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Reviewed: 09/20/06

Still stands to be one of the best Game Cube games ever!!!!

From launch, to now, super smash bros melee is 1 of the best Game Cube games around. It has it all, the great game play, excellent multi player & single player, awesome sound and graphics and never gets old or boring. It's also cheap so if you haven’t got it stop reading and immediately go buy it. It's a good game to play with your friends because there is tones of fun to be had and everybody will be hooked. If your friends are too afraid to verse you then this game also has good single player modes such as adventure, classic and event matches.

Game play: 10/10 (excellent)
Super smash bros melee's game play is much better then it was on the original smash bros. The controls have been changed, and are much better and easier to play now. There are more character's which have to be unlocked, making it harder, and much better to play when there are much more characters to play as. Same with the level's, there are more and some need to be unlocked, adding to the length of the game. The single player adventure mode is also much better, but the original adventure is included. The new adventure mode is much longer, but is just a bit too long. Target test is also in it, mostly from the original smash bros as well. Another classic thing is the multi-man melee & sand bag smash. Sand bag smash seems a bit pointless but is sort of fun when you have tried everything else. Multi-man melee is try to kill the pre-set amount of wire frame fighters, or as many as you can in a time limit. This is also seems a bit pointless but it still is something to do when you have tried other things. The best single player game to do is event matches. Event matches are like missions, complete the set task. The event matches are very fun and there are a good amount of them to keep anybody busy for hours. Those games listed there are single player only games.

Now I will get on about the melee (playing bots in matches). Melee can be played with 1-4 players. There are lots of fun items to play with while smashing your opponents, things from poke balls to bombs or the classic fire flowers. The items can help or hurt you, which means you should be careful choosing which items to include in your matches. You can play as teams or individual. The bots have a level, from 1 to 9 and 9 being the hardest. When you have decided on the player's, team's items and all that stuff, you choose the mode to play, coin, bonus, stock or KO fest. Personally stock matches are the best, bonus is also good. Coin is smash each other for coins and collect the most. Bonus is getting as many points as possible by performing special moves or things in the time limit. Stock is lives, you run out of life’s your out of the match and KO fest is get as many KO's in the time limit. Set all that and start your match to see who the smash champion is.

Tournaments are also a good way to play, having 64 players with the 4 controllers. Tournaments are played the same as melee, so it's just like a really big version on melee. But if tournaments and the single player aren’t enough, there are specialized melee modes. Putting in these modes was a really good thing as they add a twist to the game play, which I really like. There are things like tiny melee, giant melee, slow mo melee, lightning melee, fixed camera and a few others. Fixed camera isn’t that good, it's more annoying then good. Giant melee is where all players are larger then normal. Tiny melee is where all players are smaller then usual. Slow mo melee is where everything moves much slower then normal, giving you a chance to see the opponents move. Lightning melee is where everything moves much faster then usual. In slow mo everything moves much slower then usual. In stamina you have 50hp, 1% damage is 1 hp gone, it like that mode a lot but you can't change the amount of hp you have which is a let down. My favorite ones are slow mo melee and stamina. Stamina stands out to be the best though, because its different to have hp which makes you really want to watch a lot harder what is hitting you.

A thing that was also included was trophy collecting. From doing melee, you get coins. If you have enough coins you can put it into a vending machine and get a trophy. But buying them all wouldn’t be fun, so there are trophies hidden is some levels, and there are over 350 so it will take some time to get them all. Trophies vary from characters and levels in the game to items from the game or even things from other Nintendo classics. Monsters, items, levels, characters and more, how will you ever collect them all! After you collect these trophies you can view them in a whole collection or on their own.

The characters in this game are Nintendo all stars. Characters from Nintendo classics such as Mario, Zelda, pokemon star fox, f zero, Kirby and a few others. Some are much better then others, but it all ends up balanced. e.g.; somebody like donkey Kong or bowser are stronger then somebody like pikachu, but pikachu is much faster then donkey Kong and bowser, so it stays all balanced. With all those characters then there must be levels from all those game too! Well that’s true, levels from Mario, Zelda, star fox, pokemon, f zero, Kirby and more are also in it. So you can play your favorite characters in your favorite levels.

Graphics: 10/10 (excellent)
For one of the first game cube games released, its graphics are very good. The characters are looking much better then ever before, and the levels are outstanding. The backgrounds in them looked really good and the actual stage looked just a tad worse, but the overall look of the levels and characters was a job well done for a very early game. Fire and explosions look very real and smoke does to, which adds to a great looking explosive arena. There are also things that come to the levels, like on star fox levels, arwings fly in and start shooting randomly. One of the best thing is that it all runs smoothly, there is only lag if the is a billion things happening at once.

Sound: 10/10 Excellent)
Sound is one of the best things in smash bros. The songs put in the levels sound really good. There are over 40 songs too, which makes it much more fun to listen to all the main themes. Sound effects are good to, even the tiniest things you may never hear are there, and from the ting of swords clashing it's also a good addition to detail. Voices by the characters when they get smashed is superb, it's the real voices of them too.

Replay value: VERY HIGH (excellent)
It is very hard to get bored of this game, if you beat adventure, beat it again on a harder level. You beat the event matches, go back and beat all the fun ones again. Smashed the bots, gather some friends to smash or put the bot level up. Go back and beat multi-man melee, or the target tests, trying to get better times. And if you do all that, do it again.

Overall: 10/10 (excellent)
I would have never thought that a game could be so good. You can play this game hours on end, and still want to play more because of the fun things it offers. Things like collecting all the trophies can take so long you might even give up. Then come back later and try again. Smashing your opponents is the best ever in Super smash bros melee, and there wont be a game that can beat this is in fun factor, and all the other good things included.

How does it compare to others in the series?
There is only one other super smash bros game, on the Nintendo 64, Super smash bros melee totally beats it. Super smash bros melee has more levels, characters, melee modes, better sound and graphics, a bigger adventure mode and a few more new things like event matches.

+Excellent sound, graphics and game play.
+Lot's of characters, levels and modes of play.
+A lot more extras then the first smash bros.
+Most importantly, very fun to play.
+Tones of unlock able items, levels, modes and other things which I wont spoil.
Cons -
- No online mode

Rent or buy? BUY!
Any person who owns a Game cube should have this game other wise they have missed out on 1 of the best games it has to offer. Seeing as it was a launch title it will be cheap by now so that is another bonus.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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