Review by rob1out

"It Could Not Have been better.... Or could it?"

Well First of All this game is a great game and I am not mistaken either but I just wish they added some more things, but its just right for the second Smash brothers So now on to the review.

Gameplay score:8/10:
The gameplay is very Addicting and just makes you want more, but the only problem is that its pretty the same as The first super smash brothers. They threw in some new modes, characters, levels, moves, items, and etc but nothing else changed much. I thought that there would be more strategy, yes there is a lot of strategy but i mean like a more kind of strategy where you can actually take long to master a character. Otherwise the gameplay is awesome.

Multi player score:10/10:
I love it, I just love it. Usually when you have a party you play Mario party or something else. But This game would be better to choose. The multi player is somehow enhanced as I say because the Gamecube's controller design and the mass amount of characters. There are more characters then what we got in the first super smash brothers. If you have to pick something up, pick this up

Single Player score:6/10:
I thought the single player would be more fun since they added more modes for single player, but after you beat them, it gets kind of boring. So grab a friend and it will be a lot more fun.

Story score:0/10:
Nope no story, but it how would you make a story out of this kind of game. Even if they did it would not work, but it would be kind of cool to see a story. It does not really need a story, but it should have any ways

Sound score:10/10:
Yes the sound, I love. It could not have been better. It makes the feeling when you play it. *Enhanced* . So when you play this game, its like in a movie theatre, where the sound is surround and when you hear a smash move smash the guy, it makes a sound that just makes you go wow.

graphics score:10/10:
The graphics are most impressing and shows what the Gamecube can do. You take one look at it, and you think that its a CGI. The graphics have improved greatly. It could not have been better. This makes the super smash brothers experience even better

Replayability score:9/10
Yes you can play this forever..... well if you got a friend that always goes to your house everyday. This game can be played for hours and hours if you have someone to play with. If your by yourself. It can get Boring after a while, but that is a long while, or until you beat all the modes, master a character, etc. So if your looking for something to play for a long time. Get this.

Rent or buy???
This is definitely a buy. When you rent it you do not get enough time to play it and have enough time to invite some friends over for a brawl to see who is the best. The game is incredibly addicting and fun when you have friends over.

multi player:10/10
Single Player:6/10
Rent or buy: Buy
Overall: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/07/01, Updated 12/07/01

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