.  This shouldn't provide much trouble for you.
    11) King of the Mountain
    "Ice Climbers protect their turf!  Just try to survive!"
    Give me a break!  This is no problem at all.  Choose a character and follow 
    the Ice Climbers up their mountain.  As they go rough them up and eventually 
    knock them to the sides to KO one or both.  There are two sets of Ice 
    Climbers.  Really though, this is unnecessary.  You just have to survive the 
    time limit.
    12) Seconds, Anyone?
    "Take out Capt. Falcon in less than seven seconds!"
    This is easy.  Be Yoshi, because he is a fast and strong character, and right 
    from the start to do one smash attack.  He'll go flying to the side to his 
    eventual demise.  I'm talking about a head-butt when I refer to the smash 
    attack.  That is Right + A.  This works with almost everyone.  If you're 
    good, you can get Capt. Falcon to die within three seconds or less.
    Dolphin_dude90 writes that it's better to use Captain Falcon for this event.  
    Use Falcon Punch (B) immediately.  The foolish enemy will walk into it and 
    you'll win in record time.
    13) Yoshi's Egg
    "Protect the single remaining Yoshi egg from being broken!"
    This is actually moderately challenging.  Do not even try to hurt the 
    opponents, Fox, DK, and Pikachu.  Pick up the egg right off and start jumping 
    around with it from side of the ship to side of the ship.  When about thirty-
    five seconds have passed the ship nears part two of the stage.  Wait for this 
    phase to expand and set the egg on one of the floating carpets.  Then lead 
    the computers away and after about twenty seconds you'll succeed.
    14) Trophy Tussle 1
    "Face off for a trophy!  The prize this time: Goomba!"
    Like it says, if you win you get the Goomba trophy.  Select a character and 
    you get three random opponents.  Seeing as how it would be impossible to know 
    who you pick and who you're adversaries are, it will be tough to give advice.  
    Generally, try juggling (hitting enemies up into the air and hitting them as 
    they fall) to KO them.  It is pretty easy because they don't fight back.  
    Everyone has two stocks.
    15) Girl Power
    "A group of femme fatales has dropped by for a visit..."
    Pick a character, a male character to make it funny, and face off against 
    Samus, Peach, and Zelda.  The other two are unimportant; take out Samus right 
    away.  She seeks you out more actively.  Everyone has two lives.  When Samus 
    is out of the picture have fun terrorizing the two remainders, who do less 
    16) Kirby's Air-raid
    "Warp Stars are everywhere!  Climb aboard and hang on!"
    You are Kirby and you must destroy ten of your own kind.  You can do this 
    with or without the abundant Warp Stars, although they help.  It takes about 
    ten seconds.
    17) Bounty Hunters
    "Fight a fellow bounty hunter for the bounty on Bowser!"
    For a long time I didn't know what to do.  But I figured it out.  First off, 
    do not try to kill Captain Falcon.  You need to get the last hit in on 
    Bowser.  This may take you a while, or near five seconds.  Kill Bowser as 
    quickly as possible.  To do this use your down smash attack on Bowser right 
    away to send him into the water.  Another easy way to win is to launch two 
    blasts (B attack) at Bowser from the start.  He will try to dodge and 
    unwittingly fall into the water.  This only works if you hit him with at 
    least one of the attacks before Captain Falcon does.
    18) Link's Adventure
    "Everyone has a dark side...  Link has two!"
    Definitely playing on Link's second game, The Adventure of Link, you must 
    battle Dark Link.  That'd be a totally cool character to control.  You each 
    have two stocks and this is an uphill battle.  Like in Ocarina of Time, Dark 
    Link is an infinitely better swordsman than you, most likely.  To avoid 
    losing like a total sucker get in the cave (lower level).  It will make it 
    extremely hard for him to KO you due to the fact that you bounce everywhere.  
    If you can get even one good hit in on Dark Link take it to the next level.  
    Just go at him in a frenzy and he'll take major damage.  It's the only way to 
    beat him without tricking him into falling off a ledge, although that works 
    nicely, too.  As one reader suggests, shooting an arrow at Dark Link as he's 
    charging you is the perfect way to open him up for combo attacks.
    19) Peach's Peril
    "Bowser's after Peach!  Again!  Guard her until time runs out."
    This can be tough, especially since Peach walks right up to Bowser just 
    begging to get KO'd.  Mario's Up + B works really well in this battle.  You 
    have one minute to protect Peach from being knocked out.  If you get a 
    Starman the match is yours.  Note that even if Bowser dies he'll come back, 
    but if you or Peach dies, you fail.
    20) All-Star Match 2
    "Nintendo's realistic stars are out in force."
    I guess they're just more realistic than the other characters.  You must 
    fight, in this order, Samus, Link, Zelda, Captain Falcon, and Fox.  Not too 
    realistic in my opinion, but hey.  I didn't make the game.  You have four 
    minutes to beat them as any character you want.  You have two lives and all 
    the other characters have one.  Yeah, real realistic.
    21) Ice Breaker
    "Your cold mission.... is to KO both Nanas."
    That means you must KO the pink ones, only.  Select your own character and 
    defeat the pink Ice Climbers.  Now, I have a good strategy that is relatively 
    easy to use.  Become Yoshi and use the ground pound move (B down from the 
    air) on the Ice Climbers.  More than likely they'll separate for a while.  
    Use another ground pound on Nana and she'll go flying.  Do the same for the 
    other pair and you're set.
    22) Super Mario 128
    "Battle 128 tiny Marios in a wild endurance match!"
    Get it?  Super Mario 128 is Super Mario 64 x 2.  Anyway, you choose your 
    character and get it over with.  I suggest choosing DK and using his B + Down 
    move constantly.  It makes the Marios fly by like seconds.
    23) Slippy's Invention
    "Slippy: With my new device, you guys'll be invisible!"
    This is a very cruel event.  It is pretty hard to beat, but you can select 
    your own character.  First off, you can only do damage to them when their 
    Cloaking Devices falter.  Secondly, they are invisible!  Each of you have two 
    stocks.  I recommend, no matter who you are, to make good use of your items.  
    Poke Balls, explosives, you name it, it will work.  If you make good use of 
    items it is dramatically easier.
    24) The Yoshi Herd
    "Yoshis, Yoshis, everywhere!  Defeat 30 within 2 minutes."
    Like it says, defeat thirty Yoshi in two minutes.  That means you've got to 
    do one per four seconds.  Not too hard, eh?  Seriously, use constant smash 
    attacks.  The last Yoshi is a giant Yoshi.
    25) Gargantuans
    "Giant Bowser VS. Giant DK in a spectacular war of titans!"
    You're Bowser and your one goal in life is to pulverize Donkey Kong.  There 
    are also one tiny Mario and one tiny Peach to beat.  You have one life and he 
    has two.  Trick DK into falling into a bottomless pit twice and you've won.
    26) Trophy Tussle 2
    "Another match for a prize...  Who will get Entei?"
    Like Trophy Tussle 1, I have limited help to offer.  First of all, try to 
    take out the most active opponent first.  Make good use of items and 
    remember.  The enemies can hurt each other, too.
    27) Cold Armor
    "These metal bounty hunters take no prisoners!"
    H-a-r-d!  You're Samus and you must defeat three metal Samus duplicates with 
    two stocks when you only have one.  Actually, this can be easily beaten if 
    you avoid confrontation.  Risk a jump to the lowest platform below the main 
    one and the other metal copies of you will try to join you.  They won't be 
    able to make it and you'll triumph in the most extreme of ways.  This doesn't 
    always work, so you may be forced into action.
    28) Puffballs Unite!
    "Kirbys galore...  each with a unique copied ability!"
    Select a character and prepare for a refreshingly easy event.  Choose to be 
    Donkey Kong and stand under a platform.  Use the Down + B technique and 
    you've got it made.  Make sure you don't fall into a pit, as you move very 
    slightly when you do this trick.
    29) Triforce Gathering
    "Enter Ganondorf!  Team up with Zelda and fight evil!"
    This is easy enough.  You are Link and you must defeat his arch nemesis, 
    Ganondorf.  Fortunately, you have Zelda at your back to aid you.  You have 
    one stock, like Zelda, but Ganondorf has two.  You need  to fight with Zelda 
    rather than letting her die and then having to face Ganondorf alone.  After 
    all, when Zelda dies, you lose.
    30) All-Star Match 3
    "Kirby, Pikachu, Ness and Ice Climbers want to fight!"
    Yes!  The misfits want some of this!  Choose your character and get ready for 
    battle.  Win within the usual four-minute time limit.
    31) Mario Bros. Madness
    "A classic plumber clash in the Mushroom Kingdom!"
    You VS. Mario VS. Luigi.  Whoever wins, we lose.  No really, this isn't too 
    hard.  Maybe it would've been on the N64, but in Melee Mario and Luigi have 
    really bad B + Over moves.  Lure them to the side and make them do it.  
    They'll rocket right out of bounds.  This strategy is a good time-waster, but 
    it won't win it for you.  All you have to do is survive them for two minutes.  
    You can die, too.  If you KO one of them once and don't die at all, you win.  
    That's how this event works.  So get more points then them like it was a VS. 
    match and you'll win.
    32) Target Acquired
    "Incoming Arwings!  KO Jigglypuff more than they do!"
    Do just what it says; KO Jigglypuff more than the lasers from the Arwings do.  
    Just be in its face, aggressive, and attack like you would for a Klondike 
    bar.  You have a minute.
    33) Lethal Marathon
    "Avoid the F-Zero machines and race for the finish."
    As Captain Falcon you must dash to the finish line within forty-five seconds.  
    This is very possible, especially since it looks like Captain Falcon is on 
    steroids in this event.  Just run and heed the warnings because they will 
    kill you in a second.
    34) Seven Years
    "Young Link VS. Link!  How can you fight yourself?"
    You get to be Young Link in this battle.  Both you and Link have three lives, 
    but you're much faster.  You have the advantage.  Take the fight to the lower 
    platform or the turtle, even to Tingle's balloon, and be sure to use your 
    shield.  This can be a challenging fight, but it can be won easily if you use 
    your projectiles, sword, and items to their full potential.  Alternately, 
    rsuddhi93 gives this tip: "First, go to the rock in the left side of the 
    stage and stand on the left edge. Wait for Link to do his sword-hop move 
    (Midair Down-A).  If he doesn't, and he just jumps down, you will have to 
    jump back to the main platform, then jump back on the rock. Anyways, when 
    Link does his Sword-hopping move, he will bounce off the rock and fall in the 
    water. Keep doing this until Link dies 3 times."
    35) Time for a Checkup
    "Are routine physicals supposed to hurt this much?"
    You are Luigi and you must fight Dr. Mario and Nurse Peach (you never get to 
    unlock Nurse Peach as a character).  This is so hard.  Unless you rock with 
    Luigi, you'll be beaten so badly it isn't funny.  Just about the only way to 
    win is to trick them into falling to their deaths.  Try to use the Over + B 
    move to duke them out and make Mario follow you.  He'll plunge to his death 
    and then you've got the nurse to deal with.  Handle her like a normal enemy 
    and you've won.
    36) Space Travelers
    "Adventurers head for Earth: Ness is the welcome wagon."
    You are Ness and you must face Samus, Kirby, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Falco 
    in succession.  This is all easy up until Captain Falcon.  The first three 
    are together, but Falco and Falcon are on a different stage.  Capt. Falcon 
    will beat to you a bloody pulp and then you have Falco to deal with.  It 
    takes a true Ness fan to beat this, or a lot of practice.
    37) Legendary Pokemon
    "A slew of legendary Pokemon are all the help you'll get!"
    Choose your character and then face Jigglypuff.  You must use Poke Balls to 
    win this match.  That is, you cannot damage Jigglypuff without using Poke 
    Balls.  Ignore the Fighting Wire Frames.  You have one life and Jigglypuff 
    has two.  Throw the Poke Balls at Jigglypuff for more effect and obviously 
    avoid its Pokemon.  Winning is a snap.
    38) Super Mario Bros. 2
    "The cast of the classic NES title are raring to go!"
    Slightly harder than the first Super Mario Bros. event, this one pits you 
    against Mario, Luigi, and Peach.  Choose a character and get into action.  
    Lure them to the higher elevated sides and knock them out of the stage for a 
    few easy KOs.  You all have two stocks.
    39) Jigglypuff Live!
    "Jigglypuff nabs the spotlight on center stage."
    With three stocks apiece four Jigglypuffs, one of them being yourself, must 
    face off.  Use items, especially Poke Balls, to defeat your assailants, and 
    try to use the Over + B tactic.  This shouldn't be too hard for you to 
    40) All-Star Match 4
    "Secret characters emerge to join forces."
    Choose a character and get ready.  You fight Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, 
    Mewtwo, and Mr. Game & Watch.  Be wary of the time limit (4:00) and 
    annihilate the combatants.  Especially that Mr. Game & Watch...
    41) En Garde!
    "The lithe Marth challenges Link in a battle of steel!"
    As Marth you must defeat Link.  Avoid using the long B moves; stick to quick 
    attacks with the A button.  It seems that computer players are oblivious to 
    Motion-Sensor Bombs.  Use your vast array of weapons and your sword skills to 
    defeat Link.
    42) Trouble King 2
    "Hey, Mario!  When did Bowser get so big, huh?"
    You must take on giga Bowser as little old Luigi.  Since you'll die instantly 
    if you get hit, I suggest you run.  Bowser will stay on the Squirtle like an 
    idiot until he dies on occasion.  Even if it kills you, which it probably 
    will, use the Over + B move to send Bowser straight into oblivion.  Your best 
    bet is to trick him into killing himself.  I've done this event in nine 
    seconds, so you can tell I wasn't going head to head with Bowser.
    43) Birds of Prey
    "Capt. Falcon and Falco join forces to take out Fox!"
    Another hard event.  As Fox you must defeat Captain Falcon and Falco.  Easier 
    said than done.  For me, it was easy to make Captain Falcon to kill himself 
    twice.  This is Big Blue, after all.  Falco deserves fighting, or self-
    destructs if you can make him do it.  I suggest you use the Up + B move and 
    Over + B move often, as they are life savers.
    44) Mewtwo Strikes!
    "Don't waste your time battling Zelda..."
    Pick a character, finally.  After a while you'll be assaulted by Mewtwo and 
    Zelda.  Everyone has one life and you need to defeat Mewtwo.  This is pretty 
    tough.  If you're Pikachu use your Down + B move, which is mildly successful.  
    Don't KO Zelda or Sheik because that makes you fail.  Often Mewtwo will just 
    kill himself.
    45) Game & Watch Forever!
    "The system that started a worldwide boom lives on!"
    You, as Mr. Game & Watch, must defeat your brethren.  None of Mr. Game & 
    Watch's attacks are powerful enough alone, so do rapid smash attacks on the 
    opponents.  The Up + B/A attack works like a charm for juggling/KOing 
    enemies.  kirbydude385 has this to add: "If you stand on the edge and 
    continually use your backward throw, the others will not be able to reach you 
    and you can throw them off the stage.  I've received no damage using this."
    46) Fire Emblem Pride
    "The heroes of Fire Emblem join forces to fight you!"
    Choose your fighter.  Each of you has three lives, but Marth and Roy are 
    allies and they will roast you if you're not careful.  First off, you fight 
    in Hyrule Temple, which is huge.  Fight in the lower level to prevent 
    yourself from flying out of bounds.  Second, run away like a complete coward 
    if need be.  Whenever you can get a hit in when Marth and Roy are separate do 
    so.  But don't try to have long, drawn-out fights.  Use basic hit-and-run 
    tactics and you'll victor.
    47) Trophy Tussle 3
    "Want a new trophy?  Here's your shot at Majora's Mask."
    Be Captain Falcon and get in between the two large spikes on the mask.  Get 
    in and use Falcon Kick over and over until you've killed them all.  Easy as 
    one, two, three.
    48) Pikachu and Pichu
    "These Pokemon are pals... but not with you!"
    This is such a hard level, but there is one effective strategy.  It was 
    inspired by DK and the fact that his grab picks people up.  Take a Pichu (not 
    Pikachu; killing him does nothing) and carry it to the edge.  Jump off and 
    you'll both die.  Repeat this for the second Pichu but make sure to throw it 
    just before you hit bottom.  In this manner you can easily conquer this 
    level.  You can also suck people in with Kirby and do the same.
    Alternately, gameman3 sends in this strategy, "You know how Pichu hurts 
    himself using his energy attacks, right?  Well, continuously fly above the 
    Pichus and move away before their Thunder attack (B + Down) hits you [Choose 
    a character like Kirby who can stay in the air long].  They accumulate damage 
    (3%) and are eventually easily KO-able.  [You'll have to] do this while 
    avoiding damage from Pikachu."  If I may add to this, their attack must 
    actually connect with the Pichus, which means that they can't be under either 
    of the wooden platforms.  Have them either above or to the very right or left 
    edge so that they can hurt themselves.
    49) All-Star Match Deluxe
    "Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Roy, Young Link, and Pichu!"
    It just keeps getting harder!  Pick your character and be ready for the 
    ultimate confrontation.  Speed through with ruthless fighting tactics and do 
    anything to win.  You have six to defeat and only four minutes.  Dr. Mario 
    often commits suicide.
    Lord Garthaur, a reader, has sent in a better strategy.  If you use Roy, 
    start with the B move.  Dr. Mario will walk into it.  If you're good with 
    Roy, just survive the rest to beat the event.
    50) Final Destination Match
    "Master Hand's the right hand; now meet the left!"
    This is by far the hardest event ever.  You have two Master Hands to face, 
    one being the Crazy Hand, each with 300 HP.  I've found the only way possible 
    to win is with Samus.  There's another strategy I saw my friend employ once, 
    but first the Samus strategy.  Basically, use A attacks and the B move often, 
    making sure to dodge and use the shield all the time.  Use the Over + B move 
    when you can but never attack when it compromises your safety.  Another 
    method, which turns out to be much easier, is to use Ganondorf.  Use the Up + 
    A smash attack to quickly take their health down.  I always go for the Master 
    Hand first, but since the Crazy Hand's tactics are foreign to you, try going 
    for the Crazy Hand first.  Keep trying and trying and trying until you win.  
    You know you're near the end when a forest background appears.  The Ganondorf 
    strategy appears to be the best because you can almost deal 100 HP damage in 
    one sitting.  Whatever works for you, use it.  I cannot stress the importance 
    of using the shield and aerial dodge, both of which are the R button.
    Lord Garthaur has sent in an alternate strategy that is very good.  If you 
    use Roy or Marth (I suggest the latter because he's faster), the best way to 
    beat the event is to use nonstop Counters to reflect their attacks back at 
    them (Counter in B + Down).  Garhaur writes that this strategy has allowed 
    his character to receive no damage.  A very good strategy, I must say.
    mr. mumbato also has a tip for this event regarding Yoshi; try using Yoshi's 
    Flutter Kick to inflict large amounts of damage quickly.  To perform the 
    move, jump into the air and press A + Down, but not a smash attack.  Yoshi 
    will run in air very quickly (staying in place, of course) to deal plenty of 
    damage in a few seconds.  But, beware; Yoshi has no third jump, so there's no 
    room to be careless.  You may want to combine this strategy with B + Up for 
    safe attacks from the ground.
    51) The Showdown
    "Giga Bowser, Mewtwo and Ganondorf unite!"
    This is actually remarkably easy.  Your first objective is to defeat Giga 
    Bowser because he is most likely to deal you death.  Now, don't laugh.  Use 
    Jigglypuff.  Okay, stop laughing.  I'm serious!  Settle down!  Alright, 
    you're done.  Yes, Jigglypuff possesses two very cheap tricks that will save 
    you so much sweat.  Use the B + Down move, rest.  This causes an almost 
    instant KO.  Whoever it hits, probably Giga Bowser since he's so huge, will 
    be engulfed in flames and fly off the screen.  This is most effective when 
    you attack from the air.  When Giga Bowser is out of the picture you have 
    Mewtwo and Ganondorf to deal with.  This is actually much harder than beating 
    Giga Bowser.  Lead them to one edge and then fly to the other side.  Power up 
    your B + Over move and release.  One of them will be KO'd.  Repeat until you 
    Alternately, try using a tip sent in by mr. mumbato: if you use Fox's Blaster 
    (that's B) very quickly, you can deal lots of damage on the three in a short 
    time.  When the trio approaches you, simply Fire Fox (B + Up) to the other 
    side of the arena and resume shooting.  When they're weak enough, it should 
    be easy to KO them.
    Congrats; you beat all the events!  You're a master!  To unlock new events, 
    beat all the previous ones and unlock new secret characters.  That's all 
    there is to it.
    ================================Target Test*=================================
    Target Test has one character seek out ten targets in a specially themed 
    zone.  I'll write how to hit each target with each character.
                                 |    Dr. Mario    |
    From the start jump onto the platform above and the one above that to hit 
    your first target.  Use the upper platform to hit the next target and fall to 
    the red platform.  Jump up to the top of the blue column and use the triple 
    jump to ht the highest target.  As you fall hit the lower target and use a 
    Megavitamin to hit the lowest one.  Fall to the starting platform.  Use the 
    third jump to hit the target inside the red bracket shaped bar and use a 
    Megavitamin to hit the lowest target on the way back.  Then go to the blue 
    column and jump to the red bar above it.  Get to the gray levitating platform 
    and use the third jump to hit the higher target.  Use a Megavitamin to hit 
    the target.  Fall through the platform and hit the target on the way down.
                                   |    Mario    |
    Hit the first one directly in front of you and then drop down to hit two at a 
    time with the third jump to the right.  Hit the target in the blocked off bar 
    area with a fireball and use another fireball to hit the target almost in the 
    water.  Use the elevator and three fireballs on the way up to hit three 
    targets.  From the third highest target jump to the highest red platform and 
    jump off the side from the right and use the third jump to hit the target 
    from here.  Then take the elevator down and use the third jump to reach the 
    last target.
                                   |    Luigi    |
    Just hit all the targets here.  Fireballs and third jumps work well.  Avoid 
    the bumpers and try your hardest to get a good time.
                                  |    Bowser    |
    There are four targets in the immediate vicinity, the fourth being by the 
    bumper.  To the left of the bumper are three targets.  Fall down from the 
    bumper platform and hit one of them as you fall.  Jump to the next platform 
    for the other and use the third jump for the next.  There are three on the 
    other side of the bumper.  Hit two of them as you fall from the bumper 
    platform and use the third jump to hit the last inside the stone arch.
