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"Smash Your Friends in This Gaming Masterpiece!"

Super Smash Brothers Melee is, in my opinion, one of the best multi player games of all-time. There is simply no beating the endless hours of fun you will have trying to unlock every character, get every trophy, or pounding on your friends! This is one of those games that will always be remembered as a classic! It has amazing game play for both single and multiple players. It is one of the best games available for GameCube or for any other system for that matter. I would recommend this game for pretty much everyone that enjoys video games of any kind.

Storyline – N/A/10
No real storyline to this game just beat up the other people on the screen! It can also be fun when hanging out with friends to invent your own stories and play them out. Maybe Ness owes Samus some money and she has to shake him down.

Game play – 10/10
The game play is what truly makes Super Smash Brother Melee great to play. Amazing single-player plus unrivaled multi player equals hours upon hours of fun. All of your favorite Nintendo characters clash in this amazing fighting game. You start out being able to access twelve of the most popular characters in the Nintendo franchise. As you progress, you are able to unlock up to thirteen more for a total of twenty-five characters! Each character has a special stage designed just for them and designed to fit their unique style of fighting. Each character had his/hers/their own style of fighting and dozens of moves designed specifically for them. The characters style mostly depends on their size, for example, Donkey Kong does better standing and slugging it out, whereas Fox does better darting around using hit and run tactics. It will take you awhile but you will eventually get the hang of each character's strengths and weaknesses and will hopefully be able to fight well with all 25 characters. Once you are, invite some friends over and test your skills against theirs! Of course, almost everyone has one particular character that they like the most and can fight with the most effectively. There are also several unlockable stages, including some classics from the original Super Smash Brothers from the N64. Some of these stages can be challenges in themselves due to obstacle, the stage moving, or even third parties attempting to hurt you!

The majority of characters and stages are unlocked through the very fun 1-Player mode, which features three very fun challenges. The first, Classic, is very similar to the original SSB in that you have to fight opponents of increasing difficulty and occasionally complete a side challenge(Break the Targets, Grab Trophies, Race to the Finish). There is also an Adventure Mode in which you often have to make your way through side scrolling worlds and fight the character unique to that world. Once you have completed certain events, you also unlock All-Star Mode where you try to defeat every single character with only the use of three Recovery Hearts. You start out fighting one at a time, then two, then three, and in the last fight, you have to face off against 25! Yikes! Based on how well you perform in these challenges you will receive a number of coins that can be used in the trophy lottery machine to try to buy more trophies and learn more about your favorite Nintendo all-stars. Another one player option is the 51 specific challenges that you can complete. These unlock trophies, give you gold, and even unlock a few new characters! They steadily increase in difficulty as do the requirements to be able to even attempt them, but these are very fun. Once you complete all 51, you will know that you accomplished a very difficult task.

Of course, the thing that truly makes Super Smash Brothers Melee great is the multi-player action! You can fight a friend one on one or you can face of against dozens of pals in a tournament. You can fight as giants or as tiny people or at super speeds or in slow motion. You can choose which weapons you want to be available in the fight or how long you want the fight to be. You can fight in teams or in a huge free for all. If you are fighting computer opponents, you decide how difficult they are. You can set up each fight so that it's perfect for your unique tastes in a way unlike any other fighting game that I have ever seen. There are a few stages to be unlocked via multi player as well as new characters that can be won by fighting certain numbers of battles. The game also keeps a record of all wins and losses in multi player mode. That should prove to be some extra motivation to fight well, so that your friend can't keep bragging about how he beat you! In my personal opinion, the game play of Super Smash Brothers Melee can be compared with that of other amazing games such as, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 4, and Final Fantasy 7. Do not pass up the chance to play this masterpiece of a game or you will truly regret it!

Graphics – 9/10
The graphics are not what Super Smash Brothers Melee was built around but they are still very good! They are much better than those of the original Super Smash Brothers, and you should not be disappointed with them. For those who have played the original but not Super Smash Brothers Melee and that think the original had good graphics, you have no idea what you are missing. I was particularly impressed by several of the stages in Adventure mode. I was also very impressed with the short movie shown just before you start playing showing all of the games characters. Simply amazing! These graphics are definitely nothing to turn your nose up at. I believe that these are among the best graphics that GameCube has to offer and they help make Super Smash Brothers Melee into one of the best games that GameCube has to offer! In my personal opinion, graphics don't make a game better or worse, they just enhance the experience and these have definitely enhanced Super Smash Brothers Melee into an amazing experience and once you play it, I am sure you will agree!

Sound – 9/10
I LOVE the sounds in this game. The quality is amazing and the little squeals of pain and the sound of collisions make this game so funny! There's nothing quite like listening to Peach scream right after you backhand her across the screen or the sound of Donkey Kong's fist meeting Luigi's face. They make you really feel like you are part of the game. The victory cries, the moans of pain, and the gasps of exertion can really pull you into the fight. You might even start feeling the same emotions as your character. These sounds can be really amusing to listen to when you have four human people slugging it out in a free for all! The sound effects of this game are just another of the many different aspects that make it so enjoyable for almost everyone!

Replay Value – 10/10
Since Super Smash Brothers Melee doesn't really have set storyline, it's not the kind of game that you can play through one time and then never touch again. You may get frustrated and set it down for a few weeks, but eventually you won't be able to resist the urge to pick it up again. You could easily spend 100+ hours unlocking everything in the game, so it won't seem so dull to start over from the beginning. Once you finish everything and look back you will realize just how big this game is and you will probably get an urge to see if you can do it all again. Give it a shot! In ten years you may get the sudden urge to play this game again and everything will seem the same as the day you got it (though hopefully you may be a more skilled fighter). It may take you up to two years to unlock every single trophy in the game. But once you do, you will have a great sense of achieving a very long, difficult task. And that feels really good!

Buy or Rent?
I don't believe that any respectable video game collection should be without Super Smash Brother Melee and I'm sure you will feel the same way after you play it. In fact, I can't believe that you have gotten this far into the review and still haven't run out to buy it! It doesn't cost much anymore, so I would heavily recommend just buying this masterpiece. It will be the best twenty dollars that you have ever spent I guarantee it! If you rent it, expect to be buying within a few days, though I honestly wouldn't waste the extra money renting it.

Well, if you haven't figured it out already, I think Super Smash Brothers Melee is a great game. I also think that it will eventually be held as one of the best multi player games of all time if it hasn't already achieved that feat! You will spend countless hours unlocking all the characters and then countless hours punching your friends in the face with said characters on the stages you spent hours unlocking. Super Smash Brothers Melee will be enjoyed for many years to come and I am sure that once you play it, you will always have a special place for it on your game shelf and in your heart!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/16/06

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