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"More Than Plain Awesome"

I have played this game for many years, already having played and completed the original. Over these years I have become adept at the game and have completed every aspect of the game. The game has many different and fun new and old features with improved gameplay and a wide character selection.

The graphics of this game still astounds me to this day. From the texture of Mario's clothing to the detail of the stages there is nearly nothing left that could be improved. Only limited by the capabilities of the Gamecube there is no rock left unturned. Notable stages Jungle Japes, Corneria and The Legend of Zelda's: Temple Stage.
I have given the graphics a well-deserved 9/10.

The sound is incredibly well-done. Every stage has it's own unique and well remixed song from Classic Mario songs to Pokemon. The voices are done incredibly well with a sound for every move and a voice for every attack. When Link strikes with his sword you can hear him screaming with every move, when someone uses an item you can almost always expect a matching sound to follow.
For this part I have given it 9/10.

The gameplay is definitely one part of the game that can be considered perfect. The gameplay is near perfect for every character, balanced in such a way that every character can be considered near equal for their own special abilities and characteristics. Whether it is the grappling hook of Young Link and Adult Link or the strength and speed of Ganon's 'Warlock Punch' as compared to Captain Falcon's 'Falcon Punch.'
I would have given this part over 9000/10 if I could have but unfortunately it only goes up to 10/10.

There are so many different features of this game that I COULD have used many many many more words than what I did to describe how great it was. I'll just leave it that no matter what feature you want every feature nearly provides something different.
9.5/10 (Rounded off to 10/10)

With the many features and special modes you will not be bored whether playing by yourself or with friends.
10/10, enough said.

No matter how you look at it this game is a 'smashing' 10. The graphics are amazing even for today's standard, the sound is extremely well-done with unique and professional voice acting for nearly each character, the gameplay is unique for every character but no matter how it is looked at each character only makes the gameplay more special (in a good way). The features of the game are beyond what many of today's games have today and still can withhold in today's market. The replay is spectacular with it's many unlockables and Easter Eggs that will keep the player interesting and eager to keep playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/13/09

Game Release: Super Smash Bros. Melee (AU, 05/31/02)

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