                                   |    Peach    |
    Take the first two immediate targets out and fall to the left.  Get on the 
    platform and use the third jump twice to get two more targets.  Use it again 
    to get out of the lower region and use the third jump to get the highest 
    target in the tunnel to the right out of the way.  Jump down, hitting a 
    target as you go, and fall into the lower tunnel.  There are two targets to 
    hit here.  Then use a vegetable (B + Down) to hit the target far out there.  
    Jump up the platform and use the third jump to hit the final target.
                                   |    Yoshi    |
    Hit the first target right in front of you and then the bouncing target to 
    the right below.  Jump up and hit the target above.  Then jump onto the 
    platform, sort of in the shape of a musical note, and jump up into the arched 
    stone.  Hit the target and fall down to a C shaped platform.  Hit the target 
    within and jump to the wooden bridge.  Hit the three targets along the path 
    here and jump to the white moving platform below.  Hit the target as you go 
    and jump to another target.  Hit it.
                                |    Donkey Kong    |
    Hit the two targets around you and the third above you to the left.  Jump 
    onto the gray platform and hit the targets above it.  Then use the third jump 
    to hit the highest up target.  Return to the starting point and hit the two 
    targets before you and jump to hit the last.
                             |    Captain Falcon    |
    Hit the first four right in a row, ending at a ramp.  Jump up to a green 
    glowing platform and hit the target on it.  Hit the target in between the two 
    metal blocks and then jump to the space between the two pillars.  Use a B 
    attack to hit it.  Jump onto the rising metal blocks and use the third jump 
    to be on top of the pillar.  Hit the target as you fall and land on the 
    platform below.  Now go to where the first target was - beneath the rightmost 
    green glowing platform.  Jump onto the platform and hit the target above it.  
    Then use the blue platform to reach the last.
                                 |    Ganondorf    |
    From the first platform you'll be able to hit five of the targets that move 
    around.  Hit the one directly above it and jump to the one to the left.  Hit 
    the target when it pops up and get onto one of the wooden platforms that go 
    by swiftly.  There are three targets you can hit from there.
                                   |    Falco    |
    Hit the target directly above and the one to the left.  Step onto the lower 
    part of the platform you're on and hit the fast target.  From here hit the 
    target rotating the fiery object and the target that appears below it.  Fall 
    to the metallic platform below to the right (the lowest nook) and hit both 
    targets.  Now use the Up + B move to go through the two fiery objects to the 
    left.  Falco Illusion also works.  Hit the two targets below it (one appears 
    on and off).  Then use the Up + B to hit the highest target.
                                    |    Fox    |
    Fall down and in mid-air use the Up + B move to rocket up through the target.  
    Use the blaster to shoot the lower platform to the left and then use Up + B 
    to hit the highest one.  Use Up + B to get up and hit two more targets.  Then 
    use the Up + B to go through the thin part of the seemingly metal box to the 
    upper right and get that target.  As you fall out hit the target to the right 
    of it.  Use the blaster to shoot the other target and the Fox Illusion to hit 
    the last.
                                   |    Ness    |
    Use PK Thunder to hit the target above you and the two to the right.  Use it 
    to hit the one to the left as well as the other two to the left of the red 
    platforms and the one above.  Jump your way into the red bar maze to the 
    upper right and use PK Thunder three times, or actually hit the targets, to 
    get the last of them.
                               |    Ice Climbers    |
    Hit the target immediately to the right and jump up to the second one.  Note 
    that you're only Popo.  Anyway, make your way past the clouds getting two 
    more targets.  Then hit the two targets on this level and use the second set 
    of clouds to reach the next targets.  After it hit the remaining target and 
    the one the condor is carrying.
                                   |    Kirby    |
    Hit the target in front of you and slide down the slanted tunnel with the B + 
    Down technique.  You'll land on a wood platform.  Jump to hit the target to 
    the right and get to the wall near the target on the opposite side and use 
    the B + Over move on it to get another target.  Then repeat the slide motion 
    to reach the wood platform again.  Fly up to the platform to the right and 
    use a Down + A move to hit the target.  Fall down and hit the next target, 
    then use Up + B to hit the two targets above.  Get back on the wood platform 
    and fly over to the alcove with the last target.
                                   |    Samus    |
    Hit the target before you and use the Screw Attack to hit the targets above.  
    To the left are four targets.  Use a bomb on the one in the pit and shoot a 
    blast at the other.  Hit the target to the left and drop to the metal 
    platform below.  Screw Attack the target above and head to the right region 
    of the room.  Hit these last three targets with aerial attacks.
                                   |    Zelda    |
    Hit the target in front of you and use the Over + B to hit the next target.  
    Being Zelda, drop down and hit two other targets by using Zelda and the B + 
    Over move.  Switch to Sheik and use B + Over to hit the targets in the pit.  
    Now use the Up + B to get on the platform between the three Triforce statues.  
    Destroy the targets and switch to Zelda.  Use the Over + B move to hit the 
    target and go to the other side of the stage and fall through the platform 
    for the last target.
                                   |    Link    |
    Hit the two above you and head to the left.  Use arrows to get the two left 
    targets, hit the one on the platform, and fall through the platform, using a 
    spin attack to recover, to get the sixth target.  Fall down to the right and 
    get the seventh.  Use a series of jumps and spin attacks to get up to ten.
                                |    Young Link    |
    Use the third jump to get the first target and then jump out of the narrow 
    container you're in (use Y to kick off against the wall).  You'll land on a 
    block.  Spin attack to destroy the target and jump onto the right arrow head.  
    In about the middle charge up an arrow and shoot it to the right to hit 
    another target.  Then jump to the horizontal log and destroy the two targets 
    here.  Stand where the target in the box is and shoot an arrow at the target 
    when the log is up.  Then jump when the log is down to another target.  Then 
    go back to the box and shoot the target to the right (lower).  To break the 
    target in the box release the Boomerang and move down so that when the 
    Boomerang returns to you it hits the target.  Then use the spin attack to get 
    the last target.
                                   |    Pichu    |
    Use electric shocks to get the first three targets and jump up and hit the 
    fourth.  Get to the platform to the left and hit the two targets by it and 
    break the target in the three slanted bars by using the B attack.  For the 
    last three take the falling platforms up and destroy the targets along the 
                                  |    Pikachu    |
    Hit two of the targets above first and head right.  Use Thunder (B + Down) to 
    get the one in the arch and use the B move to get the one out in mid-air.  
    Jump to the fifth one and break it and then go to the starting area.  Take 
    the platforms up to two more targets and then use electric shocks to destroy 
    the final three targets.
                                |    Jigglypuff    |
    Destroy the two targets by you and fly through the hot objects to the third.  
    Float and destroy the fourth in the corner and fall down to the wood bridge.  
    Destroy the two targets along the way, ducking to avoid the flying objects.  
    Now, from the lower level fly by all the targets, using only one Y or X tap 
    per target, to hit them all.
                                  |    Mewtwo    |
    Jump up, destroy the target, and teleport into the arch to destroy two more.  
    Break the targets in the red and blue cursors and use one of them to reach 
    the upper right target.  Now fall through the main platform, hit two of the 
    targets as they pop up, and hit the last two as you fall.
                             |    Mr. Game & Watch    |
    Just hit all the targets as they randomly zoom around the screen.  The Up + B 
    move works like a charm.  B is good too.
                                   |    Marth    |
    There are three in separate sections you can hit with the Up + B from the 
    start.  Then jump to the top and hit the target in the L shaped figure.  
    There's another in the air near it.  Hit the two by the bumper and fall into 
    the tunnel it is by.  Use the B attack to hit the target near it and fall to 
    the platform below.  Duck under the bumper, quickly hit the target, duck 
    again, and jump to hit the last target.
                                    |    Roy    |
    Hit the one right above you first, obviously.  Jump to the side of the block 
    to the right and use the third jump to hit the target.  Break the other two 
    targets with your sword and use your third jump to reach a platform by two 
    more targets.  Hit them.  Now fall to the first platform and jump under the 
    bumpers to the left and use the third jump to hit two targets on a platform 
    to the left.  Get back to where you were before you fell back down and jump 
    while holding B.  Release at the right time to hit both targets.
    That's how you beat all the target tests.  When you press start and Z to 
    restart, hold R and L too so that your character's theme music plays.
    ==============================Home-Run Contest*==============================
    The Home-Run Contest is the ultimate test of who can beat up a sandbag the 
    quickest and hit it the farthest.  Yoshi's the man here.  He holds the record 
    for furthest hit and you'll see why.  Here, I'll list strategies to hit the 
    bag.  You have ten seconds to fling the thing as far as you can with a Home-
    Run Bat.
    Note: My strategies are based on the idea that you want to unlock the stages 
    and trophies in this section quickly and easily, not break world records.  
    There are other guides that explain how to get thousands of feet more than 
    mine.  Use them if you feel the need to do so.  Also, if you set the language 
    to Japanese instead of English the starting platform will be longer, allowing 
    for better scores.  Also, hitting with the tip of the bat gives good 
    Dr. Mario: I have a very easy trick to getting at least 1100 feet in.  First, 
    grab the bat right away and then quickly use the B + Over move over and over 
    and over.  You should get ten hits in.  With about one second left use a 
    smash attack with the bat and Sandbag will go flying.
    Mario: Mario is a lot weaker than Dr. Mario.  Grab the bat right away and 
    shoot four fireballs at the bag (B).  Then run up to it and use six or seven 
    Over + B attacks.  Smash the bag with the bat and it will go for about 1100 
    feet.  If you do it right, the damage should rack up to 80%.
    Luigi: Simply do five smash A + Down attacks in succession after getting the 
    bat.  If there's time fireball it and then smash the bag for near 1100 feet.
    Bowser: Get the bat as soon as you can and use five smash A + Up attacks.  
    When the bag is falling from the fifth step back and use a smash hit with the 
    Home-Run Bat.  You'll get a good 1000 feet or so.
    Peach: For an astounding 1300 feet!  First, do three smash Up + A's.  As it 
    lands use a Down + A smash attack twice.  When it's falling use the aerial 
    Down + A to hit it.  Then swing!
    Yoshi: The main man Yoshi!  It is possible to get over 3000 feet with him, 
    but I'll show you the easy way to do this.  Grab the bat and do one jump over 
    the bag.  Position yourself to be aligned with the bag and use the Down + A 
    move, not smash.  This is the Flutter Kick, and should do almost 30 % damage 
    each time.  Use it five times and with the last second use a smash attack 
    with the bat.  You should get, with this technique, at least 1500 feet.
    DK: You must be quick.  Head butt the bag with Over + B and then use the Down 
    + B attack on it for a while.  It will not move.  When time is running out 
    use a smash hit with the bat.  If you can use this multiple times, you get 
    about 900 feet.
    C. Falcon: You'll be lucky if you get 300 feet with this guy.  Because of the 
    way Captain Falcon hits something with the Home-Run Bat (He hits it up) 
    you'll never be able to hit it more than a couple hundred feet.  So, when you 
    start do get the bat.  It is possible to deal the bag great damage with the 
    bat and not send it into an endless uprising.  When you smash attack, doing 
    about thirty percent damage, pull back right away to not do a full smash.  If 
    you do this four times and then use a Falcon Punch you'll get more than 550.  
    Devin Acosta suggests that you Raptor Boost (B + Right) to the bag to deal 
    extra damage, and while it's in the air power up one of those smash-but-not-
    upwards attacks with the bat.  Then repeat this to the end and do a Falcon 
    Punch (B) at around 2, or 1 if you're a risk-taker, seconds.  Devin says that 
    with this technique he got 1169.96 feet, quite impressive especially for this 
    Ganondorf: Although their moves are the same, Ganondorf hits much harder than 
    Captain Falcon and doesn't have the bat quirk.  For over 1200 feet, grab the 
    bat and use a smash Up + A attack.  While the bag is in the air use an aerial 
    Down + A attack to smash it to ground.  It will be standing upright.  Do this 
    one more time, minus the second Down + A move, and use a smash attack on the 
    bat.  Bam!
    Falco: For 800 feet, grab the bat and hit the bag with it once, non-smash, 
    for 12% damage.  Then use continual Up + A attacks, non-smash, to juggle 
    Sandbag.  When it crashes down to Earth when time is almost up, use a smash 
    attack with the Home-Run Bat.
    Fox: Get the bat and shoot as fast as you can with B at the bag.  When damage 
    is over 70% hit it with the bat for over 1000 feet.  Keep doing it, mastering 
    the quick fire, and you'll get more.
    Ness: Ness has a bat of his own, but not as good as the Home-Run Bat.  Grab 
    the HR Bat and use a PK Fire, Over + B.  As it burns jump up and use a Down + 
    A move to cast it to the floor.  Continue the sequence of event until time 
    stops you and smash the bag for 700 feet.
    Ice Climbers: Take the bat and stand next to Sandbag.  Use a non-smash Up + A 
    to juggle the bag to 80%.  This may take work.  The Up + A I'm referring to 
    involves lifting the hammer up.  When you're ready use a smash bat hit to use 
    not only Popo's bat, but Nana's hammer, to knock it 1100 feet into the 
    Kirby: For about 700 feet just keep using the Up + B move.  Then smite the 
    bag with the bat.  Easy as one-two-three.
    Samus: Use the following combo on the bag: Over + B (while holding up), A, 
    repeat.  When time is running out swing the bat at the bag for about 1100 
    Zelda: First off, you need to be Sheik.  To avoid wasting time with a 
    transformation, hold A as you press Z on the start screen to restart.  You'll 
    be Sheik right off the bat (get it?  I made a pun!).  Sheik has a few 
    strategies of her own, but Zelda can actually do a pretty descent job on her 
    own.  For 800 feet grab the bat and continually use Down + A attacks.  When 
    time is running out smash Sandbag.
    Link: For about 850 feet grab the bat and charge the bow almost all the way, 
    doing about 14% damage.  For the remainder of the time charge the bow all the 
    way and the bag should just barely stay on the platform.  Smash it when the 
    end is imminent and it will soar.
    Young Link: If you do a total of 47% damage with the bow, like in Link's 
    strategy, Sandbag will just barely not fall off the edge.  Take the bat and 
    bludgeon the thing to the 750 feet line.
    Pichu: Take the bat and send two B moves at it.  Then stand "under" the bag 
    and use three quick Down + B attacks.  As the sandbag falls unleash a smash 
    attack with the bat for almost 1000 feet.
    Pikachu: Take the HR Bat and have Pikachu's back face the bag.  Use a series 
    of Up + A smash attacks to juggle the bag and when it falls charge a hit with 
    the bat.  This yields results in the 1000 feet.
    Jigglypuff: Repeatedly use the smash Up + A move until time is running out.  
    Position yourself under the bag and use a smash hit on it as it falls for 
    optimum results, about 900 feet.
    Mewtwo: If you want 850 feet, nab the bat and use the Over + B as fast as you 
    can.  When one seconds remains use a smash attack with the bat.
    Mr. Game & Watch: I managed to get 600 feet with this guy.  First, hit it 
    with the bat, non-smash.  It will land on the other side of the platform.  
    Then use an aerial Down + A attack to send it to the very edge of the 
    platform.  Get on the field and use an Up + A to center the bag and then use 
    a smash attack with the Home-Run Bat.
    Marth: Marth has a fairly weak non-smash hit with the Home-Run Bat, so hit 
    Sandbag with it to the edge.  When there use an Up + B to knock it forward a 
    little (from the field) and then jump behind it.  Hit it once more with a 
    non-smash bat attack and then charge up your smash attack with the bat.
    Roy: Colin SSX writes that, if you ignore the bat, use Up + B two to three 
    times, and then a fully charged B move, you can achieve 1000-1450 feet.  He 
    admits to it being very difficult, but if performed correctly, it works.  To 
    modify that, thepsychopenguin says that Up + A smash is a better option, 
    since it causes the bag to go straight up (as opposed to Up + B, which slants 
    a bit).  Using this method, it's important to strike with the tip of the 
    blade rather than the center, the only hard part about it.  I think either 
    method is fine, but using the bat doesn't hurt either, as you can get around 
    1200 with such a smash attack.
    There you have it.  Using those techniques, or less, you can get all the 
    secrets related to this stadium option.  I am not interested in different 
    strategies because these are the easiest ways to unlock the secrets.  In 
    other words: I am no longer taking corrections to this mode of play.
    ==============================Multi-Man Melee*===============================
    Here, you fight lots of Fighting Wire Frames, the equivalent of the Polygon 
    Team from the original Super Smash Bros.  There are six versions of Multi-Man 
    Melee, each harder than the last.
    10-Man Melee: You fight a whopping ten wire frames.  Be careful, now.
    100-Man Melee: Here's where it gets interesting.  Choose to be Donkey Kong 
    and stand under either platform.  Use the Down + B move to pound the ground 
    and when enemies approach you they will die instantly.  Other than falling 
    off the stage, which does pose a threat as you will move ever so slightly.
    3-Minute Melee: Not too difficult.  Be DK and repeat the ground pounding 
    steps you used in 100-Man Melee.
    15-Minute Melee: When I was done with this my fingers cracked when I moved 
    them.  This will probably be hard to carry on for you, but you need to use 
    the DK strategy of 100-Man Melee here, or try to duke it out for 15 minutes 
    straight without losing a life.  Chances are you'll take quite a bit of 
    damage either way.
    Endless Melee: It's the ultimate test of endurance.  It's not much different 
    from the other timed versions except this one has no time limit.  I really 
    find no fun in such endless endurance tests, but it's your choice...
    Cruel Melee: This is by far the hardest of all the Multi-Man Melees.  Your 
    goal is to kill only five of them.  Easy, right?  Wrong!  You just failed the 
    test.  They had to add three new letters to the alphabet just to give you 
    your grade!  Sorry...  I don't know what came over me...  Anyway, choose to be 
    Ness.  As Ness, jump off the side of the arena and all the wire frames will 
    flock there.  Use the Up + B move unleash the psychic beam and shoot yourself 
    at the Fight Wire Frames.  It may take practice, but you'll manage.  This is 
    hard because all the frames seek you out, beat you up, and KO you like you're 
    a tenth of the weight of Kirby with 300 % damage.  You'll be massacred if you 
    try the DK strategy.  So, I think the Ness way is the best way for getting 
    five frames out of the way.
    Bonsack John writes this tip: "What I do is get Jigglypuff, go up to the top 
    right so that they all gather on middle right platform, then go around and 
    under on to the main stage under them and when they come down use down-
    b(works really well; I've gotten up to 30 kills with this method)."
    =============================Secret Characters*==============================
    There are eleven secret characters, most of them "clones".  They are clones 
    because their moves are exactly the same as or nearly the same as another 
    character.  These are the only secret characters; you cannot unlock Sonic or 
    Tails, or any other supposed secret character.  It just isn't possible.  When 
    you unlock a character, they will challenge you.  Beat them to have them as a 
    selectable character.  If you lose, you must repeat the process of getting 
    the character.
    Dr. Mario: Play 100 VS matches, or beat Classic or Adventure Mode with Mario, 
    using no Continues.  Dr. Mario will challenge you afterward.
    Luigi: When playing in Adventure Mode finish the Mushroom Kingdom stage (the 
    first part) when the timer's second count is on 2.  This means that the third 
    column of numbers from the left is 2.  In a cinema Mario will jump up and 
    Luigi will jump on him.  You'll face Luigi and Peach instead of Mario and 
    Peach in that round of the Adventure Mode.  After you beat Bowser, Luigi will 
    challenge you.  Beat him to win.  You can also play 800 VS matches.
    Ganondorf: The easiest way to unlock him is to beat the twenty-ninth Event 
    match, Triforce Gathering.  An alternate method is to play 600 VS matches.
    Falco: Either play 300 VS matches or beat 100-Man Melee in Multi-Man Melee.  
    At the end Falco will challenge whoever you selected to play with.
    Young Link: Clear Classic Mode as Link, Zelda, and any eight other 
    characters.  You can also unlock Link's younger self by playing 500 VS 
    Pichu: The easiest way to get this is to beat the thirty-seventh event, 
    Legendary Pokemon.  You can also play 200 VS matches.
    Jigglypuff: Play a measly 50 VS matches or beat Classic or Adventure mode 
    with any character.
    Mewtwo: Play 700 VS matches, or play 20 hours in a VS match.  Since you're 
    probably going to choose play 20 hours, I'll talk about that.  According to 
    the number of human players playing, the time counts double, triple, or 
    quadruple.  That is to say, with one player it takes 20 hours.  With two it 
    takes ten, with three it takes six hours and forty minutes, and with four it 
    takes five hours total.  However, this cannot be while on pause.  Also, CPU 
    players do not count.  They must be human players.  An easy way to do this is 
    to plug in all the controllers you have and have 1P be the character you want 
    to fight Mewtwo with.  Make it a stock battle on any stage with no hazards, 
    such as Fountain of Dreams, where each character has only one or two lives.  
    Leave the game setting overnight and when you wake up, kill all but 1P and if 
    you left it on long enough Mewtwo will come challenge you.
    Mr. Game & Watch: Either play 1000 VS matches, or beat Break the Targets, 
    Classic Mode, or Adventure mode with every other character.
    Marth: Play 400 VS matches.  The alternative, which is much easier, is to use 
    all fourteen of the original non-secret characters at least once in Classic, 
    Adventure, or VS Mode.
    Roy: Play 900 VS matches or beat Classic or Adventure Mode with Marth without 
    using a continue.
    There you have it!  By the by, if you have decided to go with the VS match 
    alternative that each secret character has, then make each match a one stock 
    match on Rainbow Cruise.  Jump off from the start and you just played a VS 
    match.  It doesn't take long and it can save you lots of trouble if you just 
    can't seem to live up to the secret character's standards.
    ===============================Other Secrets*================================
    There are several other secrets that you can unlock besides characters, which 
    are the best unlock-able items.  First, I'll list the many stages that can be 
                               |    Secret Stages    |
    Flat Zone: Beat All-Star, Classic, or Adventure Mode with Mr. Game & Watch.
    Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Big Blue, Poke Floats: These come in a package.  
    Randomly, you will unlock the stages as you play VS matches.  50 matches gets 
    you one, 100 gets you another, 150 gets you a third, and 200 unlocks the 
    final stage of the four.
    Mushroom Kingdom II: Get the Birdo trophy.
    Battlefield: Beat All-Star Mode with any character.
    Final Destination: Beat the fifty-first event, The Showdown.
    Dream Land: Beat, with all characters, Break the Target.
    Yoshi's Island: Get 1300 + feet in the Home-Run Contest with any character.
