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Not only the best fighting game ever made, but one of the best games ever made outright.02/08/10UltimaterializerX
Do yourself a favor and get this piece of perfection09/13/06andymancan1
THE game for the gamecube-Super Smash12/19/05A Friendly Cactus
If nothing else, buy this game just so you can beat your friends' asses as Pikachu. You know you want to.12/16/01Andy787
An instant classic that raises the bar for fighting games07/19/02antsmarching
99% of my time playing the Gamecube was with this game.05/08/07Archmonk Iga
My Favorite Game of All Times12/13/05azn_devil_kid
Nothing Is More Satisfying Than Having Link Beat Pikachu Over The Head Several Times With A Hammer05/24/03Baradur
For my 20th Review,I Shall Rate the Best Fighting Game Ever Made.05/14/06Bass260
The Ultimate Fighting Game10/05/07bluej33
I've had this game for 6 years, and if still haven't put it down03/01/07Chaotic_Reign
A great update of a fantastic game.03/29/06chunkyliver1204
Great depth, brilliant fun--a party game with substance08/30/06Derek Zoolander
It's been over a year since I got this game...01/25/04discoinferno84
The definite reason to own a Gamecube yet despite what anyone says09/03/02Dogg
Show me your moves!05/16/14Donald Love 87
Simply one of the best games ever on Gamecube05/09/04Dranze
One of the Best Fighting Games on the Shelf11/21/05Dub26
Smash Your Friends in This Gaming Masterpiece!07/16/06FishTaco64
If there was ever a new genre of game created, SSBM would be it.08/26/08Fossil
Mario, Link, Samus, Oh My!01/16/07Galactus21
"Smash" ing fun!09/08/05GavLuvsGA
The South Shall Rise Again06/08/04Genjuro Kibagami
The best Gamecube title of 2001, go add this to your library now01/13/02Gruel
Get ready to be falcon punched!07/12/08horror_spooky
Withought a doubt one of the most creative and fun fighting game I have ever played11/24/04KnightsoftheRound
And Princess Peach grabs her umbrella and defeats Bowser once and for all. Meanwhile Captain Falcon is beating up Pikachu!01/06/03Lagunathemoron
A mutant turtle has me by the throat...!05/31/05Light_Inside
One of the best games out for the gamecube right now!03/05/07Link165
I cannot believe that Nintendo’s marketing wizards would ever let Nana kick Mario’s butt from here to Brinstar12/16/01matt91486
Drag queens are funny.01/22/02Mega
It's been one year since I did my first review. I just had to do a special review in order to celebrate. Super Smash Bros. Melee was my choice.09/15/06Megaman1981
How does Super Smash Brothers fare with the games of 2005?01/23/05MetalSonic700
Bowser! Watch out for the bomb-omb! Wha? Ah, son of a......04/17/03mr pyscho
Nintendo took a great concept and nearly perfected it. Smashing.08/25/04MSuskie
Nintendo's mascots do battle in another great game!04/18/03MZ
Nintendo's arena got better!02/25/05neothe0ne
Over a 10! This game is just too much!!!12/30/03Nintendo Lord
Still stands to be one of the best Game Cube games ever!!!!09/20/06nsjkdnszcbxjh
A nice evolution of the original, but could it have been better?10/15/02nzgamefaqs
Super Smash Bros. Melee edges out Metroid Prime for the title of GameCube's Best Game07/15/04plasmabeam
The best and only party fighting game you will ever own!05/09/04PLAYS MANY GAMES
Who said Nintendo couldn't do beat 'em ups?02/12/03Random-J
Alas, the reason i failed my Philosophy exam!06/27/04samonkeyuk
A game that can only be described as perfect.12/16/05ShadowGuardian9
SSBM is a not a game that every Nintendo fan needs to play nor is it a game every gamer needs to play. It is a game EVERYONE needs to play.12/20/05Shivan Reincarnated
Stop Playing This Game...After You Get That Last KO!08/18/06SpikeDragon
If you have a Gamecube, but don't have Super Smash Bros. Melee....You've PWNed Yourself!!!09/28/04SSJ1 Mike
