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"A Smashing 9/10!!!"

Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Gamecube could be one of the best Gamecube titles to date. With the rich, fast paced multi-player action this game will keep you and your friends happy for months to come. New additions including the ability to take screenshots, Event Mode and Adventure mode give the game the single player boost that it lacked before. And with all the characters and levels to play with you will never get bored.

Graphics 9/10
The Graphics in SSBM are unrivaled to anything Nintendo has ever released before. Vibrant colors and animations. Clean anti-aliased models, Interactive backgrounds make this game a keeper. Although with all the action taking place onscreen doesn't even take full advantage of the Gamecube Console, but that is to be expected from a 1st Generation title. The life-like characters are easy to fall in love with. I found it very troubling beating the tar out of the princess that I have spent so many hours trying to rescue in earlier Mario/Zelda games.

Gameplay 9/10
Overall the gameplay of SSBM is very solid. Although Nintendo could have done a few things to polish the game. For instance, using the ''L'' button to throw, rather than the clumsy ''Z'' trigger. The action is fast paced and it is sometimes hard to perform certain moves using ''UP'' on the analog stick. Although after a few minutes of play you begin to overcome this little setback. SSBM also lets you customize everything imaginable in the game, except for you control configuration.

Sound 10/10
A fully orchestrated soundtrack of all your favorite Nintendo games. NO more MIDI's for the fanboy's!!! The tunes are very pleasant to your ears, and there are a few old school sounds that have been redone that sound great! Each character has there own voice tracks that are very easy to distinguish between. The only thing that gets repetitive is the announcer's voice every time you choose your character.

Replay Value 10/10
SSBM has a TON of things to unlock. 11 hidden characters, Unlockable stages, and a butt-load of trophies that you win in game, or used your saved coins in the ''Lottery''. Collecting everything in this game will take ages. And with the addition of ''Event Mode'' even a single ''Smasher'' will have a blast.

HAL Laboratories and Nintendo have done an excellent job with this title. A definite must have for any Gamecube owner. Make sure to buy an extra memory card. Because with the ability to take ''Snapshots'' you could be filling them quite quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/07/01, Updated 12/07/01

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