    Kongo Jungle: Beat 15-Minute Melee in Multi-Man Melee with any character.
    Those are all the stages you can unlock.  Now, there are a few modes of play 
    or options you can unlock.  Here's how.
                              |    Various Secrets    |
    All-Star Mode: Unlock all twenty-five characters.
    Random Stage Switch: Unlock Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Big Blue, and Poke 
    Floats.  This lets you choose which stages aren't options in the random stage 
    select when choosing a stage to fight on in VS mode.
    Score Display: Once you've gotten 5000 KO's or more, you can activate this.  
    It will display scores during VS matches.
    Sound Test: Beat the fifty-first event, The Showdown, get all characters, and 
    get all stages.
    That's everything you can unlock.  There is no Giga Mushroom, an item you 
    unlock that is like getting two Super Mushrooms.  As metroid03820 points out, 
    Super Mushrooms in Giant Melee are like what the Giga Mushroom would be, 
    which is probably where this rumor originated.
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    ||--------------------------------Section 3*-------------------------------||
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    ==================================VS. Mode*==================================
    The best part of the game is the multi-player.  This holds true for many 
    titles, and this one included.  CPU characters are usually predictable; they 
    always go after human players and never break from patterns.  Human players 
    are better.  You can collaborate with them, settle grudges, and talk to them.  
    So, in the spirit of shoving one colossal stabbing instrument in your 
    friend's back, let the VS mode begin!
    There are many modes of play in VS mode.  The standard "Melee" battle is two 
    minutes between up to four combatants.  Whoever KO's the most people (+ 1 
    point) and doesn't lose the most lives (- 1 point) wins.  But this is no fun.  
    There are several custom rules you can enable, each with their own 
    interesting effects.
                              |    Win Conditions    |
    There are four types of Melee.  Here they are.
    Time: Compete for points based on KOs and Falls in a timed battle.
    Stock: Battle to be the last one standing.
    Coin: Battle to collect the most Coins.
    Bonus: Compete for points based on fighting style.
                          |    Other Rules & Ramblings    |
    They are what they say.  But there are many other rules.  In Bonus, Time, and 
    Coin matches you can set a time limit.  In Stock matches you can set stocks 
    (lives).  Handicaps make it easier or harder for you to win based on win 
    percentages.  Damage Ratio can be adjusted so that it takes more or less 
    damage to send you flying.  Stage Selection lets you choose if you want to be 
    able to pick stages.  Item Switch lets you adjust what items appear when you 
    fight and at what frequency.  If you want, you can set time limits on Stock 
    matches.  If you change Friendly Fire than you can hurt allies.  You can turn 
    Pause off.  You can determine how much Self-Destructs are worth (when you 
    kill yourself without aid from opponents).  You can also use Random Stage 
    Selection (unlock) to see which stages should be included when you choose 
    Random on stage selection.
    Then there are several different ways to play a match.  This is called 
    Special Melee.  In Camera Mode you can take pictures with the Smash Cam, 
    which are saved to your memory card.  Stamina Mode reverses the usual % based 
    damage and gives you HP, like the Master Hand has.  Super Sudden Death mode 
    starts all characters off with 300% damage, even when they are reborn after a 
    KO.  In Giant Melee you play as giant versions of yourselves.  Tiny Melee is 
    just the opposite.  Invisible Melee gives all characters constant Cloaking 
    Devices.  Fixed-Camera Mode keeps the view of the stage constant.  Single-
    Button Mode makes the A button the only button you can use.  Lighting Melee 
    is playing with a constant Bunny Hood.  Slo-Mo Melee makes you fight in slow-
    There are a few fun things you can do to make matches better.  My favorite 
    mode is stock.  If you want, when playing Giant Melee make the only item that 
    appears the Super Mushroom and make it appear very high.  If you're having a 
    face-off, do it with no items on Final Destination.  Play on Final 
    Destination as your best character and fight a level 9 version of yourself.  
    It's the ultimate test of who's the boss.  Also, you can have item-based 
    battles by changing all items to off but the one you use.  Another fun thing 
    to do is to play with teams.  To do this press A when the hand is on the 
    words in the upper left corner.  Make all the CPU's level 1 and play on 
    Corneria.  You and your friends will have a ball trying to force the CPU's to 
    fight each other in the lower level.  You could even place a bet (depending 
    on the laws regarding gambling in your state/province/region).  You can even 
    sort of simulate a few Pokemon matches by setting it to Friendly Fire and 
    playing on teams.
    Aside from Name Entry (which will lets you change the names of characters you 
    play as, such as initials), there is Tournament.  You or a group of friends 
    can compete against each other in tournament-style fights.  It is ideal if 
    you want to have a real tournament.  There can be up to 64 entrants, but they 
    can be computer players.
    =================================Move List*==================================
    Here's a list of every move each character has.  Enjoy.  By the way, since 
    each character has essentially the same A moves, I only list B moves, as they 
    are unique to each character.  You may be grumbling amongst yourselves that A 
    moves are different for each character.  Of course, each A move has a name 
    and it will mean absolutely nothing to you.  Each character also has a grab 
    technique (Z).
                                 |    Dr. Mario    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                  Megavitamin
                   B + Down                           Dr. Tornado
                   B + Over                           Super Sheet
                   B + Up                        Super Jump Punch
    Megavitamin is your standard long-range B attack.  Dr. Torando is a good 
    juggling move, while Super Sheet reflects projectiles back at their source.  
    Super Jump Punch is the fall recovery technique.
                                   |    Mario    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                     Fireball
                   B + Down                         Mario Tornado
                   B + Over                                  Cape
                   B + Up                        Super Jump Punch
    Fireball is an easy B move that can be manipulated when you're at a distance 
    from the enemy.  Mario Tornado is a great juggling move and Cape reflects 
    projectiles.  Super Jump Punch is the fall recovery move.
                                   |    Luigi    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                     Fireball
                   B + Down                         Luigi Cyclone
                   B + Over                         Green Missile
                   B + Up                        Super Jump Punch
    Luigi is a clone of Mario, as is Dr. Mario, but he has a few distinctions.  
    For one, Luigi's Fireball is green and it does not bounce, but rather it 
    continues in a horizontal line unaffected by gravity.  Green Missile launches 
    Luigi to the side, which is a useful for fall recoveries.  His Super Jump 
    Punch occasionally hits an opponent and engulfs them in flames, doing much 
    more damage than normal.
                                  |    Bowser    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                  Fire Breath
                   B + Down                           Bowser Bomb
                   B + Over                            Koopa Klaw
                   B + Up                       Whirling Fortress
    Bowser is slow, which is his main disadvantage.  Fire Breath unleashes fire 
    as if from a Fire Flower, but it does not last forever.  The Bowser Bomb is a 
    ground pound that is surprisingly weak.  Koopa Klaw can scratch and is an 
    alternate grabbing move.  Whirling Fortress is the fall recovery technique 
    that makes him look a lot like a turtle.
                                   |    Peach    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                         Toad
                   B + Down                             Vegetable
                   B + Over                          Peach Bomber
                   B + Up                           Peach Parasol
    Peach can use a floating in air move by moving the control stick to the side 
    while jumping.  Peach's Toad move places one of her loyal subjects, Toad, in 
    front of her, which absorbs attacks.  Vegetable has her pull out a turnip-
    like item that can be thrown at enemies.  Every now and then she pulls out a 
    bomb.  Peach Bomber is a powerful side explosive kick move and Peach Parasol 
    will slow your descent and recover from a fall.
                                   |    Yoshi    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                      Egg Lay
                   B + Down                            Yoshi Bomb
                   B + Over                              Egg Roll
                   B + Up                               Egg Throw
    Yoshi has no third jump, although his second jump is huge.  This leaves Yoshi 
    vulnerable to far attacks.  Egg Lay can KO an enemy if done correctly; stand 
    on the edge and use Egg Lay so the egg falls down a pit.  Egg Roll makes 
    Yoshi invulnerable as he rolls around, but the shell can be broken.  Egg 
    Throw is not a fall recovery move.  It throws an egg, which can be somewhat 
    directed by holding B.
                                |    Donkey Kong    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                  Giant Punch
                   B + Down                             Hand Slap
                   B + Over                              Headbutt
                   B + Up                           Spinning Kong
    DK's Giant Punch lets him store a very powerful wallop for later, or use it 
    then.  It needs charging, however.  Hand Slap is useful in the fray to break 
    up intense fighting, but it leaves your back open.  Headbutt will pound 
    enemies into the ground and they'll be stuck for a while.  Try using the Hand 
    Slap/Heabutt combo.  Spinning Kong is a powerful attack and the fall recovery 
                                 |    C. Falcon    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                 Falcon Punch
                   B + Down                           Falcon Kick
                   B + Over                          Raptor Boost
                   B + Up                             Falcon Dive
    Falcon Punch is a very slow, but extremely powerful attack.  Use it when an 
    enemy is stunned, asleep, or their shield is broken.  Falcon Kick is an all-
    purpose attack that can be cheap if overused.  If you use it on a surface 
    you'll go forward for a while.  Raptor Boost is a quick move, almost a fall 
    recovery technique if you need it.  Falcon Dive is Captain Falcon's most 
    annoying move, as when you're trying to edge guard (stand on the edge and 
    attack to prevent a fall recovery) he'll use it and put you in his place.
                                 |    Ganondorf    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                Warlock Punch
                   B + Down                         Wizard's Foot
                   B + Over                         Gerudo Dragon
                   B + Up                               Dark Dive
    Ganondorf is a clone of Captain Falcon, and as such they have almost exactly 
    the same moves.  Warlock Punch is a more powerful version of the Falcon 
    Punch, although it is just as slow, and Wizard's Foot is like Falcon Kick.  
    Gerudo Dragon and Dark Dive are just like Captain Falcon's Raptor Boost and 
    Falcon Dive, respectively.  The only difference between them is that 
    Ganondorf is much slower and by far much more powerful.
                                    |    Fox    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                      Blaster
                   B + Down                             Reflector
                   B + Over                          Fox Illusion
                   B + Up                                Fire Fox
    Fox's Blaster move does not stun the enemy whatsoever; it causes no reaction.  
    Although they don't flinch, the Blaster does do lots of damage, especially 
    when used quickly.  Reflector, as its name implies, deflects projectiles, 
    except for physical projectiles, like arrows or bombs.  Fox Illusion can be 
    used in succession to and fro to rack up major damage and leave your enemy 
    off kilter.  Fire Fox is the fall recovery move, which can be used in any 
                                   |    Falco    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                      Blaster
                   B + Down                             Reflector
                   B + Over                        Falco Phantasm
                   B + Up                               Fire Bird
    Falco is the clone of Fox.  His Blaster is slower than Fox's is, but it 
    causes more damage and makes enemies flinch.  Reflector deflects non-physical 
    projectiles, such as lasers, and Falco Phantasm can be used side to side to 
    do critical damage.  Fire Bird is the fall recovery technique and can be 
    aimed in any direction.
                                   |    Ness    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                     PK Flash
                   B + Down                            PSI Magnet
                   B + Over                               PK Fire
                   B + Up                              PK Thunder
    Ness is a harder character to handle.  PK Fire emits fire, which does lots of 
    damage when it hits an enemy.  PSI Magnet absorbs enemy attacks and converts 
    them to health for Ness, such as fire.  Bowser and Ness would make a good tag 
    team because Bowser could replenish Ness's health.  PK Flash is an in-the-
    fray move that you'll be lucky if it hits someone with.  PK Thunder is Ness's 
    unique third jump, in which he unleashes a wave of psychic energy.  You 
    control the wave, so you can attack enemies with it, or hit Ness to make him 
    a projectile, knocking him to the ledge.  Ness is vulnerable while 
    controlling PK Thunder.
                               |    Ice Climbers    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                     Ice Shot
                   B + Down                              Blizzard
                   B + Over                         Squall Hammer
                   B + Up                                   Belay
    Nana's the pink and Popo's the blue.  If Popo is KO'd, but are, but if Nana 
    is, Popo remains.  With Ice Shot the pair fire icicles at nearby opponents.  
    Blizzard releases freezing winds from up their sleeves.  Squall Hammer makes 
    them spin around with ready hammers.  Belay connects the two as they do a 
    huge third jump, but without Nana the jump is nothing at all.
                                   |    Kirby    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                      Swallow
                   B + Down                                 Stone
                   B + Over                                Hammer
                   B + Up                            Final Cutter
    Kirby's B move lets him swallow a character and then copy their "power".  In 
    other words, after using Swallow Kirby changes appearance and mimics the 
    swallowed character's B move.  B + Down transforms Kirby into a stone, or a 
    heavy object, and makes him invincible for a short time.  Hammer lets him 
    pound a mallet down, or swing it around in air.  Final Cutter, his fall 
    recovery move, allows Kirby to jump up high and fall down with a sword 
                                   |    Samus    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                  Charge Shot
                   B + Down                                  Bomb
                   B + Over                               Missile
                   B + Up                            Screw Attack
    Charge Shot is Samus's trademark move.  It is a blue orb of energy that is 
    powered up and released.  You can also save it for later.  Bomb is a weak 
    attack where you plant a bomb in the area.  Missile is a homing missile that 
    is directed at opponents.  Screw Attack is the fall recovery technique and 
    also does quite a hefty sum of damage.
                                   |    Zelda    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                 Nayru's Love
                   B + Down                             Transform
                   B + Over                            Din's Fire
                   B + Up                           Farore's Wind
    Zelda's attacks are items Link gets in the Ocarina of Time.  Nayru's Love 
    deflects projectiles and nearby foes.  Transform changes Zelda into Sheik.  
    Din's Fire has Zelda release a magic attack that is semi-invisible and 
    explodes when you let go of B.  Farore's Wind is Zelda's huge third jump and 
    fall recovery technique.
                                   |    Sheik    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                 Needle Storm
                   B + Down                             Transform
                   B + Over                                 Chain
                   B + Up                                  Vanish
    Sheik's Needle Storm release a barrage of darts, which can be stored by 
    tilting the control stick.  Transform changes Sheik to Zelda.  To start as 
    Sheik, when you press Start and are restarting a match, hold A.  Chain is a 
    pretty weak attack where Sheik uses a chain as a whip.  Vanish is Sheik's 
    claim to fame, in which Sheik uses a third jump/fall recovery move where she 
    seemingly disappears.
                                   |    Link    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                          Bow
                   B + Down                                  Bomb
                   B + Over                             Boomerang
                   B + Up                             Spin Attack
    Link's Bow can be charged and released letting fly an arrow that can do 17% 
    damage.  Bomb can be thrown at enemies, just as Boomerang can, which usually 
    does a double hit.  If you tilt the control stick up or down you can change 
    the Boomerang's flight pattern.  Spin Attack is Link's signature move, in 
    which he spins the Master Sword is a circular motion.  This also elevates 
    him, making it a third jump.  If you stand still, Link's shield can absorb 
    projectiles.  Also, Link's grab move (Z) releases the Hookshot.
                                |    Young Link    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                     Fire Bow
                   B + Down                                  Bomb
                   B + Over                             Boomerang
                   B + Up                             Spin Attack
    Young Link is a clone of Link.  Young Link is faster, but weaker, since he is 
    younger and he uses the Kokiri Sword.  Fire Bow is a more powerful version of 
    Link's Bow.  The Bomb is the same as Link's, as is the Boomerang.  The Spin 
    Attack is weaker, but has the same effect.  Notice that Link's taunt has him 
    drink a bottle of Lon Lon Milk.  He also carries bugs in his bottles, which 
    raises questions of hygiene.
                                   |    Pichu    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                 Thunder Jolt
                   B + Down                               Thunder
                   B + Over                            Skull Bash
                   B + Up                                 Agility
    Pichu is a tad stronger than Pikachu, and faster, but Pichu's main 
    disadvantage is that it hurts itself when it attacks.  Pichu's Thunder Jolt 
    is hardly worth using since it does such minimal damage and hurts Pichu.  
    Thunder is a useful attack in which Pichu summons a lightning bolt to it, but 
    it leaves you vulnerable for about a second.  Skull Bash is a continuous head 
    butt attack.  Agility is a hard-to-control third jump.
                                  |    Pikachu    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                 Thunder Jolt
                   B + Down                               Thunder
                   B + Over                            Skull Bash
                   B + Up                            Quick Attack
    Thunder Jolt is a great move to use as, if it hits an enemy, they flinch 
    leaving them open for attack for half a second.  Thunder is an abused attack 
    by humans that lets Pikachu draw lightning to it, and characters above it.  
    Skull Bash is a repetitive attack meant to rack damage, although enemies can 
    usually easily escape it.  Quick Attack allows for a "fourth jump" if you use 
    it correctly.
                                |    Jigglypuff    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                      Rollout
                   B + Down                                  Rest
                   B + Over                                 Pound
                   B + Up                                    Sing
    Jigglypuff is a highly underrated character.  Rollout is a mighty, but risky, 
    move in which Jigglypuff tackles enemies in a ball form.  This may lead to 
    plunging off the side of a stage.  Rest is a seldom-successful attack that 
    provides almost instant KO when done correctly.  Pound is a weak punch.  Sing 
    puts enemies to sleep when used.
                                  |    Mewtwo    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                  Shadow Ball
                   B + Down                               Disable
                   B + Over                             Confusion
                   B + Up                                Teleport
    Mewtwo floats on land, but not over pits.  Shadow Ball is like Charge Shot 
    and can be powered up, stored, or released.  It goes in a wavy pattern.  
    Disable is a lightning swift move that stuns enemies momentarily.  Confusion 
    flips enemies over telepathically, dealing 9-10% damage.  Teleport is the 
    third jump that often leaves Mewtwo vulnerable as he falls.
                             |    Mr. Game & Watch    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                         Chef
                   B + Down                             Oil Panic
                   B + Over                             Judgment
                   B + Up                                    Fire
    Mr. Game & Watch is very... interesting.  Chef releases sausages that do a 
    bit of damage.  Oil Panic catches missile weapons, and once it has caught 
    three he dumps the bucket.  Fire has Mr. Game & Watch bounce on a fire man's 
    trampoline, acting as his third jump.  Judgment has ten different effects, 
    all corresponding to a particular number 1-9.  They are:
    1) # 1 hits like a Green/Red Shell (it also damages Mr. Game & Watch).
    2) Simply an average A attack.
    3) Fan your opponents with # 3!
    4) If 4 pops up, the enemy is hit as if by a sword.
    5) This electrocutes its target.
    6) Six hits the enemy as if with a fireball.
    7) This is an average attack dealing 10% damage.
    Lucky # 7) There is also a random chance that 7 will cause food to appear.
    8) Encases the enemy in ice.
    9) It's a smash attack as if from a Home-Run Bat.
                                   |    Marth    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                               Shield Breaker
                   B + Down                               Counter
                   B + Over                         Dancing Blade
                   B + Up                           Dolphin Slash
    Marth's Shield Breaker can be charged to do lots of damage and is a good edge 
    guard.  Counter has Marth strike back when he gets hit.  Dancing Blade is a 
    long sequence of slashes that can be carried on if you hit your target.  
    Dolphin Slash will recover Marth from falls and acts as his third jump.  
    Marth's sword attacks are stronger when you use the tip.
                                    |    Roy    |
                   Button                            Name of Move
                   B                                  Flare Blade
                   B + Down                               Counter
                   B + Over                     Double-Edge Dance
                   B + Up                                  Blazer
    Roy is a clone of Marth.  His Flare Blade is an instant KO, but it takes four 
    seconds to charge and it gives 10% damage to Roy.  The only time it is not an 
    instant KO is if bouncing on walls prevents you.  For instance, it is not 
    always an instant KO in the lower level of Hyrule Temple (speaking of Hyrule 
    Temple, using the B move in the tunnel part is a very effective way to juggle 
    the opponent and accumulate massive damage).  Counter lets Roy attack 
    assailants when they attack him.  Double-Edge Dance is a series of sword 
    slices and Blazer is a fall recovery move.  Roy does most damage with the 
    center of his sword and it's on fire, literally.
    Most of you who play the game will find one character that you are good with 
    and stick to him/her/it.  I recommend you have two characters you use often, 
    or one if you make a good decision (one for one-on-one fighting, one for in-
    the-fray fighting).  Here I will list the techniques you should employ when 
    fighting, where each character is best, and so on and so forth.
    Dr. Mario: Dr. Mario is much stronger than Mario and isn't too bad for speed, 
    either.  Dr. Mario is an all-around character that is impossibly hard to KO 
    when in the hands of a human.  First you should know that his B attack does 
    six/seven damage each time.  That really racks up, and it disrupts your 
    opponents' equilibrium.  You'll find as you play more with him that he is 
    built for combos.  To open an opposing character up for a combo move use the 
    B attack multiple times and when it hits the opponent and they flinch they'll 
    be open for almost a second.  That is very valuable time in this game.  Some 
    combos include using the Dr. Tornado (B + Down) and then the B + Up move to 
    hit opponents high.  As they fall you can juggle them or repeat the process.  
    The grab for Dr. Mario is short, which makes it perfect for quick attacks, 
    and you can even mimic Mario's swinging throw, which he used on Bowser in 
    Super Mario 64.  Dr. Mario is easily a good character for melee bouts, and 
    definitely great at head-to-head matches.
    Mario: Mario is easily the most well rounded character in the bunch.  He is 
    absolutely invincible when handled by a pro and is a good learner's 
    character.  The key to mastering Mario is a balance between defense and 
    offense.  Mario can handle lots of damage and has a terrific fast jump that 
    can get you out of many sticky situations.  Mario players are usually very 
    aggressive and tend to use combos like there's no tomorrow.  The B move, 
    Fireball, is not particularly useful except when trying to weaken enemies at 
    the start of a battle (remember, when you're enemy is falling do not use 
    Fireball!  If an enemy is hit while falling they'll be able to reuse their 
    third jump).  Mario has fairly good reach.  His smash A attack is very good, 
    and his B + Down is great for clearing enemies in the heat of battle, 
    especially when coming from the air.  Any time you use an attack that sends 
    enemies into the air use the B + Up attack for an easy combo, and as they 
    fall use B + Down.  Continue to juggle them.  Plus, Mario is Mr. Nintendo.