Not perfect, but merits as the best in the series04/29/11StephenYap3
Buy the car if you liked the test drive.11/01/04strawhat
This game is much better with friends, but should you be caught without them, the game's demons come to light.07/25/11SuperSmashBro13
Probably The Best Fighting Game Ever02/21/03THAguyINgta3
Gamecube: $99.99. Super Smash Bros. Melee: $29.99. Getting to humiliate your friends as Pichu: Priceless01/05/06The_Elite_Lord
A Massive Improvement06/23/08TheRedneck14
I'm maybe the only one that doesn't find this game to be anything special.06/01/15TheRetroPlayer
SSBM >>>>>>> j0011/08/03Turbo Kirby
Finally, I get to beat up Pikachu.01/21/05Unleashed Vortex
Fighting people in life=trouble. Fighting people in Melee=OWNage04/29/05WaterMario222
"Hats Off To Nintendo"05/25/03wing2871x
I had fun, fun, fun 'til daddy took the TV away!03/10/04wizard1
A game you will play with your grandchildren03/22/03Wo1f
If you fancy yourself a gamer at all, you must own this game12/13/01Writer
While not quite as innovative as the first game, Melee manages to outclass it in every other way possible.07/12/07Xboxlover2
Will be treasured forever.01/16/07xcamel24
A game that just keeps Giving09/19/06xianfeng
A game no Nintendo fan can miss06/20/04ZaleIsBackAgain
The new generations Street Fighter 2.04/02/07Zylo the wolf

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
A Smashing 9/10!!!12/07/01Androidlink
This is brilliant, because you simply can beat Pikachu's ass with Mario and get away with it.09/30/14Asgardian724
A definate must-have!!!12/16/01AYoon
SSBM: A Masterpiece of a Game12/07/01BlazingIce123
I knew the Gamecube had potential, but this... is perfect!10/15/07bobobo_iz_best
The game that killed Super Smash Brothers12/02/08BowserCharizard
A wise player once said, "Kick that giant turtle's butt!"11/03/08darkknight904
Not as good as everyone claims it to be, but still a good game.07/08/08DarkMark42
Someone says 8.9, DarkNightwing says 1006/07/03DarkNightwing
Looking for a reason to buy a GC? Well here it is!03/28/02dirtycup II
A long awaited sequel finally hits the U.S., and does not disappoint!12/05/01Ender Wiggin
Back once again and in better form!12/03/01GhostFalcon
Better than Brawl!!!03/02/09goppers
The Smashyes03/31/09hellacost2 don't have this game? Then what are you doing sitting there reading this? GO GET IT!01/08/08Jetski10
More Than Plain Awesome10/13/09JustJackie
A game so good, that the only game that comes close to this is the original.12/08/01khachik
The Most Insane Fighting Game Ever12/14/08Khmai_Knight88
If Jesus wanted to play his Gamecube, this would be the game in it.09/29/08KyleKilltacular
Super Smash Brothers is BACK IN ACTION.....AND BETTER THAN EVER!11/22/01Perfect Light
Has the same look and feel as the last one.....12/08/01PerfectGamer
Before Brawl, there was Melee. Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of my favorite.11/17/09redmario217
It Could Not Have been better.... Or could it?12/07/01rob1out
'Show me your moves'12/11/08rombus_legend
One of the Best Gamecube Games, Hands Down01/03/08ScytheMan0
Not as good as Brawl, but worthy for the action.05/07/13SquallEX8
I have never found a more addicting game in my life10/09/07swyg
Prepare to eat knucle sandwich again! Super Smash Bros. Melee is in the house!03/23/03Tokyo Fusion
For those who can't afford a Wii to buy Brawl...04/22/08umi2222
Super Fun=Super Smash01/30/08Uryuki
A so-so follow up10/10/07wolverinefan
A perfect 10? No, but close enough for me to give it one!!12/04/01Xelys
10 years of playing this game, and I'm STILL not tired of it!01/04/12xXhakuhyouXx
I can't go over 10 points!? Awww......12/13/01Zopharoth

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