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"Stop Playing This Game...After You Get That Last KO!"

Since this is the first game I got for the Game-cube, I thought it would be nice to give it a review.
It all began back in 1999, when Nintendo developers created the game known as Super Smash Brothers. Of course, this game was a big hit. With 12 characters from different worlds fighting on treacherous battlefields, this game was the best fighting game anyone could play. However, it's reign over the rest was short-lived, as the sequel Super Smash Brothers Melee dominated the genre in 2001. With more characters and stages than the first, and better graphics, this game reigned supreme over all fighting games made.

You may ask yourself, "How good is this game?" Allow me to explain just how good it really is.

Game Play-10/10

The game-play is just like the first. Up to four players fight on a battlefield, which may be on a mountain, in the sky, or even on a ruined temple. The object of the game is to simply attack the other players. At the bottom of the screen, it shows the percentage of damage the player has taken. The higher the percentage, the higher risk the player has of being knocked right off the field. They can fall into an endless pit, blast off like Team Rocket in the popular television show Pokemon, or slam right into the screen! Once knocked off the field, the player loses points, while the person who knocked them off gains points. The character then re-enters the battlefield, and starts again un-damaged. The players continue to battle until the given time is up. The player with the most points is declared the winner. There is also a variety of types, including stock matches, which give a limited amount of lives, coin matches, in which players hit each other to collect coins, and bonus matches, which give you points based on your fighting style. Each type is different, but still have equal amounts of fun.


The old blocky scenes from the first Super Smash Brothers are a thing of the past. With quicker dashes, better items, and excellent scenes, this game has one of the best 3-dimensional graphics ever. The characters are less blocky, and there are more items than the first game. Even so, the new ones look excellent, and the old ones look better than the original. The battlefields are also sharper, and look more realistic. When attacking, the speed of it flows at the same pace, unlike the original, which changed speed every time. The shields are also less visible, besides Yoshi's (his shield is an egg). Instead of the large smack stars that block some of the scene, this game shows the scene, so you can see your glorious ring outs. The graphics are not good, but they are excellent.


Unlike the original, the sound for this game is quite good. The music goes well with the scenes. It also has classic music, so if you played the first game, you'll know some of the music. The sounds effects during the game really kick in, and the noises and hollers the characters make when they attack are hilarious, and a good edition to the game. If I could, I would definitely purchase the soundtrack, simply because the music is so good.


If you played the first one, you may have trouble adapting to the controls of this game. Unlike the confusing controls with 3 places to hold the controller, this game has 2 simple places to hold, so you don't have to keep shifting your hands while you play. There are also smaller and less buttons, so you don't have to memorize as many as you would with the original. The game uses the "A" button for stronger and slower attacks (it is also used to pick upm use, and throw items), while the "B" button is used for quicker and weaker attacks. The "X" button is used to jump, instead of always having to press up on the control stick. The "L" and "R" buttons are used to block, which are easier to press than the first game. The "Z" button is also in a more comfortable and convenient position, and is used to grab and throw opponents (also used to drop items). The C-Stick uses the players special moves, which deal heavy damage to the opponent. These can be used to finish off a character, or to surprise them, and knock them silly. You can use different attacks with the same button by shifting the control stick in a different direction. These different attacks can be used for different tactics and strategies, giving you the edge to defeat other players. What adds to the controls is the taunt. To taunt the other players, you must press any direction on the control pad. This makes the character you are controlling dance or insult the other characters against you. It may take awhile to get used to if you played Super Smash Brothers, but they are simple to learn.

Difficulty Level-10/10

Are some computers too simple, or too difficult to defeat? That is no problem, in this game. The computer level can be changed before the battle! At the bottom of a computer box (where the character is displayed), you can choose the level of the computer. If you're a beginner, change the computer level from one to three. Once you get the hang of it, you can try fighting opponents from levels four to six. One you completely master the game, and want to take on a challenge, change the level of the computer from level seven to nine. That isn't all this game has. If human players are too difficult for you, you can give the less experienced players a handicap level. By doing so, it takes more hits for the handicapped player to be knocked off the battlefield. The handicap level also ranges from levels one to nine. In the one player classic, adventure, and all-star modes, you can also change the difficulty level. Select the Very Easy or Easy levels if you are a beginner. Once you get how to play the game, try playing and defeating the Normal level. One mastered, you can try the Hard Level, and one looking for a challenge, test yourself in the Very Hard level. This game has everything covered for you when you when you first begin to play this game!

Replay Value-9/10

Once you complete the game, can you play the whole thing again, and it's still challenging to you? Of course you can! Completely unlocking all the characters, unlocking all the stages, completing all one player modes, beating all the event stages (one player-ed objectives you must accomplish with a character of choice, or a character you must be), and collecting over 250 trophies takes more than just a few tries to beat. Some characters must be unlocked after playing up to 1000 versus matches, and certain trophies need to be obtained by beating a boss in a limited amount of time. There are also extremely hard stages that take several amounts of energy and patience to finally master and defeat. When I got this game, it took me 2 years to unlock and obtain every single character, event match, stage, and trophy in this game. When my memory card corrupted, I had to start over. Even though I had already learned how to unlock every character, every stage, and every event match, it still took me the same amount of time to unlock everything again. I even tried using cheat codes to make this quicker. However, all attempts failed. This game has some of the best replay value I have seen in years. The only thing that cuts out some replay value is that you can choose what to delete in the game. Whether you want to delete all unlocked characters, delete your trophy collection, or delete all versus mode records, this game allows you to pick any of them you choose. The bad thing about this is you can do one of these fifty times, and then be able to complete it within a month. By doing this, you are cutting out the replay value in certain areas. This may be a disappointment to most, but that's how Nintendo thought the game would be better.


Despite the minor flaw in the replay value, Super Smash Brothers Melee still gets a 10 from me. What I found that no other game had was that this game had an unusually high difficulty level. Most games are hard to beat at the beginning, and after are easily beaten in days. However, this game had more than that. With ultimate game play, simple instructions, easy controls, amazing graphics, nice music, good replay value, and an unbelievable difficulty level, Super Smash Brothers Melee is the best your money can buy. You'd better buy it now, because who knows when they stop making this game?

Rent or Buy?

As stated before, I think you should buy this game. It takes a long time to beat, and it has a "smashing" 25 of your favorite video game stars to choose from. There are good graphics, and it wouldn't take too long to be glued to the game for hours. I think this game should be played by people of all ages, simply because the minute you turn on the game, you just can't put your controller down.

I hope the new Super Smash Brothers Brawl can be as good as this game is. I enjoyed Super Smash Brothers Melee a lot.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/18/06

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