    Luigi: Luigi, who is just barely a clone of Mario, has lots of powerful combo 
    attacks.  First off, there is his highly overused B + Over attack.  It does 
    catastrophic damage when fully powered, but Luigi cannot stop it and if they 
    move it is more than likely you'll plummet to your death.  Luigi's B + Up 
    sometimes lights enemies on fire instead of the usual coins coming out, which 
    is drastically better.  Luigi has a slower jump than most character, which is 
    a real advantage when recovering from a fall.  To perform the flaming Up + B 
    attack you must be touching the opponent when you use it.  Keep that in mind 
    when edge guarding.  Luigi is stronger than Mario, but a tad slower.  Still, 
    Luigi can hold his own on any course, but I'd say is better at multiple 
    opponent fighting.  A good combination to use on opponents, especially if 
    they have an absorption/reflection attack (Like Mario's Super Sheet), is to 
    use the B move and then power up a quick Over + B.  Do not rely on this 
    tactic because enemies usually catch on, and don't overuse the B + Over move 
    as it will be your undoing.  However, when you do use it on occasion you'll 
    be on fire and it will deal much more damage.
    Bowser: Bowser does not have speed on his side but he does have raw power.  
    Bowser's B + Over, which acts as a second grab, is essential to any Bowser 
    player because it gives you stalling time.  Bowser's ground pound move (B + 
    Down) is surprisingly weak when it comes to the distance it sends opponents.  
    Personally, I think that Bowser's speed is just too debilitating to make him 
    good at all, but I've seen other Bowser players fight and I have a good idea 
    of what makes for a good one.  First, Bowser does have a few speedy attacks, 
    but they are still too slow.  This means you must disrupt your opponent's 
    attacks and then attack while they're off guard.  Whirling Fortress, the Up + 
    B move, is good for such purposes, as is B.  Note that the fire does not last 
    forever.  When using Whirling Fortress on the ground you go pretty fast and 
    it is an unexpected move (most Up + B moves elevate you off the ground when 
    used there).  If you know that your opponent will be able to recover from a 
    fall get on the edge and use B to rack up damage.  Also remember that you 
    have a wide array of supercharged A attacks at your disposal.  Once you get 
    good at disrupting the flow of attacks of your enemy you can use them in 
    certain combinations to better your standing.  The ultimate goal as Bowser is 
    to get an enemy into the air.  One of the best move he has is the smash Up + 
    A.  Also, aerial attacks tend to be faster then ground attacks.  Since Bowser 
    is so big, his shield does not completely cover his body after a few seconds 
    of use.
    Peach: Surprising for a princess, Peach is pretty good.  For one, Peach 
    cannot handle very fast opponents.  She just can't.  If you know they're too 
    fast for you (move performance-wise) don't get into an A move war with them 
    because you'll be doomed from the start.  Peach has a few very cunning 
    tricks, though.  If an item is nearby and you don't want an opponent to get 
    it (like a Poke Ball), throw a turnip at the item.  With careful aim it will 
    land by the enemy and when you're opponent tries to pick up the item they'll 
    be plucking turnips.  Second, defend yourself well!  Peach is a weak 
    character when it comes down to stamina.  Like I said, unless facing a very 
    slow character, like Bowser, do not attempt to get into close combat with an 
    enemy.  Peach is best at surprise attacks and then retreating.  To get in a 
    good chain of attacks pull out a turnip (B + Down).  If you're lucky you'll 
    pull out a Bob-omb (about .3 %).  Throw it at the enemy and it will probably 
    bounce up and hit them again, leaving them open as they instinctively flinch.  
    Remember to throw the vegetable as you are dashing in, or this will so 
    backfire.  Immediately, as they are recovering from the hit, attack like a 
    fighting machine.  A choice combo is Up + B (take it off as they're in the 
    air), smash Up + A, dash to the side, and as they land use B + Over.  If that 
    doesn't work for you just do whatever A moves you have and retreat as they 
    regain control.  Remember that when recovering from a fall to use Peach's 
    floating ability; it will save you lots of heartache.
    Yoshi: Remember that all of this is coming from a Yoshi master.  In my 
    opinion, Yoshi is the combo king!  Remember, Yoshi users, A is your friend.  
    B moves are good, but you thrive on A moves.  Yoshi's famed ground pound (B + 
    Down) is one of the best finishing moves there is, but is too repetitive and 
    easy to block to use over and over.  If you use it too often make sure you 
    randomize your attacks.  For instance, if you use Yoshi Bomb once set up a 
    scenario where you look as though you're using the Yoshi Bomb, but as you 
    drop use the Flutter Kick, or the meteor crash attack Yoshi has (A + Down 
    while smashing).  Randomizing is key.  Second, your best bet is to grab 
    opponents and spit them down for combos.  Although annoying, Yoshi's B move, 
    Egg Lay, is effective in the air and if you're playing an opponent when 
    he/she's not quite at their best, use it over an edge so they fall to their 
    death.  Yoshi is also a pretty die-hard character.  Your real weakness is not 
    weight, although you do fly pretty far when hit.  It is in the fact that 
    Yoshi has no third jump.  So, you should hone your jumping prowess and make 
    every jump count!  Note that the Over + B move is not always effective to 
    make you invincible.  If you get hit by a stronger move or a move of the same 
    strength by a character with less damage, your shell will break.  Basically, 
    the best way to use Yoshi is with a flurry of A attacks and B attacks when 
    safe.  Long live Yoshi!
    Donkey Kong: So you're looking at DK and you figure he must be slow as a slug 
    because he's the size of a gorilla.  This is not true at all.  DK is not the 
    fastest character around, but he is way faster than his appearance would 
    suggest.  Really, his attacks are like lightning, too.  DK sacrifices very 
    little speed for power, making him an all-around character stronger than 
    Mario.  Primarily use A attacks because they far outshine DK's special moves.  
    However, you must keep balance so you don't get hit, and the B moves usually 
    set opponents up for A attacks.  For one, the B move is a chargeable punch 
    that devastates enemies when used at full force.  So, when you get the chance 
    charge one up and use it on an enemy to send them flying if not KO them.  
    Then jump over to them and use Down + A smash to meteor strike them into next 
    week.  DK has a very cheap move that he can perform, which I like to call a 
    suicide pact.  Basically, you grab an enemy with Z.  DK has a unique grab 
    because he carries enemies around on his back until he throws them.  While 
    carrying them jump into a pit and die with them.  If killing yourself isn't 
    your style try perfecting it without dying.  To do this, jump in a pit and 
    throw the adversary down.  If you are very good at the Up + B you'll be able 
    to recover.  By the way, DK's shield does not always cover him once it 
    shrinks, and because he is so large he's an easy target and not so good in 
    melee matches.
    Captain Falcon: The fastest character in the game, yet he is a little slow on 
    some attacks.  First off, you need to get good at air attacks.  His B + Over 
    and B + Up are both good examples.  Most of his moves can be done on the 
    ground, or should be, and outperform aerial moves.  I good strategy to weaken 
    a starting opponent is to use B + Over repeatedly, giving them no time to 
    react.  Falcon Kick (B + Down) is a lethal, fast, and mostly unavoidable move 
    that deals around 11% damage.  The point is, these moves are quick and can 
    rack up damage when used in succession.  A moves are good for in-the-fray 
    scenarios, but B moves reign supreme in one-on-one fighting.  In any case 
    you'll use A moves more often than B.  The B + Up is a great edge guard.  As 
    opponents try to get back on the platform use it, jump, grab them, and boom!  
    They fly back to repeat the process.  Falcon Punch is too slow to be of any 
    real use unless an enemy is asleep, stunned, or what have you.  Roll a lot to 
    keep your enemy on their toes (they probably won't be able to keep up with 
    you if you do) and retreat when it is wise to do so.  Captain Falcon should 
    serve you well.
    Ganondorf: Ganondorf is a clone of Captain Falcon, but the two are radically 
    different.  Ganondorf is way stronger and way, way slower.  For this reason 
    it is imperative that you keep a distance from your foes and use Ganondorf's 
    only quick attacks.  Some of his A moves are okay, like Down + A smash 
    (killer move), but two of his B moves are too fast to follow.  B + Over can 
    deal a good 40% damage before enemies catch on and Wizard's Foot (B + Down) 
    is spectacular when used randomly to throw enemies off guard.  Ganondorf is 
    too slow for my taste, but you use your shield, grab, dodge, and roll enough 
    you should do well.  Study CPU Ganondorf enemies, because they are fairly 
    good.  Whenever an enemy comes in at an angle to attack aerially use B + Up.  
    Unfortunately, Ganondorf has pretty predictable moves.  Spice things up as 
    much as you can with unexpected attacks or you'll be countered every time.
    Falco: It's all about the A moves here.  No one else but Fox can beat enemies 
    up at the speed of sound like Falco can.  The smash A + Over attack can be 
    used over and over until it becomes impossible.  Roll often and use meteor 
    attacks when you can.  The B + Up move rockets Falco in any desired direction 
    and it is a pretty much unblock-able move.  See Fox's description for more 
    tips.  Falco is slower and stronger than Fox, which could make the difference 
    in a fight.  Falco is better in multiple-enemy melee than he is in regular 
    matches.  His quick jump will save you more than anything else.  I highly 
    recommend dodging when you can because it doesn't take much to send this bird 
    flying.  If you see an enemy charging up an attack, shoot them.  They'll 
    flinch and drop it.  When edge guarding and enemies are right near you, jab 
    them before they can use a second jump for an easy KO.  Also, use Falco 
    Illusion (B + Over) in sequences for good repetitive hits.
    Fox: Fox is very fast.  Use this to your advantage and be aggressive and in-
    your-face.  Grab often, throw down, and use Blaster (B) quickly when you can 
    get it into a match because it really accumulates damage.  Constant moves, 
    such as some A attacks where Fox punches or kicks, are the key to victory.  
    When you can get an enemy into such a vulnerable position rack up as much 
    damage as you can and end it with a bang, a smash attack.  Because your moves 
    are so fast you'll be able to outmaneuver most enemies and prevent them from 
    using attacks.  You can interchange almost all of Fox and Falco's strategies 
    because they're so similar.  If your opponent has not used the second jump 
    yet and is recovering from a fall jab them (A) from the edge and they'll 
    fall, not able to you their second jump, to their KO.  The Blaster trick 
    (shoot enemies while they are charging up moves so they don't charge them up 
    right) does not work because Fox's Blaster does not cause enemies to flinch.  
    However, this is a vulnerable time for enemies and the Blaster would do lots 
    of damage.
    Ness: I don't see how anyone could be good with Ness.  He was much better in 
    the original SSB, but now he has pathetic attacks that do meager amounts of 
    damage.  Ness's smash attacks are all but pointless, save his bat.  When used 
    properly (the tip is the strongest part) you can do lots of damage.  As far 
    as B moves go, PK Fire must be the best.  Ness has a very unusual third jump.  
    It releases a wave of psychic energy that Ness can control while he stands in 
    place (or falls).  To get a jump out of it you must hit yourself with it to 
    be sent straight to the platform, sometimes into enemies.  Ness's PK Fire is 
    an annoying move for the person on the other side, but it is very useful for 
    setting up smash attacks while enemies burn in your flames.  Ness's best bet 
    of survival is to either lay low in multiple-men melee, or use a few combos.  
    PK Fire is ideal for setting up opponents and breaking up a fight.  If you 
    can use Down + B to absorb fire or electricity (Bowser would be good friends 
    with Ness) to add to your health do so.  Other than that, help yourself.  
    When it comes down to it, Ness really isn't half as good as he was on the 
    Ice Climbers: The left part of the middle column is the highly underused 
    section.  The Ice Climbers were overlooked by most because they aren't 
    powerhouses, but they can be used in a way to fix that problem.  First, you 
    want to keep Nana and Popo together.  When they attack they attack at the 
    same time which means you do double the damage.  One character will be 
    controlled by the CPU, which means that if you get knocked far the CPU will 
    try to cover for you while you recover from the fall.  You can even carry two 
    items at once!  If you grab an enemy and attack the other non-grabbing 
    partner can use smash attacks.  One of their A + Up moves can hit enemies 
    fourteen times straight, but it isn't all good news.  For one, the CPU can 
    die.  This doesn't mean that you die, but you sure do stink without your 
    buddy.  The Up + B move without aid is hardly a jump, and damage given is 
    halved.  Luckily, if the CPU takes damage you don't.  The goal with the Ice 
    Climbers is to use A moves.  When together there B move does a lot of damage, 
    especially when close to an enemy, knocks them up, and sets up for combos.  
    The B + Over attack is useful in dealing damage, and there are a plethora of 
    combos to use.  Take note that the B move is fantastic when you are edge 
    guarding, usually causing KO's.  Also, I don't know if it is random (I think 
    it happens when the enemy is damaged enough) but at certain times when you 
    use B it has the effect of a Freezie.  The Ice Climbers, in short, are hugely 
    underrated.  However, Popo alone is like Bowser wearing anvils.
    Kirby: Kirby can copy B moves using his B move, but these powers can be 
    knocked out of you (I'm not kidding.  It has happened to me before) when you 
    are smashed.  Kirby also changes appearance when he swallows enemies, 
    mimicking their style.  A cheap trick called suicidal Kirby is used by a few 
    people, where Kirby swallows someone by an edge, falls down, spits them out, 
    and recovers (if possible).  Well, this trick only works if you have a one-
    life advantage on opponents.  Kirby's B + Up move is high and good, releasing 
    sword shockwaves like that of Meta-Knight.  The B + Over attack, from another 
    Kirby enemy, is the hammer and when it is performed in air you spin it around 
    you.  That's okay for giving damage (not that good), but really A attacks, 
    especially Kirby's continuous punch against an enemy against a wall (you can 
    get tons of combos with it in Training mode) hands out damage in the dozens.  
    Kirby may be lightweight, but he can pull off unimaginable combo attacks with 
    the A button alone, especially to characters slower than him, which is most 
    of the characters.  Kirby, who is considered the cheapest character by many, 
    has another cheap move.  Fly up (Kirby has seven/eight small jumps, by the 
    way, including his B + Up) and drop down, using B + Down to form into a heavy 
    object, traditionally a pink stone.
    Samus: With innumerable homing missiles at her side (B + Over) Samus can 
    fight almost anywhere.  B + Up, the Screw Attack, does a bit of damage 
    without providing a huge third jump.  The grab is long, which can be a plus 
    when enemies, like Fox or Falco, are punching air as they often do when they 
    get into a series of strikes.  But who am I kidding?  The Charge Shot, B, is 
    her signature move.  Once it is fully powered up you can store it or fire it.  
    While charging it, roll to store the amount you did charge.  Homing Missiles 
    done is sequence does a lot of damage, and do not leave out A moves.  A + 
    Down is a fire shot that usually sends assailants flying.  While falling 
    press A and over to use fire, and you can do it up too.  Try doing the break 
    dance-like attacks as often as you can to fill fighting time.  Samus is good 
    at in-the-fray battles, less at one-on-one.  The key to winning is a balance 
    between projectiles and attacks.
    Zelda/Sheik: You can transform from Zelda to Sheik with B + Down.  Sheik is 
    easily better than Zelda, but I'll cover both.  With Zelda, you are very 
    limited.  Use Din's Fire (B + Over and hold) to hit enemies and then dash up 
    to hit them.  However, Zelda isn't particularly strong or fast.  The moral of 
    the story is use Sheik.  She, the polar opposite of Zelda (called a he in 
    Ocarina of Time), that is to say she is fast and strong.  Basically, you're 
    looking at smash combos.  Be aggressive, use B, the poison darts, to knock 
    enemies off kilter, and don't let up.  If you get hit you'll never hear the 
    end of it.  Sheik is easy to juggle with a weak (or at least easy to block) 
    meteor crash attack.  Aerial attacks are your best bet, really.
    Link: If Samus is the queen of projectiles then Link surely is the king.  
    Link has many advantages, the only con really is that he is slow (weighted 
    down by his equipment).  In a few words, Link is the ultimate warrior.  He is 
    balanced with many projectiles and a powerful sword.  Also note that when 
    your enemy shoots something at you, you should stand perfectly still.  That 
    way, the attack will hit your Hylian Shield and do no damage to you at all.  
    This is useful and will frustrate opponents.  Here's a list of ways to get 
    into good sword range (like you'll need it).  You can throw a bomb (Down + B) 
    at the opponent, shoot them with an arrow, use the boomerang for a return hit 
    too, or use a spin attack.  These are all the B moves.  Link also comes with 
    an extremely powerful meteor crash attack, A + Down smash.  Link is sporting 
    most of his Ocarina of Time equipment, including the hookshot, his grab (a 
    little too slow to be very useful).  To use Link to the fullest you need to 
    constantly be either striking steel with your enemy or bombarding them with 
    barrage of projectiles.  In fact, other than grab attacks, Link's only non-
    weapon move is a kick.  The sword does extreme damage, especially when you 
    use combos, which is easy to do.  Link is, as I have said, the ultimate 
    balance between defense and offense, and should be used by people who either 
    like to kick butt or to fire arrows away from a safe haven.
    Young Link: Young Link, the clone of Link, has all his abilities.  For one, 
    if you stand there and do nothing and a projectile is shot at you, the Deku 
    Shield will block it no matter what it is.  However, Link has the Master 
    Sword and Young Link the Kokiri Sword.  For non-Zelda fans, this means that 
    Young Link is considerably weaker than his older counterpart.  However, he's 
    much faster and his arrows are stronger.  So, when it comes down to it you 
    need to decide which is more important, speed or power?  Honestly, I am a fan 
    of fast characters more than slow titans, but Link is stronger than Young 
    Link to the degree that I'd make the speed sacrifice.  All of Link's 
    strategies apply to Young Link.  The key is to attack enemies when they're 
    not attacking you with projectiles and when needed attacking them with the 
    sword.  To get a good start with the sword throw a bomb at the enemy, shoot 
    them with an arrow, throw the boomerang at them, or use the spin attack.  
    Whoever you decide, both are very good.
    Pichu: He's stronger than Pikachu, faster than Pikachu, there are virtually 
    no disadvantages, except for two.  One, Pichu isn't a master of electricity 
    like his evolved form, I guess, and hurts itself when it uses moves.  The 
    amount of damage you take is proportional to the damage the move was intended 
    to do.  Second, Pichu is slightly lighter than Pikachu, making him easier to 
    KO.  If you choose to be a Pichu player instead, though, you are faster, 
    stronger, and harder to hit.  Pichu's Thunder (B + Down) is perfect for 
    breaking up fights, while the B + Over attack can do major damage when 
    powered up all the way, an instant KO in some cases.  Don't use all 
    strategies for Pichu for Pikachu just because they're clones, though.  Using 
    the B attack is not worth taking the damage, and some other attacks Pichu has 
    are again, not worth taking the damage.  It does seven damage, but it causes 
    one to you and usually enemies block it.  The best way to KO enemies with 
    Pichu is to roll around them, use the shield, and use clever combos.  You can 
    afford an Electric Shock (B) if you're sure it will hit.  It knocks enemies 
    off balance leaving opportunities for non-electric A attacks (which do not 
    inflict damage to Pichu).  So, before entering a tournament with this guy, 
    determine what moves you should use and what you shouldn't.
    Pikachu: A deceptively simple strategy that hardly ever fails.  As Pikachu, 
    from the beginning use B.  Electric Jolt will "disrupt opponents' 
    equilibrium", to quote the guide, and gives you a chance to do heavy damage.  
    At first use A attacks, not charged.  They are really, really fast and you'll 
    be able to pull off a lot before the enemy recovers.  A + Over smash is 
    awesome.  Pikachu can use Thunder, too.  It works best when the enemy is 
    above you fighting another, breaking up a fight.  Plus, Pikachu is a small 
    target.  If you get hit you may go far, but it won't KO you.  Pikachu isn't 
    that light.  If you're fighting a large opponent charge up B + Over and blast 
    into them for an almost always instant KO.  The best strategy to use with 
    Pikachu is to, as I said, use B to shock the enemy and then give them a grade 
    A thrashing.
    Jigglypuff: Like Ness, Jigglypuff was stronger in SSB for the N64, and slowly 
    became less liked by characters everywhere.  Jigglypuff is not spectacular in 
    my opinion, but it has its moments, making some challenges possible where all 
    other characters get beat up by Giga Bowser.  Rest is the main attractor.  If 
    you use Rest correctly (from the air, dropping, touching an enemy) it will be 
    like instant death for that character.  It is almost the only way to defeat 
    Giga Bowser in the fifty-first event.  Jigglypuff's other worthwhile attack 
    is, although it is hard to control, her Roll Over move (B).  Power it up and 
    zoom right into enemies for a KO too good for a balloon.  Jigglypuff also has 
    a Sing attack, where it lulls enemies to sleep, but the sleep process is way 
    too short to be good for you.  Pound, B + Over, is alright, even a recovery 
    move.  However, if you play your cards right with smash moves and dodges, you 
    can easily master Jigglypuff as a force to be reckoned with.
    Mewtwo: The last of the Pokemon is Metwtwo.  It is slower, not a powerhouse, 
    but it has its perks.  For one, you have the B move, Shadow Ball.  Charge it 
    up, or release it at its weaker level to disrupt an opponent charging an 
    attack.  Mewtwo has plenty of strong smash attacks on A, especially the 
    juggling move A + Up smash.  B + Down will cause the enemy to be "confused" 
    or stunned and then you can charge a quick smash attack.  That can do over 
    30% damage right there.  B + Over can be used for a few combos.  Really, you 
    want to stay on the defensive while maintaining attacks.  You don't want to 
    have long, drawn-out battles, but you do want to do considerable damage 
    whilst you retreat.  Mewtwo is harder to master than other characters, but 
    worth the trouble.
    Mr. Game & Watch: Mr. GAW, as I'll call him, is one weirdo.  He's sort of 
    like a cross-attacker.  He does a bit of everything.  Mr. GAW is lightweight, 
    most likely because he is 2-D, so you can be knocked around very easily.  Use 
    smash attacks often and I mean often.  The only way to master a character 
    like this is to use smash combos because he brings nothing else to the table.  
    When your enemy is airborne use B + Up.  If you're feeling lucky B + Over 
    (Judgment) is great; # 9 will almost always KO opponents.  If facing someone 
    like Marth or Roy try out B, Marth and Roy must be near you to attack and 
    they probably won't get too close.  Other than that, I have nothing to say.
    Marth: Faster than Roy but weaker than him, Marth is far under-preferred.  
    Marth is all about close combat, so choose wisely.  You may want to wait for 
    your opponent to choose and then choose accordingly because Marth sort of 
    stinks out loud compared to projectile champions, like Link.  Marth is good, 
    though.  He is strong, it is easy to pull off combos, and he is graceful in 
    the air.  Even when you do face a projectile-wielding opponent, not all hope 
    is lost.  Marth can avoid lots of attacks with his back jump and can counter, 
    which is very useful.  His B move is a pretty good edge guard.  When playing 
    as Marth the moves seem to flow, like he was made to move like he does.  I 
    usually throw enemies off guard with him by using his unique jumping 
    abilities, such as a double back jump.
