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"I've had this game for 6 years, and if still haven't put it down"

I want to point out that this game is all about skills, which bluntly put, is why the controls are very easy and almost all the same, I thought this was plainly, AWESOME, because you have to be at your top game, and who wants to play with someone who's mastered playing with the strongest character, please if that's you, then you shouldn't be playing this, or any multi-player game. Also, it doesn't take long for you to get hooked, because since (if you're like me) hate items, just turn them off (after you get that option, of course). Also, it's pretty cool to tell you're friends that you can kick their butt with jigglypuff even if they're bowser. I have mastered playing with Mario, ness, Ice Climbers, and Mr. Game and Watch, and with different varieties of characters, theirs one for everyone!

This game is not to be played alone (as in training) every little addend, like multi man melee, and even the missions, offer some new type of challenge. I would like to add that you shouldn't be looking for a game that is long, and complicated, because this is simply what it's named, a melee. I can't get over the fact that every battle is like you're playing the game for the first time, there are so many different choices, and game styles to choose from, that I found myself awake at 4:00 in the morning, knowing well that school started in 4 hours.

The characters are very good looking, and what is very cool, is that computers don't lack any skills with the character they use so you never have to worry about that at all. I usually find myself constantly fighting in this game with my best friend to see who is better (me, of course), and I've got to say, we're pretty much the same (he uses roy, I use Mr game).

This game, I bought it because it was the only game out for the GC when I went to check at 2001, and I've gotta say that I'm not dissapointed, even to this day. You don't, or can't get tired becuase if you lose, you wanna win, and if you win, you wanna keep winning, it's so addicting, I find myself drinking powerades to make my self stay up and play.

If I could go higher in score I'd give this game a 100 or even an infinity, becuase I love it. I don't know who would dis this game, but buddy I would feel pretty sad if I think that badly about games, because there are only two emotions for them, you love it or don't, it doesn't get more complex than that, and that pretty much the same for this game, not being complex might seem like a bad thing, but honest to god, being simple is what makes gamers attrected to this game, the satisfaction, that the longer you play the more things you are able to get (secret characters for example).

Wow, 1750 words, that's a lot. Oh well, the more, the merrier right?, and talking, about the more, I also want to point that this is probably the besy game to play with friends because you can't say that you're friend won because he plays to good, or becuase you played with ness, no, you accepted and propbably vow that you will make him LOSE!, and with that kind of competitiveness is what keeps you up playing this game night and day, over and over, I probably (or hope at least), that when I'm old, I'm still kicking butt in this game.

If this is your first time owning a GC, and are thinking of buying a game, buy this one, it is probably the only you will want to have because you wanna beat it or just don't wanna put it down (the controller) for even a single second.

I also wanna say kudos to any other people that have wrote long-@$$ reviews simply because this game is worth the effort. Even the gameplay, and the waiting to unlock new levels makes you wanna play.

Also, this game widely expands as a sequel, because there is just so much more stuff to do, and also a whole lot more to fight with, on, and about. I would seriously marry this game to play with it all night long, but imagine what are babis would look like?.......Maybe a baby pikachu would come out.........

The sounds in the stages also completly compliment the stages, and since the characters are Nintendo All-stars, the have the ability to use their own music, so you don't have to listen to some weird, not from that stage music in Hyrule temple, you hear the music you might usually hear if you actually played the game, which also can just make you pause and enjoy the music.

Well, now that their are so many consoles out there, just brimming with new games, it's good to know that you can play an old school game that will always be good, and knowing that there is gonna be SUper Smash Bros. Brawl, makes me giddy like a schoolgirl, and franly, I can't wait to sit down, and carefully undo the wrapper, gaze at the awesomeness of the box, and then play the game until kingdom come.

I think that this game is not just easily played, bu it's easy for new comers to learn, which is another eason the controls are simple and need no effort, unless you're trying to throw someone of the screen, and since no one wants to learn how to play a game, and just simply wants to play it this is the perfect game to quench your addictive thrist with.

YAY! just 619 words to go! Well, that's still a lot, but, anyhoo, I don't know why this game addicts you (maybe it realizes nicotine and caffeine in the air) or it's just very, very, very, VERY-HEE good that you can't or don't wanna put it down, becuase I know that's my excuse for not going to school on a monday (hmm... maybe it's no such a good excuse...).

Now, to get into the graphics, very little to say, way to draw, very good, and nothing looks like a three year old scribble, the look very well drawn out, and why expect any less?

I want to right something that hopefully neglectful people read, GAMES DO NOT CAUSE VIOLENCE, please for god's sake, their is no 13 year old boy, that is stupid enough to believe that if a car hits him he can just push restart, no one buys that, it's just that you, negelectful people, rely on games as some sort of nanny, like T.V, and just because you something bad on a shooting game, please hence the name SHOOTING game, that you immediately send your kid outside to get influence by some junkie. I just want to say that yeeaaa-nooo, I'm not buying it. Unless of course your kid is mentally handicapped, then I suggest that, hmm I don't know, don't, maybe, buy them these kind of games, seriously, is your work more important than your kid that you buy him/her (mostly hims) a game just so that he doesn't bother, hell, maybe that's the true reason why kids get depressed or violent after they play video games, becuase their family only cares about them enough to but them a game, d*** people, be more sensitive, or at least get involved!

Now that I've said all that, lets get backed to the game, don't think that just because more can fall off a cliff, that you can too, no no, you have to be a triple jumpin plumber to do that, but really this game is probably a very good party game, and could make you lose track of time just for playing it, so don't dis it because it doesn't have enough 1p play, or not enough stages to play with, because if THAT'S what you're fussing about then you shouldn't be playing video games, you should just review them because you don't just sit back and let the game flow through you, instead of critiquing it and not letting yourself enjoy what video games truly are, just a cool habit to pass time.

Lastly, I would like to to point out that you shouldn't fuss about not being able to beat a certain CPU level, to just chillax, and keep trying till the comp's easy enough to mop the floor with it.

Their is no true excuse to not like a video game, (unless your a parent, or someone who gets seizures, or you suck) except that's it's not in your "taste buds" favorite favor. In the end, their is nothing like being able to just come home and start moping the floor with computers as you try avoiding their hits, and finding new ways to get yourself better, or just challlenging yourself to it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/01/07

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