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"I have never found a more addicting game in my life"

Super Smash Bros. Melee excels on every level from the original back on the N64.

SSBM is extremely addicting, the fighting never seems to get old even if you use the same exact characters in the same level for years. There are plenty of Nintendo characters ranging from the usual:Mario, Link and Samus, to some you might not be familiar with like The Ice Climbers or Mr. Game and Watch. The more you complete in SSBM, the more characters and levels you will earn throughout this games unbelievably high replay value.

When you first start off in Melee, you'll have just a few levels to choose from. You'll soon start to learn that one of the obvious methods to earn characters are just completing the 1-player mode or the adventure mode. Once you've earned all of the characters, you can participate in the All-Star mode which tests your endurance and skill all at the same time against every playable SSBM character. The event matches are probably the best feature to SSBM, many of these matches are very creative in testing your wits and skill. In one event match for example, you will have to fight against Link with young link (when you earn him). You won't be able to progress to some event matches though until you complete a certain task, usually earning another character.

The gameplay consists of many effective moves relying more on the character you're controlling. For instance, the larger characters like Donkey Kong are much stronger than they were in SSB, but they're much slower too. The faster and lighter characters like Fox can be knocked out much easier, but are much tougher to catch. You can now hold down the smash button for a charge smash releasing more energy and dealing more percent damage than you could in SSB. The characters also move more accurate; some of them will just slide around instead of stopping unless you control them otherwise. Some of the new features also consist of new types of matches like lightning melee, slow melee and invisible melee.

If you're a pro at SSBM you probably already know about some of the ways you can manipulate glitches in the game. Wave dashing, L-cancel, shuffling, edge hog; these are all advanced techniques that can usually distinguish a veteran from a rookie. It's amazing how Nintendo could make such an awesome game even better with glitches that are part of the real gameplay.

Aside of the original items from SSB like the infamous hammer or beam sword, there are a number of new items such as the warp star, mushroom, poison mushroom, and invisible cloak device that make their impressive debut.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/09/07

Game Release: Super Smash Bros. Melee (US, 12/03/01)

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