    Roy: Stronger than Marth and much more widely preferred.  That sums up Roy.  
    But for the sake of the guide, I'll give a few tips.  Up + B is a good move 
    to set off combos, but it leaves you vulnerable for a time.  However, I don't 
    think Roy is strong enough to make him better than Marth so much that you 
    would sacrifice the speed.  It is essential in playing the game.  Roy's B 
    move, not only a good edge guard, can be an instant KO (unless the enemy hits 
    a wall or bounces) and does 10% damage to Roy.  Use quick sword attacks, 
    dashing attacks.  One of the best series of attacks lies in B + Over.  All of 
    Roy's special swords attacks are on fire.
    These are the best strategies that I could think up.  As you'll see, some are 
    shorter than others.  This means that either the strategy is shorter, of that 
    character, in my eyes, isn't quite as good...  Sorry!  Also, some strategies 
    are so straightforward there's only so much I can say.
    There are lots of very tough opponents you'll encounter as you play through 
    challenges and earn trophies.  Here I will list the big, bad guys, if you 
    will, who cause the most problems.
                                     Giga Bowser
    Giga Bowser can be fought by playing Adventure mode on Normal or higher and 
    beating the preceding opponents in under eighteen minutes.  Giga Bowser is so 
    tough to beat - he can kill you in seconds.  The only real advantage to 
    beating Giga Bowser is getting his trophy.  So, here are some tips for it.  
    One, Giga Bowser is immense and requires about 400% damage to knock off the 
    platform.  He moves quickly because he's about half the side of the platform.
    The projectile strategy works well only for particular characters, such as 
    Link.  I have two strategies for two characters, Pikachu and Jigglypuff.  
    First, Pikachu is easier.  When getting to Giga Bowser abuse your Down + B 
    move Thunder.  It is great for defeating groups of enemies.  When you get to 
    Giga Bowser you need at least two lives.  First, you can use B to do about 7% 
    damage.  This is pathetic and won't do you much good.  The real way to beat 
    Giga Bowser is to first, use any item you can get to stun Giga Bowser for a 
    few moments.
    I got lucky on multiple occasions.  I got two Poke Balls, one containing 
    Weezing and the other Electrode.  Giga Bowser is so large he is affected by 
    most items.  So, when Giga Bowser is distracted charge the Up + B move all 
    the way.  Release and watch him fly.  This is the best, easiest, and almost 
    guaranteed way to win.  I say you should have two lives in case you slip up.  
    You could do even better with more.  Jigglypuff is much harder because it is 
    difficult to get to Giga Bowser with Jigglypuff.  If you are able to, use the 
    Down + B move.  Specifically, fly above him and use it as you fall.  It is 
    almost always an instant KO.
                                  Metal Characters
    Lots of people die against metal opponents.  They're tough, it's true!  They 
    take about 250% damage to beat, which is no easy task.  Here are a few tips.  
    First off, when playing in Classic mode there are no items.  None at all.  
    You need to rely on pure skills.  The best way is to drag the metal opponent 
    around the field.  First, there are three platforms on Battlefield where you 
    fight.  Stand under one and wait for the metal character to come to you.  
    Run, getting in a good hit as you do, and repeat the process.
    When playing in Adventure mode you must fight Metal Mario, which is easy.  
    Once you unlock Luigi, you must fight Metal Bros.  This is hard.  They 
    surround you and attack.  Rely on items, quick attacks, and flee when it 
    suits you.  If they surround you regroup somewhere else because when one is 
    hurting you, you flinch and the other can attack, leading to huge damage.  
    Second, if you can try to use special moves, like Yoshi's B or Kirby's B, to 
    try to throw them off the edge.  With Yoshi use it on the edge so the egg 
    lands in the pit.  If you use Kirby, absorb them, jump into the pit and 
    release the metal character before you both die.
    Here's a strategy sent in to me by masternick: "I've a strategy that only 
    requires about 100% damage to defeat [the metal character].  You rough them 
    up to 100% damage and lure them to a side and quickly charge up a smash 
    attack before they have a chance to attack and knock them out of the arena 
    with the smash attack.  They will fall too fast to be able to get back into 
    the arena."  Furthermore, stormchaser5450 comments that metal characters can 
    be dismissed with a good throw pretty easily.  Depending on the weight of 
    your foe, you'll have to get close to the edge and rough them up quite a bit, 
    though.  To expand on that, DK's throw can be used very effectively against 
    them (lift them, take them to the edge, and hurl 'em to the side), as can 
    Kirby's swallow; swallow them, transport them to the edge, spit them out, and 
    then knock them down as necessary.
    Even more specifically concerning throws, theonetheonlyfatguy1993 has told me 
    this (it works with Mario, but it may also help with other characters): "You 
    can kill him without taking any damage and under 5 seconds with Mario.  If 
    you notice at the very beginning he happens to be standing to the right above 
    you a little bit.  Well, when he drops down, if you grab him and throw him 
    backwards you should spin him around and throw him off without him even 
    having a chance to get back on."
                               Master Hand/Crazy Hand
    The infamous Master Hand is back with a left partner, the Crazy Hand.  A lot 
    of people cannot beat them, but do not fret!  There is an easy solution.  If 
    you're playing them in Classic mode then I suggest you defeat Master Hand 
    first because he is weaker.  When playing the fiftieth event, Final 
    Destination Match, go for the Crazy Hand first because its fighting is 
    foreign to you.
    So, to defeat the hands easily you must relatively tall so you can hit them 
    from the ground.  Attacking from the ground is much, much safer than the air.  
    So, Captain Falcon and Ganondorf are good substitutes.  Their Up + A smash 
    attack does lots of damage and hits the hands from the ground.  It will take 
    a lot more than this to cinch it for you, however.  First, use Ganondorf 
    because he's stronger and will force you to use your shield more.  Depend on 
    rolling, sidestepping, and blocking attacks.  To roll press R and move the 
    control stick.  To put your shield up press R.  Do it in the air to sidestep.
    The hands like to work together.  One might hold you in place while the other 
    punches you, or one might roll around the arena while the other one blocks 
    your safe haven with lasers.  There are several times when it is best to 
    attack.  When they use the laser attack is one.  Two is when they have just 
    used a rocket attack or a punch or any other attack that leaves them 
    flinching.  When the hands are just standing there is a perfect opportunity.  
    However, during an attack, do not attack.  Since you have only one life in 
    the event you'll be risking your life for maybe 2 damage.  Also notice that 
    the hands' health is in HP, hit points.  They're the only characters not in 
    Stamina mode who can be KO'd without being knocked off the screen.
                                Fighting Wire Frames
    There is a contest called Multi-Man Melee that involves defeating multiple 
    wire frame enemies.  There are two types, male and female frames.  The main 
    difference is that the female frames aren't nearly as aggressive, except in 
    Cruel Melee.  So, if you're playing 3-Minute Melee or 15-Minute Melee you can 
    minimize the work by KO'ing all the males and leaving the females on their 
    platforms.  You see, they are very territorial and they won't leave unless 
    you force them or come on their property.  So, if you stand under the middle 
    platform while there are only females you'll not have to fight (this is often 
    a matter of luck because sometimes more than three females appear and you'll 
    be forced into action).
    When playing any match where you must defeat a set number of opponents, such 
    as 10-Man Melee, 100-Man Melee, and Endless Melee, use Donkey Kong.  Position 
    yourself under either of the two lower platforms, face the opposite 
    platforms, and use the Down + B attack, Hand Slap.  It will send shockwaves 
    all around you and wire frames who near you will die.  When playing Cruel 
    Melee, there is only one option.  Without using the Ness strategy you need a 
    character with a strong meteor attack and a descent jump.  The meteor attack 
    must be easy to pull off.  When the first group of frames has appeared get 
    under a side platform and wait for them to gather into their little posse.  
    Jump from under that platform to go through the other lower platform.  As you 
    do use a meteor attack, the aerial Down + A smash.  When you do they'll fly 
    (some of them) and let you do it to the rest.  Repeat for victory.  You only 
    need five cruel KO's for the reward.  To do the easier Ness strategy jump off 
    the edge and all the frames will gather.  Use PK Thunder to hit yourself into 
    them and watch them scatter.
                                     Team _____
    In Adventure and Classic mode you'll be asked to fight a group of ten 
    fighters at least in succession.  Usually they're pretty weak fighters, but 
    every once and a while when you have to fight Team Captain Falcon on Very 
    Hard you'll die.  This strategy isn't for score, because you'll probably have 
    points deducted for Stale Moves and Coward.  But you'll also get Dedicated 
    Specialist and a few other bonuses.
    First off, you need a character with a strong, repetitive attack.  Almost all 
    characters have one, but some are better than others.  First, it should be an 
    attack that is always pulled off.  Jigglypuff's Rest is not a good example.  
    It should be quick, unlike Roy and Marth's B move.  There are several really 
    good examples.  For one, Link's Spin Attack (B + Up) is great when used 
    continuously.  Donkey Kong's Hand Slap (B + Down) is another good example.  
    Yoshi's Yoshi Bomb (B + Down) is a great technique, but the best must be 
    Pikachu's Thunder.  This does not work everywhere, mind you.  Icicle Mountain 
    is going to give you some trouble doing this move.  But chances are that 
    Thunder is going to protect you the most as it causes lots of near-instant 
    KO's to the weaker team members.  If not a strong repeated move, use items 
    and hope for the best.
                                     Giant Kirby
    No one actually has trouble on this enemy, but a few people don't know how to 
    fight him.  It is essential when getting the Diskun trophy.  To access Giant 
    Kirby you must beat the preceding match, which consists of you killing Kirbys 
    with copied powers, in thirty seconds or less.  Giant Kirby will plop down 
    and challenge you.  He's really easy no matter what difficulty you're on.  
    First, because he is so big, make him run into bombs.  You do fight him on 
    Green Greens.  Second, use items as much as you can and projectiles.  
    Projectile attacks not only detonate bombs, but they weaken Giant Kirby and 
    make him flinch.  Once he's accumulated enough damage you can defeat him in a 
    variety of methods.
    Those are all of the enemies that people are having trouble with so far.  If 
    you need help on an enemy that is not covered in this section you can e-mail 
    me at Kirby-215@aol.com.
    What's inside a Poke Ball?  You'll never know until you try it out.  Here I 
    will list what Pokemon are inside and what they do.  These are sometimes your 
    best friend and sometimes not so great.  Either way, usually you should stand 
    by your Pokemon as it shields you, except for two Pokemon which can hurt you.
    Articuno: One of the three legendary birds, it is bright and blue and it 
    unleashes a torrent of ice, like a Freezie.
    Bellossom: Like Jigglypuff, Bellossom induces sleep, but it lasts a long 
    time.  It stays on for what seems like forever, especially if you're the one 
    getting pummeled while sleeping.
    Blastoise: Blastoise sends waves of water that juggle enemies horizontally 
    out and they don't fade like some other attacks.  This moves Blastoise back a 
    bit each time, which may shorten the effect.  If you get hit by it, 
    physically, you'll more than likely be KO'd.
    Celebi: Only appearing after you have unlocked everything, it does nothing.  
    Seeing it is very uncommon and it will get you a trophy.
    Chansey: Throws eggs around, which restore health or explode upon contact.  
    They're the equivalent of a Capsule.  Chansey itself can be "KO'd."
    Charizard: While turning its head back and forth Charizard breathes fire.
    Chikorita: Sort of like a downgrade of Blastoise.  The same concept is used, 
    horizontal juggling, but leaves are fired instead of the more powerful water 
    Clefairy: Using an attack called Metronome, there are four different ways the 
    attack can go about.  Clefairy may self-destruct killing those in the 
    vicinity except you, a series of explosions on the ground can occur, Clefairy 
    may have a sort of whirlwind move, or raise the ground into you.
    Cyndaquil: Like Chansey, a hit can KO this Pokemon and it is has a lousy 
    attack, like half of Charizard's effect for hardly any time at all.
    Electrode: One of the two Pokemon that can hurt you, it just self-destructs 
    killing anyone in the area no matter who released it.  Electrode can be 
    picked up, but it is not worth the risk.
    Entei: One of the three legendary dogs, it causes a tower of fire to appear 
    around it and does great damage.  Hope you get him.  If you hit an enemy once 
    there in until Entei says his good-byes.
    Goldeen: The most worthless Pokemon, it just flops around like an idiot.  It 
    does no damage at all.
    Ho-oh: One of two of the latter legendary birds, Ho-oh releases walls of 
    fire, greater than Entei and better than the rest.
    Lugia: The second of the latter legendary birds, Lugia first tackles the 
    arena and releases gusts of winds and rain
    Marill: It just runs in a straight line, kind of like an attack Luigi has, 
    hitting opponents there until it falls off the edge.
    Mew: Like Celebi, it does absolutely nothing but the game does pop up and say 
    you saw it the first time.  It is the second-rarest Pokemon, Celebi being the 
    Moltres: One of the three legendary birds, Moltres will sit there and 
    jettisoned whoever touches it into oblivion.
    Porygon2: Like the original, it flies out and disappears.  It will very 
    likely KO anyone who touches it as it is unleashed.
    Raikou: One of the three legendary dogs, Raikou charges electric attacks that 
    will damage, not KO a player.  You must be on the ground to get hit.
    Scizor: One of the more vindictive Pokemon, it comes after you and has caused 
    many a KO with its scythes.
    Snorlax: A heavyweight Pokemon, it leaps into the air, seemingly gone, and 
    then comes down much larger to crush enemies in the area.
    Staryu: It homes in on a character and starts shooting very rapidly.  If you 
    can jump out of the way or drop through the fire.
    Suicune: One of the legendary dogs, it unleashes a whirlwind attack that is 
    very easy to get out of.
    Togepi: Like Clefairy it uses Metronome having one of the following effects: 
    darken the entire screen for quite a while, making it easy to kill yourself, 
    buries characters like DK does in the ground nearby, puts enemies to sleep 
    like Bellossom, use a Lip's Stick flower on everyone, or freeze enemies.
    Unown: The equivalent of Beedrill from SSB, it moves in a sea of Unowns that 
    bombards player and juggles them in a certain direction.  Basically, a stream 
    of Pokemon are released to pelt players with.
    Venesaur: Stomping around, Venesaur sends shockwaves on the ground and air so 
    you get knocked up if you approach.
    Weezing: It comes out and releases noxious fumes that hurt enemies and hold 
    them in place.
    Wobbuffet: The only other Pokemon that can hurt you, it acts like a Bumper, 
    swinging back and forth to block your passage.  It is a hazard to everyone.
    Zapdos: One of the three original legendary birds, it releases a ball of 
    electricity that freezes enemies in place as they are electrocuted.
    Those are all the Pokemon.  If you want to see one, or experiment, play 
    events like Legendary Pokemon, or use Item Switch to put Poke Balls as the 
    only item on Very High.
    =================================The Stages*=================================
    There are 29 (twenty-nine) stages in all of Super Smash Bros., a great 
    increase from the meager ten or so stages from SSB.  I will describe them, 
    give a little background info, and what you should avoid on the court.
    Infinite Glacier, Icicle Mountain: The home of the Ice Climbers, this is one 
    of the three scrolling levels.  You must constantly move up, making this 
    stage ideal for aerial combat, and usually they are short battles.  If you 
    can break your enemies' shields you've got it made because they'll be 
    immobile as the stage rises.
    Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach's Castle: From one of the best games of all 
    time, Super Mario 64, Princess Peach's Castle is a very fun stage.  It has 
    Bullet Bills, the missiles that bombard the castle, which cause huge instant 
    KO explosions.  Stepping on the switches from the third Mario game cause 
    platforms to appear and item blocks.  Because it is a tiered castle, it 
    doesn't allow for many ground combos, although the sky's the limit for aerial 
    combos (I made a funny!).
    DK Island, Kongo Jungle: Brought to you by Donkey Kong Country.  This stage 
    offers a few mini-games to play with your friends.  The rock can be used to 
    play "King of the Rock", and there are barrels that roll off the waterfalls 
    you can step on.  There's a Barrel Cannon beneath the platform.  
    Occasionally, Klap Traps, the alligators, will jump up and try to bite you.  
    Because the course is so small but high, you'll be in hectic battles, 
    especially if you're a bigger character.  The wooden platforms sway back and 
    forth, by the way.
    Termina, Great Bay: The site of the third temple from The Legend of Zelda: 
    Majora's Mask, this is a very compact stage.  The man suspended in air with 
    the balloon is Tingle, and yes, you can pop his balloon.  The turtle will pop 
    up for a while and then submerge.  If you get stunned on the turtle you may 
    be in for a self-destruct.  If you look in the background the moon slowly 
    draws closer and the four giants eventually hold it up.  With most characters 
    you can jump from one lower platform to the other, so use that to your 
    advantage when planning escape routes.
    Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story: Obviously from Yoshi Story.  This stage is 
    terrible because it is so small you can inadvertently kill yourself.  The Shy 
    Guys, red flying creatures, can be hit so that they drop food.  Clouds can be 
    ridden in the corners of the platform.
    Dream Land, Fountain of Dreams: From practically every Kirby game ever.  This 
    stage is small, has no natural hazards, and fights here are usually short-
    lived.  It is very easy to die here and you often will completely by 
    Lylat System, Corneria: This is one of my favorite courses.  It is basically 
    a remake from a stage from the first SSB.  Arwings will drop in and shoot you 
    occasionally.  You can stand on the Great Fox's blasters but if they charge 
    up you're history.  There's lots of room to maneuver in and you can catch an 
    Arwing if you're lucky.  Get off them quick, though, as they can cause KOs if 
    you remain on them.
    Superflat World, Flat Zone: Ugh, I hate this level.  Watch out for raining 
    tools, oil spills, changing platforms, and being easily knocked off the 
    screen.  This must be the easiest stage to be KO'd on.  Not to mention it's 
    small as this course is 2-D.  If you had Random Stage Select, I'd take this 
    one off.
    Mushroom Kingdom, Rainbow Cruise: From the very-awesome Super Mario 64.  You 
    start out on a flying ship and after about twenty seconds you reach a series 
    of white-checkered platforms.  This is a scrolling level so you'll have to be 
    quick.  Magic carpets eventually dissipate.  Yellowish blocks do eventually 
    fall out of place.  When you reach a red arrow it will point you down to the 
    starting point.  Smash down attacks are the bomb here as they can launch 
    enemies into oblivion below.
    DK Island, Jungle Japes: Jungle Japes hails from Donkey Kong 64.  Watch out 
    for Klap Traps, the alligators that try to pull you under the water.  Other 
    than that and the obvious water threats there's nothing that should pose much 
    of a problem.  Do not leave yourself vulnerable on a side platform because 
    you can be KO'd very easily there.
    Hyrule, Temple: This is the best stage in the game because it is the biggest!  
    It provides more opportunities for singular combat instead of chaotic melee 
    like those before.  Hyrule Temple is from The Legend of Zelda.  I'd like to 
    point out that the lower potion is great because it is nearly impossible to 
    get KO'd there.  Your damage can just build and build and build, you can 
    bounce three miles straight and you'll still be alive and kicking.  There are 
    two ways into the lower level - the obvious way and the platform you can fall 
    through.  Since it is so huge you can even mark territory.  Fantastic.
    Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: This section has a lot in common with Super 
    Mario World for the SNES.  When you hit the yellow blocks they'll start 
    turning wildly and you can pass through them.  This is a definite advantage 
    if you make the central blocks spin.  Note that the Bullet Bills in the 
    background cannot hurt you.  This is a fairly wide course, so it offers more 
    one-on-one fighting than lots of the previous courses did.
    Dream Land, Green Greens: For one, the tree (Wispy Woods) blows wind to the 
    right or left and sometimes drops apples that replenish health.  The blocks 
    that fall are often bombs, and any attack can set them off.
    Lylat System, Venom: This is a small stage.  It is a different perspective of 
    the Great Fox; we see the front.  You can fall through the upper wings.  
    Items tend to fall only on the upper wings and when they do they roll to they 
    fall to the central "wing".  Fighting on the upper level is therefore better 
    than the lower because items help, correct?  As far as size is concerned, 
    this is too small for my taste and leads to frantic battles.
    Planet Zebes, Brinstar: a remake of an original course from SSB, this is from 
    the Metroid series.  The weird thing dangling in the background is Mother 
    Brain.  So anyways, acid rises from below and it will not KO you instantly, 
    but it will do some definite damage.  Attacking the organic-looking threads 
    on the course will altar the shape of the stage; you can divide the course 
    into five separate platforms.  However, they will reform once the acid is 
    Eagleland, Onett: From the Earthbound series.  The awnings of the drug store 
    will break if you fight on them.  Also, when you see an upside-down triangle 
    with an exclamation point (!) in it get on higher grounds.  It indicates that 
    a car is coming and it either hurts you or KOs you.  The stage provides 
    enough room for in-the-fray fighting or one-on-one, but luckily cars break up 
    serious fighting for you and takes it to the canopies.
    F-Zero Grand Prix, Mute City: You'll be on a long platform that hovers over 
    the F-Zero track.  It will stop every now and then and disappear, pitting you 
    against F-Zero racers.  Stay on platforms or jump when they are coming.  If 
    you touch the road while the platform is moving you'll be damaged, but 
    usually not KO'd.  Nothing to it, really.
    Kanto, Pokemon Stadium: From the game entitled Pokemon Stadium comes Pokemon 
    Stadium.  This is a cool stage because the large "jumbo screen" in the 
    background displays information on the fight, shows specific combatants as 
    they duke it out, and show what stage you're on.  Normal is what you start 
    out on, but the stage changes to a certain element.  So in other words, don't 
    get too comfortable on your neutral stage.
    Mushroom, Kingdom: Obviously from the first Super Mario Bros., this stage 
    features a background with graphics from the game.  Yes, there were video 
    games before realistic life-sized virtual simulators.  Not that you're 
    playing one...  Anyways, the yellow platforms will lower and eventually drop 
    into the holes.  The brick blocks can be broken, and a few item blocks 
    release items.  The blocks reform soon after.
    Planet Zebes, Brinstar Depths: From the Metroid games with your host, Kraid!  
