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"For my 20th Review,I Shall Rate the Best Fighting Game Ever Made."

Simply the best game ever. The Super Smash Bros series is quite new now and isn't very old like Mario and Zelda. The first game, Super Smash Bros, came out in 1999 and became a very popular game. It even became more popular then, Street Fighter II, which saved Arcades from becoming closed. There is tons of Nintendo All-Stars in the game, such as our well known Italian Plumber, Mario and our lovable Bounty Hunter, Samus Aran.

Now let us go to the real game, where the Super Smash Bros Melee Action, takes place. Now over to the Story, Game Play,Graphics, Controls,
Multi player, Re-playability, and my Overall Score of the Game.

Story 10/10
There is no story, of why Nintendo All-Stars are all gathering together, and fighting for the glory. I wll try and improvise a story that will make more sense of the game. So one day Nintendo sent out a letter to every character in the game. It was an invitation, for if they wanted to join. 25 joined and all came together to fight. 15 made it on time, but 10 other characters didn't make it on time. The characters thought that if they played enough matches, the characters that were late, would come out. The characters that were late are the hidden characters, and when you play enough V.S. Matches, you may have a surprise and find the hidden character. So does this interest you more now? I hope so because this game is great.

Game Play 10/10
The Game Play is perfect. The Multi Player is perfect too. This game is my favourite game ever. There is 1 Player Mode and Multi Player Mode. In 1 Player Mode you can do classic or adventure at the start,and then unlock All-Star Mode. You can do Event Matches. Event Matches are very fun,and there is 51 of them. You have to unlock some of them. Some of the Event Matches earn you trophies, and sometimes even hidden characters. There is other things like Home-Run Contest and Multi-Man Melee and the return of Target Test. In Target Test,you pick a character, and with the best of your ability,break all the targets. There is a different Target Test challenge, for each character. The Home-Run contest is cool too. You choose a character,grab the Home-Run Bat,do some damage to the Home-Run Bag,and then Swing! Lastly Multi-Man Melee. In this mode, you can try to defeat weak CPUS as much as you want. Sometimes you have to defeat a number of enemies in this mode, in order to win something. Lastly in 1 Player mode there is training. Training is just a way to train and become the greatest Super Smash Bros Melee player around. You can choose from 14 different characters at the start of the game, and then unlock 11 more secret characters. You start with tons of cool stages, that are places from famous Nintendo places. You head to the fiery pits of Planet Zebes, or go see Hyrule Temple, or possibly have some fun time, at the Pokemon Stadium. You get to unlock hidden stages. The stages, are very well designed, and each one shows a place from one of the Nintendo All-Stars game. There is a new thing called Trophies. You have to collect Trophies from the Lottery,or even have to do some pretty hard challenges. There is 290 Trophies in total, and if you finally collect them all, call your self a true Super Smash Bros Melee Master. You can play with a friend or without, but either way, the game is very fun. There is Special Melee, that lets you choose a certain thing to do, like Sudden Death, Slow Melee,Fast Melee, or you can even try taking pictures, in Camera mode. You can choose to battle against CPUS and put their Level of Hardness up or down. Still the pleasure of hitting Pikachu over the head with a hammer, fills you up with tons of joy.

Graphics 10/10
You can't just can't this perfect game, anything else but a ten in every section. Even if the Graphics were horrible, II would still rate it a 10/10,but guess what? The Graphics are actually pretty darn good too. They show nice creative work, and the characters, are very interesting to look at. It's almost like the characters are really fighting, and are really real. Stunning Visuals.

Sound 10/10
Another section that truly shines in every way. Each stage, features a classic tune from the game it game from. Like on the Planet Zebes: Brinstar stage, the game plays Brinstar music, directly from the original, or maybe even a little bit improved. The sounds are very catchy, and not one of them are bad. They all feature the very same classic feel, that makes you feel that you are actually in that place. Amazing Sound too.

Controls 10/10
The Controls are another great section. They are very easy to use, and are easy to learn, so that you can have fun, and not be having trouble with the game, because of the controls. Best of all, the controls are very easy to use. You can use the Analog Stick, to move. The A button, can perform certain moves, and smash moves. The B button, is your special moves. Special Moves, are the characters special weapon from the gam they come from. Like one of Link's Special moves, is the bow and arrows. You can jump with the X or Y button. The R and L buttons can both help you perform special dodges, and throws. The Z button is the easier way to pick up an opponent though. Overall, the Controls are basic,easy to use,easy to get the hang of, and one again most importantly, fun to use.

Multi Player 10/10
Like I said before, the Multi player is probably the best part of the game. You have a smashing night of of fun with this game. You need a friend to do Multi player matches,but that shouldn't be a problem. My ideal plan is to get this game, get a friend, get some snacks and pop, and then you are all ready to have the best smashing night of your life. You can choose settings,and how many lives you each get o start with. You can choose what character you want to be, and what stage you will battle at. This game is meant for Multi player right? After reading what I said about the Multi player you probably agree, but if you haven't gone to to get this game yet,after I talked about Game Play, go buy it now, or you will regret it.

Characters 10/10
Guess what? I added a character section. The characters are a big part of the game. The characters range from the Cute Little Mouse Pikachu, to the Overweight Italian Plumber Mario. The characters are very well designed, and sometimes if you play with one character long enough,when the character loses, you feel at loss. At the start of the game, you start with 14 characters. They are Mario,Link,Yoshi,Donkey Kong,Bowser,Captain Falcon,Ness,Ice Climbers,Princess Zelda/Sheik,Samus,Kirby,Pikachu,Fox,and lastly Princess Peach.b You unlock 11 more, but I won't spoil who they are for you. Well fine.Do you really want to know? Fine I'll tell you who they are.

So the other 11 secret characters are:Dr.Mario,Luigi,Gannondorf,Mewtwo,Marth,Roy,Pichu,Jigglypuff, Mr.Game and Watch,Young Link, and lastly Falco. Happy now? Hope so.

Re-playability 10/10
This game will keep you busy forever. You can try to unlock all the hidden characters, or try to unlock every single stage, or maybe even try to became the Super Smash Bros Melee Master and obtain all the trophies. There is one trophy, where you have to beat Adventure on Hard,or Very Hard, and you will find out, that is nearly impossible. Nothing is easy, even the character challenge may take a little longer than you expected. The Multi Player is great, but the best with a friend. With a friend, you can choose to be on a team, or just do a one on one death match. This game will literally keep you busy forever.

Overall 10/10
The Perfect game, gets a perfect score. With awesome characters,Great Game Play,Stunning Visuals,Amazing Sound, Fun Controls, and will keep you busy forever. With all the Trophies to gather, it will take forever. The game is perfect, and is a good choice for a new GameCube game. Buy or Rent? Buy! If you don't have it, buy it now! You will not regret that you bought it, trust me. Well lets keep our fingers cross for a sequel. Wait, Super Smash Bros Brawl is coming out on Nintendo WII. Well can't wait for that, but all I know as you will love this game. Well hope you liked the Review, and happy smashing!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/14/06

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