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"A perfect 10? No, but close enough for me to give it one!!"

First of all if there were fractions allowed this game would get a 9.9. The decimal point off for the graphics and one song. Granted the graphics in this game for the character models are absolutely breathtaking. As for the backgrounds however...

Some of them are really good such as Onett and Yoshi's Island. Others however are just lacking the graphical shine that everything else has. ''Ahem'' Princess Peach's castle.

For everything else the game is perfect. THAT IS if you liked the first game. Because if you didn't not enough has changed for you to like this one either.

GAMEPLAY:9.9/10--Superb control, except when you want to walk to pick up items with some characters, such as Sheik.
The controls are very easy to pick up and play. But there is enough depth in the controls so that button mashing doesn't rule the scene!! Also nothing beats the mad fun of a 4-player brawl with your friends!!

Graphics:9.5/10--Like I stated before simply breathtaking!! For the character models that is. Which leads to the question why didn't Nintendo make everything look as good as them? Oh well you don't buy a game solely for graphics anyway!

Music:9.9/10--Oh my gosh! Those are the words that are going to come out of your mouth whether you're a fan boy or not. The greatest Nintendo theme classics re-done and orchestrated! All in beautiful Stereo!! Drool! That is except for the horribly dismal DK Rap! Gosh with all the good music from DK Country they had to choose this crap. The only song that makes me turn DOWN the volume.

Sound:9.9999/10--Everything sounds so good! All the punches, cries and screams! All in your characters voices as you've known to love! That is except for the voices of Slippy and Peppy in a certain scene. THOSE are NOT the original voices from Starfox64! They sound atrocious! Falco still sounds good however.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10--So much stuff to do and unlock!!! I can't say anymore about that. No spoilers allowed in reviews :D Needless to say even if you didn't unlock anything you could get a lot of fun just playing with your friends!

Overall:9.9--I have to rate it a 10 in my official score cause no fractions are allowed. The few lil snafus that are in this game are outweighed by everything else. So Rent or Buy? BOTH!! :D If you can't buy it or get it till Christmas then by all means rent it then buy it later!! Make sure you have four controllers and three extra friends to fully enjoy this game!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/04/01, Updated 12/04/01

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