    This level constantly shifts position as the big green dinosaur in the 
    background twirls it around.  Fall in the lava and I bet you'll be KO'd.  The 
    Parasol is invaluable in this level because it lets you seek safety on the 
    lower platforms.  Always try to get onto these platforms and use projectile 
    attack if you have any to deter visitors.  It is the best place to be in 
    terms of defense and the easiest place to KO someone.
    Eagleland, Fourside: From Earthbound comes a city full of skyscrapers and 
    UFOs.  The flying saucer is slippery so when you stand on it you'll move 
    slower.  The leftmost platform moves occasionally, and you should be extra 
    careful not to fall between the buildings because that will surly kill you.  
    This is a large course and should be good to you.
    F-Zero Grand Prix, Big Blue: You start out on the Falcon Flyer and slowly the 
    screen expands to show that you're fighting on F-Zero racers.  If you touch 
    the road you'll probably be left in the dust and die.  Items usually land on 
    the road and prevent you from getting them.  It takes someone with keen eyes 
    and fast reactions to do well on this course.
    Kanto Skies, Poke Floats: It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's a Pokemon!  Yes, 
    here you fight on huge Pokemon, starting with Squirtle.  Some Pokemon will 
    appear and pull back quickly, like the Unowns, while others will move, like 
    Slo Bro.  Be quick and make good use of edge guard tactics.  It is an easy 
    course to KO enemies on.
    Mushroom, Kingdom II: In Super Mario Bros. 2 Mario had a strange dream that 
    took place in Subcon, the land of dreams.  This is not really Mushroom 
    Kingdom, but it is close enough.  Don't even try to hop on the logs that 
    float downstream and avoid Birdo's eggs.  You can ride on the carpet, 
    although it is a very vulnerable position.
    Special Stages, Battlefield: The site that you so often witnesses your 
    battles with the Wire Frames.  That's right, this one is from SSBM.  I don't 
    really like this stage because it is so small.  It has three platforms 
    levitating above it and that's it.  There are no natural hazards other than 
    it.  Fighting doesn't last long because it is so easy to die here.  Have fun.
    Special Stages, Final Destination: Also from SSBM, this is where you fought 
    Master Hand and his crazy opposite, Crazy Hand.  It is a large, flat arena 
    with nothing on it.  It is perfect for one-on-one battles, especially in 
    tournaments.  Enjoy.
    Past Stages, Dream Land: Of all the past stages from Super Smash Bros. for 
    the N64 I don't know why they chose the three they did.  Wind blows every now 
    and then, like Green Greens.  This can be a problem when say, a Bob-omb is 
    blowing your way.  This is almost identical to Green Greens and I have 
    nothing left to say.
    Past Stages, Yoshi's Island: Right...  This is even worse than the current 
    Yoshi's Island.  This, from the N64 SSB, is a past stage.  There are three 
    groups of clouds that you can stand on that eventually disappear and there is 
    nothing else.  This is almost a narrow version of Battlefield.  Stages sure 
    have gotten better since N64.
    Past Stages, Kongo Jungle: The last stage, # 29.  Personally, I liked Hyrule 
    Castle more than all three of the past stages from SSB for the N64.  This was 
    always the stage where you fought Giant Donkey Kong in the original.  There's 
    a barrel cannon beneath the stage and two hovering platforms moving in a 
    centripetal fashion.  And no, you're not going deaf, the music on this stage 
    just doesn't start up for a while.
    Those are all the stages and there secrets, as un-secret as they may be.  Now 
    for the real challenge, trophy collecting...
    There are lots of trophies in Super Smash Bros. Melee, each with its own 
    caption.  Most can be obtained in Adventure Mode, Classic Mode, and All-Star 
    Mode, but the best way is in Lottery.  I'll list the easiest ways to get the 
    trophies and which ones will trouble you.  First, there are seventy-eight 
    trophies you can get and only get by clearing the Adventure, Classic, and 
    All-Star modes of play.  Yes, you can get them by playing a whole mess of VS. 
    matches, but that would take much longer and be much harder.  Now here are 
    the trophies that require extra work to get (now alphabetized, since I love 
    the A-Z sequence so much).
                             |    Special Trophies    |
    1) Battlefield: Beat All-Star Mode.
    2) Bunny Hood: Quite simply get 125 total combos in Training.  If you can get 
    five for each character you'll manage.  If not, Kirby can help you out a lot.  
    See Lip's Stick.
    3) Captain Olimar: Have Pikmin saved on the same memory card your Super Smash 
    Bros. Melee is.
    4) Celebi: After you've unlocked all options, characters, and stages, you can 
    randomly find Celebi in a Poke Ball in Single Player mode.
    5) Crazy Hand: Beat Adventure mode on Hard or above without continuing.
    6) Diskun: Get points in every bonus category.  For a catalogue of bonuses 
    and how to get them refer to Data, Melee Records, and then Bonus Records.  I 
    also have a bonus section below for your reference.
    7) Donkey Kong Junior: Get every Classic character trophy.
    8) Entei: Beat the twenty-sixth event, Trophy Tussle 2.
    9) F-Zero Racers: Get all the Adventure trophies, that is, for the twenty-
    five characters.
    10) Falcon Flyer: Unlock Big Blue (the stage).
    11) Female Wire Frame: Defeat 100 Fighting Wire Frames in Endless Melee.
    12) Fighting Wire Frames: Clear 15-Minute Melee.
    13) Final Destination: Beat the final event, The Showdown.
    14) Food: Play 1000 (yes; a thousand!) VS matches.  I suggest that you use a 
    character you hate and set it on one stock.  Play again and again and again, 
    killing yourself each time.  This actually does count as a VS match.
    15) Game & Watch: Beat the forty-fifth event, Game & Watch Forever!
    16) Giga Bowser: Defeat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode.  You need to go 
    through it quickly on any difficulty above Easy.
    17) Goomba: Beat the fourteenth event, Trophy Tussle 1.
    18) Heart Container: Play 100 VS matches.
    19) Kirby Hat 4: Unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Mewtwo, and Mr. Game & Watch.
    20) Kirby Hat 5: Unlock Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Pichu, Roy, and Young 
    21) Kraid: Unlock Brinstar Depths (the stage).
    22) Landmaster Tank: Get a total of 1000 KOs.  Check your progress on the 
    Data screen.
    23) Lip's Stick: You need twenty combos in Training mode.  To do this easily 
    be Kirby and choose to fight DK, a big character.  Leave him where he is and 
    walk to the right of him.  Push him a little into the wall to his left and 
    then use your standard A attack over and over and over.  This can get you 
    lots of combos, but you only need twenty.
    24) Lon Lon Milk: Beat all twenty-five Break the Targets challenges in less 
    than twenty-five total minutes.
    25) Mach Rider: Beat Classic mode in 300 seconds or less.  If you're having 
    trouble, play on Very Easy and it will be a piece of cake.
    26) Majora's Mask: Beat the forty-seventh event, Trophy Tussle 3.
    27) Male Wire Frame: Beat 100-Man Melee in four minutes.
    28) Marin: After unlocking Sound Test, beat Adventure, Classic, or All-Star 
    mode once.
    29) Master Hand: Beat Classic mode on Hard or above without continuing.
    30) Maxim Tomato: Play 10 VS matches.
    31) Metal Box: Get twenty combos in Training.  See Lip's Stick trophy.
    32) Meowth: Get every All-Star character trophy.
    33) Mew: Beat All-Star on Hard or above.  I suggest Hard (it is obviously 
    easier than Very Hard).  Remember you can continue, so go in with lots of 
    34) Motion-Sensor Bomb: Beat the third event, Bomb-fest.
    35) Mr. Resetti: KO five Fighting Wire Frames in Cruel Melee.
    36) Mute City: Walk over 3,300 feet total.  That is, walk.  This is easily 
    accomplished by people who play a lot.  I have over ten miles for some 
    characters.  If you are having difficulties, play Adventure mode with all 
    characters, walking all the way.  This will give you plenty of mileage.
    37) Paper Mario: Hit 1, 485 feet in the Home-Run Contest with any character.
    38) Samus's Starship: In Adventure mode beat phase 2 of Brinstar without 
    losing a life.
    39) Sandbag: Hit at least 990 feet with one character in the Home-Run 
    40) Sheriff: Clear all Break the Targets challenges in 750 seconds or less.
    41) Smash Coins: Play 100 Coin VS matches.  This can be done while you get 
    the Food Trophy and other VS match requiring trophies.
    42) Sudowoodo: Get Poke Floats (the stage).
    43) Target: Beat Target Test with all characters.
    44) Tom Nook: Collect more than 1,000 smash coins.
    45) UFO: Unlock Fourside (the stage).
    46) Unown: Hit a total of 16, 503 feet.  Yes, this is impossible to do with 
    one character, but I'm saying total, as in with every character combined.
    47) Wario: Beat All-Star mode without using a continue.
    48) Wolfen: Beat Adventure mode in eighteen minutes and twenty seconds.
                                |    The Lottery    |
    All other trophies can be gotten in the Lottery.  How do you do this, you 
    ask?  Well, it is not too hard.  But you'll need to get the above trophies to 
    make it work.  Every fifty trophies you get more Lottery trophies will become 
    accessible.  Once you have over two-hundred fifty trophies and the Lottery 
    chances of getting a new trophy are 0.00%, you've gotten all Lottery 
    trophies.  Many trophies can also be gotten in Adventure, All-Star, and 
    Classic mode.  I suggest only gambling one coin each time, because even when 
    you have almost all of them, 5% chance using one coin is a greater chance 
    than spending twenty coins to get a 97% chance, slightly.  To get smash 
    coins, the SSBM currency, play VS mode and use smash attacks.  You can also 
    get them by playing Classic, Adventure, and All-Star mode.
    After getting various questions on "Is such and such trophy in the Lottery?", 
    I have decided to list all the Lottery trophies here.  Scroll down a bit and 
    behold the beautiful list of the 164 lottery trophies! (Note that these are 
    listed alphabetically so you can check to see if any particular trophy is 
    |     Al-Dr. W     |       Du-Lu      |       Lo-Re      |       Ri-Ze      |
    |1) Alpha          |43) Ducks         |85) Marill        |127) Rick         |
    |2) Andross        |44) Eevee         |86) Maruo Maruhige|128) Ridley       |
    |3) Andross        |45) Egg           |87) Master Sword  |129) Ryota Hayami |
    |4) Annie          |46) Eggplant Man  |88) Megavitamins  |130) Samurai Goroh|
    |5) Articuno       |47) Electrode     |89) Meta-Knight   |131) Scizor       |
    |6) Arwing         |48) Excitebike    |90) Metal Mario   |132) Screw Attack |
    |7) Ayumi Tachibana|49) Fan           |91) Metroid       |133) Shy Guys     |
    |8) Baby Bowser    |50) Fighter Kirby |92) Misty         |134) Slippy Toad  |
    |9) Baby Mario     |51) Fire Flower   |93) Moltres       |135) Snorlax      |
    |10) Ball Kirby    |52) Fire Kirby    |94) Monster       |136) Squirtle     |
    |11)Balloon Fighter|53) Flipper       |95) Moon          |137) Stanley      |
    |12) Barrel        |Fountain of Dreams|96) Mr. Saturn    |138) Star Road    |
    |13) Barrel Cannon |55) Four Giants   |97) Mute City     |139) Starman      |
    |14) Bayonette     |56) Freezie       |Nintendo GameCube |140) Starman      |
    |15) Beam Sword    |57) Goldeen       |99)Ocarina of Time|141) Staryu       |
    |16) Bellossom     |58) Gooey         |100) Octorok      |142) Steelix      |
    |17) Birdo         |59) Goron         |101) Pak E. Derm  |143) Suicune      |
    |18) Blastoise     |60) Great Fox     |102) Parasol      |144)Super Mushroom|
    |19) Bob-omb       |61) Green Shell   |103) Party Ball   |145) Super Scope  |
    |20) Boo           |62) Hammer        |104) Paula        |146) Thwomp       |
    |21) Bubbles       |63) Hate Giant    |105) Peppy Hare   |147) Tingle       |
    |22) Bucket        |64) Heracross     |106) Pidgit       |148) Toad         |
    |23) Bulbasaur     |65) Heririn       |107) Pikmin       |149) Togepi       |
    |24) Bullet Bill   |66) Home-Run Bat  |108) Pit          |150) Topi         |
    |25) Capsule       |67) Ho-oh         |109) Plum         |151) Totakeke     |
    |26) Chansey       |68) Igglybuff     |Poison Mushroom   |152) Totodile     |
    |27) Charizard     |69) Jeff          |111) Poke Ball    |153) Turtle       |
    |28) Chikorita     |70) Jody Summer   |Pokemon Stadium   |154) Vacuum Luigi |
    |29) Chozo Statue  |71)Kensuke Kimachi|113) Polar Bear   |155) Vegetable    |
    |30) Clefairy      |72) King Dedede   |114) Poliwhirl    |156) Venusaur     |
    |31) Cleffa        |73) King K. Rool  |115) Poo          |157) Viruses      |
    |32)Cloaking Device|74) Kirby Hat 1   |116) Porygon2     |158) Waddle Dee   |
    |33) Coin          |75) Kirby Hat 2   |117)Peach's Castle|159) Waluigi      |
    |34) Crate         |76) Kirby Hat 3   |118) Professor Oak|160) Warp Star    |
    |35) Crobat        |77) Klap Trap     |119) Raccoon Mario|161) Weezing      |
    |36) Cyndaquil     |78)Koopa Clown Car|120) Racing Kart  |162) Whispy Woods |
    |37) Daisy         |Koopa Paratroopa  |121) Raikou       |163) Wobbuffet    |
    |38) Ditto         |80) Koopa Troopa  |122) Raphael Raven|164) Wolfen       |
    |39) Dixie Kong    |81) Lakitu        |123) Ray Gun      |165) Zapdos       |
    |40) Donbe & Hikari|82) Like Like     |124) Ray Mk II    |166) ZERO-ONE     |
    |41) Dr. Stewart   |83) Love Giant    |125) ReDead       |                  |
    |42) Dr. Wright    |84) Lugia         |126) Red Shell    |                  |
    Note: I abbreviated # 117 to make it fit.  "Peach's Castle" should really be 
    "Princess Peach's Castle."  I also avoided abbreviations at one point: # 98 
    is GCN in the trophy list, but this might just be an American version 
    abbreviation, as I know that GameCube is abbreviated differently in other 
    countries (NGC in Britain, for instance).  Not to cause confusion, I simply 
    expanded it.  Now, the observant among you will notice that, if you add up 
    the 78 Classic, Adventure, and All-Star trophies, the 48 special trophies, 
    and the 166 lottery trophies, you get 292, two more than the real total.  
    That's because the Mute City (97) and Wolfen (164) trophies can be gotten 
    both ways: Lottery and their special methods; the two-trophy surplus is due 
    to a mere overlap.
                       |    Viewing the Trophy Collection    |
    You can see all your trophies grouped together under Collection.  If you hold 
    Y when you do it they'll be in a triangular pattern.  Hold L when you do it 
    for them to be in columns like a rectangle.  Otherwise, they'll be in a rough 
    circular pattern.  As I said above, there are 290 trophies in the non-
    Japanese version of the game.  There are 293 in the Japanese version.
    The Diskun Trophy is impossibly hard to get, so I will discuss it.  If you 
    read the trophy section, you can get this trophy by getting all bonuses at 
    least once.  I'm kidding, right?  There are so many bonuses involved in this 
    game it is just earth shattering.  But, you can simulate most of them either 
    by yourself or with a friend.  Sometimes you'll need two friends to simulate 
    a bonus, like Meteor Crash Survivor.  You can also get bonuses with CPUs, but 
    as you'll find they don't always do what you want.  I suggest you make a 
    check list of the bonuses so you can count them down.  If writing cramps your 
    style, you can print the bonus section off and check it there.  Hooray for 
    printers!  Note that all bonuses must be gotten by human players.  Tough 
    1) Bird of Prey
    You must only use aerial attacks.  To simulate this set the match for one 
    minute and have you and a friend, or really you need another controller.  
    With any character go to Fountain of Dreams (it has no hazards).  Stand there 
    the entire match having only attacked the other once, from the air, with A.
    2) Combo King
    You must use an average of 2.5 combos.  A combo is any number of consecutive 
    hits, and yes they count one hit as a combo, which will drag down your score.  
    So, choose to be Kirby, go to Fountain of Dreams against a friend, and use 
    the A punch rapidly for at least three punches.  Then, don't do anything.  If 
    you made a combo there, which is fairly easy since it is only three punches, 
    you'll get this bonus.  If you can't seem to get any combos with Kirby's 
    punch try Sheik, Falco, Fox, Pikachu, Pichu, or others who have good combo 
    attacks.  Also, try Training mode.
    3) Juggler
    Strike an enemy many times while keeping him airborne.  To do this easily, be 
    a character like Bowser and have your friend be Jigglypuff, due to her 
    lightweight.  Charge up Bowser's Up + A, have Jigglypuff walk into you, and 
    use the attack.  As Jigglypuff falls use it again and again until you've KO'd 
    the balloon.  When Jigglypuff is reborn repeat the process.  I suggest 
    playing on Fountain of Dreams.
    4) Backstabber
    You must hit at least 70% of attacks from the rear.  This shouldn't be too 
    hard to predict.  Go to Fountain of Dreams, have one character turn around, 
    and hit him once, twice, how ever many times you want from the back.  100% is 
    greater than 70; you'll get the bonus.
    5) Sweeper: High % of attacks were low.  You need to perform 50% or more "low 
    attacks".  A low attack is when you duck and press A.  So, go to Fountain of 
    Dreams and perform a low attack once.  Then hit them with the standard A 
    attack once.  Presto!
    6) Clean Sweep
    Note that this cannot be done in conjunction with Sweeper.  To simulate it do 
    like above but leave out the kick at the end.  Basically, do one low kick to 
    your opponent.
    7) Meteor Smash
    You must KO an opponent with a Meteor Attack.  A meteor attack is one that 
    sends the opponent flying downward, usually A + Down smash.  Go to any stage 
    that has an easy access ledge and pit and have your friend jump in.  As any 
    other character use a smash A + Down to send the opponent downward.  Do not 
    make a recovery effort from the fall.  That's important.  Your friend must be 
    KO'd.  For a better demonstration on how to perform a meteor attack, watch 
    the How to Play Video under Data and Archives.
    8) Meteor Clear
    Easiest done while doing Meteor Smash, just use a Meteor Attack to send an 
    opponent down on a one-stock match.  This will not only get you the Meteor 
    Smash bonus, but the Meteor Clear bonus because you ended the match with a 
    Meteor Attack.
    9) Meteor Master
    You KO'd someone with every Meteor Attack you performed and you must have 
    performed at least two.  This isn't too tough.  Set the match to two stocks, 
    like in Meteor Clear, and repeat the process for Meteor Smash of having the 
    friend jump into a pit and then using A + Down to KO them.  Do it twice and 
    you will have all three Meteor Smash, Meteor Clear, and Meteor Master.
    10) Meteor Survivor
    This is the hardest bonus to simulate, I'd say.  You need two friends to man 
    different controllers.  First, I'd select Hyrule Temple and choose to be 
    Yoshi, who has a huge second jump.  Have one character, such as Luigi, stand 
    on the very bottom, rightmost platform.  Have another character and yourself 
    stand at the upper rightmost point.  Have the other character use a Meteor 
    Attack to send you down.  At this point Luigi should unleash a storm of 
    Fireballs, which will hit Yoshi.  If you can do this correctly and get hit by 
    fireballs at the right time, you'll regain your second jump each time and be 
    able to make your way to where Luigi is, thus having survived a Meteor 
    Attack.  A much easier way I have discovered is to use Kirby or Jigglypuff 
    and just float to the lower platform.  I always thought someone had to 
    intercept you.  The latter way is better as it takes only two players.
    11) Flying Meteor
    Use a Meteor Attack on a flying character.  A character is flying when they 
    are being sent in the opposite direction due to damage (like the effect of a 
    smash attack).  This usually hard to do, but the easiest method is when an 
    opponent is sent flying upwards and then smashing them down.  Go to Brintar 
    Depths and pick a lightweight character as your friend and you as the 
    merchant of death, of course.  Wait for the acid to rise to its peak level 
    and then have the lightweight character walk into the acid.  They will bounce 
    up, open for a Meteor Attack.
    12) Exceptional Aim
    You need to hit with most attacks.  Make it a timed match on Fountain of 
    Dreams and use A to attack the enemy, a friend, seven times connecting, and 
    once not connecting (as in you hit air).  Then have your friend jump into the 
    pit and lose a life so it isn't Sudden Death.
    13) Perfect Aim
    Like Exceptional Aim, you need to hit with all attacks.  That is, at least 
    eight per minute.  Have a friend be any character, be any character yourself, 
    fight on Fountain of Dreams, and make it a one minute match.  Hit the 
    opponent eight times connecting.  Then do nothing.  You should get Perfect 
    14) All Ground
    Use all the ground attacks.  Those are attacks you can perform while standing 
    on solid ground.
    15) All Variations
    Use all of the non-finishing moves.  First, you may need a few characters to 
    do this on since the character you attack cannot die throughout the match.  I 
    suggest you do this in Hyrule Temple, the lower part, because it's hard to 
    die there.  Also, fighting heavyweights wouldn't hurt either.  You must use 
    all twenty-four attacks.  First, use the four special moves (B + Up, Down, 
    Over, B).  Then use all A combinations (A + Over, Other Over, Down, Up).  
    Throw the enemies in all four directions, use one neutral attack (regular A 
    in air) and not in air, hit them while running, use all four aerial attacks, 
    all smash attacks, and the A combo attack.  This means a character like Kirby 
    is ideal, because he's a bit weaker.  Setting stock to .5% also could work 
    After trying to help a reader by the name of Heihachi90 with getting this 
    bonus, I didn't quite succeed.  So, if anyone has an exact strategy for 
    completing this bonus (see # 17 for an example of an exact strategy), I'd be 
    much obliged if you were to send it in.
    16) All on One
    See All Variations.  It's the same thing except you do it on one person.
    17) Lethal Weapon
    Play in Bonus mode and use a wide variety of attacks.  These include the five 
    aerial attacks, the three smashes (down, up, over), all special moves, and 
    nothing else.  Just wait for time to run out.
    Using this guide, reader Heihachi90 couldn't get this bonus on his/her first 
    try.  After some dialogue between us, Heihachi eventually got it, using this 
    strategy (I've included it t help anyone else out with this problem):
    "- I went to Hyrule Temple.
    - I used Mario and had a human player of Bowser.
    - It was a timed match of 2 minutes - not coin battle, stock, etc.
