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"The Smashyes"

Super Smash Bros the greatest game for Nintendo Game cube to ever be created. If you havnt played this game I suggest finding a way to try it out. As you all know this game was made by Nintendo. Uhh so lets begin our review shall we?

Storyline or Matches?
Score 8 Great but confusing storyline you pick your character and you fight through levels and defeat bosses (woot Samus all the way) at the end if you did you enough you would unlock a new chracter to play with.
The regular matches that you play will consist of rounds of fighting ect, I believe you cant unlock anything here but its fun to test your skills.

Score 8
When doesnt Nintendo have the greatest graphics of all time? All the Chracters you've played before such as Mario or princess peach, or Samus will be enhanced images. What does that mean in plain English? They look better =D.

Score 8
Not too shabby, if you shoot monsters or use your special moves they have some nice punches and rings to it =D

Score 9 Nice relaxing and adventure music in storyline line, or nice music that goes with the battle map your paying in? Well if your looking for that buy this game! It has what your looking for. If your fighting in Mario battle maps guess what it has your favriote Mario Theme song =D.

Playing with others
Score 10
Your going to be matching your buds every once in a while if you have extra remotes or if they bring theirs over, anyway playing with your buddies beats everything its fun, its exciting, and hey you lose and get mad guess who you get to punch? ...jking.

Ever turn your AI on all your opponents all the way up with extra life ect? We'll if you do your in for a fight this game is smart and they will chase your down like hound dogs, and destroy you like a pit bull or police trained german sherperd would do. Watch out and have fun =D.

Overall game Score 8
In my opinion this game is great and off the heezy! Its old (its a game cube) but hey this game is fun once in a while when you blwo the dusk off of the game cube and plug it in, fight with your opponents or invite friends over and have a all day SUPER SMASH BROS tournament. Its great to play and fun for the family. So keep it up and Smash them up!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/31/09

Game Release: Super Smash Bros. Melee (Player's Choice) (US, 08/25/02)

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