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"Summed up in one word: "WOW!""

''Wow''. That one word will sum up this game entirely. This game IS perfection. There isnt a single thing wrong with it, and all the new stuff is incredibly-awesomely good. I just got this game today, actually, (once it FINALLY arrived), so I've only had enough time to test some modes and unlock Jigglypuff. But even so, I can still put in a full review. I was a HUGE fan of the original SSB... I've been continuously battling my friend almost every day since it came out. Now, the action continues with SSBM for the GameCube, but it's 10000 times better than before. To the ratings:

Graphics: 10/10

Amazing. Simply amazing. This is a game that truly pushes the power of the Cube to it's limits, all while keeping that incredibly speedy frame rate from EVER slowing down. The detail on literally EVERYTHING is incredible... From the characters right down to each and every single trophy. The special effects are FAR more incredibly amazing than they were before... but you have to see that one for yourself to truly believe it.

Gameplay: 10/10

Similar to SSB, but with enough changes to make it so you kinda have to relearn everything when you go to this new version (not that that is a bad thing... I know Im enjoying relearning it!) A few new universal techniques have been added, such as the ability to air-dodge, or to hop into the background to avoid attacks. Throws are now more balanced... They were much to powerful in SSB, and now are more balanced. However, they are also harder to use, but each character now has 4 throws instead of 2, and one other grabbing attack that basically consists of grabbing the opponent, and hitting A repeatedly (instead of using the stick to throw) and pummeling them repeatedly while still holding them. Best part of that move is it can be ended with a normal throw to maximize damage (this is absolutely devastating with Bowser if you use the right throw *hint hint*) A number of great new items have been added to this, like the Mushroom, which makes you grow giant, the Green Block, which turns you into metal, or the super-scope, which can be used as a rapid fire gun, or can be charged for a massive bolt, and other items too. All of the items from the original are still in there, the only one that is different is the Bumper, which looks different and can now be set in the air. Also, you now have the ability to CATCH items that are heading in your direction, if you are fast enough to do this. As for the characters, all of the characters from the original SSB are intact. They all have the same B-button moves as before, but a 4th B move has been added to each of them. Their A-button attacks have a number of differences to them, depending on the character, (like Kirby, who can turn into a fireball for his dash attack). Many B-Button moves can now be used as a Smash attack, which can change the way they work and make them stronger. There are many new characters as well... but I wont mention any of those, dont want to spoil it for you. Some of these will take you FOREVER to earn... one must be earned by playing Versus Mode 700 times! Classic mode is in there, as well as countless new modes for both single player and multiplayer. Too many for me to list here. Camera mode is particularly interesting though. Everything is a bit speeded up from before, which works well, and everything handles a bit differently. Amazingly, EVERY one of these changes is for the better, not a single one is at all bad. Also, there are a TON of new levels to go through. A ton. And every one of them is wonderfully detailed, and well designed. (Whew that's a long paragraph!)

Sound/Music: 10/10

Wow. I was particularly impressed with the music. Very rarely does a game come around with music that truly fits it well, as music can be very hard to do just right, but SSBM does it perfectly. Every stage has its own incredible piece of music (with some having a hidden soundtrack that you must use a code to activate...). You will recognize much of the music from classic games... and most of the music just sounds... EPIC. That's my word for it. Very well done. The sound effects also work perfectly.

Control: 10/10

Yet again, perfect. One thing though: this game handles differently from SSB, so some practice is required to get the hang of it, even with characters you are familiar with.

If you havent guessed it from those ratings, I'll tell you: This game is INCREDIBLY-AWESOMELY-WONDERFUL. This game is the reason you bought that cube. You cannot live without it. If you havent already, go buy it NOW. Be warned though... If you didnt reserve a copy, you dont have much chance of finding one :p

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/04/01, Updated 12/04/01

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