    - All of my attacks connected with Bowser.
    - I didn't dodge, taunt, or use any grabs.
    - I used Mario's aerial moves; all of these are Jump + A, Forward + A, 
    Backward + A, Down + A, and Up + A.
    - I did Mario's 3 smash attacks (Forward + A, Down + A, and Up + A).
    - I did Mario's 4 special moves (B, Forward + B, Down + B, and Up + B).
    - I made sure that Bowser (my non-moving character) did not give me any 
    - I made sure that Bowser was still alive at the end of the match.
    - Now here's the tricky part: when the time runs out and it's a sudden death 
    match, use your smash Forward + A (as Mario) move to KO Bowser.
    18) Beserker
    You must do sixty attacks or more in one minute.  Not too difficult.  Be 
    Kirby, go to Hyrule Temple, and one of you should start out standing against 
    a wall by the tunnel to the lower level.  Move yourself to the wall character 
    and use the rapid A punch strategy like before.  This should be enough.  If 
    not, try using the Ice Breakers.  Each attack is really like two.
    19) Smash King
    Use 50% or more smash attacks.  Go to Fountain of Dreams, use one smash 
    attack, and a neutral attack on the enemy.  Have your bud kill himself and 
    you'll get the bonus.
    20) Smash Maniac
    Use only Smash Attacks.  To do this, go to Fountain of Dreams  and use one 
    smash attack, then wait for time to run out or use more.
    21) Smash-less
    Going through a match with no smash attacks probably won't cause you must 
    22) Specialist
    Use only the special moves, B moves.
    23) Dedicated Specialist
    Use only one kind of special move, like only B or only B + Up.
    24) One-Two Punch
    Hit consecutively with the A button for this one.  Not too tough at all.
    25) First Strike 
    Hit the enemy before they hit you.
    26) 150% Damage
    You took 150% damage during a fight.  If you need this that badly just set 
    Items to fan and have an enemy beat you up, or have Fox and his Blaster give 
    you a beating.  This does not work in team battles.
    27) 200% Damage
    I maintain the strategy for 150% Damage, except now you need 200%.  This does 
    not work in team battles.
    28) 250% Damage
    See a trend here?  Get 250% damage in battle.  This does not work in team 
    29) 300% Damage
    Get over 300% damage.  This does not work in team battles.
    30) 350% Damage
    Take over 350% damage.  This does not work in team battles.
    31) Heavy Damage
    You took 400% damage or more.  Once again, team battles invalidate this.
    32) Sniper 
    Hit only with flying object.  Just throw items at enemies only.
    33) Brawler
    You must physically come into contact with your enemy each time you hit, 
    called a direct attack.
    34) Precise Aim
    All attacks hit the target right after you use them.  This holds true for all 
    attacks except projectiles.  Use Marth or Roy for this and hit someone with 
    the sword a few times on you guessed-it, Fountain of Dreams.
    35) Pitcher
    Throughout the entire battle only you grabs and throws.  This is easily 
    accomplished by going to Fountain of Dreams and using a grab on the enemy 
    36) Butterfingers
    You've probably gotten this before.  You try to dash up, trying to grab 
    someone/thing and you fail.  You'll probably already have this.
    37) All Thumbs
    All dash-grab attempts failed.  It is merely the extension of Butterfingers.  
    Do it at least four times.
    38) Cuddly Bear
    You perform at least three grabs in which you neither attack nor throw the 
    39) Compass Tosser
    You grab and throw a character in all four directions (up, down, left, and 
    40) Thrown Down
    Finish the last foe off with a throw.  Just weaken your friend up a bit and 
    toss them off the Fountain of Dreams where they don't try to get back on.
    41) Fists of Fury
    When you grab an enemy, don't throw.  Just attack them with A.
    42) Close Call
    Time how long it takes your character to grab and release a given character.  
    Then, with a CPU or human, go to any stage and grab them.  Count to the time 
    and when time is nearly out (a second left) throw the grabbed enemies.
    43) Opportunist
    Over a long period of time do not attack.  You probably have this already.
    44) Spectator
    Spent a long time on sloped terrain means just what it says.
    45) Statue
    Don't move around much during the match in terms of left to right.
    46) Never Look Back
    Go to any stage and stay facing one direction throughout the duration of the 
    47) Stiff Knees
    Do not crouch, or lower yourself with the control stick.
    48) Run, Don't Walk
    Do not walk, run.  Go to Fountain of Dreams, have the enemy kill itself, and 
    while that's happening be running around in circles.
    49) Ambler
    Just the opposite of # 48.  When the scenario is set up just pace back and 
    forth while walking.
    50) No Hurry
    Do not run at all throughout the entire match.  Simple as that.
    51) Marathon Man
    Run a lot (as in, don't walk).  To run you must tilt the control stick 
    quickly in a left or right direction depending on where you want to go.  If 
    you haven't master running yet I have no clue how you got so far in the game.
    52) Eagle
    Jump a lot, or stay in the air a lot.  This shouldn't be too hard to 
    53) Aerialist
    This has no overlap with Cement Shoes.  You do no jump from the ground.  To 
    simulate a jump not from the ground walk off the edge so that you fall and 
    then jump up as you are falling.  Easy.
    54) Acrobat
    Always do a midair jump.  In case you weren't aware of this, a midair jump is 
    where you press Y (I use Y, although some people tilt up on the control 
    stick) to jump and then do a second jump while in the air.  Once again, I 
    have no idea how you could get so far as to seek out the Diskun trophy and 
    not know how to do a midair jump.
    55) Cement Shoes
    Do not jump throughout an entire match.  You probably got this bonus doing 
    some of the earlier bonuses, like Backstabber of Sweeper.
    56) Head Banger
    Not difficult to simulate at all.  Have two human players, one DK and one a 
    lightweight like Pikachu or Kirby.  Have DK charge up his B punch and release 
    it on the lightweight.  Do this in Hyrule Temple, lower level.  Chances are 
    the lightweight will bang into some of the walls.  Bang into walls three 
    times in one minute (make it a timed match, one minute) and you get this 
    57) Elbow Room
    Bump into or push foes a lot.  To bump or push a foe you must walk into them 
    so that they move as you do.
    58) Power Shielder
    Use the Power Shield often.  In case you didn't know, a Power Shield is when 
    you activate your shield just before you get hit.  If you've ever played a 
    CPU and you tried to use a projectile on them or the B move (like Pikachu or 
    Mario's B move) and your opponent activated their shield deflecting it at 
    you, you witnessed a Power Shield.  The same concept must be mastered by you, 
    three times a minute.  So make it a timed match of one minute, be a small 
    character (larger characters' shield don't always cover them all the way), 
    and have the enemy be Fox.  Position yourself right next to Fox, and then 
    press Start.  Now, on the small player's controller, press and hold the 
    shield button; on Fox's controller, press and hold A to punch.  Both of you 
    are poised to block and attack, respectively.  Still holding the buttons, 
    press Start again.  You'll have a perfect power shield.  Do this three times 
    in your minute-long match to get the bonus very easily.  Some people found 
    the Pikachu strategy I had up before difficult, so I looked in DEngel's bonus 
    guide for another strategy (this one comes from him).  Thanks, DEngel!
    59) Shield Buster
    You broke an enemy's shield.  This is easy to pull off.  Have two human 
    players, preferably a small character for the one whose shield you will bust.  
    Have the opponent put the shield up and then you attack them until their 
    shield breaks.
    60) Shattered Shield
    Just like Shield Buster, except you have your shield broken by an enemy.  If 
    you used two human players while getting Shield Buster, you got Shattered 
    Shield, too.
    61) Shield Stupidity
    Very easy to simulate, maybe the easiest.  Go to any stage and press R when 
    not in contact with another character and your shield will go up.  Wait for 
    it to break and score!
    62) Shield Saver
    Time how long it takes to break your shield and then do it again, except drop 
    your shield just before it breaks.
    63) Skid Master
    You must have long stun-slide distance, nine feet or more.  You most likely 
    have this already.  Since I don't know how to trigger a slide, just face 
    three CPU Level 9 opponents as a bad character on ten stocks.  Chances are 
    you'll get this bonus because they beat you up so badly.
    64) Rock Climber
    Set the match to one minute, Fountain of Dreams.  Do this in conjunction with 
    other bonuses, like Life on the Edge, Cliffhanger, or Edge Hog if you can.  
    Hang from a ledge four times in one minute.
    65) Edge Hog
    You must hang from a ledge to prevent your opponent from doing the same.  In 
    other words, hit your opponent very far, just far enough so that they can 
    recover.  Hang from the ledge that they'd hang onto if they could recover so 
    that they cannot.  They'll be KO'd.  That is one cheap move.
    66) Cliffhanger
    Be knocked off the stage and grab the edge often.  Easy, easy, easy.  Just go 
    to Fountain of Dreams, rough yourself up for a while, and then be knocked off 
    the stage a tiny distance and recover with no second jump (if you want Life 
    on the Edge too.  For this bonus you can use a midair jump).
    67) Life on the Edge
    Like Cliffhanger except you don't use a midair jump when grabbing a ledge.
    68) Poser
    Taunt six times per minute.  Not too hard.  To taunt press up on the control 
    pad (looks like a +).  Every character has a unique taunt.
    69) Poser Poseur
    Taunt after someone else taunts, within one second.  You and your friends can 
    just have a taunt fest to get this easily accomplished.
    70) Poser Power
    You must inflict pain to another person directly by using a taunt.  This can 
    be done with Luigi's taunt.  It is a short kick.
    71) Pose Breaker
    Attack an enemy (weak attack like A neutral) while they are posing.
    72) Instant Poser
    Taunt right after knocking someone down.  In other words, smash attack and 
    taunt within one second of each other.
    73) Control Freak
    You must tap the control stick twice as fast as the second faster tapper.
    74) Button Masher
    Press buttons twice as fast as the second fastest presser.
    75) Button Holder
    Hold the A button for the entire match.  That means when choosing a stage 
    hold A and hold A until the results of the match come up (who won).
    76) Rock Steady
    Do not fall down throughout the fight.
    77) Pratfaller
    Always land face up.  I do not know a way to regulate which direction you 
    fall in (you land on the ground face up or face down), but you'll get this 
    eventually through practice and fighting.
    78) Face Planter
    You always fall face down.  Read Pratfaller.
    79) Twinkle Toes
    You must absorb damage from falls every time.  So when hit down press L or R 
    just before you hit ground to absorb the attack.
    80) Floor Diver
    Drop through floors often.  A floor is any harmful surface, like the acid in 
    Brinstar Depths or the road in Mute City while it is moving.
    81) No R 4 U
    Do not press L or R throughout the entire match.
    82) Climactic Clash
    Hit the same opponent with progressively stronger attacks.  To simulate this 
    go to Fountain of Dreams as Jigglypuff, the opponent anyone.  First, use a 
    neutral A attack.  Then use A + Forward, the A + Forward smash attack, fully 
    charged A + Forward smash attack, and then charge up B and release to KO the 
    83) Floored
    Take 50% of your damage from floors, harmful surfaces.  Go to Brinstar Depths 
    on a stock match and jump into the acid when it rises.  Take some damage from 
    it and then KO yourself.
    84) Punching Bag
    You must be stuck between two enemies and be hit back and forth between them.  
    If you ever played the Metal Bros. in Adventure mode you probably got this.
    85) Stale Moves
    Use the same attack over and over.
    86) Blind Eye
    Always look in the opposite direction of an attack.  You know the drill.  Go 
    to Fountain of Dreams and get nailed by attacks until you're KO'd, taking 
    care to get hit while facing the other way.
    87) Crowd Favorite
    The audience cheers for you.  To get them to do this you must display some 
    awesome fighting moves while kicking opponent's sorry tails.
    88) Master of Suspense
    Have you noticed that when you recover from a seemingly impossible fall the 
    crowd gasps or something like that?  Do it three times in a one minute match 
    and you got this.  To do this easily just get knocked off the stage and make 
    a recovery that seemed hard to make.
    89) Lost in Space
    For a fourth of the match you are magnified (a blue or red cursor is around 
    you and shows you).  To do this very easily go to Mushroom Kingdom and stand 
    on the edges of the stage until you're magnified and just stay there until 
    time is up.  If it was a one-minute match you need fifteen seconds to stay 
    90) Lost Luggage
    You were magnified on all sides of the screen (up, down, right, left).  You 
    can go to Mushroom Kingdom to get two directions easily (read Lost in Space).  
    Then you need up and down.  Then be smashed up and down by your opponent to 
    get the remaining sides.
    91) Half-Minute Man
    Beat a level in thirty seconds in Classic, Adventure, or All-Star mode.  I 
    suggest you play on Very Easy.
    92) Pacifist
    Never attack at all.
    93) Peaceful Warrior
    Win the match but do not attack directly.  Play in Super Sudden Death on a 
    flat course and have Very High on items, only Green Shells.  When two come 
    between you and the opponent hop on one so it hits the other an KO's the 
    94) Moment of Silence
    Set the match to two minutes and get beat up for the first minute (the first 
    fifty seconds would be better).  Then stand there and take no damage for one 
    95) Impervious
    This has no overlap with Moment of Silence.  Do not get hit once through a 
    96) Immortal
    Do not get knocked down ever.
    97) Switzerland
    This is a mean political joke on Switzerland, the neutral country.  Take no 
    damage and give no damage.
    98) Predator
    Play a match with two humans and one CPU.  Have one human beat up the CPU 
    (Level 1 would do best) and then you go after the CPU and KO it.  Beat up 
    means get it to 100% damage in this case.  Make it a timed match.
    99) Down, But Not Out
    Fell all the way down, but got back up the most in a match.  In other words, 
    get hit down a ton but get up more than others do after falling onto ground.
    100) Solar Being
    Only left stage by flying off screen and becoming a star.  Play a one-stock 
    match in Fountain of Dreams and beat one player up a lot as Bowser.  Use the 
    A + Up charged smash to finish off the opponent.  If the opponent was human, 
    it will get the Solar Being reward if you sent it up as a star.
    101) Stalker
    You always attack a particular player.  Must be done in a VS match with more 
    than two players.
    102) Bully
    Always KO a particular player.  Must be done in a VS match with more than two 
    103) Coward
    Play in a timed match, two minutes, in Hyrule Temple with two human players 
    to help you, or one good human player.  Stand on the very bottom platform in 
    the lower region of the stage while the friend and CPU duke it out.  Stay 
    where you are and run if the battle comes to you.
    104) In the Fray
    The average distance between you and your opponents must be very small.  So 
    stand next to each other and fight.
    105) Friendly Foe
    Never push an enemy.  This can be gotten easily while getting Switzerland, 
    Peaceful Warrior, or Pacifist.
    106) Center Stage
    Go to Final Destination, or Fountain of Dreams, and stand in the dead center 
    throughout the match.
    107) Merciful Master
    Won without KO'ing an opponent.  This can happen when the enemy commits 
    suicide, walks into a Bob-omb, etc.
    108) Star KO
    When you KO the opponent make them a star.  This can be done in conjunction 
    with Solar Being.
    109) Rocket KO
    KO all team enemies by sending them off the top of the screen.
    110) Wimpy KO
    KO an opponent with a weak attack, such as A with no smash.  You'll have to 
    build up lots of damage, though.  Set the only item that can appear on Very 
    High is the Fire Flower.  It is perfect for racking up damage.
    111) Bull's-eye KO
    KO an opponent with a firing item, like the Ray Gun.  Set the item to Very 
    High and turn all items off except the Ray Gun.
    112) Cheap KO
    KO an enemy from behind.  If you've never done this it is sad.
    113) Bank-Shot KO
    Set all items to Very High and put all items off except the Green Shell.  
    Choose to be Fox and have a human be the opponent.  When they throw a Green 
    Shell at you use Reflector (B + Down) to deflect the shell at them.  If the 
    shell KO's them, you did it!
    114) Timely KO
    KO an enemy just as the time runs out.
    115) Special KO
    KO an enemy with a B attack. 
    116) Hangman's KO
    Attack an enemy hanging from a ledge to KO them.
    117) KO 64
    Get it?  KO 64, N64?  Just KO an enemy with 64% damage.
    118) Bubble-Blast KO
    Go to Mushroom Kingdom and stand in the edge to be magnified.  Have another 
    human player do the same and KO you while you are magnified.
    119) Sacrificial KO
    Pit yourself against a Level 1 CPU, yourself being Kirby.  Swallow the enemy 
    and keep them in your mouth.  Jump off the ledge.  This also works with DK's 
    120) Avenger KO
    Have both players have heavy damage, like 200%.  Make both of them 
    lightweight.  Have one kill the other and then the other who just died comes 
    back real quick an KO's the one that KO'd him/her within five seconds of the 
    first KO.
    121) Double KO
    Play Multi-Man Melee as DK and you'll get this for sure with the Hand Slap 
    strategy.  KO two enemies at once.
    122) Triple KO
    Play Multi-Man Melee as DK and you'll get this for sure with the Hand Slap 
    strategy.  KO three enemies at once.
    123) Quadruple KO
    Play Multi-Man Melee as DK and you'll get this for sure with the Hand Slap 
    strategy.  KO four enemies at once.
    124) Quintuple KO
    Play Multi-Man Melee as DK and you'll get this for sure with the Hand Slap 
    strategy.  KO five enemies at once.
    125) Dead-Weight KO
    Throw an enemy into another enemy to KO him/her.
    126) Kiss-the-Floor KO
    Throw an enemy onto a damaging floor, like in Brinstar Depths or Mute City, 
    to KO them.
    127) Assisted KO
    Use an item to KO someone.
    128) Foresight
    When being KO'd sometimes you hit the screen.  I don't know how to pull this 
    off every time, but if you play a lot you'll get it soon.  It is actually my 
    favorite kind of KO; it looks cool.
    129) First to Fall
    In a VS match be the first one to fall off a pit and be KO'd.
    130) Cliff Diver
    While hanging on the edge of a stage let go an be KO'd.
    131) Quitter
    Fall off the stage without making any effort to recover.  In other words, get 
    knocked off the stage and set the controller down.
    132) Shameful Fall
    First, you need less than 50% and your opponent needs 100% damage.  Have the 
    opponent KO you through a fall (dying by falling to the bottom of the screen 
    for a KO).
    133) World Traveler
    Get KO'd off all four sides (left, right, up, down) of the screen.
    134) Ground Pounded
    Be KO'd by a floor, any surface that harms you, like the acid in Brinstar 
    Depths or the road in Mute City.
    135) Environmental Hazard
    Be KO'd by a part of the stage, like the Arwings in Corneria. 
    136) Angelic
    When the match ends you're on the revival platform, the white platform that 
    appears after you've been KO'd to return you to the stage.  To do this easily 
    play a one-minute match and KO yourself when two seconds are left.  Stand on 
    the revival platform until time runs out.
    137) Magnified Finish
    End the match while magnified.  Play a one-minute bout on Mushroom Kingdom 
    and stand in the edge to be magnified at the end of a match.
    138) Fighter Stance
    From SSB!  BE taunting while the match ends.
    139) Mystic
    Be off the screen when the match ends.  To do this KO yourself in a timed 
    match with one second left.  You have to be between the KO and revival 
    platforms phases of coming back.
    140) Shooting Star
    End the match as a star.  This is really just pure luck.  Try to time 
    accordingly and use the Solar Being strategy.
    141) Lucky Number Seven
    Play a timed stock match with one stock (to time a stock match go into 
    Additional Rules).  Have the enemy be KO'd with seven seconds left on the 
    142) Last Second
    Play a timed stock match with one stock (to time a stock match go into 
    Additional Rules).  Have the enemy be KO'd with one second left on the timer.
    143) Lucky Threes
    Play a timed stock match with one stock (to time a stock match go into 
    Additional Rules).  Have the enemy be KO'd with 3:33 left on the timer.
    144) Jackpot
    The damage you have at the end of a match is the same number repeated three 
    times, like 111%.
    145) Full Power
    The damage you have at the end of match is 0%.  If you want to assure this of 
    happening set the Recovery Heart as the only item that drops down.
    146) Item-less
    Use no item, or pick up any item, throughout a match.
    147) Item Specialist
    Only use items to attack.
    148) Item Chucker
    Only throw items to attack.
    149) Item Smasher
    Use only smash attacks with swinging items to hit, like the Home-Run Bat.
    150) Capsule KO
    Throw a Capsule at an enemy to KO them.
    151) Carrier KO
    Throw a crate or barrel at any enemy to KO them.
    152) Weight Lifter
    Play a one-minute VS match and set item appearance to Very High.  In that 
    time, if a crate or barrel falls, lift it up and hold it for at least five 
    153) Item Catcher
    Catch an item thrown at you.  This is a bit tricky.  You can catch items by 
    pressing Z just when they're about to hit you.
    154) Reciprocator
    Throw an item thrown at you back at the thrower.  This can be done in 
    conjunction with Item Catcher quite simply.
    155) Item Self-Destruct
    Your item causes you to self-destruct.  The easiest way to do this is to get 
    a Motion-Sensor Bomb, plant it somewhere, and step onto it.  Electrodes from 
    Poke Balls also work, but not as well since there's no guarantee that it will 
    be an Electrode.
    156) Triple Items
    Get the same item three times in a row.  If you set the items to Very High 
    and make it one type of item you'll have it made.
    157) Materialist
    Spend the longest amount of time holding items in a group of fighters.
    158) Minimalist
    Spend the least amount of time holding items in a group of fighters.
    159) Item Hog
    Got ten or more different types of item throughout a match.
    160) Item Collector
    Got every kind of item that appeared.  If you set it so only two or three 
    items fall, you're on easy street.
    161) Connoisseur
    Get every kind of food that appeared.  To make it easy make it a one-minute 
    match and make the only item that appears Food.  Play on Final Destination, a 
    totally flat course, and run around gathering food.
    162) Gourmet
    You only get Food for an item.  Crates, barrels, capsules, and party balls 
    count as items.  Hit them to open them.  You must get Food at least three 
    163) Battering Ram
    Use only battering weapons (hammers) to hit enemies.  You know what to do.  
    Set items to Very High and put down Hammers.  You need to use at least three.
    164) Straight Shooter
    Use only shooting items, like the Ray Gun or Super Scope.  You need three.  
    Set items to Very High and put down Ray Gun or Super Scope.
    165) Wimp
    Use only recovery items (i.e. Heart Containers).  You need at least three.  
    Set items to Very High and turn everything but Heart Containers or Maxim 
    Tomatoes off.
