Review by Uryuki

Reviewed: 01/30/08

Super Fun=Super Smash

Super Smash Bros. is like christmas summed up in one little sentence. The game has been out for a long time, still videos of it out now. The game has so much to choose from, including 25 characters to beat the game with. The game has sound test for when you beat the whole entire game. By time you've actually beat everything, you must be really, really, really good. Mastering 25 characters take way to long, why this game is great.

Graphics 10/10
Detailed every character that should have been detailed, sick drawings, sick everything. All 25 characters exactly how they should have been, arenas are great, trophies and everything you can think of is really goodly drawn.

Controlling: Very easy, actually is a one button mode. You can use multiple, use one or two, or just dodge. There is not huge button combos, like a b y x yx yx yx xy a b, instead its like over b, over a, up b, only two combo moves. One of the my most favorite parts about the whole entire game.

Levels 10/10
A wide range, from midget, to small, from big, to huge. All were great, too. Levels are completely detailed, with space to spare or no space to spare. All levels are unique in height or length. They have a certain far way of if your k0d or not.

Difficulty 10/10
Again, a wide range. In everything, you have a way of continuing, or making it easier or harder. In the modes, you get to pick how many deaths you get to have, and how hard it is. The difficulty is from really easy, to sick hard.

Game Play 10/10
Quick to fast, slo mo to lightning, giant to tiny, super sudden death to regular, you got anything you want, you name it and its there. You can play with a fast tempo, a small tempo, or a mid tempo. The gameplay is great, 25 characters to choose from, you have all the freedom you want.

Multiplayer: Now, this is where it gets interesting. A four player multiplayer, capable of greatness. You still have this 25 character to choose from with items awaiting you at all times. All the levels are there, so you get to do what ever you want.

Quick Summary: Super Smash Bros. Melee is a 25 character game, many leveled game, many ways of playing game, many difficulties. So much to choose from, why it is a 10/10 in everything. Best game I've played, don't know if Brawl will beat it though. XD

Overall= 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Smash Bros. Melee (US, 12/03/01)

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