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"For those who can't afford a Wii to buy Brawl..."

We will just have to settle for Melee. SSBM was the sequel to SSB on the N64, and the prequel to SSBB on the Wii. Seeing as I don't have a Wii, I'm writing a review about this version of it.

Ever wonder what it would be like if you pitted Marth, Pikachu, Mario, Donkey Kong against each other on top of the Great Fox from Star Fox? You would get SSBM. In this game you can pit Nintendo's most famous, and notorious icons against each other in an all out brawl to see who is the strongest. Cheesy concept, but they pulled it off amazingly.

Game play: 9/10
The battles run smoothly, the scenery looks great, minimal lag (except when trying to do things the game is not meant to do. Ex: Black hole glitch), and the battles look pretty good. Everything runs well, Vs battles are a lot of fun, the special option modes (slo mo mode, super sudden death, camera mode, etc) are loads of fun, and the custom ability is great. All the characters were obviously liked by someone since most aren't nerfed to bad. Sadly though, some were. Mewtwo for instance, can be taken out by a pikachu, a pichu can defeat a Bowser, and a jigglypuff can take on 3 enemies at once.

It doesn't have much of a story mode, more a series of challenges you are given 5 lives to beat. Then the Master Hand boss fights you. If you beat him, you get a trophy of the character you beat him with.

Trophies. The collection aspect of the game. Essentially worthless battle wise, but collectable non-the less. There are toms of these scattered around the game to collect, and it can take hours upon hours to get them all.

Event mode. These are the true tests of skills, in which you have to complete a rather difficult challenge. Some levels there are prizes, some you just have to beat to progress to the next. If you manage to beat them all, then you unlock the completely flat field of Final Destination.

Graphics: 7.5/10
Average for the gamecube. There are better, there are worse. It is about the middle of the rode. Everything looks as it should. Nothing major to complain about here. Nothing much to praise either though.

Audio: 7.5/10
Same as with Graphics.

Replay value: 10/10
The game is replay. There is no story, it is just a bunch of ever changing challenges. You have never completely beat the game seeing as it is impossible to master every character. There are always battles to be fought, and nothing is as satisfying (in this game at least) as beating 3 level 9 enemies with your favorite character.

Rent or Buy?
A solid buy. I found it for $22 at Gamestop and decided to buy it. Have yet to regret it, and I come back to play it frequently. I think it is a game any Nintendo fan can enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/22/08

Game Release: Super Smash Bros. Melee (Player's Choice) (US, 08/25/02)

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