    166) Shape-Shifter
    Use only transformation items, like the Metal Box or Cloaking Device.  You 
    need three.  Go to items like you did in 162-165.
    167) Chuck Wagon
    Use only throwing items, like the Freezie.  You need three or more and you 
    can go to items and set all but Freezies off and put it on Very High.
    168) Parasol Finish
    Use the Parasol as the match ends.  Peach's B + Up move also works.
    169) Gardener Finish
    Using Lip's Stick put a flower on an enemy's head as the last second passes.
    170) Super Scoper
    Do 100% damage or more firing the Super Scope.  This is collective, for all 
    Super Scopes you might have gotten.  Do this with the Straight Shooter bonus.
    171) Screwed Up
    You need to be performing a Screw Attack with the Screw Attack (item) for a 
    total of thirty seconds.
    172) Warp-Star KO
    KO an enemy using a Warp Star.
    173) Mycologist
    Get three or more Mushrooms during a fight.
    174) Mario Maniac
    Use only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen throughout the fight.  You must 
    use one each.
    175) Metal KO
    KO'd an enemy while you were metal, the effect of the Metal Box.  Do this 
    while doing Shape-Shifter.
    176) Freezie KO
    Toss a Freezie at an enemy to KO them.
    177) Flipper KO
    You're enemy must be very weak.  Once you've roughed them up a bit KO them by 
    tossing a Flipper at them.
    178) Mr. Saturn Fan
    The only item you use is Mr. Saturn.
    179) Mrs. Saturn
    Held a Mr. Saturn for thirty seconds or more.
    180) Saturn Siblings
    Got three or more Mr. Saturns, not any other item.
    181) Saturn Ringer
    Note that all of the Mr. Saturn bonuses are easily obtained in Onett, 
    Adventure mode.  For this one, catch a Mr. Saturn thrown at you.
    182) Giant KO
    KO a foe while giant, the effect of the Mushroom.
    183) Tiny KO
    KO a foe while tiny, the effect of the Poisonous Mushroom.
    184) Invisible KO
    KO a foe while invisible, the effect of the Cloaking Device.
    185) Bunny-Hood Blast
    KO an enemy while wearing the Bunny Hood, an item.
    186) Vegetarian
    Get two or more Maxim Tomatoes.
    187) Heartthrob
    Get two or more Heart Containers.
    188) Invincible Finish
    End a match while invincible, the effect of the Starman.
    189) Invincible KO
    KO an opponent while invincible, the effect of the Starman.
    190) Beam Swordsman
    KO a rival with the Beam Sword (best item for slashing!).
    191) Home-Run King
    Using the Home-Run Bat KO an opponent.
    192) Laser Marksman
    Use all sixteen blasts of the Ray Gun successfully on a target.
    193) Flame Thrower
    Get a combo of 10 or higher using a Fire Flower.  A combo is any number of 
    consecutive hits.
    194) Hammer Throw
    Go to Brinstar Depths and set the items on very high where the Hammer only 
    can appear.  Wait for the acid to rise all the way and jump into it.  As you 
    fall down press Z to drop it.  This also works in Mute City and Big Blue.
    195) Headless Hammer
    Sometimes a Hammer breaks, leaving the item-wielder defenseless.  If it does 
    the mallet head will fall off.  Pick it up for this bonus.
    196) Super Spy
    KO an enemy with a Motion-Sensor Bomb.
    197) Bob-omb's Away
    Get KO'd by a wandering Bob-omb.  They start to wander if left alone for a 
    198) Bob-omb Squad
    Wait for a Bob-omb to start walking and then expanding as if it is right 
    about to explode.  Grab it and throw it at an enemy without taking damage to 
    get the bonus.
    199) Pokemon KO
    KO an enemy with a Pokemon.  This is pretty easy.
    200) Mew Catcher
    Very rarely Mew comes out of a Poke Ball.  You get this reward for having had 
    seen him.  Set all items to Very High and put Poke Balls as the only item.
    201) Celebi Catcher
    Celebi is "unlocked" so to speak when you get everything in the game except 
    all trophies.  Then you have a one in two hundred and fifty one chance (like 
    you do for Mew) that you will pull Celebi out of a Poke Ball.  Refer to Mew 
    Catcher for more detail.
    202) Goomba KO
    KO a Goomba in Adventure mode.  Do this by hopping on them.  They're in 
    Mushroom Kingdom.
    203) Koopa KO
    KO a Koopa in Mushroom Kingdom just like you do a Paratroopa - eat them as 
    Kirby or throw them off the screen.
    204) Paratroopa KO
    KO a Paratroopa in Mushroom Kingdom by grabbing and throwing them off the 
    screen, or eating them as Kirby.  Paratroopas are the winged turtle-like 
    205) ReDead KO
    KO a ReDead, those creepy brown corpses, in the Underground Maze by smashing 
    it to death.
    206) Like Like KO
    KO a Like Like, the slimy pulsating tubes of flesh, in Underground Maze in 
    Adventure mode by smashing it to death.
    207) Octorok KO
    KO an Octorok, the purple creatures that shoot rocks, in Underground Maze by 
    smashing it to death.
    208) Topi KO
    KO a Topi, the furry bird creatures, in Icicle Mountain, Adventure mode.
    209) Polar Bear KO
    Like you would KO a Topi, smash a Polar Bear to KO kingdom in Adventure mode, 
    Icicle Mountain.  Do I really need to describe them?  They're polar bears.
    210) Shy Guy KO
    KO a Shy Guy on Yoshi's Story, the stage.  Shy Guys are red, cloaked figures.
    211) First Place
    Get first place in a timed VS match.
    212) Last Place
    Get last place in a timed VS match.
    213) Wire to Wire
    Lead in points from start to finish.  Score Display helps you get this.
    214) Whipping Boy
    Trail in points from start to finish.  Score Displays helps show you if 
    you're doing it correctly.
    215) KO Artist
    Had more than three KO's in a match and twice as many as the second place 
    216) KO Master
    If you get KO Artist you don't get KO Master.  This is awarded for getting 
    the most KO's.
    217) Offensive Artist
    Caused lots of damage.
    218) Offensive Master
    Causes the most damage.
    219) Frequent Faller
    Fall off the course often (frequent faller miles, anyone?).
    220) Fall Guy
    Had the most falls of them all.
    221) Self-Destructor
    Had lots of self-destructs, a KO caused you bring on yourself - like suicide.
    222) Master of Disaster
    Have the most self-destructs in a match.
    223) KOs
    The game counts each KO you dished out and gives you that many points x 500.
    224) Falls
    Counts the number of falls you have, self-destructs not included, and 
    subtracts that many falls x500 from your score.
    225) SDs
    Counts each self-destruct and takes 500 points off for each of them.
    226) Target Master
    Clear all targets in Target Test during Classic mode.
    227) Hobbyist
    Get at least one trophy before ending a stage in Adventure mode.
    228) Collector
    Snag all the trophies that appear.  Easiest accomplished in All-Star mode.
    229) No-Damage Clear
    Play Very Easy on Classic or All-Star and take no damage whatsoever.
    230) No-Miss Clear
    Play Very Easy on All-Star mode and clear without losing a single life.
    231) Continuation
    Lost all lives in All-Star, Classic, or Adventure mode and had to continue 
    for ten coins and -20000 points.
    232) Speedster
    Clear all levels quickly.
    233) Speed Demon
    Clear all levels very quickly.
    234) Melee Master
    Clear All-Star mode without using the Heart Containers.
    235) Classic Clear
    Beat Classic mode.
    236) Adventure Clear
    Beat Adventure mode.
    237) All-Star Clear
    Beat All-Star mode.
    238) Very-Hard Clear
    Beat Very Hard, preferably on Classic.
    239) Crazy Hand KO
    KO the Crazy Hand in Classic mode.  To get him to appear play through Normal 
    or harder in Classic and reduce half the Master Hand's HP within the first 
    240) Luigi KO
    When playing through Adventure mode, Mushroom Kingdom, end the first part 
    when the second hand is on 2.  You'll fight Luigi.  KO him for the bonus.
    241) Link Master
    Defeat all five Links in Underground Maze in Adventure mode.  If you see the 
    Triforce indicating the end of the level don't touch it.
    242) Giant Kirby KO
    Defeat Giant Kirby in Adventure mode in Green Greens.  To make him appear 
    beat the preceding match in thirty seconds.
    243) Metal Bros. KO
    Beat the Metal Bros. in Adventure mode, Battlefield.
    244) Giga Bowser
    KO Giga Bowser in Adventure mode by getting through it in eighteen minutes or 
    Note: I skipped over five bonuses the first time through and I wanted to 
    record them here without having to renumber the entire thing.  These are not 
    in the order you do them.
    245) Pummeler
    This was supposed to go between Throw Down and Fists of Fury.  Get it by 
    doing lots of damage to enemies by holding and punching them.
    246) Flower Finish
    Supposed to be after Gardener Finish.  This happens when you have a flower 
    from Lip's Stick on your head at the end of a match.  To set this up put 
    Lip's Stick as the only item on Very High in a timed match.  Wait for the 
    last second and have a friend hit you with Lip's Stick.
    247) Screw Attack KO
    This was meant to be placed after Screwed Up.  You, as the name implies, KO 
    an enemy with the Screw Attack.  If you throw this at a hanging enemy they 
    will surely die.
    248) All Aerial
    This was meant to go before All Variations.  To get it use all aerial 
    attacks, which are attacks in the air.
    249) Poser KO
    This should've gone much earlier, before Cheap KO.  Anyways, it is gotten 
    when you use a taunt to KO someone.  Remember that only Luigi's taunt can 
    inflict damage.  To simulate this, have Luigi versus a lightweight.  Rough up 
    the lightweight, get it on an edge, and when it has major damage, like 300 %, 
    use Luigi's taunt right next to it to knock it off the screen.  Bonus 
    There are an additional seven bonuses you can get with Action Replay, a cheat 
    system, but they are not needed to get the Diskun Trophy.  They are: 
    - Crash & Burn
    All meteor attacks miss.
    - Poolshark
    Throw an enemy into another.
    - Deflector
    - Ricochet Rifler
    Deflected shot hits enemy.
    - Barrel Blast
    Use a Barrel to KO an opponent.
    - Red Shell Shooter
    Cause damage three or more times with Red Shells.
    - Green Shell Shooter
    Cause damage twice with a Green Shell.
    Those are the bonuses (excluding the last seven, Crash & Burn to Green Shell 
    Shooter) you need to get the Diskun trophy.  Happy hunting!
    Let the questions begin!  If you want to ask me a question just e-mail it to 
    me at Kirby0215@aol.com.  I check my e-mail frequently.  However, I do not 
    read spam, chain letters, "tags", or any other sort of e-mail not related to 
    the game.  So please, when writing the e-mail include in the subject name 
    Help, or Super Smash Bros. Melee, or something that would clue me in to you 
    needing help.  I also accept IM's, but I'm not particularly fond of them.  
    Also, please try to spell things correctly, use correct names, be specific, 
    and don't talk to me in such heavy lingo that it sounds like a foreign 
    language.  I understand most lingo, but occasionally I cannot translate e-
    mails for the life of me.
    Question: How do you unlock events?
    Answer: Beat all available events and unlock secret characters.  That's all!  
    Specifically, events 31-39 require Dr. Mario, Falco, Jigglypuff, Luigi, and 
    Young Link.  To unlock 40-50, you need all the other secret characters.  Stop 
    bugging me about this!
    Question: Can you unlock Sonic and Tails?
    Answer: For anyone who doesn't know the background of this evil rumor, let me 
    fill you in.  A magazine, Game Informer, I believe, released an issue on 
    April 1, which is April Fool's Day, a day where it is tradition to trick 
    people or play pranks.  Well, GI's prank is still having its repercussions.  
    They photo-shopped the whole thing, making it look possible to unlock Sonic 
    and Tails.  It is not possible to get Sonic, Tails, or any other character 
    but the twenty-five characters listed in this walkthrough.
    Question: Can you unlock Raichu, Charizard, or Nurse Peach?
    Answer: A less popular rumor than the Sonic/Tails one, but it is still 
    untrue.  You can only play as the twenty-five characters listed in this 
    walkthrough.  However, if you want to play as Nurse Peach that badly you'll 
    have to settle for an imitation.  Change Peach's color to white.
    Question: How do you change character's colors?
    Answer: When selecting a character press Y or X to change their color.  It 
    makes no difference in fighting at all.
    Question: Can you get the Giga Mushroom?
    Answer: This rumor was started when someone noticed that there was an empty 
    space at the bottom of the item screen, and also that two mushrooms (or one 
    in Giant Melee) made you gigantic.  While it would be cool, it's just that: a 
    Question: How do you get the last three trophies?
    Answer: I don't speak Japanese, I've never to been to Japan, and I don't own 
    a Japanese memory card.  However, I think that they are promotions; you go to 
    a vendor and they add it to your memory card.
    Question: Who's the best character?
    Answer: I swear, people would hire hit men if I said one character was better 
    than another.  It's crazy; everyone likes their favorite so much!  Depending 
    on your fighting style you'll be better with certain characters.  Personally, 
    I like fast characters with power to back them up.  My best characters are 
    (in this order) Yoshi, Marth, and Pikachu.  However, that's not to say that 
    they're the best.  Everyone has different opinions on the matter and you 
    can't prove one character over another.
    Question: I read in your Adventure mode section that you would fight a Giant 
    Kirby, but I never did.  Is my game wrong or something?
    Answer: You only fight Giant Kirby if you defeat the bunch of Kirbys 
    preceding it within thirty seconds.
    Question: What's the advantage to fighting extra characters?
    Answer: You get more points.
    Question: What is a clone?
    Answer: I call them clones and so does everyone else.  Clones are characters 
    that have attacks that are so similar to another character's attacks that 
    they are almost duplicates.  The clones are as follows: Dr. Mario and Luigi 
    are clones of Mario, Ganondorf is a clone of Captain Falcon, Falco is a clone 
    of Fox, Young Link is a clone of Link, Pichu is a clone of Pikachu, and Roy 
    is a clone of Marth.
    Question: Do you get something special if you do well on that shooter-credits 
    thing at the end?
    Answer: To my knowledge, no.  I think that was just a clever way of making us 
    want to watch the credits.
    Question: How come sometimes alternate music plays in stages?
    Answer: In certain events, scenarios, battles, etc. you have alternate music.  
    If you want to hear it unlock Sound Test.  Or, press R and L as you start up 
    something, alternate music may play.  Please, no further questions/comments 
    on music.
    Question: Can you listen to alternate music all the time?
    Answer: To make alternate music play, when you select a stage to play on hold 
    Y.  This holds true for restarting, too.  To make alternate music play in the 
    Trophy Gallery, go to Sound Test, listen to music, and go to the Gallery.  It 
    will be playing.
    Question: Is there a way to start out as Sheik instead of Zelda?
    Answer: Yes.  Hold Z as you start a level and you'll transform before the 
    announcer says "GO!"
    Question: Hey!  The Gallery is wrong!
    Answer: There are several instances where it is.  For one, the Master Sword 
    is introduced in A Link to the Past, not Ocarina of Time.
    Question: I'm trying to get the Diskun trophy and I can't figure it out...  
    What is a meteor crash?
    Answer: A meteor crash is when you KO an enemy while they're trying to 
    recover from a fall.  Mario has such a move, as is shown in the how-to video 
    under Data, Archives, and How to Play.  Link also has a meteor crash move, A 
    + Down.
    Question: I can't get that stupid Diskun trophy!
    Answer: If you're having trouble getting certain Bonuses you need to play in 
    VS mode.  You can get bonuses there and you can have a friend help you to 
    exactly simulate the description to get a certain bonus.  Make a checklist 
    and go from there.
    Question: OK, I unlocked Luigi and Jigglypuff and some other characters and I 
    stopped playing.  When I came back to play later they weren't there!  What do 
    I do?
    Answer: There are three possibilities.  One, the most likely, is that you 
    aren't using a memory card.  Yes, unlike the Nintendo consoles of that past 
    the GCN (Game Cube) uses memory cards.  Second, you could have a defective 
    game.  If you do, I suggest getting a refund for the game and picking out a 
    non-defective one.  Hope you kept the receipt.  The other possibility is that 
    someone hates you and steals your memory card at night to maniacally erase 
    your game data.  It's a growing problem.
    Question: How come one time I heard the crowd saying "Roy's our boy?"
    Answer: This is a bonus called crowd favorite.  When you're doing really well 
    they starting chanting your name in a rhythmic fashion, usually incorporating 
    some rhyme or slogan.
    Question: What is a taunt?
    Answer: When you press up on the control pad that looks like a plus sign (+) 
    your character taunts.  This shows that you got a good move in on your foe 
    and usually is done after you KO someone.  It is involved in the bonus 
    Fighter Stance and I think it makes opponents angry.  An experiment with a 
    CPU was performed by me in the event called Trouble King 2.  Sometimes, 
    Bowser stands on Squirtle's arm and stays there until he dies.  Well, if you 
    taunt when he's standing there like a moron he'll come after you.  This holds 
    true for all the courses.  I've done it three times - lulling enemies into 
    suicidal positions is not easy.
    Question: Can I use your guide on my website, book, magazine, etc.?
    Answer: OK, I've never got a request for a book or magazine, but I should be 
    prepared.  So, my completely civil response is NO, NO, NO, NEVER!!!  I'm not 
    being mean, just NO!
    Question: Why not?
    Answer: I usually don't break it down for people, but here's a list why.  
    First, if more people had it on their site more people would steal.  Two, 
    this is under Copyright so it is illegal.  Three, if it was multiple sites it 
    would be impossible to update and my e-mail would be flooded.  Four, too many 
    plagiarists claim that its their work.  Five, GameFaqs.com has proven itself 
    to be a trustworthy site and a long-term site, more likely to be around 
    longer than some site you and your brother started up last Tuesday.  Finally, 
    I said no.  Even if you think these problems wouldn't apply to your website, 
    I still say NO!
    Question: Can I print your guide off?
    Answer: Yes, no one's stopping you.  However, you'll have to refer to my 
    legal section.  If it is for personal, private use you may.
    Question: Is there a sequel to Super Smash Bros. Melee in the works?
    Answer: Probably.  I don't know the specifics, but based on how wildly 
    popular this game still is after so many years, I bet you the next one will 
    feature more stages, characters, and everything secret.
    Question: What other guides have you written walkthroughs for?
    Answer: This is my tenth walkthrough so far.  The other nine I wrote in this 
    order.  All can be found on www.GameFaqs.com.  I wrote one for The Legend of 
    Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the 
    Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: 
    Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, and The 
    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  It would be my pleasure to help you with 
    any of these wonderful games.  I'll probably write more in the future.
    Those are all my questions so far.  If you send one in that is good it might 
    be posted.  If it isn't good, but everybody asks it, I'll probably post it to 
    help everybody out at once.  Keep asking and I'll keep answering.
      /                                                                       \
     /                                                                         \
    ||--------------------------------Section 4*-------------------------------||
     \                                                                         /
    =======================Credits and Legal Information*========================
    Everyone just skipped right down here because it is the best part.  Am I 
    right?  Huh?  Huh?  Okay I'll stop.  Welcome to the credits section.  Now, we 
    all hate cliches, but I think I'm going to use one.
    First, I'd like to thank myself for playing the game, writing the 
    walkthrough, and posting it.  The man, the myth, the legend!
    Second, I'd like to thank (*cough* cliche *cough*) Nintendo for making such a 
    wonderful game.  Another winner.
    Finally, I'd like to thank www.GameFaqs.com for posting my guide.
    Recently, the following people have helped me out with different aspects of 
    the guide.  Here's to them.
    - Colin SSX, who sent in a way to double the distance that the sandbag flies 
    with Roy than I currently had.
    - thepsychopenguin, who modified Colin SSX's strategy a bit.
    - Dolphin_dude90, who sent in an instant-win strategy for Event 12.
    - Cosmic Space Dust, for informing me that # 1 on Mr. Game & Watch's Judgment 
    attack deals damage to him.
    - metroid03820, who pointed out that Mr. Game & Watch's Judgment move has a 
    tenth effect, lucky # 7, which produces food. Also, metroid03820 pointed out 
    the possible origins of the Giga Mushroom to me.
    - "Lord Garthaur," who sent in great strategies for Events 49 and 50.
    - chicken_monkies, who sent me the last bonus - Poser KO.  Also, thanks to 
    whysonicdie, who sent me the information about this bonus just two days or so 
    after my first informant.  They verified each other unwittingly.
    - Ejbookworm, for sending in a good strategy for the Link's Adventure event.
    - BOOMERPAL, who corrected me in how many % points the Heart Container 
    recovers (it differs between All-Star Matches and normal play).
    - masternick, for sending a good strategy for metal characters.
    - stormchaser6450, who also sent in a tip regarding metal characters.
    - theonetheonlyfatguy1993, for sending in yet another tip regarding the Metal 
    - DanielJF1, who sent in a way to hear alternate music in various stages - 
    press and hold R and L at the same time.
    - Bonsack John, who sent in a good method for Cruel Melee.
    - mr. mumbato, for giving two alternate strategies for events 50 and 51.
    - esalovaara, for sending me a tip regarding Kirby; see the note at the top 
    of the "Event Match" section.
    - Heihachi90, for providing an excellent strategy for getting the bonus 
    Lethal Weapon.
    - kahunyu, for suggesting that you use Roy's Flare Blade in the tunnel of 
    Hyrule Temple to juggle and KO opponents.
    - sonicjosh and severed_outlaw, both of whom told me that if Zelda dies in 
    event 29, it's an instant failure (previously, I implied the contrary).
    - rsuddhi93, for giving a tip for event 34.
    - kirbydude385, who gave an excellent strategy for event 45.
    - gameman3, who sent in an alternate strategy for event 48.
    - DEngel, from whose guide I got a great strategy for the Power Shielder 
    - iamsle3ping, who sent in a tip about Captain Falcon's home-run contest 
    - Devon Acosta, who sent in a different tip than the above tipper regarding 
    Captain Falcon's home-run contest score.
    - Felix, who corrected me on misspelling Zapdos as "Zapados."
    That's all for now, but I'm sure the list will grow.  So, now, it is it time 
    for the legal section.  Jump for joy!
    First, I take no credit for the production, thinking of, distribution, 
    translation, or in any way creation of this video game.  That honor goes to 
    the fantastic people at Nintendo.
    Second, this document is Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee.
    Third, all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Another walkthrough written and I can't wait to write another one...  Well, I 
    hope this walkthrough has helped you.  See ya later.

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